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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  May 10, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> important. >> i feel like we just scratched the surface here. we will want you to come back and follow your work in this series for the "new york times." the author of the brand new book called "inspired." a journey of art, science and the soul. and hope you would both come back. that does it for us this morning. jose picks up the coverage right now. >> good morning, later this morning, president biden is set to address rising inflation as american families struggle to pay for everything from gas to baby formula. breaking this a critical ukrainian city off the coast of the black sea is being pounded by russian missiles, we talk to a ukrainian member of parliament
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about it all. >> and on the record about abortion rights, as protests continue outside supreme court justices' homes. and the leaked supreme court draft opinion. >> soaring inflation, later this morning, president biden will lay out a new plan to lower costs for working families and attack republican policies that he said will only make inflation worse. gas prices are rising again. the national average, aaa says, the highest since it started collecting data in 2000. prices are up 4 cents from
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yesterday, and after the federal reserve hiked. and according to the latest numbers from april 24th, 40% of popular baby formulas are out of stock. making things particularly difficult for parents of infants. >> i have seen moms in the store crying, the formula aisle. they can't find their baby's formula. >> we keep plugging along. the social media, hopefully, you will find something. >> the dow jones industrial
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average is up. big losses in the last couple of days. >> arthor of what to do with your money when a crisis hits, a survival guide. >> what can we expect to hear from the president this morning? >> nothing particularly new from the president. he said has been designed to lower costs, for the american people. and also, hear from him, a number of things he would like.
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everyone paying attention to the issue with inflation, he will talk about his release from the strategic petroleum reserve, to deal with gas prices, his firsts to close a so-called family glitch in the afford health care act. and other things like internet access, and priorities, taking steps to reduce prescription drug costs. broadly speaking, this is a political exercise. this president will -- rick shot. he will highlight what he says
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is a plan by the republican senator to raise taxes on average americans and make the case that this plan, the president's plan would raise taxes on wealthy americans and corporations, while helping the middle class grow, and deal with the -- it, he will draw contrast, trying to make the case that he is fighting for the middle class, and the republicans are not. the republicans dispute that, and say the president is responsible for the rise in inflation, the president will come out, and try to lay down his marker here. >> as expected in 90 minutes from now. how did we get to this point? point of gasoline going up. they can reserve millions of
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barrels, that mitigates for a couple of days, a week. groceries, the basic food items have been shooting up on a daily basis. why is this happening? >> there is a lot going on. the war in ukraine. we have supply chain issues fall-out from the pandemic. so much pent up demand for stuff. consumers were out buying, because there is a supply train, two sides of the coin, they are dealing with the pandemic. people who have money, we are trying to get pop we are dealing
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with the pandemic. people are still struggling. and are worried. understand. the price of eggs, chicken, it is like over and over again, we see everything going up. the issue of baby formula. what is going on there? >> there is a shortage of baby formula. when you look at why this is happening, there is one in addition to the supply chain issues, there was a much facility abbott nutrition, they
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recalled that is one of the biggest plans producing you look formula. >> if you can go home and live with your parents? go home and live with your parents. if you have roommates. keep those roommates. when you go to the grocery store, look for substitutions, brand names, cut as much as you
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can to account for the increase in prices elsewhere. more belt tightening. for many have tightened it so much, i wouldn't be looking for a house right now. i would sit tight, waiting for things to settle down. my 27-year-old daughter lives with me. my 24-year-old son live with us. we are thrilled. they are not out there with high rentsz, the oldest one, working full time, the other is still studying. she is putting in 15%. those are the kinds of things, with our own children, to deal with higher prices and the economy right now. thank you all much for being
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with us this morning. with us now to continue the conversation, the senior director of public policy, advocates for women and children. >> talk about the baby formula shortage. it is affecting a lot of people. it has to be hard on struggling families. >> thank you for raising this issue. we hear from mothers across the country, searching for formula is a full-time job. they may not have the time. >> can't afford to put gas in your car. >> how is it making it difficult
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for the people you serve? >> rising costs are felt by many, with the infant form la, this is not nes serl an inflation issue, this is a, one manufacturer closing one plant to deal with a food safety issue, had this coming out of stores with empty hands. >> i don't know much about this. what happened? it is one manufacturing plant closed for what reasons? what percentage of baby formula is that plant making?
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>> well, we have abbott nutrition, producing similac, had to close. the fda is vthding it in what we have seen, not just a flick of the switch. that is what we are seeing, is the crunch. we have seen some. half the country is out of stock. it will take weeks for it to catch up. >> we are finding there is nothing on the shelves.
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they can't take a pause. too have a baby. >> exactly. for form la, it can be the exclusive source of nutrition for the baby. fda, usda, the interagency work, they have been on top of this since day one. working with the manufacture, calling ahead to make sure they have it in stock. so not to waste gas. and things like homemade infant formula, diluting infant
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formula. we are -- this is a critical issue. it is. >> i appreciate you coming, thanks. >> thank you. >> talk to a member of ukraine's parliament, next. >> the inmate, and the officer who escaped from jail. how
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find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. . one person has died after russia fired missiles into the
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city overnight. it could threaten the world's food supply. officials made a grim announcement. 44 bodies were found under the rubble of an apartment building, destroyed by russian forces in march. we are getting news of conflict in the same region. this is defense ministry foot age. after being hit with a grenade launcher. and these are live pictures from the united nation, the czech republic is expected to fill the seat. in the u.s., president biden is expected to move forward on a major aid package to father support ukraine. it comes as the president signed a new bill streamlining ukraine with military assistant. joining us now, erin mclaughlin
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from kiive. and the senior director. what do we know about the attacks on odesa overnight? >> reporter: the missiles continue to rain down on this port city of odesa they struck over the last few dayings, a number of hotels and shopping mall. ukrainian officials claiming russia is using hypersonic missiles, on a city that is seen as important to ukraine. it is the largest port a russian defense official said it is to
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create a land bridge, to a breakaway region of mulldova, the ukraine is a maritime country, 96% of the exports leave through the black sea ports. this russian assault continues, noting that russian soldiers have not entered the city. missile strikes only, it is heavily fortified. it is being seen as a difficult target other than like mariupol, along the black sea, huge problems, according to president volodymyr zelenskyy, the director of the food and
7:22 am
agriculture, said it is now, a grotesque problem, foods not able to leave the ports. >> how does the aid to ukraine -- how does it work? >> the lend lease act, demonstrating support in congress for ukraine. biden wanted it quickly, to expedite, they well talking about $3 billion assistance to ukraine. >> ambassador, is this in any way make it quicker? that is to get --
7:23 am
>> there is recognition by the administration that things are not getting there as quickly as they can. this is designed to expedite it. if you add presidential attention to it, things will get there faster. >> the new york times, quote, putin wants us to make it a proxy war. they are telling people, this is a repeat of the cold war, it is a colonial land grab, is this level of u.s. involvement playing into putin's hands somehow? >> putin said it is a war against the united states if putin succeeds in conquering
7:24 am
ukraine, he will move west, and the allies. this is essential for our security. >> thank you much much. >> it was a unilateral action by russia to invade ukraine. thank you for being with us. u.s. lawmakers, what does ukrainians need? >> more weapons, as many weapons as possible. we are losing them and expand them at if the -- you can see, we have to fight russia in so many now. we have a budget of $5 billion a
7:25 am
month. we have to if the support for sanctions, this is critical, after, we will be looking for new markets for oil. it is critical that russia upon it is becoming the sponsor of tororrism itself. this is how they were taken down. of course, we do need to have
7:26 am
the con -- they have sent i am the co-author. this is what we critically need. >> in a recent tweet, you roet, today is a -- you wrote, today, is a day without nuclear weapons, thank god. >> it is scary, and you learn to ask yourself, you say, i will do
7:27 am
this after we win. you concentration all your efforts, too. how do we make it stop? how do we make it end? it is hard to live your life, plan your life, their missile is -- making sure we do everything to win this war. >> the pent ghon said on monday,
7:28 am
that russia is -- what are you hearing snrnlth we know this is happening, first of all, russians are taking civilians for so-called exchange pool. they are moving ukrainians out of the occupied territories, to move russians in. it will be hard to maintain them. this is russian strategy.
7:29 am
for 300 years, they are taking they are making them work. they are replacing them with russians, who are willing, this is what is happening now. this is yet another on the war crimes list, putin is committing. >> thank you for being with us. >> the details of how they were caught next.
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prison they disappeared from more than a week ago. what is the latest? >> reporter: casy white, now behind bars never fired a shot. the only person who did was vicki white, who appeared to take her own life. an 11-day manhunt and saga is over. >> the suspects from alabama. >> the u.s. marshall service said following a 10-minute pursuit, their car was rammed. >> intercepted them, actually clyded with them, to try to end the pursuit. >> video showing police cars rushing into the area where it ended. appears to show authorities detaining a suspect. the marshalls said they didn't
7:35 am
hear gun shots. >> we heard her say, she had her finger on the trigger. the correction officers. >> he said, please, help my wife. she is shot, i didn't do it. >> and a black ford truck sticking out of the end of the bay. my first thought, this could be the guy from alabama. tennessee license plates on it. >> surveillance video shows casy leaving in a cadillac, using that car to track them to a local hotel parking lot. eventually, the car chase that lead to their capture. casy was facing capital murder charges for the murder of
7:36 am
ridgeway. >> the darkest night. the next day, the sun is shining. >> officials vowing that casy will be brought to justice. >> he will stay in handcuffs and shackles. if he want to sue me, so be it he is not getting out of this jail again. >>. >> reporter: to waive his right to fight extradition. we are expecting casy white to be on trial for capital murder in june. >> thank you very much. now, time for a check of the headlines beyond our borders. the philippines will have a new president. deciding who will replace the leader after six years, the projected winner is up by 15 million votes.
7:37 am
ferdinand marcos jr. the son of a former dictator. two journalists were killed, bringing the total to 11. mexico becoming the most dangerous place next to war zones. >> and a third suspect in the assassination of president moise. >> and the queen of england missed the parliament event for the first time in six decades due to mobility issues. prince charles took her place. the queen missed the event only twice before, both times because she was pregnant.
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7:43 am
to what was asked for. humanitarian aid. both agree, they want it to move quickly. the senate, based on how they work quickly. probably won't be able to pass their version until next week. it was that desire to move quickly that lead to the split between the ukraine aid and the covid age package, that may be slit for a long time. >> and a vote tomorrow, on the women's health protection act. we expect that vote will look a lot like the last time it was voted on back in february, every democrat, perhaps joe man chin for the republicans opposed. that is the strategy how it
7:44 am
goes. trying to force another vote on getting rid of the -- turn it into a mid term issue. >> thank you so much. with us now to continue our conversation, is michigan senator. >> it looks like it doesn't have the votes to move forward. why have the vote in the first place? >> well, jose, first of all, thanks for all you do every day. great to be with you. and what is so important is that this is real, it is not a theory anymore. every senator needs to go on the
7:45 am
record to say whether or not they support a woman's freedom to make her own reproductive freedom. mitch mcconnell has done everything to get to this moment with a right wing supreme court, that will take away 50 years of precedent and set women back, and take away our freedoms, that is what this moment is about. that is what the vote is about. then we will continue to speak about the implications of this, in terms of our right to privacy as more thanes, and ultimate lie, this will be about the november election. we need more pro-choice members, we need a democratic majority, then we can protect a women's
7:46 am
freedom to make her own decisions. >> and the 1931 law bans abortion would go back into effect. doesn't have exceptions for medical emergencies, rain, incest. what if the supreme court doesn't? >> this is scary. in fact, in addition to michigan's 1931 law, there are 26 states, state laws, that would go into effect. 17 of them would have not exceptions for rain and incest. i am hoping that looking at the michigan constitution, it is clear this is not constitutional. the november ele,z we have republicans in the state house,
7:47 am
republican majorities in the state, that would go back and try to pass a new law. steaking away our freedoms. here, it is the same thing. we have to stop the right wingers saying to women in this country, we think that the politicians should. >> what are they doing about the baby formula shortage? >> there was a recall in
7:48 am
february, about contaminated baby formula at an abbott facility. that recall should have come sooner, you put it with all the supply chain issues, we have you know, an economy that basically shut down in the united states and around the world. because of covid. it needed to. getting things up and going again, we are seeing a mismatch in terms of supply chains. there are few baby formula companies. we have consol dike. we need more the question of the fda and the recall, is essential. because if you are talking about
7:49 am
babies, baby form la, it is essential. this is a critical part of their capacity, to make sure the babies thrive and survive. we are pushing hard to make sure move is available, that it is safe. >> it is always a pleasure to see you. i thank you for your time with us. >> up next, primary day, two red state, you are watching --
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52 past the hour right now. folks are heading to the polls for primary elections in west virginia and nebraska. the contests providing another test of former president trump's influence over the gop. joining us punchbowl news co-founder and msnbc political jake sherman. great seeing you. let's talk about first the governor's race in nebraska. >> reporter: charles herbster against jim pillan. herbster has had some allegations of sexual
7:54 am
harassment. i think we'll see here whether donald trump is enough to blunt some of those allegations. and furthermore, i think an important issue is this is a parochial race in a sense, right? won and lost on local issues, not necessarily national issues. if you look at the add campaigns which we've been tracking very closely in punchbowl news, they're trying to wage a national campaign about the border. nebraska is, of course, nowhere close to the mexico border. we'll see if a message like that resonates. >> meanwhile, in west virginia, not exactly close to the border either, two republican incumbents are facing off for a state in a seat in the house, right? >> this is the most interesting race of the day. david mckinley versus alex mooney. two house republicans, mooney has donald trump's endorsement. mckinley is, if you watch his
7:55 am
campaign ads, is trying to make it seems as if he also has donald trump's endorsement. he's aired ads with trump in it. he has quite interestingly the endorsement of joe manchin, the prominent democratic senator. he cut an ad for mckinley who has a traditional voting record. he's being whacked on his vote for the infrastructure bill which obviously joe manchin championed. there hasn't been a ton of public polling there. i think mooney has a healthy lead in some of the polling, obviously small sample sizes. it's always interesting when you have the member-on-member primaries to see who comes out on top. >> i was wondering if these races would make an impact on the upcoming midterm elections. >> not this race at all. this is a significantly red district in a state that donald trump carried by a huge margin. he's a republican against a republican. we have to stay away from the
7:56 am
temptation to suggest that every race is a referendum on donald trump's power on the republican party. donald trump is still extraordinarily popular in the republican party. he's going to lose some races. he's going to win a lot of races. if he ends up 50/50, that's a pretty good track record for endorsements. >> jake sherman, always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with us. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm jose diaz-balart. i'll be back after a short break as we await president biden's remarks on the fight on inflation. i'll see you in just a second. choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart kicking off another busy hour. 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific. we have our eyes on the white house which is juggling a number of major issues. in about 30 minutes, we expect to hear from president biden about one of them, inflation and the rising costs for families. right now many parents have a new unimaginable concern of core reese, a nationwide baby formula shortage. >> a couple of stores we've been in has president had it and had to go to the next location. >> i myself am down to one can of formula. >> a potential shortage on the horizon with our covid vaccines, with covid funding sed


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