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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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january six committee, he'll explain those subpoenas and his hopes for them. and also jeffries is going to join us he really, really just let it go on clarence thomas in the judiciary committee yesterday. we're going to show the video and get more from congressman jeffries about that. and at the end of the hour, there is another, there's someone else who let it go. and that is patty lupone, tony winner, patty lupone. tony nominee. who in a discussion with a audience at her broadway show the other day. had to enforce the mask policy. in her theater. in the video's gone viral, a lot of people have seen already. but it deserves, it absolutely deserves the national tv attention that we're going to give it at the end of the hour. and patty -- >> love that. >> i was on the subway they,
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thinking i could use patty lupone. no one's wearing mask any more. but i'm looking forward to that. >> once again, donald trump and trump republicans have brought us to a place tonight where we have never been before. in the trump era of our politics, which is still ongoing, when i'm about to say might be very hard to believe so i will say it slowly. in the 233 years that the house of representatives has been in business, the number of house subpoenas issued in a year has usually been zero. that's right. in most of the 233 year history, the house of representatives issued zero subpoenas in those years. the house ethics committee is the only committee that actually has ever subpoenaed a member of the house of representatives and the house ethics committee did
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not even exist until 1967. and in most of the 55 years of the house ethics committee's existence, the committee has not issued a single subpoena to a member of the house. that's a typical year. in the house of representatives. i'm trying, and i know i'm failing to convey here just how shocking, how monumentally historic it is that on this day in history, by those the house of representatives including the republican leader of the house of representatives were subpoenaed by a house committee. that is not the ethics committee. the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol sent identical letters accompanying subpoenas to kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, moe brooks, andy biggs, and scott penny. each letter to the members receiving the subpoena said, we have a solemn responsibility to investigate fully the facts and circumstances of the violent attack on the united states capitol and issues relating to the peaceful transfer of power.
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a solemn responsibility. i note in the age of trump, with subpoenas flying around washington constantly from the mueller investigation beginning in the first year of the trump presidency to the generous committee now. it is impossible for subpoenas to have shock value. donald trump and his children have been subpoenaed by the new york state attorney general, donald trump's business records were subpoenaed by the new york attorney general and by the manhattan district attorney who is now prosecuting donald trump's business and his chief financial officer. as a result of what they found in the subpoenas. robert mueller, long forgotten subpoenas created an evidence trail that sent donald trump's campaign manager to prison. federal subpoenas in new york city sent on trump's fixer, michael cohen, to prison. and exposed on trump as and a coconspirator in that
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case. along the way, donald trump has been impeached twice. degenerative committee subpoena power has unearthed electronic communications between the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas and trump white house chief of staff in which both of them were engaged in a criminal plot to overturn the presidential election with clarence thomas has wiped on the white house chief of staff there are no rules in war. and so, our chakra fluxes are worn out and were worn out a long time ago. in washington, just the word subpoena used to be terrifying. i saw exactly one senator get hit with a subpoena in the years that i worked in the senate. in 1993, the senate ethics committee subpoenaed the diary of the top republican on the senate finance committee, bob packwood of oregon who's been investigated by the ethics committee on multiple sexual harassment charges over a span of 20 years. because i was
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working with the chairman of the senate finance committee, dental pattern hand, we had endless dealings with senator packwood who was then considered a moderate to on some issues liberal republican. he politely opposed us on tax policy but work cooperatively with us on many other issues. and there are two points to the packwood story. that are very important. in telling us how far republicans have traveled since then. and how they have lost their way on ethics and policy. bob packwood it was one of several pro-choice republicans fully supportive of roe v. wade. in fact, senator packwood within even stronger supporter of abortion rights did many democrats. senator packwood was endorsed by the national abortion rights action league and one planned parenthood's margaret sanger award in 1979 when supporting abortion rights still took real political bravery. and no one said that bob packwood wasn't a loyal republican because he was pro-choice. the second part of
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the packwood story that is important tonight is that the lawsuit that he filed to block the ethics committee subpoena of his diary went all the way to the united states supreme court where a republican appointed chief justice, william rehnquist, the most conservative member of the court, refused to issue a preliminary order blocking the subpoena for the packwood diaries which were then handed over to the ethics committee. so, william rehnquist then the most conservative supreme court justice of the modern era, appointed by ronald reagan, did not pause for a second in deciding to destroy the senate career of bob packwood republican who became the chairman of the senate finance committee in 1995 as the ethics committee investigation of his diaries and other evidence
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dragged on. and when the investigation was complete, the senate ethics committee voted unanimously to recommend to the senate that they vote to expel ball packwood. the ultimate penalty that the ethics committee can recommend. the ethics committee was equally divided between three democrats and three republican members, the republican members of the committee were always in a position to block the investigation, to refused to authorize subpoenas and they never did. they all felt a solemn responsibility. the republican members the senate ethics committee approached the newest occasion with the same way the democrats did. and in the middle of the multi year investigation, republicans won back the senate. so the chairmanship of the senate of his committee shifted from a democrat to republican and the investigation continued. and the republican chairman of the ethics committee, who led the ethical -- committee to vote unanimously, to expel the republican chairman of the finance committee. was senator mitch mcconnell. and the
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republican chairman of the finance committee, bob packwood, still respected as a legislator but now disgraced in as personal behavior to the right thing in the end, basing the inevitable and resigned from the senate. after mitch mcconnell recommended his expulsion. and mitch mcconnell knew that expelling bob packwood would lose a republican seat in the senate. democratic senator ron wyden one, the special election to fill that seat. mitch mcconnell wanted, was expelling a republican senator knowing that they would lose the seat to the democrats. at the beginning of the pack would've assignation two years earlier, there was not a single senator in either
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party who actually expected bob quit to suffer any serious penalty from the ethics committee. but mitch mcconnell did with the january six committee is doing now and simply follow the evidence without trying to hide any of the evidence and protect his fellow republican. most senators, democrat, republican, did not want to vote to expel paul packwood. but all of them knew how, that they would have to vote to expel bob packwood after mitch mcconnell presented the findings of the ethics committee investigation against a fellow republican on the senate floor. 27 years ago. >> a lot of people in the media and in the public think that we can't handle the job of disciplining our fellow members. and guarding the integrity of this institution. i don't believe that. i never have. and if i did believe that to be true, i never would've agreed to serve on this committee. the question before us today is really, whether we are up to the job. that's the question before us today. are we up to the job? can we, through the instrument of the ethics committee, impartially and thoroughly investigate instances of misconduct by our colleagues? and will we give
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the committee the authority it needs to get the job done right? if you believe the answer is yes, you will vote to uphold the unanimous decision of the ethics committee. >> that's the way it used to be. not anymore. no one was surprised by mitch mcconnell and the other republican members of the senate ethics committee followed the evidence and made a recommendation to expel a republican senator based on the evidence. that's the way everyone expected the ethics committee to work then. that's the way of unexpected house and senate investigations to work. follow the evidence and never lose sight of your solemn responsibility. today, kevin mccarthy ridicule the january six committee after receiving a subpoena from them saying, it's an illegitimate committee which is a lie. mitch mcconnell
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avoids commenting on activities in the house of representatives but he will surely get around to ridiculing the january six committee's subpoenas. exactly the kind of subpoenas mitch mcconnell would have issued as the senator in the 1990s before he stopped believing that his oath of office conferred on him at the title of senator and a solemn responsibility. joining us now is democratic congressman adam schiff of california, he is chairman of the house intelligence committee. a member of the january 6th select committee and was a lead impeachment manager for the first impeachment trial of donald trump. chairman xu, thank you very much for joining us tonight and thank you for sure your patients with that history lesson. it just strikes me on a day like today which is a historic day, as you know, it
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is a historic day. subpoenaing members of the house like this. to see the way it used to be and to see the way enforcement of ethics, enforcement of what -- kinds of things are trying to enforce. we're a completely bipartisan effort in the house in the senate. >> i'm so glad that you did and i had never seen that footage before. it really is breathtaking to consider how far the republican party has gone from those days. mitch mcconnell who could give a speech like that and then more recently, call in a personal favor with his republican members, urging them to vote against a bipartisan commission to look into the first violent attack on the capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of power. so there you have them, warning his colleagues, that was then toward do the right things, to do the ethical thing. saying that most people don't think we can do the ethical thing. and today what is he doing.? he calls in shifts to stop an investigation to january 6th but also another illustration of just how far the gop has gone from those days where
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ethics into matter, kevin mccarthy call recently lying about what he was saying on january 6th. that's not a scandal. the scandal is that if he wouldn't lie he couldn't occupy republican leadership. you have to be willing to lie about something as fundamental to our democracy as whether the last election was legitimate, if you want to be part of gop leadership now. that's how much the republican party has changed either donald trump. >> i want to listen to just a few seconds of kevin mccarthy on this tape that was recently released. just to show the kind of evidence you're trying to get at. let's listen to this. >> the only discussion i would have with him is that i think this will pass. and they would be recommendation you should resign. i mean that would be my take. but i don't think he would take it. but i don't know. >> i suppose one of your
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questions from that to get mccarthy could be, why should the president, why should donald trump have resigned at that time? but when we look at evidence like that, we have to assume that you know an awful lot about what kevin mccarthy did that day, what he said that day. what's more are you trying to obtain from kevin mccarthy through testimony? >> well, you're right, we do know a lot about this. but most of what we know, much of what we know, we are here secondhand. and of course, no one would be better position to testify about conversations that he had with donald trump than kevin mccarthy. and indeed, he's making reference there to what he would tell the president. what's in fact did he say over the phone with the president? what was the president saying to him on january 6th, we are hearing from other members as we did earlier from -- butler
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that the president irritated with mccarthy when mccarthy was begging to call it off said these people who are attacking the capitol apparently care more about the election than he does. or worse to that effect. so there is a lot we would like to ask mccarthy. these other members we subpoena today, some allegedly involved or were involved in seeking pardons. why do they think parties would be necessary? or were involved in an effort to overturn the election that they -- judge of california recently proclaimed was likely a in criminal act violated multiple laws. so these witnesses, clearly clearly relevant information. if their oath of office means anything to them, it means cell -- subpoenaed to testify. >> i think we both know seeing here that our audience listening to us right now does not expect anyone who receive the subpoenas today to comply with them. is there any reason that you have a greater confidence
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in that than our audience does? >> i would never want to kiss -- your audience, lawrence. but part of the reasons why as you are pointing out, the circumstances are so impressive. it's not just that we're doing an investigation of all attack on the capitol that is obviously completely unprecedented in terms of stopping an election result. but the reality is that when we've asked members to come in, we have -- even as recently as a russian investigation and it at a time when i believe it was shared by republicans -- we had a democrat in republican with relevant information. we asked them to come in. they both did. to be interviewed by our committee. they didn't require subpoena, they didn't try to fight it. and so, what's unprecedented here is you have republican members potentially
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involved in a plot to overturn the election. but also if they do refuse, already to refuse legal process. they're willing to break the law to avoid having to come in to testify about what they know. >> congressman adam schiff, thank you very much for leading off our discussion tonight. and coming up, federal investigators are moving ahead with investigation into how classified documents ended up and donald trump's club in florida, daniel goldman and tim o'brien will join us next and later, congressman hakeem jeffries has what he called a simple question for supreme court justice clarence thomas. >> hate on civil rights. hate on women's rights. hate on reproductive rights. hate on voting rights. hate on marital rights. hate on equal protection under the law. hate on liberty and justice for all. hate on freedom a fair
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violent insurrection at the capitol interrupting the peaceful transfer of power are unprecedented events. and people have asked, does this set a precedent for the issue of subpoenas for members of congress in the future if there are coups and insurrections? i suppose that it does. >> the new york times is reporting that federal prosecutors are conducting a grand jury investigation into whether donald trump and trump white house staff mishandled classified information after the-dimensional archives discovered classified materials and 15 boxes that donald trump removed from the white house residence and took to florida, before being forced to return the material to the national archives. the new york times reports, prosecutors issued a subpoena to the national archives and records administration to obtain the boxes of classified documents, according to two people familiar with the matter. the
10:23 pm
authorities have also made interview requests to people who worked in the white house in the final days of mr. trump's presidency. the prosecutors moves show that the justice department under attorney general merrick garland is at least willing to examine a matter that may ultimately touch directly on the president's conduct. joining us now is daniel goldman, former house majority counsel during the first trump impeachment trial, he is also the former u. s. attorney for the district of new york. and -- let me begin with you and your experience with classified material. what does this investigation sound like to you? >> it is pretty remarkable to have 15 boxes that include a string, or a slew of classified materials as you know, lawrence, from working on the hill. when
10:24 pm
i worked on the house intelligence committee, we were in a secure location where classified information could remain. but there were still tremendous precautions that we had to take with any classified information. and the notion that it would just be thrown in moving boxes, and sent down to mar-a-lago is completely an accurate to anyone who regularly handles classified information. so the question becomes, how did these classified documents get in those boxes? i tend to think that lower love royal stuffers, middle-able staffers, paid very close attention to those rules. and that perhaps more senior level political employees do not, or politicians themselves. so i think that this investigation has to go directly to the people who pack those boxes, and to understand exactly what orders they had, what issues they brought to the attention of their superiors, and what they were told, so that the department of justice and the fbi can get a real story as to how classified
10:25 pm
information ended up in boxes. this is far more serious than hillary clinton's emails. >> i am very much out of my depth on unclassified information. i worked for a senator who served on the intelligence committee. but i was not on the intelligence committee staff. so i have never seen anything close to a classified document. dan, what i'm wondering about is, when those things are being moved, when they are in boxes, is there something that a staffer would see that would make a staffer realize, oh, this is a hot item here. this is classified. and at what point did the staff moving those boxes, those individuals, at what point do they face possible criminal liability? >> the classified information relies heavily on marking this, which is to say that you know things are classified, and what degree they are classified as because every single document has a marking of what the
10:26 pm
classification is. and in some cases, you know, secret or top secret, those words are written in diagonal. in huge letters. like you would see add a water stamp on a piece of paper. there is no possible way to look at a classified document and not know that it is classified. so that is not an excuse. you cannot simply say, oh, i had no idea that there were markings on the classified documents. so you know, everyone knows that. and when these documents travel from one place to another, they are literally put in a bag with a lock. i am not kidding. you have a key and a lock for a bag where you bring the classified information. so if you somehow lose that bag, nobody can get access to that information. that is how seriously these things are taken. so it is
10:27 pm
truly remarkable that we have this issue. and i think it is important that not only trying to figure out what information got out and where it may have gone so that they can cover their tracks on the security angle, but they are also interviewing people who worked at the white house. which means they are trying to figure out how these documents got to mar-a-lago. >> look tim o'brien, we have been working at these pictures of the boxes, we know who didn't carry the boxes. there is no way donald trump, the man you know so well, was carrying those boxes. so when he tries to fall asleep tonight, he has to think about everyone who was carrying those boxes, and exactly how loyal are they to donald at this point. >> are they going to stay quiet? i was just thinking, as my friend dan was talking about secure locations for classified documents, and bags with locks
10:28 pm
on them, that this was a white house that was flushing documents down the toilets. that this was a white house in which aides were visually running around with scotch tape to tape back together documents that trump had sort of just torn up at his desk. i don't think that there was a culture of document preservation to be kind in this white house. and i don't think there was any loyalty in this white house. i think when push comes to shove, and they need to find out about who is in charge of moving them, why they were moved, and what they contained, all of which we still don't know, we do not know what's the subject matter was of these, and why these ended up at mar-a-lago rather than in the toilet. so there is a lot of a pattern we simply don't know yet. i also am not sure at the end of the day that there are going to be severe consequences for donald trump. the president has a lot of leeway to declassify documents.
10:29 pm
i think that there is a lot of ways that he could get around this in the courtroom. i am assuming that the justice department has convened a grand jury. merrick garland is always concerned, investigations looking politicized, and it reminds me yet again that if the doj has the time to convene a grand jury to look into this matter, why don't they have the time to convene a grand jury to look into what january six committee is doing? which has far more serious consequences. >> that is the great question. tim o'brien and daniel goldman, thank you both for joining us tonight. coming up, hakeem jeffries has it a few questions for clarence thomas that they don't expect clarence thomas to answer. congressman jeffries joins us next. ffries joins us next.
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booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. on our award winning vacations drinks, wi-fi and tips are always included. every sailing. every guest. celebrity cruises. supreme court justice clarence thomas said that peaceful protesters near the home of the supreme court justices are bullying he justices and that americans are quote, becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes not living with the outcomes we don't like. and quote. our next guest, congressman hakeem jeffries responded to justice thomas during yesterday's house judiciary committee hearing. >> justice thomas really wants to deal with bullying in america, or this problem a fuel supposedly unwilling to accept
10:35 pm
outcomes that they don't like. i've got some advice for justice thomas, start in your own home. have a conversation with ginni thomas. she refused to accept the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. why? because she didn't like the outcome. and so instead, she tried to steal the election, overthrow the united states government and install a tyrant. that's bullying. that's being unwilling to accept an outcome because you don't like the results. because the former twice impeached so-called president of the united states of america lost legitimately to joe biden. how did she respond? instead, she said, the bidens to face a military tribunal in one time obey. on trumped up charges of sedition. you've got to be kidding me. and lastly, let me ask this question of brother thomas. why are you such a
10:36 pm
hater? hate on civil rights, hate on women's rights hate on reproductive rights hate on voting rights, hate on marital rights, hate on equal protection under the law, hate on liberty and justice for all, hate on free and fair elections. why are you such a hater? and you think you can get away with it and escape public scrutiny. you think shamelessness is your? superpower >> mister chairman -- >> here is a news flash from the house judiciary committee. [inaudible] a point of order. truth will be your kryptonite. >> joining us now is democratic representative hakeem jeffries of the -- he is the chair of the house democratic caucus and the house ucl committee and wasn't before manager for the first impeachment trial of donald trump. thank you very much for joining us tonight. and that sounded like a moment that had been building for you for a while. >> well that certainly is the case. i think justice clarence thomas has
10:37 pm
been an outrage and an abomination from the very beginning. and i think many americans across the country feel that way. but the culmination was really twofold for me. one, this was a hearing where we were discussing and marking up a bill on the absence of a judicial code of ethics for the supreme court. every other federal judge in the system has to abide by a code of ethics that supreme court does not. they think they can police themselves. we see it's a runaway majority. that's with the leaked opinion suggests. and then justice thomas had the nerve to lecture america about bullying and being unwilling to accept outcomes that we don't like. it was just too much to take at that particular point in time. >> and this is a judge who has ruled on a case involving his wife's communications with the white house chief of staff. it is against the law. there is one federal law saying that
10:38 pm
judges cannot the supreme court justices cannot rule on cases involving their spouses. he has already done that. >> yeah and this is part of the challenge that we have here. that justice roberts has taken a position that supreme court justices effectively can police themselves. they cannot. and clarence thomas and the sordid affair with ginni thomas and her involvement in the january six insurrection and the effort to try and hide her records. the case that justice thomas's ruling on. it's totally unacceptable. and so i think has democrats, we wanted to make the point that no supreme court justice and certainly justice thomas is above the law. above publics routinely or public scrutiny or above public accountability. >> because they do not discipline themselves, the only discipline available for supreme court justices's is impeachment. >> well that's the ultimate penalty that should be
10:39 pm
paid in cases of egregious violation where there's been a constitutional crime committed. but i think the step that we have taken's house democrats at this moment led by chairman nadler and congressman hank johnson is to actually put a judicial code of conduct into place for the supreme court justices and then work to try and make sure that they see accountability. if there is a failure to comply. so that was vocalization that we are marking out at that particular hearing was all about. of course, every single republican opposed it. >> congressman hakeem jeffries, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> 28 women who were princeton classmates of justice samuel alito have shared a letter expressing their outrage at his route opinion overturning roe v. wade. the author of that letter will join us next, along
10:40 pm
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half of the women in this country have reproductive aged 11 states where they will lose access to abortion when the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. 33.6 million women of reproductive age will lose a constitutional right to control their own bodies. the now limited certainty of
10:45 pm
roe v. wade being overturned has pushed abortion policy to the top of voters concerns. abortion policy is now tied with economic policy in a monmouth poll as the most important issue facing voters. and abortion policy was the last a significant sensor in for only 9% in the last election. it has now locked up in that standing. -- is betraying the voters who elected him last year when he said, i am a pro-choice governor, i have been pro-choice. sununu is now fully in line with the republican party on banning abortion and just signed new hampshire's first abortion ban into law. >> look, i'm the first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban. republican governors before me never signed it. i've done more on the pro-life issue then, if you will, anyone. >> 28 of supreme court justice
10:46 pm
alito's classmates have signed an order. we have been deeply shocked by the lead to draft locked shocked -- we find it better indeed to see the draft supreme court we thought we were making as part of the first classes of princeton women towards a world of equality and fairness for women of all races and social and economic positions. joining us now, co-chair of american bridge, 21st century, to seal richards, former president of planned parenthood, also with us, susan squire of gender and sexuality studies at penn state university. she was a classmate of justice alito. she wrote a letter protesting his draft opinion. thank you both very much for joining us. and professor squire, let me begin with you tonight. what's let you write this letter about your classmate? >> it was very simple. i have
10:47 pm
already been planning to go to my 50th reunion. i woke up i guess it was may 3rd and saw the news of the leaked document. and i read it because i am trained as a literature, and medicines scholar, so i pulled up the whole document and read it. as someone who works with literature, i noticed nuance and word choice. i was appalled at what i saw. so i got in touch with a couple of the woman who went to princeton with me. and said this is not a time when we can do business as usual. we have to make something happen here. we have to do something. we weren't sure what. and then i finally decided i would draft a letter. i put it up on a google document, and i started contacting women in our class asking if they were willing to sign. and quite quickly, we got a lot of signatures, both from the class of 70 to end the class of 73 which would have been the class
10:48 pm
in which roe v. wade turned 50. they would have been the ones to celebrate that. and it sort of happened very quickly. there were no negatives. there were no people who said that they didn't want to sign. everyone was thrilled we were doing this. and very urgently angry about it. >> and social richards, we are seeing now that the estimate is that half of women reproductive age in this country will lose the constitutional right when the alito draft becomes the official opinion of the court. we now know that it could expand the deprivation of rights, could spread all across the country if the same court decides that the constitution really does hold that all abortion is in effect, murder. >> this is, beginning as you said, it is beginning to dawn on people. it is not just an
10:49 pm
idle threat. this is actually the future we are probably facing. it is more than half the country, 28 states are poised to ban abortion in some way. 13 of them very quickly. and one of the things that is interesting, i think lawrence, is thought some of these states where this is going to happen or states that are hotly contested this november. so you look at the state of arizona where there is a 1901 abortion ban on the books that would also allow for jailing people, anyone who helped a woman get access to an abortion. that could go into effect immediately. the state of georgia. a six-week abortion ban that is already, you know, will take effect immediately. if roe is overturned. this is going to increasingly rise up in the consciousness of people because abortions are no longer going to be available in more than half the country. as you said, already people are taking notice. and as we saw this week, not a single republican in the united states
10:50 pm
senator voted in support of protecting women's rights to make her own decisions about her pregnancy. this is going to be an increasingly important issue to voters this fall. >> professor squire, i was stunned by the scholarship in the opinion, especially quoting some aristocrats who were believers, both believers in which is an believed that witches had to be prosecuted and put to death and did their part as in the british judicial system to actually make sure that witches were executed. those are legal authorities in samuel alito's draft. >> yes. when i right, it i wouldn't have given this a c grade if he had been my undergraduate student. he didn't consider the context at all. and this from a man, i am sorry to say, is trained as a historian at princeton, as well as a political scientist. for me, the really stunning
10:51 pm
thing is when you can watch the language from the mississippi gestational age act which i understand maybe such a law in mississippi, but hasn't yet been ratified by the supreme court as far as i understand it. i am not a lawyer. that language seeps into the documents, so he is referring to unborn children rather than fetuses. i just found it stunningly duplicitous, and badly argued, and shoddy, and embarrassing. >> what is your reaction to what we are seeing in the polling now to how serious an issue abortion has very quickly become in the congressional campaign, to seal? >> well, i think it is because, of course, all these republican candidates and folks in office are saying, do you support these abortion bans? do you support the repeal of roe v. wade? and they are on record now, in fact we just launched a site in the america
10:52 pm
bridge so that people can see the exact quotes of what republicans are saying. they are all on record now. and they are on the record saying that they would agree to an abortion ban. places like pennsylvania, you know? where the gubernatorial candidates in the republican can't primary say we want to ban all abortions. i think it is no longer a texas issue, it is no longer a mississippi issue, it is an issue that is impacting folks all over. and thought to me, that is going to continue to happen aziz as these abortion bans get passed and go into effect. social squire and susan richards, thanks so much for joining us. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> and we have a special and slightly profane last word from the fabulous tony award winning icon patti lupone, you are going to want to see what she said from a broadway stage to an audience member about obeying the mask rule in the
10:53 pm
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10:57 pm
reopened after the covid shutdown, i have ventured into exactly one broadway theater to see the tony nominated how i learn to drive with its brilliant tony nominated cast. entering the theater, everyone had to show their vaccination cards and wear a mask
10:58 pm
throughout the play which everyone did without the slightest complaint. thrilled to be back in broadway theater. two-time tony award winner patty lupone was nominated again this week for a tony for her part in a revival of stephenson times company. after performance this week, the cast resembled onstage to take questions from the audience. it did not go well for an audience member close to the stage who didn't follow the rule about masks. >> put your mask over your nose. that's while you are in the theater. that is the rule. if you don't want to follow the rule, get the -- out. i'm serious. who do you think you are that you do not respect the people that are sitting around you? >> we pay your salary. >> you pay my salary. bleep. who do you think you are? kris harper pays my salary. just put your mask over your nose.
10:59 pm
>> chris harper, the producer of company issued a statement fully supportive of his tony nominated star. and you can support patty lupone by buying tickets the company at the bernards jacobs theater. patty lupone has been receiving standing ovations from people all over the world. standing in front of their computers watching that video. people who love the theater and and will love always having the pony. patty lupone gets tonight's last word. 11th hour stephanie ruhle starts now. >> tonight, an unprecedented move from the january 6th committee. subpoenas issued to five of their own, including the house as top republican. it is all too little too late. and escalating threats from the kremlin, what it all could mean for the war in ukraine. plus, the inside story of last years gamestop surge. we created the
11:00 pm
new msnbc documentary on how real life players took on wall street as the 11th hour gets underway on this thursday night. good evening once again, i am stephanie ruhle. 180 days from the midterm elections. and just hours ago, the january six committee did something never before done. less than a month before public hearings on the investigation, the committee today issued subpoenas to their own house colleagues, requesting that they come and testify about the insurrection. the five subpoenaed republicans include caucus leader kevin mccarthy, andy biggs of arizona, moe brooks of alabama, joe brooks of ohio, and scott perry of pennsylvania. all our allies of former president trump, and all refused to comply with earlier question invites to the committee to appear voluntarily. >> these are people who were involved in this discussions with the president. they were in communication with white