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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 3, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today. welcome to "meet the press daily". i'm kristen welker in for chuck todd. it is election day in ohio and indiana. on any other day ohio's consequential senate primaries would be our lead, but all eyes are on the breaking news out of washington. late this morning the supreme court confirmed the authenticity of a draft opinion by justice alito posted last night. that opinion would overturn roe v. wade and send a matter of abortion access to the states. chief justice roberts called it
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a betrayal of the court ask there will be an investigation into its origin. if the contours of this draft hold, which is expected by many court watchers, it would mean a seismic shift for the court and the country taking away a right for millions of americans and throwing the issue of abortion access into chaos. president biden addressed the news just over an hour ago. >> this is as urgent and as real as it gets. we will vote to protect a woman's right to choose and every american is going to see which side every senator stands on. >> over on capitol hill, it has been an urgent day of reaction. senate democrats are rallying on the steps of the capitol with chuck schumer vowing action saying he will bring legislation codifying the right to an abortion to the floor, even if he doesn't have the votes. the senate's republicans both
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suggesting they have been misled by the justices about how they would handle the issue. susan collins says the content of the opinion is inconsistent with what gor sitsaid during their confirmations and lisa murkowski says her confident in the court has been rocked the reaction from republicans is largely focused on the leak rather than its content without any real proof, mitch mcconnell pinned it on liberal agitators out of concern that the justices would face pressure to change their minds. the political impact of this potential decision would be tremendous. and the real world impact on women's health and reproductive rights would face immediate changes. 13 states have so-called trigger laws on the books that would ban abortion with limited exceptions if roe v. wade is overturned. other states have laws that may restrict some abortion access if roe is no longer federal law. joining me to discuss this is very busy news day is justice
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correspondent pete williams. washington correspondent who is in jackson, mississippi. the state at the center of this supreme court case, carol lee is at the white house. and cecil richards joins us. she cochairs a political action committee called american bridge. thanks to all of you for being here and starting us off. pete, i want to begin with you. walk us through what this leak means. it's a draft, but do you anticipate this maybe a done deal at this point? >> it sure seems like it. everyone should be shocked that a draft supreme court opinion has been leaked. i don't think that has ever happened in the history of of the supreme court. never of this magnitude. i don't think anybody who tolled this case is going to be surprised by what the draft says. they maybe a little surprised by the force of it. but the bottom line, the court is going to overturn roe v. wade has seemed obvious since december 1st when this case was argued in the supreme court.
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mississippi's abortion law would ban abortion after 15 weeks. when mississippi first went to the courtroom, ruth bader ginsburg was still on the court. they said you don't have to overturn roe. just jup hold our law. now when the court agreed to hear the case, mississippi said overturn roe too. that shouldn't surprise anyone. the draft by justice a low toe is what you would expect based on his questions and things he said in the past. that there's no history of support for this idea if you look at what the state laws and the constitution, it's not there. and the kind of conditional arguments against roe are laid out in this opinion at some length. so not a surprise that the supreme court would say they are going to overturn roe v. wade. that's been obvious since december 1st, to me. >> i want to ask you about something that president biden said today. he essentially said there will be a domino effect. that other cases that have granted certain rights could potentially be taken away.
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what do you make of that as a legal matter? is that something you would expect to see happen? >> i think that's an obvious question to ask. i will say that repeatedly throughout the opinion, he says that's not the case. he says if you look at loving v. virginia, you lock at supreme court decisions on medical autonomy, personal autonomy, all of those things, those are different, he says, because they didn't involve another human life, which is what roe v. wade does. he says those cases, including the ones argued before roe, can't be seen as supporting roe and says our decision to overturn roe should not be read as undercutting any of them. so whether this was his idea or as possibly seems more likely some other justice who said, you know, i think we need to say this in order to get my vote, who knows. that's what the opinion says. >> very quickly before i move on to carol lowe at the white house. the fact that there's now an
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investigation and that you had chief justice john roberts come out and say that is what is going to happen now. how significant is that? >> very much so. you had this thing pop up on politico at about 8:30. for first 14 hours, the supreme court wasn't saying in anything. then they said yes, it's authentic and we're going to investigate. let me say investigating members is not something that court is particularly accomplished at. i'm not sure exactly how this is going to work. but i think you can be confident the chief justice, and i suspect the other justices too, are upset over this. >> fantastic analysis. carol, let me turn to you. you and i have been tracking all the developments at the white house. president biden put out a statement today before the court confirmed the authenticity of the draft opinion. you have been working your sources there. what is the president -- what are they saying about what the white house's message is and next steps? >> a couple things.
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if you lock at what the president said, he called this decision in its draft forms if it does hold, it is radical. he leaned into the notion it's not going to stop here. it could move into other areas like contraception, same-sex marriage. so one of the things that the president is saying and the message he's trying to convey is that this november election that they really matter. so part of his statement on that issue, he said if the court does overturn roe t will fall on our elected officials at all levels of government to protect women's right to choose. it will fall on voters to elect pro choice officials this november. the president goes on to say this he would work with the congress to pass a law that codifies the protections in roe in law. now that's something that he also said he would do as a candidate. take a listen.
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>> if i get elected president of the united states and the supreme court overrules roe v. wade, i'm going to send legislation to the united states congress to pass it and codify it. >> reporter: so that's back in 2019. you can see that democrats have been talking about this warning about this for some time. as for the path forward, there's a politics of this. we saw the president lean into some of that and talking about those midterm elections. there's the practical questions of this. they are related because the president is under a lot of pressure to do something about this. that's where we hear him talking about legislation that he would support. however, he also said he would not support or didn't at this time wanted to weigh this on whether or not he would support repealing the fill buster to pass legislation codifying roe. the question out there still is what else is the president
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looking to do because there's a lot of pressure from democrats for him to take some sort of action here. >> i think you're right. and quickly, we have been tracking everything on the democrats' agenda, which includes ukraine aid at the top of the list. more funding to fight covid, and the question b i know we'll be reporting on this in the coming days and weeks, will this move to the top of the agenda? that's going to be the real question for the white house. >> reporter: that's exactly right. and the presidential made these comments and spoke publicly about this draft opinion on his way to alabama to highlight and push for congress to pass the $33 billion request for ukraine aid. but this is something you can see there's all these people outside of the supreme court, democrats are really riled up about this. you hear from a number of lawmakers. this is at the top of the list. it's something the white house is thinking about very actively right now. it's certainly something that the president is going to be
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discussing more about. the thing to look for is what he tries to do. we see where his political message is. what is he going to try to do within his powers beyond there needs to be legislation. >> i think that is the key question. carol, you are in mississippi. the state that brought this suit to the supreme court. what exactly will happen in mississippi if this draft decision is the ultimate decision that comes down, which as pete was just reporting, appears very reichly at this point? >> reporter: i'm standing here nearby the woman's health organization. this is the last abortion clinic in the state of mississippi. this is the clinic that is at the center of the supreme court case. people on the ground tell me while women are getting the services they need today and getting abortions today, the question is how long. that goes straight to the question that you asked me. my understanding if roe is
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overturned, this clinic would then quickly be shut down. the other thing is that women in this area in mississippi and voubding states, their access to abortion would be highly restricted. there are laws at least 13 of them that would go into effect. when you add to that there's a research institute that studies reproductive rights. 26 states would immediately ban or heaily restrict abortion if roe was overturned. i should be telling you i'm talking to people here on the ground. the aclu of mississippi are saying they are devastateds and gutted by this. the only other legal avenue if this is overturned is to codify roe v. wade, which the president was talking about today. i talked to a volunteer here. they call this the pink house because it is bright pink. the pink house that they would not save the women who are depending on it for care. so as in washington, they are talking about legislation and talking about what could come next. here on the ground where the
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policy meets the people, they are saying that's not going to be quick enough. women are going to be put in danger because they are going to be forced of children they simply cannot afford or do not want. it's not their choice anymore. i should also note i have been talking to some people who are opponents. not only are they celebrating what is coming from the supreme court, they also say they are turning their gaze towards same-sex marriage. i was talking to a protester who has been protesting for decades outside this clinic. i said what are you going to do if you get what you want? he said he's going to turn his attention to protesting same-sex marriage and hoping that the supreme court will overturn that. so both sides of the political aisle here as the midterms are approaching. they are both looking at what's on the horizon and that's same-sex marriage. >> really fascinating look ahead there. and just broadly speaking, it's not just mississippi. you touched on this. it's really the entire region there that could be impacted,
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particularly for those who live in rural areas. >> reporter: that's right. talking to the volunteer that has been escorting and defending women going into the clinic. he says the women here are not going to be able to get in their car and go somewhere else. if you look at the state, there's tennessee, arkansas, louisiana, alabama, all of the states that are surrounding mississippi right now, they also would be banning abortion. and i talked to another woman who had tears in her eyes and said she went up to the volunteers to thank them for their work because her as a woman who is an attorney who has the means and resources, she will always be able to get an abortion because she will be able to fly one of the 13 safe states, places that might continue to have abortion like california or new york. but for poor women or women of color, they will be forced to have pregnancies that they cannot afford to terminate and pregnancies that will turn into children they cannot afford. one other thing. someone told me here mississippi did you want have a lot of safe
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city nets the women forced to have these children are going to have a really hard time trying to support those children with a state that has not done a lot of the things to extend the benefits that women need in order to get more help and more care to be able to really support their families. >> you lay out the real world impact so well. with that, i i want to surn to cecil. obviously, you used to be the parent of planned parenthood. i want to get your gut reaction to what leaked overnight and also what you anticipate we'll see from organizations like planned parenthood from now until when the final decision comes down. >> thanks. my concern is not being upset about a leak. my concern is being upset that five justices on the supreme court have taken it upon themselves to end a constitutional right that women have had for nearly 50 years. this has never happened in our lifetime that an entire
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generation of women has assume ed would be part of their life is poised end to. it's not ending because the american people want to end legal abortion. in fact, polls consistently show that people believe pregnancy should be a decision made by women, not by politicians, not by government. but the republican party has had an agenda for many, many, many years to end safe and legal abortion. now with both donald trump putting three justices on the supreme court, with the help of mitch mcconnell, we are now poised to see abortion end in this country. and the report from mississippi is so chilling, but my own home state of texas basically legal abortion access has almost ended last september. ironically, many women in the state of texas are now driving to mississippi for access to safe abortion. so to put perspective on how dire this will be on the women
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who are not only in rural areas, but that are working in jobs they can't take off two and three days or leave their children with other people, don't have the means, this kind of abortion ban is going to fall hardest on the people who have the least access to health care and the least economic support already. i would point out the state of mississippi, the highest rate of child poverty in the country and the maternal mortality rate twice that of the nation. so there's so much harm already being done to women. >> cecil, as carol was laying out, president biden campaigned on a promise, frankly, to try to codify roe into law. of course, we know that there is a piece of legislation that made its way through the house. it doesn't have enough votes in the senate. but has president biden fought hard enough for this issue, in
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your opinion? >> this is such a moment for women in america. look and see who is on which side. it's clear the democratic party has been fighting for abortion rights including president biden and the republican party has done everything in their power both of the nationally and state by state to end abortion access. the one thing that all these states have in common that are passing abortion bans is they are run by the republican party. i think i would like to offer an opportunity now for senator murkowski and senator collins, who seem to be very distressed about this potential decision to join with the senate democrats and pass abortion legislation now that legalize this is in the country. this is going to be devastating for women across the country. but right now, this falls on the shoulders of the republican
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party. this has been their mission and it looks like they may be successful. >> i just want to let our viewers know we're living pictures of democratic lawmakers speaking who are opposed to overturning roe v. wade. this is the type of scene that we have seen play out as the country has tried to digest this. what is your take when you hear that do you think -- and i know some republicans said this is an effort to try to change one of the justice's minds. do you think planned parenthood will try to do exactly that? >> look, i think the -- obviously, changing a justice's mind would be ideal. but honestly, i believe we're in a long-term fight now to restore
10:19 am
a right, a constitutional right that women have relied on for 50 years. this was a political decision. this was a -- this is using women and going after women's rights simply as a political tactic by the republican party to feed their base of supporters. and there has to be a political consequence. i know that planned parenthood, emily's list, other organizations have committed to spend significant resources in the upcoming elections. but i think every single republican in the country, whether they are running for state legislature or running for u.s. congress is going to have to be held to account for the fact that their party is the one that is responsible for overturning a right that people have had for more than 50 years. and the last thing, i think it's important to point out abortion didn't begin with roe wade.
10:20 am
abortion has always existed. what happened when roe was passed is women quit die dieing in emergency rooms in america. so we'll continue to have abortion in this country if these justices are successful. it simply will be unsafe and illegal and women's lives will be at risk. >> i want to thank you to all of you for starting us off today. really appreciate it. coming up later, we'll get reaction from the president of one of the most influential antiabortion rite radiorights groups in the country specifically to what you heard from cecil. and next, the fallout from this breaking news on capitol hill and on the campaign trail. reaction from a top democrat in the house who has been a long-time leader in her party on the abortion issue. you're watching "meet the press daily." tion issue you're watching "meet the press daily.
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breek leaked draft of the supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade. "the washington post" reported that antiabortion advocates were already embarking on their next frontier. a nationwide ban. senator patty murray spoke about this plan just moments ago. >> this is a five-alarm fire. it is exactly the kind of dangerousout come i have been warning about and was always the goal of republicans. they are already banning abortion in state legislatures across our country. they are already planning for a federal ban right here in the senate. and they already pushed through the far right justices to overturn roe and end the right to an abortion. >> joining me now is congresswoman judy chu, who introduced the women's health
10:25 am
protection act. which passed in the house last fall. it has stalled in the senate. thank you so much for being here, congresswoman. let me get your reaction to this news. is this a five-alarm fire, as you heard patty mauer ray say? >> it is indeed a five-alarm fire. to all the women out there, abortion is still legal. the decision is not final. do not cancel your appointments. the clinics are here to help. nonetheless, i did read the decision of the draft last night. i was shocked and stunned. this will set back women for 50 years. lives are at stake. we have to make sure that we fight back. doing nothing is not an option. >> i want to get the reality check from you. this is a draft decision, but do you think part of the purpose of this leak was to try to build
10:26 am
momentum to change the mind of one of these justices? do you think there's time for those like yourself who want to see the opposite decision? >> this is not a final decision. i indeed would hope this would ensure that some justices change their minds. we need to make sure that the original decision, which said that abortion is a constitutional right, is upheld. and in fact, i think that the statements made were very flawed. it certainly showed that there is shockingly antiwomen decisions that are being made on the ground. and i am at least glad this came to light and we need to ensure that, in fact, we continue on
10:27 am
our quest to make the woman's health protection act a reality for all the women in states so roe v. wade is in statute. >> let me ask you about that. right now, it does not have the votes in the senate. so would you support throwing out the filibuster in order to get this passed? that's something that the senate would need to do. but will you intensify your push for that type of an effort and should that move to the top of the agenda if so? >> yes, we need to make sure that this does pass the senate. indeed, we would have to throw out the fill buster, which i would support. i do want to emphasize that we did pass this in the house with the most pro choice vote ever in history. the white house is in support of this. so what we need is the senate to vote for this. and even though it did not pass
10:28 am
in the senate, chuck schumer says he's going to put it up for a vote again. and in fact, there were three democrats that were absent that day. we know that we have two republican senators that are pro choice and appear to be shocked by this draft decision. maybe they voted that way because they did not think this decision would be real, but now that we have this draft, it is indeed a real threat. maybe it will change those votes. we need to make sure the vote takes place. >> let me ask you. you talked about the white house and i wonder president biden campaigned on a promise to codify roe. that has not happened. and we just laid out all of the reasons why. but do you think the president has fought hard enough for this issue? has this been front and center in thiz agenda?
10:29 am
or do you think it's fallen by the wayside? how would you assess how he has done in terms of really trying to fill that campaign promise? >> he has not deviated from his promise to support putting roe v. wade. >> but has he fought hard enough for it? >> he has been very strong in seeing that he supports it. i just read his statement about the draft decision. i feel that he is on our side. and he will fight for women's rights. we know that it's so important for women to dictate what they are going to do with their own lives, to have the freedom to choose and that their health has to be preserved most of all. they should have the ability to decide if that pregnancy would ebb danger their health or whether a condition with cancer would endanger pregnancy.
10:30 am
they should be the ones making that decision. and from what i have heard from president biden, he has supported that decision the whole way. >> i wonder if you have a reaction to your colleague in the senate, susan collins, who said she felt misled by justices kavanaugh as well as gorsuch and barrett. and also in private conversations with her. what do you make of that assessment? do you think based on the confirmation hearings they misled the american people and senators whose vote was critical to their confirmation? >> i was certainly a skeptic myself when kavanaugh said to her that he would respect precedent. he did not seem to respect precedent in all the statements he made prior to that. i'm shocked she would even believe that.
10:31 am
nonetheless, if she does feel that he going back on his word, she should vote. that is the greatest protection for women across this nation to ensure that they can protect their health and they can protect their lives. so we need her vote. >> senator josh hawley said if this was leaked by a justice, and we do not know who leaked this, i want to be clear about that. there's an investigation into who di, which pete william bs has been reporting on. but if there's a link to a supreme court justice, do you glae with your colleague in the senate that that justice should be impeached? >> well, i think we need an investigation first. we do need to know how this leak happened. nonetheless, i think the information was important for us
10:32 am
to know. and it just raises the alarm bell for all of us in terms of what will happen to millions of women across this country if they do not have this choice. 1 out of 4 women have had an abortion. and my congress members have had an abortion. this is something that is part and parcel of every woman's life. and they need to know what is at stake. we found what was happening through this leaked decision, and that means that we have to fight even harder to ensure that we have the right to determine what's going on with our own bodies. >> congresswoman, i know it's a busy day for you as well. thank you so much for joining us for your perspective.
10:33 am
we appreciate it. coming up next, a "mtp daily" exclusive. larry hogan and what he said about abortion moments before this story broke and what he's saying about his 2024 ambitions. you're watching "mtp daily." you're watching "mtp daily."
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welcome back. as we have been saying, the bomb
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shell out of the supreme court changed the political conversation. some politicians have going to have to get a lot more specific in their answers on the issue of abortion and quickly. just a few minutes before the story broke last night, chuck sat down with maryland governor louisiana ri hogan for an exclusive interview. he said abortion should not be an issue brought up by republicans. take a listen. >> should a woman have an access to an abortion? >> my position in maryland was that i have a personalen opinion, i didn't take any steps to overturn the will of the voters, the decisions and laws that were on the books already. and i haven't done that in eight years. i don't think this is the right issue for the republican party to be making. i don't think it's really smart politics. i think we ought to be focused on inflation and the economy and crime and education. >> hogan is speaking tonight at the reagan library in california. a typical precandidacy stop for republican who is are considering a run for president.
10:38 am
in the interview with chuck, government north hogan said much of the republican party is in denial over losses they have sustained and the party needs to look to expand. >> our party has been doing a lot of losing. and an awful lot of making excuses. and so we have lost in the past four years the white house, senate, the house, we lost governors races and state legislationive bodies. trump said we were going to get tired of winning. but all we're doing is losing. people will say the election was stolen. it was fixed. and look, that's not true. the losing candidate just didn't want to accept defeat. we have to find a way. i would say i'm a guy that knows how to win because i ran 45 points ahead of the president. i did just as well. but successful politics is about addition and multiplication. that's what re gain did.
10:39 am
he broadened the tent. we have been shrinking the tent and turning off voters. that's not the way to win. >> again, governor hogan speaks at the library tonight. we'll see what he has to say about 2024 and if he updates his position on abortion. you can find chuck's full interview with governor hogan on our website. still to come, reaction of those in favor of overturning roe v. wade. i'm going to speak with the national abortion groups after this. you're watching "mtp daily." ." fg but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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10:43 am
the draft decision horrifying and unprecedented. on the other side of the issue, groups that support ending abortion access are applauding the news. i'm joined now by the president of the susan b. anthony list. thank you so much for joining me. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i want to start by playing you a little bit of what we heard from the former president of planned parenthood and get your reaction on the other side. >> abortion didn't begin with roe v. wade. abortion has always existed. what happened when roe was passed was that women quit dying in emergency rooms in america. so we will continue to have emergency this this country if these justices are successful. it will be unsafe and illegal and women's lives will be at risk. >> so your reaction to that that there's always been abortion,
10:44 am
abortion will go on, it will just now cost lives if roe v. wade is overturned? what's your reaction? >> our nation's history from the very beginning under common law did not embrace abortion. it was outlawed in all states up until very recently until 1973. >> but that's her point. that cost lives. that's the point. i think you heard her make that point. that before roe v. wade, not having access to safe and legal abortion. >> i'm going to finish my point also. the reason that abortion was rejected historically in our nation is there was an understanding that in every abortion, every crisis situation there's a mother and a child to be cared for, assisted all along the way and walked with. so when i was very pro choice, i did not see two people in every decision. but most of america sees two considerations every time a woman is pregnant. when you hear somebody is
10:45 am
pregnant, it's almost always congratulations, unless you decided that's something other than another human being. thaps the fundamental question before us. every state should have the right to allow consensus to make its way into law. the reason we have not had this is that the supreme court took away that right because the abortion argument could not win in the court of public opinion. it's been held for the court for that long and now hopefully we'll have the chance. >> you raise the court of public opinion. according to our latest polling, 54% of americans think roe should be upheld. so right now, the public opinion is not with you. what do you make of that? >> you know why? because of the worst reporting that has been out there over the last almost 50 years says that roe only restricts abortion only allows restrictions in the first trimester. not true. that's not generally known by the public. the public embraces restrictions
10:46 am
on abortion that roe would never allow. late term abortion, abortion at 20 weeks. >> but it does get more complicated in later terms. >> 15 weeks is a great example. the one that is actually been tested by the court is a great example. this is overwhelmingly supported by the country and the nation and roe disallows it. that's why roe is under dangerous because of the 15-yeek week limit. >> you say it's supported by the country. that's your proof when the polling says otherwise? >> have you seen polling on 15-week limits? because every polling polls show that 15 weeks is a limit is embraced by the nation by large numbers. 70% by the latest poll. if you want the polling, i can send it you, but let's be
10:47 am
honest. honesty is that roe v. wade is not understood at ul awl. people support restrictions that roe doesn't allow. most of america thinks abortion should be allowed in the first trimester. that is a majority opinion that's consensus in many places. but there's also a consensus it should be limited in mid-to late term because that's a humane thing to do for mother and child. >> let me ask you if roe is overturned, do you believe there should be exceptions for cases of rape and incest in the states that will now have to have patch work of different laws? >> every single state will build consensus in that state. so do i support the heartbeat bill in texas, yes. do i support the mississippi 15 limit, yes. every one of those things is a gain. >> do you think there should be exceptions for rape and incest in every state? i'm asking do you want every single state.
10:48 am
>> we're not going to have every state. we're going to have a debate in every single state, 30 state cans move immediately to build consensus to make its way into the law and we'll see where that lands. but what i think is really important for you to acknowledge that the position of the other side and governor hogan who thinks he might be the president and the republican nominee, that that is insane. because anybody who embraces abortion up until the end and thes tox payers to pay for it is not a viable candidate. i think democrats are going to start to see this at the polls. they have in the last several elections. it's not true in any way that the abortion issue has in any way diminished the party. it brings our teams across the country are the people bringing that middle america -- >> just to be clear, people are support late term abortions do
10:49 am
so only if the safety and the life of the mother is at risk. >> this is not true. and i challenge you. i will send you the objective data on this. it is literally not true. and i challenge you to do that work and not just guess. >> that is the argument that most people who support late term abortions make. let me ask you about these trigger laws. that would effectively in about half the states across the country would go into effect almost immediately if roe were to be overturned. we're looking at a map right now. are you concerned about what will become a patchwork? and i guess the follow up question, what do you think the punishment should be for someone who performs an abortion or who has an abortion in these states? >> a doctor who performs an abortion or a person who mails chemical abortions through the mail is knowingly circumventing the law. a woman will never be a part of this. a woman -- >> how can you guarantee that?
10:50 am
if this is a patchwork? >> if you let me finish a sentence, i will tell you. women are exploited by this. they are vitims of this. and they should not be and will not be
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> thank you so much for joining us. i know it is a very busy day for you as well. really appreciate it. and coming up next, if it's tuesday, voters are voing somewhere. voters are voting somewhere. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied!
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knorr. taste for good. welcome back. as the issue of abortion now seems poised to take center stage in the mid-terms, voters in ohio are headed to the polls right now. in the contest of the 2022 cycle. it's a race shake up to be a referendum on donald trump's influence within the republican party. five republicans are facing off today in the primary to succeed rob portman, trump endorsed author j.d. vans and businessman mike gibbons are trying to stake their climbs as the lone conservative in the race. meanwhile, state senator matt dolan, whose family owns clinton guardians is trying to hold the voters as a mild republican. congressman tim ryan will likely
10:56 am
win his party's nomination. he is expected to be an underdog in november's general election. it will be an exciting one. that u.s. the it for us this hour. we'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." wr snbc coverage begins with katy tur after a quick break. snbc coverage begins with k tur after a quick break. m snbc coverage begins with katy tur after a quick break. snbc coverage begins with katy tur after a quick break. tur after a quick break. >>
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. it's good to be with you. i'm katy tur on a day that could in the long term reshape the
11:00 am
course of history in this country and in the short term reshape the course of the 2022 mid-terms. ed to today a right looks gone to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. the leaked draft supreme court decision overturning roe v wade is authentic. chief justice roberts confirms the text is real and it is not sure and promised a leak investigation. if it does stand, we sign on from justices alito, thomas, gorsuch and cavanaugh and barrett. the right to an abortion would fall to each state. so a team of which have automatic twig trigger laws. in some states, there are no exceptions for rape or incest. meaning women will by law be able to carry it to term nor pay


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