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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  May 9, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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so any minute we expect to see joe biden doing something to get more weapons in the hands of ukrainians. he'll be signing a bill modeled after legislation that helped defeat nazi germany in hopes that it blow to russia.
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in ukraine, officials in one eastern province say dozens are dead after a bombing at a school there. and in russia, a victory day celebration with no victory in sight, as vladamir putin looks to drum up support for his troops, we're live in moscow and live in ukraine, along with our team at the white house. we're about to hear from the administration on all this and more. any news out of the briefing, you'll see it right here first. also this hour, an interview you'll see first right here on msnbc. the city of chicago just announcing it's going to try to become so-called safe haven for access to abortion services, with a big investment should the supreme court overturn roe v. wade. the mayor will join us one on one this hour. her first interview since that announcement. and plus, the economy in the spotlight. wall street starting the week, hate to see it, in the red like that. the dow down close to 400. and gas prices are heading up to near all-time record highs. we'll talk about what's behind it, and when you might hear some
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better headlines soon. i'm hallie jackson in washington. joining me now is shannon pettypiece and cal perry in kyiv. shannon, joe biden is set to sign that bill any minute. it's going to be just to pull back the curtain taped playback, which means we won't watch it live, but we will hear the headlines as he makes this move. talk about the impact on the landscape for ukraine here. >> reporter: so the aim from this law, which is passed with bipartisan support in the house and the senate is to expedite the delivery of weapons to ukraine. so it would remove some of these bureaucratic barriers that are in place in normal times to speed up how quickly some of these ammunition, missiles, equipment that is being delivered can get to the country. one of the big concerns and complaints ukrainian officials have said is that the equipment is just not getting to them fast
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enough. not only have they had the logistical issues on the ground of getting it to the border and then getting it through the border securely, but also back in the u.s., you know, just general bureaucratic procedures that things have had to go through. this goes back to a world war ii era law that was put in place then. at the time it was attributed to turn the tide of the u.s. allies in world war ii. and so definitely a hope in congress that it will make an impact here, as well. and i also note, hallie, this is a time, bill signing to some extent, this comes on victory day. there was a lot of anticipation in the administration that putin would use this victory day to declare a new strategy or victory in ukraine. we haven't necessarily seen that, but we will be able to get as you noted response from the president in a few moments here about his reaction to putin's remarks today and what we've been seeing play out in moscow. >> and some reaction, cal, from
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where you are in kyiv where president zelenskyy had his own victory day celebration, if you will. >> reporter: yeah, it is one of these slickly produced videos we are used to seeing from president zelenskyy. he walks through what appears to be the downtown kyiv area. a city that is coming under constant air raid sirens. you see him there. he finishes the video in the square, and he's starting to go back at vladamir putin for sort of what he says is vladamir putin's rewriting of history. we know that the russians have sort of taken a very skewed and incorrect view of world war ii and applied it here to their invasion of ukraine, saying they're going to defeat naziism in europe and he addresses that throughout the video. of course, he says this is also victory day here in ukraine. and he says soon ukraine will have two victories to celebrate, including the most victory
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against russian forces. he credits the west for these weapons, but sit a rebuke to vladamir putin. while that was going on, we saw the war continuing to rage in the eastern part of the country and in the southern part of the country. in the last pour, we heard from ukrainian air defenses that there were at least three missile strikes in and around odesa. there was heavy shelling up and down the eastern front. and this video, which we took where there were bodies found today. this is in the kyiv region. there have been almost 1300 bodies found so far in total. russian troops pulling back from villages like this one, where again there were bodies, at least three today found, men that were executed according to security services. while you have these very different messages from ukraine and russia going out on victory day at least being marked in moscow, you have the continuation of an eight-year war in the eastern part of the country and the russian invasion here in the capital.
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>> have you sensed anything different as you have traveled from city to city in ukraine, in recent days compared to maybe a couple weeks ago? >> reporter: well, i think the cleanup is well underway in the kyiv region where i am. you still have the burned out russian armored personnel carriers and tanks and bodies are being found. sit a very different scene than in the east where the war is raging. what is setting down as victory day passes here in kyiv and we didn't have any missile strikes, although there's still another hour and a half to go before midnight, there's a sense that that eight-year war that's dragged on in the east is only going to continue and intention fie. the question is, are more civilians, more people that were internally displaced, 7 million people, will they be able to return to their homes in the center and western part of the country? today was a marker for people waiting to see if this war is going to continue to expand and we may see people trying to return to their homes in kyiv. >> shannon, when the administration is looking at the response here, obviously the
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clarion wall coming from president zelenskyy and ukraine has been the need for more aid, from the humanitarian perspective and military perspective, the president, congress, delivering on that. and we'll see that here laid out in a tangible way today. what else are you hearing from your sources? >> certainly, there is this additional ukrainian aid package that seems to have a lot of bipartisan support in congress. it seems like these billions of dollars more that the u.s. wants to get in, supplies, not just military supplies but humanitarian supplies swell to ukraine, that that does have the support in congress. the big question is whether or not members will try to attach that to covid funding, which there is not that same level of agreement on and could stall things there. >> shannon, cal, thank you both. as we've been talking about, today is victory day in russia. a day that honors the allied defeat of nazi germany in world war ii. you have the russians celebrating with tanks rolling through the streets, thousands
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marching, a speech as we mentioned from russian president vladamir putin. but one thing missing in that victory day speech from putin was a proclamation of victory in ukraine. that's something military analysts had been perhaps expecting to. let me bring in correspondent kier simmons. tell us about today's show of force on the red square. >> reporter: today was another example of where predictions about what vladamir putin might say are best left to what does putin does say. he didn't give very much away. you may be able to hear moscow lit up today. there are fireworks going off, there is a sign in the building behind me there in support of course, of the russian forces in ukraine. this is, as you say, victory day.
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it marks the soviet union's part in the victory over the nazis. but today, putin and his people connected the past and the present. so you saw those 11,000 march through red square, you saw the tanks, you even saw nuclear capable missiles. notable, what you didn't see were world leaders joining president putin, as they have done in the past. also didn't see the flyover of fighter jets and bombers that was expected. the kremlin saying that didn't happen because of bad weather. but in terms of putin's message, frankly, hallie, it was uncompromising. he told the people and those soldiers gathered in front of him that we are fighting for our motherland, we are fighting for our future. he did also, though, acknowledge the grief that has been caused by the fighting in ukraine, while blaming nato and the west for that conflict.
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and what he met later with the father of a commander killed in ukraine, offering a medal for that man's son. that man telling president putin that god hopes there won't be many more deaths, saying back to president putin, we will be victorious. >> thank you so much for bringing us that reporting. we want to stay on the war in ukraine. we mentioned the conflict hitting its 75th day. ukraine also celebrates victory day, in different fashions. we talked about president zelenskyy marking the day with that video of him walking through the streets of kyiv, the capital city, that the russians failed to capture at the start of the war. in the occupied parts of ukraine's east, the mayor of mariupol says the day's events were in support of russia. that has now been an area that's under mostly russian control.
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let me bring in retired brigadier general. thank you for being with us. you just heard the report from moscow and these expectations from military analysts, and the point that it's tough to predict what putin says until it's out of his mouth. how did you read that? >> good afternoon. i found while there was a lot of the usual pomp and circumstance to the victory day parade and its proceedings, that actually the atmosphere was a bit muted. both in delivery of vladamir putin's speech and the nature of both of the celebration and commemoration. for whatever reason, and the russians say it was weather, there was no fly-by this year. so that's just a data point. and from when i was there eight years ago, if you were -- if you
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were 20 years old, in 1945 at the end of the war, you would be 97 years old now as a veteran. so there are precious view of these fighters and heroes with all their medals and everything else. but the messaging was, was -- it was -- it was -- yes, it was putting it out and laying it out that the west is a threat, nato and the u.s. but it was also -- there wasn't a lot to be triumphant about except victory in the great patriotic war. mariupol is still holding on that day. which is quite an achievement for the ukrainian defenders. and no major objectives have been seized or consolidated by the russians. though out in eastern ukraine or elsewhere, though there is a
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troubling river crossing just apparently created in the last 24 hours. and then the push in the south seems considerably slow. so falling back on history, russian television apparently full of old war movies and everything else. not a lot to be positive about, and no major announcements of the thought of the tide, whether it was a declaration of war or full mobilization. almost like they're being careful for many reasons, especially domestically. >> historians credit that world war ii as turning the tide against nazi germany then. do you think it would have the same impact of what the president is expected to sign now? >> that was dramatic, and you have famous stories of u.s. and convoys going up to the north and working with the soviets and they had american shermans.
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sherman tanks. ubiquitous sherman tank in the soviet army. yes, it mattered a lot. and the fact that there will be actually legislation linked to it i think makes it all the more positive. again, this is, russia, go back to where you were, at least on the 23rd of february. and we and our allies are going to support them all we can, at least until then. and probably more so. >> nbc news talked with one of the top diplomats in kyiv with the embassy getting ready to reopen. i want you to listen to that conversation. watch. >> doing this on the ground, in person, can be so much more rewarding than doing it from afar, because you get a better sense of things, you get to talk to people and sort of get to the heart of the issues. i hope that it sends a message that the united states is here,
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we're behind ukraine, and we're working hard as we have been for the past 2 1/2 months, to give ukraine everything it needs to fight the war against russia. >> why is it to importance to have a diplomatic presence on the ground in ukraine? >> let's go back ten weeks. it's staggering in many ways. most of us, it looked overwhelming that ukraine -- that kyiv was going to fall. and prudently, we got our mission out, as most of the other nations, and here we are, ten weeks later, and are dcm is there, acting ambassador. and many other nations. and this rather extraordinary. it just shows the momentum that is going. we have to be careful, but no, this is quite a point, because i think almost all thought that
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kyiv was going to fall in the first 96 hours of the conflict. >> general, thank you for being on with us. we should note the president has formally signed that act into law. didn't take questions from reporters, but said it matters, it really matters. we'll have more on this later on this afternoon. still ahead, a live interview you'll see here first. inside chicago's announcement it hopes to become a safe haven for people who need abortion care. the mayor of that city will join us live, next. but first, what officials in wisconsin are saying about that fire at an anti-abortion clinic. and stocks tumbling again. we'll check in before the closing bell. stay with us. eck inef bore the closing bell closing bell stay with us add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems.
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and balance the hormones that make weight loss easy. release works with your body, not against it, so you can put dieting behind you and go live your life. head to now to join the over 2 million people who have found the right way to lose weight and get healthier with golo. just in from chicago, mar you lori lightfoot sharing her
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plan to make it easier for women to get abortion access if roe v. wade were overturned with $500,000 in funding. a bunch of headlines in reaction a week after the leaked draft. in new york, we have the attorney general and state lawmakers announcing a $50 million fund for abortion providers. in michigan, the governor is pushing what she calls unprecedented steps to protect the right to choose. on capitol hill, nancy pelosi warning colleagues republicans will seek to criminalize abortion nationwide. all of it setting up a showdown in the senate this wednesday, with democrats will try to codify the protections of roe into law. the senate is looking to fast track a bill that would protect family members.
12:22 pm
and we're getting an update from police in wisconsin after an attack on an anti-abortion group's headquarters there. joe biden just out with a statement in the last hour condemning the violence. nbc's ron allen is following this for us. what is the update from police? >> reporter: they are pleading to the public for help to figure this out. they have no suspect, there is no arrest, and they are call thing an arson. they said possible arson before, but now it's clear. the police chief saying a number of times, there is no place for hate or violence in madison or anywhere else in this country. young see the -- not just an attack that caused a fire, apparently what happened was there was a device of some sort described as a molotov cocktail thrown through a window. that did not explode, and then another fire was started and you see the damage there. a passer by on the way to the airport spotted all this. some spokes there are saying
12:23 pm
that this message that was scrawled on their property, if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either, which was chilling and of course, of grave concern. as to the attack, though, at this point, there has been no suspect named, no firm leads. the police chief and the fbi are now involved in all this. and they are condemning the violence and looking for help to find the culprits. you referenced joe biden. he's also reacted to this, saying -- >> reporter: which is apparently what happened in madison as police try to track down a suspect n this arson attack.
12:24 pm
>> ron allen, appreciate it. we talked about what is happening in chicago simultaneously in that new funding now to provide abortion access to women if roe were overturned. first on msnbc now, chicago mayor lori lightfoot who is joining us now. thank you for being on the show. >> it's my pleasure. >> so let's talk about this new announcement, again, setting aside $500,000 to provide access to abortions for women in neighboring states, if those states were to ban abortion. you called it a call to arms in make thing announcement. explain that. >> well, i think everybody who saw that draft opinion has gone through a range of different emotions. but we can't just be angry. we've got to be intentional, we've got to be dedicated. that's why i'm calling upon fellow elected officials across the country, particularly my fellow mayors to join me in making a pledge we made today which is a justice for all
12:25 pm
pledge. fundamentally, it reaffirms chicago as a welcoming city, a city that doesn't discriminate, and a city that's going to stand with women. so we think that this five-point pledge is critically important for us to rally around in this fight, not only to save women, but if you look at that draft opinion and you look at the briefs in support of the appellants, they're going after every right that has been recognized that arises from a right of privacy. whether it's a right to contraception, the right for same-sex marriage, interracial marriage. i even saw some idiocy over the weekend where folks are arguing we should go next brown versus the board of education. i hope they overplay their hand, but this is a call to action. >> what is the data telling you about how many people chicago
12:26 pm
could see, how many people would come in from other state it is roe were overturned and abortion made illegal, perhaps outright banned in those nearby states? i ask, because would $500,000 be enough? >> $500,000 is simply a down payment to help our frontline providers get over this immediate hurdle. but they tell us they have already seen an exponential increase in the amount of calls to help lines from out of state, just from what's happened in texas, and over the last week, there's a lot of panic and fear, because too many women believe that roe has already been overturned and their right to access to reproductive care has already been extinguished. if you look around chicago, we have a number of states that have the so-called trigger laws that would ban abortion upon the reversal of roe. so we've seen a substantial increase already, and we are expecting frankly an explosion
12:27 pm
of new cases from women in wisconsin, missouri, potentially michigan, indiana. i think the list is long, and chicago is going to be an oasis in the midwest and we have to be ready. so this is a start, and not an ending. but it is absolutely a time for us to rally together and make sure that we are united in not turning back the clock on women's lives. >> you mentioned, of course, nearby wisconsin. we just -- before we turn to you, mayor, had a report from police in wisconsin about that attack on the anti-abortion center in madison. joe biden has condemned that violence. what is your message? what is your message and your reaction to people who are looking at that attack today? >> look, we can never, ever sanction any kind of violence, period. regardless of what the motivation is. we can't sanction that. our democracy is imperilled when
12:28 pm
people believe, for whatever reason, that they have the right to take up arms or violence against people with whom they disagree. the riots on january 6th should be a cautionary tale for all of us, and we just can't sanction it. what we can do is rally and organize and use the tools of our democracy to make sure that we're safeguarding the rights of all of us. that's why this justice for all pledge is so critically important for us as a city, and i hope that other electeds across the country will join me in making that pledge. our cities have to be a safe haven to protect our rights against discrimination in any form. >> a and this justice for all pledge, this is action on the local level, right? if you look at this and the landscape of what might happen if roe were overturned, right, with this leaked draft opinion
12:29 pm
suggesting a majority of justices support that, it would go to the states, which would be a state by state position whether or not to restrict abortion. you are calling on cities to elect this. mitch mcconnell says a nationwide abortion ban is possible, but he's not going to pass the filibuster to do it. >> i wouldn't believe anything he said. if you did a side by side comparison on the things he says on the same issue, particularly filling supreme court vacancies, he doesn't carry a lot of weight, because he doesn't have integrity. all he cares about is maximizing political power. what we need to do is make sure this issue is on the ballot, all across our country. we have primaries for the rest of may and june, and obviously the general election in november. we need to make this an issue,
12:30 pm
and every election up and down the ballot, because our rights are hanging in the balance. and we can't give those rights up without a fight. and the biggest and most powerful tool that we have in a democracy is our right to vote. >> chicago mayor lori lightfoot, thank you very much for being on the show. i know it's been a busy afternoon for you. appreciate your time. >> >> still ahead, a new nbc news investigation. some are accusing the fbi by missing some big red flags that may have prevented a school shooting. but first, pieces of the biden agenda that senator joe manchin is willing to revisit. what sources are telling our people, coming up. telling our telling our people, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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12:35 pm
mom from west virginia who relied on those payments to help make ends meet. >> i didn't used to have to pinch pennies like. this>> reporter: kristen lives in west virginia, where 93% of children qualified for the child tax credit. these families haven't received a payment since december when congress failed to pass the build back better act. but her senator, joe manchin, was the lone democrat to stand in the way. >> i think there should be a work requirement. >> reporter: saying he worried people were using the money for drugs. for chris, that hurt to hear. >> it's like he's just saying you're not worth investing in, when they're not giving us this money. your children aren't worth it. >> what would getting the child tax credit back mean for your son, george? >> for george, it would mean going back to jujitsu, school clothes, better sneakers.
12:36 pm
>> also new reporting on the senator in dasha's senator, joe manchin. he would be willing to pass part of the domestic agenda. so typically not -- i would say not breaking news that a democratic senator might back a democratic president's agenda. but with joe manchin, this is interesting as it relates to the child tax credit. tell us about your new reporting. >> reporter: that's right, hallie. it's unlikely that joe manchin would support an extension of that child tax credit in reconciliation for two reasons. the first is the cost. it's very expensive. it would cost more than $1 trillion over ten years, and joe manchin, in one of his nuanced positions, has insisted that any and all new spending programs be funded over a ten-year period unlike the house bill, which included some temporary one, two, three-year funding to make the numbers add up. the second is, manchin says all
12:37 pm
social spending should be kept out of the bill. he considers this to be social spending. he also considers child care funding. and that gets us to a new effort by senator murray, the washington democrat, who is pitching a new child care funding extension. that's about half the cost of the build back better version. it funds an existing program of the child care block grant development program. it doesn't create a new program. but it's also expensive and fits in manchin's category of social spending, as does paid leave. he's been clear that he's not going to support these items in reconciliation, he wants to pursue them through a bipartisan program. what he will support, hallie, is a package that includes tax increases to lower the deficit, prescription drug savings, and investments in energy and climate change over the long haul. as long as half the savings go to deficit reduction. that is what he will support. >> thank you.
12:38 pm
coming up on nbc "nightly news" over on the network side, some missed warning sides that may have prevented school shootings in their view. an examination of the 2017 aztec high school shooting. nbc news national security and justice correspondent ken delainian is here with his report. tell us about it. >> reporter: at the heart of this investigation are some audiotapes that i don't think anyone has ever heard before. they are the tape recordings of an fbi interview with a young man who went on to become a school shooter. the fbi went to interview this person at his home in aztec, new mexico, back in 2016 after he had posted a threat online that said he was plotting a mass shooting and looking for a weapon on a budget that's good for killing a lot of people. so this computer threat posted online made its way to the fbi. two agents went to his house,
12:39 pm
their interviewed him. he spoke in very concerning ways about his fascination with mass shooters, his home life was terrible. yet the fbi closed the case, wrote in documents they found no threat to the community. a year and a half later, he walked into his high school with a hand gun and shot two people before turning the gun on himself. so what we have done is taken a look at the totality of the irk ises. there are lawsuits in this case, but it's not just the fbi. the school district and the local police department are accused of failings in this case. for example, he was suspended from school for writing about the columbine shooting on a white board. the school district never told the police about that. so what we have here is a system wide failure by the community, but those audio recordings of this person with the fbi are really chilling and worth everyone listening to. more tonight on nbc "nightly
12:40 pm
news." >> we'll be watching 6:30 eastern with lester holt. next up, why gas prices are going up near a record today. jake ward will join us live from, i think a gas station there he is. hey, jake. >> reporter: hey, hallie. correct, here in california's bay area, we're seeing gas prices above $6 a gallon. we'll look at the global impact of these record prices coming up after the break right here on msnbc. after the break right here on after the break right here on msnbc. we're working up a sweat before coffee. and saying, “no thanks...” a boston cream. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular dor adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including... ...dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal.
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12:45 pm
flights to stuff you buy at the mall. joining us is jake ward, let me start with you. look ahead to the summer. gas prices are not in a place where folks could love them to be. are folks changing up their plans because of it? >> reporter: we are certainly looking at that possibility, hallie. in fact, a new opinion poll from yahoo public opinion suggests that for the majority of americans, we are already at the price where they would change their plans. 66% of people said if it stays between $4.12 and $4.35 a gallon. we are there right now. the rest of the country it would take getting to $5 per gallon to change their plans. right here, it's $6 a gallon. anyone pulling a truck which they run something like a yard maintenance business in here and trying to fill up, that's $100
12:46 pm
out of their pocket like that. if you have somebody commuting 100 miles a day in a job like that, they're blowing so much money, that their inflation rate is entirely different from the portion of the country that works from home. we spoke to people at a food bank here in the bay area who said many car owning people who come to the food bank are walking in and out in order to save the money that they would normally spend on gas. the effect here across the country and around the world, if you wear anything made out of plastic, if that was manufactured or shipped anywhere, all of those prices are affected by fuel. and that's what we're seeing around the world here. >> ron, oil prices are down a little bit i think this week. it takes a lot longer to see that impact on gas prices. >> sure. >> we know that. all of this, though, the uncertainty of what's happening overseas and what's happening in china, we're a couple of minutes from trading, the dow down 640
12:47 pm
points, the s&p and nasdaq down also, everybody in the red. what's going on, ron? >> well, there is this fear of the risk of recession, as the fed maintains its stance that it's going to raise interest rates until it beats back inflation, part of which is fueled by these rising energy costs we're talking about, part of which is fueled by the supply chain disruptions, as china remains locked down. of course, the war in russia and ukraine i should say, is disrupting energy supplies, as well. so the fed's been pretty insistent upon raising rates and saying they will raise rates until inflation falls. now you're starting to get the markets very nervous that could lead to recession. >> thank you both. appreciate it. we have breaking news to get into from capitol hill where a deal has been reached to separate covid funding from joe biden's new multibillion dollar aid request from ukraine. i want to bring in our correspondent with us from the hill.
12:48 pm
so this is just in to us now. this is a move that i think had been -- some folks on the hill had wanted to see. talk us through it. >> reporter: that's right, hallie. congress appears to have just cleared a path for joe biden's massive ukraine aid package. this had been jammed up because congressional leaders wanted to attach covid relief funding, which republicans in the senate had promised to filibuster over demands of an immigration amendment. the entire package had been stalled, but now, congressional sources tell our colleagues that the president has communicated to congressional leaders he wants the ukraine package to pass separately. that would cheer a path, it has both bipartisan support in the house and the senate, and the second bit of news, it has grown. it was initially $33 billion. it's now nearly $40 billion, with the increases coming on about $3.5 billion for food aid,
12:49 pm
and another $3.5 billion for additional drawdown authority for military equipment. a major piece of the domestic ask of congress right now, has a path forward as a result of this decision by the president. what remains in the lurch is covid relief, that $10 billion bipartisan package, senate republicans are demanding that immigration vote. democrats don't want to grant it to them. >> appreciate it. coming up after the break, the drastic move some families are making with these dangerous nationwide baby formula shortage and why it may get worse. and why it may get worse [gusts of wind] [ding] the more information i found, got me more curious. researching my family on ancestry has given me a purpose.
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12:54 pm
and pops all of the way up to our large supercenters, pharmacies. almost every store that would carry formula. >> you've got some people now taking advantage or trying to with the situation with formula gouging. this trend popping up online where formula is being resold at crazy high prices so people can bring in money. first of all, explain how this happened. it's a confluence of a couple of factors, supply chain issues and formula recall. let me start there. >> that's it in a nutshell. production facilities shut down all related to that and then we had issues around supply chain shortages and inflation and all of that is combined to sort of create this perfect storm, and to talk about sort of where we are right now, out of stock numbers in terms of formula are hovering at around 40% nationwide according to
12:55 pm
nationwide, that is nearly double of what it was in january and this number is steadily rising in some parts of the country, it's even higher at 50% in parts of the south and the midwest and experts say it's only going to get worse. >> priscilla, i was listening to my producer who told me during the white house briefing which is happening now as we speak, white house press secretary jen psaki is asked, and what the white house is saying. >> what the fda is doing, they're independent and part of the administration is taking a number of steps to address. that includes working with major infant formula manufacturers to make sure they're increasing production because part of this issue is making sure there's stock on the shelves, right? and working with the industry to optimize their sizes to increase
12:56 pm
capacity and to optimize the greatest needs. >> that is happening now at the briefing room. what is the time line they're laying out for when some parents might be able to find some relief? >> that is one question that folks haven't been able to answer. we have heard that, yes, the formula companies are ramping up production, but in terms of when this is going to get better, haven't been able to nail folks down on that, but one other thing that the fda is saying to parents is they're seeing some parents going to drastic measures, diluting some of the formula that they do have with water and even trying to make home made formula. we've seen those searches spiking on youtube more than 200% and the fda is saying please do not do that. that is not safe for babies. they may not be getting the nutrition that they need and it can lead to foodborne illness. what experts recommend is that parents talk to their pediatrician and perhaps a special order because of the
12:57 pm
special relationships that they have with formula companies or even refer you to a breast milk bank that can provide a safe alternative to formula. the other option is to mix up the brand. you don't want to change the base formula. so if you're using a cow milk-based formula, don't switch to soy milk, but switch up and get whatever brand is available and last pro tip is thinking outside of the big box stores. try the local pharmacy, try the convenience store. you might be able to find formula there to keep you going. priscilla, thank you very much. i'll see you over at nbc news now in just an hour for show number two, but in the meantime "deadline: white house" with nicole wallace, starts right after the break. nicole wallace, starts right after the break.advice from mem. [baby spits out milk] i'll get my onesies®. ♪ “baby one more time” by britney spears ♪ e*trade now from morgan stanley. this isn't dry food or wet food.
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> hi there, everyone. happy monday. it's 4:00 in new york as the january select committee gets ready to blow the roof off the house in congressman jamie raskin's words and some of them in prime time next month the intense and largely secretive phase of its work is coming to an end. today politico pulls back the curtain of the sheer number of evidence the committee has gathered about the events leading up to and surrounding the insurrection. despite a concerted effort to stonewall the committee by many of donald trump's closest allies in the last administra


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