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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  May 10, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i saw the president commit more crimes every day than i thought possible. he had no knowledge. he refused to read. he was a dangerous person. and i saw with my own eyes. >> will you support him in 2024? >> yeah, it's either how mueller or democrat, so of course. >> the rate clear, none of those things mentioned actually happened. and if any of them that, we'll just have to wait for the next book to come on to find out. and on that note, we wish you a very good night, from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news, thanks for staying up late with us, i'll see you at the end of tomorrow. you at the end of tomorrow
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party is right now. let's start with the trump nebraska. and as you know, nebraska is pretty red state. it's a pretty safe bet that a lot of today's republican nominee will go on to win and the general election made this year. in fact, some of these offices don't even had a democrat running for them. and in a place like that, when most of the political fight isn't whether a republican or a democrat is going to win, but what kind of republican's most popular? well, i can tell you a lot about where the republican party is right now. let's start with the trump endorsed candidate for governor in today's primary charles herbster, a wealthy businessman who made his fortune largely, this is true, from selling bull semen. someone's got to do it, i guess. as rachel discussed at this hour last night, charles herbster is being accused of groping by eight women, eight, including a conservative republican state senator who says herbster reached up her dress at a republican event in
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2019. some might consider those allegations disqualifying, but not of course donald j trump, who doubled down on his endorsement of herbster, holding a rally with him earlier this month, and declaring him innocent of any wrongdoing. but it's horrifying allegations against harpster have gotten a great deal of attention. and rightly so. but what you might not know about nebraska republican gubernatorial candidate charles herbster is his involvement in the events of january the 6th? that on the day of the attack of the capital, charles herbster was actually in washington, d. c., with president trump's inner circle. her was in the vip section at trump's rally, where the president urged everyone to march on the capitol. the nebraska examiner obtained text messages that her pastor said that day you can't base staff back home in nebraska, including this photo. he was very excited to be seated up in the second row at the rally, right behind election conspiracy theorist, a
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noted pillar salesman, mike lindell. as the capitol attack unfolded, hurts their bullet a private check to florida with donald trump jr., nothing he referred to repeatedly in text as her for three. for the record, air force three is not a thing. unless of course he referring to the classic 1988 line of night high top asked poll shows of which the air force three was, in my opinion, definitely the best version. anyway, the night before the riot, january the 5th, herbster posted on facebook that he was at the trump hotel down the street from the white house, meeting with, among others, trump's son, don't don't junior and eric and trump's disgraced ex natural national security adviser michael flynn who just weeks earlier had called for president trump to deploy the military to overturn the election. herbst said he was with, quote, patriots have joined in a battle for justice and truth.
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tomorrow, he wrote, is the last official chance for our members of congress to object to the widespread voter fraud that happened on november the 3rd. there was no widespread fraud. in a text message, he said that night, obtained by the nebraska examiner, he described that meeting at the trump hotel as a briefing on the final stages of the trump team's plans to overturn the election results, and keep trump in office. he wrote, quote, this is a very, very, very important and informational meeting tonight, with full within reports of how this election was truly stolen from us. and anyone who does not believe that is true is totally inaccurate, so we need to think about how that affects my campaign for governor. of course, the way it affected his campaign for governor was that he thought donald trump's endorsement.
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on a huge boost in tonight's race, by being trump's devoted ally in spreading his big election lie. and the governor's race isn't the only primary contest where this happened in nebraska. dick the attorney general's race. this is one of those contests where no democrat is running. there were only two republican candidates for the job, and one of them dropped out of law school, after one semester. she said she didn't really know much about the legal issues facing the state, and once she's an office, she would figure out, quote, what you are allowed to do? but she knows one thing, the 2020 election was fraudulent. oh, yes. and the number one thing she would do as attorney general is fix the states elections. how about the race for nebraska secretary of state? the office that actually oversees election in that state, well, nebraska actually has an incumbent secretary of state, who is running for reelection.
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he is a republican, like all of nebraska, statewide officeholders. he also saw the 2020 election in which donald trump won nebraska by nearly 20 points. but today, he was facing to challengers, both of whom say that election was rife with voter fraud, yeah. well, nebraska some of its electoral college votes by congressional district, so while donald trump won four of nebraska's five electoral votes, joe biden got one. count them, one electoral vote from nebraska, from the congressional districts around the city of omaha. and those two republican challengers for the secretary of state of job, said that that one electoral vote was stolen.
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sure, maybe their places where donald trump won was fine, but that one place where joe biden won. that was definitely fraudulent. and if one of them is elected secretary of state, apparently, they will prove it. also, they would get rid of all the voting machines, but to replace them, just get rid of all of them. that was the republican primary lineup in nebraska today. but of course, it's not just for nebraska. election deniers and people in the u.s. capital on january six, they're popping up on republican primary ballots all over the country. the leading contender for the republican nomination for governor in crucial swing state pennsylvania was at the capitol on january the 6th, and helped donald trump and rudy giuliani
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in their quest to get joe biden 's win overturned in pennsylvania. he's being subpoenaed by the candidates, who say the 2020 election was stolen. in arizona, the trump endorsed candidate for secretary of state was at the january 6th riot, and says if he's elected says here for the 2020 election results. and then in colorado, county clerk who is on the criminal investigation for messing with election equipment in an attempt to ridiculously prove it 2020 border fraud conspiracy. she's thrown her in the ring for the republican secretary of state nomination. the list goes on and on. i could go on all night. this is the republican primary ballot today in nebraska, and in the days and weeks ahead all over the country. this is the republican party right now and the threat to american democracy right now. joining us is former florida republican congressman, carlos. thanks so much for coming on the show. good to see you again donald trump has turned republican primaries into a top show about who could lie more about election fraud. that's key to getting his endorsement. how do you think that dynamic
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would help republicans not in primaries, but in the general election in november? that's right, muddy, that's the concern. because this is no longer race to the bottom. this is a race to hell, because it's all about who can write the most. who can lie with the most passion and most consistency. that's the process not forgetting through republican primaries. you want to get mr. trump support, how do you do it, by embracing ally. compassionate, an obvious way that he can see. and get his support, and then vote to win the primary. now if you win the primary, and you're in a super red district, well that's okay. you're probably gonna make it to congress. if you're in a swing district, that's where it's a little more complicated, because then you would have to pivot quickly, and convince those independents and maybe some moderate democrats that might be up for grabs that, maybe, you don't really believe in those lies. so, it's a very difficult balancing act. some candidates will do it successfully, some will fall
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right off the high wire. >> the problem, of course, in places like nebraska, as i mentioned, you don't need to worry about democrat in general election. you can just get the nomination, and your home and dry. and then we're in trouble come 2024. i was like right opinion piece posted by the new york times of the great title, by the way, about the primaries and nebraska. it says, quote, it doesn't matter whether those candidates actually win or not. because they're conspiratorial and inflammatory rhetoric is overtaken though discourse, pushing all republican candidates further and further towards the fringe, regardless of all the final ballots turns out. the real victory will be donald trump. that is the case, is it not? we have people that say, trump doesn't have the same part that out before, but he just elevated j. d. vance in ohio. it still is, party your party phyllis barty. >> well, that's right, and what a lot of these candidates don't understand is that, trump's appetite for this kind of dishonesty is not say shovel. like, you will never fulfill his appetite. and, eventually, he's going to ask you to do something that makes you very uncomfortable. he's gonna ask you to try to throw on an election result, or
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try to impeach joe biden, or something of that nature. and that's when a lot of these people are gonna realize the gravity of this. how do embrace the slide just to get donald trump's endorsement. and what's not about all this is not nine out of ten of these individuals, they don't believe any of the stuff. they don't believe any of the stuff, they're just told, hey, just say the sun dot, make sure he's happy, and then move on. well, it's really hard to move on with donald trump, because he demands absolute loyalty all the time. and eventually, for most people, they were gonna be seeing that. >> it's already happened to more brooks of alabama who is trump's endorsed race there, it was a loyal enough. moe brooks, and the unendorsed moe brooks. and those for people not believing the stuff, you're
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hundred percent right. j. d. vance was calling trump america's hitler just a few weeks ago, and now he's pushing trump's conspiracies. the real issue, the real worry, though, is that these big lie election deniers are not just running for office all over the country, for governor, senate, but they're specifically running for offices to manage the elections for the secretary of state rolls. and the motive is obvious for that. but it's pretty dangerous, is it not, that the democrats have not been able to get their election bills through the senate because of joe manchin, because of the filibuster, meanwhile the republicans are getting ready to plug all those gaps where they're conspiracy,
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where their plan fell apart in 2020 to make sure in 2024 there are no gaps, there are no holes, there are no brad raffensperger is to hold the line? >> it is dangerous, maddie. and what it means, we're more likely going to have to rely on ports to prevent people literally from trying to steal elections. we were fortunate in 2020, 16 court states. judges appointed by democrats, supreme court which we know is dominated by conservatives now. they all turned down all of these efforts to try to unjustifiably change the election results if some of these officials get elected. people who are openly campaigning on an agenda to steal elections or recollections or whatever it is, the courts are really going to be the last line of defense. i guess the silver lining and our hope is that it worked in 2020, and we're gonna have to count on the integrity of those
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judges again in future elections if these officials tried to manipulate the results. >> i'm pretty sure people watching at home will not be reassured to hear that judges are going to be the last line of the funds for american democracy. it's a worrying time, from republican congressman, political analyst, we appreciate your time tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> the main goal of the january 6th elect committee is to produce a definitive, factual accounting of what happened on january 6th. and efforts by donald trump and his allies, leading up to it, to try to overturn the results of the 2020 election. the committee is now interviewed close at thousand witnesses, investigators have in their position over 100,000 documents, including emails, call logs, and texan messages, some of which we've seen. but as we've learned today, they also have tapes, lots of tapes. political reports that the committee has tapes from the depositions of many of the 900 plus witnesses who've appeared before it. and some of those tapes may soon be made public, quote, it is quite possible that accepts of the january 6th elect committee witness depositions will eventually become public, according to people familiar with the probe, who spoke to political. you have to be willfully naive if you don't think they're getting some of the videos at the hearings. one person who spoke on condition of anonymity told political. the committees holding at least
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a public hearing starting next month, although we still don't know the former of those hearings, or the exact timing, cnn the the report that the panel is wanting to produce a multi media presentation with key evidence as part of its final product. joining us now is california congressman and member of daniel six investigation pete aguilar. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. let me jump straight into this. is this room port accurate that the panel may play tape of soviet depositions during us month public hearings? >> we were interested is, as you said, calling the complete story of what happened in january six, and events that led up to january six. we talked nearly 1000 individuals, as you mentioned, and there is significant evidence that we look forward to presenting to the american public. >> so, i'm gonna ask again, do you think we'll see tapes at these hearings?
9:16 pm
is there any consideration around those tapes? do we know those tapes exist? >> we want to do, is want to portray this and convey this in a manner that people will understand. and part of that is telling the full and complete story. so i would anticipate is that we have live witnesses. and we also add, maybe tweets, and other media, that could be helpful in that. and i don't want to get ahead of the committee and our process, but i can tell you that will be layered. it will be honest, and will tell the full and complete story about what happened on january 6th and the events developed up. >> okay, so like our viewers at home, i'm gonna hold on to the other media, that you just said. bloomberg is reporting today that the committee is seriously evaluating subpoenaing kevin mccarthy, house leader, another republicans.
9:17 pm
can you confirm those conversations are happening? and if not, why aren't they happening? by the reluctance to go after these republicans? let's be honest, in a few months time, they could be in charge of the house. there could be going after members of your party for an array of issues. hunter biden stopped, up on the situation at the border, and whatnot. >> the committee is focused. we're disciplined, robin conversations each and every day about the investigative steps that are ahead of us. there are still some steps that we need to take before we get to those public hearings that we plan to lay out that evidence that the american public. there are still decisions to be made. with respect to our investigative tactics and approach. the committee is having those ongoing conversations with a top-flight team of staff members that we have assembled. and all of this, mehdi, is with the mindset that we have to tell that story to the public. and have to make sure this never happens again. that includes legislative and other recommendations. but obviously, when we put on those letters previously, is that we feel members of congress had a direct role in discussions that preceded january six. meanings in conversations with mark meadows, and all of that is significant, and we feel that under the rule of law in
9:18 pm
the system that we have, individuals should follow a lawful subpoena that is given by the committee. unfortunately, some of our colleagues -- >> but just to be clear, congressman. there's been reporting that there's been a split on the committee between some members who don't want to subpoena people like kevin mccarthy, because they think it will set a bad president. republicans will weaponize that against you when you have the control of the house. and a group of people? or do you think, actually, forget president, republicans will do with the, do you should do the right thing now? >> the companies can do the right thing. the american public can be sure that that's the case. i will also tell you that, not telling stay out of school here, on a project to the committee
9:19 pm
and my colleagues, there is no bail light between the members of the committee on the investigative decisions that are being named. we are making them together. we are having these conversations, we are voicing our opinions. we are finding consensus. and that's exactly our committee should work. so, i've been pleased with the nonpartisan nature of this committee work. >> one last quick question, right of time, 30 seconds left, i have to ask, elon musk was my twitter said today he would reverse the company's ban on trump. that means the former president could soon be inciting violence on social media again. how might that affect your committee's proceedings moving forward? >> well, i think the president will probably receive counsel that he shouldn't be tweeting, but that's my belief. i think he gets into trouble
9:20 pm
when he tweets. clearly, the american public in the capital was assaulted in part because of his tweets on december 19th. and the day leading up to that, as well as the public events in his speech that he gave on the sixth. >> good luck to whichever lawyer has to persuade donald trump not to tweet once he's back on twitter. california congressman and member of january six committee pete aguilar, thank you so much for a time tonight. >> thanks. >> today, we also don't news about that criminal investigation down in georgia into donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. cnn reports tonight that multiple fake electors and that states are not cooperating with the fulton county da's investigation, nbc has not confirmed this reporting. but two sources tell cnn, investigators are trying to determine whether those fake electors had any knowledge that their actions may have been part of illegal plot overseen by the trump campaign to pressure election officials and overturn the biden's victory in that. states electors so met with investigators including the state republican body chairman, and they were told that they are witnesses, not subjects of investigation. just last week, a special grand jury receded tier evidence in fulton county. district attorney fani willis's investigation. we'll be right back with more.
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9:25 pm
>> that was ted cruz last night, comparing what he described as the peaceful protest at the capitol and the, quote unquote, doomed protesting outside of supreme court justices homes this weekend over the last decision to overturn roe. fyi, his leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, called 1/6 an insurrection as well. but groups style for outright was all over fox yesterday. >> we have to bring you these pictures because they're so awful, but it's happening and you should see what it looks like. these are protesters. this is the mob, outside justice samuel alito's home in virginia. disgusting. >> as you may have heard, this is the anniversary of january 6th, and commemoration of that we have gone the official network approval anchor outfit, white shirt and tie. but actually, if you take three steps back at historical events for being honest now, january 6th barely rights as a footnote. really not a lot happened that day. >> democrats are now reversing course once again and they are supporting acts of political violence, as we speak, for our left agitators, they are trying to harass, intimidate u.s. supreme court justices, and coerced them into saving roe v.
9:26 pm
wade. it is a disgusting, repulsive, despicable attempt to destroy the independence of our nation 's judiciary. the vast majority in washington d. c. today were peaceful. the overwhelming, the 99% as we say. >> these juvenile protests, show you saw some of the video, they are a clear attempt to intimidate and harass these justices, also to impede the deliberative process at the court. something the democrats used to warn about. >> the breach to the capitol on january 6th was a terrible thing. crimes were committed. some people were unfairly hounded, and persecuted and prosecuted. but it was not an insurrection. to save anything different is beyond dishonest, and it ignores the facts of that. >> oh, their double standards! today, conservatives are
9:27 pm
pointing out that there is currently a law on the books that might mean it is illegal to protest outside a justice's house. but don't be fooled, that is not why they are worked up. if they are concerned with the letter of the law, they would be furious about january the 6th, and the multiple crimes that took place that day. instead, they are mad about stuff like this. last night, about 150 protesters marched to justices simulators home, and alexandria, virginia. this is what a carlson hesitate to show you. it is so grotesque. look at them! forgive me for saying something so tough on television. they held a candlelight vigil! a couple of dozen protesters showed up in that we know that justice brett kavanaugh's house on saturday, holding signs and chanting from a distance. they then march to texas this john roberts's home, and again, held signs and chanting from a distance. still, yesterday the senate
9:28 pm
passed a bill unanimously briefing up that security provided to supreme court justices and their families. amazing how passed the senate can move, when it wants to. and look, that's fine. justices deserve to feel safe and be able to make their decisions free from fear. but also, i feel like this is all missing some pretty crucial context. in just a decade, between 2010 and 2020, the national abortion federation documented three murders, nine attempted ones, bombings, 20 arsons, eight attempted bombings or arson, 621 acts of vandalism, nearly 6000 acts of trespassing, two bio terrorism threats, 186 incidents of assault and battery, and 551 death threats by antiabortion activists against abortion. where is the right-wing outrage over that?
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9:34 pm
against each other. tonight, nbc news is projecting alex mooney will be the winner of that primary. he currently leads david mckinley by around 15 percentage points. heading into tonight, trump threw his support behind mooney. this after congressman mckinley predicted that to -- sense and the maga movement, have admitted that joe biden won the 2020 election, and voting for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. mooney has since campaigned by relentlessly attacking mckinley, and accusing him of supporting joe biden's agenda. but mckinley has been pushing back on those attacks, with the help of this guy. >> i've always said, if i can go home and explain it, i can't vote for it. and that's why i post bill build back better. for alex moving and his out of state supporters, to suggest david mckinley supported build back better is an outright lie. david mckenzie has always approached the reckless spending, because it doesn't make sense for west virginia. alex mooney has proven is all about alex mooney. but west virginians know david mckinley is all about us. >> that is democratic senator
9:35 pm
joe manchin, not only endorsing a republican candidate, but celebrating him for voting against president biden's signature legislation. hey, west virginia voters, don't believe all that stuff about republican david mckinley supporting biden! he's opposed biden's agenda at every turn, just like me. democrat joe manchin. senator manchin has publicly and proudly relishing his reputation as the guy who has blocked his own party's agenda. he has succeeded in killing joe biden's build back better bill. he has succeeded in killing the democrats efforts to protect voting rights. and now, he's going to help kill any chance of legislating to protect abortion rights. tomorrow, the senate is expected to vote on a bill that would codify roe v. wade into law, in the wake of a supreme court leaked draft decision overturning roe. every other democrat in the senate is lining up to vote for
9:36 pm
that legislation. today, the senate only other antiabortion democrat, senator bob casey, came out and supported the bill to codify roe. and let me just hang a lantern on that for a second. senator bob casey is the son of former pennsylvania governor bob casey senior, who used to be one of the country's most outspoken opponents of abortion. bob casey senior was the plaintiff in a landmark abortion case, blunt parenthood versus casey. he's that casey. and today, that guy's son, his name, said even he is ready to vote to protect a woman's right to choose. but it does not mauve matter, because manchin and over the republican senators are blocking any changes to the filibuster that would allow the democratic majority in the second to protect a woman's right to control her own body. so what can democrats do to protect abortion rights now? joining us is how a democratic senator, mazie hirono, who sits on the senate judiciary committee.
9:37 pm
senator, thanks for joining us this evening. this vote is expected to happen tomorrow. republicans will block it. senator manchin won't allow any change to a filibuster. what do democrats do next, to protect abortion rights? what can they do, given you have a colleague in the senate who is busy promoting a republican house candidate, rather than protecting women's rights? >> one thing that will do is to push for more democratic choice senators. but this fight is gonna be taking place in a lot of the state level. because it is stateless leaders who are passing all of these anti-abortion bills, and they have been doing so for decades. so we are going to continue to shed light on the fact that we have a group of radical right-wing justices, who are prepared, no qualms to take away a constitutional right that women in this country have relied on for almost 50 years. so much for a hearing to president. >> senator, a lot of democrats watching at home we'll hear you say, look for more democrats.
9:38 pm
and they will say, we did, in record numbers. in 2018, we turned out. in 2020, we turned out. the democrats control the white house, the senate, the house, and yet, still no notification of roe. still no elimination of the filibuster, still no reform of the supreme court. >> well, note that the democrats who were in the house passed the bill. now they're gonna be voting on tomorrow. as i said, it's a 50/50 senate sucks, that is why we need more than 50 democratic senators. so to say that democrats can't -- it's only because we have kamala harris. >> so let me ask you this. if this issue does motivate people to support more democrats in november. if you miraculously keep and increase their congressional majority, as a result of anger over the roe decision, anything you pass in january 2023, can still be overturned by this clearly radical right supreme court. isn't it time for democrats to
9:39 pm
stop thinking about expanding the supreme court, rebalancing it, we forming it, after trump backed it in the republican stole a seat on it? if not now, when? >> there is an array of things that we can do. first thing, i think the supreme court should have a code of ethics. i think they should have a very clear standard on when they should recuse themselves. they do not have anything like that. they don't have to tell us that they're being wine didn't buy interests, cases before them. so there are a number of things that we can do. but at the same time, i think that people in our country should know that any right, any constitutional right that we think we have one, relies on a privacy, which is depending on the world decision, share concern, because justice alito denigrated the privacy underpinnings, and that means that other rights, such as same sex marriage, marriage equality, and these other rights that i will not specifically mention
9:40 pm
in the constitution are subject to reversal. so this is not -- important as it is, woman's trying to choose, there's gonna be a whole bunch of other things that the court will probably undo. >> and it is about much more than just row, it is about the supreme court. so i ask again, given the four justices appointed by president to have lost the popular vote, two justices equitably accused of sexual misconduct, a justice sitting in with many would go a stolen seat, would you support expanding and rebalancing the call? >> i said that i support court reform. and i want to start with having them adopt at least a code of ethics. they don't have that so clearly we're gonna need to take this fight to the voters, and that's what we are gonna be doing. i think it's really important to let people know that we have
9:41 pm
a bunch of justices who are very radical, and the bill tomorrow, i oddly want to call it radical, so you know, all of us who thought that, for 50 years pretty much, a woman had a right to make decisions and control her own body, suddenly rests on -- it is entitlement radical for all of us to be voting for this still. but apparently for republicans who are very busy probably taking away other rights such as our voting rights, because they refused to vote for the voting rights act and go on course. >> i just got a common apology, we're out of time. one last question, briefly, what is your reaction to protesters outside of supreme court justices homes in recent days. you support them, because in the washington post today, conservative pointed to section 15 07 of title 18 of the u.s. code, which he says clearly states it's illegal to protest near the residents of a judge? do you agree with that? it's illegal to protest in the way they're doing? >> the law either is there, and it applies, in which case the department of justice should enforce it. that's it. there seems to be an applicable law, so the doj needs to determine whether it applies,
9:42 pm
and then reverse it, enforce it. >> a white democratic senator hirono, would have to leave it there. thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> one more bit of news to tell you about from the united states senate tonight. the senate confirmed tonight economist lisa cook to serve on the federal reserve of government. she will be the first black woman to sit on the board since its creation over a century ago. she's an accomplished economist and a former member of the white house council of economic advisers. but in order to confirm her tonight, vice president kamala harris had to come down to the senate to break a tie, because surprise surprise, all 50 republican senators voted against doctor. which means even though democrats had the votes to concern all 50 republican senators nature they were there for this nighttime vote, they wanted to be on the record voting against this accomplished economist to be the first black woman ever to hold this position. priorities. we'll be right back.
9:43 pm
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well would you look at that? ♪ ♪ jerry, you've got to see this. seen it. trust me, after 15 walks it gets a little old. i really should be retired by now. wish i'd invested when i had the chance... to the moon! [golf ball bounces off rover] unbelievable. ugh. [ding] >> russia fired missiles on ukraine's southern port city of odessa overnight, hitting a shopping center and a depot. one person was killed and five others were wounded. the attack came just hours after a visit from the president of the european council. they also say russia start getting the port in an effort to disrupt the supply and the delivery of weapon shipment from the west of the country desperately needs. today, the pentagon spokesman
9:48 pm
john kirby said that that no impact on the flow of weapons and material into the country. this war is now in its 11th week, and despite putin's attempt to pummel ukraine into submission, the country refuses to give putin an easy victory. he expected back in february when he launched the invasion. no city has exemplified ukraine swizzle more than mariupol, where ukrainian fighters remain held up in a steel plant with at least 100 civilians, preventing russian forces from taking full control of the city. he also faced heavy shelling overnight that left many of them badly wounded. this is the ukrainian foreign minister says his country is now seeking not only to reclaim lost territory, but to push russian troops out of the country entirely, with help from less western allies. at this hour, dallas is voiced overwhelmingly approve a 40 billion dollar supplemental package that would punish monetary military aid to help beat back russia's invasion. that vote also comes as russia 's neighbors move closer to nato membership. today, the parliament defense committee recommended joining the alliance with its chairman saying, quote, membership in nato is the best solution for finland's security.
9:49 pm
it strengthens finland's national defense capability with the support of the union significant military resources. and sweden's ruling party is to decide whether it will also apply for nato membership next week. and as those countries make preemptive moves to protect themselves from russia, u.s. officials are voicing concerns about what putin may do next. today, the director of national intelligence, avril haines, gave this warning, quote, we assess president putin is preparing for prolonged conflict in ukraine during which he still intends to achieve goals beyond the donbas. she also says, the next few months could see us moving along a more unpredictable and potentially escalatory trajectory. joining us now is retired army lieutenant general, steph twitty. former deputy commander of the united states european command. general twitty, thank you for being here. the director of national intelligence is warning putin may become more on predicted. biden says more he doesn't have a way out. what are you most worried about when you think about putin's next moves? >> if you think about it, mehdi,
9:50 pm
we thought it could take kyiv in four days, and it didn't happen. he thought it could take the donbas by a day, that did not happen. so now, he's gonna look at this thing, and there is no easy answers for him. his troops are underperforming, and he has no easy way out here. and so, he is preparing for the long term in this fight, simply because the ukrainian forces have stood up to his forces well, and he has no choice but to either fight or give up. and so, therefore, we don't think he's gonna give up, he's gonna fight this thing and break this thing out until he gets to somewhere where he could either have some kind of off ramp. right now, i don't see that off from, but on predicting we won't see that off ramp. so we are where we are. but he's in it for the long term, to try and make something good out of something bad here.
9:51 pm
>> so, we're talking about off-ramps, but ukraine's foreign minister says the goal is to push russian forces out of the country completely. now, ukrainian forces have been amazingly over the last few weeks, but surely, it's your fantasy to believe that they can push all russian forces out of their country, out of crimea? >> yeah, what i will tell you, mehdi, in my view, they have enough to compete. we can't underestimate the will and tenacity of the ukrainians. but if they plan to either destroy or push them out of their country, they're gonna need additional weapons. they're gonna need additional troops to be able to do that in my view. i go back to the power doctrine. you want to have combat power to be able to defeat directions, the russians. and u.s. army doctrine, we try to help break this, and that means five, in terms of -- five over the one, in terms of racial, and right now, they do
9:52 pm
not have that ratio. they have it in terms of troops, but as you know, the russians have some significant technology. and the iranians do not have that technology. they only have the mix, they don't have a navy to speak of. so lacking in the technology and the people to be able to destroy and keep the russians out of the country. >> how worried are you about a conflict between u.s. and russia escalating directly? you have members of congress now talking openly about a proxy war. you have the defense secretary lloyd austin going to keep, and seeing the goal now is to weaken russia's military. how worried are you that this gets out of control? >> well, i'm not that worried. one of the reasons i'm not worried, we keep trying to make this a u.s. russia war. we must remember, there are 30 countries that makeup nato. so out of the other 29 countries, there in this as well. it's not just u.s. versus russia. and so, we need to stop trying
9:53 pm
to make it that. but what i will tell you is everything, every day that this war goes on, obviously, there is a chance that nato could be brought into this fight. and what we have to continue to do is assess that calculus every single day, and ensure that we are not pushing that line to where this could escalate more. >> indeed, well said. we tired army lieutenant general, steph twitty, former deputy commander of united states european command, thank you for your time and for your analysis. appreciate it. >> good to be here, mehdi. >> up next, far-right cable channel, oan, was perhaps the biggest proponent of the big lie. out of all the major media outlets. but now, apparently, they say that is not the case. why did they just have a change of heart? i'll explain next, don't go away.
9:54 pm
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9:58 pm
tonight, we talked about how some of the gop proponents of the big lie that trump somehow actually won the 2020 election. and now are running for a major political office. a sign that some of the most anti-democratic elements of the post trump republican party are cementing themselves into the party's foundation. but this week, we are seeing even the most fringed parts of the far-right media establishment forced to admit that there was no widespread voter fraud. after relentless reporting and how corrupt the 2020 election supposedly was, the far-right one america news network put this admission yesterday.
9:59 pm
>> georgia officials have concluded that there was no widespread voter fraud by election workers who counted ballots at the state farm arena in november 2020. the results of this investigation indicate that ruby freeman and wandrea shea moss did not engage in a ballot fraud or criminal misconduct, while working at the state farm arena on election night. >> so there you have it. after months and months of reporting baseless allegations that two women will administer the 2020 election in georgia process to take ballots to steal the election from trump. and oan is now admitting that those allegations were a lie. there was never an anti trump election fraud scheme in georgia or anywhere for that matter. yet, that lie was repeated over and over again by trump and his allies, like rudy giuliani, who sought to subvert the 2020 election results. that lie made those two georgia election workers the subject of harassment and abuse by trump supporters. their lives were upended because of this lie. so they sued oan and rudy
10:00 pm
giuliani for defamation. that 30-second statement oan broadcast yesterday was a response to that lawsuit which was settled last month. that is why, after months and months of lies, we now have oan openly admitting that their initial reporting, and i use the word reporting in a senseless way, was false. that, quote, georgia officials concluded there was no widespread voter fraud. ruby freeman and wandrea shea moss did not engage in ballot fraud or criminal misconduct. their words. that doesn't undo the months of harassment those two women faced. it is one small step towards connecting the record on one of the far-right loudest propaganda networks. and it is another reminder that right now, legal action seems to be the only successful way of pushing back against the election conspiracies and misinformation spread by some on the far right. that does it for us tonight. remember you can see my show, the mehdi hasan show, on demand on peacock, and on sunday night at 8 pm eastern here on msnbc.


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