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tv   Symone  MSNBC  May 7, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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rebels wet she thinks on roe v. wade. and about that idea that women could be thrown in jail for making decisions about their own bodies? this is the thing that really has me tossing and turning a night. and the fact is that democrats, they have actually gotten a lot done. so when are there gonna start telling the voters that? i'll ask house democratic caucus chair all about it. welcome to the show, everyone. i'm simone sanders, and i have something to say. i want to start with ukraine, and when i learned about dr. jill biden's trip to the region. the first lady went to remain in school today to meet refugee children and to talk to men and women stepping up to take teach
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these traumatized young people. in my exclusive interview, doctor biden told me that she had to visit these teachers and spent mother's day weekend with ukrainian refugees after she saw pictures of families being ripped apart by war. but when dr. jill biden and i sat down i had to ask her about which she thought of the most heated debate in america right now. the leak of the supreme court opinion overturning roe v. wade. for the first time, folks, she did say where she stands? take a listen. dr. jill welcome. i cannot think of a better first guess from my first show than the first lady of the united states of america. i'm very excited to talk to you about your life, your family, your work, your trip that you're about to take. i want to first start with talking to you about something that is really weighing on the minds of hearts of so many americans right now. that is the prospect of roe v. wade being overturned. i want to talk to as a
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legislator, you're not a legislator. i wanna talk to you as a mother, as a grandmother. as a mother, and as a grandmother, what would you say to young women right now? particularly young women who are upset about the erosion of their ability to make a decision about their own body? >> i guess the first thing i would say is that, how shocking it was, actually, when we heard the news. joe and i got the call that it had been leaked. you know simone, i'm old enough that i can remember when roe v. wade passed. it's just shocking to think that that long ago, we thought everything was fine. it had finally passed. we thought for years -- we fought for years to get it passed. and then to hear the news, as we heard it. i have to say that, you know,
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women are out there in front of the supreme court, but this is the chance, really, for people to take action. we can go out and protest all we want, but we have to take actions. this is when elections really matter. if it matters to you, to your viewers, they have to elect people that think the way they do. you know, i've been saying this for actually the last election, when i was out there on the stump for joe. because the president matters. the election of the president matters. he's the one who puts the justices on the court. if this goes to a state level, our state legislators are going to matter, to. so people are gonna have to get involved. that's the only way that this is going to change. if this goes through, this is going to hurt poor women and
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women of color. we cannot go back. >> let's talk about something that's keeping a very busy, particularly the trip that you're about to take. as doctor biden, the first lady, you have chosen this weekend, which is mother's day, you deliberately made the decision to spend mother's day, in eastern europe. visiting with refugees who are fleeing ukraine. tell us about the trip. >> i'm going to slovakia and romania. like most americans watching the tv, we saw all those mothers gathering their children, kissing their husbands goodbye. and then leaving the country. it was so emotional. and just so heart wrenching. i said to joe, i can't sit by, i can't -- i just can't sit by and do nothing. and so i knew mother's day was coming up, and i said to joe, i'm gonna go stand with the
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mothers of uk crane. they have to know that we're standing with them. i don't know about you simone, but when i see those mothers with those children, they are so resilient. and the little children pulling their suitcases and their backpacks. you just wonder, don't you ask yourself, could i do that? could i leave my country, my husband, everyone i love, and move on to something unknown? so you know, just their bravery, and the courage, and their strength j ust their bravery, an i will be there on mother's day, standing with the mothers of ukraine. >> how do you mentally prepared for something like that? i see the images. it is heartbreaking. it is truly heartbreaking, it's horrible. you talk about the resilience, i absolutely agree. how do you prepare for something like that, we are gonna say to those mothers? when is the message you're
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bringing to them? >> i think that they have shown us so much strength in the been my inspiration, really. because if they can be so strong, then i can be strong for them. i hope i bring strength, saying the people of the united states -- i hope they'd know that i have the hearts of everyone in the united states, i'm carrying the united states with me. to say that we are standing with you. >> doctor biden, the hope ambassador, if you will. you're on this trip to meet with romania's first lady. you're meeting with the first female president of slovakia. since you are going to the slovakia ukraine border. i'm wondering if you spoke with sobieski? i've got a letter from mrs. sandusky. i've gotten a letter from the first lady of poland and they've given me a list of things they've needed. we're in a conversation, but
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it's not 1 to 1. although i did talk on the phone with mrs. duda. >> whether some of the request? >> they need so much, they have so many children without parents. so many orphans that need childcare. the new clothing, that need health facilities, health supplies. they need food. they need so much. she gave me a list and we're working on it. >> now doctor biden has a lot more to say, like what she says about political attacks on her family. we'll take care of that a little later on in the show. but first more on what the first lady is doing in eastern europe today. after meeting this morning with ukrainian refugee school children and their teachers in romania, dr. biden landed in slovakia. this is where she will meet with diplomatic officials ahead of tomorrow's visit to the slovakia ukraine border. here is new york times white
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house correspondent katie rogers who's traveling with the first lady. katie thank you for being here. before leaving romania the first lady told us a heartbreaking interaction with some of the refugee schoolchildren she visited. let's take a listen and get your reaction on the other side of that. >> wasn't it heartbreaking, the little girl who said her wish was to be with her daddy? and another said my wishes to go home? you can see that those children really have suffered. >> katie, the first lady said that she felt hope in that classroom. can you tell us a little bit about that? you are in their, correct? >> i was, and i asked her what she meant by that because i think that there are some 5.7 million people who have been displaced from ukrainian, outward into other countries. i mean it's taken about 150,000 of them. that's where we were earlier today. and wondered which he meant by
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hope because, you know, walking in and hearing those harrowing stories, from this mother's, and hearing those things from their children, how she could walk in and say that hope is what she felt. but, earlier in the day, she spent a long time asking detailed questions of humanitarians and ngos, non governmental organization officials, detailed questions about one of these children are receiving in the schools and facilities. she's an educator and she had some detailed questions about the way teachers are being trained to support children with trauma. the way they're being taught lesson plans, where the lesson plan are geared for ukrainian students. she spoke to a ukrainian refugee he was actually a teacher in one of the schools. she said she felt hope because she felt those people had some answers in the short term.
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through all the turmoil they have gone through, they had reached at least a little bit of smooth sailing >> thank you so much katie, you're gonna join us for our political panel today. more on this trip, after the break. kitty roger stone can go anywhere. coming up, you may think you know when a row reversal would mean, but do you really know? i'm gonna fill you in on some of the disturbing, and i do mean disturbing, under the radar laws, that that ruling would set into motion. plus, we're going to have more of my exclusive interview with first lady doctor joe biden, she's gonna get personal. stay with us. >> i wonder how do you handle the very personal attacks on your family, when it feels like, in a political climate, when it seems like nothing is off limits?
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how dare they tell the woman which he can do and cannot do with their own body? >> what we are here to declare, at this momentous week, with one voice, roe must go. >> imagine, you do not have authority over your own body for ten months? imagine if that decision-making would not be taken away even if you would die in childbirth. >> that was just some of the emotional reaction to the explosive leak of a draft supreme court opinion. here's my take. if the leak supreme court draft overtake overturning roe versus wade becomes final, women could be fine, punish, sent to jail. if you think i'm being dramatic, a handful of states have laws ready to go, that could put women or even the doctors who
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care for them behind bars. we've got the facts. look at the screen. in south carolina, anyone in the who ended their pregnancy with the pill or any other means, could face prison -- in arkansas, the penalty of performing or attempting, we carry up to decades in prison or 100,000 dollar fine. how about in louisiana? anyone who performs that abortion were gives a woman medicine to do it will be subject to 1000 dollar fine per procedure, and up to two years in prison. to top it all off, there is a bill to classify abortion is homicide. it also just passed through committee in the state legislature. here to discuss, we've got boston globe columnist kimberly atkins store, republican former congressman my friend carlos
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kabila, and katie rogers, new york times white house reporter. welcome everyone to our first political panel. congressman, i promise you i would have you on the show. i'm gonna start with you. we just have a new poll. is the first poll that has been taken since the draft decision was actually leaked. we will put up on the screen. there is in the poll itself, 44% of registered voters initially preferred a generic democrat over 39% a generic republican. but when voters russ to choose instead between a pro-choice democrat and a pro-life republican, support for the republican actually fell to 31%, while democratic report was the same. would you make of this? are >> well simone, thank you, and congratulations, it's great to be with you. this is why republicans sent some trouble with this issue. you could think that this was gonna be an issue where the republicans were spiking the football in the end, zone it has been a pro-life party for
1:18 pm
so long. they have been talking about overturning roe for so long. yeah, a lot of put republicans perceived political peril. that's why they are downplaying this. that's why this republicans circulated talking point centers members not to talk too much about this and to be as compassionate as possible in the way they approached it. so maybe on paper this is the [inaudible] but politically, they are certainly concerned and worried that this can dampen their expectations for the november election. >> i mean it sounds like it, i wonder how do you think republican voters would react if women were actually started to getting thrown in jail for making decisions about their own bodies. >> we know that those college educated voters have become the swing voters. i think that republicans who are poised to get a lot of those voters in these midterm elections here, historically that's just the way turns out. now, with this issue, they can start losing a lot of those college educated voters,
1:19 pm
especially women. those suburban, white women that we have heard so much about in recent years. i think this ruling, if it does come to fruition, is going to give them some hesitation when it comes to voting a republican this november. >> kimberly, i want to turn to you because i just list off some very harsh penalty fields that are being proposed. i wonder about like these could disproportionately affect women of color. >> yes, well we already know that the overturning of roe won't make abortions accessible to everyone in this country. it will make them inaccessible to those who are the most vulnerable, including poor women, women in more rural areas, and black and brown women also. we already know, we have a health care and economic system that disproportionately effects black women in particular. black women are more likely to find themselves an economic or social circumstances where they want to have control over the
1:20 pm
reproduction, and those choices may be taken away from them. we also know that black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to face life-threatening presents the complications. if they live in the, states where there is no exception to him portion that, for the health of the life of a mother, that little literally put their lives in danger. we know there will be a very disproportionate impact of overturning roe and black women. >> katie, i wonder what plants does the white house have in place if and when these laws kick in? what's kimberly just laid out i think is disturbing to put it mildly. >> so i think, for people i'm talking to inside the administration, there is certainly a sense of alarm. i phrased, is it a five alarm fire? and in official did not disagree with me. right now the president has directed officials to see what can be done, should this draft opinion be finalized to mitigate its effects.
1:21 pm
with the realization that some of the ideas being talked about would be challenged in court and wouldn't go as far as the president has promised to codify roe v. wade, some of the ideas include could they access funds to allow people to travel across state lines to states that offer portions? could people more easily access fda approved abortion pills in the mail? again, those efforts would be quickly challenged in court. they don't go as far as the president has promised to codify roe v. wade. on that, note they see in the white house, and opening to make this a message for the midterm election season, which is the president, even doctor biden as you pointed out earlier, said, elections really
1:22 pm
matter. the president has made it clear he does not have the votes to do what he has promised to do. he needs more democrats to be able to do that. and i think the white house sees this as an issue that the president and surrogates can take out ahead of the midterm season and try to speak to voters on that level. >> i think you are right with that analysis. i think there's a dimension to this about people feeling hopeless. a lot of people feel hopeless right. now there is essentially an unelected body, the united states supreme court, that serves a lifetime appointment, with no oversight, it seems, and people feel like they have the final say. but, the reality is, i want to throw this out to the entire panel, congress actually has the final say. but they haven't been able to get much together, except for the partisan infrastructure law,
1:23 pm
and some things on ukraine. and even that was a. fight so congressman, let's go to you for us. what's going on? here >> you're right simone. the reason why the u.s. supreme court has made so many landmark rulings in recent decades is because congress has really been an effective. the consensus building process and congress is broken. [inaudible] there are some republicans that support abortion rights. it looks like they are not gonna be voting for the democratic bill next week. congress is stuck. it's gridlocked. that's why the court ends up making all these decisions. also talking about hopelessness, people can be frustrated and angry with this issue, but they shouldn't be hopeless. the pro-life movement was patient and persistent, and it looks like after 50, years they're gonna get the result they wanted. so if people want to change make change in this country,
1:24 pm
they're just gonna have to stick out, at work on it and not give. up >> i see you nodding your head. what's your take on this? and also also knowing that just yesterday supreme court justice clarence thomas had some choice words about what people are saying and how they feel essentially about the supreme court? he's talking about how, i'm paraphrasing it, basically saying that the courts are not gonna be bullied. he's talking about respecting the process in the court. i think a lot of people find that laughable to say the least, given the text messages that came out about his wife, jenny thomas. i'll give you the last word on. your thoughts? >> clearly, the leaking of this opinion was meant to influence someone, i don't know if bully the, word but perhaps it is, on the court to either change their mind or not change their mind, which is really appalling and anti-democratic, given these are unelected people who really do not have a check.
1:25 pm
the power does lay in congress. keep in, mind does a congressman, said this is the result of a persistent effort by conservatives to install conservatives on the courts at all level. if democrats had that same strategy, this would be a little different now. democrats don't just have to talk about abortion, they have to talk about the court that is fundamental, that is a three alarm fire, if they are gonna be empowered to make a decision, to change laws if they want to protect that privacy right that roe v. wade had been based upon. >> -- thank you all for joining me from my first political panel. i hope you will be back. next, the first first lady to keep a full-time job, pulls back the curtain on what it's like teaching students. in one of the most turbulent environment for teachers ever. of that you'll be surprised to hear what it's like in a classroom.
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your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. welcome back. i'm simone sanders. i'm related you are here. just before the first lady took off four eastern europe, i have the opportunity to speak to her about some pretty heavy topics, such as political attacks on her family, and how she breaking ground by keeping her job outside the white house. take a listen. >> you and the president of the first examples that i can remember, of a blended family, a blended first family. do you think of yourself as setting an example for the american people? >> you know, it just happened so naturally, and i think really, when joe and i'm mary. our first day, joe and i went
1:31 pm
out together. every day after that, it was the four of us. we went to the movies, to dinner, on vacation, we got married together. so, it was the four of us. it was just a natural progression. simone, all the takes is love. >> all it takes is love. you are known as a fierce defender of your family, doctor biden. i could vividly remember many times on the campaign trail when you physically blocked someone for coming up to your husband. i remember a day when i jumped on the stage with you, but you already had done half the work. i wonder how you handle the very personal attacks on your family, when it feels like, in a political climate when there seems nothing is off limits? >> i have to say, i've been a political spouse for over 40 years now. it never gets easier. when you hear someone attacking
1:32 pm
your husband, or for me someone attacking my children, it is never easy. it always hurts. when you think you're gonna get stronger and tougher, but when it's your kits, forget it. >> all right, doctor biden, the first lady of the united states of america, and the teacher. you are actively teaching right now? >> yes. >> i believe you are the first first lady to have a job outside of the white house. this is something you did a second lady as well. a little birdie told me that when you became a second lady, you said that you wanted to continue to teach, someone said, well first ladies do not do that. obviously, you went on to teach. why was teaching so important to you that you would not take no for? announcer >> because it is what i did my whole life. it's my career. it's what i. love it's my profession. i told joe, when we were elected, when he was elected as vp, i said i am gonna teach
1:33 pm
continue to teach. my staff, said you can't do that, you can't do that. and i said yes, i can. and i will. and i did. and i did it all through, it's going on 30 something years now that i've been teaching. then when we were elected as president, i said the same thing, joe, when we go in there, i'm going to teach. >> was it even a question this time around? >> well, i was think it was, well, this is a little bit of a bigger platform, i don't know. but joe supports me. so, i just walked in there and i love that my students treat me as doctor be, we never mentioned politics. we don't talk about the white house. i never say first lady. that is the joy of the job for me. that they treat me like they're english teacher. and i love that. >> i think it is fascinating that you are in the classroom right now. i have heard from a lot of
1:34 pm
teachers actually, who were excited about this interview. i'm wondering what your message is to teachers right now. many of them feel attacked in this current climate. they are navigating various issues in the classroom. i'm wondering what is your message to them. >> i would say that we really celebrate teachers because look what they did through the pandemic. they did this, they taught in a day, learned how to do zoom, and they delivered lunches, and they help kids and parents who were working computers. we just had a teacher of the year at the white house, and i just, i think teachers are amazing in what they do and how they connect with kids. and now, especially, i think with so many kids experiencing depression and mental illness, trying to find their social skills again, teachers are
1:35 pm
invaluable because, i'll tell you simone, they trust us. they look to us for answers. a lot of times, they may not have someone to go home to, but we listen to them and help them find solutions. whether it is about life or whether it is about what's going on in the classroom. >> i want to ask you about your legacy. i think i know you pretty well, doctor biden. and i do not think you wake up every morning thinking, okay, how am i gonna build a legacy today? >> no. >> i don't think you do that. but whether you are trying to or not, you are creating a legacy. i think about other former first ladies, like secretary clinton, she went to beijing, and declared women's rights or human rights. laura bush, as first lady, championed literacy. would you want people to remember about you? >> i think maybe that i was independent, that i am a working woman, i'm a teacher. and that my career, my
1:36 pm
independence, was very important to me, is very important to be, but not at the cost of being first lady. so i try very hard to create a balance, and i try to hopefully do my first lady job well, and hopefully do my doctor be well. but you know, simone, we are just working want moms. we have to figure it out every day. you figure out how to get those lunches packed and how to get the books that act and how to get the kids up. we figure it out. >> i think there are a lot of young women, especially, who, in hearing you say that, will feel inspired. i think a lot of mothers will take a sigh of relief and say oh yes, she gets it. growing up, i often heard, you can't really have it all. you have to choose. but maybe some people can look at you and think, maybe you can have it all. >> it doesn't mean you have to do everything perfectly all the
1:37 pm
time. sundays are better than others. but i think, if you give yourself that space and that grace and say well, maybe i can do better tomorrow. because you do have those days that you question yourself. did i do this right for my kids? did i say the right thing? did i hurt their feelings? it all comes back if you have love in your heart for your kids. and they know the. my kids i feel supported me every step of the way. and that was so important to me. >> doctor be also shared some thoughts on mother's day. we are gonna play that tomorrow. when we honor all the moms and mother figures in our lives. i have another special guest coming up. congressman hakeem jeffries, the member of house leadership. we're gonna talk about what's going on in this congress and this week when it comes to roe. we will also talk about what's happening with redistricting in
1:38 pm
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early stages? yep, it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. consider it done. democrats and republicans both got a wake up call this week. who is on the other end of that line? the rights of women, families, privacy, and a few other
1:42 pm
things. house speaker nancy pelosi said this yesterday on deadline white house. >> sometimes it really just takes something as appalling and such an assault on privacy, precedent, constitution, personal liberty, the rights of women and families in our country, that bring peoples focus into, this is what your vote means in the election. and how it affects the courts. and how it affects you. >> now the speaker went on to call that lead to see supreme court opinion about roe quote, radical, -- brooklyn's own congressman hakeem jeffries. thank you for joining me today on my first show. >> good afternoon. it's wonderful to be with you on this inaugural occasion
1:43 pm
symone sanders is in the building. it is a wonderful thing. i know it's gonna be an amazing show an amazing run. >> thank you so much. oh well let's get into it. you treated this week, and we will put it up on the screen, quote, radical republicans want government mandated pregnancies even in the case of rape or incest. then we also heard some language like this about republicans from president bidens. he said quote, this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that exists in recent american history. congressman, is this the strategy going into the midterms? is this what you are met up and talked about in the group chat? >> well i wouldn't say it's a strategy. we are just speaking truth to power. authentically reacting to a disgraceful draft opinion that clearly or appears to have the support of a radical, right wing majority of the supreme court, two of whom i would add,
1:44 pm
were probably illegitimately appointed to the supreme court, and subsequently confirmed by the senate. based on mitch is mcconnell insistent application of his own standard. to try to gain particle, political advantage. just for this reason. the stakes are really high. we are talking about a struggle between liberty and tyranny, a struggle between a woman's freedom to make her own health care decisions, and government mandated pregnancies. even in the case of rape or incest. that is extreme, it's radical, it's dangerous, and it must be stopped. >> congressman, the house has passed a bill codifying roe v. wade. the senate has a vote on this bill on wednesday. i can count, and i know that there are not enough votes to pass that bill this wednesday. in talking to folks in advance of the show, i have heard from a lot of people and they are
1:45 pm
wondering, why have a vote for show? is it to get people on the record? or why? can you maybe unpack that for us? >> i think it's an all hands on deck approach in terms of making sure that we are doing everything possible at the city, state, county, federal level to make it clear, both where we stand in the effort to protect a woman's right and freedom to make her own health care decisions, and where the opposition stands. i do think perhaps as possible, that there could be some surprising support on the senate floor. i think everyone will be closely watching to see what's senator collins and senator murkowski do. they confirmed these justices, who are part of this apparent radical majority, to get rid of roe v. wade. notwithstanding representations made to the contrary that they didn't believe that that's
1:46 pm
exactly what these justices voted to confirm, like kavanaugh and their, would do. i think it is important, now that this has been a material, adverse change in the judicial landscape to see where everyone within the united states senate stance. >> so, just to be clear, you think it is possible that senator collins of maine, and our senate shirt murkowski of alaska, vote for the bill, in support of the bill on wednesday? >> it is theoretically possible. i think we have to see them put their money where their mouth has been. as it relates to what apparently is coming down from the supreme court, it clearly requires legislative action. but people who i believe have expressed publicly there is support for the roe v. wade precedent. if that in fact is your position, senator collins or senator murkowski, then you
1:47 pm
probably should be voting in favor of the woman health protection act that will be on the floor on wednesday. >> we will be watching that vote sir. i want to turn to talking about the house. i think that the democratic-controlled house has actually passed a lot of very important bills, decriminalizing marijuana, police reform. we talked about the bill codifying roe into law. you all passed. that you did that work. i find this so interesting because every single time we talk about the midterm elections, here on this network, or read in the papers, everyone is talking about how the democrats, particularly in the house, are in jeopardy. but you are the folks that have actually passed some legislation. and wondering where the disconnect is. is it simply a matter of telling voters what democrats actually accomplished? >> will we certainly have to tell our story and a clear,
1:48 pm
compelling, concise that come passed fashion. as we get closer to voters actually casting their ballots sometime in october with early voting into that second tuesday i believe it is gonna be this, year november, november 8th. and make it clear that we are doing the work led by president biden, to lay the foundation, to try to cross this virus. when president biden took office, there were less than 2 million americans that were fully vaccinated, we passed the american rescue plan, put up an infrastructure, and now they're 225 million americans that are fully vaccinated. -- and still be resilient as the american potently people left for themselves to be for centuries. we have also laid the foundation for a strong economy. the most recent job report, again, 400,000-plus jobs created.
1:49 pm
that's a total of about 8 million good, paying jobs during president biden's first 15 or 16 months in office. that does not happen by accident. we leaned into it with the american rescue plan, and subsequently bolstered by the infrastructure investment and jobs act. record unemployment down to 3.6%. fastest economic growth in 40 years. there are challenges we continue need to tackle, rising gas prices, inflationary pressures, food prices, but we can do the work because we have been doing the work and getting the job done for everyday americans. >> you can do the work because you are doing the work you have been doing the work, maybe that is hakeem jeffries 2022. we might see that on some bumper stickers. i want to make sure we talk about re-red really really -- in new york. -- you actually have a very particular take about this or.
1:50 pm
what is that? >> well that process will lead to a bad district-ing result. what we have right now is a terrible process that was set into motion by the new york court of appeals. whether you believe that the initial congressional lines that were drawn by legislature, the elective reds -- and fundamental all by the governor, are problematic, the process does not allow for voices of color to participate in the process moving forward. that needs to change. >> congressman, hakeem jeffries, i've got one more for you. yes or no. is it true that you are the air apparent as the streets say as the next speaker of the house? >> the streets are saying a better career focus on my current reelection. i'm on the ballot at some point this fall. >> congressman hakeem jeffries, thank you for joining us. we really appreciate your time. next, we will have my very first symone says, because i
1:51 pm
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now i'm gonna tell you a few things about the show. i know i have a responsibility. i promise to bring you an inside look an important political stories that impact you. i'm not just talking about washington, but across our country, where it is all going on. we are gonna get some insight for some heavy hitters. plus we are gonna talk culture. we want to hear what you have to say. so hit us up on all this social media handles, at symone msnbc. that's twitter, facebook, instagram and tiktok. and don't miss symone tomorrow at 4 pm eastern. we are gonna talk about the culture corner, and where we're gonna talk about stories such as the attacks on david upheld and much more. stay right here. reverend sharpton is next.
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