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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  May 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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there are growing calls for a federal investigation into six georgia deputies searching delaware state university's lacrosse team for drugs. they found none. tomorrow on the beat we'll take with the head coach who says it is racial profiling. that does it for me. "the reid out" is up next. good evening, everyone. we begin "the reid out" tonight with unprecedented action of the house judiciary committee -- the house january 6th committee into the investigation into the insurrection. today the committee took an historic step of issuing subpoenas to their own house colleagues to kevin mccarthy, congressman scott perry, jim jordan, andy biggs and mo brooks. all had been voluntarily asked to appear before the committee.
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it comes before the public hearings planned for this summer. in a statement bennie thompson said regrettably the individuals receiving speen is nas today have been refused and we're forced to take this step to help ensure the committee uncovers facts concerning january 6th. the fact is you really don't see the sitting leader of a political party being subpoenaed by congress but it was seen as necessary given kevin mccarthy's extensive conversations with the former president on january 6th including a phone call as the mob laid siege to the capitol. now while kevin mccarthy has so far failed to cooperate, he was very forthcoming on the day of the attack in an interview with cbs news. >> i have spoken to the president. i asked him to talk to the nation to tell them to stop this. i was very clear with the president when i called him, this has to stop. he has to go to the american
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public and tell them to stop this. >> leader mccarthy, the president of the united states has a briefing room steps from the oval office. it is -- the cameras are hot 24/7 as you know. why hasn't he walked down and said that now? >> i'm -- i conveyed to the president what i think is best to do and i'm hopeful the president will do. >> and thanks to audio obtained by "new york times" reporters, we know that mccarthy revealed even more days later in a call with the house republican conference. >> let me be very clear to all of you, and i have been very clear to the president, he bears responsibilities for his words and actions, no if, ands or buts. i asked him personally today does he hold responsibility for what happened? does he feel bad about what happened? he told me he does have some responsibility for what happened. and he need to acknowledge that. >> of course, just two weeks later mccarthy went down to
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florida to break bread with the disgraced president and changed his tune. as for the others, the committee wants testimony from jim jordan regarding his communication with trump and participation in a meeting. scott perry over his involvement in installing jeffrey clark as acting attorney general. and andy biggs for his involvement in planning the rally that day. and for seeking a potential presidential pardon for efforts to overturn the election. as for mo brooks who gave a speech urging supporters to start taking down names and kicking ass. the committee's also interested in his public claims that the former president urged him to rescind the election, remove biden and re-install trump as president. it should come as no surprise where they questioned legitimacy of the committee. the question is what's the recourse if they refuse? today chairman thompson expressed caution at the
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prospect of holding the five in contempt of congress. >> what is the other side of that? >> well, obviously we're exploring a number of ways. contempt would be one. we have not talked about it. there's referrals to ethics, there are some civil other things we could look at, but we have not put anything from decision standpoint before the committee. we're just taking it one step at a time. we hope everybody complies. >> joining me, madeleine dean. ellie mustall and david jolly. congresswoman dean t used to be a subpoena meant you appeared. it's only in the trump era that
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we learned they're optional. there aren't really consequences for it. let's talk about kevin mccarthy for a moment. he says his views of the committee haven't changed but they kind of have. take a look. >> look, my view on the committee has not changed. they're not conducting a legitimate investigation. it seems they just want to go after political opponents. >> would you be willing to testify about your conversation. >> sure. next question. >> so he has expressed willing -- i mean, that seems to be what -- that would be normal, right? you're supposed to comply if you get a subpoena? i can't imagine blowing off a subpoena but what do you make of the fact that none of these subpoenaed members so far have expressed a willingness to come forward?
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good to be with you. i have been shocked but i shouldn't be. i was there on january 6th. it was not an ordinary day. it was not a tourist event. it was not an ordinary day. it was outside our constitutional order on a magnitude that i don't think any of us has fully comprehended yet. nobody is above the rule of law. nobody is beyond his own post and yet we see with mr. mccarthy this chronic flip flopping. i really can't hold mr. mccarthy to any of the words he speaks because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. what is more impressive to me and what i think is more dire is that the rule of law still matters in this country. january 6th marked a moment, and i believe the committee when they come forward in june with the public hearings will reveal how precariously close we came to losing our democracy, mr. mccarthy, mr. brooks, mr. biggs, mr. jordan, mr. perry all have
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information that is relevant, that is important for the committee to have and they should have come forward day one voluntarily and now they're under subpoena. a subpoena has meaning and has the weight of the rule of law. >> well, does it, ellie? are subpoenas optional? because, you know, it's been a novel thing that we've discovered in the last five years, that apparently some people think they are. >> if nobody is above the law, i would like that to be proven. i would like somebody to prove that these people are not, in fact, above the law because they've been acting like they're above the law this entire time. joy, when you say you can't imagine what it must be like to ignore subpoenas, that's all you can say is you can't imagine what it is like to be a republican. all republicans have done is ignore subpoenas and nothing has happened to them. so i say and i'm being totally honest about this, if these five republicans are going to ignore congressional subpoenas and if the democrats are not going to
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punish them severely for ignoring them -- those subpoenas, then guess what? congressional subpoenas do not matter for anybody anymore. >> right. >> because the only way to make it work is that if these people ignore subpoenas and get away with it, then everybody gets to ignore subpoenas and get rid of it, facebook, twitter, pooky from the block. nobody has to follow a subpoena anymore if these five people don't have to follow subpoenas. that's -- that's just how it has to work. >> i mean, isn't it true that -- right. could somebody that -- ellie, to stay with you for a moment. let's say they're in a robbery case, bribery case, something, they get subpoenaed, could they cite these members and say, subpoenas aren't real. they don't mean anything. i claim, i don't know, some sort of privilege and i'm just not going to go? can this be precedence? >> let's say it happened to me. i got subpoenaed tomorrow. i'm going to cite the kevin
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mccarthy, steve bannon exceptions. i could make that argument from jail because that's how -- i'd be writing my arguments from jail being like i don't have to support the subpoena, right? what hasn't happened to these republicans is they haven't had to do their arguments from jail because the department of justice, the law enforcement branch of our government has not taken the steps to enforce the subpoenas from the january 6th committee and that is -- that is where we are. >> that's where the problem seems to be. david, thank you for being here. kim well, she's a constitutional law professor. she laid out some of the options that congress really could theoretically take. she wrote in "the atlantic" they could ask the justice department to prosecute. secondly it can rely on the inherent authority to have the sargeant of arms for the house detain, bring to the floor and ultimately imprison the violator or, third, it can file a civil action directing compliance and ask the court to issue a
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contempt of court citation if the order is violated. i cannot imagine, and i don't know if you can having served with these democrats, any democrat doing any of those three but i certainly can't imagine if kevin mccarthy becomes speaker because republicans take over the house, them using number two repeatedly after subpoenaing him for nothing, making up kangaroo court charges for speaker pelosi, minority leader pelosi, adam schiff, anyone else they don't like. talking out of turn in their mind about their insurrection and putting them in jail. isn't it the case that if republicans were to get back control of the congress, they will have a kangaroo court, make something they want to investigate democrats for and they're going to use these options and they're much more likely to see prosecutions of democrats because that won't look as partisan if this same attorney general is in place? >> look, i would think history suggests that's true, joy, and i
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would point to kevin mccarthy's own words, that he's going to seek retribution against fellow colleagues. you'll see the republican caucus move to impeach joe biden on something yet to be determined. but i think they are poised for significant retribution and i think the important question here is to recognize in two parts. the first was ground breaking to have them issue subpoenas to sitting members of congress, one who is a party leader. that in itself is ground breaking. the question is enforcement. they will not cooperate. i know kevin mccarthy, he's probably laughing about this tonight. he's not worried about it. the question is will congress be prepared to take some level of enforcement? that will be a political question. perhaps ms. dean could provide incite on. what is that enforcement action? it would be a big lift on the legal, but it also depends on what the committee believes that these members know. do they know -- do they have
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information related to criminal culpability? if so, that's ground breaking as well. it steps out of the speech and debate and traditional privileges and protections of members of the house. i think we don't know yet what the committee knows but we're going to find out pretty soon. it's the reason that kevin mccarthy and others shouldn't be laughing, they should be considering cooperating. >> there's also the question of what they think they know, congresswoman dean. how jealous are they of their power. do they understand power. do they understand they have it and they can use it? i'm going to read you these options again. congress could ask congress to vote. they did that with mark meadows. they could rely on the inherent authority and have the sarnl gebt at arms make them comply and bring them to the floor and make them testify and ultimately put them in that prison that's below the congress that's there or they could file a civil action against them in the court. can you imagine democrats, your party, doing any of those things? >> let me push back on one thing
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respectfully, representative jolly, i don't believe that any of the five who were subpoenaed today is laughing. i think they're actually in a panic. i think that they are so fearful for their culpability that that is why you're seeing this flailing and this oh, the committee is illegitimate, speaking out of both sides of his mouth, mr. mccarthy. if there are five sides of his mouth, he's done that as well. so i disagree with that characterization. these are very weak people who have information that is vital to the committee that congress has every right to see and i talked to chairman thompson and others, i have to tell you they're proceeding so magnificently, meticulously. >> i don't doubt that. congresswoman, i don't doubt that, but i specifically would like to know, are they proceeding meticulously to doing one of these things?
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are they going to file a civil case if they don't comply? are they going to have the sargeant at arms go get them? can they file contempt charges? i can promise you, they're going to do them against you. they're going to go after every democrat. i know they will. >> i hear your urgency and ellie's as well. i absolutely do. i don't know the answer. i'm not on the committee. i won't speak for the committee but i do know they recognize this is unprecedented, that we have subpoenaed members of our own and we have the constitutional authority and frankly responsibility to do that. so we cannot do it without teeth. we cannot do it without enforcement. i can't speak for the committee, but this is the central question of this time in our history. will we protect this democracy that i know the committee will show the american people came
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perilously close to collapsing under the january 6th insurrection under the president and we need to know the exact participation of the leaders and the lawyers around the president. what did they know? when did they know it? when did they participate? what monies were involved? what coordination was involved? and as mo brooks talks about, the former failed president for more than a year is trying to get reinstated. this is madness, and we know that mr. mccarthy talked to mr. trump in the lead up to the insurrection, during the insurrection, heated conversations as we revealed in our impeachment trial. i look forward to the hearings. you know what they will do? more than 1,000 interviews or depositions. 99% of people have come forward. >> well --
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>> that 1% the closest around mr. trump and these elected officials. we'll get the truth before the american people. >> let me ask ellie very quickly before we run out of time. ellie and david. what are the consequences for the country and for the republic if the congress -- if this committee is not able to get these members to comply? >> a coup that is not punished is just practice for the next one and i think that it's very clear that the republicans if they don't get punished for what they've done, they will just keep doing it. >> i think that is what i think too, david. and i think they are going to do it. i think if you look at the people who are running from secretary of state down to school board, all the way up, they're already putting in place the pieces they need to do it again. this time no one will resist. i can't think of any republican who will resist, none. >> yeah. >> so isn't it the case we are simply going to tell the story of how it happened the first time and prepared to watch it succeed the second? >> exactly.
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i don't think the coup ever stopped. when you see republicans, the nation doesn't want to look backwards, they want to move forward. we will be looking forward to the continuation of the coup. i agree that all of these are very serious charges. my suggestion that kevin mccarthy is laughing, not because he knows those charges are toothless, because he is an arrogant person and an arrogant politician which leads us to ellie's point which is if you don't crush the arrogance of leadership and make him realize that the law applies to you just like it does the person down the street, then we are starting to lose our democracy. that's what hangs in the balance as to whether congress enforces these subpoenas or not. >> the democrats by and large are good and decent people, but i think that playing by these marquees to queens bury rule when people will cheat, steal, do whatever it takes to get power and essentially dismantle it, y'all ain't playing the same
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game. you're playing very different games and you're all playing different games than what the republicans are playing. i appreciate all three of you. up next on "the reid out," one of the major consequences of putin's aggression is a stronger nato. now russia's neighbor finland is set to join. here in the u.s. putin is the model for josh hawley and ron desantis how to get what you want by brute force whether it's banning abortion orbaning ideas you don't agree with. the overwhelming grief after more than 1 million people lost their lives to covid. how we reached that unfathomable number. "the reid out" continues after this. number "the reid out" continues after this something that i would recommend.
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part of russian president vladimir putin's justification for invading ukraine was to prevent it from joining nato and strengthening the western alliance by adding another nation that shares the border with russia. the leaders of neighboring finland say they want to join nato and would like nato membership, quote, without delay. in a joint statement they said nato membership would strengthen fin lapped's security. as a member of nato, finland would strengthen the defense alliance. that would double the shared border between russia and nato territories and sweden could
4:24 pm
follow suit. sergei lavrov said russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps. this comes as the fighting continues in ukraine with russia making progress as it suffers more setbacks. joining me is james stavridis. i will order a copy. admiral, how seriously should we take russia's barking and threats when we now know their army isn't all that great? >> putin and the kremlin, their heads must be exploding tonight. they have gotten everything they don't want. let me tell you, joy, i commanded finnish troops, swedish troops. they fought alongside us in
4:25 pm
afghanistan. they are professional, capable, well financed. them combined together they are about 1/3 of russia. this is a huge plus up for the alliance and i applaud it. in terms of should the finns be worried, i would say no. putin has more than his hands full trying to unwind this military disaster he's brought upon himself in ukraine. he doesn't have the capacity militarily to do anything of significance to finland and on top of that, even if he would unleash a cyber attack, the finns are very, very good at cybersecurity, joy. >> and, you know, yeah, the threats include, you know, new nuclear deployments if sweden and finland join nato. let me put up the map. i love a good map. just so the people can get a sense of what this looks like. this is there are 30 member states currently in nato. you can see them there in the
4:26 pm
green. so if you then add finland and sweden, those dark green little bits right there, viola, suddenly russia, which as you said, their whole excuse for invating ukraine was that they were feeling threatened by nato. now they're even more surrounded. do you think that when this is all said and done ukraine should also be added to nato? >> i think probably not immediately, joy, because frankly we're looking at a long-term scenario there with russian occupation. i think it's going to be very difficult to fully dislodge russia from ukraine. on the other hand, finland and sweden have no encroachments by russia. both have very long histories, by the way, 1939 finland was invaded by the soviet union and they fought them to a standstill much like the ukrainians are doing today. that's how finland became a neutral state. that was a premise extracted at
4:27 pm
the time by joseph stalin. again, the irony here is really quite remarkable. final thought, joy, look to the north of that map and i'm like you, i love a good map. maps tell stories, right? >> yes. >> to the north of that big tranche is the arctic. sweden, finland, norway all have arctic front porch. that's a real plus for the alliance. gives us additional leverage as we face russia across the arctic sea. >> wow. fascinating stuff. so let's talk about the u.s. just for a moment because rand paul of kentucky, he's done this before. he's once again holding up what feel like extremely urgent tranches of aide to ukraine. he's holding up this $40 billion aide bill. it's going to pass but he's demanding, you know, alterations to the legislation, he wants an inspector general to oversee spending, et cetera, blah, blah, blah. how big a problem is it that you
4:28 pm
have this senator doing that, especially now? >> it really is so counter productive in the cause of democracy and freedom. and as you know well, joy, you're an expert on washington politics, this is the rare issue where there really is agreement across the spectrum politically from kevin mccarthy to nancy pelosi to mitch mcconnell to chuck schumer everybody except senator rand paul. he needs to be taken into the cloak room by some of his fellow republican senators. i nominate lindsey graham for that. retired military officer. he gets the courage and the perseverance of the ukrainians. he ought to take his colleague aside and say, look, this is not one to play politics with. no one else is doing so. >> it's really unbelievable.
4:29 pm
let's talk about another unfortunate side effect of this war, the foot shortage. not so much the u.s. but do you think ultimately the putinites and the kremlin is right that that might be putin's best weapon, to try to drag down and wear down the west as food shortages start to hit in places like europe and gas prices start to spike and that might weaken the resolve of the west? >> i think it's unlikely that that strategy is going to succeed. for starters, there are other major grain producers globally including the united states, including brazil. we are going to see some rewiring, if you will, in the flow of food stocks. it's a concern certainly. it'll manifest, by the way, largely in north africa and the middle east.
4:30 pm
yoef all, joy, i don't think that's a winning strategy anymore than he would cut off oil and gas. that's not what happened. germany doubled their defense budget. there's not going to be anything whistling through the nord stream 2 pipeline for the near future other than air. the unintended consequences are quite remarkable. from the nato expansion we just discussed to the war crimes being visibly displayed to the hollowness of his leadership. you want to scratch a line through that one at this point. >> yeah, indeed. always a pleasure to talk with you. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. coming up, republican political theater can be plenty
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this -- >> i don't want everybody to vote. elections are not won by a majority of people. they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not low. our leverage in the elections goes up as the voting populus goes down. >> that guy wrote a letter to the national center for public policy research bemoening the state of affairs and saying i believe we have lost the culture war. he bemoened the mtv cultural war and marksism. the ideology of political correctness has so gripped the body poll particular, has so gripped our institutions that it is even affecting the church. it has completely taken over the academic community. it is pervasive in the entertainment community and is threatening to control every aspect of our lives. he no longer believes the moral majority, a term he originally
4:37 pm
coined, existed in america. his complaint sounded a lot like those of the right today and he named just one corporate villain who he claimed exemplified the rot, disney. disney had been the subject of a boycott since 1996 led by a coalition of groups called the christian family association. the boycott lasted through 2005. disney's crime, distributing movies such as priest, pulp fix and such shows on disney owned abc like ellen, spin city and nothing sacred. fast forward and the american right is not doing what wyrick suggested. instead, they have a new tactic. force. the supreme court justices are opening the door to the state through bounties. eventually you can count on it, a national ban to carry even
4:38 pm
their rapist's children and who knows how long before they come for your birth control or iuds. they will force teachers to teach the sanitized christian. they will bar you from protesting or voting if you think wrong or vote wrong. ron desantis has pioneered punishing companies, notably disney, for daring to criticize his anti-gay law. enter josh hawley saying, ron, hold my beer. he has pulled the full putin pitching a law that would change the expiration date of disney's copyrights as punishment for their thought crimes. much like he smapd mcdonald's in russia and replacing the golden arches with uncle vanya's, this is where republicans are getting
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ask your doctor about entresto. because conservatives now believe in the anticapitalistic act of punishing companies, josh hawley is attacking disney for, quote, pandering to woke activists by speaking out against florida's don't say gay bill. this would strip companies like
4:44 pm
disney of copyright protections. allowing them to continue to keep the rights to the iconic character mickey mouse which is currently set to expire in 2024. hawley's law would limit new copyright protections to 56 years and making the change retroactive, which means disney would lose the mickey copyright. as laurence tribe tweeted, josh hawley slept through law school or knows taking this without compensation is flagrantly unconstitutional. ron desantis wants to shame him. it will cost taxpayers $1 billion with a b. hawley's effort to lead to taxpayers giving them a multi-billion dollar price tag.
4:45 pm
i don't know if these people are communists or socialists. both desantis and hawley's plans would give them money. he would retire the bond debt and hand it over to the taxpayer and they will make floridians play versus disney. what is this? is it putinism? are they going to turn mickey mouse into, i don't know, don't hate gay mouse and that's what their kids are going to watch? what is going to happen? >> certainly not free market capitalism. what's interesting about all of this is there's no real public policy issue here. it's all about retribution. all about the bon fires of revenge. it is interesting how many republicans use the word socialist. the democratic governor of colorado, he has a good sense of humor saying -- you know, talking about the socialist governor of the state of floor at that and saying if companies like disney would like to come
4:46 pm
to colorado, they're more than welcome. he would provide asylum for mickey and mini mouse. what he was doing was trolling republicans like ron desantis who talk about the policies? and it's really striking that josh hawley would argue the proposal and he's making the proposal because of things disney has said. so it is a direct attack on free speech. there's a lot of distinctions between these guys and vladimir putin, but this fascination with illiberalism is spreading throughout the republican party. hey, let's protect private
4:47 pm
property, let's protect people. now it is turned on its head completely. >> well, i mean, i don't know if they were kidding, authoritarian socialism. essentially it meant you as a corporation, we just considered corporation or else you're going to get punished by the government. it's saying the government will constrict your speech and it must align. if your speech doesn't align, you get hurt. that is authoritarian socialism. >> it is. i left out the first word there because what is it also saying to every other business. if you get cross ways, we will punish you. we will take away your private property. we will target you for
4:48 pm
retribution. has this been around for a while? yeah. you know, when people about richard nicks son, now the mailed fist is out in public. it is extraordinary. >> the previous block we talked about wall wyrik behind the 1990 level he twroet. the right did lose the culture wars. there's much more of a liberal view of lgbtq people. there are people who are traditionalists and don't like that we've undone all of that. the whole racial hierarchies. well, he gave up. >> i said, there is no more
4:49 pm
normal majority. now it seems like what they're doing on the right is they're saying we're no longer going to try to persuade the old hierarchies. we're going to force the majority. 70/30. we are going to force you to live in the 1950s. if you don't like it, too bad. they want to impose it and they know they can't persuade people so they're going to force people. >> what's interesting. paul said it was in 1999 and there were other and now you do have this strain on the right people like john hawley is pandering to it that think they can win the culture war but win it in a way you are describing.
4:50 pm
it is interesting how little energy is put to persuading people -- >> correct. >> -- as opposed to now passing legislation. it's one thing to say i wish people would make different choices about their life, their family, the kinds of families that they it is something very different to now pass bills that impose this vision. it is happening very, very rapidly. i think it is kind of a last gasp spasm. they have lost the culture war, but they are going to go down fighting, and they will take as many prisoners, and inflict as many casualties as possible. >> yes. you know what the taliban discovered when they tried to impose their twisted version of islam, which isn't even islam. this is our version, you will all live there. and wound up with what afghanistan is stuck with. you cannot change peoples hearts and minds by forcing them to live the way you want
4:51 pm
them to live. you are going to get resistance, ultimately. and that happened in south africa, it happens in all of these societies where in minority tries to impose, and particularly when it is a religious view. to me, what is scary is that, gone is not even the attempt that -- they actually do not care if we think their way is better. they are just going to make us live the way they want us to live. they are going to get resistance. i don't think they understand that the majority have already been persuaded. we like people being not stuck in the closet. we like the idea that little kids can see different characters, different races, can be superheroes, those things, people like them. that is why corporations do them. that is why corporations go along with it. >> that is what is going to be interesting. to pick up on your point about the corporations. you fight with disney, it is just, think of it as an order for what is going to happen. if in fact you do have people
4:52 pm
like senator haaland and desantis and you have donald trump -- >> and rick scott -- >> and rick scott, and greg abbott in texas, and if donald trump comes back, you know that will be central to their agenda. but i mean, now this will be a big test for america, the existing corporations. are they going to be intimidated? because that is really part of the goal, to make sure that they do not engage in any of these cultural issues. that they don't stand up for gay rights. that they don't stand up for any of these things. that they don't take these positions. but i do think that, you know, these companies have employees, they have shareholders, and they have customers. and they would be caught between this political pressure and this culture that you are describing, and it is going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. because normally, republicans have been reluctant to take on the entire business community. and i think that that is where
4:53 pm
it is coming to. >> indeed. and when you pander to the far-right, you get what they are getting in pennsylvania, which is all of the crazy candidates against each other, it is like they are all bad. thank, you really appreciate it. coming up next, president biden joins families, friends, and colleagues who joined some of their loved ones, in remembering 1 million american lives. we will be right back. lives. we will be right back. we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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4:58 pm
marked the loss of 1 million americans to covid-19. >> we mark a tragic milestone here in the united states. 1 million covid deaths. 1 million empty chairs around the family dinner table. each, you irreplaceable, irreplaceable losses. a community forever changed because of this pandemic. our heart goes out to all of those who are struggling. >> the remarks came during the president second global covid summit, where he urged to re-energize international fight against the virus, even as republicans are at home continue to block relief aid. administration officials warned that the u.s. could see 100 million coronavirus infections as fall and winter. which is all to say that the pandemic is not over. but we cannot pass that 1 million mark without talking about the lies from the previous administration that got us here. lie after lie. death after death.
4:59 pm
they boosted fake miracle drugs. spread lies that could kill. and it didn't have to be this way. they knew that it spread in the air. trump himself, who puffed out his chest, refusing to wear a mask, told bob woodward he knew that covid-19 was deadly stuff and airborne, but he wanted to play it down. meatpackers it made people come to work when it wasn't safe. under the chaos, the cacophony of covid politics, and anti-vax just area, people isolated from loved ones who could only show their last words with the dying via ipad. so many died. alone in those beds. in isolation. people buried their parents, and grandparents, and friends. some even buried their children. it is an unprecedented american tragedy. untenable, one really. the brain struggles to compute the magnitude of that number. 1 million souls. imagine. the entire population of austin texas, or rhode island, gone. in just over two years. these americans did not pass quietly. their loved ones did not grieve quietly.
5:00 pm
i remember screaming one mother told the atlantic, as she watched her 13 year old son die. from her phone. this tidal wave of grief has been denied by a republican backed mission to politicize this virus. that denial continues, even now. and so, we end tonight by taking a moment to honor these 1 million lives lost. people who mattered to their loved ones, and their country. a tragic toll we cannot repeat. it should never, ever be forgotten. and that is tonight's read out. all in with chris hayes starts now. s tonight's read out >> tonight on all in. >> it is highly unusual the way she was subpoenaed. what do you say? >> subpoenas for five sitting members of congress, including the leader of the republicans. >> i think that he has important information that needs to be part of any investigation. >> tonight, what this escalation means for the investigation at the hearings approaching, and what the committee now wants to know


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