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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  May 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tomorrow's mother is where you wanted to be one or not. [laughs] >> now 85 it wasn't so real speak with congresswoman and that burying about protecting women's rights, this day and every day, plus should conservatives of the supreme court be investigating for a lying? from the trump white house from shooting missiles to mexico to trump's obsession with an army colonel, while we're just learning about his turbulent time in office. i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. all right so as a parent one of your few goals is to make a better life for your children than the one you had, but today on mother's day, many parents across the country are
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realizing their worst fear. their daughters and granddaughters could very well grow up in a country with fewer rights than they did. and that's because if you want to look at justice alito, those rights were never protected to begin with, when we explain this year for a second, in his leaked opinion justice samuel alito argued that rolling back find decades of precedent on abortion rights is perfectly acceptable because and i quote here, the constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision. so, here's the jeff than just a little you know what's also missing from that more than 200 year old document, right? it's actually the mention of the word women at all, in the 18th century women were unable to hold public office or even vote, as the new yorker jill love power ports out -- as persons. senator amy klobuchar just this morning discussing the
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consequences of such a streak of strict interpretation of the constitution. >> that is the problem with this opinion, it is so intense in terms of what it says when he leads what's the word abortion it's not in the constitution, we know a lot of other things are to the constitution either. >> so, by just an alito own logic rights belonging to anyone that is not implicitly messing in that document, are now up for debate. and that includes not just women but groups like native americans, black americans, here's the thing we all know the constitution isn't perfect, we must start treating it as such. there's no shame in admitting that a document written in the 17 80s by 55 mostly old, all white man, might have been flawed. it's okay to say that, because the reality is we the people, meant something much differently in 18 central america than it does now.
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and as joel poor puts that women are indeed missing from the constitution, that's a problem that needs to be remedied, not a precedent to honor. joining me now is democratic congresswoman and that -- of california to the first congressional hispanic caucus, congressman thank you for joining us i really appreciate your time. this week the senate is poised to vote on women's health protection act, which passed the house last year it would codify roe, unfortunately though that is all but starting to fail and now you have minority leader mitch mcconnell saying, a nationwide abortion ban might in fact be possible. as an outside observer, this raises the stakes of the midterms how are democrats gearing up for the fight ahead? >> well, it definitely raises the stakes. we know we can't trust mitch mcconnell. he's willing to do anything when it comes to power in the courts, look democrats into
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mobilizing to do everything we can to expand the majority, so that we're not relying on one or two people from stopping us from making progress, stopping women as health, for health care to be protected. we need to get out there, talk to voters, remind them of the consequences of what this means, not just abortion rights, not just women's health care, but as you mentioned anything that the court has ruled on since the founding days, is at stake under the alito decision. which i think is what's so dangerous, whether you're talking about same-sex marriages, whether you're talking about voting rights, there's so many so much on the line beyond just abortion rights. but look, we need to fight like hell to make sure that women have these decisions to make over their bodies again this is a decision that should be made between a woman and her doctor. and to see this draft opinion should scare us all. >> i want to just own it on
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mitch mcconnell here for a second, because mcconnell said that despite this gop campaign against advising candidates to downplay antiabortion legislation ahead of the midterms, that's their own assessment, and the thing for me as someone who follows mcconnell closely he's astley done this before. the part where he says the quiet part out loud, and it was immediately reminded of that time when he claimed african american voters quote, vote in just as high percentage as americans, does this kind of bladed language from the leaders of the republican party help the democrats, as they begin to campaign? >> he reminds democrats why this is an issue to the american people care about, the majority of americans do not support of roe being overturned, this isn't a conversation we need to be having it's more of a conversation we need to be able to knock on doors, talk to young people, this is what i keep hearing over and over again from women saying young
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people don't know what it was like, don't know how unsafe it was. because we've had access for all these years, and so democrats need to go out there and make sure that we are talking to everyone, including young people so that they understand the consequences and see this memo, that's put out by republicans because they don't want to talk about this, clearly and it's an opportunity for us to make sure that we're engaging voters, it's an opportunity for us to make sure that we're doing everything we can to expand the majority in this election everything is at stake. >> let's talk we can just about protecting women's rights right now in the short term. we have democrats in your home state of california, they're trying as i believe it to stat fast-track a state congresswoman had to guarantee abortion access. and essentially become a sanctuary for those seeking the procedure, what about women who don't have the means to travel for abortion related care, we
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want to or need to get to a place like california, how can you ensure that they won't be left behind in this states that do restrict and ban abortion? >> well, that's the problem. the problem is that you're gonna have a number of states that think others 20 already in the books that, if this thing is over turner autumn lee have restrictions on abortion, so you have women of color, low income folks who will not be able to make that travel, when we have a difficult time, we've seen some corporations step up and say they will cover the cost of such travel to go get it. but let's remember that women when they make this decision, it's a very tough decision, right? for them to then have to travel hundreds of miles, to have an abortion done, to get the health care that they need, it really puts a lot of women in danger. and some of those women won't make that travel, they'll do what we used to do 50 years ago, and that is they will have self
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induced abortions, i've read all about it, but it's so important that we do everything that we can to protect this right for that very reason. there will be one left behind, there will be women who will not be able to make that travel and that jury, and they shouldn't have to when it comes to health care. >> can i ask about something that's playing out within the democratic party here for a moment, you have this primary that's playing out in texas, you have democratic leaders like speaker pelosi, jim clyburn's come up come to endorse representative henry cuellar, despite the fact that he is in this positions are that he is antiabortion, how do you explain this, when voters want to see the leadership of the democratic party condemn the supreme court decision if it doesn't fact overturn roe versus wade, at the same time endorsing candidates who are antiabortion, how do you square this dissonance between the
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beliefs of your party's base and the actions of its leadership? >> well, everyone decides individual who they want to endorse, not endorse, it comes to a matter of relationships at the end of the day we need to make sure that we're not relying upon one or two democrats. that's gonna basically get in the way of protecting women's health care, women's right to choose, so i think that's why we need to make sure that we are doing all we can to expand the numbers, and i want to say that we actually class legislation to codify roe. so, the pressure is on the senate, but we actually not much of a majority there to get it done, we don't have enough of democratic senators to actually eliminate the filibuster to get it done. and i think this is where we have to look at these decisions when we talk about fighting like hell it's making sure we have other options republicans are not willing to follow the rules, they're willing to change the rules. why are democrats willing to do
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that we need to look at this option, we do all we can to not only eliminate the filibuster but looking at options for extending the court. it's not a decision that i come to take lightly, it's something that we need to consider, to do everything we can to protect women's health care, and women's right to choose. >> let me just ask you finally if i can, about how you jungle all of these -- you have the average price of gasoline here in the u.s. jumping up 15 cents over the past two weeks, it's up to $4.38 per gallon on average, it's a fusion short of all-time highest average. how do democrats balance a still struggling economy with other pressing issues like abortion rights? >> well, one of the things we need to do is talk about things we have been able to accomplish, unemployment is down, we've seen the jobs numbers for april, we've had a lot of jobs. but people are still hurting, and as you mention gas prices are hurting people in the pump, so we need to do all we can to
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make sure that americans have the support they need. look, oil companies are gouging consumers right now, we need to get to the bottom of that, we need to pass legislation and i'll make sure to tax the oil companies, so their windfall profits are going back into the pockets of the american people. and not just into the pockets of their shareholders, their ceos. there needs to be an investigation on price gouging, but we also need in congress to pass more help for people, whether that's -- canceling student loan debt from, the president is looking at right now. but also helping people pay for things like childcare, and that is where it's a little frustrating, that were not able to based on the numbers right now to get things like childcare across the finish line. we need to make sure the message the american people, we have been able to do, and what we are going to do in addition to what's at stake in this election. >> all right, california
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congresswoman -- thank you so much for -- i look forward to seeing you soon. >> thank you, amazon. >> -- but first richard louis is here, hey richard. >> hey man, it's hard on him for richard today but thank you hear the stories that we're watching at this hour. u.s. and other g7 leaders will impose a new round of sanctions against russia. the announcement followed a virtual meeting with ukrainian president zelenskyy sunday morning, the sanctions targeting russian tv channels, banking executives, and military officials. g7 leaders also committed to phasing out the russian oil imports. the death toll has risen to 30 following friday's explosion at a luxury hotel in havana, rescuers are using a search dogs in the help of finding survivors under the rubble. investigators believe an apparent gassed leak sparked the massive blasts. and a beijing loyalist will be hong kong's next leader, john lee was the only candidate on
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the ballot, nearly 1500 electors for sunday's race were vetted by the chinese communist party. more ayman when, ayman mohyeldin after the break. ayman mohyeldin after the break.
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through zero emissions fleets. best of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. there's a lot of republican outrage over the lead supreme court draft decision, because it's much easier to feign anger over who lead the document than it is to try to defend the
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substance of that document. now chief justice john roberts has hoarder'd an investigation into the leak, and quite honestly, that's fine, you'd expect him to order an investigation like that. but here's my question. should we also be investigating whether five justices on the supreme court lied during their confirmation hearings? under oath? in front of the american congress and the american people? because the five justices who at this moment support the decision to overturn roe, they actually said something quite different about the original 1973 decision during those hearings. watch. >> i'm just asking you whether you believe that the constitution protects the women's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy? >> i believe the constitution protects the right to privacy. >> roe v. wade is an important precedent on the supreme court. >> roe versus wade decided in 1973 is a president of the united states supreme court. >> it is an important precedent of the supreme court. >> row is not a super precedent,
6:18 pm
because it calls for its overruling and never ceased, but that doesn't mean that roe should be overruled. >> now i don't expect john roberts or republicans to care about those lies, but shouldn't some of us hold these justices to a higher standard? how about the democratic majority in the senate judiciary committee? if all five of these justices were so comfortable lying about roe, when else might they have lied about? with me now to talk through all of this, is my sunday night panel national correspondent for the nation, joan walsh, president ceo, an msnbc contributor maria teresa kumar, and canadian former writer and author of dead people suck, laurie kill marnie. it's great to have you with us. i'd like to start with you. how concerned should we be -- saying one thing to get confirmed, and this was not at a press conference or some breakfast club meeting in front
6:19 pm
of the press. this was under oath in front of the among american congress in american people. they fit something completely different than what they are espousing no. >> they did. i think the two worst defenders have to be cabinet -- kavanaugh really went out of his way to reassure us that the precedent upon precedent according to the casey decision, both of them said it was a precedent. a settled law. amy -- amy kony barrett was a bit widely or, but she had to be, because she has been on record saying roe should be overturned for years. but even she seemed to not to president -- it's really outrageous that no one seems to care that these people lied, especially most recently, the people who fooled susan collins and i think they
6:20 pm
should be held to full account. >> yeah, it's a serious investigation that should be unfolding here. is there anything, maria, that the democrats can and should do about this? >> one of the things you'll notice is voters and really want to talk about this and the more we talk about it, the more we recognize that the whole purpose of these public hearings it so that the american people could get these justices on record to vote into account. and so what i mention is going to happen is you're going to see a lot of democrats at the local level -- we should have decisions over our body. reminding that abortion is on the ballot, but not only is it curated, shoes, but a litany of things that republicans have done, but it doesn't sit well with the people. recognize that if this passes, on the supreme court, they need to declare abortion is an issue
6:21 pm
is all of a sudden ban from the country? there's a lot of other rights that we uphold specifically game aaron. specifically, the use of contraception and the list goes on. i can't imagine this is going to sit well. that's one of the reasons the republicans are so angry that that thought leaked, because they recognize that it was the majority of americans -- believe it. >> glory, msnbc opinion com -- road earlier this week about this. this is how he characterized it. nobody should be fooled and the reason right wingers are suddenly fans of propriety again and because so much of their political agenda requires using the supreme court to advance policy far too unpopular for the democratic process. this is something we have talked about a lot on the show. i have certainly been talking about it, which is the combination of the end democratically elected
6:22 pm
president trump, appointing three democrat -- excuse me, three justices, where the republican majority that confirmed represented far less of the population then the majority, and now on top of, that you have abortion that is actually something that is 70% in this country that people want. do you agree that this is going against the undemocratic will, but this is the only way republicans can achieve this? >> yeah, i guess so. here's the thing. here's my feeling about the leaker. i would like to find out who the leakers is so i could make sweet love to that person, because that person is a hero to me. okay? if the leak or, a lot of people are saying it could be a conservative, if the leaguer is a republican, and if i get pregnant during our lovemaking, i will joyfully abort our fetus law. i don't know that answer your question. i probably didn't. >> it was a little off topic.
6:23 pm
go ahead, john. >> one of the rumors is that it could be ginni thomas, the wife of clarence thomas, trying to force the hand of kavanaugh, because there has been reporting that brett kavanaugh has gotten a little squishy on this issue and chief justice roberts is trying to work on him. jimmy tennis is a perfect possibility, i'm not saying she didn't, but as long as he's wing nuts are going to say people like soon to be justice, ketanji brown jackson did it, which is insane, but you know it could be ginni thomas. while we're talking about investigations, amen, why is chief justice roberts not investigating the proof that ginni thomas communicated many many times, with donald trump's jean chief of staff mark meadows, helped plan the insurrection, helped plan january 6th. we don't know if we helped -- if she helped plan the violence. we don't know a lot of things. but that they were in constant
6:24 pm
ten. she supported the whole notion of overturning the election. and justice thomas is still ruling on those questions. why is that okay? -- obsessed with leakers. sorry, i got carried away. >> no. no problem at all, lori. you brought up so many interesting points. i want to talk about justice thomas for moment. on friday, he said the judiciary is -- if people are unwilling to live with outcomes we don't agree with, and that recent events of the supreme court might be one symptom of that. but as you just outlined, john, what about his own wife? jamie thomas's reaction to the election of 2020 -- it has to raise a lot of concerns, and it really -- i don't know how to describe the anger one should have that this woman would want to overthrow our government is married to a supreme court justice who is, as john case said, the citing cases about that day. and she justice roberts has not launched an investigation to see if there's any conflict of
6:25 pm
interest or if she should if he should recuse himself. >> when i was reading that and you are talking about it i felt like he was talking about his wife. to be honest. he should be recusing himself, because there we have the receipts. we have the evidence that she was trying to influence and create an insurrection. there is nothing more egregious in talking about and saying that you're not satisfied with an outcome than a fair free election -- and the fact that -- this is just one of many things that judy thomas has supposedly been able to do [inaudible] influencing supreme court, possibly, but also influencing inside washington in ways that are seen very much pro quo, so there's definitely needs to be an investigation. chief roberts, if he's going to get his pants on fire should get over this idea that someone on his court is not only leaking information, but coordinating possibly with a spouse, to overthrow our
6:26 pm
government. that should be the headline every single day. >> yes, lori, let me ask you about that. somebody who has written for a living, what do you think is the right way for democrats to go about this? there's just so much at stake here. there is so much the democrats should be doing. there's obviously little bit of disappointment with the democrats just over the last couple of years not rushing to codify roe v. wade when they had a supermajority during obama. but what do you think it should be doing right now? >> well, this is controversial, but i think that every democratic member of congress who is over the age of 87 should go on a hunger strike for abortion rights, because let's face it, they don't have much longer anyway. you might as well go out a hero in a blaze of glory, be the bobby sense of abortion. >> okay --
6:27 pm
>> that's my answer. you know i'm a comedian. you've got two serious answers. i'm just giving a joke, and everybody's like, that's a terrible policy. guys, you don't have to take me seriously. >> listen, that's why we want you on the show, because we need a little levity. go ahead, maria. >> i think the opportunity right now is really mobilizing, reminding people what's on the ballot and this is dry and not as fun but one of the things that we know is that abortion does galvanize any mobilize people. one of the reasons that donald trump was so frightened women was that the day after his own inauguration, the women's march inspired not just blue states but red states as well. and over 45,000 women decided they wanted to run for office. that was the most in any time of american history. we help take back the house, and we helped take back the white house and senate in 2020 and that's the formula. i think -- they're wringing their hands
6:28 pm
and figuring out what should we do? rinse and repeat in 2020. we can't do it. we also recognize that the unique position of the supreme court is that when they hear noise, when they see people, when they hear the political acura of the majority of american people, they back down. we all need to look at what they did with aca. everybody thought that the ac was gonna get struck, but it was americans mobilizing. they call their members. they rallied in front of the supreme court. the republicans realize that it was such a volatile issue that they backed down. this is what we need to do when it comes to abortion in this case as well. >> panels, stick around. we got a lot more to break down. after the break still ahead, overturning roe could be just the beginning of the supreme court's attacks on your rights. we will tell you about that and more. attacks on your rights we will tell you about that an
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this is threesome court cases that -- fundamental american freedoms. it's rooted in what's been a long-standing constitution protection for privacy. the right to contraception, the right to same sex intimacy, the right to same sex marriage, all of these rulings now hang in doubt if the legal rationale behind overturning roe remains just as a legal outlined in this leak draft opinion. there's good reason to be that roe won't be the end of the conservative legal movement assaults on privacy, it may only be the beginning. joining me now is neil rafferty, represented for alabama house district 54, representative rafferty, good to have you with us. you delivered a viral speech in defense of trans kids in alabama, and essentially to be across the country in that speech, you push back on far-right government overreach, you see a connection between the apparent overturning of roe and the attacks on lgbtq people in red states?
6:34 pm
>> absolutely, this is all or result of gerrymandering and packing these districts to the extremist right wing to guarantee republican advantages and super majorities and states like alabama. it's then to pander into a base, the fumes with miss intimate information and this is what you got. this is what you get, you're not taken into account the whole human toll of what the policy is going to be, it's all about pandering to a base. >> if roe is overturned, i listed a few of them but if rose in fact overturned one other rights could be next, where do you see it expanding from here next, when you think republicans want to go after? next >> you know, that's my concern. i know in the alito opinion instead of abortions a very different matter than these other issues like contraception, or same-sex intimacy, but here in alabama just last year we had a bill introduced that would prevent people from, from
6:35 pm
getting pregnant from getting -- plan b, or even long term birth control like the copper iud. >> there was, a couple months ago people were saying don't be an alarm as one people are raising the alarm bells that roe might be overturned, thinking that democrat fears of concern from, and other rights is overblown, what would you say to those it's a going after game marriage is overblown? >> i would say here in alabama for those who might recall, there was a point there is over to contention and not recognize even after the supreme court and open -- it was made clear. but at the time, there is chief justice roy morrison supreme court ordering, the county court is here to recognize -- so, i think for talking about
6:36 pm
that kind of issue, alabama is certainly at risk for not just not estimates where this kind of thing would happen but being a place to be the battlefield, where this would be the center, the epicenter of what would happen next. >> as we see this decision possibly overturning roe v. wade is coming from mississippi, where are you hearing from your constituents in alabama, where are you hearing and seeing in response to this leak draft opinion, describe for us if you can just generally the sentiments, the conversations you've been having? >> there's a lot of anger, a lot of fear, a lot of people who are trying, what's gonna happen here folks who don't have access to it locally, to health care locally, will have to travel well beyond the state of alabama in order to get to this health care they
6:37 pm
maintained. so, people are scared, there's definitely the time to stand up once again, do not be afraid, and alabama our state mantra, our state motto as we dare defend our rights. it's time for progressives here in alabama, and across the country to dare defend our rights, our rights to privacy rights, to bodily autonomy and our rights to make decisions for ourselves without interference from any governmental body whether that be the state legislature or the feds. >> and i just ask you, how do you feel, how does it make you feel that the people you serve, potentially can lose access to the services that they should have a fundamental right to, you see this view abortion services, rick's constituents might even have to travel to another state to seek abortion services, how does that make you feel? >> it makes me angry, it makes
6:38 pm
me stand for my constituents, i represent a very high poverty amity, high poverty to for the last transportation issues already. so, there is a possibility of people not being able to get access to already get guaranteed care, health care in the situation. you know, if we really want to take it back, 2019 when we were talking about, debating this bill. and health committee, the sponsor, i asked the sponsor so you're telling me if there is a 12-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle, that shows that she will have to carry that baby to term, and experienced the trauma of that, and essentially the answer was yes. i think once again this is just one of those things where they're pandering to obeys about having to understand the human toll what they were doing, and what it would cause, you know an alabama's letters proving to do time and time
6:39 pm
again. so, there is nothing new here. we need to make sure that we're standing up, we're speaking out, and that were uniting around these issues to make sure that we are united front, fighting back against what could possibly happen here in alabama. >> all right, state representative neil rafferty, thank you for making time for us tonight, i'd really appreciate your candor and honesty. thank. you >> thank you very. much >> up next my panel tackles the claim that trump wanted to launch missiles to mexico, you heard that correctly. s to mexico, you heard that correctly.
6:40 pm
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on over the last few years is that donald trump has little to no grasp on reality quite honestly. so, color me and surprise of the new york times reports that in his forthcoming memoir, former defense secretary mike
6:43 pm
esper recounts that in the summer of 2020, trump asked on at least two occasions if the military could shoot missiles into mexico to destroy the drug lab, saying they don't have control of their own country, now told all the various reasons that this idea was a nonstarter, trump insisted that they could do it quote quietly adding quote, no one would know it was us. apparently inform that people would know it was the u.s. trump responded that he would simply lie and say we didn't do it. let's bring back our panel, joey will start with you, trump responded the sourcing no comment, what do you make of that? >> [laughs] he's proud of it, he still thinks it's a good idea. he also knows, he would get away with lying, i mean i don't think he would, and that insane instance he probably would've been caught i don't know what
6:44 pm
the ramifications would've been maybe there would've been no penalty for lying throughout his career but it shows how completely out of touch he is. and that he is an amoral sociopath that would do anything -- >> maria, it gets with mark esper in the black lives matter protests in 2020 that trump asked him can't you just shoot them? and there's a part of me that wants to pretend that i'm surprised an alarm but then i get it's trump and i remember that i'm not really surprised. >> right, he was talking about shooting protesters that were peacefully marching in support of george floyd and that vicious murder, that's what he was talking about in that case, and this is the thing, people say there's no consequences for anything that trump has done, but the country right now we are very -- everything that trump has done. and when you start electing
6:45 pm
people that are endorsed by him you are not only endorsing donald trump but you're also endorsing that lifestyle. can i remind the country how pins the needles where every single day we do not know what he was about to do next? and none of it was good for the country, or for the world and so when you start thinking about what we're going to do, we will start talking about well, donald trump has -- let's remind them that this man, and he was gonna launch missiles to our allies, he was gonna shoot innocent protesters, he separate thousands of families and that's what we know of. he was twice impeached, one because he didn't want, he was trying to exploit ukraine to do is bidding. the list goes on, we have to be really candid, we try to take light at the moment sometimes because it's so overwhelming but he's a dangerous person, the people that are around more dangerous, the people that are singing are dangerous people
6:46 pm
because they're not aligned with american values. >> lori, what do you make of mark esper coming forward with this information now, when you think about what has happened over the last couple months since he left office, mark esper could've come forward with this information right as it happened, perhaps as soon as he was asked to -- shoot black lives matter protesters. and he did it, now is due to promote a buck, does he deserve any criticism in this? >> yeah, [laughs] listen i sincerely hope mark esper booksellers many copies as meghan mccain's. like up to 244 copies i really hope within that. it's interesting because obviously trump is a monster, but he's also a dad, and maybe he wanted to bomb the jakarta's cause it was the only way to get -- stop doing cocaine.
6:47 pm
[laughs] when you think of it that way gives you a little bit of empathy for donald trump. i love the idea that no one would find out, you know he would've tweeted about it before the bombs landed, he would've tweeted look out, cancun. and then they would've exploded. so, there's no way no one would've found out [laughs] we would've found out immediately. >> -- to get out of mexico. he would've warned, he would've said something to get ted cruz you might want to leave mexico, i heard something's incoming. >> ted cruz stay in mexico. i think you would encourage them to remain there actually [laughs] . >> maria, glad you want to say something, go i? had >> you were speaking, today's mother's day and -- they remind me of donald trump said no one's gonna know. i have a picture of my son with its green all the way up as an anonymous face and it's like did you get to the paint? and he said no. it's the exact same.
6:48 pm
thing -- trying to do is toddler trump that he was gonna get away with bombing mexico if he could, ridiculous. >> and who are we gonna blame? canada? >> [laughs] yeah right exactly. >> the only time -- is when i perform their. sorry. [laughs] >> lori we need to give you your own show. when i get this question to john real quick, mark esper writes that trump obsessively focused on the efforts to fire alexander vindman, who is at the center of his first impeachment trial, he testified as well, and joan, this is a guy who campaigned that love the military but there is not much evidence of him loving the military beyond his empty words, he's gone after veterans, gone after john mccain, gone after jon vindman, -- chief of staff. there's no credibility that
6:49 pm
he'd be a pro military american. >> no, not a bit. he's not at all he doesn't love anybody except himself he, doesn't let his wife, it is along this gets, and he certainly doesn't love the military. and the way he treated alexander vindman was just scandalous, he's a vindictive person, and you know again i just can't -- i've been very lucky, but this administration and fighting folks later about they saw this -- i mean why weren't they trying to run around and get people to get behind the 25th amendment, instead of running book proposals, or why didn't they just quit and go to the media, i just still can't even fathom hearing about these revelations. >> to that point, morality play for you this was a new take this week, lindsey graham,
6:50 pm
senator lucy grant praising trump this month after the january 6th insurrection. the reporters that were present described it as a dancing monkey retain, watch the. >> most importantly, would you tell them one thing that trump can play golf, legitimately play golf? >> okay so, listen, i thought it was bush it to. so, we go to the first time -- we play [inaudible] >> yes. >> and even by par playing the rules of the gods. [inaudible] >> this is the same lindsey graham, maria, that said he was done with trump just hours after the capitol attack, but here areas months later singing his praises. how do you explain, to go back
6:51 pm
to joan's point, what republicans have done between january six and the day they distance themselves from trump, and running back like lap dogs to him? >> it's the party of trump. they recognize that, but listening to lindsey graham, play by the rules of the gods this is a religious man so we know americans are tying his loving, the god in this scenario but realistically if you look independence and if you look at independents and republicans the people who ended up voting for trump -- multicultural americans there are democrats and that's one of the things that people are looking at closely, to see whether or not does v j.b. vance does he win the ohio senate race and if he does, we need to mobilize because then the future that's under trump and the people that surround him is not a good one. >> all right, joan walsh, maria
6:52 pm
teresa kumar, laurie kilmartin thank you all tonight for joining us i appreciate your insight and your comedy retains and lori, your revelations there. very important. [laughs] coming up, first lady doctor joe biden went into ukrainian territory today we've got the latest on her historic visit, don't go anywhere. historic visit don't go anywhere.
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researched by the world's top scientific institutions. first lady still present --
6:56 pm
unannounced trip that was inside ukraine a small city with the southwestern corner of that country. at a converted school that now serves as a temporary housing for displaced citizens, doctor biden met with ukrainian first lady alina zelenskyy, who hasn't been seen in public since the start of the war on february 24th. the meeting of the two women also included a closed-door bilateral, it lasted about an hour. doctor biden's visit marks the first time a first lady of the night states had visited a war zone since laura bush tore parts of ghana stan in 2000. first ladies ellen scott, for her part thank dr. biden what she called a very courageous act especially on a date as symbolic and as important as mother's day. i thank you for making time for us this evening, be sure to catch ayman saturdays at, eight sundays at nine, so a new original update every friday on peacock, until we meet again i ayman mohyeldin have a good night. i i ayman mohyeldin trelegy for copd.have ao night.
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