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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  May 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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talenti. raise the jar. plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore 325 liquid-filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in a 7 day study to cause fewer ulcers than immediate release aspirin. vazalore. the first liquid-filled aspirin capsules...amazing! good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" tonight with a vote that puts republicans on the record actively harming their open constituents by refusing to codify "roe v. wade" into law. today every single republican senator voted against advancing the women's health protection
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act which prohibits government restrictions on abortion. even the so-called pro-choice republicans susan collins and lisa murkowski, you know, the same ones that claimed this would never happen. after presiding over the vote vice president kamala harris called out republican extremism. >> this vote clearly suggests that the senate is not where majority of americans are on this issue. it also makes clear that a priority for all who care about this issue, a priority should be to elect pro-choice leaders at the local, the state and the federal level because what we are seeing around this country are extremist republican leaders who are seeking to criminalize and punish women for making decisions about their own body. >> of course, the democrats in house joe manchin also voted no.
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he's not the only democrat with a moral opposition to abortion. bob casey voted with the democrat saying the circumstances around the entire debate on abortion have changed now that the supreme court has leaked and republicans are floating a nationwide ban. here's what is especially significant given that his father, the former governor of pens person, was the casey in planned parenthood versus casey after sink legislation that had numerous restrictions on abortion including the requirement that women notify their husbands before terminating a pregnancy. senator casey is proof that you can have genuine religious or personal beliefs about abortion without imposing those beliefs on other people. ahead of the vote, senate democrats displayed a passionate united front with majority leader chuck schumer knowing the tens of millions of women are watching and the house showed its support as well. here they are chanting my body, my decision as they marched over to the senate side.
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meanwhile, republicans continue to makary dicklous arguments. here's montana senator steve danes yesterday. >> why have laws in place that protect eggs of sea turtles or eggs of eagles because when you destroy an egg, you're killing a pre-born baby sea turtle or a pre-born baby eagle. yet when it comes to a pre-born human baby rather than a sea turtle, that "million dollar baby" will be stripped of all protections. >> oh, senator, senator, do you need a biology class. protect sea turtles eggs has nothing do with human mother. sea turtles lay their eggs and go back to the sea. what are you talking about? when they weren't making ludicrous analogies republicans were attempting to distract and deflect by moaning about peaceful protesters outside the homes of supreme court justices, for example. >> it is illegal to go try and intimidate a judge who is hearing a case at their home
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like it would be a juror. >> it is an open effort to intimidate supreme court justices on their decision. it's illegal. it's improper. it should be condemned. >> it is unlawful. it is against the law in this country to protest a sitting judge. it's meant to intimidate the justices. >> it is an attempt to replace the rule of law with the rule of mobs. it appears this may possibly be flat out illegal. >> wah, wah, wah, wah. they are cite aggrastat out that says it's illegal to intimidate judges. the truth is republicans are grasping at straws and waving the shining keys because they know overturning roe is extremely, extremely unpopular. the national republican committee chaired by rick scott put out a memo telling republicans to be the passionate, consensus builder on
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abortion poll sane refute lies. republicans don't want to talk away contraception or throw doctors and women into jail, really. as e.j. deion points out in "the washington post" this is a bold-faced lie saying what republican leaders are considering on reproductive issues does not square with what republican pollsters want to say. republican leaders have restricted abortion laws and they are considering murder charges for doctors and patients not to mention the fact that mitch mcconnell has acknowledged if republicans take the senate a nationwide abortion ban could be on the way. once more, if republicans really supported compassionate policies, i don't know, maybe they would as deion points out support expanding health care, lower restriction drug prices, paid family leave and medical leave and the child tax credit, all components of the build back better bill which they all owe poempts no, no, no. they are hoping they can hoodwink the american voter that
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they care about them while stealing women's freedom but as washington senator patty murray said on the floor today to applause the voters will not forgot and senator patty mir of washington joins me now. senator, i wonder whether any of your republican colleagues were able to look you in the eye after voting to side with samuel alito and accepted women's rights back to the 19th century. >> no, joy, they are not. they are sidetracking everybody with conversations that have nothing to do with the reality of laws that they are now passing in states across the country and what the supreme court decollision do which basically means that politicians, not you, will decide your future and your choirses for your own body. >> i want to play you senator ted cruz with one of the lowest rankings when it comes to maternal health care and lowest
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ratings when it comes to child poverty and all that kind of stuff. ted cruz comparing abortion rights protesters to the january 6th insurrectionists. here he is. >> what we're seeing these images are the latest manifestation of just how extreme, how radical the democratic party is getting. today's democrat party believes in violence. they believe in mob rule, they believe in intimidation. these thugs have no business at the private homes of any government officials. these supreme court justices are anyone else. on january 6 of 2021 you had tens of thousand of people peacefully protesting and yet the corporate media and democrats slandered them with the made-up term insurrectionist, and yet in this instance they are not willing to call off their goons. >> so i don't know if we have video of the insurrection just to show it again for those who may have forgotten what it looks like. they are comparing people who are holding candles outside of
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one of these, you know, rights-stripping supreme court justices homes to the people who busted into the capitol, sat on the floor and threatened to hang the vice president of the united states while smashing through glass and trying to kill united states senators and members of congress. your thoughts? >> joy, that was one of the most offensive things i've head, and i've heard a lot of offensive things since the supreme court leaked this memo, and i will tell you, i was here on january 6th. my life was threatened and so was everyone else's by people who wanted to take over the united states senate and house by use of force. in this country we use our voices and we use our votes to make our opinions known and people have a right to do that, but this is nothing, nothing compared to january 6th and i find that offensive. i found his words offensive. i find his tone offensive, and i find his message offensive.
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what we are talking about today are republican politicians who are going to take over your choices in your life and tell you what they believe in is more important than you and not only more important but they are going to impose it on you. that to me is offensive. that is using words and legislative language and intent to take away your rights, far different than what happened on january 6th >> indeed, indeed. let me ask you one more question before i go. here's ron johnson who basically said the same thing. i'll read what he said. he says that he expects abortion to be a non-issue in his re-election campaign. he says it might be a little messy for some people, but abortion is not going away he said saying that driving across state lines to illinois would likely be an option if women want to exercise their rights. i don't think this goes to be a big political issue because there's not going to be that big of a change. your thoughts? >> ron, i'm glad you've never had to make a decision about your own body, but i find it very offensive that you want to
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use your words to make decisions for other people and their bodies and their decisions. this is going to activate voters across the country. when women begin to realize the impacts of these state laws and the intent of the republican party that is clear to everyone to see today that they want to take away your right to make your own choices about your own health care and your own reproductive rights, that is real and clear and will become more clear every single day as these states pass these laws and they go into effect. we intent to lift up the voices of women and men across the country and fight back in every single election in this country. >> yeah. let any of these states make viagra or cialis illegal and say ron johnson and friends can drive across state lines if they can get that drug and watch them go as absolutely as craze is as they went when they were told please wear a mask so you don't give people covid. senator patty murray, appreciate
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you. >> thank you. >> with us now is representative cori bush of missouri. not to retraumatize you. you know, we've talked about this before though. i mean, the idea that people like ron johnson and ted cruz are focusing on the protests, the protesters saying they are the real problem and trying to deflect attention, when at the same time states are passing laws that would have said that the -- that you've talked about your situation of being a rape victim, of being pregnant, the laws they want to put in place would have ordered and demanded by state command that you give birth to your -- you know, your victimizer's child, and i just wonder how you feel listening to these men stand around and say, well, this isn't a big problem. the real problem is the protests. >> you know, the fact that they would even compare january 6th to any actual protest, let's just say any protest first of
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all is them trying to deflerkts but, you know, the idea that i would have to carried a child and raised a child being in a place where i was broken emotionally and mentally and also broke financially and i was -- to be able to really raise a child and to do right by that child, you know, but the thing is this. opposition to abortion care has never been about a baby. it's never been about children because if it was, we'd have better resources for when the child is actually born, but so it was never about that. it's just about control. it's about who our government sees as fully human in this country. you know, it takes me to this, joy, you know. there's a reason why we don't see sperm regulation legislation. there's a reason why we don't see mandated vasectomies. you know, the very idea that we would take away men's bodily autonomy is outrageous, like it's unfathomable, but
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truthfully sperm are busy. it's busy. who is regulated it? who is saying something about it? i didn't see the senator saying something about it and somewhere that legislation? there will never be about that especially if it's up to them because they don't see that as something that's needed because it's about control and it's not about children you. >> know, in a state like your state, you know, which is a red state, there's this sense that it -- that this won't really have an impact, right, that people will look past the fact that samuel alito literally went back to the 17th and 19th century curing the era when the people he so reveers their writings were engaged in legalized the idea of human breeding. they were breeding humans. they were force breeding black people so that they could have more product, so that they could sell them, and the abortion right that was not really questioned when it came to women
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who are white and married and christian, their mental health or physical health, that was not a problem, of course, but it was illegal because sometimes black women were aborting to stop it the human breeding, and the fact that they revere this era, that they want this tonight era to decide what rights that we have, do you agree with them that people will just look past that and be able to get over it and just live in this gilad and not say anything or do anything about it? >> oh, no, no, no. nobody is not looking over it. we're not looking past it. we are still working right now. the decision is not written yet, and so we're still fighting now for folks like me who do live in -- in states that have trigger bans, you know. we understand what's going to happen and how immediate it is. we're thinking about that 13-year-old that -- that -- that would like to have an abortion because this -- however they became pregnant, they know that this is not what they need right
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now. this will not be the best for them or their child so the person who is -- knows that there is something, knows there's an abnormality with the baby, so the person who needs to have a d & c who had a miscarriage, a person with ectopic pregnancy instead of them dying, nobody is talking about what happens to women and people who give birth, what happens to them when they have a pregnancy that is not viable and how that process to be able -- so that they are healthy, we're not talking about national, and the things is still hands off our bodies. if they don't want to talk us regulating their sperm don't talk about what's happening to our bohd bodies and we shouldn't be talking about, shouldn't be trying to regulate their sperm just the same way they shouldn't be trying to regulate our uteruses. >> you can get an amen. it's not even sunday. congresswoman, cori bush, thank you so much for being here this evening. >> up next on the treatout the
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draft abortion decision makes it clear that chief justice john roberts had lost control of the court to the hyperpartisans who are there to serve of the right wing agenda, period. plus, new e-mails reveal more about how trump lawyer john eastman tried to convince red states to discard thousands it of ballots and declare trumpet winner. former attorney general eric holder joins me on that and the new book about endangered voting rights and america's new history of the shocking brutality by americans on indigenous children. "the reidout" continues after this. children "the reidout" continues after this hon! the weathertech's here. ♪ weathertech is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. laser-measured floorliners... no drill mudflaps... cargoliner... bumpstep... seat protector... and cupfone. ♪
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. although it was justice samuel alito who wrote the draft opinion overturning "roe v. wade," all eyes will be on chief justice john roberts when the supreme court meets tomorrow for the first time since the draft leaked. roberts has encountered growing tensions with conservatives on and off the court in recent years. as a member of the court's conservative wing, he's also been known to break with his colleagues. most famously drawing republican ire for being the deciding vote in 2012 to uphold obamacare. an attorney close to several conservative justices told politico, quote, there is a price to be paid for what he did. everybody remembers, it unquote. hmm, interesting. roberts must pay a price for not helping his fellow conservatives extinguish 30 million americans' health care. roberts didn't play ball on a
4:22 pm
republican party political priority so other conservatives get to nuke other rights. it sounds like jurists aren't jurists as all and sound like politicians well. know that most supreme court justices come up through partisan politics but this a majority represents something far more dangerous, ideologues that understand their role, that they are an extension of the republican party's extension of using height court along with voting restrictions to assert their political will, and now they are just going ahead and add hitting it. joining me now a senior editor and legal correspondent for "slate" and host of amicus, slate's podcast. i think that's a very telling admission where you have people speaking for these justices saying that roberts has got to pay for not allowing republicans to kill obamacare. that tells me all i need to know about these conservatives, they are just republican politicians. >> republican politicians, joy, and also republican politicians
4:23 pm
who are really comfortable talking like mobsters. like this is like big tony soprano energy that you're hearing here and the fact that somebody would be willing to leak that statement, you know, i mean, we like to at least pretend that the justices are above politics, and when you have this language that is happily leaked by somebody who is apparently chatting with three of the conservative justices, says politico, they want you to know that this is a political institution. it feels like that's almost the scary part is that that facade of, you know, we are neutral oracles, we transcend politics. do not criticize us in partisan ways. that's a rule for you and me, joy. it's not the rule in the courtney more. >> right. clarence thomas coming out with this comical statement, know, talking about the decline and respect for institutions and rule of law doesn't bode well
4:24 pm
for society. clarence thomas has stood for the longest for the principle that i'm on the court and the minute we get 5-4 majority we're nuking all your rights, abortion rights gone, voting rights gone. we have a whole lot of stouf do with us and you can't say anything to us because then you're not respecting the court. there's a couple that still want to be revered but most of them don't give a damn. we're taking your rights because we can. >> yeah. this has the feeling of a kind of spiking the football moment that given the choice to do this nasty and trolling or the choice to do it in sort of a lofty way that at least appears to be the way that the court wants to see itself, there's clearly been a pretty systemwide decision to do it nasty and to do a kind of because we can, and i keep trying to square justice thomas
4:25 pm
saying you don't get to just disrespect institutions and set aside their decisions because you don't like them with his wife's open efforts to set aside the 2020 election with mark meadows so it's an amazing thing that the rules that they seem to feel govern their own conduct doesn't apply to the rest of us. i mean, we all have to abide by the illusion that they are magic, and they are just out there on the plaza pulling each other's hair and screaming. >> oh, 100%, and i don't doubt for one second that if donald trump attempts to steal the next election, all five of them will say we ratify that because they are literally political and ideological, hyperpartisan actors, who are openly now saying we're going to do this agenda because we have -- they are all mitch mcconnell. let me ask you about the fact that so far there's only this leaked draft. there isn't any evidence that there's another draft.
4:26 pm
what do you think that says about how roberts will assign the dissent, and at this point does it even matter? >> i mean, the short depressing answer, joy, is i think this is proof that what we were looking for which is that john roberts had his own narrow -- sad that this passes for good news, that he would just uphold the 15-week ban but keep the core of roe and casey, albeit hole owed out, it seems that that has not materialized. there isn't a narrower conservative ruling that he apparently circulated in response to this in the hopes that he could peel off justices barrett or cav naurks and so the depressing thing that was reported today is that we've got the dissenters working on dissent. this is something that -- akin to the final draft. it will be buffed a little bit -- a little bit of the grossness will be buffed out, but i think that john roberts does not have the votes to get anything close to something that would have been a compromise, all it be a compromise that ended abortion at 15 weeks, so
4:27 pm
it's not -- none of this is good news. >> yeah. i feel like i know kind of how it feels when plessy ferguson went down. came down the same. we're doing this. can't stop us. we're the elites and we rule you. something else. thank you very much. always great to talk with you. still ahead, chilling new details on the corrupt plot to overturn the 2020 election and how extreme party gerrymandering now poses a serious threat to american democracy. former u.s. attorney general eric holder joins me next. we're back after this. holder jx we're back after this. manhood looks different from guy to guy. but when yours bends in a different direction, you might feel bothered by it. so talk to a urologist. because a bend in your erection might be peyronie's disease or pd. it's a condition that involves a
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we are still learning the full extent of the efforts by trump's allies to subvert democracy and hand the former president an illegitimate victory. there's new reporting today that trump lawyer john eastman was advising state lawmakers on how to disenfranchise their own voters long before he was urging former vice president mike pence to overturn election. e-mails obtained by politico show that eastman hatched a plan to recount pennsylvania's votes after throwing out tens of thousands of an sentee ballots. in an email about a month after the election, eastman wrote to pennsylvania legislator russ diamond, quote, having done that math, you'd be left with a significant trump lead that would bolster the argument for the legislature adopting a slate of trump electors. perfectly within your authority to do anyway but now bolstered by the untainted popular vote. that would help provide some cover. hmm. the e-mails are part of a cache
4:33 pm
sent to the january 6th select committee by the colorado group. eastman used a university of colorado email account while a visiting professor there. new revelations come as republicans continue to try to whitewash the siege as a peaceful protest. in his new book former attorney general eric holder writes while many have tried to erase the danger of january 6th the real story that have day isn't how our country came together to make shower this coup attempt failed, it's how close it came to succeeding. republicans across the country began to work that next time it could. i'm joined by former attorney general eric holder, author of our "our unfinished march, "the violent pass and impaired future of the vote." a very timely bok as well. attorney general holder, thank you for being here, and this is what scares me is -- two things, one, how close they came to actually succeeding in this coup and how detailed the coup planning was but also the fact that they have started working on fixing the things that went wrong so they could get it right
4:34 pm
the next time especially by reoperation you will up and down the ballot regular republicans, formerly regular republicans with people who believed they were lied and will implement it. how worried should we be that we won't have anymore flow and fair elections in this country going forward? >> i think we need to be extremely concerned about that. the reality is they came pretty close in 2020, and as you say with the replacement of these regular republicans like the guy vandevelde in michigan, potentially what they are trying to do with georgia state officials as well, if you have a close election, as we talk about in the book, if you have a close election the next time, you may have republicans who are willing to do the kinds of things that that disgraced eastman was trying to pull off. we stood between -- the first time we did not have a peaceful transfer of power and, you know, the way we normally do things. it was a very, very narrow
4:35 pm
margin that kept us a functioning democracy. >> let me -- let me read something that you wrote in your book. you talked about the fact, that you know, going all the way back and you write a lot about and is are very passionate about the idea of the vote. the shelby ruling made you realize that the supreme court was not going to protect us here. how could five unelected judges with life toim appointments gut a law so recently authorized by congress in a historic bipartisan landslide, support bid every president since lyndon johnson and for 50 years had secured the trying vote for millions of americans. there were plenty of past supreme court rules i did not agree, but at least with those i believe the justices had come by their opinions honestly, that threat written them on the basis of the understanding of the constitution. with shelby i had a hard time convincing myself that that was true. you noted without a legitimate basis they undermined our most silent right and as a silent protest you decided not to appear before the court as attorney general. now that you're seeing what they are trying to do with women's
4:36 pm
rights, with roe, i would think that deepened your cynicism about them, and if a case comes to this court that we now, have with this five ideological majority, do you believe that they would affirm the fest of the election? >> that's a real concerning you know. that is a real, real concern. what will they do? i'm not saying that they are necessarily partisan, but they are certainly overly ideological and they have turned their back on precedent in reaching this apparent decision about "roe v. wade." you know, they have attacked a fundamental right here, that is the right to privacy, and there's a whole range of things that are based on the right to privacy, same-sex marriage, a whole range of other things, and if they are willing to do that with regard to abortion, why should we assume that they are going to stop there? when it comes to things political what, we have seen them do with regard to the 1965
4:37 pm
voting rights act and the shelby tony case when they decided not to get involved when it came to partisan gerrymandering, citizens united, i mean, this is a court that is at least with regard to five of its members are pretty radical and not at all feeling that they have to be bound by the notion of presence which is the glue, which is the glue that gives the supreme court legitimacy. >> so then when you have, you know, good news like we had today in florida where, you know, ron desantis' racist map was thrown out because he owe essentially stripped black floridians in the central part of the state, the same place where he's attacking disney of their representatives to replace them with republicans, extreme gerrymandered map despite the fact that florida has a fair distribute amendment in their constitution voted on by the people, so they won, you know. the people won in florida, but whenever i see a victory like that, i just fear that the republicans will appeal it all the way to the supreme court and
4:38 pm
then this court will say, nah, you can have that now. >> we won a case in alabama with two trump judges who said, you know, black people in alabama do not have adequate representation when it comes to the congressional delegation. you need to redraw the maps in such a way that they do have an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice. we won that. they took it to the supreme court, and the supreme court made the determination that it was too close in time to the election and, therefore, alabamans will vote this year -- on a slate of candidates that a court down there, including two trump judges, said was inappropriate, was unconstitutional. in wisconsin we had the wisconsin supreme court pick a map that was designed by the -- by the wisconsin democratic governor, the supreme court, united states supreme court threw that out and so they have shown themselves to be not only radical but also activists. the thing that we have already
4:39 pm
heard from conservatives and from republicans. they rail against activist judges unless they do things the they they want them to be done. >> i would argue they are partisan as well so let's disagree about that. what do we do about this? your book talks about trying, you know, to solve it, a plan. the last line in your book is a plan. what is the plan? >> the plan is we talk about a number of structural reforms, limiting the number of years that somebody can serve on the supreme court to 18, the way in which supreme court justices are picked. have every president pick a supreme court justice in his or her third term and empowering people to get involved. talking about voting. we talked about a young woman who was at not carol amt and who was concerned about the fact that north carolina amt was divided, literally divided in half. one part of the campus was in one congressional district and
4:40 pm
half of the campus was in another congressional district and also you would weaken the power that have huge population that resided there. show drew a line right down the street in chalk. i went down there and saw t.through her activism, through the lawsuit that we brought, that was changed and that's just one of the examples and we have book filled with so-called examples of ordinary people deciding to be involved, committed, sacrificing and making big structural changes, and we still have that capacity within us. this is -- at the eptd of the day i think it's a pretty optimistic book t.raises the dammingers and talks about the dangers we face now in a realistic way but provides a pathway so that we can get back to the america that although flawed is consistent with our founding ideals. >> i like on the m. i don't have a lot of it but i'll take it. our unfinished march, the violent past and impaired future of the vote history, a crisis a plan. i like the plan part.
4:41 pm
former u.s. attorney eric herald, thank you very much, sir. real appreciate being here. >> thanks, joy. >> cheers. up next, a new report details the treatment of native american students at government schools for more than a century. we'll right back. for more than a century. we'll right back >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:46 pm
murdering native people wasn't enough, the american government set up a plan to, quote, educate native people. that plan was a roughly 100 year-long campaign of ethnic cleansing by way of christian boarding schools. captain richard henry pratt, superintendent of the carlisle indian industrial school in pennsylvania, one of the largest cleansing schools explained that the goal was to, quote, kill the indian, save the man. in 1890 lone wolf, a black foot native american from montana recounted the horrific story of his abduction, quote, the soldiers came and rounded up as many of the black-feet children as they could. the government had decided we were to get white man's education by force. none of us wanted to go, and our parents didn't want to let us go. our belongings were taken from us. next was the long hair, the pride of all the indians. we were told never to talk indian and if we were caught we got a strapping with a leather belt, unquote. some of these schools remained
4:47 pm
open until the late 1960s. this is the history that ron desantis and his republican fellow travelers do not want your kids to learn. the same kind of erasure was at work through barbaric practices like these schools. they erase the fact that these indigenous communities didn't need white christian education. they had functioning government systems, complex social systems which the colonizers were determined to destroirks along with any memory of them. today whole tribes, languages and cultures have been exterminated and the lasting trauma from the physical and emotional abuse continues to reverberate throughout native communities. today the department of the interior released a long-awaited report which documented the abuse of many of the children at these government-run schools such as beatings, withholding of food and solitary confinement. the investigation also identified marked or unmarked burial sites that are approximately 53 different schools, a number expected to
4:48 pm
increase. the first native american cabinet secretary announced a year-long tour to allow american indian, aylan cass native and native hawaiian survivors of the native indian born boarding schools as a way to share their experience. joining me know is a member of the black feet nation. thanks for being here. i wonder if telling the story and having the federal government admit to it is enough, or is that a start of some recompense that is needed to be done? >> a great question, thank you very much, joy, for having me. salute to secretary haland for this very, very important, courageous conversation. it is a beginning, and i know there's going to be credit you can and rightfully so who say it's not sufficient. however, everything has a genesis, and this is the genesis of having a meaningful, formal conversation, the first time there's ever been a formal conversation that acknowledged
4:49 pm
that there was a systematic undoing of native community and native families at the hands of the government and in the name of, and it's perverse, because it create a lot of distrust to this day, in the name of education, and it still affects our children to this day in the name of education where we see native students getting expelled and suspended at -- at some of the highest rates in the country where there's still a punitive model of education, so we -- we have a lot to sort out, but it's a version very important beginning to that conversation, joy. >> you know, it's interesting to me, you know, i was thinking today as i was preparing to talk to you. it feels like there's a cemetery with the supreme court who have essentially said we, we five, have the right christian values, and, therefore, like it or not, all of you women in this country will live under our christian
4:50 pm
value system because in our mind it's the right system. that's the same attitude that the american government had towards indigenous people. y'all have the wrong culture, the wrong religious beliefs, the and be like us whether you like it or not. do you see that same kind of symmetry? because i feel like they are still colonizing. >> definitely. and to go into what you mentioned, that history where it was creating structure, where everything for these native children -- and i want to acknowledge that these were real human beings. and we are talking about confused kids. and i have a seven year old daughter, a ten year old daughter, and my grandfather, a
4:51 pm
member of the blackfeet nation, he ran away from boarding school. this is something that is a matter of record. and he told us about how his parents were confused. because they did not speak english. so, all they see is these children leaving. these are real human beings with no explanation whatsoever. and no context whatsoever, for seeing their children leave. and the children get ripped from their families, from their communities. and so your question about whether that proselytizing has been -- absolutely. we are being held captive, joy. we are captives right now to the whims of five people, to the beliefs and -- and, you know, i respect their beliefs. they have as much right to those beliefs as you or i do. however, they should not get the benefit of proselytizing en masse wholesale to every single of the 350 million people in
4:52 pm
this united states, the way that they did to native people. and the way that they did to the descendants of african slave, and the way to they did to japanese descendants. it is an ugly thing and it continues to this day. >> and it's why they don't want to teach us history. my producer notes here -- which i didn't even know -- that indigenous americans did not even have the right to vote until 1948. it strikes me that when america catches a cold, black folks catch a fever. and indigenous people get pneumonia. right? so, this ruling that we have seen on abortion, i think about the multiplying effect of the horror of engine did you this people, what is going to be the impact of these rulings on indigenous people? lings on indigeno>> as you mention, it is a much more profound effect when you get further into
4:53 pm
communities that do not have access to all the conveniences of economics. and then you get to geographic remoteness, as most native communities are. then you get to the dynamic that many native community members residing in places that are conservative. so, it's this dynamic we're -- it is going to be an absolute and real difficult time for a group of people that already have a difficult time with lack of access to. things that includes technology -- the digital divide is very, very real and certain native communities. in certain communities, there is less wireless and broadband access. then, you compound that with lack of access to very, very necessary medical procedures.
4:54 pm
procedures that are absolutely a right. they are something that is not a privilege. it's something that people who cannot access some of these economic back tour sort of deals, that they can access -- >> yes. yeah. >> and they have been kept out of that process. and it's going to be a very bad situation, to a. >> indeed. i'm good have you come back because i want to talk about other politics stuff. gyasi, please come back. we will talk about midterms and stuff next time. really presha you. and coming up, being a member of the press used to be seen as a member of protection. but these days can also make you a target. we will be right back. ht back. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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4:59 pm
refugee camp in the occupied northern west bank. she was covering israel's near daily raids there following a series of deadly attacks. in a statement, al jazeera condemned the killing, calling the shooting a blatant murder, adding that the israeli occupation forces assassinated the journalist in cold blood and targeted her with live fire. the israeli military initially suggested that -- only to walk that back. another journalist who witnessed the -- that israeli soldiers were shooting at abu akleh even after she was wounded. her producer, who is also injured, told the ap that abu akleh was clearly wearing a blue flak jacket worked marked with the word press. her body was carried through the streets covered with the palestinian flag and that flak jacket. the white house condemned the killing and called for a thorough investigation into the circumstances of her death. benny gantz promise that the
5:00 pm
investigation would be transparent. but as some journalists who have long observe the region have noted, history does not offer much hope in that regard. the committee to protect journalist reports that 17 your lungs have been killed armored id since the start of this. hear our deepest condolences to the abu akleh's loved ones. abu akleh's loved ones all in starts. now >> tonight on all in -- >> voila, we have enough votes to barely get over the finish line. >> the so-called architect of donald trump's coup, in his own words, tonight the explosive new emails from john eastman, and then, how lawmakers are working to overturn the vote and may be on the verge of taking over the states elections. plus, the demands for answers as a palestinian american journalist is killed in the west bank. and how did lindsey graham get caught on tape endorsing joe biden? >> totally


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