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tv   The Cross Connection With Tiffany Cross  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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frequently banned authors, tony morrison. it's impossible to overstate her reverberations. her work is a part of true modern classics. we have a lineup to talk about her legacy. email us your comments and questions about the late tony morrison and her work at maria teresa kumar. she is diving in from the 8 to 10 eastern with tiffany cross begins right now. >> good morning, welcome to the cross connection. we have a lot to get to you this morning. for starters, there is a massive government agency that might be spying on you right now, and we will be getting on to that later this hour. plus there's the shocking new
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report on the abuse of new american -- native american children in u.s. schools. we will talk about congress looking into possible extraterrestrial. that's, right there have been credible sightings. we are opening up the x-files. we have to begin this morning right here on earth was some unprecedented developments here in the january six investigations. five sitting members of congress now facing subpoena testify and what they knew about the planning behind the insurrection. trump's five stages are already the -- already crying the subpoenas that an illegitimate west -- witch hunt. they are threatening investigations of their own if they retake the house in november. none of these five are willing to comply. it's the privilege for me. what do you think would happen to us if we defied a subpoena? joining me now is -- at the nation, he's also the author of the new york times
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black -- a black ice guy to the constitution. something we stiffening we need. i can't overstate how unprecedented this. is it does feel a little bit anticlimactic, because so many that dismissed the subpoenas, i want you to take a listen to some of the responses from the congressman. >> will actually come out of the state. stronger moments like this reset. >> and biden will have with that, right? >> yeah, totally he'll be maybe the best person have, right. come i can get out joe biden? >> that was -- lindsey graham has not been subpoenaed. but there is a group of five congressman who have all had ridiculous responses to the subpoenas. my question for you legally is how can we force the five republicans to adhere to the subpoenas. >> the truth is out there, but these republicans don't want people to know about it.
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how can the committee force them to do stuff. there are a couple of options. one that i've always been a fan of is nancy pelosi's basement, or vanity -- whatever she has in congress because congress has an inherent contempt of power. they can issue legal subpoenas in force people to comply with the subpoenas. they can arrest people who don't comply with legally issued subpoenas from congress. they can do that on their own authority. that has not been tried in quite some time. it has been a while since we brought out this powers, but there's a question of how physical do you want this to look? can the sergeant of arms of congress fight? because we are talking about physically absconding with members of congress for noncompliance. there are some reasons why the democrats might be afraid of using their power.
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this is the power they can execute under their own authority if these five congress people continue to take you to defy lawful subpoenas. the other one of the option we have been down before. they issued contempt sightings and refer them to the department of justice for contempt, we put on eric garland's desk, and we put it on merrick garland some smelling salts, he wakes up and read these referrals. and we wait to see that the department of justice has any intention ever of enforcing congressional subpoenas. >> i mean you say how physical do we wanted to get, but how physical would they get if i defy a subpoena. >> if i defied a subpoena, they would be coming through my window right now to go respond to the subpoena. >> cue the bad boys music. and it's very disconcerting to see the privilege of these members simply dismissed.
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but i want to remind our viewers why they want to talk to these five members. you remember ali, when january six was going, down there is a conversation with donald trump and kevin mccarthy. one time we saw kevin mccarthy buck trump. trump was basically saying, i guess these guys are more upset about the election results than you. kevin mccarthy said who the bleep do you think you are talking to? that's what kevin mccarthy says donald trump. what information do you think they want to get to these members? >> think about it this way, it is interesting that they subpoenaed these five congressman, and not like marjorie taylor greene, not lauren boebert. they subpoenaed the people who talked to donald trump, and they're less interested in who helped the little people stormed the capitol and more
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interested in what the president knew, when the president knew, it and what the president did or did not do to stop it. then we subpoena people who we believe their public leaks had actual conversations or meetings with the president either on the day, during the insurrection, or in the planning of the insurrection. that seems like a very specific focus. they did subpoena lindsey graham, and they did subpoena anybody they think of about some attachment to january six. they subpoenaed the people who talk to the president. all these congress people have to do is tell people what they said to the president. that's literally all anybody's asking them to do. one of the things that people have to understand about donald trump, i don't know how he is done, it but his greatest skill is to find stooges you are willing to take the fall and go to jail for him.
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only michael cohen has bugged him. everybody else has been willing to go to jail for this man, and it looks like kevin mccarthy is next. >> it is frightening to see the direction of our core democratic principles in the country. not unpredictable. half the folks who look like you and we have been navigating it for a long time. clarence thomas spoke yesterday, the hypocrisy. when you take a listen to the soundbite, and i will ask you about it on the other side. >> if someone said that one line of one opinion would be leaked by anyone and you would say, that is impossible, no one would ever do that, and look where we are. but for us though that belief is gone forever. when you lose that trust, especially in the institution
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that i am on, it changes the institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder, it's kind of an infidelity that you can explain, it but you cannot undo it. >> the calls coming from inside your house. talk to your, wife don't top tier -- talk to your pro insurrectionist wife about it. >> clarence thomas is arguably with his wife, the most corrupt justice in american history. we have never in american history had a situation where justices spouse is out there advocating for things, pinning medals on people and then bringing those people to their spouses courtroom. that just doesn't happen. for one of the most corrupt justices in american history, then be lecturing other people on the sacredness of the
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institution, that is mind-bogglingly insulting, but this is what clarence thomas does. and at least out somewhat we were doing before. who's going to check him? who is going to check these people. who's going to tell clarence thomas, now. and when you looked at people who are frustrated with the response to these people, it is who is going to tell these people know? who's going to tell his people's, stop? who is going to tell these people, this far, no further. so, far the answer is nobody. nobody is going to tell these people to stop. that's why we are where we are. >> speaking of some people to, stop i want to tell somebody to stop using your name and their fund raising emails, why is georgia senate candidate herschel walker so obsessed with elliott -- you are bright and you have all
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of these interesting things to say, but why is he so obsessed. i feel like -- why is he so obsessed with me? >> just spell my name right when it's in your mouth, how about that? spelling many right when you put it. i didn't stutter tiffany, the man quoted me accurately and his fundraising emails about what i said about him. why he wants to remind georgia voters that i said that very thing difference between a token like herschel walker who is simply willing to shuck and jive first white handlers versus actual black conservatives, including some of them who are running against him for the primary in georgia who have beliefs i don't agree with, but come by those beliefs honestly. there is a, difference and i can spot the, difference most people can spot the difference, and apparently herschel walker wants to remind people in georgia that they are people who can spot the difference. but here is why. crucial walker would much rather rumored against me, a
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black eye from new york, then went against actual georgia people like -- who care about the people of georgia, who understand the issues in georgia. i don't understand georgia beyond the atlanta braves and the archer television series. that's my understanding. raphael warnock understands actual georgia. not to come today to acl with, me i will give you a little tour and have you understand georgia a little more. will give you a littl >> we will keep our eye on this, race because it's fascinating to see your name come up so much in it. >> and we don't get to get away from this. >> believe me my, friend i know. thank you so much, for being here, and starting off the show with fire, and a horrific report about the person that's of native american children at the u.s. federally backed many schools, and we will discuss what happened there next.
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first ukraine, we just learned a u.s. senate delegation, visited this from minority leader mitch mcconnell, we will bring you a live report next , we wil bring you a live report next at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions. like renewable natural gas from cow waste, hydrogen-fueled transportation, and carbon capture. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. that's why we build technology that helps everyone come to the table and do more incredible things. ♪ here's candice... who works from home, and then works from home. but she can handle pickup, even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure
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made to do anything so you can do anything. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. breaking news from ukraine this made to do anything so you can do anything. morning. president zelenskyy announced that a u.s. senate delegation, led by mitch mcconnell, traveled to kyiv in the latest show of american support for the war torn nation. the visit comes as a 40 billion
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dollar age package is stalled. amid reports, philonise looking to join nato. they spoke with a finish president telling the european neighbor that abandoning the policy of neutrality would be a mistake. this is all according to a readout from the kremlin. abc news correspondent is on the ground in lviv. thank you for being there, jay. we just talked about mitch o'connell and how he made an unannounced trip to the ukraine capital. what are you hearing on the ground? >> tiffany, a lot of people are glad to see the u.s. support. they are applaud the u.s. for what they have done. it is very private in the fact that they have support from the u.s.. president zelenskyy in ukraine is saying that it is a strong signal of bipartisan support, not only from congress, but from the american people. you talk about the stalled plan to provide 40 billion dollars in aid. the g7 nations have made a
7:17 am
promise for more military aid as well as economic funding. this is something that ukraine is looking forward to and is much needed. let's talk about the war on the frontlines in the azovstal steel plant that continues to be a primary target for russian troops. it is just shelling that establishment from the air, from the ocean, with missiles, and on the ground with infantry and armored vehicles. it is a primary focus as are the injured soldiers inside. negotiations continue to try to remove those soldiers and get them to safety and medical treatment that they need. they have been trapped there for weeks. . no doctors, no medicine and no sterile wraps. some are dealing with amputations and other severe injuries. we know that the ukraine officials have offered prisoner swaps to get this deal done. russia has said no to that. we know that the un has been a negotiating for over a month to try to make this happen.
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no response from the kremlin. finally, other countries, including finland, offered to move in with ships, extract the wounded soldiers, and take them to a neutral country where they can get the medical treatment that they need and stay there until the end of the war. they will not come back and fight. russia says that this is a nonstarter for them. one other note on them is that there are 150 or 170,000 civilians trapped in the mariupol region. many are making their way back to that steel plant and trying to find some safety there. you might remember that it was a week ago today that all of the civilians had been announced, removed, rescued from the steel plant. it looks like now that others are making their way in, tiffany. >> thank you so much, jay. stay safe on the ground. on the home front if you feel like a member of destiny's child be because you keep talking about bills, bills, a bills, you are not alone! the rate of inflation was 8.3%
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in april. you have seen the high prices at the grocery store, at the gas station, and when booking flights. at the same time, many people are not paid in minimal wage from profitable country companies in america. it leaves us tightening our budgetary bills. it leaves it most of us. listen to these exact on earning calls this week. >> the team has done a marvelous job in driving price. >> our sales gains were largely driven by higher average sales prices. average sales prices trends reflect successful pricing strategies during the ongoing inflationary environment. >> consumers get used to it. when all prices go up and helps. >> we're not leaving any pressing on the table. we want to take as much as we can. >> all right, joining me right now is doctor and professor at howard economics. i'm happy she's onside with me this morning. we were just asking you during the break, we will get to the ceos in a second. the question everyone wants to
7:20 am
know is, the inflation cannot last forever. the question on everyone's mind is where and will it end and how? it is a difficult question to post to you and i ask you to break out your crystal ball to give us insight as best you can. >> first of, thank you for having me. it is a pleasure to be here. inflation was not just caused by one thing. it was a multitude of factors. three big factors, the first one being covid. we are 26 months into covid. there was a period of time when the government gave money, in total, five trillion dollars in stimulus, 1.8 trillion to individuals. it was necessary. we needed to get roofs on their heads and food on their table. unfortunately, when you increase demand and supply does not meet, there is an imbalance, inflation will follow. we also have a rise in fuel play prices, the russian war, and it will influence
7:21 am
inflation. what is very disheartening that's influence way inflation is labor cost. there is no need for this to influence inflation. it should have won up decades ago. since 1980, the economic policies and ep i put out a report before covid in 2020. it shows that since 1980, productivity has gone up like 61% and wages have only gone up 17%. that is over four decades. i>> there was a recent report that came out that talked about most of these companies, many of these companies, the four 50s, fortune 100, that are not paying minimum wage. profits are up by 49% and in one case, by 111,000%. wages only rose 1.6% on average. i wonder, when does this stop being company profits and turned into company
7:22 am
profiteering. you have people hounding the message of inflation, but if you actually care about the working class american families, go after the private sector to pay them more. what do you say? >> everything you are saying is absolutely correct! the bids that you played before this segment, it was so disheartening. these companies are already profiting. this is hand over fist. at a time when america is in desperate need, in a time when we are struggling, we are facing a pandemic, they are using this as an opportunity to profit even more. unfortunately, when we have market failures like this, when we find that they have concentration that they can extract all of the profits and not redistributed, unfortunately, the only responses for us to step in. when we have market failures, the government needs to step in and enforce policies to make sure that companies are not just paying minimum wage but believe that it is going up soon. >> it's 15 50, i believe.
7:23 am
you cannot afford it. there's another report that says renters cannot afford to buy a home in their city. i know i do not understand the market. i do not sit up and read the journal every day. i am not watching my friends at cnbc every day. i think about the families, the mothers, the parents that are going to the grocery store, going to the gas station. the stock market is not the economy. if all these people are getting squeeze at both ends, it unfortunately impact people of color. people want to know when the release is coming. so, doctor, one is the relief coming? >> it comes when our administration forces companies to own up their end of the bargain by increasing taxes, and force them to pay a good wage. i am happy that they are increasing it but it is less than $34,000 a year. you need a two income households to meet and meet and pay rent.
7:24 am
this is for one bedroom that's over $2,000 a month. we need companies and we need individuals to force companies hands. they need to treat their workers with respect and paid them a living wage. as the individuals we need to demand it we need to be willing to. prices will go up for some service industries that are being underpaid now, but there is no reason why -- >> if prices go up and wages go up, it would be affordable, you would think. >> sometimes they don't have to go up. if we think about companies that are making an extraordinary amount of profits right now, they do not have to raise prices. you are 100% right. >> this is a conversation for a longer time. we are so happy to have you on the show. you need to come back when we are both in d.c. and you are at howard university. i know someone is a saying hq very loud. thank you for being here. thank you doctor. up next, the government is watching us.
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bill this, month there's a chance that a government agency is spying on you. listen, that investigation by the law center on privacy in technology reports that i.c.e. has access to a lot of personal
7:29 am
data and it's crafted a surveillance network designed to spy on people in the u.s. without a warrant, and often bypassing privacy laws. ice gave us this response, and stated that employees various forms of technology to investigate violations of the law will appropriately respecting civil liberties and privacy interests. ice focuses on its civil enforcement activities in individuals who pose a threat. that doesn't make me feel better, how about you? joining me now is one of the co-offers of the, steady nimâ wing, she's a policy associate at georgetown law. and of course frank floozy, national security analyst and i can't think of a better panelists to have this discussion. with, nancy i want to kick it off with you. i.c.e. has it evolved into a domestic surveillance agency. and they are looking at this with hundreds of thousands of americans and immigrants. what are they doing with this
7:30 am
data? >> our two year investigation and i surveillance as essentially found that ice is effectively operating as a domestic surveillance agency. if you've ever had your picture taken at the dmv, you may be among the one of three people whose picture was searched by ice. if you've ever driven your car passed a toll booth or in a public parking lot, then you may be along the three or four people in america who had their time, date, and location of where the vehicle was seen. if you have a monthly utility bill, at verizon, at&t, you may be among the three or four people in america whose address ended up in the address of ice every single time you pay your bill. as you mentioned, i can do all of this without needing warrant. and because the surveillance capacities are so secretive and create massive side doors around its existing privacy
7:31 am
protections, it is extremely opaque to understand what they do if with this information. our researchers found that they have access to this huge amount of information, but they actually do with, it how they use it in investigations, all of that is very secretive. >> it's very sensitive, but also frightening. isis spent 2.8 billion dollars, between does need and find 21 on surveillance data. anyone's information can end up in their hands. how is any of this legal? >> it's questionable and we need inquiries now. and that customs enforcement argument is inadequate. look, this is an eye-opening report and who knew and if you had asked the average american about which agency had the most
7:32 am
powers of authority, you might have heard answers like the nsa, the cia, the fbi. it is not of, those it's immigration and customs enforcement and most people might think confuse at least so. maybe that's the jurisdiction around the border, and no, that is border patrol. this is a national issue with a national program that seems to turn into domestic surveillance of all of us. we need answers. most americans have become keenly aware of this commercial sale of our data. we look at new sneakers on google and suddenly you get ads on facebook for new sneakers. that is kind of strange. this is way beyond. that this is your u.s. government buying data on data for you at the state level. utility companies at the local level, they're searching
7:33 am
through facial recognition of our drivers license, photos they know you drive because of toll booth data that they are either buying or acquiring outright and one state say that we're trying to plant the, flag or trying to stop you from doing this, do you know what they do? this report says that they do and and around that law and that state, and they go by the data somewhere else. this is a revelation to me after 25 years and on force, mint and we need answers, and it smells a lot like the abuses that we uncovered after the patriot act. there were concerns from the fbi storing metadata from your phone records. but all that was pushes the numbers dialed, outgoing numbers dialed. and none of it is happening here. and the patriot, act this all came about after 9/11, where
7:34 am
people were frightened and willing to give up their civil liberties. and to say it's not so surprising, also member things like cointelpro, and more recent, times agencies tracking black lives matter activists. aone thing that you have to point out, the data sharing. equifax was one of the people who was buying and selling data. that is quite frightening. tell us about their role in this. >> equifax has played a central role in how i.c.e. has been able to buy peoples utility records. they have essentially organized a group of utility companies, and asked these companies to send in their customer data for mostly credit reporting. but equifax has turned around and sold a trove of data to another company called thompson, reuters who sells these
7:35 am
databases to ice. and through this long change of various different entities, i.c.e. has been able to buy the utility records of most of these utility companies without most of them knowing. >> which is so frightening. frank, i'm thinking about the reason why this is happening. their intention was to go after undocumented immigrants i believe. but you think about the ukrainians, in, imagine it was acceptable to do this when people are coming from central america. imagine targeting ukrainians coming over, here i see using this data for them. i feel like america would have more empathy there. it's very unfortunate. we have about ten seconds left. which would lawmakers be doing to stop this privacy invasion. >> and a congressional level, at the state level legislators need to ask a question of the
7:36 am
federal government -- are you acquiring data from these companies, how are you doing it, stop it now. those are the questions that need to be asked. this is undermining our safety. undocumented people are not going to apply for drivers licenses. the driver's test, but we won't be able to track them until we get with utilities, heat, and this needs to get fixed quickly. >> thank you so much, frank and i immigrants are not applying for drivers licenses. thank you both, i hope you both come back, on the cross connection inside and, mornings because i love having this conversation. thank you for this context. coming up, next over 500 indigenous children have died in need of american boarding schools, this is according to a report by the interior part mint, and this is only the beginning of the abuse that has been uncovered. the founder --
7:37 am
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to find out in this investigation, the federal investigation? >> i hope they find the truth. you have to admit that it happens. that's what i think people are so afraid of. it tarnishes them. it tarnishes their religion, tarnishes their town, their
7:41 am
school. it should not be that way. >> that was my brilliant colleague talking with the survivor of the native american school system. this is a subject of investigation of the department. while it is still far from over, the report found that 500 indigenous children died in government supported schools. the numbers expected to grow. the report does not address how the children died or who is responsible. it is the first time that the u.s. government has made an attempt to research and acknowledge the trauma inflicted on native american children for decades. joining me now is crystal echo hawk. she's the founder and executive director of illuminative. thank you for being here. it is very challenging to get through the atrocities we have heard about in the report. it is the first time that the government has attempted to research this. why now and how instrumental was deb haaland in bringing these to light given that she is the first native american women doubled position?
7:42 am
>> thank you, for having me, tiffany. the reason it is happening now is because of secretary haaland. it is because the impact that the native vote had in 2020 and president biden nominated her for the important role. she had a vision did to her own personal history about the impact of the boarding schools on the native american people. she's going to have this important legacy as secretary interior. >> obviously, the report does not capture everything. the children were subjected to physical abuse, sexual abuse, and they were forced to wash the brown off of them. many died trying to escape. based on your knowledge, being a member of the community and the tradition of sharing legacy and passing information down, who do you think was responsible for this? where did the system come from? >> i came from the united
7:43 am
states government. this was an official government policy. we need to make no bones about it. it came from the heart of the united states government. it was a policy to assimilate these children, but the policy was to break apart tribes, families, rip them and have, separate them as a way to dispossess them from their land. this was an act of a genocide. it was cultural genocide. it was very systematic. i thought that i had known quite a bit about what happened in the boarding schools, but reading this report was so hard to see. the truth is in black and white of how systematic and thinking the way that they were going to rip apart these families, the way that they mixed up children from different tribes so they had no way to speak their own language. they could literally annihilate these native languages and cultural life paths. it is really bad. the other frightening thing that i think a lot of people
7:44 am
knew, there was no separation between church and state. it carved up reservations and given to different denominations of christian churches. they paid these churches to operate these schools and were paid per capita basis that the amount of children they had. this is a lot. this is the united states government. it is a lot of the churches in this country. >> i think it is really important that we acknowledge that, especially when you see all of these crt debates happening across the country. it is a history that someone should learn. i wonder, the people who call themselves a pro live, i wonder if this is something that should outrage them. children as young as four years old were separated from the families. this goes back generations. i remember seeing when children were separated and they were saying this is not who we are. this is as american as apple pie. what distrust should look like at this point? >> we have to continue, we have to urge congress!
7:45 am
they must pass the truth and healing policies act. there was a hearing this week. we need to ensure that there is a federal commission that is resourced and had all the powers to get to the bottom of the truth and hold the united states government and all of the agencies that were complicit and part of this as well as the churches and any others that were complicit in what happened to native americans. that is critical. secretary haaland has made it known. i think she has an intention to travel over the country in the next year, and to really be in conversation with tribal leaders about what repair looks like. what does justice look like. what does healing look like. we need a revitalization, an investment in native cultural ways. the trauma that is being on leased right now, we are already living it. it is not a single native american that was not touched by what happened in those boarding schools. it is going to be an investment in looking at mental health
7:46 am
resources and a variety of different things. as you said at the beginning, tiffany, this is only the beginning. the report says that they expect the number of children who are buried to be up into the hundreds and thousands. we do not know yet. there needs to be on investment across the board. these resources need to be there to ensure that the investigation is done thoroughly. >> we are very committed to censoring the rising majority and the indigenous voices on the show. even when reports like this did not come out, we all have intellectual curiosity about our fellow countrymen and the original america. thank you for joining us. we look forward to having you back soon. coming up, a disturbing body cam video footage shows these men searching a teens baggage. there was claims that it was a racial profiling. you do not want to miss it. that it was a racial
7:47 am
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7:51 am
this week with tombrady getting the, back fence almost catching hands, and in egregious and disheartening and sudden with a lacrosse team pulled over by six dukes of hazard in georgia. joining me to discuss odell's co-host of brother from another on peacock. thank you michael for being here. i want to get right into it michael, because this lacrosse team, with the ability to talk about this on the phone because i was so angry to see what happened. police try to intimidate the lacrosse team and settle accusations of having drug paraphernalia. these young athletes had none. it's not lost on me that this happened in georgia were similarly sized buses could be transferring people to the polls. it looks like their rights were violated, but tell me your thoughts on this whole incident. >> the, funny what i saw it was a group of police officers simply doing their job.
7:52 am
and that job is to profile, harass, violate, intimidate, and traumatize a bus full of black people with a black west traverse. it's hard to check more racist boxes. anything that was missing from this encounter was a you all come back now, you hear? straight out of the 1960s, we both know this happens every day in 2022, somebody is getting pulled over right now for just being black. it just so happens that this is a bus full of hbcu lacrosse athletes. there was no probable cause other than being black. this was all over these work, another days at the office. >> a fair statement, disputes claims of racial profiling. he says although i do not believe racial profiling occurred based on the information, have i welcome feedback from the community and ways our law enforcement practices can be improved.
7:53 am
yeah we got some feedback for you. take a listen to this. this is the deputies talking about the girls on the bus. take a listen. the bus take a listen. >> this is kind of disgusting to hear the way they talk about these young girls. i want us to move, on that story is infuriating to us both. your father, i can't imagine you watching your daughter be treated that way. but i want to move on because i want to talk about tom brady. what i said to you when we talked about this. why are they doing this. some of these young black
7:54 am
journalists, and uniform, me well tiffany, these positions are often filled by former athletes and coaches. i'm curious, your thoughts on tom brady getting 375 million reasons to keep on working. >> he's getting three and 75 million, and the league gets billions from these networks to broadcast these games, including nbc. this is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. >> and bc's getting how much to protest the games? >> getting billions. paying the nfl billions, because i need to talk to somebody about arrays. you might pick the wrong line of, work to be honest with you. you might want to take this sports thing a little bit more seriously because there's a lot of money to be made for somebody like you. tom brady is not him just giving color commentary, because nobody is going to make that much of a difference.
7:55 am
even the greatest play of all-time, it's about fox being in business with tom brady beyond the games on sundays once he starts retiring. don't forget, 75 of the top 100 broadcast in the u.s. in 2021 were nfl games. there's a lot more money where this, came from this is a wise investment and sound bet on somebody who may not be that good. it'll be hard for him to be great on protests. but he's going to be more than that he's going to be an ambassador. give me gust johnson for my money. >> we don't even know tom brady's personality. he said a few, words i don't know, this is a different beast. >> i met him briefly when our friend hosted the sports illustrated awards. we will see. i want to talk about these fans getting out of hand. this one family's going to touchdowns, and i just, it all these fans were acting a fool in the stands. they are all privileged. they all have to have a sense
7:56 am
of entitlement. what do you think should happen. >> i've been having an unpopular pinion about this for years, i come from the old school of don't start nothing, there won't be nothing. i think that young man who had the fear of god put into him and walked away like he was afraid for his life, if more fans had that kind of a, fear we would not have this issue. let the police themselves. most fans say oh it's not all of, us it's one bad apple. okay you will put your hands on the bad act. if you wanna treat these athletes like zoom animals, and you like to believe that they are, customers always right, we can have that same fear of retaliation. >> thank you michael, we are all out of time, i want to viewers to know that i have to thank michael for spending his saturday morning with me. i hope you will do it again. go off and watch your sons boswell, game good luck to your son today. >> and thank you sir. coming up on our next, our
7:57 am
amanda speak with sonia curry, speak mother of stephen curry and south curry, and she has a new tell-all book. congress will be holding a hearing on ufos. we will talk about that, that's all coming up in the next half hour. we will see you on the other side of this break. this break motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight.
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welcome back to the cross connection. it is perfectly normal to feel like the news is coming out you at is a fire hose because it has been like that for years. the gravity of the ground shifting developments in the january six committee cannot be overlooked. five committee members are going to give statement about the attempt to overthrow the government last year. there is no surprise, they are already going on the offensive, claiming that the committee is illegitimate and warning democrats that they may face payback investigations of their own if republicans retake the house this fall. i would think the people who are innocent would want to show up and profess it, especially when required to do so by the law. it is not the first time that a subpoena got ignored by a trump supporter. what would the select committee do to enforce the subpoenas? joining me to break it down is my girl editor at large, msnbc and analyst and former congressman, and the connection
8:02 am
carlo's, and cynthia, co-host of the podcast and the author of hiding in plain sight. it is bound to be a great panel. congressman, i want to kick it off with you. all of the congressman who were subpoenaed refused to appear. most gop voters do not care about the january 6th investigation. i'm just curious from you, what does this say about where your party is but honestly, where a good portion of american voters are? when you go to these rallies, these are not the things that voters on the republican side are talking about. in fact? they are in a constant state of denial and facts and evidence that is right for their face. but >> this is a very serious and unfortunate situation in our country. such a large percentage of the country does not see how important this is. for the party and for some of these members. there are a lot of independents
8:03 am
and moderate republicans who do care about these situations and will care about our democracy and watch this very closely. we know a lot of our elections in our country get decided by the swing voters. a lot of the swing voters that swung for biden that did not want a continuation of trump and his dangers, those same voters are watching. they're watching mr. mccarthy and other republicans and are observing really carefully have a react to the situation. >> i want to stick with you because mark rubio says that it was not an insurrection he is split with mitch mcconnell. voters are heading to the polls in florida. he is squaring off with congresswoman. what would you say to voters who say, what do we make of rubio's statement when he is a trump alkaline these days? >> this is a balancing act that we see four republican after republican of trying to pull off.
8:04 am
they want to get him elected. they are trying to keep the coalition together. mr. rubio knows that there is a lot of republicans who are very strong supporters of president trump. he needs those republicans in order to win in november. as of yet, it does not seem like mr. rubio has suffered very much for his positions of pulling out of florida strong, republicans it seem to be gaining ground on this and overtaking democrats and voter registration. rudy rubio is trying to keep the base together. he is trying to do this in advance of the election. we see this in the senate as republicans get closer to the elections, they are quiet, they appease trump. those senators that recently got elected, those are the ones that are more willing to be outspoken. now if you want to hear the full truth, you probably should talk to a senator that is retiring on the public republican side. >> it is shameful. we just heard that. it is clear that someone on the republican side care more about
8:05 am
the reelection than they do democracy. the other thing that is driving voters, it could potentially drive voters, is the abortion issue, aaron. you are all over it at the 19th and rightfully so. do you think this is going to energize the gop based voters or the democratic voters more? >> that is an open question. i am focusing on that at my column in the 19th. as we speak, we have people, hundreds of thousands of people across the country, that are going to head to more than 300 and rallies in cities across america in support of abortion access. this is obviously something that has been organized by progressive groups whether we're time a planned parenthood, the aclu, and others. we have seen and talked about the women's march in 2017, or the people who turned out to oppose justice kavanaugh's
8:06 am
nomination and confirmation adding into 2018 and 2020. these things have the potential to galvanize voters. abortion is something that has the potential to galvanize voters especially as democrats are beginning to realize the stakes of what might be coming, what looks like it is coming for the draft leaked opinion if it ends up being the final opinion. where this turns into protest and power is an open question. you have the pennsylvania primary which is on tuesday, where i am, and abortion is on the ballot in that race. are certainly in florida. they are getting ready to giving major speech tonight in florida where she will talk about abortion. abortion is definitely front and center for voters. it will be interesting to see how this plays out in a partisan way and who has galvanized it. and who >> i want to get into some of
8:07 am
these candidates during the make-or-break midterms. it is maga madness in pennsylvania. i want to talk about daniel cameron. you remember the guy who did not pursue justice for taylor. he is running for governor in kentucky. there is georgia, the government oriole race where we pit trump against mike pence. reporting shows that chris christie is also going to be stumping for him. it should be interesting. sarah, take a listen to this soundbite from the campaign ad that he just won't launched this week. i will ask you about it on the other side. >> these are different times. all of the conservatives find feel a weighted responsibility right now. this is why i decided to run for governor. the shear is not uniting kentucky. it does not reflect our values. he does not need to change. we need to change to the governor. mckenzie and i believe that you need a governor who uses common sense, bold enough to defend innocent life, and one it understands that faith keeps a
8:08 am
strong. tim kentucky needs a new coach. one that will build us up and not divide us. >> i don't know if that was a campaign ad or a trailer for a jordan peele get out part two. on the whole note, they have launched an ethics complaint against cameroon saying that he used his office to target the current democratic government beshear. sarah, make this makes sense. we are gaslight like your podcast when people are spitting in our face and convince us that it is raining. your thoughts. >> there is an issue of their track records of corruption. there is a broader issue of elite criminal coming down at the top and the lack of accountability for those actors who then get into power and rewrite the laws, rewrite the rules. gerrymander, past voters, and they are much more concerned about structural issues about
8:09 am
maga candidates or, about any one group in particular. when trump entered office in 2016, it was a gift to the gop and the bureaucratic segment that wanted to restructure the company, the country and restrict the ability to get into office about making progressive changes. they pack the courts. they threaten people. they bribed people. we saw this a crime spree going on for the executive branch for years. no one was held accountable. of course people become more emboldened. did this ad, compared to some of the other people, is comparatively mild. >> i think you are right. aaron, you brought up kathy burnett in pennsylvania. it is like the battle of freddy versus jason. who could be more maga. that is wild. this new policy or new statement that president biden made about taking some of the covid relief funding and using that to fund police departments,
8:10 am
it baffles me. the base who got him to the white house, these are not your blue eyed matter folks. he is going after white working class voters who have a long left democratic party. what do you make about his payment around that? >> exactly that, tiffany. he might be able to appear to moderates and suburban white voters there with that pivot from pandemic funding to now being funding of law enforcement. listen, you saw the cameron ad, you saw him mentioning life. he is weighing into his the portion abortion debate in his announcement. pennsylvania has so -- you brought up kathy barnett, she has an ad to talking about her very personal story that she's shares where she talks about being a daughter of rape. she was not a choice for her
8:11 am
mother but she was a life, even though she is on trump, he is backing doctor oz in this race. she is surging. now you see trump actively campaigning against her. this woman is 50, she's a black mother of two, she is a hard right conservative with a military black ground. -- this could work. she ran two years ago and she lost pretty badly. she has been campaigning for the better part of a year. while she is just now coming on to the radar of more most of us in national politics, she has been introducing herself in pennsylvania for several months. >> there is a lot of questions about her background. she probably served in the military. where, who, show us the receipts. we have to keep an eye on that. the worst news this week is donald trump and his announcement that his reinstating of twitter could be delayed or canceled altogether.
8:12 am
this is temporarily on hold. the republicans have certainly capitalized on social media. donald trump, someone argued, helped pave his way to the white house. what is your take on the role of social media plays in republican pro ticks, particularly given the disinformation that target the latino community on the social media platforms? latino community >> there's a lot of disinformation on social media. it is not just targeted towards latinos. everyone is a target of social media disinformation. when it comes to donald trump and this issue with elon musk, i really think that secretly, most republicans do not want donald trump back on twitter. perhaps, secretly, a lot of democrats do want him back because if you notice something, since donald trump got off of twitter, things have been going badly for democrats. the republicans have been gaining ground. there is a paradox here. i think that at the end of the
8:13 am
way, the more the american people hear from donald trump, the less they like him. i think if he does make it on to some of these social platforms again, it is going to be to his detriment and to the detriment of many republicans. >> i do not know if that is the reason why things are going poorly, i don't know if i agree with that. >> i'm not saying it is causation, tiffany. >> all right, sarah, what's your take on that? >> i think that donald trump should be reinstated and then frozen. i think that because they massed a lead at all of his tweets, all of this evidence of his criminality, his threats, his coup plotting, his sedation, that is now gone. it has altered the collective memory. the good compromise would be to bring his account back and then never let him tweet again. never let him threaten private citizens again. never let him threaten nuclear war again.
8:14 am
keep that historical record intact. i think it is very damaging. that it has been removed. this is true of all the other ones that helped plan the january 6th attacks in broad daylight, so much time has passed, a lot of americans forget that this has happened. >> that is the scariest part, sarah. a lot of americans, the attention span of the american needs to be constantly reminded that this all played out. thank you so much erin haines, carlos, you always look like you're at a golf course, i will have to go back to miami so you can be in person, and sarah, you all need to have to come back. it's lovely having all three of you. the leaked opinion on roe v. wade which has sparked a number of protests and complaints across the country today. ban of our bodies, this is the rallying call for these rallies. we are going to check in alive at the capitol. stay tuned. at the
8:15 am
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8:19 am
cry across the country, as many women march for abortion rights, -- rights are expected in cities across the country, including right here in l.a.. in d.c., where my colleague and nbc news correspondent antonia hilton is, live from the national mall. thanks for being. there whether these marches meant to accomplish exactly? >> well tiffany, people say they are here to send a message. a message to lawmakers at the federal level. also at the state level, where many of them are from. the idea here is, while this is a draft decision, the fight is not over until it is really over. some of the women i was talking to were shaken with emotion. saying that for them, this is about health care, this is about women whose lives could
8:20 am
be on the lines of this kind of care can be taken away. they are bringing up states like texas, where there has already been a rollback, serious restrictions to abortion. they see this as a rallying cry, to send this as a message to people who have the power to do something about it. to take action. they are worrying signs here saying, we are the majority. all ages and backgrounds here. toddlers to older couples who are hanging out and resting on the lawn. all of them say they are here to send a message to people who are in power in d.c. and around the country, need to take action on behalf of women and families. >> you know i think you are one of the strongest reporters on our bench. i love, love, love your reporting. you've been doing work going county to county. -- was abortion a big issue that came up -- ? >> it wasn't. i've been part of the county to
8:21 am
county series with the press team. spending a lot of time in north carolina and texas. and texas, abortion has been a motivating factor for voters on both sides of the aisle. but for north carolina the conversation hasn't really started until this draft motion leaked. -- is connecting women's reproductive access to families and health care, making that a major part of her messaging, and connecting with younger voters who weren't paying as much attention to the primary as much as the mid term at this stage. this will only grow in the coming weeks. north carolinians are going to the polls early this week. there are young people who said this is a wake up call for that. we are gonna see as big a closer and closer to november that for more democrats in particular, some of the young folks felt that they weren't quite clued in or paying attention yet, this will be a rallying cry to get young women and men to the pulse.
8:22 am
>> i was just gonna ask you about that. often we talk about american voters. we talk about communities as the other commodities, not people. i was gonna ask you in some of the great reporting that you've done, do you get the sense that this will turn non-voters into voters? particularly because it's a midterm election year, it's not a presidential election. so far we have seen record-breaking votes each year. i'm curious how your thoughts of how that might play out in 2022. >> i think it is very possible, tiffany. that's actually the next major question i'm focused on this weekend. i'm gonna be flying to north carolina tomorrow, to go to a community on the border with south carolina. where there is slipping voter participation. that is gonna be a major question for me there. when i'm talking to people in this community, when we see a decline in participation, particularly among young black man, is this an issue and now? is this an issue that now is gonna get you to the polls?
8:23 am
there were many registered voters on the border with south carolina who, in the past, have been loyal democrats, who have been turned off by the system. who have felt the biden administration haven't done enough for them. who been telling me in recent weeks of that field inning is making them might not show up. i'm very curious how might this shift their energy? how might this reinvest them in the system? how might they connect with candidates like sherrie beasley now, who will make this a bigger part of the message? the folks who come out on this loud, it is already a major part. people are calling here to pay more attention to the vote. but for the communities that feel ill united and disconnected from the current administration and democrats on their statewide level two, that will be interesting. does the rollback abortion rights lead some of the younger voters who have been disconnected to re-register and engage and get out there? >> i love that you are focused
8:24 am
on young black women and men in north carolina. -- i look forward to having you on set with me so we could talk about more of your great reporting. thank you so much. safe travels to north carolina. coming up, latino americans are already getting the colder from politicians ahead of the midterm. they are facing discrimination from within their own community. we will break that down. you don't want to miss this. stay tuned. you don't want to miss this. you don't want to miss this. stay (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. (avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea? (avo) love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. joining me now, first of all to talk about the midterm elections around the corner. you would think everyone is getting the call to action to pull the lever. but according to a new poll, latino americans are being left out of the conversation, despite accounting for about 40% of the overall eligible voting population in 2020. -- more to understand the latino
8:29 am
community. a new report from pugh authored insight into discrimination faced from latinos by the community and towards the community and within the community. -- my guests are here to help me break all that down. joining me now is -- founder of black teen media and empowering -- and -- the director of race and ethnicity research at the pew research center. very happy to have you here. i want to kick things off with you. i think there are things like colorism and social economics, your study shows that a quarter of latino adults say they have personally experienced discrimination and unfair treatment from other latinos, including from speaking spanish in public? or some of the reasons for that? >> latinos we come to the united states bring with them a lot of what happens in latin america. in latin america, they've been a long history of
8:30 am
discrimination based on discrimination, skin color, and race. we see that a lot of latino americans as well. -- latinos who are part puerto rican origin are most likely saying they've discrimination received discrimination from others. 31% say they have already experienced discrimination from non latinos. and totals, we see latinos experiencing discrimination from non latinos and latinos that about the same rate. >> that's really fascinating. a lot of communities of color understand that discrimination we experience within our communities. i want to talk to u.s. enough for latina. over 6 million americans identifies afro-latinos, making up 12% of the latino population. another study, nearly 30% to responded as afro-latinos also identified as white. i find that very interesting. why might that be?
8:31 am
why might that someone who is black ethnically identifies white? >> that's a great question. in the study can be a bit confusing. -- for the black community, i can speak for us, we are usually erased or ignored when it comes to these conversations. it's our black this is everywhere, puerto rico, -- kendrick samson in 2020 experience police brutality in columbia. he was black. that's all they needed to know. they didn't care he was american. he was black. anti-blackness is -- we do experience anti-blackness from non black latinos every day. i can speak on that. but in terms of the people who are black's identifies why, i would question how black they are. [inaudible]
8:32 am
masquerading as black people. that is unfortunately everywhere. >> i should say the pew research center asked directly whether they identified as affable latino, which is a different approach than other surveys. the census as people who are is if they are hispanic, and then another question if they are black. so kudos on that pew. some -- latinos born in puerto rico, which is america, or another country, we're more likely to experience discrimination from somebody who is latino? why the geographical discrimination? >> folks who are immigrants and new are others -- you seen this in the past -- oftentimes people would make comments about those who come from mexico recently, they would call them names like wet backer t.j., which were common among folks who were u.s. born.
8:33 am
to say about somebody who just arrived from mexico. this happened in florida as. well the most recent arrivals oftentimes experienced discrimination from those who have been here longer or those born in the united states, including those from ports or rico, dominican, republic or nations of latin america. this is not. news this is been around for a while. our survey captured. that although it is tied in many ways to colorism, that is color of one skin is associated with discrimination among latinos, darker skin latinos experience more discrimination than lighter skin latinos. >> you feel like this happens all across the globe, because they are also pockets in the asiatic community, we are more fair skin is considered better. -- it sweeps across all ethnicity, or many ethnicities, something i found very interesting about the latino community in america
8:34 am
is that it is the largest block of elsa as eligible voters in this country, but not registered voters. that's because parties do not engage latino voters enough. we have seen evidence of that. it is happening right here in california and is just happening right in pockets across the nation. what should our government due to not only engage filipino community because it is beyond being voters, they're not just a, commodity they're human beings. what can the representative government do to understand the diversity of the community itself? >> they have to understand where the same black people. we're not new. we're the same people you've ignore this entire time. so having documents and spanish, while also engaging english speaking latinos, most latinos in the united states are english speaking and prefer to speak the language language. we are othered, in african
8:35 am
american communities sometimes, they might say you're not really black. it's hard. were the same people. is the same people. is the same strategies. i feel like our polish assertions have been ignoring. it's community based, community based, community based. give money to the communities. support the communities. we've been saying the same things for years. it's not new. we are the same black people. -- where the same people. >> yeah. i think one of the biggest benefits of democratizing who has a voice in the space. that's why social media has such credo in many communities of color. mark, a lot of people in the latino community reported low level of information about what either party are doing. most did not have enough information about the american rescue plan. --
8:36 am
how do we engage with the latino community what's as that say? >> -- there's a lot of discussion about latino voters. and outreach to latino voters. we found four years in our surveys, 20, 20 or, today or 2004, latinos of often told us they have not heard from campaigns. they have not heard from candidates. many live in states that are not contested states in presidential elections for example. california being one of them, which has of a third of latinos. in some places like florida, you do see outreach focused on for a latinos in a way that is not focused on another parts of the country. -- florida's diverse, as multiple communities of different origin, and you find republicans and democrats reaching out to the latinos both, because they are interested in the latino vote in florida. >> well, our colleagues and nbc news, you can check it out at
8:37 am
nbc news slash latina, talk about how the voters being ignored right here in california. nbc news latino, my apologies. -- you guys will death they have to come back. i love having you want. coming up, ufos. haven't heard that in a while? right yeah. it's freaky. for the first time in decades, congress will hold a hearing on unidentified flying objects flying around in u.s. airspace. it's something really out there? via freight. we will talk about that next. a freight. a freight. we will talk latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk
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the truth is out there. next week, for the first time in more than 50 years, congress will hold a public hearing on ufos. that's right. the hearing is the follow-up to a report by the director of national intelligence, examining with the government
8:41 am
call unidentified aerial phenomenon. basically the new words for ufos. -- moving at hypersonic means with no visible means of propulsion. -- since 2004, the report was only able to come up with a definitive explanation for one. joining me now is -- an astrophysicist and author of a quantum life. we play that music for you my friend. this is so wild to me. they're that all these public accounts about these unidentified flying objects. military pilots claim they've seen. then other people have claimed 15. then -- they maneuver so unusually and so fast, they seem to defy the laws of physics. you are here to tell us, breaking news for us. is there life out there other than us? if so, why haven't they stopped by said anything to us? >> well, thank you so much for having me tiffany. i'm happy to be back again.
8:42 am
first thing i want to say is, we cannot say anything definitely until we observe it to be true. we have not yet observed life on other worlds. we can do, is use the laws of physics, the rules of biology and chemistry, different what's likely. in my estimation, the idea of life on other worlds is almost definite. the question becomes, what is that life? like if you look at the example of earth, for the first four billion years, we were probably, we were limited to microscopic life form. it took four billion years even before we could build life forms like ourselves. and now we have multi stage life forms, what is the probability of it having intelligence, and what is the probability of having an advanced civilization? life is everywhere, in microscopic form. where there are planets that are at the right temperature to have surfaces, that have liquid
8:43 am
on, them and have the right atmosphere for abundant light to get to the surface of the planet, then you can get multi cellular animals like ourselves, and have the hope of getting and advanced technology. but here's the thing, and advanced technological such civilization, but here's the thing, we've discovered 5000 planets around other stars. atmospheres like ours, that are completely transparent, are completely rare. they are mostly super thick or completely absent. >> that is so mind-boggling. 5000 planets for starters. also, as you talk about yes, there is life in the microscopic forms. but we really don't know. it could be other kind of life out there. we have no way of knowing. my producers and i were talking about this, i'm curious, in the movies we see about aliens, they all seem to look a certain way. why are in our minds are
8:44 am
re-projecting aliens with big had, big eyes? maybe they're controlling our thoughts and revealing themselves to us? we just don't know. >> what it is is projection. we have no idea with other life's life. we project ourselves and the animals on earth on to that idea. but here's the thing, once we find life somewhere else, and i have every reason to believe we are likely to find life within our own solar system, because we have missions planned to go to places where they may be, and we have missions such as the james webb's space telescope, and the -- that can actually sample the atmosphere. first discovered the planets, test those atmospheres, and essentially takes them to see if we could find bio markers of life. once we have a second example, now we can really see what is special about earth, and what is particular that is just life in general. >> and you are part of some
8:45 am
group jihad or high security clearance where they tell you there's live, please text me on the side i just want to know first before it happens. >> you do realize we're on camera? the go-ahead. >> camera the go-ahead >> the new york times described it as a black. all of a trap door. is facetime through which an equivalent of 4 million sons with their gravity and a violent of space time. you sounds like a sci-fi movie. what is the significance of this? >> this is massively significant. now, we can study black holes and details that we cannot in ways before. with the telescope is doing and the gravitational waves and observatories are doing is unlocking new eyes on the
8:46 am
universe, eyes that can give us deeper insights into how spice time works. let me tell you, i told you before, humans are dope. when we get these insights, we have a lot of people that we call engineers that now go and take advantage of them. the things that we see inside five may actually become reality. we know things like warp drive are possible in our universe if we can find a source of negative energy density. these two ideas are combined. if you look at the physics of interstellar travel and the notion of aliens, there is big problems with it. the distance is so long. you cannot just travel through space at any speed you want. you would get fried. this is the insight that could give us that. >> sadly, we cannot travel through this segment at the speed that we want. we ran out of time. you will have to come back, dr. hakeem. when i am back on the east coast, i will bend your ear about all of this. tv does not give us enough time
8:47 am
to talk about it. thank you so much for being with us. thank you sir. we will do it. tomorrow night, for our viewers, msnbc films will present diamond hands, the wall street hands film that goes beyond the headlines of the infamous gamestop short squeeze. that is tomorrow night right here on msnbc at 10 pm. it is streaming monday on peacock. coming up next, she might be known of two nba superstar sons and a superstar daughter but she has her own story to tell. she will talk to me about her memoir coming up next. look at her, looking beautiful this morning. we'll talk about him on the other side of the break. this morning this morning we'll talk about other side of the break. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. today we have a special guest after she raised to nba stars and a daughter. she is the mother of steph curry and seth curry. sonia curry is a force to be reckoned with. she reveals more about her life in a new book. joining me now is the author, sonia curry. her book is called fierce love, a memoir of family, of faith, and purpose. thank you mrs. caret for being with us. congratulations! the golden state warriors won
8:52 am
last night. they advance to the next round of playoffs. very happy to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> you look gorgeous and beautiful this morning, as always. you are able to talk to my good friend, jamele hill, and i thought it was a great interview. it was very revealing. i want to ask, what is something in his book that revealed something about you and or your family that fans and followers might not already know and are surprised by? >> well! that is a good question! i feel like everybody knows everything about us anyway. it is pretty much an open book family. what you see is what you get. my daughter is on ig. she's very generous with her experiences. people often get comments about her saying, they love how vulnerable that she is, and honest, and open.
8:53 am
honestly, i do not know what that would be. >> that is a good thing. you are a family and you are public and welcoming. i think this is why people look at your family and they feel a part of the family. i'll ask you something else, we talked last segment about fans getting out of hand in the stands. you certainly spent a lot of time in the stands. we saw chris paul's mother and the incident that happened with her and this kid. what has been the most challenging part of sitting in the stands, for you, all these years? >> it has been a little bit of what you just described. we understand that the fans pay, they come to the game, they want to have an experience too. sometimes, things get out of hand. you are sitting there and allowing the fans to be fans and how fun, but at the same time making sure that they do not cross the line of disrespect. i think one of the other things
8:54 am
of sitting in the stands is that the camera is on you all the time. you just do not know when they are going to catch you doing anything. a bad shot, a bad look on your face, chatting, whatever. that is the other thing. you don't often get to just come and be a parent and watch your child play because it really is a's a show. you have to be called vincent of that all the time. you have to be on all the time. >> i have to say, you have not met a camera that does not like you, madam. you don't have to worry about a bad shot on you! in full transparency, i am asking us for friends of mine who in a different place in life. i want to know what advice you would offer to women, i have friends going through this, who spent their whole lives devoted to their families. they rose raised children's, devoted their husbands, they find themselves in the 50s and 60s and everything they found
8:55 am
themselves doing is gone. it's part of their life is over. it's a new phase. they are rediscovering themselves. what's advice would you offer women who are in that phase of life right now? >> i think that i would just say take a deep breath and exhale. it is okay. this phase is over, another phase is coming. what we need to do is we need to, for me, i get in prayer. i start listening and waiting for god to show me what the next thing is. i think it is just breathing, relax, it is going to come. just being a mom, or a wife, or closing one season of your life is not the end. it is a closed ending to what you are in now and opening up for the new that is coming next. just breathe and wait. >> breathe and wait.
8:56 am
be open to what life has to bring you. that is good and sound advice. thank you so much, sonia curry, for being with us. i know you have your handful with your grandbaby this morning. we appreciate you coming on the show. congrats again to steph curry on advancing to the next round of playoffs. we will cheer him on! thank you for being here. coming up on the sunday show, we welcome connecticut senator chris murphy who addressed the agenda moving forward. we will speak with alfred reader, about voting rights. this is all coming up tomorrow at 10 am eastern. we will met on msnbc. we'll be right back. msnbc we'll be right panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches.
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thank you guys so much for watching the cross connection at home. i will be back next saturday at 10 am eastern. stay tuned for my missing friend alex. i owe you some seconds. we are well over our time. >> that is okay. i totally couldn't turn away. sonia curry, ufos, i was supposed to be studying my own show. forgive me if i make mistakes. see you saturday. >> thank you. >> a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome to alex wilson reports. breaking news. a show force around this country at thi


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