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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  May 11, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes on this wednesday. we're grateful. "the beat" with jason johnson in for ari starts right now. hi, jason. >> hi, nicole. thank you so much. welcome back to "the beat." we start with explosive newry released audio from republican senator lindsey graham slamming and condemning trump on january 6th, shocker. we know graham is one of the greatest trump suck-ups in the game. here's how he sounded on maga insurrection day last year. >> he's misjudged the passion.
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you know, he plays the tv game and he went too far here. that really didn't help, talking about that primarying liz. he created a sense of revenge. >> graham saying trump went too far. really? and created a sense of revenge. he's saying trump has responsibility for those terrorists that attacked and tried to overthrow the country as the january 6th committee preps public hearings with videotape testimony. today new emails from trump lawyer john eastman, the mastermind of the coup. he circulated that memo, a sort of coup playbook. he urged gop lawmakers in pennsylvania to, quote, retabulate the state's popular vote and throw out tens of thousands of absentee ballots. eastman writing the strategy would, quote, help provide some cover for republicans who would place joe biden's electors with
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a slate of trump electors. senator mike lee texted trump's chief of staff mark meadows on november 23rd. quote, john eastman has some really interesting research on this. the good news is that eastman is proposing an approach that unlike what sydney powell has proposed could be examined very quickly. a judge ruling trump and eastman more likely than not committed crimes in trying to overturn the election. it was trump praising eastman during his january 6th speech. >> john is one of the most brilliant lawyers in the country and he looked at this and he said, what an absolute disgrace that this could be happening to our constitution. and he looked at mike pence, and i hope mike is going to do the right thing. i hope so. i hope so. because if mike pence does the right thing, we win the election. >> trump is also under criminal investigation in georgia, and
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that drone seems to be closing in on the fake electors plot with some of those frauds cooperating. the d.a. is reportedly investigating whether the pro-trump electors in georgia had any knowledge that their actions may have been a component of a broader potentially illegal plot. the committee has so much more evidence than we know. it's about to all go public. videotape testimony could also be televised. joining me now to discuss is elie mystal, justice correspondent for the nation and the tim black of politics and tim miller, msnbc political analyst. thank you so much. tim's new book "why we did it" comes out soon. thank you all so much. i'm very much looking forward to this conversation. tim, i'll start with you because you were the newest author. ellie is slightly older at this point. i can't help but think when i see all of this additional information come out, when i hear that lindsey graham gets
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busted again for sounding like a turncoat, he's not loyal to anybody, does any of this actually shake people who are loyal to the republican party? or at this point is it all so much noise and it doesn't really matter what happens in the hearing, it doesn't matter how these people are exposed because your core republican voters are, like, eh, they're still better than the party of nancy pelosi? >> i keep seeing ellie above me on the amazon rankings, so i'm doing the best i can with the new book. look, here's the thing with the republican voters. there is a group of voters that's reachable. i know that maybe that feels like it's frustrating at this point. we've been going through this for six years now. whenever trump first came down the escalator, you see the cultists that show up for these primary rallies. but there's another group of voters. this is why what lindsey graham is doing is so pernicious.
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the wall street editorial board, people like mike esper, they can get through to republican voters who are kind of ready to move on from trump in private, but they just get bought into the demonization of the far left. and so when lindsey graham says in private, oh, who could get mad at joe biden, joe biden is fine, if he was being honest publicly, is all these guys were given truth serum and forced to speak publicly, would that get the 30% of the trump cult to move? no. but that would reach this 3%, 4% of republican voters that are absolutely necessary for these critical elections and critical issues that face our country. and so that's why to me it's the lindsey graham lying that he does is more damaging than your authentic magas and the stuff they're spreading that's more extreme. >> i can only imagine what lindsey graham would sound like if he was forced to take truth
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serum. i don't know we'd be able to talk about that too much. ellie, i want to play some audio here of what lindsey graham was saying, some additional audio of him sort of revealing that not only does he not believe in most of what he's promoting, but he has deeper doubts as well. we'll get your thoughts on the other side. >> what this does, there will be a rallying effect for a while where the country says we're better than this. >> and biden will help with that? >> totally. he'll be maybe the best person to have, right? i mean, how mad can you get at joe biden? >> so he's basically saying this terrible terrorist attack is going to be a net positive for joe biden and for the democratic party. but he spent the last year talking about how it wasn't really a terrorist attack and everybody was being silly. what does this say about the nature of lindsey graham but all
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the other republican politicians who are pretty much parroting the same line? >> yeah, lindsey graham is a lying, sniveling hypocrite, and we've known that for some time. let's not forget lindsey graham on january 6th where he sweatily said that he was done with trump, because clearly what happened on january 6th shook him. it shook all of them. but when it came time to have political courage or just interpersonal courage, these people failed. these people fall down. as tim was say, we've seen that consistently throughout the republican party, cowardice. it is now indelibly a part of the republican brand. and i think we've all known this, right? i kind of always come back to the question, what are we going to do with this knowledge that we clearly all have now about
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what republicans are actually about? are people going to come out and vote like that? are people going to come out -- or is the media going to cover these people like that. it blows my mind that having just literal taped evidence that lindsey graham lies all the time. tomorrow there will be a journalist who sticks a microphone in lindsey graham's face and the reports of what he says as if that's not a. >> why right. >> how is that possible? how is mike lee able to go outside his house without 18 reporters being like can you explain yourself on january 6th why you supported the coup? how are these republicans allowed to exit in the washington ecosystem without people constantly demanding better from them is also why we have this problem. >> i want to play audio of a person that exemplifies the kind of republicans that tim says can be approached. i want to play some sound from
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ted cruz, tim, and get your thoughts on the other side of this. >> we are approaching a solemn anniversary this week, and it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the capitol. >> on january 6th of 2021, you had tens of thousands of the people peacefully protesting, and yet the cooperator media and democrats slander them with the made-up term insurrectionist. >> here's the thing, tim. we know just like lindsey graham and mike lee, we know ted cruz is a liar. i've always said that ted cruz is a different kind of liar super i actually think he knows better. when you were saying before, tim, are you suggesting there may be, like, ted cruz republicans out there who are going to say, it was just a peaceful protest when they were with their friends but privately in the voting booth say oh, my gosh, i know my party has been taken over by maniacs? or is he just a weasely politician? >> i think both can be true.
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and i don't know -- your ted cruz voter is going to come out and vote for bernie sanders, i don't know. or he's going to come out and vote for a democrat in the wisconsin senate race. but getting people to not vote is also something that can be useful, not choose between the two parties, vote for a third party, an independent candidate. this was important in 2020. we were working for republican voters against trump. we were trying to get to people who maybe were authentic christian evangelical voters that felt bad about their faith and principles, and we said, well, maybe you can't get all the way to hillary or joe biden. i think they could have, but maybe not. why not just -- you can do a write-in this time and vote a republican down the ballot. that mattered. some of these races, 50,000 votes in georgia. those people exist. the problem is ted cruz is giving them all permission to do the opposite.
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this is why that permission structure on fox is so dangerous because when these guys lie and when these guys change their tune from what they say in private, they're speaking more effectively to that very voter and telling them it's okay to vote for the liar because we're all liars and we're all in on it and it's better than the lefties. that's what you have to break. >> the greatest fear is that you get the message out to the public that since all politicians are liars, it doesn't matter who you vote for and you can just vote for the guy who makes you feel good in the moment. thank you for starting us off the show today. coming up, accusations of racial profiling after a women's lacrosse team is stopped and searched for nonexistent drugs. plus, our special interview with the man who's faced down jeff bezos, tucker carlson, and lindsey graham, amazon union president christian smalls. but first, outrage after a gop senator compares pregnant women to sea turtles.
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i'm not going to allow anyone to take away women's rights here at home. abortion is effectively banned in texas, and at least seven other states only have a single abortion provider. we need leaders in congress who will stand up to extremist politicians, and protect our right to choose everywhere. and i will fight for pay equity, too. i'm emily beach, and i approve this message because nothing is more important than standing up for- - [all] our rights. right now.
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. senate republicans today blocking a bill to ensideline roe v. wade into law and protect the woman's right to choose. 49 votes to move forward on the bill, 11 short of what was needed. all democrats except, surprise, joe manchin, voting in support. all republicans against. that's a contrast majority leader chuck schumer said he wanted to draw as democrats look to galvanize voters in the midterms. the bill would have gone
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farther, rolling back state-level restrictions. manchin and two republicans were calling for a narrower bill simply codifying roe into law. mcconnell would have blocked it too, but it would have strengthened democrats' message. politico reporting the leaked draft opinion from justice alito overturning roe is still the only opinion circulating with no signs that the court is changing course. in a moment i'll talk to one of those reporters who broke this, josh gerstein. joining me now is senator mazie hirono, democrat from hawaii. she co-sponsored the bill the senate voted on today, the women's health protection act. thank you, senator, for joining us this evening. >> good evening. >> i want to start with this. you represent the state of hawaii. hawaii is the first state to allow abortion in the united states three years before roe v. wade. when you talked to your constituents back home, what are they saying about what this potential ruling, which we know
3:18 pm
is -- what are they saying back home? are they terrified? are they galvanized? what are you hearing in hawaii? >> there are a group of women in hawaii that are totally galvanized. i'm proud of the fact that hawaii was the first state in the nation that said women should make this decision, not government. but the women activists that i know are very well aware this could not be the end because as the republicans take control of the u.s. house and senate, then there will be a push for a nationwide ban. and really, this is all about who's going to make the decision, a woman or government? and the radical right-wing supreme court justices have said in spite of almost 50 years of precedent we're going to let government make this decision, not women. that is the bottom line of this battle in my view.
3:19 pm
>> and your home state of hawaii has already seen the results of what abortion restrictions have done. there has been a lot of reporting about an influx of people from texas flying out to hawaii, spending thousands of dollars, raising money through gofundme to fund borings. what's the impact of that, basically abortion refugees coming to your state? what impact has that had on organizers on the ground in hawaii? >> of course it points out that women are going to need and want abortions and they're going to go to those states if they're able to to get the necessary care that they choose to have. so yes, i know some of the women, a number of the women who are abortion providers in hawaii. they've written an op-ed saying they are seeing this kind of result of texas's law, which i think is one of the worst things. you know, obviously these texans who protest about wearing masks
3:20 pm
don't mind forcing women to have babies. >> right. i want to play you some sound. i think it's about what abortion means to human women and i'll get your thoughts on the other side. >> if the majority opinion continues to be the majority opinion, if the outcome is that the court -- >> the eggs of eagles because when you destroy an egg, you're killing a pre-born baby sea turtle or a pre-born baby eagle. yet when it comes to a pre-torn human , that baby will be stripped of all protections. >> not only is that one of the strangest presentations i've ever seen as this person seems to think that human beings and things that are born in eggs are the same, what is it like when you're sort of in conference and
3:21 pm
in discussion -- you're one of the cosponsors of thewomen protection act. can you have conversations with senators like that is it about rallying and hoping you get reinforcements after the midterms? >> as you said, it's hard to talk to people who do not even acknowledge the woman. >> right, right. >> how about that? hey, who's having these babies? it's amazing that they have no problems forcing women to have children. and then, of course, with the republicans, once a child is born, they pretty much don't support things like child care, such as paid family leave. those things they can't support. so it is amazing their position because they are saying this is government that should make this decision, not the woman.
3:22 pm
the democrats have a totally different view. we respect and acknowledge what used to be a constitutional right that we had for almost 50 years, the right of the woman to make that decision. so of course we're going to let the american public, 70% of whom support roe, that it is the woman who should make the decision, not government. we need to get that message out loud and clear. a lot of the battle is going to happen at the state legislative race level because it is republican state legislators and republican governors that have for decades passed these kinds of restrictive laws. >> that's what you guys are basically fighting against, not just with this proposed legislation, but sort of in the battlefields of 2022 as well. senator hirono, thank you so much for starting us off with this segment. >> thank you. turning now to another leak out of the supreme court. politico reporting justice alito's draft opinion overturning roe remains the only circulating draft. no dissenting draft opinions have emerged from any other
3:23 pm
justice, and none of the conservatives initially siding with alito have switched sides. also, all nine justices are meeting tomorrow behind closed doors so the protesters can't find them for the first time since the reporting of alito's draft. josh gerstein is one of the journalists behind all of this reporting. he joins me now. josh, thank you so much for joining me on "the beat." so my first question is this. after this leak comes out, right, alito sort of -- his music has leaked, he doesn't like it, they're clutching their pearls, we still don't know if it was leaked by someone in favor or someone against this ruling. why do you think there hasn't been, i guess, a counterleak? is it because the justices have sort of rallied together, we get to make sure this doesn't happen again? or because they resigned themselves to the fact this is the result it's going to be so what difference does it make if we leak anything else? >> i want to start by giving a
3:24 pm
shout out to my colleagues on this story, alex ward and ryan lizza who did the reporting on the story we put up today. the reason there hasn't been a counterleak is, according to our information, there is no other opinion in circulation. so the way it typically works at the supreme court is that the justices sign the majority opinion will circulate the opinion, meaning it goes to the chambers of all nine justices presumably the law clerks in each of those chambers get to look at it. and continue other justices decide how they're going to respond. but there's no firm schedule except for the fact that the court usually leaves town at the end of june or beginning of july, and they need to get their work done by then. so as far as why there hasn't been a further leak, i don't know what you would leak at the moment. we have seen in different outlets dueling discussions behind closed doors, but you have to be one of the dissenting
3:25 pm
justices, i guess, or the justices planning dissent, or chief justice roberts to be in a position to have more documentation to put forward right now. >> how do you think this leak has affected or could it potentially affect the internal workings of the court? justice roberts last week said, hey, this is a violation, we're going to get the fbi involved. you know, is this a potential sort of nine angry men and women situation where they say first order of business is who leaked this? is that the kind of thing that will end up being discussed tomorrow or are they going to go business as usually and pretend that the last week and a half of protests and anger and frustration in the rest of the country has no impact on their chamber? >> well, i mean, it's hard to imagine they can pretend like there's no impact. i mean, there's been all this discussion about security. i believe the senate passed more money for security for the supreme court justices just in the last couple of hours.
3:26 pm
we had the justice department announce the marshal service, which is separate from the supreme court marshal who's supposedly conducting this investigation, they're going to reinforce the supreme court police to provide additional security for the justices. so that's another concrete step that's taking place. i mean, there's a lot going on in the court right now, jason. you got the issue of the leak, you have the issue of their security, and then you have the most momentous issue of all, which is what this opinion is going to say. will there be a majority to take down a federal constitutional right that's been on the books for 49 years? or will chief justice john roberts be able to sway some republican nominees, some republican-appointed member of the court to a more moderate opinion that probably rolls that right back further but doesn't strike it from the books. >> josh, i have to ask you this. if you were a gambling man -- i don't know if you are -- what do you think is the likelihood that what we've seen in this leak could be scaled back to just,
3:27 pm
you know, supporting the mississippi law but not going after abortion in general? do you think that is at all likely? >> i think it's unlikely. i think the chances are probably around 10% or 20%. i think most likely these justices have had a long time to think about this issue. they were obviously questioned about it in their confirmation hearings. they said what they said, but they know what they think about it and i doubt other justices or the public reaction is likely to sway them at this point. but, you know, these are human beings, so you never know for sure. >> josh gerstein, thank you so much for your reporting. really i appreciate it. coming up, calls for action and accusations of racism after a women's lacrosse team is searched for drugs that were never there. but first, the labor leader who beat jeff bezos formed amazon's first union met president joe biden today.
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he's here, next, christian smalls. we're back in just 60 seconds. five professional benefits. one simple step. totally effortless. styling has never been easier. tresemme. do it with style. neil gorsuch
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neil gorsuch . unions provide in one word democracy. wall street didn't build this country. the middle class did and unions built the middle class, not labor, unions built the middle class. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was president biden today speaking at a labor union conference in chicago. the president reiterating his pledge to be the most pro-union president in american history. biden met with amazon labor union president christian smalls last week to congratulate him for taking on the big business. [ laughter ]
3:30 pm
>> you're my kind of trouble, can't stop, won't stop. small's visit to the white house followed his testimony before the senate budget committee where he politely schooled lindsey graham while donning a jacket emblazoned with "eat the rich" on the front and back. >> you're singling out a single company because of your politicize agenda to socialize this country. >> i think it's your best interest to realize it's not a left or right thing. it's not a democrat or a republican thing. it's a workers thing. it's a workers issue. and we're the ones that are suffering. and you should listen because we do represent your constituents as well. so just take that into consideration that the people are the ones that make the
3:31 pm
corporations go, not the other way around. >> he made his case on carl tuckerson's show. joining me now is taking them on, president of the amazon labor union, christian smalls. it is an honor to talk to you. my people from jersey. i appreciate jersey strong coming up next and fighting for workers and labor. i want to start with this. while people have heard what you've accomplished with unionizing one particular area in amazon, i don't think enough people recognize what you've had to go through to get there. you have been unemployed for two years, right? you got fired two years ago? >> yeah. i'm still unemployed as we speak. >> and so i want -- i'm sorry? >> i said until we get a contract, i'm sorry. >> okay. so the other question that i have, if you're open to sharing any part of this, is a lot of people don't recognize when you're in the process of unionizing, oftentimes people
3:32 pm
organizing unions get fired and do get put out on the street. they have trouble getting work in the area. how have you been able to support yourself over the last two years in the middle of a pandemic while you were fighting for the rights of people at a place that was no longer even employing you? >> i was fortunate enough when i first got fired. somebody who i never met from virginia, his family, this lovely couple, they made a gofundme for me. >> wow. >> that helped me. people i never met before supported me with the gofundme originally. we formed a union. of course the support of members of the union. i got up and they support me. my family, my mother, my brother, my grandparents. they support me. that's the only way i got through and i'm happy to have a supporting cast that continues to support me to this day.
3:33 pm
>> one of the things that is fascinating about your story of how familiar it is to me and most americans. you went to school, you worked hard, you're married, you're divorced, you got a regular job, you did everything america says people are supposed to do, yet you've been abandoned in large part not just by the corporations you're working for, but it's been difficult for you to sometimes get political support. what was it like meeting with president joe biden now after for a long time having to do all this hustle and grind on your own and not getting a lot of feedback from even local new york politicians? >> well, my story is a prime example of what it takes to really, you know, show what kind of system the country is being ran by. you know, being unemployed, being rock bottom in the middle of a pandemic, you know, i chose to take this journey that i took. i didn't sit back and be complacent about my situation. i got up every day and i organized, and i continue to do
3:34 pm
that. meeting the president, you know, everybody thinks it's just a photo op and i'm going to be co-opted by the democrats. it's not true at all. i myself realize that we're in a different type of situation going on right now in this country when it comes to labor. and i know right now the power -- it is with the workers, but it's not being presented that way. it's not being treated as such. until we get to that point, i'm going to continue to fight for workers. there's nothing, no political support that's going to change the course of my mission to do that. meeting the president is great, but i want the president to be also held accountable. you know, i didn't go there just to take a photo and shake hands. i went there with some demands, and i want to make sure that they are followed. >> so you've had an incredible
3:35 pm
career for being in your 30s. you toured with meek mill for a long time. what is it you've seen is consistent about the struggle of american labor, whether they're at amazon, whether they're opening up for a great rap act or whether they're parking cars? what are the consistent challenges that you've seen that you brought to the table when you were organizing? >> well, the challenge of the day is really getting up and, you know, defeating your mental health. you have to make sure your mental health is up to par every day. it's not for everybody. everybody wants to organize, everyone gets inspired, they want to join the fight. sometimes i've seen over the course of this short two years, people don't last. they can say one thing and then go another. so you have to as an organizer and leader, you have to make sure you're there every single
3:36 pm
day, you're consistent, you're showing by example what it takes to sacrifice not just for yourself, but for the greater good. if you're not willing to sacrifice for the greater good, you will not last in organizing. for me, i just know there's a lot of weight on my shoulders, but i have to do this because if i don't, you know, we don't know who's the next person that's going to be willing to take the risk i'm willing to take. >> christian smalls, thank you so much. definitely definitely want to talk to you again. >> absolutely. anytime. thank you. ahead, new right-wing misinformation about vaccines amid a surge in cases. we have a fact check. but first a historically black college lacrosse team searched for drugs without probable cause on a bus, and we have the video when we come back.
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it was traumatic, humiliating, horrific. that's what members of delaware state university women's lacrosse team were saying after their bus was pulled over in georgia for a minor traffic stop and they were searched for drugs. the historically black college, quote, is incensed by who a when a they say is clear racial profiling from georgia deputies. the head coach saying six white deputies and a police dog searched the vehicle with no probable cause. and a deputy, quote, quickly went to marijuana, which stereotypely is unfortunately associated with african-americans. that's the first thing we went to. he checked the bags for 20 minutes and found nothing. what is the reason to check the students for drugs over a minor
3:42 pm
traffic stop on a bus? here's video taken from inside the bus.
3:43 pm
>> absolutely disgusting. it's straight-up intimidation and harassment by the police. there's no probable cause to go looking for drugs with a bus full of college kids. and they didn't find any drugs. the georgia sheriff says the incident is under review but denied any racial profiling. >> although i do not believe any racial profiling took place based on the information i currently have, i welcome feedback from our community on ways that our law enforcement practices can be improved. >> we are still waiting for those law enforcement practices to be improved all over the country. nearly two years since george floyd was murdered on tape, two
3:44 pm
years since black lives matter protesters flooded the streets in a pre-pandemic, pre-vaccine world demanding police reform. republican politicians at the time were saying this. >> we need to be a country where communities of color feel confident that the police are there to safeguardnary rights. >> there's going to be a reform to a problem that's been going well before president obama. >> we can train our officers better. we can find ways and mechanisms to de-escalate the situations. >> real talk. what have they done since? what have any of them done since? the george floyd justice in policing act was blocked in the senate last fall in large part due to tim scott. you see this headline and the date from last year. nothing has happened. president biden ran on reform, but in his state of the union, he told america that he wants to fund the police.
3:45 pm
>> now is the time for racial justice. i believe with every fiber in my being we have such an opportunity now to change people's lives for the better. >> we haven't seen real police reform. there needs to be a stronger push to action. the delaware attorney general now calling for a federal investigation into this case in georgia. the university's president vowing a full probe as well. but federally, nationally, more needs to be done. joining me now is brittany pat nick cunningham, activist and host of the "undistracted" podcast. i can't think of a better person to talk about this. i'm infuriated as an american, as a black person, and as a college professor who teaches at an hbcu. what was your reaction when you saw this video and you saw the story? what's your first sort of visceral reaction when you see this kind of police intimidation and harassment? >> i'm infuriated as well, jason. we have to recognize the
3:46 pm
messages that come from moments like this. to black young people, no matter what you're doing, or how correct you come, if you are learning teamwork and discipline through a sprt or extracurricular activity, no matter how perfect you are in your black body, you still can and will be criminalized. and as a society we should get the message that there is no amount of compliance or respectability that a black person can inhabit that will spare us from this kind of harassment. i also found myself worried because i know the average person who does not understand these situations might look at that and say, well, the police officer was plenty polite, so there's nothing really to be worried about here, instead of asking the systemic questions of why this bus was stopped in the first place, why these players in particular, why were those drugs the ones that were being searched for? why was the search happening when there was no probable cause? and why does this go on all the time because there are plenty of times that this is happening and there is no video evidence to
3:47 pm
prove it. >> and one of the key things when you talk about that they didn't find anything, one of the young women reported back up in delaware that one of the officers brought in a package and says whose is this? what is it? she said it was a gift my aunt told me not to open until graduation. the police officer opened it. it was a graduation gift. brittany, part of what gets me about this is the democratic party, the republican party have failed consistently to do anything about police reform. this month is going to be two years since george floyd was killed and we're not seeing any progress on police reform. and i've said clearly, consistently, that i think we should abolish policing as we know it and start from scratch. but from your perspective, what do you think the democrats, who are the only party that kind of talks about police reform, what should they be doing right now about these kinds of issues, about this kind of systemic
3:48 pm
harassment? because it doesn't look like they've done anything in the last two years and people are going to be frustrated when it comes to coming to the polls this. >> all jason, you bring up the time line and it really matters here. we're almost two years removed from the murder of george floyd, almost eight years from the murder of michael brown in ferguson. we are 30 years removed from the beating of rodney king, which is where a lot of us saw that happening on tape for the first time. we are 30 years removed from that l.a. uprising. so we've had the videotapes for a long time. we've had the police violence for as long as black people have been in america. and in 2015 when i sat on president obama's 21st century policing task force, back then we were talking about issues of body cameras. back then we were talking about issues of training and how police are held accountable. guess what? communities came along several years ago and said we're willing to give politicians and political leaders the opportunity to try these things. they then tried and they're not
3:49 pm
working. so, frankly, when republicans and democrats come and say we're finally ready to try those reforms, it's far too little too late. communities are saying very, very clearly that a fundamental transportation of the system of public safety has to happen and nothing less. democrats would be wise not only to take this on the federal level but on a local and state level. they need to be the ones redirecting bloated police budgets into housing and clean air, clean water, education, and livable wages in their communities. they need to be the ones in the govern's houses and state legislatures making sure that laws that continue to protect police from accountability are no longer passed. we need to see this action happen from democrats at every single level. that's not only how you're going to excite voters. that's also how you're going to protect your constituents. >> people weren't marching in 2020 over voting rights or abortion. they were marching because have unemployed, police brutality, and it's time for washington to
3:50 pm
step. brittany cunningham, thank you so much for joining me this evening. >> thank you. surprising news on covid ahead, and a fact check on one of the wildest claims on vaccines that i have ever heard. it's coming from a sitting republican senator. we'll get to that when we get right back. ready to style in just one step? introducing new tresemme one step stylers. five professional benefits. one simple step. totally effortless. styling has never been easier. tresemme. do it with style. can a company make the planet a better place? ♪♪ what if it's a company of people working beside friends and neighbors? pursuing 100% renewable energy in our operations. aiming to protect, manage or restore millions of acres of land.
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right wingers say a lot of crazy things about vaccines, but here's one i literally have not heard before. it's from republican senator ron johnson, the least popular republican sitting senator in america, talking about an anti-vax commentator. what you're about to hear is false, but what it shows is what some conservatives are still
3:55 pm
pushing. >> you've got more than 100 doctors here, all of whom will tell that you those shots caused vaccines-induced aids. the purpose fully gave people aids. >> everything you say may be true. >> i -- i cannot -- i cannot. i cannot. >> nothing he said was true, but here's why this matters. cases of covid are rising. they are up 52% interest month. covid is not over, everybody, and more deaths are among the vaccinated who now represent about 40% of covid fatalities. the majority occurring among folks who got vaxxed but not boosted. the tsa expects this will be the busiest travel summer in years, and graduation season is about to hit with big gatherings, oftentimes indoors. just 31% of americans say they are very worried about covid. it's the lowest gallup has ever recorded. that's in part because of boosters and people feeling
3:56 pm
safe, but let's be real. we still have folks like ron johnson out there spreading garbage. as republicans actively block new covid aid despite warnings like this from dr. fauci today. >> what's going to happen when we get the september and october? it is very likely that all of us would have been vaccinated will have a diminution of the level of protection after a certain number of months, and it is like lick that they will be recommended for everyone to get a boost. >> it's real simple, everybody. covid is rising. covid is not gone. get boosted. get your family boosted. anything else you hear is noise, and, remember. wisconsin voters. you have other options. there's a front-runner out there named mandela barns on the ballot. you don't have to stick with ron johnson after this fall. we'll be right back on "the beat." fall. we'll be right back on "the beat."
3:57 pm
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