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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  May 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and we know bob banning us all the rage on the right here. in the united states. but dolley is sending books to refugee children, and the kids get a book every month until they are five years old. it is such a cool thing, and only dolly parton could make reading even cooler than already has. because you, know i love a library, so i love a books. we love you dolly parton, you on the week. you guys were amazing, and those tonight married on. all in with chris hayes starts right now. e tonight married on all in with tonight on all in. >> i don't see any scenario where kathy burnett can win a general election. >> the maga establishment turns on one of their own. >> president trump waited today. kathy barnett will never be able to win the general election. >> tonight, why fox news and donald trump are in a panic over a surgeon campaign and pennsylvania. then, -- >> we are seeking the truth, and we're not going to be
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cowards about it. >> why kevin mccarthy still isn't ruling out testimony in the wake of his january 6th subpoena. plus, why republican politicians are actually calling for america to intentionally starve children amid the baby formula storage shortage. and new reporting on what we really know about those rumors surrounding vladimir putin's health. when all in starts right now. >> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, we are just a few days away from the next major primary night. this time in pennsylvania. both the governor's mansion and one of the state senate seats are open races, without an incumbent on the ticket. which means both parties have an equal opportunity. and the senate, race republicans are hoping to hold the seat that is being vacated by retiring senator pat toomey, but they face obstacles along the way. donald trump of course was the anti establishment candidate in 2016, and 2015. so self styled of such. but he is now the republican establishment.
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and recreating the party's image has caused some headaches. trump's preferred candidate and that open senate race and pennsylvania was a guy named sean parnell, a former army ranger, and frequent fox news guest. he had to suspend his campaign after he lost a custody battle with his estranged wife, during which he accused him of domestic abuse. she says he choked her and slapped one of their children so hard it left a handprint. parnell denies the allegations, but nevertheless, dropped out of the senate race. so, then the muggy establishments was scrambling for new candidates. and it's settled on tv doctor and dietary supplement salesman, mammoth oz. trump second endorsed candidate. republicans using the same strategy trump used in 2016, hoping a wealthy celebrity with a strong name recognition would be able to clear the field. but things have not been going great for doctor oz. to start with, and maybe this is overly basic, but dr. oz
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doesn't live in pennsylvania. he doesn't live close to pennsylvania. he lives in new jersey across the hudson river from new york. like us far from pennsylvania as i do. so 90 miles from the house he runs from his wife's parents. and of course being of turkish descent was disqualifying, the fact that he voted in the 2018 turkish election has a maga faithful scratching their heads a little bit. but he's very tenuous connections and pennsylvania may or may not be a deal breaker. instead, he appears to suffer from what you would call an authenticity issue. the multimillionaire tv surgeon has had a difficult time connecting with voters in the pennsylvania heartland. so we made an out >> my father taught me how to handle lifers gun. i thought my son oliver how to do the same. i've been shooting and hunting my whole life. so people say won't support guns, they're dead wrong. pull. other conservatives known them
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strong on the second amendment. ted nguyen, rick perry, president trump, but a second amendment is not just about humming, it's about a constitutional right to protect ourselves from intruders, or an overly intrusive government. >> you notice the cutaway when the clay pigeon gets hit by the but, you think he shot it? maybe someone else the? i don't know? so it is a syndicated tv doctor love the maga faithful know there is not some liberal vaccine mandating dr., wasteful that out to the crowd with some trump pandering. >> how do you wanna fight china? will you fight for our kids and our schools? i'm gonna fight back to keep our borders clear? unified back to make sure we don't have fauci, you want to fire fauci? i thought that will get you worked up. >> i thought that will get you work the. saying the quiet part loud. but the openly cynical approach, it has worked in the past, we have to say, but it may not be working as well as all's hope here. just listen to the assessment of one man who attended that
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very rarely. >> i personally don't care for doctor oz that much, i'm not exactly sure why trump supported him. but, -- >> a fortune are gonna vote from though? >> probably not, at this point in time, unless things change. >> so doctor oz, not exactly clearing the field. his other major opponent david mccormack doesn't seem to be firing up the beast either. either odds or mccormack or likely favorites to win the seat, but there's another candidate in the race as well, and she was a distant third, and husband shooting up the charts. kathy barnett is a veteran. a radical right political commentator who appears to be gaining traction of the republican primary voters, in large part, to her authentically extremist views. in an old blog post she once referred to the, quote, homosexual agenda as a moral and perverse. going to quote, make no mistake, homosexuality is a targeted group in the bible, right along with, cheats drunkard, spoilers, foul mouthed, extortionists, robbers, and then other habitual sense.
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but she is best known for her frankly disgusting anti-muslim bigotry. just listen to come and she made the need to be uploaded back in 2015 uncovered by journalist andrew kaczynski. >> the mindset of a muslim is very different from the mindset of americans. and that's the reason why we cannot fully understand the level, the depth of the depravity. the depth of the if. because it is not part of the american fabric, for the loss of. >> we wanted to run a test where we replace muslims with jews to see if that sounds, if it's, gowns or they will be someone for office. truly bad stuff. the same, year barnett also posted a tweet saying, quote, pedophilia is a cornerstone of his law. and with the news reported asha brands actually asked burnett about that tweet, take a listen to what she had to say. >> this tweet says but it really is a cornerstone of islamic. >> yeah. no, i don't think that's me.
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i would never is that. that out of nervous at that because i don't believe that. >> yeah, he doesn't ring a bell. by nazi defensive peers to be that someone else posted, but i gotta say, its wheat is still up. as of today, it is available to view on her page, which is public. you can just pull it up on your browser, so you can be the checks there. but since the first uyghur a, pro barnett has been surging in the polls. just to get the purple line on your screen she's gone from single digits to the top of the pack in just the past six weeks. it's basically that he. and that's made the mug establishments scared of catherine. and they're not bringing out the big guns against her. e recurring all himself, it's social media troll, has been tweeting about by not being unfit for office. and fox news star sean hannity got a simple message, quote, kathy barnett cannot win a general election in pa. that's after hannity dedicated his first 20 minutes, 20
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minutes of a show last night just to attacking brian. which even for folks, which is never shut away from endorsing specific candidates, is laying it on pretty thick. >> let me put it simply here, i don't see any scenario where kathy barnett can win a general election and pennsylvania. you see what's going on in pennsylvania. kathy barnett had, you know, very low polling numbers, that she surges, nobody fighter. and nobody. and by the, way in 24 hours, it wasn't hard to do. these are so incendiary, they render her clearly unelectable. >> so incendiary. clearly unelectable. now, hannity's fox colleague had a mild defends for by night, but even don trump went on the attack, releasing a statement that came out of nowhere and less you are following this back story saying, quote, kathy barnett will never be able to win the general election against the radical left democrats. she has many things in our past
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which have not been properly explained or vetted, but if she is able to do, so she will have a wonderful future in the republican party, and i will be behind or all the way. doctor oz is only one will be able to easily defeat the craze, lunatic democrat in pennsylvania. a vote for anyone else in the primaries avoid again's victory in ha. they notice business knowing the democratic party, they'd like a lunatic, because that would pick them. but you see what's ongoing, they're right? she can't, when but if you, does he'll support. or hedging hers but to say that he was on. more importantly, and you probably caught on to this, there is more than a little irony in play here. donald trump, and his allies and the right-wing media, being put in the exact same position, they put establish a republican back in 2015. they're closing ranks against outside candidates with extremist noxious, bigoted views, calling her on electable. there's something truly astounding about donald trump of all people, and sean hannity, saying when it should be disqualified for an incendiary
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comment about muslims. when trump himself who won the primary in 2016, in no small part, but by calling from a complete ban on all muslims. republicans had a very specific fear here, trump's chief of staff, from out of the rnc, articulated it plainly on hannity last night. >> it's like christine o'donnell winning top and again, if anyone remembers that. in 2010. e in 2011. but yeah, that was a crazy year. >> he was using christine o'donnell, a uniquely about candidate, cost republicans a set senate seat. as a short time for the party's tendency to blow winnable races, particularly senate races, by nominating fringe candidates. kathy barnett which really have some trouble in the general. although i gotta, say it's worth asking, and oppose all trump world, are there casinos anymore? or is very affiliation and this
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larger political environment alone enough to carry candidates to victory no matter how thoroughly noxious their views are? they would fall off was a campaign manager and barack obama's 2018 presidential campaign, he joins me now. david, i thought of you for the segment today because you have been talking so much about the key role these primaries will play, and with the nominee is, and whether candidate quality matters. first of all, just your reaction to the alarm bells going off, as everybody rushing to the cameras to denounce this woman desperately in the last three or four days of this campaign. >> it's remarkable. it's highly entertaining, chris. and most interesting, i think there's a new term town that's been coined here. the maga establishment. establishment being the key word. you got candidates like barnett and others, basically, trying to out-maga the mug establishments. so we'll see what will happen. she was obviously in single digits not too long ago. but i'm not sure that the
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established, even as good as hannity has in the pennsylvania trump, kind of rallying around the cars against air is going to be effective. because as you just said, this has really interesting correlation in 2016. and now, the hats on these folks. trump who benefited from that dynamic back in 16, so it's a scary thing for the country that there's going to be people more than extreme of the maga establishment. but i think this is interesting. i also think it shows that people are getting more and more comfortable separating from donald trump. and as we think about 2024, if you runs, i happen to think he won't. it could be a much different race. he blew people all over the stage. and that's gonna be the one requirement for anyone who runs against trump. and says, i'm not gonna be bullied by this guy. and i don't think he's gonna wear well in that regard. but this is fascinating, and of course, in a tough political
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environment for democrats, you have to catch breaks. and the most important break will be in a number of places, senate and governor, they nominate people that are two out of the mainstream. i will say the other, thing nerd out a little bit. he was vocal date on all of the states. we certainly saw this in ohio, and see this and pennsylvania. and of the states. you're gonna know which voters, suburban republicans, did not go for that nominee for the most maga person. and even if you only get 10% of those people, either not voted all and the senate race, or democratic. that once you those races. >> right. i should say, this exploration is the view about capitalism collapsing in and of itself. it is an isolationist view of really ugly primary bottles. and some people took that view in 2016 about trump. i retired from an exhibitionist, because it just seems plausible to me that you can of kathy barnett as u.s. senator, which
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i think would be really, truly, awful. but i do think that them identifying october misses, i wanna play this because this important are bio. it's a grueling and gripping part of her bio. which is that she is herself a product of rape, her mother was raped of age of 11 and gave birth to 12. here she talks about that a little bit, take a listen. >> i am the byproduct of a rape. and i have been very firm in the fact that i am unapologetically pro-life. i believe that that is a life. >> no exceptions. >> no exceptions, i recognize that the red herring about a woman's life. but an abortion is meant to terminate. a pregnancy, whereas a delivery something rate different. >> again, i don't doubt her sincerity here, at all. she comes by this view clearly. but it's a radical view that's a very out of line. as the court is poised to
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overturn roe v. wade. in pennsylvania itself, abortion being illegal under all circumstances, which is our position, is a 16% proposition. i do think the republican establishment and hannity identifying her as having some liabilities are not wrong. >> right, in a general election, for sure. but in this republican primary, the 16%, maybe more like 30 or 35. and that may be enough to win it. the other thing here is, she is authentic. whatever you think overviews, in both, i mean, give me a break. these guys are trying to pretend that they are true conservatives, true maga. holding the gun in a strange way. these guys are not out, no matter how much money they spend. so that's the other lesson here. not everybody is going to be able to replicate this trump stick. she's got authentic story, whatever you think about.
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it and maybe enough together. i don't think she's gonna get more than 40 of the republican primary, but she may not need to. >> it's a three-way race, after one by one vote. there's no runoff as far as i know. and again, it's like i'm authenticity. the race this reminds me of is that it was the open seat race for jeff sessions senate seat, where there was an incumbent luther who was established, trump endorses him over roy moore, sorry. and roy moore was, the base was correct identify roy moore as one of them. they were correct. they were like, we want roy moore. that's we want, we don't care if trump endorses looked a strange, he's not our dude. and this case, there's a segment of them that's like kathy barnett as one of us. doctor oz is not, and they're not wrong in that determination. >> there's no question, listen, i think roy moore, kathy barnett, this is where a large
5:17 pm
chunk of republican primary voters are. not just the social media stars, with the big followers. this is where the base is. and i think you're gonna see that replicated again and again. i think in a way, the stylish mint, and he used to use the robot can establishment. now it is the mag establishments, including donald trump. looking like they're selling out, in a way. not being true by principle. so generally would have seen in my, life democrat or republican, is when the establishment tries to slap down and insurgent. more often than not, it backfires. not always, more often than not, it does backfire. and you will see. if the thing is momentum is king and politics, and she has a right now. her line is going up to the right, and other ones are either stagnant or going a little bit down. >> that point is so key, too, because i think that's true and both parties. the sort of coordinated attack, sometimes by quiet. but, also the republican base has been trained to be
5:18 pm
suspicious of revelations of bad character information about one of their heroes. and to basically think it's a report. you saw this on an alabama with roy moore. the washington post-y said that he was looking on the courthouse enduring girls to sexual assault them. that's invented. they've created their own conditions, they're not turning around, and hand it is going about runs that she said things about islam. and it's like, who do you think that's persuading? >> chris, there's no elements anymore. there is nothing out of bounds, i believe, for republican candidates in terms of what they say, would they believe. another thing we saw with barnett, he also could just lie. i don't know that tweet is. so, there's two things. there's no bottom release, and there's no accountability. so it is the wild west, i think the wilder you are, right now, the more successful you're
5:19 pm
gonna be in republican primary politics. particularly when you've got the multi candidate view, so that's, again, it's a lot of republicans out there that i would consider. that they can't get 15% of the primary vote. but they can get 30, they can get 32, they can get 34. i think that's when we may see on tuesday. >> all right, david plouffe, thank you so, much those informative. coming, up the sitting republican congressman including the house minority leader running away instead of answering the basic question of whether or not they will comply with the subpoenas when they're congressional cobb leaks on the january six committee, that's next. january six committee, next but with aura digital security, my devices are protected in like 3 minutes. it's time to protect your life online with aura's all-in-one digital security. next try for free today at what was that password anyway? ew.
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the committee is a legitimate. does that mean that you will not comply with the subpoena? >> i haven't even seen the subpoena, so how can i -- i really can't tell you whether i can comply or not. >> will you comply with that subpoena from the january 6th commission? >> harris, i haven't seen it, either. they haven't given me the subpoena, which is amazing because the precipice of the formation and knowledge of this for 24 hours almost. i have yet to see the subpoena. if you look at the subpoena when we get, it we can go from there. >> it's been about 30 hours of january six committee issued subpoenas to house republicans, including the minority leader kevin mccarthy. and as you can see, they keep dodging the question whether they will comply and appear before the committee, investigating insurrection. today speaker nancy pelosi was asked about the subpoenas, and
5:25 pm
with issues where it was reciprocation republicans were to take over the chamber in november. she responded, quote, we are seeing the truth, we are seeking the truth, and we're not going to be cards about it. congressman pete aguilar is a -- he's on the general six committee, and he joins me now. congressman, good to have you. i suspect that at some, point those subpoenas like the rain to the position of the five individuals so subpoenaed, and they won't be able to say that they haven't gotten it yet, i have to make a decision. how do you interpret the delay and then answering questions? >> the bottom line is that they have received these. they're in their offices, and they've taken receipt of these whether they physically seen them or not is between them and their offices. but they've acknowledged that that receipt. this is beside the point, because this is exactly what republicans do when it comes to tough questions. just like jim jordan answered that interview months ago about when he talked to president trump. that day whether you talk to president trump on the sixth.
5:26 pm
and then he said, gosh, i don't know, maybe, i thought them a little here, a little there. the bottom line is, this is a bomb accountability. in order for us to seek the truth, and to ensure that we're doing everything we can, and that we can look the american public in the eye and tell them that we turned over every rock to seek the truth, we needed to take the step. and unfortunately, the republican leadership on the republican members have not complied the letters that we've sent. so we've got to take the step. >> this is the characterization of this step and political, a story where nicholas wu, who we had on the program. the january 6th select battle subpoenas the five's house republicans are uterus where any measure. it can feel the old union evidence, while pulling additional stress on isolation already buckling under partisan strain. do you agree that characterization? >> i agree that the institution should be protected. in order to protect the institution, we should've rules. and our committees have subpoena power.
5:27 pm
we should not go around and defy those subpoenas. those are lawful subpoenas, and so, the members should come forward, and keep in, mind again, they had letters, they had an opportunity to come address us before we took the step. they chose not to. but, we have rules, and we have laws in our country. and individuals, you on, i if you receive the subpoena would have to comply. and so it's unfortunate that they have felt otherwise, and it's our hope that expectation of them to provide evidence and show up. >> we should note, here, and again, i don't think there's a cameras of less that's been publicly kept of who has -- how many people had been either invited voluntarily, or subpoenaed to come gift estonia. how many of complied, how many of not. but is running in the 99% range, understand. even individuals like ali alexander, who himself was an organizer. himself who said that he coordinated with congressman amy bass, who is harming at the hauling.
5:28 pm
they have come and given testimony. that's been overwhelming norm for everyone across the political spectrum. >> nearly 1000 individuals, through interviews on the positions, have gone forward and given off the snow any. that's exactly right. just a few trump loyalists are the ones who have not complied. steve bannon, mark meadows. jeffrey clark. those types of individuals. so, the overwhelming number of people who know what happened, no things about what happened on january 6th. and i've given us insight, enough come forward, including a number of white house aides. and so, i think it speaks volumes that these members have, so far, not come for us, and not shared what they know about a violent attack on the capitol where five capitol police officers lost their lives. >> it always strikes me harvey coverage and jordan for a while now, he's a colleague of yours. he seemed like he likes to
5:29 pm
talk. he's a talker. he likes to go into it. just go talk to your colleagues, on your own. and if you're worried about something, just take the fifth. that's your legal right. but you're not a shy do. >> it really begs the question that, why wouldn't they come forward? why haven't they? why then they respond to those letters? and in the letters, we were very clear that they know information about what happened. we are very specific, and we would be happy and willing to talk with them about the scope of the questions that we plan. and that is not unusual for this type of discussion. but it does beg the question, what are they hiding? and i think, it's on us, it's on this nonpartisan committee to find out the truth. >> i personally have come to the conclusion, the best way to on the, lives signaller faces. and, i hope they hear that loud and clear. i think would make me feel more
5:30 pm
own than for them to contact you. congressman, thank you very much. >> thanks, chris. coming, up why governors novel attempt to solve the baby formula shortage by effectively starving certain children and the care of the u.s. government. i'm not making that up. i'll explain, next. nt i'm not making that up i'm not making that up i'll yeah, feel the savings. priceline. every trip is a big deal. (grandmother) thank you for taking me home. it's so far. (young woman) don't worry about it, grandma! this'll be fun.line. (young woman) two chocolate milkshakes, please. (young woman) three? (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea? (avo) love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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that's where the heart of our community belongs. ingrid: because teachers like me know... carol: quality public schools... kiyoko: make a better california... conservative movement, including republican
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politicians, office folders, are calling for the united states to, intentionally, starve babies in its care. that is not hyperbole, it is not satire, it is the stated position of the right. as you have heard, there is a nationwide shortage of baby formula. we will discuss the complicated cause of, some possible solution for the urgent crisis in the moment, but, cause, and solution, are not with the modern conservative movement does, when faced with a legitimate government crisis. when they do a sniff around, like a dog after a carcass, looking for the grossest way to demagogue the issue. certainly, they've done that here. it was the u.s. detention facilities that are in it today. a very small portion of them are infants, like in nursing children. we have a legal obligation, under something called flores settlement, to get those children, in our custody, food,
5:36 pm
and water. for babies, often, that means formula. so, the right solution to this formula crisis shortage is to stop feeding immigrant babies. yesterday, texas governor, greg abbott, said this statement. quote, while mothers and fathers stared empty grocery store shelves and panic, the biden administration is happy to provide baby formula to illegal immigrants, coming across our southern border. our children deserve a president who puts their needs of survival first. not one who gets critical supplies to illegal immigrants before the very people he took an oath to serve. the conservative house, on fox news, had just run that through the echo chamber. >> illegal immigrant children are getting formula. >> american families, there is a shortage, but if you are a, migrant worry. uncle sam has a stash. >> these are not people who respect our borders, our laws, and our sovereignty. why wouldn't all pellets go to american families first?
5:37 pm
>> apparently, no shortage of baby formula for illegal aliens. why do we feed illegal babies ahead of american babies? >> because they are babies, you doofus. why are we feeding illegal babies, that guy asked? his name is jesse. of course, he is pro-life. jesse's idea is to starve the babies in migrant detention centers. that, of course, would not solve anything. firstly, how many babies are at the border? a few hundred? maybe 1000? the government doesn't release the exact number, but is somewhere in that ballpark. in the united states, there are about 3.7 million babies, okay? so, clearly, the boarder babies hogging all of that formula, is not the problem here. not to mention, the fact, have you taken leave of your moral census? it would be a crime against humanity, and mass murder, two, intentionally, starve babies you have in your custody. not to mention, blatantly illegal. what is wrong with you?
5:38 pm
this is what you get. this is what you get. from the absurd logic. so, don't think it's a rhetoric, think about what would happen if they could control this, if they could have the levers to cut off the supply formula, to the hundreds of babies in our custody. would they do it? a question to ask. and the real world, speaker nancy pelosi announced next week, the house will bring up a bill to, quote, grant emergency authority to authorities to address supply chain disruptions, and recalls of formula. here with me, to get into what the problem is with the supply of baby formula, and how it can be solved, as my colleague, stephanie ruhle, host of the 11th hour, here on msnbc, who has been doing tons of reporting on this very topic. stephanie, let's start with why this is happening. why we have the shortage. >> i'm feeling sassy, as you are. a little different flavor. it's not necessarily so partisan. it's a look at all lawmakers.
5:39 pm
this is about super restrictive regulation. baby formula. clearly, and essential supply is produced by a handful. three, or four-ish, major producers, in this country, producing over 90% of formula to the whole country. we have restrictive rules around tariffs, importing formula, and so yes, the fda is saying, we will look to import some. but they shouldn't be surprised. this has been happening for months, and even before that. this is how old are police work. you know it works this way and agriculture, same way. it's a trump administration, when they renegotiated nafta, and made it. they made it harder for canada, made it more expensive for canada, to import baby formula here. so, this was brewing overtime. for lawmakers on, on both sides of the aisle, suddenly, to be so shocked, and dismayed, they are the ones who signed off on regulation. we often think regulation is
5:40 pm
here to protect, and good for everyone, and in theory, it is, if it's smart. but, oftentimes, there is what is known as regulatory capture. the biggest guys out there, push for regulation, helping only them. we are exactly in that place, right now. >> i've heard people make the comparison to, we have the testing situation, where the fda wasn't approving a european test during coronavirus, even though, obviously, they were effective. european formula and, the other thing we should note here, is there is a bit of an under regulation issue which is, to my understanding, plenty of the recall in the abbott labs happened because bacteria got into the plant, right? that was also taking a sizeable part of the supply. >> absolutely true. abbott labs did recall, and when they did of, their own product, that caused a huge ripple effect, because they have such a huge portion of the market. with many people asking, how did you have plants that were not meeting standards?
5:41 pm
what did abbott lab do in the last year? a massive stock buyback. think, who just serve in terms of stakeholders? just having three, or four producers. does it serve consumers? no. does a serve employees of these companies? no. who does it serve? shareholders. our shareholders, are they priority when it comes to baby formula? the answer to that, chris hayes, is not. everyone out there saying, why don't women just breastfeed? give me a break. that is a ridiculous idea. there are women out there, simply, who cannot produce enough. women out there who have children on formula for months, if not years, and they cannot. for every man out there right now saying, just breastfeed? just pick up a breast pump? i invite each, and every one of them, purchase a breast pump. put it on their tongue, as tight as they possibly can, and have it go for 20 minutes, six times a day. that is what using a breast pump is like, and it's absurd if they think, that will solve
5:42 pm
this problem. >> i have seen those stakes. it is not a faucet, gentlemen. you don't just turn it on, and off. so, here is the problem. you are already running a, like a lot of supply chains that we've learned, they run very thin. they're doing very deep locative, and it is a few factors of maker pet food, a few factors that make this that we need, and if they go down, with the chip shortage, we've seen this happen time, and again. all of a sudden, you have a shortage. the question is, are their short term things that you can do? that is a market structure question. if there's a long, or medium term question about how you get more competitors, how you get more imports, are their short term solutions that the house is looking at, with possible waivers? i don't know if there are short term solutions on the table that would work? >> the idea that, yes, we will ramp up production, really, doesn't solve anything in the immediate. the stay with me here. women and children, with
5:43 pm
millions of mothers across this country, getting that formula through the voucher system. but, the way those voters work, they have contracts with every state, and those contracts, are only where you can use your voucher on one type of formula. you might say, why would that formula maker offer formula at a discount? here is why. they are basically own a monopoly. more shelf space, more doctors in those states, remember mending that formula. you have people in many states saying, i cannot use my wicked voucher on the formula that is available in my store, so, that is what they're looking to change to in the media. imagine that. imagine you need to get your formula, you need to use her without her, but the one that is on the shelf of your store does not work. >> so, really, it seems like a common sense thing here. we should note, i think, half of all infant formula in the country's purchase through the wicked program. there is a huge policy level he -- never hear. it appears to be cute up in the house, and it seems it would offer a short, and median long term relief at that scale, and
5:44 pm
it's like starving babies. stephanie ruhle, back on msnbc tonight with the 11th hour, and by her own admission, she is feeling sassy. definitely, tune in. thank you stephanie. >> so are you. >> always. still ahead, some actual, new reporting, on the rumors about vladimir putin's failing health, and how that is playing out in the power circles of russia's elite. that is coming up. the power circles of russia'pase is going to be pronamel repair. finding my way forward with node-positive breast cancer elite. felt overwhelming at times. that is coming up. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning,
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5:49 pm
week, my colleague ayman get this beautiful tribute to his friend and mentor, legendary policy american journalist tshering-able actually. on wednesday, assuring was shot in the head and killed while covering an israeli raid in the occupied west bank. to of what are killing, saying you will still unclear if she was had by israeli or crossing in fire. but palestinian witnesses, including reporters who were present with ushering when she was killed, say she was shot by israeli soldiers. plus senior leaders maintain israel's responsible for her death. now, chireno is a legendary figure, throughout the region. and a funeral took place in jerusalem amid a very upsetting scene, today. this began outside of a hospital where the funeral possession was the start. as mourners carry trillions casket on their shoulders, israeli officials rushed the crowd, officers rushed the
5:50 pm
crowd, beating people sticks, and firing stun grenades. you can see these caused the progress to nearly drop the casket. according to an israeli government official, officers dispersed what they referred to as a riot. as the gathered crowd was preventing the procession from moving on the intended route, that's what they say. they also say, angela show that some mourners were throwing objects at police. but whatever the ostensible predicate, it's pretty damn hard to justify the beating of defenseless pallbearers who are occupied by to carry the casket of a beloved journalist whose life was got far too short, whose very funeral was marred with more violence above on those who gather to mourn her. >>her. >>
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
$100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... two huge developments that day vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
5:55 pm
he was in russia's ongoing development in russia's ongoing invasion of ukraine. invasion of ukraine. the, first little first, leaders of finland, years of finland pushing announced they are looking to expeditiously join the to expeditiously join the nato nato alliance. alliance. they need to creating potential nightmare scenario a potential for russian president vladimir putin. nightmare scenario for vladimir putin, his country shares whose country shares a border with a border with finland. finland. and, the second development that for the first times of and, the second development, as for the first time since the the conflict began in february, conflict began in february, u.s. yes the pensacola defense accra terry, lloyd lloyd austin spoke with austin, spoke with his his russian russian counterpart, sergei counterpart, so gabe shoigu. . a least of both of these developments, opponents appeared to appearing to reflect the reflect a vastly vastly diminished diminished strategic strategic leverage leverage that russia the russian now has now has four itself, after four itself after several months of fighting that has several months of fighting, that has gone, gone, frankly, frankly, miserably. on top of miserably.
5:56 pm
on that, remorse continue to swirl that top of that, rumors putin is in swirl that putin isn't failing health. failing health. michael weiss, michael weiss recently, reporting on this recently reported from the from new lines sun realize magazine magazine, in a piece titled, is on a piece titled, putin sick, or are we it's booed and, sick are we meant to think he meant to think he is? is? about how how the rumors, which the rumors that are are totally completely unverified, play out inside unverified are playing on inside the of the inner sanctum of inner sanctum of the the russian state russian state. . and michael weiss joins me now. michael, it's always tricky to reporters talk about rumors. i just want to be clear up front, and your very clear in the piece, we don't know, he could be perfectly healthy. this can be completely fabricated. but it is very clear is that rumors about his declining health are very persistent in the air symptom of russian power elite. tell me about what you learned. >> rumors have persisted that putin is ailing from some melody including counts are for many years go back wing for the invasion of ukraine. however, a few weeks ago, i came into possession of a tape of a russian oligarch who i know and i was able to friends
5:57 pm
again who was chattering to a western venture capitalist about various things. one, how miserable this were's for oligarchs like himself. he says that putin has single-handedly driven russian-backed 50 years. he has the blood of 15,000 russian soldiers on his hands, which is more comedy than the soviet invasion an obligation of like ghana stan. then he, says putin is very ill with blood cancer. he says, and makes a suggestion that we all, meaning either this is a flip of the tongue of speaking that royal, li oreo speaking this cohort of fellow russian billionaires, we all believe that he is going to die before this works out. we all hope that he will. which is kind of a shocking disclosure in a number of ways, chris, because, one, and this is the truth, wow, wow! this are oligarch is talking out of his hat, speculating, i know, the doing prognosis that tabloid process doing, okay.
5:58 pm
number three, and most tantalizing of all, this is some cleverly cooked piece of disinformation that russia leaks out of the summit and through the west, and within moscow itself, and the intersection of the russian government, and i suggested it's designed to make going look vulnerable, and me, can process susceptible to a coup. now, there's some other reporting in this piece, courtesy of chris ogallala, he's a brilliant investigator. and i put this across them certain weeks. he said look, i was skeptical of the senate, first member source in the fsb, which was the domestic security arm of the russian intelligence. who said, several weeks before, that quarters issued a communiqué, are decrees all the regional directors inside the federation saying, and yours on
5:59 pm
the presidents terminal health conditions should be treated incredibly suspiciously, almost the sabotage. please ignore, please dismiss them. whereas lobs it affects, and it give us a lot of people in the fsb that these rumors are true. now, again, i cannot verify. i cannot just this enough, i can say that putin has blood cancer. but nothing is gonna time in your future. but the fact that i have the stature on tape is telling at three western businessmen that he's looking to do some kind of transaction with, is itself newsworthy. >> yeah, and we should note, i've encountered this rumor again unfairly with people connected in russian parliaments. so again, it's something a secular some people that could be totally delusional, because believe, me i'm on the mark in context, totally delusional rumors circulated among powerful people. so let's be very clear, that happens all the time. i can tell you a few. but that is playing a role at
6:00 pm
least in the perception of what's happening here, particularly as we find russia and we can place. it's a fascinating piece. michael weiss, thanks for your time. >> >> sure, thanks. >> that is all in for this week, msnbc prime starts now with valuable, she good evening ali. >> good evening, have yourself a good weekend. we will see you next week doctor anthony fauci, joining us later on. we'll be asking, him how do we understand this rise in covid cases, across the country? how worried should we be that new funding, to fight covid, is still, bottled up in congress? let me start tonight with the story picked up last week in western michigan. sources tell the nbc affiliate at the town hall, more of the communities they covered, were like raided by law enforcement. if your reporter, and here the town hall is rated, your mind goes to corruption, graft, or some small town