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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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are. with ukraine's military police saying more than 100 people have arrived safely, but some are reportedly being taken to russian controlled areas. ukrainian military officialsay russian troops are ramping up their attacks and moving in anti-aircraftmissilesystems. nancy pelosi meeting with poland's president tod after pelosi became the highest nking elected official t visit ukraine and meet with president zelenskyy since the invasion began. first lady dr. jill biden is going to be traveling to romania and slovakia later this week to meet with displaced survivors.
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you know, if i lostne race, they say trump was humiliated. that's what they're waiting for. we've endorsed jd mandel and he's doing great. >> well, he got the name wrong. that's okay. we begin with nbc's matt bradley. everyone's waiting to see where are those evacuees. what are you hearing? >> reporter: we've been waiting all day for those evacuees. we have not seen them yet. they're much anticipated. what we have seen here in zaporizhzhia, we saw a bunch of these cars pulling up.
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i don't know where these cars are from. we haven't had time to speak to them. i can tell you what's going on here. this family, as you can see here, they're in a classic car. they are coming from looks like somewhere in the south. they have a sign there. this sign says children. we see this all the time. people pulling up with signs that say children or elderly people or just people, meaning civilians. this means don't shoot. so the police are collecting information from them, registering their vehicle and the occupants, just checking on them, making sure they are who they say they are. you can see over here, some of these cars have been through some serious violence. this e, the windshield has been almost shattered entirely. a lot of these cars -- and you can't actually see it within
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range right now, a lot of them have the little white flags hanging from mirrors and antennas. this means white flag, don't shoot. these are families traveling through very hostile territory. again, most of these people aren't from mariupol. they're from kherson in the south which h been occupied since the fighting began. they're fro outside of mariupol and they're from here in zaporizhzhia. this is a pretty large oblast or province. a lot of people showing up just now. again, all of these cars have shown up in just the past two minutes. all of these people have terrible stories to tell. we've been talking to them all day. some of them burst into tears describing how difficult it was to escape.
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a lot of these people were waiting for days and months to escape. because of this cease fire that allowed for the silencing of the guns in mariupol, theyor the first time heard silencing of guns in their neighborhood and they decided to climb in their cars and make a break for it. we're still waiting on people coming from the steel plant. s. >> they'll be coming by bus, presumably. joining us, bill taylor, former u.s. ambassador tokraine and "new york times" corresponnt helene cooper. the first lady is going to eastern europe along the border there later this week. we have speaker pelosi now going to kyiv this weekend with these committee chairs. you see her there with zelenskyy. that's mcgovern from
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massachusetts. you've got the foreign affairs committee chair jason crow and adam smith. with a push to open the kyiv embassy, tt's going to be a day by day security assessment. we haveiplomats in lviv but they have not reopened the embassy in kyiv itself as some countries have. >> you're right. i know, having talked to several of these diplomats in poland and going day trips into lviv are very eager toet back to kyiv, to go back to doing what they have to do well. that is, be able to talk directory to the ukrainian leadership, having the ukrainian leadership talk to them, passing this information back to washington. this is what diplomats do and they can't do it from poland. they can't really do it from
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lviv. they need to be in kyiv. so they're eager to get back. >> it is only democrats who went on ts trip. we understand several republicans were invited but because of security reasons, they as well as the democrats were told they were only going to poland. according to democratic officials, the republicans declin going, so it was not a bipartisan group. they didn't know until they were leaving they were actually going to ukraine. that is the way these trips are typically handled. some evacuations of the steel plant have begun. >> there are concerns about what may happen, for the last two. months concerns about what's going to happen to the ukrainian troops fighting from the first
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week in mariupol when there first was this amphibious landing by russian marines a few miles away, who then went into mariupol as part of this onslaught. we don't know what is going to be the fate of these ukrainian troops who have been holed up in that steel factory. it still remains to be seen. either way you go, they're going to be viewed as heros within the country of ukraine. at this point, i have stopped making any assumptions whatsoever about this war. i wouldn't write them off quite yet. >> just to follow up, i did see a report on a captured ukrainian soldier who was put as part of a russian propaganda video, he wasn't speaking but he was being
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shown on camera with a bare chest and certain identifying tattoos, so his family was seeing proof of life and now there are pictures of his dead body sent to the family. that tells you when ukrainian soldiers are captured, for all the propaganda that they are being treated well and they should surrender -- this was the point of the russian propaganda video, surrender, give it up. now this horrible picture of this dead soldier sent to his mother. >> you and i know well that is not the way you treat captured prisoners of war in any sort of developed country, yet you don kill a soldier after you've captured them. you imprison them, do a prisoner exchange, wait until the war is over, whatever. but that's not the way any kind
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of military that begins to even remotely call itself aodern military behaves. this is another nail in the coffinf any lgering idea anybody could have had about the russian military as a modernized force. i think we're seeing this go back to world warii, the soviet era days. >> in fact, it's a violation of the geneva conventions as well. the other setupg development in recent days, these comments from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov sayinghe naziification of ukraine exists. they have tattoos on their bodies. ey say there can't be a denaziification because we are jews. well, i believe that hitler had jewish heritage. this is obviously a slam of the whole argument that the
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denaziification argument from russia is false because zelensy is jewish. so to say that hitler was jewish is soextraordinary. israel's prime minister responding furiously saying h words are untrue, their intentns are wrong, the goal of such lies is to accuse t jews of the most awful crimes in history which wer perpetrated against them. no war in our time is like the holocaust or is compare to believe the holocaust. the use of the jewh people as a political tool must cease immediately. this is remarkable that lavrov would say such a thing, but that the israeli prime minister would react so furiously is understandable and it is significant, ambassador. you know that israel has tried to remain neutral because of its military engagement with russia
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in the region involving iran, involving syria, the golan heights and the like. wh do you see the fallout from this? >> you're exactly right. no one can remain neutral. no thinking person, no moral person, no mal nation can remain neutral in this. this just demonstrates the total depravity, really evil naturef the russian government, top to bottom. it demonstrates there is no justification, there was no justification, there's no rationale for thisinvasion. ukraine posedo threat to the russians. they had t manufacture some reason and they've come up with is denaziification which is
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ludicrous. there is no stification. the moral clarity of this war is there for all to see. the russians have no rationale. ukrainians are defending thselves from an unprovoked atck. they are on the front line. the ukrainians are on the front line and they are defending us, the israelis, the europeans. we need to support the ukrainians in that fight. >> of course, most of the countries in the world are supporting russia or are abstaining and trying to remain neutral. now israel has certainly taken a big step in the other direction. thank you both. decision day, the supreme court weighing in on flags and free speech in a big boston case. plus, a key test. the power of donald trump's endorsements being put to the
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test in a key swing state. o the test in a key swing state.
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we have breaking news from the supreme court with a unanimous decision from the justices about free eech, a case from boston. peteilliams joins us. give us the details. >> this involved a program the city of boston had that allowed groups to use one of the three flag poles in front of city hall in connection with events on the plaz in fnt o tbuding. the groups could request t fly their flags. this is the supreme court. it's not the city hall. but outside the city hall there were thr poles. one flies t u.s. flag, the otr flies the state fg of massachusetts. th the thirdne was the city flag. during these commemorative events local groups could fly their own flags.
9:19 am
the city said yes something like 280 times until it got a request from a group called camp constitution that wanted to fly what it called the christian flag it was a red cross on a blue square on a white field. the city said, no, we can't do that, that would be an official endorsement of religion. then they said no it wouldn't be, it was simply violating the free speech rights of that group. based on that, it couldn't make distinctions on viewpoint. that's what the city did, which the court said today is improper. the city of boston suspended this decision awaiting the decision of the supreme court. my guess is they may well end it. the city's lawyer said when the case was argued that it was concerned that it might have to
9:20 am
fly all sorts of flags like if some group wanted to fly a swastika or some white supremacist symbol, it would have to do that. so the city didn't want to do that. i think it will end up cancelling this program. >> the court are in the last go months here of big decisions, so we have yet to hear about abortion. >> we probably won't get that until next month. the next day for decisions is monday, may 16th. tomorrow in ohio what amounts to an early referendum on donald trump and his political power of endorsement as voters prepare to cast their ballots for who's going to succeed senator rob portman, the republican in the senate.
9:21 am
jd vance is neck and neck in a heated republican primary. politico editor sam stein is with us. the gop's future could be redefined in ohio in tomorrow's election. how important is this test for donald trump and his political power? >> reporter: it appears it could be very important. not just about trump as a candidate, but trump as an idea and his politician positions. i asked one of his top surrogates, representative matt gaetz of florida, what happens if jd vance loses tomorrow. >> so president trump's brand is on the line. the maga brand is on the line and we couldn't be prouder that jd vance is a standard bearer for our movement.
9:22 am
>> reporter: senator josh hawley is walking behind me right now. he is on the trail with jd vance. we'll be hearing from him a short time from now. the candidate versus the idea, so donald trump may have endorsed jd vance but the other candidate in this race josh mandel does not have the president's endorsement but continues to style himself pro-trump. it is still up in the air. we still have pple here undecid, trying to figure out who to vote for despite those endorsements. >> former president trump in inoducing jd vance at a rally called him jd mandel, so he got it wrong too.
9:23 am
you can't win the presidency without ohio. this is a critical state for trump. he's still botching the name of his own endorsement. i think we've got that sound. >> if i lost one race, they say trump was humiliated. that's what they're waitingfor. we've endorsed jd mandel and he's doing great. >> jd mandel, whoever he is out there, is doing great. >> it's incredible to watch. it takes us back to the trump era when things were being said and you had to report anyway. what we're seeing here is the power of former president trump is still the most powerful republican. it is telling even though he is endorsing jd vance and he is someone who was a never trumper at one point, calling president
9:24 am
trump unqualified. he has now decided this is the most famous person in the race and this is the person he wants to have his backing behind. when you hear matt gaetz say the maga brand is on the line, it's a little bit squishy. whether jd vance wins or not, there's almost as many people supporting jd vance as are undecided. there is this feeling that whoever wins that race, they're going to be trying to run as fast as possible into the arms of former president trump. we all need to be reminded that former president trump won ohio by more than 8% twice. ohio was seen as a sort of really up in the air state. then her comes former president trump along and has pulled that state red. it tells you a lot about the power of former president trump and his ideas. >> what's interesting is
9:25 am
endorsing jd vance, a never trumper, because of celebrity, because of polling, whatever, it's like the pennsylvania primary where he endorsed dr. oz over david mccormick who is a strong trump supporter, married to a former trump white house aide. so it's celebrity that matters. >> yeah. that's sort of classically trump, right? he's probably watched a lot of dr. oz. i think in some ways the more interesting element here is not why trump makes these donations. it's the contortions that the candidates make to get trump's endorsement. if you looked back at what jd vance was saying about the rise of trump, there's no way he
9:26 am
would get that trump endorsement or want that trump endorsement. it is a politics of grievance that he has calculated is needed to win over trump's support and the support of trump's supporters. the other day he was quoted as saying he beeves president biden has allowed fentanyl to flow into republican enclas because he wants maga voters to get addicted and di those are shocking utterances but they have become common place in the course of this campaign. just one quick note of caution. will it win him the primary? he's trending in the right direction but there is a state senator matt dolan. is man has overtly run as a never trumper. i'm curis to see what dolan gets in addition to seeing what
9:27 am
vance gets on tuesday night. >> of cose, ohio is such an important state in presidential years. you can't when the presidency without ohio. let'salk about another primary election coming up. that's west virginia, where joe manchin has crossed the line and featured on camera in a new ad for a republican, but he's knocking build back better on camera. >> yeah. >> let's play it. >> for alex mooney to suggest david mckinley supported build back better is a lie. >> this is remarkable in that, of course, he is a democrat endorsing a republican. we should also say he is a democrat who also endorsed lisa murkowski and susan collins.
9:28 am
what's fascinating is he's doing it by even coming out even more forcefully against build back better, which is coming back more forcefully against the agenda of a sitting democratic president. this is why you have some democrats so furious with joe manchin and his really overt and really loud opposition of a lot of the progressive ideals that democrats want to see passed. here he is saying dav mckinley doest want to throw his support behind things that would be recklessspending. to call president biden's agenda reckless spending really is a telling thing. there is some bitterness about joe manchin pulling his support. he pulled his support at the last minute from build back better. >> let me make a prediction here as we wrap this up. my prediction is with the
9:29 am
republicans still courting joe manchin to change labels, become an independent and caucus with the republicans, which would deny them the majority in the current senate, i'm predicting the white house is not going to comeown hard on joe manchin and let it go. >> that's a good prediction. >> thank you. great to see you. the capital letter, the january 6th committee formally sending letters to three republican congressmen for cooperation. what the committee wants to know from them. cooperation. cooperation. what the committee wants to know available exclusively at miracle-ear. so small, no one will see it. but you'll notice the difference. from them. risk-free trial. you can experience better hearing with no obligation. call 1-8-miracle right now
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can a company make the planet a better place? at walmart, we're pursuing 100% renewable energy in our operations. and aiming to protect millions of acres of land. so we can all live better. breaking news moments ago, a verdict has been reached in the trial of january 6th defendant thomas webster. webster is a marine corps veteran and retired nypd officer facing six counts. >> this is a pretty quick verdict. the jury only started deliberating about a half hour in the late afternoon friday and this morning convicted the
9:34 am
defendant on all six counts. this is a unique case because you had a former nypd officer being charged with assaulting a d.c. metropolitan police officer during this capitol riot. what this former nypd cop tried to convince the jury that he was acting in self-defense and the d.c. officer instigated this attack. th jury didn't buy that. duringlosing arguments, the government encouraged the jury to follow their common sense. and the house panel is asking three republican lawmakers to cooperate in letters sent today, including andy biggs, mo brooks and ronnie jackson, president trump's former white house physician. this as a grand jury in georgia has been seated to investigate donald trump's call to the secretary of state of georgia in 2021 to try to overturn the
9:35 am
election. joining us now is blayne alexander in atlanta and jonathan la mere. why is the january 6th committee pursuing these republican lawmakers? do they think they're going to get them or just put it out there and see what happens? >> reporter: the first isndy biggs. he has gotten a letterith several specific issues the committee wants to talk to him about. he participated in planned meetings in the run-upo january 6th including one person at the white hoe. he was named by a far right activist as coming up with the idea to bring protesters to d.c he worked to persuade state officials that the election was stolen, which of course was a lie. and he requested apparently a
9:36 am
presidential pardon in connecti to the events of january 6th. why d he want a presidential pard? this is interesting and relevant to the committee. then there's mo brooks, who centlyad a public falling out with dond trum after the former president unendoed his campaign for the u.s senate. since then he's made some public statements. he has dhed aut private conversations with trump where he says trump tald about rescinding the election and taking down joe biden. there's been talk of this conspiracy theory of trump getting reinstated. brooks said he told trump the election is finaand scant be -- can't be reversed . ronnie jackson was named in encrypted messages by stuart rhodes the leader of the far right oath keepers which has been chargedith seditious
9:37 am
conspiracy. this person mr. rhodes head ronnie jackson needs protection and he has critical dat to protect. why has someone charged with conspiracy talking about this member of congress ronnie jackson having critical data to protect? the committee says please come in, let's tal to you about that. they would like to talk to these individuals on the week of m 9th, ahead of public hearings scheduled to begin for the january 6th committee on june 9th. >> this special grand jury that's just been seated in fulton county, this is a criminal case, criminal investigation into trump's call to georgia's secretary of state trying to overturn his loss. this is that audio from january 2021. >> so look, all i want to do is
9:38 am
this. i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is within more than we have. >> this would be really important if you're trying to establish intent, the motive behind that call. he just wanted one more vot than what he exactly had. what's the timeline and the scope of this investigation? >> reporter: i guess the first thing is to lay the groundwork. he said this is annvestigation into potential criminal charges. this is theost serious threat of potential charge that is the former president is facing. that's why the d.a. has said even though she's ademocrat, this doesn't have anything to do withpolitics. he says if the evidence brings to bear the fact that there should be charges, she plans to file them. what this special grand jury is going to do over the course of
9:39 am
potentially the next year, they can meet for as much as a year. they're going to use that subpoena power, call in witnesses, subpoena cuments. what's really going to be notable is who we are potentially going to hear from. top of that list is the georgia secretary of state. they can compel people to come forward and speak under oath. the other thing that's notable is the timeline. they don't have the power to approve indictments, so if they give a recommendation a the d.a. decides to bring charges, she would have to then go talk to another special grand jury in order to bring forth indictments. >> texts now showing that donald trump's former chief of staff mark meadows was reaching out to
9:40 am
the georgia secretary of state to no avail. >> it still takes your breath away, that audio, just how blatant donald trump's request was, the precise number of votes he would need to overturn joe biden's win. to connect this to an earlier story line, we were talking about trump's endorsement in ohio and the power it may carry there with that primary tomorrow. another one to watch is georgia. he backed senate candidate herschel walker on the republican side. but in terms of the governor's race he backed david purdue, the former senator. he opened the debate saying the 2020 election was stolen, that donald trump should still be president. his opponent is brian kemp. purdue is running because kemp asked him to but he is still mad
9:41 am
at kemp for not playing along with his scheme to over turn the election. kemp is clear that though he has restricted access to voting rights, he has said the election in 2020 was done fairly and securely and trump lost. that argument is winning. even if trump gets a boost in ohio, he may take a h in georgi it will be fasciting to watch what the party looks like as he's trying to shape it. >> that was a critical senate seat. thank you ve much to all of you. the first lady preparing for mother's day visit with refugee families just miles from the ukrainian border. the impact of this high ofile visit next for dr. biden. f this visit next for dr. biden
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just days after speaker of the house nancy pelosi led a congressional delegation to ukraine and poland, the first lady is now preparing to head to the region. on thursday dr. jill biden beginning a five-day trip to romania and slovakia where she's going to meet with service members, local leaders and refugees just miles from the ukrainian border and meeting with some of those families on mother's day. joining me is kelly o'donnell. meeting with refugee families on mother's day right by the ukrainian border. >> reporter: what a powerful moment that will be for the first lady. dr. jill biden, who's an educator, will bring some of those sensibilities and skills to this as well. we've seen how many women and children have been separated from the husbands and fathers in
9:46 am
their families and how wrenching and painful that has been as a part of the evacuation story that has been unfolding and how lives and families have been torn apart by this war. for the american first lady to meet with some of those refugee families is another powerful symbol of american support for the people of ukraine and for the countries at the border who are member states of nato and powerful allies helping to support refugees. so for the first lady, this is a significant trip. and weather seen how there are top u.s. officials who in now a staggered approach have been able to go to the region and show that there is an ongoing support for the ukrainian government, the ukrainian people an to emphasize some of not only the military aspect of what has been done and we saw that with secretary blinken and secretary austin, but now more
9:47 am
of the human face of how there is help for refugees and for families and to make this personal connection. this will be a significant trip for the first lady that will be watched by many aroun the world. e president, for security reasons, much harder for him to visit that region as easily although he was right at the border. for the u.s., they are trying to send a repeated signal that high government officials are able to be in the area and show support for the ukrainian ople. >> switching gears to the satuay night and the white house correspondent's dinner. you were one of the ornizers. very successful dinner for the first time in s yea. th incdes a l o jes witheferen to the prident. >> this the first time the president attended this dinne sixears. [ apause ]
9:48 am
>>t'sunderstandable. we had horrible plague followed by two years of covid. [ laughter ] >> there's also a serious side including a tribute to the journalists killed in ukraine. trevor noah, extraordinarily successful in a very tough role as the comedian there, really well done riff at the journalists as well as the politicians. >> it's a night that tries to accomplish a number of things. there is room for a bit of laughter at ourselves, the president at himself. and it is about honoring the work of journalists, especially those in harm's way, honoring the first amendment, future journalists through the scholarships that help students trying to pursue this craft. for many of us, it s the first timen years we wereble to
9:49 am
get together. it was a chance to be together to honor gd work and to have a bit of colegion y'allty. officials have issued a warrant for correction officer vicki white after she left a detention center with suspected killer casey cole white, no relation. federal authorities have joined the search. the inmate has been charged with murder awaiting trial. and the sudden death of country music great naomi judd is next. c great naomi judd c great naomi judd is next. the highest level of safety you can earn? subaru.
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if you're 45 or older, get started at oh, i had never seen a picture of her until i got on ancestry. it was like touching the past. my great aunt signed up to serve in the union army as a field nurse. my great grandmother started a legacy of education in my family. didn't know she ran for state office. ended up opening her own restaurant in san francisco. paralee wharton elder, lupe gonzalez, mary sawyers, margaret ross. there's a lot of life that she lived. who are the strong women in your family? the country is mourning an icon. legend naomi judd. the 76-year-old died suddenly after battling mental health issues. her daughters honoring her last night as the juds were inducted into the country music hall of
9:53 am
of fame. they wanted to continue with that despite the loss of their mother. kathy park is in nashville. >> reporter: grief and heartbak over the loss of country music icon nee oweny dd. she and her daughter were inducted as a grammy winning dew woe. ashley overcome with emotion, remembering her beloved mother. >> my mama loved youo much. she appreciated your love for her, and i'm sorry she couldn't hang on until today. >> i kissed her on the fore head and i walked away. the last thing we did together as a family with her was we all gathered around her and we said the lord is my shepard. >> superstar carry underwood paying tribute to her over the weekend.
9:54 am
the grand ole opry held a moment of silence for her saturday just hours after wyoming know ma and her sister announced her mother's daelt on social media writing, today we sisters experienced a tragedy. we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. we are shattered. while no cause of death was given, she had openly discussed her struggles with depression for many years speaking to savannah in 2017. >> you talk in the book about thinking about wanting to mmit suicide. >> yeah. at's how bad it can get. you can it's so hard to describe because you're down in this deep, dark hole of depression. i want to let the world know it's not a character flaw. it's a disease. >> reporter: born in kentucky, naomi moved to california with her family. after her marriage ended, she raised her daughters as a single
9:55 am
parent and became a nurse. she launched her music career with wynonna in the 80s scoring 14 number count tremendous hits like "mama he's crazy." the judds took a break from perform nag 19fter s was agnose with hepatis naom spoke to hoda about parenthood in 20. >> this lady is the helicopter mom. she's really a smotherer. and in real life, i have finally learned. i just come when i'm called. >> reporter: the judds have planned to reunite for a farewell tour this fall. last month they returned to the stage at the cmt music awards singing their hit. ♪ love can build a bridge ♪ >> reporter: dazzling crowds once again and naomi's final performance.
9:56 am
naomi judd was 76 years old. >> what a talent. the judd family has yet to announce plans for a memorial. officials in tennessee say the full death investigation is underway. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online on facebook and on twitter. up next is kristen welker in for chuck todd. but first, we lee you with more from naomi judd's final public experience just last month at the cmts. t the cmts
9:57 am
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