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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  May 2, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. we must not stand by as the people of ukraine paris. of ukr. good to be with you. i'm katy tur. it is day 68 of russia's war
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with ukraine. in zaporizhzhia, their cars bear the trauma of war. white flags and signs that read "children" in russian. they who have seen and endured the worst are the lucky ones. they got out. including 100 evacuees from the steel plant in mariupol, free from what the mayor there described as worse than hell. they were escorted by the united nations and the international red cross. you see them leaving in this video. but hundreds more civilians, along with 500 wounded soldiers are still trapped. ukrainian officials promise a large-scale evacuation at the plant to free them, but early morning shelling in that city threatens to derail those plans. russian forces continue to hammer cities in the east and the south. in kharkiv, shelling killed three and injured eight others. but the ukrainians are exacting
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their own toll. today the ukrainian military is taking credit for several attacks on russian forces, including high-speed patrol ships in the black sea and early reports of two explosions in belogrod near the ukrainian bored indicate another possible ukrainian attack. british military offense intelligence assess more than a quarter of russia's invasion units are now, quote, combat ineffective and that it could take years for russia to rebuild. beyond military losses, more diplomatic problems. israel, which had been careful about its language toward russia is now condemning the country's foreign minister. neftali bennett is demanding an apology after saying that hitler had jewish roots and jews with
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the biggest anti-semites. joining me from zaporizhzhia, matt, you are back inside your hotel room. it is curfew there in that city. tell me what you were able to report today and who you were able to speak to. >> yeah, katie. we were not able to people from the steelworks. we saw a lot of people with those signs saying children and
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signs saying "don't shoot." this is something we've been seeing time and time again. it better when you see it from cars that have not been shot up. we saw it in the bucha region outside of kyiv where cars that were clearly marked with civilian markings had also clearly taken bullets and shrapnel fire. that was heartbreaking to see civilians who must have been killed inside those cars. here the people we spoke with who arrived today said getting to zaporizhzhia couldn't have been easier for the most part. most of these people did not come from the city of mariupol. they came from the region around it. they came, a lot of them, from not so far from where i'm standing here in zaporizhzhia where there is fighting about app hour or two outside of town. these people had tried to leave, had left russian occupation. so basically they have been waiting for weeks and weeks, enduring punishment, enduring
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trying to hide underground and waiting out what they heard on the on-ground level and finally with this cease-fire that allowed for the collection of civilians from the steel plant in mariupol. a lot of people got up and said, okay, the guns are silent, let get in our car and make a break for it and several hours later they arrived in zaporizhzhia. i have to tell you, their journeys are just beginning. their lives are now beset with uncertainty. and many of them told me through tears they just want to go home and they're worried their homes are destroyed and they'll never see them again. >> just incredible reporting and incredible to be at that check point. matt, thank you very much. andrea, let's talk about what's happening with israel. israel was in a complicated position. walk me through their condemnation and what it means. >> it's complicated because israel was trying so hard to be
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neutral, even at the point of upsetting the white house and their closest ally, the u.s., by not condemning russia being by keeping russia close, not joining the human rights vote against russia at the united nations because they need russian militarily. in syria they coordinate with all the iran threats in syria, mutual threats that both have to deal with. so that's part of what they were trying to do so carefully. but then sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister comes out with this statement just absolutely crazy and untrue and offensive on so many levels. he said the naziification of ukraine, which is their big defense they were going into ukraine exists as all soldiers have swastikas and nazi symbols on their body. they say there can't be a
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denaziification because we are jews. well, i believe hitler had jewish heritage. hitler had jewish heritage. we all know what hitler did was to kill 6 million jews because they had 1/16th of jewish blood or whatever it was in their crazy way of determining who was aryan. they say the worst anti-semites are jews. so neftali bennett, the prime minister of israel just went after him saying "i view with utmost severity the russian foreign minister's statement.
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>> a very strong condemnation. it will be hard for israel to continue with its claim of neutrality and attempts to cease-fire. there what happens if israel has to separate itself from russia? they rely on russia for their own safety. and what is the concern about jews in russia right now is this. >> and first of all, jews in israel, so many have come from the former soviet union and later russia to israel. it's a very large political component. that's another reason why the very fragile coalition, which is all but in collapse right now because of the military clashes in the west bank and before that at the mosque in the last couple of weeks, which have led to a lot of arab/israeli hostility
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against this coalition. and the arab/israeli group is one of the important components to the coalition to have a majority in the government there. this is a fragile government that they could not countenance this incredible lie of the russians say that adolph hitler had jewish heritage. and so they now are no longer neutral. they can't be neutral after this. but i'm told by military experts they're not going to be contributing militarily to ukraine but might help with sanctions. >> courtney, excuse me, i have a particular until my throat. pardon me. british intelligence is saying a quarter of the invasion units are ineffective, they're done. it will take years to rebuild that. what is the pentagon saying about that and russia's current
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position right now in this war? >> a senior defense official cannot corroborate or confirm those same numbers, but he also said at the same time that the u.s. believes that russia has about 75% of its original combat capability available to it right now. what that means is go back to the original day of the invasion, the russians had somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 to 130 battalion tactical groups on the ground in ukraine when they began this invasion in those first days. they now have about 93. the numbers, it's hard to put an exact number or percentage on how many that is, overall the russian number is down. they have other tactical groups in russia, they're refitting,
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getting them potentially set to go to ukraine. and as the officials said the u.s. assess the donbas offense to be anemic. they are not moving as quickly as expected and not taking towns as they expected to. the russians will move in, declare victory and then in many cases they'll move back out and the ukrainians move back in and take the area back. it is not moving forward in any way at the speed or success at which they expected. the russians are also still plagued by some of the problems that we saw early on in other parts of the invasion. so logistical problems. poor command and control. what that means to us, katy, is some of their air forces don't necessarily talk to the ground forces. they're not communicating well, not working well together. it's having an impact on their operations on the ground. so while the russians took several weeks here to try to figure out their problems, to
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try to get themselves set for this next offensive in the donbas, it doesn't seem like they've been able to work out many of the kinks and the problems that we saw really plague them in the earlier stages of this invasion, katy. >> let's talk about your reporting on the ground and what's happened in the cities and towns taken over by russian forces we heard of sham elections taking place, referendums. what have you been hearing and what have you been seeing? what about this fear out there that ukrainian men might be forced by russia to fight ukrainian soldiers? >> right. basically the russian military authorities have ousted all the elected mayors in the areas of south ukraine that have occupied and replaced them with usually a known corroborateors. hardly anyone in the area have agreed to work with russians.
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the russian ruble is becoming official currency in south ukraine as of today. the local cell phone services have been disconnected and the russian network is supposed to come alive. so they have signs of russia just trying to absorb those areas and the russian flags are now flying from government buildings and schools -- the russian military is trying to reopen the schools with russian language and education also being russian. a lot of people in that region don't want to happen. especially the men because already happened in february in the areas that russia controls in the donetsk is that everyone after the age of 65 was mobilized into the military and then thrown with antique rifles dating before world war ii to fight against ukraine forces. that's always been the greatest
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fear of the area is that the men there will be forced to fight and die for the russians. >> what about the people beyond -- not just the men but the women and the children in those towns. what are they enduring? >> well, the situation there is not as bad as it was in places like bucha, just because there's little fighting in those areas. so the russian forces are not killing civilians in large numbers there. there are people that are being disappeared, sometimes they're released but we haven't heard reports of massive killings and rapes. it did happen in ukraine because in northern ukraine, an area of kyiv, there was an insurgency. the russians were harassed and they were retaliating against civilians, whereas in the south there are still few signs of this insurgence emerging. >> thank you all very much. we appreciate it.
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how powerful is donald trump's republican party and are there limits to that power? a recent poll from fox news found one-fourth of ohio republican primary voters still do not know who they will vote
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for, j.d. vance or josh mandel. donald trump has endorsed vance, an author of -- >> we've endorsed j.p. mandel. and he's doing great. they're all doing good, all doing good. >> joining me from delaware county ohio is jesse kirsh. i know there are chuckles of getting the names confused. if you are a voter and you're hearing that are you going to be confused when you see j.d. vance next to josh mandel. what did voters tell you? did they know who he was talking about? >> katy, i asked a couple of voters before a j.d. vance event
11:21 am
and they hadn't heard of it. and i asked another person and they said it's something that happens. obviously it brings back this idea that there is some level of disconnect between j.d. vance and donald trump, which has been an underlying issue for the author throughout this campaign because of his past couldn't that took swipes at the former president. there are some people who it still think about those comments that he has since taken back but it's still an undercurrent. >> what did he say about trum p? >> at this point he is on team trump and his policy positions are lining up with that. we asked opponents how they feel about those endorsements. the endorsement can help but hasn't got him people to the finish line and others appear to be voting for candidates in
11:22 am
spite of endorsements, including one gentleman who we talked to earlier. >> donald trump endorsed j.d. vance a way back. what else do you need to hear from him? >> actually, i don't think trump's endorsement it, did give him a lift from 13 points to 23 points. i like trump's policies but i don't like him as a person. >> reporter: you can see for that gentleman, it was in spite of donald trump that he is going to vote for j.d. vance. >> i guess you will tell us what happens there tomorrow. thank you very much. and coming up, what do the numbers tell us and what do the experts think more about the mid terms? and we're live in georgia. what happened today in the big case against what donald trump tried to do there in 2020. 0. what happens when performance... meets power? you try crazy things...
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joining me now to get into the numbers before the primary is steve kornacki, founder and president of brilliant corners research and msnbc political
11:27 am
analyst and co-host of "the circus" on showtime, also an advisor to former president george w. bush. steve, what do the numbers look like for tomorrow in ohio? >> we haven't had a ton of numbers. there were a few polls after the trump endorsement of j.d. vance. it paints a bit of a muddled picture. vance on average does lead, 25%. you see josh mandel, who is going very hard after the trump wing of the party, and the wild card i think that has surprised folks in the last couple of days, a big question mashes going into tonight but state senator matt dolan, who has been
11:28 am
vociferous in his criticism of donald trump. the one person trump has singled up and said i do not want this candidate dolan to win the republican nomination for senate. there are a couple of polls who suggestion dolan might be moving it. we'll see how real that is, how significant that is. if you're the dolan campaign, j.d. vance has the trump endorsement, mandel has gone hard after trump voters, gibbons has gone hard after trump voters, is there a lane that opens up that he has to himself that in what crowded jumbled primary could lead to an unlikely victory? that's the possibility suggested by a couple of these polls. we should also note j.d. vance with that trump endorsement in the last few weeks clearly seems to have moved him up here numbers-wise. if you went back to last year, you didn't see polls that had j.d. vance leading.
11:29 am
you now see some polls that have j.d. vance. and i think an intriguing one here that's emerged over the weekend with dolan, again, the one candidate here who has really not gone after donald trump and is not going after trying to get the trump endorsement. >> let's ask mark about this. one of the things that donald trump is doing across the country is he's endorsed a candidate that's not being endorsed by the establishment republicans and in some cases endorsing candidates that are running against republican incumbents. what sort of test will this be of trumpism and what do you think it will tell us about the republican party strength going into november? >> hi, katy. the interesting thing is that right now if it's just a referendum on democrats, democrats are going to lose. they have historical wins going against them. and a message from republicans that the democratic administration so far has been
11:30 am
incompetent, particularly on issues like the economy, immigration and crime, issues that voters care strongly about. so the democrats need to change that equation. and so if the counterbalance has to be they have to make it a choice and the choice has to be against incompetence and trump equals crazy. so when you talk about trump and his endorsements, i think democrats have to talk about some of these candidates that trump has endorsed that i really out of the mainstream. not just out of the mainstream but really problematic. there's a gubernatorial candidate in nevada who has had all kind of allegations of sexual assaults, those sort of things. and, by the way, cornel, i had a great conversation with your old partner, terence woodberry, who used to work for you. he had a very interesting observation about black voters. the message has to be not that this opens the gate to trumpism
11:31 am
but it opens the gate for a return of donald trump specifically. that's what scares the hell out of people. >> cornel, respond to that. >> i will say that trump does energize the base of the party burr it's also sort of the large are movement of trump and this, you know, this sort of -- some progressives call it fascism. part of the issue that you get in mid terms is you get a different electorate. if you look at 2010 when obama lost almost 60-plus seats, you know, you had roughly 42% turnout in that election, compared to a presidential on year like last year when we had over 65% turnout. so you do have this ebb and flows. and democrats problems about persuading swing voters but it's about turning out those young
11:32 am
voters and voters of color. you when you have an electorate like 2018 turn out, you had a very different electorate. you had younger voters surging to the polls. you had a more diverse electorate. you had a younger, more diverse electorate and that benefits democrats. if we have a 2010 or 2014 electorate, democrats are going to get their hats happened to them. if we have an electorate where young voters are turning out at higher numbers, they turn out in 2018, we may see a dynamic change but that's about mobilizing them and, yes, trump and return of trumpism does indeed mobilize the base. >> let's talk about what the numbers are telling us about what the electorate might look like come november. >> mark alludes to it. you go back to the great depression, you can find all but two mid-term elections where the
11:33 am
white house party lost seats and often lost a ton of seats. you can see right now joe biden, this is his average approval rating, average disapproval. when you average all the polls out there together, this is entirely consistent with what we see in terms of mid-term elections, everything in these biden numbers so far suggest that historical pattern is holding. you can compare it, where biden is in his approval/disapproval to where donald trump was at this point in 2018 when he and his party lost 40 seats in the house and look at the similarity. very, very similar. you can also take a look if you average together the generic ballot question, asking folks which party do you want to control congress after the mid-term elections, you see on average, the republicans leading on this at this same point in 2018, you could see it coming. the democrats were up by nearly seven points. again, the numbers, 2010, 2014, 2018, back further, 2006, the
11:34 am
numbers look like the numbers we've grown accustomed to seeing for a white house party during that first mid term cycle. 2002 right after 9/11 is the one great exception in modern eras but otherwise these biden numbers look like all the other incumbents who surrounded him. >> i know you were talking about ways to turn it around for the democrats to start linking republicans more to trumpism and trump himself coming back. that's what the democrats were able to win on in 2020. beyond that, though, what sort of issue do they have with inflation? i mean, when you talk to voters, look at the polling, inflation is the number one issue. even though the economy is doing quite well and there are some underlying factors that show things are pretty strong, when you go into the store and you're buying eggs for, you know, double the amount that they were or you're getting a couple of gallons of gas at one station to get to another station because
11:35 am
it's cheaper, you're inevitably going to say that's not working for me. >> no amount of overcome will overcome what they're feeling, the experience of going to the grocery store or gas station. there's some merit to talking about how we got here. we saved millions of people from bankruptcy, from losing their houses, from losing their jobs through a program that ended up having an inflationary outcome. and there's some evidence that we've hit the inflationary high. i would do that and i would talk about how we got here and why we got here and that there's a reason for it and then just keep hitting the job numbers over and over again. and also get down on your knees and pray, democrats. i remind you of john mccain's message, it's always darkest just before it goes completely black. >> i want to talk about a warning that according to the "new york times" president biden
11:36 am
got last year. biden's top pollster tried to warn the president in early 2021 that inflation and immigration would be problematic issues for him. why didn't he heed that warning and do you have any sense if this administration is trying to get ahead of that now? >> well, unfortunately there's not a magic wand that the president can have or any president has and wave it and make inflation go away, right? we know why we're having inflation. it has to do with the pandemic, with the supply chain. there's not a magic wand around that. and the president has, in fact, been taking steps to sort of, you know, ease the pain, ease the pain of inflation. but i got to double down on something here and that is i think there's an opening now that's clearer today than it was a couple months ago that this is to make this not a referendum
11:37 am
quite frankly on biden but to make this a choice between democrats and republicans. and make this a choice on what that is that they are going to do around inflation, what it is they're going to do around taxes and what they're going to do around the issues. if you look at the generic horse race we just pointed out, three months ago that was larger in the "washington post" poll that just came out, the race is dead even. republicans are going in the wrong direction. a lot has to do with overreach on abortion rights, to banning books and to their disrespect that they show to the new african-american supreme court justice. there is something here about republicans overreaching and an opening for democrats to make this not a referendum on joe biden but to make this a choice between that party and their policies versus democrats and continuation. >> i see mark nodding his head
11:38 am
in approval of that. steve kornacki, always good to see you. thanks for coming in for us. >> you got it. >> still ahead, wild weather and i do mean wild. what happened when a tornado hit a ymca in kansas. plus, did he break the law in georgia? what happened in the election case against donald trump today?
11:39 am
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11:43 am
may not hear from witnesses until june. while the panel won't be able to issue any indictments, it will provide some much-needed fire power for prosecutors who have reached out to some 30 witnesses who have declined to testify during the 15-month-long criminal probe. joining me from atlanta is blaine alexander alongside political reporter for the "atlanta journal constitution." give us a lay of the land first, blaine. >> it took just under two hours to seat this special grand jury. they had 200 summons go out and ultimately seated 23 jurors and four alternates. it could take as long from a year from now. they are able to meet for up to a year. they don't have the power to approve an indictment, but they do have the power to issue
11:44 am
subpoenas. that's key because they can compel people they want to hear from. and likely on the list is brad raffensperger. we can't talk about this without talking about the other thing going on in georgia today and the entire political backdrop. this is the first day of early voting ahead of georgia's may 24th primary. it's striking that even as voting for 2022 has officially gotten under way, here we are with still the election results of 2020 still taking center stage in atlanta. we know the dea said we were not going to see subpoenas go out until june, after the may 24th primary. she said she doesn't want to have any influence there but also because the person at the top. list is going to be running that election, katy. >> we all remember this phone call between donald trump and raffensperger. he called him and said "i just want you to find 11,780 votes,"
11:45 am
which is the exact number of votes he needed to win the election in georgia. huge kerfuffle at the time and that's putting it mildly. what would it do from prosecutors to hear from him? >> it would give him a chance to go line by line through that phone call, to what he was thinking and feeling and his reaction to how he handled that infamous phone call. it's become a litmus test across georgia and across the nation. there are some trump supporters who saw nothing wrong, saw a president fighting for what he thought was election fraud, i guess. but of course to his detractors and many others, they are saw an effort to overturn georgia's election. the challenge for the grand jury is finding jurors who are open minded, who don't fall in either cam many and who are willing to hear out from witnesses and from documents and other testimony that comes forward, you know, keep an open mind about these
11:46 am
proceedings. >> what is the appetite to get to the bottom of this with georgia voters? what is the appetite for donald trump himself to have to stand trial for this or face some sort of consequences for making that phone call and requesting that raffensperger find those votes? >> i've talked to even some senior democrats who are really worried that the fulton county district attorney is siphoning off resources from other crimes, from other issues, violent crimes, felony charges, corruption cases to devote basically at least a dozen investigators or so, these are investigators, attorneys, who are working on this case rather than others. but of course there are many, many others who feel like donald trump needs to be brought to justice and that this case is the one that can do it. >> thank you guys very much. at least four people were injured and hundreds of structures were damaged after two tornadoes hit areas in south central kansas.
11:47 am
one of them, look at this, was an ef-3 with winds up to 165 miles per hour. that's a thin tornado. look at all it is doing in that video right there, ripping apart a neighborhood, toppled trees, tore through power lines and flattened more than a thousand buildings in the city of andover, including the ymca. the tornado left a 13-mile path the destruction. officials say it may take years for that area to recover. and up next, a capital murder suspect and a corrections officer disappear from an alabama jail at the same time. what authorities are now saying about what they think happened. r who dares to be fearless even when her bladder leaks. our softest, smoothest fabric keeping her comfortable, protected and undeniably sleek.
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11:52 am
vote here came down to 618 nos, and 380 yes. about a 61% turnout of the employees at this staten island warehouse called ldj 5. there was a lot of anticipation and pressure behind this vote because of the first historic win, organizers were hoping that this one would cement this as a pattern, but it would look like the dominos were falling and amazon would have to expect a new labor movement among the young staff at warehouses like these. but the organizers are disappointed. one said that obviously this is a big disappointment, on the day right after may day. they were hoping to build momentum and relationships at other warehouses. they say they're still in contact with hundreds of other warehouses and more will be brought to a vote soon. but there is a lot of disappointment with those who spent weeks trying to convince their colleagues to organize and
11:53 am
fight for better pay and protections in the workplace. >> any idea why so many said it's not for us in this warehouse? >> reporter: well, for a while now, over the last couple of weeks as we have gotten to know employees who work at these different warehouses, we've been hear thing is a unique warehouse. it's much smaller than jfk 8, the first one that voted yes. that smallness means some aren't quite as close, as tight. people also get spread out a bit more, and some of the workers have alleged that in the recent weeks, amazon managers have isolated some employees from others so they couldn't talk about unionization. there are many part-time workers who are students or have other jobs, and amazon might not be the center of their life. and so people were saying, you know, for some of those workers, this might not get them going. it would be hard to convince them to vote yes. so the conditions at this warehouse meant they had to take a different tactic.
11:54 am
people are saying don't write off the next stages oh of this movement, because there are other warehouses much like jfk 8. they say they're going to continue their efforts now. >> antonia, thank you very much. a warrant was issued for missing alabama corrections officer days after she disappeared with an inmate. the officer, vickie white, was set to retire friday when she disappeared with casey white, no relations despite the last name. the patrol car they were traveling in has been found, but the pair is at large. officials are looking into if the officer and inmate are romantically involved. joining me now with more on this, gabe gutierrez. reminds me of a state in upstate new york. >> that's right. several years ago, the clinton collectional facility. but now the u.s. marshal service is call thing a major case and offering a $10,000 reward for any information that could lead to a break that would crack this case. these are newly released images
11:55 am
from an alabama jail, showing 6'9", 260 capital murder suspect casey white before he vanished friday. this morning, there's a growing manhunt and mounting questions about whether a corrections officer may have helped him escape. >> there's just no way other than she assisted him. >> reporter: the officer, vickie white, said she was transporting the inmate, casey white new york relation, from jail to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation. she also said she planned to go to a medical appointment after dropping him off. both claims were not true, investigators say. especially stunning, because vickie white had been named employee of the year four times. she violated policy, the sheriff says, because two sworn deputies were supposed to be with a dangerous prisoner while being transported. >> the fact that she violated policy, she has an unblemished record. >> reporter: she's 56, a widow
11:56 am
with no children. she's been with the department 17 years. but the day before she went missing, she submitted retirement papers. they later found the patrol car abandoned. >> all indications are that she assisted him to escape. the question we're trying to answer, and we may not be able to answer this until we get her back safely is, did she do that willingly or was someone from outside threatening her? >> casey white was serving time for a 2015 crime spree that included a home invasion and carjacking. in 2020, white was also charged with two counts of capital murder after confessing to the 2015 stabbing of connie ridgeway. white later pleaded not guilty and tried to escape the same jail he left friday. now, connie ridgeway's son hopes white will be brought back to justice. >> you got the guy, you know he's a dangerous person, he's
11:57 am
confessed. how did he get out? >> regardless how he got out, authorities say this could be concerning, because he could be armed and dangerous with her service hand gun. by the way, they don't know where this couple is. her voice mail is full. her phone has been going to voice mail. the question right now is, where could they be? the arrest warm is a charge for facilitating the escape of a prisoner. >> very scary that he might have access to his firearm. thank you for bringing this story that. is going to do it for me today on this monday. garrett haake picks up our coverage, next. haake pickups or coverage, next ! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around.
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and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. freedom finally for dozens of civilians who have been trapped at that steel plant in mariupol. hundreds of people are believed to remain at the factory. we're also about to get an update from the pentagon on the war in ukraine. a senior defense official tells nbc news, russia is making "anemic progress in the donbas." the russian military still suffers from poor command and control and low morale. we'll talk to a member of the president's national security team and a member of the ukrainian parliament. and from capitol hill, new developments from the january 6th committee. the panel wants to hear


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