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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 11, 2022 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ >> it is wednesday. here we are. another special meet the midterms edition of meet the press live from independence hall here in philadelphia, pennsylvania, the pivotal moment in the midterm primary
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elections. good day. i am chuck todd in philadelphia. it is a city rich in american history and a fitting place to talk about the future of our country less than a week before some of the most important primaries on the 2022 midterm calendar. pennsylvania will be key in the midterms and key in 2024. it may have replaced ohio as the state. we spoke to voters, officials and one of the top republican senate candidates at the center of a very muddled and messy primary. today the focus is on the future of the democratic party and the message pennsylvania democrats appear to be sending is clear as an unorthodox politician appears to be pulling away in the
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primary. this wasn't expected to be a blowout if you will. according to one poll the lieutenant governor john fetterman is up nearly 30 points over the more moderate congressman conor lamb and malconkenyata. we have an exclusive look at the fettermans, he and his wife in a moment. the question on the minds of democrats around the question is whether john fetterman is the future of the democratic party in some ways. his style. his focus. his style of politics. the way that he talks to voters that respond by saying you are not a typical democrat. is that what the party needs to find when the party is clearly struggling politically and campaigned with bernie sanders in the past. today he prefers populist or
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plain old democrat. he is running for the third time state wide. failed in a senate run in 2016 and succeeded in a run for lieutenant governor in 2018. in some ways he is paying his dues if you are a rank in file democrat. some something fetterman's appeal because voters hear they are simply tired of the party's current status quo. i talked to a group of pennsylvania democrats, one backing lamb, one kenyata and one fetterman. but they feel like their party's message is stale and does not speak to them. >> i think there are so many times where the democrats in politics in general have this messaging problem where it does not meet you where you are. >> a thousand times. the messaging of the party needs
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to be completely over hauled. they are tired of showing up and not being responded to. >> the discontent among the democrats was palpable. if they come to the ballot box, we will discuss that later. joined onset with two of my colleagues who have been on the ground doing what i have been doing, talking to voters and candidates. let's start out west. is fetterman the strong frontrunner? is that what you are sensing too? >> that is what i have been sensing. i sat in a union town hall meeting with the united steel workers and say john fetterman is the person connecting to rank and file voters, people that
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were pulling away from the democratic party. they feel strongly he is someone speaking their language and likes the style. the shorts, the dress down style. they are really excited about that. i talked to the mayor who told me that democrats are running too many candidates. they need to coalesce around a message and listen to a little bit of what he told me. >> having good candidates not run for all of the same seats. we spread that wealth out over congress, house of representatives, senator, spread it out. in the senate race you have three top democrats running for the one seat. the frustration is that we are so splintered. we need to get back to the roots. invest in good candidates that can do the job and stay with them. >> part of those roots are
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talking to union workers. >> i had lamb people push back on the characterization he is a strong frontrunner and has got a lot of institutional support. here in philadelphia. hey. this is the guy that can win. the democratic power brokers around the state. could we be underestimating lamb right now? >> in his first run in 2016 he said their campaign barely had gas money. i think it says a lot about the direction of the democratic party, now he does have a lot of voters and also the constitution behind him. >> constitutional support is still with lamb even though there are people peeling back for fetterman. >> i quip sometimes about voters in pennsylvania kind of feeling the vibe, right.
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about a vibe or a brand. there is something about the way that fetterman approaches people that hits home. i heard people use the same language about him as i heard voters use about trump. not a real politician. he is a real guy. >> you spent time with john fetterman and his wife. she is a very important part of his campaign. she was a part of his initial reaction to the leaked supreme court document. let's take a look what you learned. >> john fetterman's road to washington swerves between left and middle. >> i don't want to be crass but we need to keep making [ bleep ] in this country. you walk in to washington day one to do one big thing. >> sure. >> what do you do? >> that would be like picking my
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favorite child. i couldn't do that. i will rattle off three priorities. minimum wage. it is a disgrace. it has to change. we have to -- >> are you a progressive? >> i am a democrat that i run on what know to be true. >> reporter: his approach is more at home with the common man than the party elite. as lieutenant governor foregoing the governor mansion for his car dealership turned home. he had some choice words for his fellow democrats in washington. >> we are squandering, in my opinion an enormous opportunity to do transformative good through legislation that is being stopped by a senator like joe manchin. i am not criticizing him but i
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would vote differently. >> it is the couple that makes the campaign unconventional. if john is bringing the casual, his wife brings the polish and the personality. she has been front and center at rallies and in campaign e-mails. how did you guys decide to come as a package deal? >> i think we are. >> reporter: she is a force in the community. she is as she hates politics but hopes her story will transcend all of that. born in brazil she came to the united states as an undocumented immigrants. >> we have seen cases where i am out with the children and people
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think i am the babysitter. >> reporter: you say you have three strikes against you, immigrant and woman and cannabis patient. do you worry that the three strikes might count against john in november if he wins the primary? >> i don't think it should count. if it does it just means there is more work to do and we will continue to do it. >> kevin: they may be home runs for progressives in the party but fetterman is trying to score with a working-class base. >> the idea that if you feel left behind or if you feel you are ignored or that the party has moved on to something different or better in their minds like what is wrong with us. >> reporter: the fettermans together hoping their brand bridges the gap between old and new school democrats. >> our first campaign we barely had gas money and now we are one of the most well resourced campaigns nationally.
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we have been getting our message out. she is a big part of the package. >> game 6 is coming up with the sixers and the heat. the sixers know their season is likely about to win. did i say that? that is the noise you are hearing in the background. if there is doubt about fetterman i am sensing here in philadelphia it is about whether african-americans will be enthusiastic to show up for him. the incident that happened when he was mayor comes up time and time again. there is a concern what -- suppressed her now in 2016. how are they going to address it? >> they addressed it in the same way from the beginning.
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i asked the question. he didn't drift from the same answers. he talks about how he brought down crime and gun violence went down. i asked if he should change that answer. he gave the same answer. the people in western pennsylvania and including voters at color at some of gisele's events, the free store where people come to pick up stuff for free does not come up with the every day voters. activists, absolutely. i ask them about it and they don't know what i am referencing. >> here, folks know it. >> right. the issue is that philadelphia is still the heart of the black voting in the state. it is a hard swing to ask
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african-american voters to forget about it. we want candidates that represent our ideals and candidates of color that don't remind us of donald trump. you have african-american voters to told me that they were promised with the biden administration. they are still wondering why democrats are not more kbraef. we heard why not policing in voting. >> fetterman, look what he said the top three issues were to dasha. voting rights was part of that. does that overcome the skepticism? >> democratic messaging has to be the how are you going to get that done. i talked to a voter saying if you give us this power here is what we are going to do or our lives are going to be so much
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better. how does it change my experience in america. fetterman promising if you give me the power i will do this. we have already seen what it looks like. you had the senate, the house and the presidency. >> is it going with what fetterman is trying to do, winning back the voters in areas democrats lost. or is it just appealing to the voters and not just promising but taking action and getting things done. >> door 3, is there an and rather than annor a good transition to my next guest. thank you both.
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joining me now is a senate candidate we have been talking about, conor lamb. it is -- and i think the reason why i hear for a lot of the institutional support for you is that there is an idea you can do both. both appeal to voters necessary for the democratic coalition in philadelphia and appeal to the same voters fetterman is doing. you tell me the coalition does not look like it is coming together yet. what are you saying? >> it is coming together. you have been doing this long enough to know how low quality is. we put in the work with voters in philadelphia and all over the state. one of the things they know, reverend tyler and others know it. on the day after the primary, you have to step out into a larger world in pennsylvania and
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you have to win swing voters and independents and moderate republicans. it is not a luxury item but something you have to have. i am the only candidate in this area to ever do it. president trump came to a town for a rally in a town i won. >> you think it is a myth that fetterman connects more with the voters than you do? >> i think it is totally unproven. i have been in three elections in a row where i had to win swing voters. john only has been in democratic primaries. he never faced a republican head-to-head in a general election. this is the most important election we will have in our state for a long time.
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having spent time in the area, a lot of the swing voters like the fact they served in marines or law enforcement or whatever the case may be and agree with us on social security and medicare. that is how you win in a state like pennsylvania. >> i had someone say to me they think your biggest problem is that your first name became congressman and that there is disappointment now in washington. do you accept that theory? >> i like to tell people i am the biggest optimist in the entire pennsylvania democratic party. i am not going to say you are wrong. but when i first ran for office it was in a district that was impossible to win.
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in the first race we were out spent 10-1 but showed up and answered people's questions and i have done that as a member of congress as well. all i am trying to do for the democrats is not throw away what made us successful. when i was elected paul ryan was the speaker and donald trump was president. let's remember that and get ourselves more numbers to do all of the things that we want to do. >> is there something the party can do now to help your chances and the party's chances by november? what do you need to see done assuming you are the nominees. what action do you need from the biden administration to back you up when you are on the campaign
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trail? >> your previous question had a grade of truth in it. people are mistrustful of washington and disappointed in it right now. i don't think you need a message coming from someone not me or washington. people need to get to know me seeing i spent almost my whole life in the state and not an out of state multimillionaire like the republicans we will be running against. i can't tell you how many people i talked to. i go to a lot of senior centers. they are enraged the social security cost increases do not cover the cost of inflation. that will be the contrast that i
10:20 am
make in this race. >> on the issue of abortion rights, where do you think most pennsylvania voters are? >> i think most want roe v. wade to be upheld and stay the same. i think that is totally uncontroversial. i ran in a very, very heavy red district my first time and my position then as now is row w wade needs to remain the same and let people choose for themselves. i have been elected three times with that position. >> it does seem as if both parties are trying to define the others as extreme on the issue. roe v. wade, do you think you need to be saying what limits you would put on abortion in order to meet voters on where
10:21 am
they might be in the issue? >> i think my policy is anyone that wants to ask me a question can ask. you know, after viability it has to do with the health and the safety of the mother. there is a reasonable medical standard to apply. in general, i think that a lot of people want the same rule we had for 50 years to stay in place and they may not want to talk about it more than that. what is radical they are overturning this just like support for voting rights and whether they want to eliminate social security and medicare. they make me feel like a conservative sometimes because i want to conserve things that i feel are vital to our national lives. >> if you win this primary it will be because why. what would be the explanation for you winning? >> i am not afraid to go
10:22 am
anywhere and answer people's questions. that is something john fetterman has been unable to believe do. >> congressman conor lamb, democrat from western pennsylvania appreciate you coming on. be safe. >> thank you. >> up next we have much more on the future of the democratic party and have another candidate, the third strong candidate people have been buzzing about for a while, malcolm kenyatta will join us later in the show. you are watching a special edition of meet the press daily. it is a great backdrop is there a better one? i don't think so. we will be right back. a better e i don't think so we will be right back. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings.
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welcome back. we are in the heart of philadelphia. the home of one of the candidates running in the nomination fight, state representative malcolm kenyatta and his district is north of where i am now. he is trailing fetterman and lamb but his supporters say he is in touch with what voters want and speaks to more younger and progressive voters on the ground. >> it feels like his experiences guide his values on his policy. he is someone that i feel represents me the best being from the philadelphia area, being young, being a part of the lgbtqi community. all of those things i feel like he represents me the most and the best and fights for the things that i want him to fight
10:27 am
for. well, malcolm kenyatta joins me now. i am going to talk so the motorcycle only goes over my voice. >> that is a miami heat fan. >> let me ask you this and i am going to sound like i am advocating for your campaign. here is what i heard from various voters. hey, progressives are picking between you or fetterman. then there are those worried about who can win in the general and are picking between you and lamb. there is a common denominator here. why do you feel like you haven't been able to fuse the electability argument? >> i think so much of the race is about trying to handicap who is going to win and not about who should and why. in this moment it won't be about what the pundits say the flawed idea that the races is about two white guys from pittsburgh and
10:28 am
only they are electable in the race. if we don't have record turn out in philadelphia, southeastern pennsylvania, we will lose. why it matters to have somebody that understands their life. i grew up in a working-class family. my parents separated when i was young. i got my first job at 12 washing dishes. buried both parents by the time i was 27. i have been talking about things that i know and voters know here in south eastern pennsylvania and all across the commonwealth. >> you said something to me off camera others said to me too. so many democrats do not understand pennsylvania. basically more so than most. explain. >> if you are a cynic, there is
10:29 am
always a job for you in politics. but this idea that pennsylvania is just there, parts of our state that are so racist. they would never give someone named malcolm kenyatta -- >> you feel like it is a virus going around. >> from people that have not spent time going to places where a bunch of people are voting for me, excited about my candidacy, watched the debates and saw me going up against two politicians and layout in a clear, fresh way what is at stake and what we need to do for america's family. the idea you have one good job backed up by a union. that the kids can go to a good school. you can retire with a level of dignity. the question is why should
10:30 am
people trust us to go to washington to deal with a senate that hasn't worked. we have to change the senators. i represent the fresh vision. unlike the lieutenant governor, i am a progressive. >> like i said, i have run across a lot of people that have seemed to be rooting for you and wanted to support you and they decided that you can't win. let me play it for you, reverend tyler. take a listen. >> he is a philadelphiian, african-american, young, a lot of people outside of philadelphia are not necessarily okay with who he is. in the city of philadelphia we love him for who he is and we support him no matter what. that is an issue in the general election. >> i really like malcolm a lot and conor lamb a lot. for malcolm, i was just a little concerned that he wasn't gaining
10:31 am
enough momentum in terms of the polling and the fundraising. >> he hasn't made enough of an effort and a presence in the central part of the state. i am looking for a candidate that really is exciting all of pennsylvania, not just the typical parts that we talk about. >> if i were in your shoes i would react to that. it feels like more of an analytical argument. it is not about issues. >> there is a self fulfilling prophecy in some of that. the candidate that you vote for is the one that can win. in a state where there is so much at stake when the election is over and you are here to talk about pennsylvania politics. who do they trust to go to the senate and be a productive
10:32 am
disrupter to the status quo and fight for them. people know if they want somebody that will be a champion for working-class people there is one working-class person in race. his name is malcolm kenyatta and you can vote for me in six days. >> one of the reasons was the electability arguments. the concern about fetterman if he is the nominee what super predator did to hillary clinton. they didn't vote for trump they didn't vote. that is his concern. it will be a wet blanket. he will have a hard time convincing his congregation. you may if you are not your nominee may have a hard time. is he right? >> if people look at the debates i was clear to at this time lieutenant governor what he was did is wrong. john doesn't have to be a racist to be wrong. nine years later and he can't
10:33 am
say i'm sorry is an incredible problem. but if folks look at the support we earn, the woman that replaced him as mayor of braddock was me. if you go outside of braddock you will see a lot of malcolm kenyatta signs. i think folks have been covering the race and they have done a disservice by frankly not covering my campaign that much and deciding a long time ago the race was about two people from western pennsylvania. this will be about what happens in places like philadelphia. there is a reason the president frusted me to be the voice and face of his campaign. he sent me to rural iowa and they never met someone named malcolm kenyatta from north philadelphia but he understood i could speak with a level of
10:34 am
urgency and authenticity about what was broken. what people want is somebody that they know is going to raise the minimum wage. fight for a woman's right to choose. who is going to be bold on issues like expanding the supreme court and who will be somebody that has been a legislature, which the lieutenant governor hasn't been and has the lived experience which none of the folks have in the race. time and time again we talk about black voters are the heart of the democratic party. how do we win working-class voters. everybody says we don't know if they can win. on the republican side they might be on track to nominate an african-american woman. >> we were supposed to have an interview with kathy barnett.
10:35 am
she pulled out. we hope to have one at the end of the week. we have results from the two races we were watching pretty closely. you are watching a special edition of meet the press daily. you see what is behind me. philadelphia. we'll be right back. s behind me. philadelphia we'll be right back. this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward. and helping you plan for future generations. this is "the planning effect" from fidelity. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really?
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welcome back if it is wednesday it means in an even numbered year we have election results to digest. yesterday we were watching a couple in nebraska and west virginia as the test of former president trump's power and influence over the party. trump was 1 for 2 in nebraska. charles herbster lost to jim pillen. herbster got 30% of the vote and pillen got close to 34%. trump's endorsement gave him a little more chance than he should have had. not a landslide loss for the former president. he stood by herbster despite the allegations, always thinking of about allegations made against him in west virginia alex mooney
10:40 am
beat david mckinley in a redrawn district. trump chose mooney because mckinley certified the 2020 election and created an independent commission to investigate january 6 and trump said he would endorse opponent if he voted for the bipartisan infrastructure deal. he voted for him, joe manchin endorsed mckinley but it did not work. vaughn hilliard, you say people told you trump's endorsement was the deciding factor at the end of the day in a district that was more of a home game for mckinley than mooney. >> it was. when we were at the polls we tried to gather more from folks that were voting for mooney. why they were voting for mooney. i wish we a livestream going to watch our interactions. the answer came down to trump
10:41 am
and what trump says and that is exactly what trump wants here. a month ago we talked about the gop incumbents around the country, the big 12. individuals that donald trump perceived as opposition forces in the party. one of those was david mckinley. he voted to certify the 2020 election and voted if are what would have been an independent commission to investigate the january 6th insurrection. two of them are already down. one announced his retirement, bowing out of a race against a trump-backed candidate and now david mckinley is been. tam rice the next on the list in south carolina. they are also threatened to be ousted from the republican party as trump looks ahead to his potential 2024 presidential run. running backster, three-point difference. a man in the last month was
10:42 am
accused by eight women of groping them including a state senator on the record who said he reached in 2019 up her skirt. this is breaking right now. we are here in west virginia. there is a new video we obtained out of arizona, another senate race we are looking at that is crowded. trump has yet to endorse in the race but one of the candidates, blake masters who has been heavily financed by the billionaire. the first time we are airing this. blake masters in february when asked the question about the future of the equal rights amendment. take a listen. >> believe it or not women are -- this gender pay gap. when you control for the occupations. you control for people taking time out to birth children. things are actually pretty
10:43 am
equal. men do the most dangerous jobs. they are the police officers. not all of it but 80% of it in this country. men are doing risky crab fishing in alaska. sometimes those jobs pay more. so i think we have to push back on the -- i want women to have equal rights but we don't need an equal rights amendment that would be a trojan horse to give the government more power to implement kamala harris national gender strategy. this is what the left does and you have to resist it. >> reporter: this is what we are talking about when we are talking about the new republican party of today. there is much to tackle around what you heard from blake masters. one of thisem is to know that there is a gender pay gap here in america. secondly, there is a disparity between maternal leave and parental leave in the country. a systemic and cultural divide
10:44 am
between what companies offered their employees. there is no maternal leave required by the federal government. oftentimes women feel forced to choose child care over careers. there has long been a pay disparity because of the way in which women have been not as eager to be promoted in the workforce over time getting at the root of the pay disparity. these are the issues that the republican party is coming to terms with here in the months ahead, chuck. >> it is another example of why it explains why the gender gap only seems to grow as we see the divide between the two parties and more so particularly among gender and may only grow in the midterm cycle. up next, how the abortion fight could scramble next week's primary races. we are going to hear from a conservative group of keystone
10:45 am
voters about where they stand after this. you are watching a special edition of meet the press daily. we are live here in philadelphia. e press daily. we are live here in philadelphia can a company make the planet a better place? at walmart, we're pursuing 100% renewable energy in our operations. and aiming to protect millions of acres of land.
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welcome back. the leaked supreme court draft on roe v. wade made it clear that abortion rights will be a key issue in the pennsylvania primary, more than i expected to be honest with you. voters i spoke with yesterday told me unprompted about the potential repeal about roe v. wade. >> i am anti-abortion. i would like them to speak out a little bit about where he actually stands on it. if you have a life inside of you and somebody stabs you in the stomach and kills it, at what point is it murder and at what point it is nothing.
10:49 am
i don't think any woman would tell you the life inside wasn't murder. >> i think it should be the woman's choice. i respect everyone's views. i definitely am strongly, i am definitely pro-life with exception. >> are you going to go into the ballot box thinking about the issue? >> absolutely. i thought about it for the governor race. there were two governors came out i am pro-life with exception. the exception mattered. >> just a reminder of what voters are listening for. they are listening for a lot of the details. and this is why the threats of full bans i think make it politically such a problematic issue for the republican party. we are going to have much more on all aspects of the race and what could changes it trajectory in the next six days.
10:50 am
when we come back you are watching meet the press daily live from philadelphia. e watching meet the press daily live from philadelphia a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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all right. as deep as we like to say we take things in politics, we're going to go deeper here. we go to lauren here who covers politics for wcau. you covered before we even knew a tv doctor was going to be running. here we are less than a week out. are you prepared for oz federman? or is this that fluid? >> could be. when you look at the latest polls, it looks like you've got a three-way race on the republican side. >> tell me about kathy bar net. >> kathy barnett, she got in the
10:54 am
race before oz, before mccormick. she's been running for about a year or so. she has been sort of slowly building a base. she is also closely tied to doug mastraiano, who is running for governor. she's appeared in an ad for him, he endorsed her and they've appeared together. >> they're pretty out there on the trump stuff. they don't believe in the election results, is that fair? >> i had a conversation with her about the election, trying to get information about whether she believes that the election was stolen, as i've had with multiple candidates to be fair. that is a conversation that we had. >> she leans into it a little bit more, is that fair to say? >> yes. and she previously ran for congress in montgomery county. she has experience as a candidate, which gives her a
10:55 am
little bit more name recognition. but she has been sort of building this. >> talking to the group of voters we did in southwest pennsylvania, i got the cause oz and mccormick, are they for real, are they really trump guys, american firsters. one voter wanted to know what dr. oz's real abortion position was. it seems like kathy barnett is benefiting from that in that i know where she stands. >> she's benefiting from people looking for a change. i think jeff bartos might have thought he benefited from that. we don't know whether it will ultimately benefit oz because you now have two strong
10:56 am
candidates splitting an anti-oz vote. >> tell me about the philadelphia democratic machine. is it not going to deliver for connor lamm? >> connor lamm has gotten quite a few endorsements in the philadelphia area. you have talked to john federman, the lieutenant governor has a lot of support here but connor lamm has gotten a lot of the official endorsements. the question is will they be able to turn out for him, will they have people on the street for him. malcolm will have a strong union, sciu is backing him. they will be on the street for him. the black clergy of philadelphia say they will be backing lamm. >> i'll be fascinating following the results just for philadelphia. it's been great to have you on a colleague on this race so thank
10:57 am
you. >> we'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." we continue with katy tur, who will be carrying president biden's remarks right after this break. this break. t keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. did you know you don't have to be 65 years old to qualify for medicare and medicaid? and delivered to your door many people who are already on medicaid also qualify for a wellcare medicare advantage plan. which means you can start taking advantage of all these benefits right now. a $0 or low monthly plan premium. preventive and comprehensive dental coverage. hearing coverage. vision coverage.
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good to be with you. i'm katy tur. the senate is an hour away from drawing a bright red line, who is for a woman's right


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