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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  May 5, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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while she's abundantly qualified she's making history -- she'll be the first black woman and gay person to hold the position of white house press secretary. president biden said karine will bring experience, tall intent, integrity to her new role. you've all seen her on our show over the years. she's all been clear eyed and honest in all our conversations, and we know that's what she brings to the job at white house press secretary. we look forward to watching that transition to white house podium. thank you to all of you for letting us into your home on this thursday. we are so grateful. "the beat "can ari melber starts now. >> i don't know if that's a formal vote of confidence, but it comes with experience onnure part. >> i meant to say this and i was excite about karine. so karine, when she was sharing her insights here had that remarkable sort of instinctive
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event where she jumped in front after a protester, and now vice president kamala harris. so she has the instinct to protect if you're anyone's spokesperson. but i wanted to tell you, you did some remarkable shows in front of the supreme court. it's a floor down. i raced down the staircase to not miss the top of them. >> thank you, nicole. you see the spontaneity of that. it's not a plannede, a press release. we can get into the pyrotechnics of the leak, but we saw people gathering there, dealing with what is our self-governance. >> take care, my friend, have a good show. >> appreciate it. welcome to "the beat." i'm ari melber. we have michael steel here. i'm going to tell you why. we're getting into how these new proirms this we can are advancing what look like a takeover of the gop by conspiracy theorists, and january 6th rally attendees. >> i decided to raise as much money as i could within the three-day period to take as many
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people to d.c. as i could. i'm the only candidate in the race that has president has admiration for. >> i think the election was stolen, personally. >> i'm willing to do whatever it takes to return this country back to its former glory. and if i got to kick down doors, that's just what patriots do. >> you can decide for yourself who's a patriot, but you're not looking at a random activist. you're listening to a nominee for the republican party. an admitted january 6th rally attendee who just won the primary to be the republican nominee for a key house seat in ohio. he's also expressed simplethy and support for the radical qanon conspiracy theory which features belief systems there's a satan worshipping illuinati.
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j.r. matchski. he's been seen wearing a shirt that brandished a qanon symbol. he's been on fox news, deliberately sporting a qanon shirt. seen here. this is near a giant sign near his yard. at least 36 qanon supporters are running for congress right now. he has noted he denies supporting qanon. there may be political reasons. we showed you the t shirts and now we'll show you the receipts. >> we're going to have candid conversation about the drops that came in earlier. >> it's very mind opening and it broadened my horizons substantially, just getting involved in the movement, getting involved with what even's doing and just seeing, you know, how deep it goes.
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it's breathtaking, to be honest with you. >> the internet is a record, so we have that record. now this individual faces off with a democrat, the longest serving woman, actually, in the history of the house, and it was a district that was once more democratic. experts see it as a toss up, partly due to gerrymandering, which to be clear, both parties have done gerrymandering, but this is a particularly strong republican version that make it a close competition based on just the voter registration. he was at the top the steal rally. i should note that you see him here, big supporter of donald trump. he has said publicly he did not enter or breach the capitol. he has however raised money to bring trump supporter to the capitol. he has endorsed aspect of qanon, and he is the new face in ohio of the republican party, which brings us to someone who used to run the rnc, who supported joe biden the last election,
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michael steel. welcome back. i have to remind people, that's not just an activist or something. that's the nominee. >> yeah, no, it is where the party is right now. and there are a whole bunch of those who were endorsed by trump in ohio alone, let alone what we're going to see roll out over the course of the spring and summer into august in these primaries. which is why mitch mcconnell and a number of leaders in washington are very worried about what was once a really well paved yellow brick road to winning in november. now pockmarked by candidates like this and certainly now the supreme court narrative, which will transform the playing field even further, because folks need to keep in mind, what republicans have also looking over their shoulders is not just abortion but affirmative action
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rulings by the supreme court along with a few others. so in term of having that space carved out to run right through november, candidates like the one you just showed are really problematic. and trump, meanwhile, keeps endorsing more of them. so, the party will find itself running -- unless it's a heavily gerrymandered district, that will almost certainly guarantee the win, those seats now that they need for pickups become more problematic when you're running up against a qanon candidate and the party has to figure out, do you lean into that or run away from it? >> yeah, it's interesting because i've seen it said by some on the right that it's opponents of the gop that are obsessed with january 6th, not the party. and yet the fact that january 6th is becoming a kind of litmus test for -- how much you embrace the big lie, the big
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lie resolves around what happened that day. the alternate or lying version of events, and that is against what, at least at the time, mcconnell and mccarthy saw. you could say they were naive, hypocrites for changing, but it's notable that after everything we went through in the trump era, on the night of the 6th, they looked out at the criminal insurrectionists and saw a problem, not a voting bloc. take a look. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. >> there's no question, none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. >> michael? >> yeah, so you're absolutely right. they saw a problem and not a voting bloc, but then, subsequent leaders weeks later,
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they've tried to leverage that problem into a voting bloc. they tried to leverage that problem -- that voting bloc away from the problem. so in other words, you're looking and you're seeing this reality. oh, my god, look what this man has done. and you heard the cry to stop and it condemn it, but then the politics kicks in. and it becomes, all right, there's not much more we can do about that. how do we save the win? and the way you save the win is recognize you can't afford to have any of that trump base peel off in close races, right, and you can't have any of that trump base turn against encumbents in cases where you need them and only they alone can hold those seats. >> they alone, yeah. >> a party corrupted by the politics makes those kind of calculations in the face of a
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insurrection and leads us to where we see mcconnell quietly, sheepishly ignoring certain things, and mccarthy just outright back flipping in the opposite direction. >> yeah. michael, stay with me. i want to go wide now. that's one district in ohio. but statewide, huh j.d. vance surge at the end to win. he was a, quote, never trumper, which begs the meaning of the word never, ultimately turning into a trump sycophant, getting the president's endorsement. he still faces a big general election, including a super pac that supports vance, discussing the problems he had, including reporters discovering that the documents warning vance poxed himself as a critic of big tech, but his career has been financed by them, including bezos an
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schmidt. i'm show you something from the super pac for vance. came back to a place that helped him before the race, tucker carlson, and this was their exchange. >> the rap against you was that you were a fraud. you know, j.d. vance was skeptical of trump. now he's all in on trump's agenda. my impression was they hated you because they could sense you were insear, they could smell the sincerity on you. >> i think that's right. what it revealed was you had corrupt political consultants in the republican party that despiced their own voters. my candidacy revealed corruption in our own party, and that's one of the things we have to fight against but we also have to fight against the corruption in our own party. >> honesty is the essence i think of what people want. >> "the washington post's" libby casey joins us.
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libby, was that the problem, he was hated because of his deep sincerity? >> that tucker carlson clip is so important to show. we talk about how j.d. vance had trump support, but also had the support of tucker carlson. that goes a long way. it beams you into the living room or donald trump. he had something else -- money from peter thiel, who set up this super pac that threw a ton of money into this race, we're talking $15 million. and that wrapped up -- that trio wrapped up together is such a loud megaphone. so we can't just look at the trump support in isolation. the reporting by politico you talked about, the pac can't touch the campaign. they have to be separate. but they were putting all this information online, according to politico, on a website where you couldn't know to look for it, you wouldn't know to google it, but if you knew to search for it, you could access it.
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that's where politico reports this oppo research was located. that didn't help his opponents in the primary, but are there some nuggets in there that could ultimately help tim ryan? you know, it's a question mark. it hit on things like his residency. he lives in a nice expensive home. also has a home in d.c. talks about his connections to big tech. these might be some things that tim ryan's approach of trying to talk about working class values, talk about the labor movement, they might be some ways that he could hit j.d. vance. you know, another one i want to mention, his connections to china. something vance railed about. but his law firm worked on pharma issues and chinese corporations. pharma's big, because as with you know, j.d. vance talked about the opioid and drug problem that's affected so many americans. we'll see how far the nuggets of opposition research go.
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i'm sure there are some things that anyone against him one aware of, but it's interesting to trace back the path of where it originated. >> michael, libby raised the points of what voters have to decide. do they think they have someone who has a belief system of some kind and will govern based on that, and representation, what democracy is supposed to be, or do they have someone who's so hungry for power that they will publicly abide by their own defenestration by the man at mar-a-lago because all they want is power? we saw in two smart people -- i would say mr. vance and carlson are intelligent from afar. but we saw two people struggle to explain in any coherent way where mr. vance completely reversed himself other than this need to be more powerful than even a billionaire's friend already is. >> yeah, all of those are
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incredibly important points for voters to assess in this race. there's no doubt about it. i mean, the question is, is, you know, the price of gas more valuable than democracy? is the rate of inflation more valuable than democracy? is having someone who's a sycophantic, you know, lover of a wannabe strongman more valuable than democracy? and so voters have to make some very clear-eyed choices this november about the direction the country's going. we're just at the tip of this particular spear, and libby puts her finger on a number of elements that are important for folks to begin to understand and digest and the kind of people they're sending to washington, to their state capitals to represent them. so, do we believe the j.d. vance
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of 2016, or do we believe the j.d. vance of 2022? what's changed? oh, you now want a job that has power associated with it, and the only way you think you can get it is to recant your statements. well, that says to me as a voter, you have no value to me because you don't value truth, you don't value integrity and honesty enough to stand firm against this wave of lies that are coming from the trump world. so that's the balance here, and, you know, you and i know, ari, it's in a form of imbalance right now, and it's going to take the people to correct that. but it's on their shoulders, because they get to pull the lever in the voting booth. >> yeah, that's what you see with the nominees out of ohio and other places. this is what the republican party is offering up. it's not your recent uncle's party. it's not a highly obstructionist in mcconnell.
3:16 pm
it's this, what we're showing people. governor dean who ran the other party said something similar on the program last night, which is it is up to the voters i have to fit in a break. coming up, we have a fact check on republicans and this ongoing debate about student debt. later, the teacher who says she was fired because of that florida anti-speech "don't say gay" law. and we're going break down why republicans real are not leaning into the story that nicole and i were just discussing -- a draft opinion to overturn roe vs. wade. a 30-plus-year march by the right that now they don't want the talk about, and the reporter who broke that story for politico is my special guest tonight. stay with us. stay with us hold and seal. clinically proven to give strongest hold, plus seals out 5x more food particles. fear no food. new poligrip power hold and seal.
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there are a lot of different issues in america right now, but the economy, the inflation, and the student debt crisis continues to affect so many households, which is the context for mitch mcconnell's attack on ideas or proposals to help people deal with student debt. the president, for example, has a machine that might forgive some borrowers, who basically earn less than $125,000 a year. mcconnell says this is an elite bailout. >> instead of trying to help middle class families democrats are cooking up massive bailouts for ivy league graduates. you could hardly dream up something more unfair. >> that sounds, well, to some people unfair if you think it's only for the ivy league, a tiny minority of people who are in student debt went to ivy league colleges. but if you think that's and you
3:22 pm
think they can use their ivy league degree to get -- what do the facts say? let's look for example in mcconnell's home state of kentucky. over 600,000 people there have some outstanding student loan bills. total it up, it's almost $20 billion. the average income there is about $50,000. now translate that into what the debt load is, about $33,000. and most of those people were not at ivy league schools. a new study shows it would address structural inequities that affect low income voters and community of color, also in mcconnell's home state. across the country, black graduates have 25% more student debt than white graduates. so, there are many cross cutting issues here.
3:23 pm
most importantly, the ivy leagues are just not a big part of those numbers. i'm joined by maya wiley, president and ceo of the -- on civil rights. those civil rights strongly rerate to issues in america. i'm curious as to your views here and what you think of the ivy league reference, is that a canard or not? >> definitely is and you shared the most important fact to demonstrate that is literally .03% of the people we're talking about went to ivy league schools. you know, what's so interesting to me about this is it actually ignores how vast a problem this is, particularly for over people who are 50. 80% of the growth in student loan rates were for people over 50 and for black people, as you have said. and a lot of that is for a
3:24 pm
variety of reasons. but if we just take -- let's just take a black woman, right? why is this such a problem for the black community? for one point, black women make 58 cents on the dollar compared to a white man. that translates into five semesters of tuition. so so many black people have the take out loans because they're already low-income, they're working hard, they can't actually get through school without taking out debt, and that includes community college as well as four-year institutions. and after the great recession, many, many were going to for-profit institutions that were charging them ridiculous amounts of money that they couldn't repay. so unless we're starting to recognize that this is, one, a problem for all of us right, but thatware also seeing that for some of national weather service communities, zip codes where the majority are black people, or for people over 50 -- we should
3:25 pm
care about everyone who's over 50 who is, saying strugging to repay debt because they went back to school, tried to make lives better, improved their economic opportunities. this is what education represented in this country. it still does. we have a massive problem, and it's called student loan debt, and we can fix it. >> you know who else is over 50, maya? >> i'm-a tell you. laura ingram's mother. well, you maybe. i wouldn't bring up her mother normally, but she brought her up in the debate. shout-out to her, respectfully saying hello. she says, quote, my mom work as a waitress until he was 73 to pay for our college. loan forgiveness is another insult to those who play by the rules. this is valid policy debate, and i quote that because one can understand how ms. ingram and
3:26 pm
her mother might feel, because there is this idea of you take out a loan, you pay it back. how important is it for this debate to also include the facts that companies and other entities can take out bankruptcy for those loans and often do -- the former president benefitted from the bankruptcy laws and told everyone, that's a gad thing if you need it. yet under current law, you don't have that option, so you're saddled with this forever. not to mention someone of ms. ingram's age would have a much lighter load than what young people are facing today. >> you're absolutely right, ari. either we start to pay attention to how to give people relief from unfair debt or what we're really doing is lining the pockets of corporations. i just want to unpack this notion that people are somehow undeserving and just scamming taxpayers. because that's simply untrue. so let's just take one example.
3:27 pm
larry hennings. this is a quite man, minnesota, decides to go back to school. wants to go to law school. his wife gets cancer. he drops out. well, he has a $60,000 debt. he pays back $53,000 of it, but he still owes $117,000. so tell me how that's about scamming taxpayers? that's about people becoming and falling victim to just unfair practices. >> yeah. maya wiley, good to see you as always. thank you for joining us. let me tell folks what's coming up. because we were down at the supreme court as nicole and i were discussing. we have been reporting on the leaked opinion to overturn roe vs. wade. but the last two days we have not discussed the leak itself that much. but we turn to that with the reporter who broke the story and why the right seems to be more concerned about the leak than the ruling. stay with us. system
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the right wing of the republican party has spent the last 49 years, literally, trying to get roe vs. wade overturned. now we have this draft opinion that does just that, and could do it with the force of law within weeks, so why aren't republicans talking about that, saying that if the draft come down as written, they win? that they delivered something they told voters they were going to do? it's all been out in the open. we have been hearing something very different. i mentioned earlier in the program for the there's two days we have been focused on the substance of this. if you saw any of our coverage we were down at the court.
3:33 pm
devoted time to that because that's what's important. that's what we try to give you first. the leak, is less significant, although it is a breach of supreme court rules and now sit becoming the obsession of the people who said this would be a good thing. and that's interesting. so let's start here. a majority of americans oppose what alito's draft could do. a majority oppose overturning roe. there's a fox news poll that says, depending on how you ask it, about 65% of people support roe vs. wade, a nearly 2-1 margin, and that's now, that's this year at a time when our politics are so polarized over everything, from politicians to basic facts about the insurrection. and yet that is not a 50/50 number. that is an overwhelming position. it by definition includes self-identified conservatives, republicans, and trump voters.
3:34 pm
so, republican politicians, they can read those same polls, and senate republicans are distributing their messaging on this. and it's not celebrating what they did. i mean, this is republican aes on the court, and everyone knows that. instead they recollect say expose the democrat for extreme views on the other side. they're not discussing the historic seismic ruling. they're not discussing how many different states under republican state laws only will immediately take whatever comes out of the court if it overturned roe and ban abortion. instead it's been pretty striking politically. again, this doesn't happen every year, every election cycle. this has been 49 year of roe on the books. this is the first official form of an indication from the court of overturning roe, and this is how most republicans have been sounding lately. >> whoever did this leak should be prosecuted and should go jail for a very long time. >> the supreme court found itself the victim of an
3:35 pm
unauthorized leak. >> you need -- it seems to me -- excuse the lecture, to concentrate on what the news is today, in the a leaked draft, but the fact that the draft is leaked. >> this did more damage than a bunch of elderly bunch voters taking selfies in the rotunda. >> the leak is a terrible thing. not used the that for the supreme court. it was shocking. >> make no mistake, sean, this was a insurrection against the supreme court. >> they're trying to stop justice from being administered at the highest levels in our country by intimidating the sitting justices. >> that is a lot of concern about the leak. fact check for ted cruz -- there is no law that makes this a crime. that means you can't put someone in jail for it, and you can't pass a new law to criminalize pass conduct. and ted cruz, the lawyer, former
3:36 pm
solicitor general for congress knows that. so he knows he's lying about the law. fbi can't even get really very involved if there's no understood lying crime to investigate. now, there is a big problem with the security, secrecy and propriety breach here at the supreme court. we can get to that. but it would seem odd to focus exclusively on that, or as mitch mcconnell said there, demand everyone else in the free and independent press focus on that and not the substance of what's coming down the pike. now, when the right has discussed that, you can see some clues and tell about where they want to go. >> the constitution is silent on this issue. that means it is up to the people to decide in the 50 states. >> usurpation of that power. >> horrifyingly he argued for
3:37 pm
post birth abortion. >> this is about abortion on demand. this is utter fan atticism and it's burned down the court. >> it's not an a salami sandwich, it's a viable baby in the womb. >> as you can see, when they do talk about -- either they're talking about murder and the "abortionist" language that justice alito uses, or pivoting to other things. it is a weird time to pivot to other things when you have spent half a century -- no exaggeration, no cap -- trying to get this thing but the people you saw there who deal with the public, like politicians or people who even think about public approval, they know they are on the wrong side of the majority of america, which includes many conservatives. there's a piece in slate that
3:38 pm
notes the worst thing that could happen for the gop would be for the public trust in the courts to collapse, now as it achieves crown but politically unpopular victories like this one. there is a larger problem here, and maybe that's why there's such a deflection of what's happening. justice alito states, far from bringing about a national settlement from the abortion issue, the original roe opinion and casey -- referring to a later writing upholding it, quote, enflamed debate and deepened division. now, that is what lawyers call an observation, not a legal ruling. that is just him talking about what he thinks was going on out there. and it is certainly true that after roe, abortion became a bigger issue in politics and as we've seen in the nomination process, but what alito implies in the draft ruling is he will undo and therefore redo what happened in 73, and that by
3:39 pm
doing this, he will reduce those stated divisions. well, "a," that's not part of his job, and "b," that's the very thing he se was wrong with the original roe precedent, and if he is going to try to play pollster, he's not good at it. when you kick something like that back to the public, that they now say was egregiously wrong from the start, you might enflame. there are people who looking at what alito wrote are saying that provides a found dag to ban contra interception or the morning after pill. there are conservative commentator saying maybe they can undo marriage equality. yeah, that's why people who have to face voters are talking about
3:40 pm
the leak. what is going on with the leak? the supreme court martial has been tasked to do something they've never done before, a leak investigation. how that's going to go is a question. when i'm back in just one minute, we'll be join fwid reporter with the scoop of a decade if not a half century, an a clerk who just breyer. i'll see you in one minute. when someone asked for my medicare number in a text, i knew it was a scam. nice catch. and, your mother knew it wasn't a real email. go, mom! - i don't share my medicare number with strangers. - if you get a call, text or email - strike! - asking for your medicare or personal information, - delete! - shut it down. - nope! learn more at this is the planning effect.
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3:42 pm
>> hillary clinton's new warning about that draft opinion, and we're joined as promised by yale law professor, amy cupcinski who clerked for justices o'connor and breyer. welcome to the program. >> thanks so much. >> when you see the obsession on the right with the leak itself, what if anything does that tell you? and now that we have had a few days, what do you see in this unprecedented leak, and how it may impact the court? >> i think you're exactly right that the republican session with the leak is about changing the subject away from this scary opinion that drop a bomb on precedent that's been around for decades and protects lots and lots of people. so i think they want to talk about the leak, and it's to detract attention from the
3:43 pm
supreme views of the five or sick-person majority that's really unpopular. part of what's going on is really that there's been like you said, a 40 or 50-year project to overturn roe and other things. it's not very popular, so they don't want to talk about that at a moment like this, but that's what there is in front of us. >> the draft, which has been confirmed by the supreme court, indicates that justice alito believed in february he had the five votes to overturn roe. based on what we know in public, do you think that is still the case tonight in? >> i think it's very hard to say what's going on in the court right now. this is an unusual situation. i think it's possible that there is jockeying going on and that part of what this leak is about is an attempt to lock those five votes down. you know, there's enormous stakes in exactly what that opinion says. if you look not just at the leak
3:44 pm
but what came out on the leak in "the wall street journal," it seems pretty clear somebody on the conservative side of the court was leaking things to "the wall street journal" to try to get the five votes they need for that opinion, so i think there's something still going on there. >> just to pause, there's plenty of leaking in washington, but you're saying the way you read the journal's purported knowledge of the process it would seem someone on the inside was concerned that, what, one of those five might go to roberts' opinion that would be narrower? >> yeah, something like that, or want to change the language. remember, the language about this opinion is as extreme as it gets. so there's to reason the way this opinion is written that any of the other decisions the support has come down with, that protect families and parents' rights to educate their children or lgbt rights or prevent forced sterilization or forced continue
3:45 pm
contraception, any of that. i think that's what's at stake here. >> you are a law professor at yale, number one school. you clerked about supreme court. a rarefied thing. we normally would have a hard time pairing you with one equal, professor. but i think you'll understand, the person who joins the panel is the person who upsended the support in the nation this week, josh gersstein, one of the two political reporters who broke the story. thanks for making time on a busy week, sir. >> thank you, ari. always happy to be with you. >> we'll dispense with the latest news, which i imagine you'll be the most concise on, but "the times" and others reporting on what will be a leak investigation of an unprecedented nature inside the supreme court, led by the marshall. have they contacted you? would you cooperate with that probe? >> well, as far as i know, no one has reached out to us.
3:46 pm
obviously we saw the same statement that you saw, ari, and that the rest of us saw tuesday morning. i was surprised to hear the court say anything about this opinion. i have been clear about that. i thought they were going say, there's nothing to see here and move on. i don't know. i can't tell you one way or another. certainly we've made certain pledges to the source or sources that were involved in helping us with the story, and i intend to keep those, and that's about all i can say on the subject. >> briefly on that, professor, is it fair to say that whoever leaked this, based on what we know, probably did not break a law? >> i don't think we know of a law that anybody would have broken, no. >> yeah. so dispensing with that, josh, this has been a couple of days. it's upended everything. you obviously are not speaking about your sources, we understand that. what do you see in the reaction
3:47 pm
to your report? one, as you mentioned, the chief justice made a choice -- he didn't have to -- to confirm the veracity of that draft. two, the political word has exploded. three, the right as we just showed moments ago has talk a lot of types more about the leak, which went to you and your colleague at politico, rather than the substance of the opinion. and finally as a legal analyst, which you are, what do you think of the fact that as of february the draft was not just upholding the most restrictive abortion ban but overturning everything? >> first of all, good point out my colleague alex board who reported the story along with me and was quite important to getting it put together. i would say, ari, that i was struck when i saw the language in the opinion that it is very, very sweeping and brash in its tone. and you know, if people haven't read it, there's a reason for
3:48 pm
it. some of it is the voice of sam alito, that i think you can hear quite clearly in there, so i'm glad chief roberts confirmed it's authentic, because it seemed that way us to. there's a reason it's so strident in tone, and that's buzz the task at hand, overturning roe vs. wade, a precedent that's almost a half century in the books, if you're going to do that under the frame work most justices do cases you have to build up a head of steam. you can't say, i notice this is off and that's off and chuck it in the waste bin. that's not the way the supreme court normally operates, and it certainly doesn't on high profile cases when people don't expect it to. so i think alito's rhetoric is amped up for a reason, and that's to ridicule the roe opinion in such a way that it becomes easier to knock the legs out from under it. that's the task that he seems to be embarked on.
3:49 pm
it's also another reason why it's very hard to see chief justice john roberts joining this if it looks anything like it does right now. there's just language in there about -- >> so, josh -- >> yeah. >> if the right is winning why aren't they acting like it? >> i think that's a disconnect between priority policy and. th it's a two-tiered messaging strategy where they believe the republican base is getting the message that we're on the verge of overturning roe vs. wade, which is something that's been a project of the conservative legal movement new for more than 40 year, but they recognize that there may be a praise to pay, let's say, in november. perhaps with moderate voters, especially moderate women, gop voters. they could have some problems. does it harken back to some bad feelings about extreme views under president trump? perhaps disrupt what they think
3:50 pm
is a victory coming this fall? if i haveh to guess they're looking at poll numbers and getting advice from the messaging strategists that your voters know you're doing the right thing. no need to make too much out of the supreme court roe vs. wade stuff. >> really interesting, from two wade stuff. >> my best to you. when we come back, an update out of florida. like the shot they take. the memories they create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur.
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3:55 pm
filed for not following a mandated curriculum. >> a discussion happened in class and because of that now i'm fired. a lot of the kids came up to me like oh, well, i'm non-binary, a couple said i'm bi, one kid said they're gay. >> how do you feel? >> really ashamed, i guess. disappointed because i feel like it's all my fault and i was just being myself. >> this is about equality and also free speech. desantis has florida taxpayers now suing him over some of this, including the clash with disney that also related to equality, and they say they are going to have to pay a billion dollar bond debt as a result. on top of all of that, a desantis law trying to hit social media companies and limit their free speech has been blocked in the courts as a violation of the first amendment. we'll be right back. e strongest,
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4:00 pm
you can reach me @arimelber. what do you think is most important about the draft opinion? we might take some of your ideas or questions and work them into future coverage. that does it for us. "the reid out" with joy read is up next. good evening, everyone. happy cinco de mayo. no, it is not mexico's independence day. it is the celebration of a defeat of napoleon iii's army. a fitting theme as ukraine holds out and as american women do battle against an english jury list from the 17th century. take a look at this guy. his name is sir matthew hail. he was quite simply dumpster fire of awful. he was against abortion. he had two women executed for practicing wish craft, an opinion that established a model for the salem wit


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