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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 4, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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they could access reproductive health care. i was incredibly disappointed, but not surprised, governors did sign that. >> julie bernard, thank you for your time tonight, thank you for the time that you have given this important issue for more than three decades. julie burke hart, founder of wellspring health access. we appreciate you being with us. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you tomorrow. reminder, rachel is here on monday's. if you like to record the show, that's produced by her staff, dvr the rachel maddow show. you will get that on monday's. also, set your dvr to record and mess and bc prime. rachel on monday's, and mason b c prime, tuesday through friday. time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. word wit lawrence o'don nell lawrence, you brought us perspective last night, and monday night, that only you can bring. this story has so many facets to it, and everybody i talked to, who's involved in this fight, says it isn't close to
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over. that they feel motivated, this week. they feel re-energized, to continue the fight, and they feel the reality of the draft decision, will bring it home to a lot of people, who did not think this would happen, or did not imagine it could. >> ali, i am having an unusual feeling for me. that is, i am more outraged tonight, then i was last night, and last night, i was more outrage than i was on monday night, because the longer i live with this opinion, the worse it feels. the more i study it, the worse it gets. it is a draft opinion, ali. so, we know that there will be things that change because it is a draft opinion. i believe, after this program tonight, samuel alito, and as clerks, tomorrow, are going to change one particular citation, in this opinion, that i will quote. coming up here. that is, of a person, who samuel ego quotes, approvingly, a person who believed in witchcraft, and which is, and
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believed witches should be prosecuted and put to death. samuel alito quotes that person as a legal authority on abortion. a moral guide, for all of us. i do not believe that that person will end up in the final draft of this thing, and what they say here tonight. >> that will be interesting to watch, lawrence, thank you, good to see you, have yourself a great, and always informative show. >> thank you ali. informativ >> you know, nobody has done more for christiane italy, nobody has done former religion, that of all types, than me. those insane words are not mine. that is the latest burst of verbal dementia from donald trump, earlier today, and in the christian broadcasting network. i have known from my catholic school days that that is
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blasphemy. the six catholics on the supreme court know that is blasphemy. donald trump thinks he has done more for christiane 18th and jesus christ. donald trump is an educated, in all things. he does not know who christiana t is named after. it is ironic to put it mildly, that three of the supreme court justices, appointed by the only blasphemous president in history, lean, heavily, on their religion, as they, willfully, in the industry, revoke a constitutional right. in the draft supreme court opinion, living in infamy, samuel alito says, on page one, the constitution makes no mention of abortion. the constitution, also, makes no mention of the right to travel. the government has never granted us the right to travel. yet, we have always had it. roe v. wade, linking the right to abortion services, to the
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right to privacy, which we, also, assumed that we have, but the constitution does not mention a right to privacy, and samuel alito, the majority of the supreme court, do not believe that you have a right to privacy. they believe that they have a right to privacy. it was the first time, in its history, ordering an investigation. it is of the very worst thing that has happened at the supreme court. the court's privacy has been invaded. the chief justice, causing a violation of the mystery that is, quote, agree just breathe of trust. it was what they feel when they lose their privacy. it is egregious for them. they don't see how they would be, when they take their privacy away. the private in the supreme court, is invaded by the alito first draft, of a revocation of the constitutional right.
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samuel alito says, a right to abortion services is not, quote, deeply rooted in this nation's history. women on the supreme court are not deeply rooted in this nation's history. no one says that women can some peruvian on the supreme court. nowhere does the constitution say black people can serve on the supreme court. the founders thought that only white men should, ever, serve on the supreme court. the founders were the original proponents of affirmative action, exclusively, four white men. the founders, deeply, and fervently, believed in carrying out the mass murder of the native tribes in this continent, and enslaving as many black people, as was necessary, for white men. to reigns supreme, in this land. that is deeply rooted in this nation's community. it is deeply rooted in this
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nation's history, what you think is right, and just, and you are lost. you are morally lost. they reach back to legal writings, the 17th century of england, and show that with the right to abortion services is not deeply rooted in its history. he writes, sir edward koch that 1844, that abortionist a crime. in 16 44, for england, they are still having witch trials, ending in the execution of the convicted witches. sir edward cook helped english law define them when they wrote english law, and 16 oh for, to make it even more cruel, in which crafts trials, and a witch who has conference with devil, to consult with him, or to do some act.
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samuel alito is quoting, approvingly, the 16 44 judgment on abortion of an english aristocrat, who said, a which is a person who has conference with the devil. samuel alito is reaching back four centuries, to you sir edward koch, as a moral authority on abortion. a man who believed in which is, and believe that they were working with the devil, and believed that witches should be murdered by the state, and how to make sure that they had been murdered by the state, in england. it is going to go with the clerk working for him, who found that reference to sir edward koch, and to get that erased from that draft opinion. we were executing which is in this country as latest 16 92. men and women were given the death penalty, in this country,
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for being witches. mostly women, of course. dorothy go to four years old when, she was accused of being a witch in massachusetts. when you are justifying outlying abortion, because people are conducting witch trials, also believed that abortion should be against the law, you are morally lost. that is what the twisted reasoning of samuel alito in the first supreme court opinion, in history, revoking a constitutional right. for most presidents, the only thing that they started to do that outlast their presidency, is a point supreme court justices. president thomas serving on the supreme court, is the only enduring thing of george h. w. bush. a vote for george h. w. bush for president, in 1988, has turned out to be a vote to revoke a constitutional right. his son, george w. bush, created the department of
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homeland security, which endorse, and began wars that he could not complete. but, his most enduring legacy is, now, the delivery of samuel alito to the united states supreme court. the first supreme court justice to write an opinion revoking a constitutional right. donald trump did something no one-term president has ever done before. he appointed three supreme court justices. the last president to appoint three's court justices, was ronald reagan, and it took him eight years to do it. the president least capable, in our history, of evaluating candidates for the united states supreme court, got to a 0.3 of them, and all three are voting to revoke a constitutional right. 70% of the country as opposed to what the supreme court is doing, in a democracy, this would never happen. we do not live in a democracy, because of the electoral college, and the united states senate. the only way the alito opinion can get a majority vote on the
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supreme court now, it's thanks to the electoral college, installing two republican presidents who came in second with the voters. al gore got more votes in georgia the bush, but george w. bush got the presidency, thanks to the electoral college. donald trump came in second with the voters, by a wide margin, but was installed in the presidency, by the electoral college. democrats, and the united states senate, present for more people than the republicans represent. but, both parties have the same number of seats in the united states senate, because of the profoundly anti-democratic formula that each state gets to sit into various. the 44 million people of california get two senators, and the 1.6 million people of the decor to us get to four. that is not democracy, that could never be democracy. so, 70% of the country, lives under the anguish, and the weight, of minority rule.
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70% of the country, losing a constitutional right, against their will. 70% of the country has had that constitutional right, for their entire lives. but, for samuel alito, that is not deeply rooted in this nation's history. there is one president, in our history, who was impeached twice, and never won a majority vote in a presidential election, and he got to appoint the same number of justices as ronald reagan, who won 49 states in his reelection campaign. there is one president in our history who provoked serious discussions, and the 25th amendment to remove him from office. and, we got to a 0.3 supreme court justices. the first public discussion of the, 25th of men with donald trump, that i'm aware of, to remove him from office, was on this program in, the first month of the trump presidency.
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and, we now know, within the last month of the trump presidency, in the last days of the trump presidency, there were serious discussions about removing donald trump, and those discussions were taking place among congressional leadership in both parties. kevin mccarthy, the leader of the house republicans, participated in discussions about removing donald trump, using the 25th amendment, after the january 6th attack on the capitol. today, the authors of the new book, titled, this will not pass, released audiotape of kevin mccarthy, in a meeting with, house republican leadership, discussing the possible impeachment of donald trump, and, the possibility of removing him from office, using the 25th amendment. >> yeah, but what the president did is atrocious, and totally wrong. from the standpoint, we're 12 days away. i mean, the one point to make with biden, if you have an impeachment, and you're stuck
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sitting in the senate, and he and his cabinet members, he's got secretary of defense, he's got a lot of things he's got to have a new side. and, if you look at it from the perspective you put everything else away, this country is very divided. i've never seen anything like this. the best way i can see, for everybody is to focus on the future, not the past. try to bring us together. i do think that the impeachment divides the nation further, and continue the fight even greater. that's why i want to reach out to biden, and the best is going to happen. i'll see about that. also with biden, sit him down, as chris moved transition to show that, and continue to keep those statements going. hopefully he calls me today and see if we can start that process. i think that it would be beneficial to his presidency, to. >> excuse me, sorry.
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i think you're not getting -- of getting them not to move on impeachment? >> i'm trying. i'm trying to do it, not from bases republicans, just the basis of, hey, it's not healthy for the nation. you know? that's a conversation i want to have with biden. i mean, i used to work with biden when he was vp up at the house there. i think he would do that. i think you would get on that. >> you know, i think the options that are inside of the democrat so far the 25th amendment, which is not exactly an elegance allusion here. >> that takes too long, to, it needs to go back to the house, right? >> yeah, correct. if the president were to submit a letter overruling the cabinet, and the vice president, two thirds vote in the house and senate over the role of president. so, it's kind of an arm for. obviously, impeachment has been discussed, and then, i mean, i think they want him to resign, which i don't see happening either. but, members are talking about it, and we'll keep you posted
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on what we're hearing. >> the president they are talking about got to a 0.3 supreme court justices, after coming in second with the voters, and after mitch mcconnell defied the constitution, and refused to bring president biden supreme court nominee to vote in the senate, so that donald trump could choose one of the names on mitch mcconnell's list to fill the seat, on the supreme court. that, the constitution said, should have been filled by president obama. such is the constitutional treachery of the republican rule in, the 21st century, which is well on its way to being deeply rooted in this country's history. leading up tonight, democratic congress person, madeleine mckean, she's an impeachment
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manager from the second impeachment trial of donald trump. i know, as days goes by, where this opinion could take on a more vivid shape in our mind. their reaction to it as of tonight. >> thank you for having me. i feel very similar to you. as the hours go by, and the more i contemplate where it will take this country, my outrage, my horror, grows. this is a daughter in law, and a granddaughter in law, just pop back home from a very short vacation. for me, a woman of our age, who enjoyed the rights of privacy, and from their own health care persons. i look into the eyes of my daughter-in-law, and i have outrage, and horror, but she has sadness, outrage, and horror. she can't believe what this country might do to her, to her
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choices, around her family decisions, and around, of course, my granddaughters decisions. i have three granddaughters. so, i am horrified, is where i am. >> obviously, the two areas that control who sits on the supreme court, are the presidency, the united states senate. we have senate races, coming up this year, and it seems, more than ever, is seeing that the importance of one of the people who votes to confirm supreme court justices has never been a clearer campaign issue. >> absolutely. i'm thinking of two races. the race in pennsylvania, the senator toomey seat that is up, we have three very qualified democrats, running in the primary, that comes up on may 17th. they will uphold a woman's right to provide for her own decisions to her own health care, in the privacy of the
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doctor's office, and the privacy of our own home. and we, of course, have the other side as well. i also think of the ohio race, and tim ryan, my own colleague, who just won the democratic primary, we need to make sure, tim ryan, and whoever our democratic nominee is, becomes u.s. senators to ensure that a woman's right is protected. it sticks out to me, and in opening remarks. justice alito writes, roe was agree justly wrong from the start in this draft opinion. interesting, to me, and i bet even more interesting to you, agree justly wrong from the start? that is how mr. justice, now justice, alito, put himself forward agree just the wrong, when he testified before the senate, and the american people, about what he would do about roe. he has led the u.s. senate, he
7:19 pm
misled the american people, and now he's a sitting justice, who could rip away the protections, that women enjoy, in this country. the privacy, to make our own private health care decisions. the fact that toledo, in his confirmation hearing, did not say that it was egregiously wrong from the start. when you say agree just the wrong from the start, he was there at the start. we've been studying this from the start. it is going to do that now. does it feel, to you, it is especially alito, who now says, it was egregiously wrong from the start, and it was said in the confirmation hearing, well, it is president, it is supreme court precedent, and what does that say about him? >> i'm a lawyer, but i think i'm not qualified to say whether or not as perjury. it is, clearly, misleading.
7:20 pm
of course, it is not just justice alito. take a look at amy coney barrett. take a look at kavanaugh. take a look at others, who it looks like, will sign on to this opinion. i remember, i was a very young lawyer, lawrence, when robert wharf was nominated. i remember how galvanized we were against robert. i know last night, you play some of the tapes, and he was honest. and what he believed. how he felt about abortion. and, as you pointed out, didn't these next nominees no is what they really thought. so, is a perjury? i leave that for the experts. do they, extraordinarily, egregiously, mislead the senate, and the united states citizenry? you bet. >> madeleine dean, thank you so much for starting off our discussion tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, they say the supreme court has already lost its legitimacy, and goodwin joins
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horrified that a first draft opinion of the supreme court leaked while the opinion was still a work in progress. it was actually in my hands. walking down to this studio. i couldn't quite believe it. by the end of the first day of studying the opinion. i began to think that all first
7:26 pm
draft of supreme court opinions should be made public. just as they are in legislation. imagine if we never got to know what was in any pending legislation in congress. until the president signed it into law. that's what the supreme court wants us to do. the supreme court wants us to know absolutely nothing. about what they are thinking and how they are arriving at writing and rewriting the law of the land in doing their work. under what jack calls in a brilliant column in politico, the magic fairy dust that envelops the court. the chief justice has ordered an investigation of the league. our next guest points out that there is no one working in the marshals office at the supreme court. who knows how to investigate a leak. that's not what they do their. they also write that the
7:27 pm
current majority of the supreme court is quote a majority that ought to know it's stole its way into a majority. but again, refuses to even feign self moderation in face of that fact. joining our discussion, political senior editor and legal correspondent, an msnbc analyst. also with us, michelle, chancellor professor of law at the university of california. and let me begin with you. and -- i always learn something, whenever i read what you have to say about anything [laughs] now i have discovered, that yeah, the supreme court has a marshals office. but they're kind of glorified. and they just kind of keep an eye on protesters outside. and have absolutely no idea how to investigate this leak. >> that's right lawrence they do a very very good job at being marshals of the court.
7:28 pm
but then the chief justice tasked them with tracking down the leaker. for those of us who think about what's the marshals do. this is so vastly outside the scope of their investigatory powers. that it feels a little tiny bit like a month ago. when we learned that ginni thomas, clarence thomas's wife was texting with mark meadows. about setting aside the election results from the 2020 election. the marshals office could be tasked with investigating that. they weren't, but they might have done just about as well on that and this. and it kind of goes to your larger point, which is the court is a land where rules and norms, and ethics, and scrutiny go to die. and we have allowed that. we have exceeded to that for a long long time. and we are still living under that right now. >> professor goodwin, you know
7:29 pm
-- a week ago, actually monday, during the day. if you had asked me, at any point, should the supreme court deliberations be secret? i would've said of course, yes. i would have said that a catholic schoolboy answers questions to the nuns about the cataclysm [laughs] it's just something i grew up with, my father was a cop who went to law school, and became a lawyer. and revered the supreme court, taught me to revere the supreme court. i reviewed all of its practices, never questioning them. now sitting here with this draft opinion. i feel like i am sitting here with a draft of legislation, kind of like what's a committee votes on. before it goes to the senate floor. and people get to see that, and they get to see how it changes as it moves along. and they understand that process. and now i'm kind of thinking, yeah let's bring cameras into the supreme court chamber. while we're having arguments. but i would also like to be let in on all of the deliberations. >> well, you know, it's not
7:30 pm
just an appearance like a catholic schoolboy. it's also like a law school student. i would say that there are important reasons for justices to be able to deliberate in private. and there are reasons and which we would not want to chill the speech of justices. and for both those that would be in the majority and the dissent, to fine-tune their argument. that said, i agree with dahlia, which is that what we have seen is an un-mooring of ethics, within the united states supreme court. and the justices themselves, not having to follow the rules that other lawyers would have to. in terms of ethics, and even lower court judges. and this is quite disturbing. and it's disturbing and relation to justice thomas, in relationship to his wife and her involvement with the january 6th. and that ongoing investigation. and it raises significant questions even now about ethics in the court.
7:31 pm
>> dahlia, now that the opinion is open sourced. people like me can check, that justice alito is quoting a guy who in england, in 16 44 thought abortion was murder. but he also thought witches should be murdered by the state. and that becomes kind of the questionable citation, once you open it up to everyone to take a look at. and so i am expecting that more than a few phrases maybe changed in this opinion. when it takes final form. >> i mean i think what you just asked lawrence goes to why was this leaked? in some sense it was leaked because it is such an extreme maximalist opinion. that we almost shudder to look at it now. because it's the contempt for justice -- who authored roe v. wade. the contempt for justice
7:32 pm
kennedy and o'connor. who wrote the plurality of opinion and casey. i mean this is dripping with contempt for justices who sat on the court for republican appointees. who time and time again, given the chance to knock down roe said no. we have a higher obligation. so i think you're right, there are a lot of citations and this to a lot of questionable sources. but in some sense, what really hurts, is watching, if this is how the sausage is made. if this was the first bag, the first crack at it just taking a big big swing at roe and casey. this is ugly, this is really really ugly. and frankly, i wish i had never seen it. because i don't want to believe that justice is talk like alex jones, and they talk like --. >> professor goodwin, apparently beneath justice alito's contempt, somewhere beneath it. because he can't even see them,
7:33 pm
and doesn't appear to know that they exist. are the 12 year old girls, in these states, where abortion is going to be illegal very soon. who are raped, and become pregnant, raped by a family member, the come pregnant. at age 12, and justice alito is saying they should be forced, as children, to have children. and it doesn't seem to be something that he is even slightly concerned about. >> well justice alito doesn't even recognize them. they are rendered invisible in this draft opinion. and yet there is such a significant feature in the very modern contemporary anti abortion law, such as the mississippi law. which is the foundation for this draft opinion. you search through the opinion, and the justices leave out any kind of engagement whatsoever on the fact that mississippi, texas, and these other states
7:34 pm
provide no exception for women who have been raped. for girls who have suffered through incest. and to your point, dahlia, and also yours lawrence, is that the sources that justice alito sites are individuals who believed in the laws of coverture. that women should be the property of their husbands, including the sexual property of their husbands. it was based on this that we had marital rape as being not actionable in the united states. such that men could be exempted from criminal punishment, for the rape of their wives. and exempted from civil punishment for the rape of their daughters. and these are the people who are incited, and signal to in this opinion. >> professor goodwin, and dahlia, thank you both very much for joining our discussion tonight. >> thank. you >> thank you. >> coming up, texas is the biggest state that has a trigger law ready to ban all abortions. as soon as the supreme court
7:35 pm
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. when the supreme court does officially reverse roe v. wade, probably at the end of june, texas is one of 13 states with a trigger laws designed to impose an immediate ban on all abortions in the state. the republic governor of texas, craig, avid wants to force 12-year-old girls who are raped
7:40 pm
to give birth to children while they are still children. here is what texas democratic and for governor beto o'rourke said yesterday. >> unlike rid of it, we're not going to wage a war on the women of the state of texas. and try to tell them what they can or cannot do with their bodies or their health care or they're -- [applause] as governor, i'm going to make sure that everyone makes your decision going forward each and every single time. >> joining us now, beto o'rourke for the -- he is now running for governor of texas. you said yesterday, that you can't let this happen. what can you do as governor, given that these laws are already in place? in texas? >> texas is a place where so much of this started. as you know. this laboratory for extremism
7:41 pm
when it comes to voter suppression, when it comes to things like permit-less carry. and now ending the right to privacy, the right to abortion, starting from conception. but texas is off the place where we can overcome this fight it and defeated. we've got to win this race for governor. that's essential. and then we have to use this power to return power back to the people of texas. importantly, the women in the girls, as you pointed, out who are under attack right now. the governor of the state of texas has extraordinary power. we seen a used for evil purposes by the current governor, greg abbott. we could use it for good. and i know that there is actually bipartisan support on the part of voters across the state of texas, only 30% agree with this abortion ban that our current governor signed into law. the majority of us democrats, independents, republicans want something better. that pressure a public sentiment here in texas on this
7:42 pm
legislator's democrat -- with a democratic governor who's going to restore the right to choose and for every woman to make our own decisions about her own body, her own health care, her own future. that's the way forward. but we've got to win. this is about power, lawrence, is not about life on the part of greg abbott. it's about power and control over women. and on our part, it's about winning political power and return that power back to the people of texas. that's why it's so important that we win this race. we're so grateful for the people who are joining us in fact, we're asking texans of good conscious to meet us in houston this saturday. at 11 am to discover green to rally for this right. and then to commit ourselves to doing the work necessary to win this election. >> as soon as the supreme court officially releases its opinion on this, texas immediately goes back 50 years, abortion completely illegal in the state of texas. that's going to leave some 13-year-old girls, some teenage
7:43 pm
girls who are reinfected or otherwise and trouble with a pregnancy. not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go. if those girls are going to get abortion services, someone's going to have to get them out of the state of texas. is anyone working on that? >> there are a lot of people who are working on this right now in texas. especially for those who otherwise would not have the resources to be able to make their own decisions. and to address the circumstances they might find themselves in. especially in these most agree just and violent cases. where women and girls have been raped. and some cases by members of their own family. to be clear, there is no exception in this texas trigger law for incest or for rape, no exception whatsoever. but one thing i want everyone to remember is that not only can we overcome this, not only is it possible, we've done this before in the state of texas against tougher odds.
7:44 pm
jane roe, of rover wade, was a texan. so was sara weddington and linda coffee who successfully argued her case before the supreme court and render that decision in 1973. all of that came from texas. following a period where it was illegal and criminalized here in this very state. so we know that power is within us right now. we're going to do what it takes because no cavalry's right to the rescue here in the state of texas. this one's on us. but a majority of us want to do the right thing. and you'll see that majority show up to november. but to make sure we're going to knock on their doors are asking people to sign up, to volunteer, to get after it. that's the only way we overcome it, by winning political power and incredibly important races like this one. here in texas. >> democratic nominee for governor of texas, beto o'rourke, thank you very much for joining our discussion tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming, up the pundits once again are wrong. the big winner in ohio last
7:45 pm
night was not donald trump's candidate who was rejected by two thirds of republican voters. the big winner in ohio last night was the biggest vote getter. congressman tim ryan who won the democratic primary for senate with 70% of the vote. tim ryan shows us next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill
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7:50 pm
trump effect are mostly wrong about what happened in ohio last night. the senate candidate who got the most votes in ohio last night is the one who the pundits are completely ignoring. democrat tim ryan won 70% of the vote in the democratic primary for senate. donald trump's endorsed candidate for senate in the republican primary, was able to get only 32%. that means, that more than two thirds of the republican voters in ohio yesterday voted against donald trump's choice for the united states senate. in his first day as ohio's democratic nominee for senate, congressman tim ryan released a new ad about something that his opponent jd vance is calling: an amazing victory. the loss of a constitutional right. >> i brought you all here for a big announcement. and i guess that it's time that i actually get on to making the announcement part.
7:51 pm
>> j.d. vance wants to eliminate abortion. no exceptions for rape or incest. vance says rape is inconvenient. now he's calling the supreme court opinion: and basing victory. >> and that's why i'm running to be your next u.s. senator for the state of ohio. >> joining us now, congressman tim ryan, democratic nominee for the united states senate in ohio. thank you very much for joining us tonight, congratulations on the big win last night. how does it feel to be ignored by the national media? because the word trump is associated with the other guy? >> [laughs] we got them right where we want them lawrence. we are excited about the race, it has a lot of momentum. and i think you're right, you made the point that jd vance got one third of the vote. and [inaudible] got a third of the vote. and he was anti trump.
7:52 pm
and he was saying that the election was legit and those voters are going to come and vote for me. we are excited about the prospects. >> so what does the -- what does it mean for ohio? if ohio puts another republican senator in the senate. voting to confirm these justices who want to remove constitutional rights, are we as we are seeing happening now. >> if you take this particular issue of abortion, and repealing, and getting rid of roe v. wade. ohio has some of the most extreme abortion laws in the entire country. so all of those examples that you gave to me. this is an issue of freedom. a basic fundamental value, that we cherish here in the united states. the economic freedom, freedom of course, to make sure that people have money in their politics, and time off, and time for vacation, and time for family. and really to pursue happiness. but also a freedom for a woman
7:53 pm
to make these decisions on her own. that in of itself is something that's very very important. then to have potentially a senator, who would say this is just inconvenient, if you were raped, or if this was incest. if it was inconvenient, i think there are a lot of people who are very very concerned in ohio. of how this plays out for working class women, working class women who want to plant the size of their family. working class women who want to determine when they get pregnant, or deal with complexities of pregnancies themselves, with their doctor. it's very very concerning. >> i know that the best critics of the senate or members of the house. because you get to watch the senate make their mistakes across the campus. you have watched these senate confirmation hearings for the supreme court. and you watch what we now know to be nominees, simply not telling the truth to the committee about what they actually think. and in this case, these nominees, not telling the truth to the committee about what they actually think about a constitutional right. that they are now revoking.
7:54 pm
what can you do about that in the senate confirmation process? >> it's a level of cynicism that we have rarely seen. lying, knowing, and understanding that at some point when you get the opportunity to overturn roe v. wade. you're not fulfilling your duty. and i think this is a long line of ted cruz, and josh hawley, and what we saw on january 6th. this is all just a big game today -- to them. this is why these races are so important lawrence, we have to win these seats. these people are trying to undermine democracy. you know j.d. vance for example. this guy says that america is the joke. well who is the joke on? is it on us? is it on the working class people? who runs for senate and says america is a joke. a country that's been very very good to him. that's going to get him in office, and try to use power. these guys are takers, these guys want power. and then they want to punish
7:55 pm
people, they want to punish businesses that don't agree with their culture wars. they want to punish women who have been forbid they think for themselves or make these decisions on their own. so there's a lot of people very very concerned. the key will be to get good people in office. and if people are concerned, about what jd vance may do. please go to -- to help us out. with this campaign, and also be a part of stopping this very dark movement that's happening in the united states today. >> congressman tim ryan thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you lawrence. >> tonight's last word is next. ht's last word is next customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:00 pm
responsibility, quell the brewing unrest. but ensure president elect biden is able to successfully begin his term. >> kevin mccarthy once again gets tonight's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. tephanie ruhle starts now>> tonight, a potential reversal on roe, reshaping the midterms. the president raises the alarm on what could happen next. will that be enough to get voters to the polls? plus, more hypocrisy caught on tape. the newly released recording of kevin mccarthy's harsh words for the former president. and wondering whether to remove him from office. in ukraine, fierce fighting outside that steel plant in mariupol. while some civilians still remain trapped. those who escaped share their powering stories. as the 11th hour gets underway on this wednesday night. good