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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  May 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> thank you so much for letting us into your home on this thursday. we are grateful. both beet with alicia menendez in for ari melber starts now. >> thank you so much. welcome to "the beat." i'm alicia mendez in for ari mel berp it's unprecedented the january 6th committee subpoenaing five sit lawmakers for the first time. that is a huge deal. lawmakers rarely subpoena their own colleagues. clearly kevin mccarthy gop leader telling them to sit by
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the end of the month. mccarthy, caught on tape talking about kicking trump out of office ran to mar-a-lago weeks later. chairman bennie thompson writing, you declined voluntary cooperation, and we're left with no choice but to issue thank you subpoena. in a letter sent asking for his cooperation in january, the committee said they wanted to talk to mccarthy about his, quote, conversations with president trump before, during, and after the violent january 6th attacks. mccarthy today slamming the committee's probe. >> look, my view on the committee has not changed. they're not conducting a legitimate investigation. it seems as though they just want to go after their political opponents. >> congressman scott perry having a similar thing today. >> the fact that they sent it to the press before they sent it to the members proves it's all
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about headlines. >> bennie thompson saying today he hopes they all comply, and so far there have not been conversations about contempt if they don't. jamie raskin today emphasizing the unprecedented nature of january 6th when asked about the decision to subpoena fellow lawmakers. >> well, an attempted coup and a violent insurrection at the capitol interrupting the peaceful transfer of power are unprecedented events. they should come in and testify voluntarily. and if they don't, all of us should come to expect that they could subpoenaed for it. >> joining me now, former acting u.s. slitter neil katyal. we have sot here several times asking, he they, won't they? >> i'm so glad they're doing
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this. they highway choice to come as early as saying. they refused. now they're saying this is about headlines and anti-trump. there's a lot of anti-trump people the congressional committee could have subpoenaed, marjorie taylor greene or matt gates or any number of people like. that they didn't. this is not five random people. these are five material witnesses, and the committee has said in their letters that they have evidence that mark meadows was being plotted with with these members of congress, or these mcs were plotting with ali alexander and others as well, like jeffrey clark, trying to maneuver for him to be acting attorney general and boot out the old attorney general, jeffrey rosen, who wasn't doing trump's bidding. so, all of this is really important information. i'm upset it's taken this long to get to the subpoena, but i'm really glad to see congress doing this today. >> we'll talk about how time is of the essence, but barbara talk
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to me about the significant of congress subpoenaing their own colleagues. >>s awe heard representative raskin say, it's unprecedented. calling a member of their own for a subpoena, not a voluntary sitdown, but a subpoena is unprecedented. but you know what's also unprecedented? the plot to attack the capital and interrupt the peaceful transfer of power. for that reason, the stakes are high, and calling them with a subpoena is appropriate under the circumstances. interesting things about their compliance. do they comply or go after the legitimacy of the committee a we hear some of them do? the tables are going to be turned and they're going want to subpoena members of congress. they have to be careful they don't harm the institution. there is no executive privilege here. this is a question of people who have evidence and need to produce it to the committee that is legitimately investigating a very serious matter.
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>> neal i fully take barbara's point. i want to point out, though, these republicans have shown little concern for institutions, right? if that is supposed to be the driving motivating factor for them to comply, they haven't exactly shown a history of making that a priority. >> that's 100% right, and they've always not respected precedent at all, and barbara has been absolutely brilliant in making the case for the crimes that were committed on january 6th. she wrote essentially a prosecution memo about this. the one thing i would just quibble with her on with this is there is actually precedent. the ethics committees have subpoenaed members of congress before, and some of them are even gone to court. so we have seen this, a member -- congressional committee subpoenaing a member of congress. she's absolutely right, given their disregard of institutions and their coup-like behavior, i expect them to fight this. the congress has two tools available to it.
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one is the criminal contempt statute, which has been around since 1857 and allows them to say to the justice department, we need this information. you need to put these people in jail until they give it to us. the other is that congress itself can file a civil lawsuit in washington, d.c. to get at this information. either way, the congressional committees, if this does go to court, i'm quite sure will prevail. there's an obvious need for this information. the arguments on the other side are bogus. there's two -- one, the members of congress are saying they have a right to privacy, which is particularly ironic, because i haven't seen them protesting over the last week on the supreme court steps, but i guess they think men in congress have a right to privacy, and the rest of us don't. the second thing they will say is speech or debate immunity. that's a clause in the constitution which says in general members of congress have immunity while on the floor. but that's got to be a legislative act, and plotting a coup or refusing to answer
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questions under oath is not exactly a legislative act. >> as neal just said, you have brilliantly laid all of this out, so in the spirit of asking you to do this once again, what does the committee want to learn? >> unlike a criminal prosecution, what the committee is trying to learn here is everything that happened. they are trying to chronicle the facts in the same way the september 11th committee put together that extensive report and then used it as a way to guide legislation to fill in gaps in the law. in the same way, this committee has been charged with figuring out what happened, and an essential part of that story is figuring out what these five members of congress were doing and saying as the attack occurred. we know several were talking with president trump while things were occurred. we know at least one of them, reports say, was seeking pardons for some of the people who might be involved in the attacks. it's important to understand what they were saying, when they
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were saying it, if they were aware of what donald trump was saying to put the whole story together. one other thing -- i wonder neal's thoughts on them we talk about civil or criminal case. i think this may be the case where there's potential congressional inherent power. we've seen the power slip away and not be used. but when it's members of congress subpoenaed, the committee has powers to recommend censure and other things against its members that's unique to its members and different from all the other witnesses who have been subpoenaed during all this. >> neal, barbara wants your thoughts, and so do i. >> that's exactly right. there's an inherent contempt power. it's been upheld by the supreme court. it's so extensive it allows members of congress to jail someone. there's a jail in the capitol that could be used for this, and barbara's right that there are
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steps short of this. censure, docking pay. there's options. the five members of congress when they go and attack the subpoena and say it's about headlines or something, i think barbara's isolated the important question, which is, what would these five members of congress want an investigation to do? a committee charged with trying to get the truth of january 6th? of course you need to know what the five people were doing and what they said and who they said it to. they were material witnesses. it would be a bogus investigation if they didn't get at this information. that's why, i think, whether it's inherent contempt or a court case or whatever, these folks are going to get the information they need to get. >> barbara i want to you take a listen to what member schiff said today. >> they have relevant information for the committee and the country, and they took an oath to uphold the constitution. this is part of downholding the oath. >> here's the thing, barbara -- there's an argument that democrats know they have to make
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to the american people that counters this idea of what we're going to hear from republicans about how this is all bogus, and that's it right there. you had congressman schiff laying out what neal laid out. they have information. we want to hear it. why should that be so complicated? >> i think sometimes we see cynical politicians and others talk in terms of sound bites, counting on the fact that members of the public are too busy to pay attention to the details. if they say things like, they're going after us because they're going after the political opponents, they take this very high level argument, then many people won't listen to the details, but i think that's why it's so critically important to get them to testify, because it's always the facts that matter. what was said? you can paint broad bushes about motives and other things, but at the end of the day, this is about facts and the only way we're going to learn facts is
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but putting them under oath and questioning them. >> neal, jim jordan dodged questions. >> did you talk to the president that day? >> i talked to the president umpteenth times. >> i mean january 6th. >> yes. i've talked to the president -- i can't remember, but i talked to the president. >> did you speak with him before, during or after the capital was attacked? >> i spoke with him that day after. i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not. i just don't know. >> i subject you to that footage to ask you if the committee will be able to get the truth if he's deposed, or are we going to have more of that game? >> you can't watch that testimony and think that this guy's credible in any particular way. it's just a not convincing performance. he can't keep his misstatements and lies straight.
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so, you know, i expect more of that. i think the hard thing for them is at some point, they keep on saying, we're afraid to testify. they keep on slinging mud at the committee or this and that, but the bottom line is they just never want to go in under oath and tell the truth. that's the thing they're afraid of. and you know, my suspicion is, for a good reason, because the jim jordans of the world and others were involved in this stuff and they're afraid of it coming out. but the committee has the powers, and have today taken the most important step in trying to get that information to the american people. >> yeah, and it's a reminuteder that the threat is not past tense, it's in the in the rear-view. it is very much live and active now. thank you so much for getting us started. coming up, the supreme court's first meeting since the leak odd roe draft decision, and a big legal setback for maga governor ron des december as he trays to redraw the voting map.
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3:18 pm
sotomayor saying the court might not survive the stench of the court overturning roe, and now they're all facing each other. outside the court days of fury, prompt fencing to go up outside the building and activists at homes the justices barrett, alito, kavanaugh, and roberts. joining a now, president of an advocacy group that recruits women to run for office in the u.s. and democratic strategist and former dnc communications director. what i would have given to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting. let's talk about where this goes. you have the ap meeting. roberts appeared to most inclined to reaching a decision to overruling the landmark abortion rulings. do you think there's still a possibility he could write his own opinion, and how would that
3:19 pm
shape the contour of this fight? >> it's a great question. i'm sure all of us would have loved to have been in the room to hear what was going down. look, i think that we've got to remember that, as you noted, republicans today stood in -- passing national protections for women and families all over this country. it's clear now more than ever at the pro choice majorities at every level of government are critically important and democrats must be the party that continues to stand with the will of the american people that are supporting a woman having the freedom to make those decisions for herself. this is the moment of that level of clarity, and i think that's what the american people are going to demand. >> sochi, that all begs the question, where do democrats go from here, and how quickly can
3:20 pm
they get something done? >> well, democrats are committed to ensuring that they do everything that they can to protect women's reproductive rights. you saw that in the vote today. but they're also going to make it a campaign issue. you see democrats in states like texas which are largely red campaigning this issue, because they want to make very clear that it is democrats that stand on the side of women. and i just want to remind people that about 32% of the electorate will be about women over 50. and women over 50 were born pre-roe, right? and they understand or they know their mother, and they grew up in a place where roe was law of the land, and they have lived with that. so i think it is important for democrats moving forward ahead of the midterm elections to really talk about what is at stake here. and that's exactly what they're doing.
3:21 pm
there's a day of action on saturday where all across this country, people will be making their voices heard and ensuring that they are talking directly to voters to talk about what is at stake in this election, because right now with roe potentially being overturned, we're going to see a very different america. >> i want both of you to take a listen to ted cruz on the implications of overturning roe for the midterm, and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> if the majority opinion continues to be the majority opinion, and if the outcome is that the court does strike down roe vs. wade, i can tell you democrats in washington are holding on to that as their chance to save the midterms. more than a few republican senators are nervous that's the case. to the extent it has an effect, it will be a positive effect. >> aaloneza, your thoughts? >> i appreciate that ted --
3:22 pm
senator cruz thinks that he can speak for the positions of the american people, but we all know he's flat-out wrong. the year after year, poll after poll said that the american people stand in support of the -- sustaining roe vs. wade and protecting the freedom of women to make these decisions on their own. so he is flat out wrong. i think that the american people are ready to stand and galvanize together, to make their demands clear about where it is that they want these decisions to be made. do they not want politicians or senator cruz in their doctor's office. they do not want justice kavanaugh in the conversation with their pastor or their family, and so i think that the senator is flat wrong. i think that people all over this country are going to stand and make that point clear this november, and the democratic party is going to once again prove that they are standing on
3:23 pm
the side of the american people, who are working to protect their rights, who are working to expand access, and who are standing with the will that they want this country and the freedom that they want this country to represent. >> sochi, i want to give you a chance to respond to your home state senator, but i also want to add that it was my understanding that mitch mcconnell wanted to run these midterms on inflation, right? that was the thing he wanted everyone focused on. now he's talking about national ban on abortions. is he hoping that the conversation just moves on by november? >> i think that republicans are in a position where they don't necessarily know what to do. they understand that this is problematic for their party. they understand that, you know, they are on the wrong side of history, especially with the vote that was taken today where republicans blocked codifying roe v. wade. so this will be an issue.
3:24 pm
what i will say is that democrats win when we are on the side of what the vast majority of the american people believe in. that is how we won the midterms last time. that is how we beat donald trump, and on issue after issue, whether it be the pandemic, whether it be roe v. wade, whether it be ensuring that we are getting higher wages for workers, time and time again, democrats do stand with the american people, and what the american people want to see is americans fighting for them, fighting for their rights. and the american people want to see that they're going to be better off with democratic leadership. who will you be better off with? democrats will have a message moving forward, not only on roe, but on issue after issue, whether it's getting people out of this pandemic, et cetera, that they are working to deliver for them. and that is what democrats need to focus on -- they're working to protect women's reproductive rights, working to ensure that we are lowering costs and working to ensure we are doing
3:25 pm
everything we can to get us out of that pandemic, and that's how we win the elections. >> thank you both so much. ahead, after a 60-second break, ron desantis dealt a serious legal setback. plus, michael steele on the heat facing kevin mccarthy tonight. but first, a whistle-blower's claims about unsafe conditions at a baby formula back. the lawmaker that made it public. we are back in just 06 seconds. public we are back in just 06 seconds when someone asked for my medicare number in a text, i knew it was a scam. nice catch. and, your mother knew it wasn't a real email. go, mom! - i don't share my medicare number with strangers. - if you get a call, text or email - strike! - asking for your medicare or personal information, - delete! - shut it down. - nope! learn more at
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is one mission, life. i get to keep her. we get to have her and enjoy her. and she gets to grow up, which is the best gift anyone could ever give. we are back with the nationwide baby formula shortage that has parents scramblings that's become a political issue. formula stockpiles down 43%. one of the recalls caused after a deadly bacteria found in its plant at michigan. >> the fda says abbott did not clean surfaces use in the handing the formula.
3:27 pm
investigators found a history of contamination, including eight reports since 2019. >> all powders formulas made at the same plant in michigan. >> cronobackter is extremely dangerous. >> formula wasn't recalled until several infants got sick and two died. the fda inspected the facility after the infants' deaths and discovered five strains of the deadly bacteria in multiple locations. i should note, the strains identified in the infant deaths are different from the strains found, so far in fda's inspections at the abbott plant, but a whistle-blower report claims that abbott be the fda knew about the unsafe conditions but did nothing about it. the whistle-blower accuses abbott managers of deliberately
3:28 pm
falsifying reports, and using flawed machinery that allowed bacteria to get into the formula. abbott accused the whistle-blower of food safety violations. they also say they believe their plant was not the source of the bacterial infections in these babies. abbott says they're now working to keep the plant safe, but declined to explain why they didn't make the fixes earlier. we know it wasn't money. a stock buyback program of you have to $5 billion, and also increasing payments to shareholders. they had the money to keep that baby form will safe. joining me now, chair of the powerful appropriations committee. she made the whistle-blower claims this week and just announced two hearings for abbott and the baby formula shortage. >> this whistle-blower claims abbott staffers falsified records and didn't clean areas they knew were unsafe. what worries you most about the
3:29 pm
complaint? >> first of all, thank you so much. thank you for having me on with you this evening. what is clear here is that we are looking at -- people are talking about the supply issue. this is supply and about safety. they're not exclusive. we don't have to select one or the other. the complaint by the whistle-blower is very, very clear, and it's a 34-page document, which i have read, which talked about the -- that abbott hid information during a 2019 fda audit. lacks practices associates with cleaning up the environment, lack of traceability of the product to find out what was going on. how could they trace back? selling a product that they knew was contaminated. and they didn't take any corrective measures. just tonight at about 5:00, there was a bloomberg article
3:30 pm
that indicated in september -- in september -- that the fda began to get, as they were expecting, there was indications of and traces of this bacteria. so, the whistle-blower sent the report in october of last year. the fda did not interview the whistle-blower until december. and it wasn't until february that they recalled the product. and you said it a moment ago -- two infants died, several more hospitalized. so you've got a bad actor in abbott nutrition, abbott laboratories. and then you've got the slow walking and not paying attention by the fda and putting babies at
3:31 pm
risk and partly responsible for the shortage where families can't get access to baby formula. >> help us understand, congresswoman, why you aren't taking your concerns directly to abbott. when you do speak with the fda commissioner later this month, what is it you want to hear from him on? >> first of all i want to know -- i want to know why there was no movement from october to december and december to february. why didn't they take action? the information was there. they had their own suspicions, as been verified this evening in this account from bloomberg, that they have their suspicions in september. what were they -- why the delay? were they trying to protect abbott? were they concerned with abbott and its profitability?
3:32 pm
versus making sure that we had a safe product for families to have for their babies? look, i called for and there is going to be an inspection, a general inspector is going to engage both with the fda and with abbott. we need to get to the bottom of this. in the meantime, we have to serious look at the supply challenges and what we need to do so that parents can get access to baby formula. and we're working on, that looking at legislation. we're looking at ways in which we can move. the president -- i probably will get abbott to come to the hill to testify. i will do that as well so that we are at the beginning of this process to find out what has happened here, why it happened, because we cannot -- we
3:33 pm
cannot -- abbott has the largest contract with the department of agriculture. it's about $1.7 billion. and they provide formula through the women, infant, and children's program, the wic program that services about 1.2 million children. we have to find out what happened. and those who were engaged and involved in this need to be held accountable. >> congresswoman, as always, thank you so much for spending some time with us, bringing us this important story. >> thank you. ahead, ron desantis gets rebuked by a judge today. but first, the january 6th committee takes action. the political fallout to those unprecedented subpoenas to lawmakers. michael steele is live on "the beat" next. michael steele is live on "the beat" next
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we are back with the political firestorm over five trump allays in congress subpoenaed by the january 6th committee. kevin mccarthy saying the panel is going after political opponents. remember, he removed liz cheney from a leadership post for trying to find the facts, and that was after a leaked tape of him telling cheney he would ask trump to resign. cheney saying it was not a decision that was taken light and i, and they have incredibly important information about the insurrection. here's congressman biggs on his subpoena. >> will you comply with the subpoena? >> i think this is an illegitimate committee. >> does that mean you don't
3:39 pm
comply with the subpoena? >> i haven't even seen the subpoena. you have. doesn't that indicate something to you? indicates a hell of a lot to me. >> have you thought about submitting evidence to your constituents and to the public that exonerate you from the claims the committee staked against you? >> you're asking me to submit to prove a negative. >> and so we heard that word legitimate again, but trump's own family cooperated with interviews. here's how it's playing out on right-wing tv network. >> the his tir ya around the january 6th protests continues reaching new levels of insanity among the radical left. it's a story that's been thoroughly debunked repeat. >> i yet democrats in the mainstream med ya can't get enough of telling americans how trump supporters nearly brought down democracy in a violent attack on the capital. nothing could be further from the truth. >> joining me now, michael steele, former rnc chair and
3:40 pm
msnbc political analyst. michael, i have already covered the legalese of this. how do you see it playing out politically? >> oh, politically it's a hot potato. there's no doubt about it. the committee has thrown down the gauntlet. the question now is, what is the value of a subpoena? do they back it up? a lot of these same folks you have on fox and elsewhere screaming about, no one is above the law, and we've got to adhere to the constitution. i'm the first one to say, i'm not going to follow the subpoena? of course. that's the point. here you are at this moment where the party has to decide, how do we deal with this political will i? the commission -- there's no politics here. the law is the law. you're not above it. appear. now, the question is, will they enforce that as they would against any other citizen who
3:41 pm
was subpoenaed? the second point was the point you came into thisk about, which is, the rest of the trump family showed up, so i don't know what kevin mccarthy and biggs and other folks are complaining about. this is going to be interesting to see how this plays out in terms of enforcing and it the resistance to that enforcement. >> i want the play some sound from leader mccarthy today and get your thoughts. take a listen. >> my view on the committee has not changed. they're not constructing a legitimate investigation. it seems they just want to go after their political opponents. but the one thing that has changed in america, higher inflation we haven't seen since the '70s. an unsecure border, gas prices, and now we don't have baby formula. >> i subject you to that sound because you and i have been in politics long enough. we have watched enough politicians to know when a pivot is way too sharp and way too focus group, sfliegt it's
3:42 pm
illegitimate. i'm going make that claim. going make you distrust that thing. and then i'm going go right back to my talking points about what i want to be talk about instead. it just reads to me as wildly transparent. >> it is. i'm going to start with the bs, pivot off that into something that we're doing nothing about. that's what that was. it was all goobl degook. it means nothing because, one, you don't get to say what's legitimate or illegitimate. if it was dually constituted turned rules and the organization of the united states congress. i don't care if you are a member. you don't get to claim that. two, you're going to pivot to this laundry list of stuff that republicans haven't put a solution on the table to deal with. so the public is sitting there going, okay, back to the subpoenas. because that's the thing that's right in front of you, and no matter how much you put out the talking point to call the work
3:43 pm
illegitimate and inflation and all that, you're still going to have to account for what happened on january 6th. that takes me back to the first point, if the commission is not prepared to -- the subpoena they have put on the street today, they might as well put up shop and go home, because everything after that if you don't enforce it becomes harder to prove to the american people that you're serious about get to the bottom of this. >> i would also add to your analysis that when you talk about january 6th as something that happened in the past, a threat that was, it misses the piece of this which is most critical and urgent, which is this is an ongoing threat. these are people in powerful decision-making decisions who still get to do their jobs. if you try to message this an a voter who has not been paying as
3:44 pm
much attention as voters have, seems less lit cal than a year ago. >> the reality still remains that if you're going to go into this space, how are you going to frame this, it matters. the problem for the framing for republicans at this point is we saw it. we witnessed it. so there are very view americans, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum who can say at this point they have no idea when they hear the term january 6th who people are talking about. ignore can they say, i don't have a -- and that's the part that makes it difficult at the end of the day, everyone does have an opinion, so from a political space, how the democrats outside of the commission frame that going into the fold. this is the question. you want to give the power back to the -- government who claims there was no legitimate election
3:45 pm
taken place, that it was fraud? that's the question before the voters, and that framing is going to matter over the course of the summer into the fall. >> right, they didn't just threaten our democracy, they continue to threaten our democracy. michael steele, as always, good to see you. ahead, ron desantis facing a bill legal saidback over voting and it's coming from a desantis appointed judge. appointed judge. if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease.
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3:50 pm
expected give republicans a 28-1 advantage. >> the desantis appointee agrees with plaintiffs, granting an injury instructions and suggesting the governor's map is unfair. >> a desantis appointed judge rejecting it, rule his congressional map is unconstitutional
3:51 pm
desantis taking on the fight he wants. he wants to get this in federal court because it serves a lot of different purposes for him.
3:52 pm
obviously the clear conservative majority now. if this gets into federal court, if the state court rules against him it becomes an opportunity to take on a fight trying to tell the maga base. any judge, any institution telling him what is right for the republican brand. even if he loses he gets the benefit of that in the process. it's a very concerning development but one if we're being honest playing into the trap when he did this in the first place. >> one other note that is so critical for all of us to understand, the very act of this map i don't think is oft times understood. it is without precedent for a governor to overrule a legislature whose function is to design these maps. a republican legislature, mind you, and draw these own maps. that is what desantis did in the
3:53 pm
first place. that is the ultimate test of his power and is another sign of how autocratic the tendencies of this government are. >> you led me exactly where i want to go. we have this map and i also want to get your thoughts on the irony of desantis governing how he is governing and then trying to use the pain of those who have fled communism as a political motivator. >> of course part and parcel to what auto kratz do. they will lie. they will use the jujitsu, the political jujitsu and use it as justification to get other things in place. desantis is operating in the autocrat's playbook. he's very much in the fidel castro mode. he talked a wonderful game when he first took power in 1959 and then when he had total control of the island announced his intentions as a totalitarian leader for life so it doesn't
3:54 pm
surprise me at all that desantis is willing to do this irony of using day of communism when the very tactics and the purchase that he's using is out of the autocrat totalitarian playbook. >> i want to quickly ask you about one more thing. we know inflation is going to be something. desantis's tax cut misses this. the state tax cut like a federal spending increase puts money into consumer's pockets which can actually feed the inflationary environment rather than offsetting. desantis's policies are set to make inflation worse. is he hurting his own con still the two went for political gain? >> yes, of course. he's also very smart. he's allowing the democrats to fall into the trap. explaining inflation is what the democrats keep trying to do. when this is really desantis exploiting the emotions around the issue. it doesn't matter whether his policy prescription is at odds. he's demagoguing the issue.
3:55 pm
i think democrats need to understand that that is the play that not just desantis but republicans are doing on this issue of inflation. if they allow that to be the dividing matter, it's going to be a problem which is why it was gratifying to see president biden just the other day make the number one priority for the administration to lower costs. i think if it's on those terms the democrat can win. don't play into the desantis hand of one policy prescription over another because it's one not likely to connect. >> ferdinand, thank you. ahead, calls for a federal investigation after police search an hbcu teen for drugs. we have an update on that story next. e an update on that story next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:56 pm
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there are growing calls for a federal investigation into six georgia deputies searching delaware state university's lacrosse team for drugs. they found none. tomorrow on the beat we'll take with the head coach who says it is racial profiling. that does it for me. "the reid out" is up next. good evening, everyone. we begin "the reid out" tonight with unprecedented action of the house judiciary committee -- the house january 6th committee into the investigation into the insurrection. today the committee took an historic step of issuing subpoenas to their own house colleagues to kevin mccarthy, congressman scott perry, jim jordan, andy biggs and mo brooks. all had been voluntarily asked to appear before the


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