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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and what they look like. back on tuesday, for msnbc prime. don't forget, if you set to dvr msnbc prime, from tuesday, to friday. time now for the last word, and my friend, alicia menendez, filling in for lawrence tonight. if you are confused about time changes, you saw alicia, on tv, at 5 am this morning. so, don't be puzzled. it's the same day, and you are doing a second show, 15 hours, whatever it is? >> someone tweeted at me, who do you think you are velshi? i've it's or government to. >> you too, have a good one. >> a new poll, confirming, the extreme republican majority on the supreme court is way out of step with the nation. 66% of americans, supporting roe v. wade, and the constitutional right to have an abortion. red state republicans, pushing for more extreme anti choice legislation.
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in louisiana not, the republican legislature advanced a bill, classifying abortion as a murder. allowing prosecutors to criminally charged patients with murder. the bill would grant constitutional rights to a person, quote, from the moment to fertilization. raising alarms with the bill, if signed into law, could restrict access to in vitro fertilization, and emergency contraception. so, will there be a murderers row for those who take the morning after pill? it sounds crazy, i know, because it is. this is why thousands of people, thousands of women, have turned out, across the country, to protest having a constitutional right taken away. a new political series, imagining in america where abortion is legal. >> everything will be okay, let me do the talking. >> evening, ladies. license please.
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where are you headed? >> we are just out for a drive. >> headed to the border? >> oh no, we were just going up to the -- >> hay there! >> what's your name? >> grace. >> are you pregnant, grace? >> mom. >> step out of the vehicle. >> she does not have to subpoena the vehicle. >> yes she does. >> put your hands on the vehicle, step out. >> mom! -- >> sound impossible, or hysterical? some states, where abortion would immediately be outlawed, are considering loss to prosecute those who travel for abortions. in march, the house of representatives locked or republican sponsored bill, allowing individuals to suit any helping cross state lines, for an abortion. if roe v. wade would be overturned, legislations like this could gain more support. here's the thing. many pointed out, it is not
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just an abortion. they're opening the door for ending even more rights, for health care to international marriage or, marriage equality. an extreme, right wing politician, five extreme right-wing justices, on the court, have got their backs. who will they come for next? texas governor, greg abbott, it was in 1992 court decision, that ruled the public schools must educate that is including immigrant children. school children, throwing out of their classrooms, and with the majority of the american people want, but, it is possible, they don't need the lawmakers anymore, and the majority of the supreme court. they are achieving the very thing that they have hit it. making policy from the bench. leading off our discussion tonight, it is the dean, and the professor of law, at howard
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university at law. which could be next? >> thank you for having me on this evening. what we have seen, with the louisiana bill, that you just shot lighted, is how they go with the with it, once row, and casey, are overturned. what we see in the louisiana law, like louisiana, that have trigger laws, which would, basically, allow them to outlaw abortion, the minute that roe is overturned. that is what louisiana has, and sees them blowing past. it is what is seeing them out of the committee, to louisiana, and to criminalize abortion, and to move beyond providers to, actually, targeting women who are seeking health care, and charging them with murder. so, when we hear experts, and people who are raising the alarm around this draft opinion, it is not just histrionics.
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it is very important that everyone who is watching us tonight, finding that the broad language, within the draft opinion, really does put, on the table, everything from the right to interracial a merry, to prevent sterilization, all those protected by the right to policy, and that could all be up for discussion. >> let's walk us through it, what would the reversal of roe v. wade lead for other landmark supreme court decisions? >> so, for example, there are many rights that we think of, that are protected under the constitution. i think it is important to remind people, roe was affirmed in casey. casey is also an opinion that protects the right to privacy, and abortion. what they're saying, is it is not written in the text of the constitution, and must be deeply rooted in the american law, which is what the draft
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opinion says. it really takes a speck of justice alito, in the draft opinion, in the 18th, and 17th century. when you think about how many rights were not protected, for many people in this country, including women, people of color, or lgbtq community, all of those rights are now on the table for the rights that are protected, under the 14th amendment, that are deeply rooted in american history. as linda greenhouse, and others pointed out today, it also sweeps away, and a lot of progress that has been made on women's equality. i think what we saw, in that ad, is the specter of women that is being criminalized in the state. that is really what is on the table. >> i want to redo the street from congressman adam schiff. he says, i don't care how the draft leaked. that is a sideshow. would i do care about, is that a small number of conservative justices, who lied, about their
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plans to the senate, intend to deprive millions of women of reproductive care. codifying roe is not enough. we must expand the court. your thoughts? >> i think this is something that, really, must be thought about. we are asking, what do people want to mobilize around, to stop what we are seeing from this draft opinion? i agree, the league is not important, in the sense that what is critically important is protecting rights that have been protected for a long amount of time. row has been in place for half a century. these are settled rights, and to think that these are the only resident protected by the constitution, and ones that have been there before. most have recognized are deeply troubling. when they're talk about the price of federal legislation, federal legislation, honestly, would be a backstop, that would be a last resort, and it is not
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the same thing as a protection for constitutional rights. before they passed, we will see states like louisiana, when we saw there, and also, federal legislation can be overturned, as we have seen. but we will see, to pass legislation, would include, probably, ending the filibuster. that would mean, if we end the filibuster, to pass federal legislation's, to protect abortion rights, and in the next congress, absolutely, could pass another law that would take away those same rights. so, i think the constitutional protection of those rights is, incredibly important to, everyday citizens, women, and children, and everyone who cares about liberty, around this country. >> professor holly walker, thank you for joining us, as dark as it may be. joining us now, ana marie, the columnist for them, and is the msnbc analyst, joyce vance. you work with voter, as you
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mobilize voters, and what do you take away without a fight? >> i think we forget, it is a day after, alicia. they were sworn into office, and we had the women's march. it wasn't just the united states, it was global. it wasn't just blue states, it was red ruby states. they marched, and they decided, not only would they knock on doors, they would volunteer, they would donate, they would run for office. in 2018, i call it the dress rehearsal. all of a sudden, it is a diverse members of congress, in our history, because americans mobilized. we live in a multi cultural democracy, and what they're trying to do is they're trying to take away the majority of americans, and allow it to be relegated to have just a few individuals with it. they're going to the voting booth, and bullying trans
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children, take away immigrant rights. you name it, that is what they're trying to do. we're trying to do with the minority through, but will 2020 taught us, and we not only what they're serving the country. >> we're point where you made it right there. it comes at the era of trump, and there's no longer any question if, there ever was any fiction about republicans, which are all about those knots. >> republicans knew a lot better, it is with they're going to know with a party that is going around with the moderate wing. they are catering to who they are. i think it takes democrats a very long time and, hopefully, this is ripped everything away. maybe even susan collins knows they are lying to her. i don't know what would get her to that point.
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we know who we are dealing with now. i would also say, women have been saying this for a long time. women have been warning, this is been coming for a long time. and, i do believe in our ability to get out of the streets. but, i also think, we need to start planning. i live in texas, right now, and i love texas, i love tacos, but i also worry about my health. so, i'm going to start donating, but i can't, to abortion funds. anyone who wants to be in this fight, do it right now. do it now. women are going to die because of this, if it happens. although, i guess, we are all thinking it will. >> the joyce tweeted, it strikes me as an unfair structural imbalance in our constitutional system that democrats have to win enormous super majorities in the popular vote to be able to change federal laws, but republicans only need to file a lawsuit. your reaction to that, choice we? >> well, i think, ian is dead
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on the money. look, there are plenty of structural problems that we have identified over the last four years. they now appreciate, for instance, that the electoral college is a process that, makes it very difficult for democrats, even when they have a majority of the popular vote to take control. so, we have the structural issues we, need to deal with, and the reality is, the democrats never took the supreme court seriously as the republican party did. they're republicans decide to do a great job of convincing voters that it mattered, that taking control of the court mattered, and, that resulted in mitch mcconnell, who did what republicans would view as an excellent job of conserving court to resources, so that president obama was not able to get a final appointment to the court, and merrick garland was, essentially, shut out, while giving donald trump three votes. that is why we find ourselves, where we are.
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so, ultimately, the lesson that must be learned is that court politics are for keeps. presidential elections are about the future of the supreme court. and now, we find out, we are in a difficult situation, that it will be tough to get out of because of the structural issues. >> let's look back to this idea of extreme power. your read on texas republican governor, greg abbott, thinking he can use the supreme court to go after education for migrant kids? >> i encourage him for people who try to do that. i think, honestly, that politicized me, and it politicized our vice president, kamala harris, with so many others. we are living under place, in california, that when you see someone brown, they get racially profiled. imagine having a seven year old child, having get bullied out of the crash room, and they asked if they're an american citizen. how frightening is that? this opens whether not you just have a piece of paper, puck
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goes against the very fabric of our country. they are encouraging racial profiling, among the youngest among us. i can't imagine it going well for greg abbott. one of the reasons, and get this, this is the fun part, is in texas, are bases latino. 52% of the classrooms are latino. the more important part is that 92% of them are american born. so, the majority of young people, in 2018, is on the ballot. they're gonna be eligible for the virus, where they're not gonna sit well with them. >> a potent power voice, and that reconstituted california politics. we can see, very much, that realignment, and texas. we will ask you about this idea with extreme power and where do you see them trying to use it next? >> we it's true. this is now a slot machine for them. just bring that up to the
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supreme court, they know they can do with, they know that these justices are no longer constrained by what they used to tell people. so, i see we've already had attacks on trans kids, that will just continue, and immigrants are going to suffer. this is a way of making women's lives harder. so, basically, that it is going to pose any kind of threat to the white man or, the patriarchy, needs to be concerned. it is agreeing that people are going to mobilize and, agree with what greg abbott wants to do, which is unpopular, with the vast majority of people. we are thinking about what is going to happen. it's not going to happen fast enough, but, our ability to mobilize is gonna be outpaced by the ability, of the supreme court, and the republicans, to pass these trigger laws. so, really, i want people to think about what they're doing in their communities right now. who they can reach out to, kind of support they can offer each
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other. this is the time to come together. one of the best things about the trump era and, i feel like a news those words together in one sentence. let me finish the sentence. a lot of us did find support in like-minded people. there is a chance to do it again. >> thank you so much for joining me. joyce vance, i will see one just a little bit. coming up, democrats are fired up about reproductive rights. their ability to hold majorities in congress, likely, dependent on how voters feel about the economy. today, bringing more good jobs numbers, but, inflation, still high. we will talk to austin goldsby about that, next. talk to austin about that, next ♪♪ ♪♪
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something as appalling and such an assault on privacy, on precedent, on the constitution, on personal liberty, the rights of women and families in our country, that bring people focus into this is what your vote means in the election and how it affects the courts, and how it affects you. >> that was house speaker nancy pelosi on msnbc earlier today. we are now six months out from the midterm elections and the attack on reproductive rights is galvanizing democrats. the public's perception of the economy could soon be the most important factor in democrats keeping their majorities in the house and the senate and voters head to the polls in november. of course, reproductive choices
7:22 pm
an economic issue for many families. something republicans never acknowledged that democrats will surely remind them of. economic funds brought good news on jobs, labor department reported the u.s. at 428,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate remained 3.6%. economy has gained 95% of the million jobs lost, the height of per -- before president biden took office. despite the strong job numbers, inflation remains a concern for voters according to a new cnn vote. 40% of voters say the republicans views on the economy are closer to their own. that's closer to 33% for democrats. -- for president obama. he's currently a professor at economics at the university of chicago's school of business. it is good to see you. earlier this week, federal reserve chairman jerome powell said, quote, the economy is
7:23 pm
strong and is well positioned to handle tighter monetary policy, but i'll say i do expect that this will be very challenging. it is not going to be easy. austin, for those of us who thought we could skip at ten, what does that mean? what do you see as the state of the economy? >> while ... i'll tell you, alicia, it depends on which part of the economy are looking. at the job market is red hot. looks fabulous. the unemployment rate is already 3.6% and we still added more than 400,000 jobs in the month is almost jaw-dropping. that is a fabulous number. normally, when the unemployment rate is that low, it is hard to add that many jobs. at the same time, you've got inflation made worse by the war in ukraine and what is happening in commodities. made worse by covid. and then we shifted what we were spending away from
7:24 pm
services and on to physical goods and that loaded the supply chain and led to a bunch of problems. so, what's the fed is trying to do is navigate a little bridge. i guess it's kind of like if you got in the shower and you want to take a nice temperature shower. you've got burning hot water is coming from part of it, and then there's some cold water coming in. the fed is trying to balance those off and raise rates to cool some of it without sending us into recession. let's hope they can do it. i think if covid starts to fade, they have a better chance of being able to do it. but that is where we are. it's kind of mixed up. some of it looks great. some of it looks not as great. >> i want to dig into it and make sure i understand. how much of this is really in the administration's control? how much can they do, actively,
7:25 pm
to improve the problem? how much is it, as you said, covid, war in ukraine, outside of our control? >> yeah. mostly it's not under their control. that is what drives people crazy. in the white house, as i said, you go for the basement, there's no switch down there. oh, if we had only flip the switch, it would be fixed. mostly, for inflation, it's the fed that is the tip of the spear. that is because the fed can control the interest rate. very abruptly they can change, it monitor conditions, healthy, go up, go down. we rely on the fed to be the first line of defense against inflation. in the white house, it's much slower moving. it's gotta go through congress, for the most part. you gotta pass legislation, that takes months or years. i don't see much of that happening to deal with inflation now. there are certain things they can do, for sure, on the geopolitical fronts.
7:26 pm
they get released from the petroleum reserves to have a small impact on fuel prices in the short run. you can address bottlenecks through the defense production and you can do everything you can, but everything you can do when you're in the white house isn't that big because 95% of what happens in the economy has nothing to do with washington! it's being said in the private sector. the major demand and supply chain problems that we've been facing for a year now. >> i would layer on to that challenge that the answer you just gave, which is completely illegitimate answer, is a process answer, right? that is not going to fly out on the trail. would explanation can democrats give, do democrats give to voters who may be frustrated? >> yeah. look, the first thing to note is ... partly, you just have to grin and bear it if you are in
7:27 pm
the political leadership. economic timetable is not on a political calendar. that is just reality. i think the things that you will likely see them emphasize are, number one, the job market is great. but if anyone wants a job, now is the time to get a job. wages are up, hopefully, they will get real incomes rising. to, if we get really found covid, i do think there is a chance that you start to see relief on the inflation front. that is people stop spending their money on physical goods and go back to spending it on services, as i say, it's not me. a lot of people stop going to spend money on haircuts and going to the dentist and a bunch of services. go to restaurants, vacation. if they shift back to spending on that, i think you will see relief on the inflation front. and then you will likely see the white house and the
7:28 pm
democrats as they go into the fall, into the maternal elections, emphasizing, look, this was a humongous problem that landed on us but we worked our way through it. they'll hope that's the persuasive argument. >> awesome. thank you for that self deprecating joe. always, thank you for your time. coming up, today a judge ruled green can remain on the ballot in november. donald trump? making robocalls against raffensperger as a special grand jury investigates trumps to find 11,780 more votes in georgia. all of that, next. are now made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good. we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. that's why at america's beverage companies,
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>> that was marjorie taylor greene on january 5th, 2021, less than 24 hours before a trump incited mobs -- to trying quote, overturn the 2020 election results. today, a judge -- a group of her constituents. it's comments like that one that i just played for you and her other actions around junior six that should disqualify her for representing them in congress. the georgia's administrative law's judge said that didn't prove she was involved in the
7:34 pm
insurrection. -- it green can remain on the ballot. that is unwelcome news for many residents in georgia to predominantly black towns out of atlanta, marjorie taylor greene will not be the representative. the judge agree that they're likely, as he put it, unlawful. he ruled there wasn't enough time to change them for the upcoming midterms. so, how did marjorie taylor greene, and her soon to be constituents feel about? that joining us is democrat of georgia, representing the state's 30th district includes -- also jones and by the cofounder of the black voters matter find. tasha, you have been trying to -- get trump out of office, marjorie taylor greene, meanwhile, trying to overturn
7:35 pm
your vote, overturn your work. how do you feel? >> yeah, i am so deeply, deeply disappointed in what is happening in this nation right now. it's not just what she's done in terms of representing a black woman, she doesn't represent america. ultimately, what she did, is that she was a person who said the democratic party are nazis. she talked about how this is like the holocaust and how it happened. i think we really have to recognize how dangerous she is. to have the opportunity at this moment that she should be removed from office, immediately. not only does she not represent the constituents of austria and powder springs, she doesn't for her district. she's reactionary. she's's lies and untruth to be able to elevate herself. >> there's a lot that i want to come back to on unpack there. before i do, representative welker said, i have to ask you, how do you feel about being a constituent of marjorie taylor greene's? >> i think constituent is a strong word. you know, same way everyone in
7:36 pm
my district feels. they were shocked that republican party decided to bring marjorie taylor greene down in cobb county, bypassing another county coming into cups. it shocked us what happened. she doesn't represent her constituents now. she's more focused on going to rallies, not serving committees in congress. as an elected official, the biggest thing we can do is help our constituents. when they call about disability, when they call about unemployment, when they call about getting a passport, they need someone to answer that phone. she has shown no ability to put that first. >> right. basic constituents services, how most people interact with their member of congress. natasha, greene actually told the constitution that she would have preferred to become more republican. first, i need your reaction to that. i need to understand.
7:37 pm
i mean, this is a very, very red district. is there any opportunity to organize her out? >> i think we are going to have to really push. the fact that she does not represent, she does not represent democracy at all. the bottom line is republicans completely controlled the district process in georgia right now. but we are seeing is we are seeing [inaudible] such as what they did with cracking, where they take the majority districts in places like part of strings, which is a majority african american city, and they get the political power so they could sisters for that district really will not have representation. and so, it's ironic that the judge would actions say, it's awful but it's too late. when did we start saying that it is okay to break the law. we'll just get back to it later. it is really a travesty that is happening right now. we have to literally be able to organize and push and continue to beat the drum around the
7:38 pm
story and how she literally is an enemy of democracy. >> representative wilkerson, i'm really glad natasha what is to the definition of cracking, it's something i want to hear. it's fashion i have sat on the set, on this read, many times a talk about what is happening in georgia and what is happening across this country and the need for federal reforms. this story brings into stark relief what can happen and continue to happen if there is not reform at this level. >> that's correct. it's even worse. cop county is now a democratic county. i think we have one county wide republican elected official,. it is run by an african american female. the legislation decided that they were going to bypass the local process. not only, you know, taken to the murders of cobbe county, federal level, also jerry mapped our local maps.
7:39 pm
-- and so, the republicans are bent on keeping power no matter what. so, we're just going to give you this election. elect stacey abrams is our governor, come back to the reports after november. >> state representative welker said and tasha brown, thank you so much for joining us. also in georgia, the special grand jury was seated in the investigation to whether donald trump tried to illegally interfere with the 2020 election in the state of georgia. the district attorney has said that she is looking into potential violations of georgia law prohibiting the solicitation of election fraud. this week, she also spoke about another angle she is pursuing. >> we are going to look at anything connected with on interference with the 2020 election. so, i have allowed that to be a broad scope. not just the presidents phone call that you played there, but other things that indicate that there may have been
7:40 pm
interference with that election. to include fac electorates. >> i'm sorry, to include? >> fake electors. i don't know if you're aware that that was done in our state. so, that is of interest to my office. >> trump, for his part, still ticked off raffensperger who did not help trump find those almost 12,000 votes. he is willing to tell anyone willing to listen about it. he is screaming into a void. or in a robocall -- by the lancet journal-constitution, trump continues his attacks on raffensperger, even accusing him of being in collusion with stacey abrams. a reminder that you needed, raffensperger is a republican. joining us now from a frantic federal prosecutors, they are both msnbc analysts. glenn, you've all heard the tape. trump begging raffensperger to
7:41 pm
find him enough votes to win this state. what other evidence that they can be looking for as they make this case against trump? >> you know, what is interesting because district attorney willis has shared publicly, previously, but she has already interviewed and grand jury at some 50 witnesses and there was another batch of about 30 witnesses who refused to appear. who refused to cooperate without being compelled to do so by a subpoena. that is why she had to go about getting authorization to impound a special grand jury, which under the rules of laws of georgia are the only grand jury power to compel people to testify. so, there is probably a lot that she is already discovered that we just don't know about. at its core, alicia, as you just indicated, there is this recorded phone call, you know, where it seems that when you have the targeted investigation on donald trump, saying on an
7:42 pm
audio recording, look, just find me 11,780 votes and corruptly declared the winner. he didn't use the word correctly, but he didn't have to. i would call this, as a prosecutor, adjust, press play trial. i would stand in front of 12 people at a jury box. i would press play. and at the end of the case, say ladies and gentlemen, you really don't need much more than that, but i suspect da willis has much more than that and will continue to develop much more than that. >> to the point that glenn just made their, trump is again, now, repeatedly gone after raffensperger. is that relevant what's trump now, when he told him to find a 11,780 votes? >> you'll remember that in that phone call, which we've all heard the audiotape of it at this point, trump is threatening raffensperger and she's also controlling him. he's covering all of the basis.
7:43 pm
in an effort to find him the votes, their relationship at that time, we don't really know the details of, it that is white willis is figuring out in her grand jury. having all of the jury like mark meadows who is the white house chief of staff, who is involved in some of these early phone calls that led to the phone call between trump and raffensperger, that set up that took place. she is trying to get all of that information out in the grand jury. so, the groundwork that's been laid here so far, as glenn says, is very good. there is a little bit more to come. in a case like this, where georgia has a statute that very clearly covers interference with an election, about the only issue that is at stake here is if the charges she brings in is going to be felonies or misdemeanors. this particular charge about soliciting interference is gonna be one of those depending on the fact that she develops. that, i think, is the only real
7:44 pm
unknown here. >> i want to ask you about the other trump legal news we had here. julianna came out scheduled with the january six committee today. -- a spokesperson for the committee said they are now considering enforcement options. how do you think the committee should proceed? >> the committee needs to immediately proceed with a vote to hold him in contempt and speed referral on the way to the justice department. rudy giuliani doesn't get to set conditions here. he has been subpoenaed to testify in front of congress. that's not an optional situation. you show up and you testify. he's a former united states attorney, a former doj official. he knows that. for him, of all people, to set himself above the law, is the kind of conduct that needs to be followed up with just a swift referral to the oj. >> thank you both so much for spending some time with us. coming up, ukraine faces an
7:45 pm
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7:50 pm
russia's 1945 victory over nazi germany. today, kyiv's mayor warned of a high probability of russian rocket attacks for all of ukraine in the days ahead. tonight, president zelenskyy urge ukraine's not to avoid air raid sirens and follow curfew regulations saying, quote, please. this is your life. the life of your children. with more u.s. aid heading to ukraine, president biden will attend a virtual meeting at a g7 countries with president zelenskyy to confirm their ongoing support for ukraine on the eve of russia's victory day. in another show of support, first lady jill biden visited u.s. and nato troops in romania today. she will meet with ukrainian refugees and aid workers on mother's day. the war is not going well for vladimir putin, his forces haven't been able to capture the capital city of kyiv. ukrainian forces are still resisting russian takeover in mariupol were hundreds of civilians remain trapped inside a steel plant. earlier today, president
7:51 pm
zelenskyy said mariupol will never fall because there is nothing left. russia has destroyed it all. -- was defended and supported russians war on ukraine told the associated press yesterday that it is time for the war to and saying, quote, i'm not immersed in this problem enough to say whether it goes according to plan, like the russians say, or like i feel it ... i feel like this operation has dragged on. joining us now, nbc news correspondent cal perry in kyiv. cal, what's is the latest as this saturday morning begins? >> well, in mariupol, the fighting is fierce. in and around the steel plant that we've been keeping our eyes on, certainly the eyes of the nation continue to watch the situation there. civilians, women and children, and the elderly according to the deputy prime minister or able to make it out of that area for that evacuation provided by the red cross, by the united nations. you're looking there at video of that steel plant. the fighting is, obviously,
7:52 pm
fears. it's a fierce now for three days. there is a lot of fear that civilians remain,. if they don't get out this, morning they might not get it at all. the timetable that you laid out, victory day monday. on the other side of mariupol, from where this fighting is, you have government officials concerned that russians are going to put on some propaganda efforts. some kind of event, via a parade or some kind of victory celebration for the city. you see there a video released by ukrainian officials showing russian troops, russian officials, raising the flake there. the rush of. like changing some of the street names. to russian street names. and actually cleaning up the city. it is an eerie sort of picture there in that city. across the country, as you said, it is a country on high alert for what could happen on monday. the mayor is asking presidents not to return home if they have not already. there are 7.7 million and 20 to 50% of them are trying to make their way home. so, that could become complicated, or at least more
7:53 pm
complicated by the fact that people here are at least bracing for, we're getting ready for, a possibility to see missiles being seen before monday. >> cal force in ukraine. kyle, thank you so much for joining us. tonight's last word is next. is next. flavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good. bogey's on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty. liberty.♪ for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to
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i fought for freedom abroad. i'm not going to allow anyone to take away women's rights here at home. abortion is effectively banned in texas, and at least seven other states only have a single abortion provider. we need leaders in congress who will stand up to extremist politicians, and protect our right to choose everywhere. and i will fight for pay equity, too. i'm emily beach, and i approve this message because nothing is more important than standing up for- - [all] our rights. right now.
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7:58 pm
nbc news, we have shared stories of people making a difference in the lives of others. from our series, inspiring america. tomorrow night, you can even see more on our special, inspiring america the 2022 inspiration list. it includes guthrie's interview with fashion industry i card -- she created an organization called, every mother counts,
7:59 pm
after experiencing, potentially, life threatening complications during childbirth. the nonprofit works to support pregnant women and some of the world's poorest nations. >> something about that moment. you go from the ecstasy of having your first baby to the trauma of having to go through a medical procedure that is painful and you did not plan. in that moment gave you mission. >> it definitely did. check a little time. i started to talk to other women after i came home. more and more women were sharing their stories with me. like, oh, my child was in the nicu. i had a similar experience. i had a transfusion. they're all the stories that i hadn't heard until after i became a mom. that is too late, i think. >> you can watch inspiring america, the 2022 it's russian list, tomorrow at nine or 10 pm eastern right here on msnbc. that is tonight's last word.
8:00 pm
you can join me again saturday, sunday, 6 pm eastern for my show, american voices right here on msnbc. thank you so much for joining. as the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. >> tonight, intense fighting at that steel plant in mariupol. civilians are still trapped. fears mount over escalation ahead of russia's victory day holiday. and first lady showed support for allies and eastern europe. your cranes ambassador to u.s. is here on the flight ahead for freedom and democracy. plus, road ahead for abortion protections. after weeks of protests over the lead draft opinion, new push to get lawmakers on the record as the 11th hour gets underway on this friday night. >> good evening, once again, i'm stephanie ruhle. the next 72 hours maybe piv