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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  May 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes this tuesday. we are grateful. "the beat" with jason johnson in for ari melber starts right now. >> welcome to "the beat." i'm jason johnson in for ari melber. we start a political development that could turn midterms into chaos, rattle republican candidates and put new heat on the maga movement. elon musk saying when his purchase of twitter is
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finalized, he will reinstate trump's account. he was permanently banned after the january 6th insurrection for inciting violence. musk said this earlier. >> i do think that it was not correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake. because it -- it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. i would reverse the ban. i think it was a morally bad decision, to be clear, and foolish in the extreme. >> yeah, so a few things -- first, musk's purchase is expected to go through some time this year. he doesn't take over the platform until then, but it's unclear if that will be before or after the midterms. second, donald trump claim he is won't rejoin twitter, but nobody believes what donald trump says any way. and third, this is unfortunately a big deal.
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trump has been starved of that online narcotic since getting banned on major platforms. while it would be nice to think he spent the last year in attention rehab, i say no, no, no. reporters worried trump returning to twitter would injury the party. they'd be stuck having to answer for him on a daily basis. bigger picture -- landscape is changing fast. it's rapidly dawning on conservatives that they're wildly unpopular attacks on women's rights and the likely overturning of roe could hurt the gop in the midterms. fox's hannity trying to spin it, but you can pretty much read between the lines here. >> democrats need a good distraction for the midterms, a way to drive out turnout and excite their base and their radical base is lapping it up, and i fear this can go from bad to worse. >> yeah, he stumbled through that one. republicans know most americans do not support this extreme
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anti-abortion agenda, but you the maga base does, but the gop can't control its extreme elements on this or any front. any about the big lie. trump's election deniers are running in west virginia and nebraska primaries tonight. president biden eyeing an opportunity for democrats to take back four seats in the senate, but democrats have work to do, at least on the senate side. they're still unwilling to break through mcconnell's obstruction by using the filibuster. tomorrow they'll hold a vote on abortion rights. that vote will fail. speaker pelosi. >> i want the republican party to take back the party, take it back to where you were, where you cared about a woman's right to choose, you cared about the environment, and all -- [ cheers and applause ] here i am nancy pelosi saying this country needs a strong republican party, and we do, not a cult, but a strong republican party. >> seems pretty strong that a minority party can overthrow
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popular will. that's where we start, speaker pelosi talking about the gop's cult as the cult leader seeks to regain his mega phone. char si sykes, sarah kinzier, and political scientist and dean of the clinton school, victoria defrancesca soto. excited about this group tonight. i'm going to start with this. i have to mention, donald trump getting back on twitter doesn't immediately concern me, because ultimately i think it's up to the press to not give him as much attention as he desperately needs, but charlie, i got to ask you, if trump gets back on twitter before the midterms -- let's say august, right? elon's in charge, trump gets back on, what do you think that does to the republican party if anything? >> there's a reason why republicans are nervous, because they spent years pretending that they didn't read donald trump's
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tweets. remember all that? because in fact when he tweets something out they will be asked about it, as they should be asked about it. this is something they don't necessarily want. i have mixed feelings about this. i disagree we alone musk. i think it was a morally correct decision to kick him out and he was fomenting violence. if he runs in 2024 we need pay attention, watch him, have a spotlight on him. when he's back on twitter, there's going to be a spotlight on him, which is why republicans are so upset about this, because he says, you know, bat crap crazy stuff all the time, and it's not getting the kind of attention that it used to get. now it's going to be out there front and center and they're going to have to answer to it and talk about it, which they don't want to do. >> victoria, i want to play you some sound from musk himself. this is his sort of tortured logic on free speech. i want your thoughts on this and
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how it's being used by the far right in america, right after he play this clip. >> even after he egged on the crowds who went to the u.s. capitol, some of them carrying nooses, you still think it was a mistake to remove him? >> i think the -- if there are tweets that are wrong, they should -- and bad, those should be either deleted or made invisible. and a suspension -- a temporary suspension is appropriate, but not a permanent ban. >> so, he's a free speech absolute is, but the bad speeches, the bad tweets should be deleted them kind of word salad, i guess you can do that when you're the richest person on the planet, but vickie, from a consistency standpoint, what does this say about what twitter might look like under the elon
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musk regime? >> there's zero consistency, and there's questions in terms of what that relationship is going to look like. i have to take a step back and nerd out a little bit. i know an area that's near and dear to you is media literacy. donald trump coming back on twitter, is that worrisome? yes. are we going to see falsehoods propagated? yes. but how is it we can't separate fact from fiction? and that we've seen over the last number of years study after study showing more and more americans get their news from social media -- which is fine -- but that the ones that only rely on it are the least knowledge on onlyable? our young folks. free speech, say what you want to say, even if it's crazy, even if it's a lie, but there's no base for us to understand, and
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for me, this is what worries me tremendously. >> so we switch gears slightly. sarah, who is one of my favorite follows on twitter, i'm going put a larger context of how we're looking at the next couple of months, twitter, the midterm elections. as of right now, we have the republicans last week. they got the supreme court they wanted. looks like they're about to strip abortion rights, and we have to white house releasing a statement saying, hey, people, you can protest at kavanaugh's house, but don't be too aggressive. you have the democrats saying, we're not going to be able to do anything about this at in the senate. you have james clyburn campaigning for the lone pro-life democrat in the house of representatives right now. i'm looking at this thinking, is it unreasonable to think the democratic party, at least their leadership, maybe they're not as passionate. i don't see nearly as much passion and concern about abortion rights as i hear from
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the regular people on the streets. what's your thought on that? >> i think that's true, and it follows their lack of concern about the attempted overthrow of the country in january, the lack of follow through on that. i think we have a party of out of touch elites, they don't know how ordinary people live. and they don't care how ordinary people die. and i'm sorry to put it in so much stark term, and i certainly don't think it applies to everyone in the democratic party, but it is true of the leadership. you know, people are scared. women are scared. people in sates like mine, missouri, which will have a trigger law that will outlaw abortion and then possibly outlaw contraception immediately are very frightened, and they're not responding to that. they're placing more emphasis on protecting people like brett kavanaugh from completely peaceful protests from his own neighbors than the immediate threat to women.
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>> yeah, that's what's interesting. i don't think people realize, this is partially brett kavanaugh's neighbors. nobody likes him. even if your neighbors are setting up protests, cannot wait to find out what their next homeowner's association is like. charlie, you're in a state where it's an important potential pickup for the democratic party. it seems like it's close, but seems like the front-runner on the democratic side is mandela barnes. you've got ron johnson, one of the most unpopular and flame throwing republican senators you have. is this kind of thing, a trump return and is eliminating abortion rights the kind of thing that would drag ron johnson down nationally and drag him down at home, or do you think the maga support net that that state and for a lot of republicans will be enough to support the national head winds? >> it's hard to know, with the stock market down, rates going up, inflation, may drawn this out. but this is the one thing that i
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think might spur democratic turnout, and in wisconsin, that's crucial. we have a governor who i think is very, very vulnerable. but the governor's race becomes a referendum. in missouri we have a trigger law written in the 1840s that ban all abortions that might go into effect if republicans are elected them clearly changes the political dynamic dramatically in wisconsin. but can i weigh in on this? because i think i'm going disagree with some of you here. what democrats have to do if they're concerned about abortion rights is they have to win elections, and by the way, focusing on protests at the homes of supreme court justices is not the way to win hearts and minds. it may scratch an ideological itch, but in fact is not going to persuade. it's more likely to alienate. and i also disagree with sarah that the democrats don't care, because they passed security
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members saying we should protect members of the supreme court. that seems basic. i think that my criticism of chuck schumer would be, why don't you go after the republicans on their most vulnerable points? why not have a vote tomorrow in the united states senate -- should be exceptions for rape, incest, the life of the mother. how about saying there can be no bans on abortions for you can topic pregnancies? make the republicans go on record supporting some of these no-exception laws that exist in places like missouri and wisconsin. that would be -- if it's a messaging law, if it's a messaging bill, then why not have a message that highlights the real vulnerabilities as opposed to going through this ritual, which will just be futile and frustrate the base?
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>> this idea the democrats actually care about it, in my mind and i think in minds of a lot of voters out there, seems the democrats were quick to act on defending the members of supreme court who just snatched away the rights of hundreds of thousands of people, but not nearly as aggressive as defending the right of the men and women who put them in office. sarah. >> exactly. it's a matter of urgency, a matter of what they think is important, and you see the same lack of -- on voting rights doesn't matter how good your campaigns are, candidates are. if we don't have voting rights you're going to be unable to get the people no office to move on that. they haven't even restored the postal service. lack of urgency on a number of issues. i think this one is particularly resonant in the fact that they did manage to get together look a centrist voltron and paz a bill.
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that's not going to sit well with democratic voters, i don't think it's going sit well with americans in general. >> it will. wrong. no. >> one second, charlie. i'm going to get to victoria. we've all been talking about this idea of turning out in persuasion one way or the other. political scientists, i don't think anyone's getting persuaded anymore. i think this is an idea of turnout. do you think abortion is the kind of issue that will persuade mythical republican women to vote democratic? or do you think it's more likely to just turn out what is occasionally a sluggish base of democrats during the midterms? >> i think it's both. i think there's base. we know in midterms low propensity voters don't come out. i think the issue we're now seeing is going to push those folks most affected by these restrictions, by abortion restrictions, namely black and brown women to turn out where
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they may not have otherwised turn out. that's one piece of it. and i do think there can be some persuasion, but a lot of it is going to depend on the democratic party, democratic operatives, of how they pack. it. it's going to be different how you relate to an independent woman in the suburbs to a country club republican woman. there's going to have to also be a lot of skill involved. you can't be like, okay, there's overreach. look at how crazy this is. there has to be the work put in. if it is, i do think there is the potential to see the needle move toward the democratic party. and perhaps help them maintain the house or at the very least not be the losses they were expecting. >> charlie, i'll give you the final wormed i know you were champing at the bit. >> tactics should be smart. try to actually win elections. if you're against mob violence when it's the other guy, then you shouldn't encourage mobs when it is your side. also, the security of -- i guess
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part of this is the what aboutism. it's posht to say that we are going to have a vigorous, vigorous debate about this issue, but some things are off the table. we don't go to the homes where you have justices and their families and their children. i think that offends a lot of americans. that is not a winning issue. we should not be talking about that. fox news wants to talk all the time about this issue about the protests. we, if you are concerned about this, if you want to win this issue, talk about the overreach, the extreme legislation in places like louisiana. talk about what they're trying to do about this abortion bill, about plan "b," about women who have been raped or the victims of incest. those are the issues that in fact, jason, i do think will persuade people, will turn people off. but embracing any sort of culture of threats may make you feel good, but it is not an
3:17 pm
effective strategy if you really want in the end to make a difference. >> i don't know. if you're trying to galvanize people under 25, the idea of susan collins calling the cops for people putting a chalk outline outside of her house, i don't know, that's the kind of thing people get excited for. thank you so much for starting us off on the show today. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, democrats are dropping a new mix tape. new reports the committee has been making videos of witness testimony, and those could soon be made public. plus, a dramatic new twist in the fight over florida's don't say gay law. an exclusive speech with a high schooler who he has sis garage weights speech is being censored by the principle. senator chris van holland is next. all that, plus a tan suit edition of, who wore it better? stay with us.
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i fought for freedom abroad. i'm not going to allow anyone to take away women's rights here at home. abortion is effectively banned in texas, and at least seven other states only have a single abortion provider. we need leaders in congress who will stand up to extremist politicians, and protect our right to choose everywhere. and i will fight for pay equity, too. i'm emily beach, and i approve this message because nothing is more important than standing up for- - [all] our rights. right now.
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how well are we going to sleep at night knowing that every five years, maga republicans, if they're still republican -- as i said, this is not your father's republican party -- if we're going to vote on whether you will have social security, medicare, medicaid. >> prices are up. everyone knows it. today president biden warning, quote, ultra maga republicans will make the problem worse. biden singling out republican senator rick scott. he's proposing to raise taxes on more than half of americans while ending social security and medicare. it's an absolute political
3:23 pm
loser. mitch mcconnell repeatedly told scott to pipe down about the plan, and fox news -- >> that would raise taxes on half of americans and sunset prom lake medicare, medicaid, and social security. why would you from pose something like that in an election year? >> sure. well of course that's the democrat talking points. >> no, no, it's in the plan! it's in the plan. >> well, but -- >> look, when fox is that incredulous you've really step in the it. biden trying to make republicans own scott's plan while saying he's taking steps on the supply chain, affordable housing, taxing the wealthy, and price gouging. inflation is a huge midterms issue. biden trying to frame it, while saying he's on top of the issue. >> i want every american to know
3:24 pm
i'm taking inflation very seriously, and it's my top domestic priority. >> joining me now is senator chris van holland, democrat from maryland who sits on the senate banking committee among others. great to speak with you. i'm going to start with this -- when i think of inflation, where gas prices have gone, when i think of the shortages in formula and everything else like that, it seems to me there have got to be multiple bad guys out there, right? as a senator and sitting on the committee that looks at these kinds of issues, what is the number one cause for the inflation we're facing right now? not the blame, just the cause. >> jason, it's good to be with you. the cause is what i call the four "p"s, and one is putin's war. that's driving up oil prices, driving up the price of food and wheat. second are pandemic supply chain issues. third is price gouging. big corporations taking
3:25 pm
advantage of the moment to try to gouge consumers. fourth is politics. and that's why it was important that the president lays out exactly what he wants to do to reduce prices on everything from prescription drugs to child care and point out that republicans are opposing that, and as you indicated, actually have their own plan that would raise taxes on lower, middle-income americans and terminate social security through a grandfather clause. you know campaigns are about choices. >> right. >> and joe biden is fond of saying, don't compare me to the al mighty, compare me to the alternative. >> when i think of rick scott's tax plan, it reminds me of paul ryan ten years ago. he had a tax plan. republican were like, no, no, just theory. don't look in the envelope. i want to play this clip of senator scott and get your thoughts about this.
3:26 pm
what would his tax plan mean to the american people? let's play the clip. >> you lead your party's gop senate fundraising, so is it the platform or not? >> clearly it's not the platform for the republican party. i put out my ideas. i hope everybody will give me their ideas. we're going to continue to make changes. >> i mean, it's not the plan buck it's the main one we're talking about. senator, what would this plan do? like, if this plan gets implemented, republicans take over the senate next year, what would this do to your average person's pocketbook right here, right now, living in maryland? >> rick scott and republicans think that big corporations and wealthy americans pay too much in taxes. they don't want to close those loopholes. they think lower and middle-income americans don't pay enough. so what their plan could do is very straight forward. it would raise taxes on lower and middle-income americans, and at the same time that it would raise their taxes it would take
3:27 pm
away their retirement security and their medical security if they were on social security or medicare. that's exactly what it does. that's why mitch mcconnell is saying, shh, don't tell anybody, senator scott, about the plank but of course mitch mcconnell is not telling anybody what they would do. we're leaving to it senator scott and his colleagues to do that. although i will say, jason, as we heard, mitch mcconnell did leave very much open the prospect that they would have a national ban on abortion if they were in charge. >> right. so, the other bad guy that i see in inflation is the businesses, who are charging. they're not forced to charge. they charge what they want to charge. i want to play this audio we have from the show last week -- a bunch of ceos talking about how this price gouging worked for them and get your thoughts on that, too. the team has done a marvelous
3:28 pm
job driving price. >> our sales gains were largely driven by higher average sales price. average sales price trends reflect successful strategies. >> consumers get used to it. when all prices go up, it helps. >> we're not leaving any pricing on the table. we want to take as much as we can. >> they're just gouging people. they're not saying, hey, we have to do this to make up for losses. they're using to environment we're in now to gouge regular men and women who have to go to work every day. senator, what is joe biden going to do about this? because when i hear these kinds of voices, i am outraged for the men and women out there who are still suffering in the middle of this covid recovery with prices that they don't need to be getting charged right now. >> well, you're exactly right as to what's happening. that's price gouging pure and simple and they're taking those profits and not reinvesting them and workers are raising wages. they're doing stock buybacks for their shareholders. so we are pushing the federal trade commission to use all the
3:29 pm
tools at its disposal to go after price gouging, and they are doing everything in their power right now, i think, to do it. now, one of the things republicans have done is they prevented us from putting in place a full contingent of members on the ftc, right? so they're using their powers of obstruction to try to prevent the ftc from having a full contingent so they can help protect consumers. so we're going to be working to make sure we get that nomination in place. those are the kind of things that the president is working to do. he of course did release oil from strategic petroleum reserves, a million barrels a dame they are using these tools, but if we had any cooperation from republicans -- and i'm not under any illusion we will -- we would be able to better address
3:30 pm
some of these things. but when you have blanket political opposition for purely purposes of trying to deny the country an opportunity to get out of this situation, that's what november's all about. that's why it's important we tell the voters what's happening. >> thank you so much for joining with us tonight. >> great to be with a fellow marylander. >> thank you. coming up in just 60 seconds, maga senator josh hawley, seen here auditioning for an axe body spray ad is attacking disney for opposing the don't say gay law. we see you, and we have a fact check for you. but first, the january 6th testimony is on tape, and there's much more to this story when we're back in just 60 seconds. 60 seconds. customizes your car ins, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit there are tapes. the maga riot committee has receipts, not just testimony and
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document bus those video tapes. the plan for the tapes is not currently clear, but they may become public. one anonymous source telling politico, you have to be woefully naive if you don't think they're going to use some of the videos at the hearings. the public hearings are set to begin next month. set your dvrs. one that won't be, an interview with rudy giuliani. he bailed on the scheduled interview after the committee refused to let him have his own aide tape the interview. >> i had my guy all ready to do my video. they were going to do their video. all i wanted was my own version of the tape. i would not use it unless they lied about me. if they lied about me i was going to use it, take their heads off. they called yesterday and said they didn't want me to have the tape, they would do one for me. >> joining me now is kurt bardella, kurt.
3:33 pm
so, i have a bunch of questions for you. whenever we talk, you are always the voice of people saying, hey, the democrats should be doing this. hey, this is what the republicans could be doing. this is -- you know, we know that. but i'm going to ask you up front -- knowing that these hearings with these tapes are starting next month, i want to you operate like a producer, a movie producer. how would you lay out next month's hearings? who's your star? what's the big climax you're going to have? what's the scene that's going to have everybody crying at the end? as producer kurt of next month's hearings, how would you lay it out? >> i think that really the most effective way to talk about this in the course of a congressional hearing is chronologically. you take everybody through minute by minute who was going on, what people in the white house were doing. we know this committee garnered an amazing array of testimony from people who are there, in the room.
3:34 pm
i'm not talking about the steve bannons or mark meadows. i'm talking about the people they rely on, the aides, the assistants, the people who got directives. we all know that people like mark meadows and steve bannon and anyone in the upper echelon rely on minions to get things done. that's who they trust. that's who's been talking to the committee. this committee has been able to construct a minute by minute accounting because they got it from those people. they don't neat steve bannon. they don't need mark meadows per se. at this time most effective way to convey to the american people what happened is chronologically and take them minute by minute. use footage, emails, testimony. use all the tools you have at your disposal to tell that story. >> so, i'm also thinking, and we talk about in all the time. i see your tweets, everybody else tweeting about this. there's a terrible moment with the republicans and our immediate reaction is like, that
3:35 pm
should be an ad. that's the only one you're going to need. should they have a rapid response team right there during the entire hearings cutting clips the moment they come out and sending them online for vulnerable democrats? or should they sit around and wait for people to take it to a studio and produce it afterwards? because i'm thinking there should be rapid response videos being sent out after every single night of the hearing. >> listen, i think that every single person in democratic politics that has the means and knowledge and ability to do so should be putting together rapid response in realtime, because that's frankly what the republicans would do. we talked earlier, me being a former republican, talking about, this is what republicans would do to democrats if the situation were reversed. they would have a tsunami highlighting everything, every minute, every sound bite, and i think democrats would be wise to replicate that as well.
3:36 pm
>> going forward, there are certain kinds of republicans that i think are kind of just true believers. you've got your marjorie taylor greenes, madison kau thorns. and they be you have weasels who lie. i'm going play a clip about this particular individual and the role he might play after i play it. >> you got a bunch of people on that committee that tried to frame a sitting president of the united states, and i'm going to trust them? i have a tape of every deposition i've ever taken with very, very honest lawyers. i'm sorry. i'm not dealing with very honest people. >> kurt, are any of these people we're dealing with honest people? your thoughts. >> that's a trick question, right, jason? no, of course they're not. they're known serial liars. and i'll tell you, one of the things that's going to be very unique about these proceedings, even from the mueller
3:37 pm
proceedings, different from impeachment, there's not going to be the jim jordans, the matt gates, the louis gohmerts. because they made the decision not the put anyone forward. it's going to be wall to wall controlled by people who believe in the purpose of committee. this is not going to be filibusters of witnesses, not child pornography, not a repeat of confirmation hearings. it's going to be straight forward, direct, and on message, and republicans will have no way to disrupt it. i believe as donald trump is watching he's going lose his mind wondering, why isn't anyone out there defending me? huge tactical mistake by kevin mccarthy. >> thank goodness he won't be back on twitter by then. thank you so much. ahead, maga senator josh hawley goes from fist pumping
3:38 pm
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turning now to a brave and incredible student who is taking on florida's so-called don't say gay law. zander morris is the first openly guy president at his high school and the first public plaintiff in florida. the harvard bound senior has been a vocal critic of don't say gay, even organizing a walkout that hundreds of students attended. here he is testifying against the bill at the state senate. >> if you're doing this for
3:43 pm
florida or the united states or for freedom, you are a false patriot and we can tell. my name is zander. i am a student. i am an activist. i'm a brother and a son. i'm a queer man, and all of me is threatened by this legislation. >> tonight, in a stunning escalation, he claims he's being censored by his high school after his principal warden him not to mention the activism or lawsuit in his upcoming graduation speech. he says doing so would force the school to cut the microphone and halt the ceremony, but he's speaking out, organizing a say gay initiative that plans to send 10,000 stickers to wear. we got a statement, quote, all material is reviewed and approved by school earn nell.
3:44 pm
also, school's administrators review students' speeches annually for appropriateness and length prior. i don't know what that means. i know these people will. zander moricz and his attorney john quinn. zander, first off, i'm incredibly impressed with what you're trying to do, what you're standing up for, and you're a role model for kids in and out of school and adults as well. i'm honored to speak with you tonight. i want to start with this -- you were told by your principal that they may cut your microphone. did the principal specifically say, you know, some kind of activism is good or bad, or did he specifically say, if you mention anything about your queer identity they're going to cut the mic? what are the parameters your principal laid out to you when they sort of put out this threat? >> so, the parameters are very vague as the language of the bill is and as everything
3:45 pm
involving this lgbtq sensorship is. i came into the meeting and the room just felt disgusting. it's like when a jury is going to sentence someone to death and they don't make eye contact and everything is choppy and weird perimeter and they let me know why it's problematic is because the activism is controversial. that was heartbreaking and made me angry because i was told my human rights were controversial and i was told to -- >> so, john, i want to ask you this, because this is sort of the legal question. the don't say gay law specifies that teachers in public schools cannot talk about sexual identity, queer identity or anything like that when it comes to instruction in the classroom. would that apply to a graduation speech? is that still considered an instructional environment? how does the don't say gay law have any impact on what zander is trying to do? >> jason, the question you've
3:46 pm
asked highlights and underscores the vagueness of this law, which is one of its quintessential problems. it prohibits classroom instruction -- an undefined term -- by teachers or third parties. one of the questions we've raised is, does that mean students? what happens when students speak in school about their own identities, their own families? this is the vagueness that inviting discrimination and sensorship. what's so critical hear is this law isn't in effect yet. the message from florida's legislature and governor has been hurt by school districts. this is all going to get much worse as the bill actually takes effect in july, unless it's stopped, which is what we're trying to do. >> zander, there are stories all over the country of young people being censored or being told their identity is a problem. i want to take this back to in your school walking around the hall waim what are other high school students saying to you?
3:47 pm
i mean, when you walk down the hallway are people like, zander, this is really cool. i'm with you. are the students afraid of you? are they being told, don't be around zander? what's it like going to school every day being an activist in an entire state that's trying to cancel your existence? >> this just blew up, but i have been work on the my rights and -- for years. i would say my community has been excellent. the majority of my peers have always had my back. i have a team there. if i have to run out for a call or do a meeting i have someone who will take notes. it's been amazing. it's the community outside of school that's a problem. i have had people come screaming into my parents' offices screaming, looking for me. my peers and my generation with me have had my back, and i'm just so grateful for it, because i don't know if i could do it without them. >> john, so you're suing in
3:48 pm
order for zander to give this speech and not be censored one way or the other, but this is also going to be happening around the country. the there are parents out there watching right now, what would you want to tell them that they should be doing for their young people? because this kind of sensorship, it does happen all the time, whether a student wants to talk about their sexual identity, black lives matter activism, or their environmental activism. what would you advise a parent do if their child comes home and says, hey, the principal told me, i can't talk about "x"? >> our lawsuit seeks to block em policemanation throughout florida, so not just for zander. within the whole state of florida we're seeking to block in unconstitutional law. as for parents elsewhere, i'd tell everybody to create a loving environment for children, to create supportive families and engage in communities and make sure communities and
3:49 pm
schools abide by the requirements of the constitution and uphold the rights and equal dignity of all of our citizens. >> zander moricz and john quinn, thank you. you are american heroes. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. senator fist pump josh hawley is the latest disney villain. he's worse than jaffar. we'll kprng next. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ it's spring! claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity— and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven
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3:54 pm
hands in the air as if he doesn't care about encouraging january 6th terrorists is going after disney for opposing the don't say gay law. he sold the campaign pic on campaign koozies and the campaign slogan show me strong. here's what's not strong, attacking disney characters and saying this. >> there were irregularities in this election, that there was fraud. nobody disputes that. i just want to know is this a person who is going to protect our kids or who is going to protect child sex predators. the left's attack on america leads directly to an attack on men. i think the liberal attacks the left wick attack on manhood says to men you're part of the problem. the left, they hate this country and they also don't believe in gender. >> so senator the roof is on fire is now pushing this bill. to rescind disney's special copyright protection saying it's time to take away disney's
3:55 pm
special privileges. hawley joining desantis as the latest disney villain. >> they don't want to us take it from them. i'll just have to take it by force. >> and you shall never see the light of another day. >> it's not right for a woman to read. soon she starts getting ideas and thinking. >> finally you will bow to me. >> i literally think that buy from "the beauty and the beast" was quoting him. hauly is talking about the mickey mouse protection act. woke corporation like disney have earned billions while increasingly pandering to woke activists. it's time to take away disney's special privileges and open up a new era of creation and innovation. this isn't pandering. it's standing up for lbgtq rights, rights that have overwhelming support and wasn't the gop the party of big business. now they want to attack major corporations. governor desantis is facing lawsuits and public outrage.
3:56 pm
maybe senator ymca should pick a better fight. ahead, obama, mcconnell and the return of the tan suit when we get back on "the beat." he wn we get back on "the beat." mill valley, california. my biggest passion is gardening. i love to be outdoors. i have jaybirds that come when i call. i know how important it is to feed your body good nutrition. i heard about prevagen and i heard about the research behind it. taking prevagen, i have noticed that i can think clearly. my memory is better. i can say that prevagen is one of the most outstanding supplements i've ever taken. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we were alone when my husband had the heart attack. he's the most important thing in my life. i'm so lucky to get him back.
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finally tonight, we couldn't help but notice that mitch mcconnell donned a tan suit as the weather turned nice here in d.c. reminding us, of course, that barack obama once wore a tan suit which the right turned into one of the biggest faux scandals of his presidency. here on "the beat" we stand up for a bipartisan right to go tan so you decide who wore it best, obama or mcconnell. that does it for me tonight. "the reidout" with joy reed with all of her fashion sense is up next. ♪♪ good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" tonight with republicans leaning in on dismantling a woman's right to choose. we face the first big test tomorrow in the political fight for abortion rights when the u.s. senate will vote on legislation to codify those rights into law. the legislation, however, lacks the 60 votes needed to defeat a senate filibuster and is expected to fail. this is a moment of real fear and confusion, heartbreak for millio


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