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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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our communities depend on it. our participation is mandatory for change. don't let these moments make you forget that. all right. looking ahead to next week on symone, i will actually be sitting down with education secretary miguel cardona for the exclusive interview. -- i can't wait to bring that to you on peacock and on msnbc. be sure to check out my peacock show this tuesday, and mitchell right here on msnbc next saturday at 4 pm eastern to see it all. that's it for this edition of symone, i'm symone sanders i, will see you back here at 4 pm eastern. i will have new episodes on the nbc hub every monday and tuesday. i want to hand things over to my favorite friend reverend al sharpton. thank you symone. we have a great show today and politics nation with a great topics.
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but first we want to start with the breaking news out of buffalo new york. law enforcement sources say at least seven people have been killed in a mass shooting at supermarket tops. police say the shooter in the incident is in custody, into rifles have been recovered from the scene. including one with a racist term etched onto the weapon. police are investigating whether the suspect was motivated by white supremacist ideology, and may have livestreamed the incident. let's go now to my and msnbc, kylie richard louis with the latest information. >> yeah we are getting a lot of different occasions right now. this is common at this stage. we are about two and a half hours into this incident. in buffalo new york as you described we have a tops supermarket where this incident happened. and from what you described and what we are learning, yes the suspect from what we are
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hearing right now, walking and wearing a military style gear. we don't know whether that is pants, whether it's a vest, whether it happens to be what he was wearing on his head. that detail is not into us, but wearing military style gear. going into this tops friendly market, right there if you are familiar with this buffalo area, jefferson avenue. we are showing you some of the pictures from earlier on the scene. of what happened at 2:30. began firing a rifle, according to what the officials are saying, on the scene at this very popular supermarket. very common, saturday afternoon. probably a lot of families there shopping. there are very reports now, rev in terms of how many people were killed, and the number injured. what we know is at least seven at the moment. this is just an indication, we are still gathering more details as law enforcement on
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the ground is doing the very same, as have their necks to gaiters there on the ground. let's go to jim kavanaugh know right now. msnbc law enforcement analyst. jim, we have a lot of a piece of information coming at the moment. but you know and what are you hearing from your sources? >> jim kavanaugh no, can you hear me? >> >> all right, jim kavanaugh is one of our analysts here. retired atf special agent in charge. former hostage negotiator for the atf. jim kafanov, can you hear me? jim >> yeah, richard you've got me here. >> perfect, we can now hear you jim. you know, we have been in these situations before, jim, and we are getting varying pieces of mid information. one of the suspect was killed. now we are hearing that he is in custody. when you know and what do you hearing because i know you also have your own sources they're both in the local level as well as on the federal level. >> you know, for all
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preliminary indications, everything has not been verified yet by nbc news, but the preliminary envy indications coming out is that this is a vicious hate crime. i mean this guy is reported to have white supremacist markings on his rifle. you know that can mean a lot of things they use a lot of different symbols. for example aged thc means hail hitler but there are a lot of different symbols of white supremacy. but something is in on the rightful indicating that. apparently he's posted some screenshots, white supremacists creeds, and it's a medic talk on line. he shows up in full fatigues. he is in a predominantly black area. we also look at targeting for motives. why does the killer want to kill these particular people at this particular place. at this time. and we're gonna look here, i am sorry to say, this is going to look like it probably will turn out to be a very vulgar hate
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crime, just like the mother emanuel church. i mean a white supremacist, poisoned by the internet, poisoned in his mind with hatred. he gets access to guns, this just boils over with hatred and goes out and kills eight americans and dozens for nothing but heat. that is what it really looks like this one is going to turn out. it is just a horror story. but we need to find every little aspect of what is behind. it >> yeah, jim i rubber when we were covering that story. we do hope that that is not the situation. again nbc news not confirming all of these possibilities. we are hearing these reports that you are sharing with us, jim, and yes this particular supermarket location it is about three miles north of downtown buffalo. it is a predominantly black neighborhood, it is a family neighborhood. it is a residential area. and these indications that we are getting, very very early,
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as what exactly long forsman is doing on the ground. jim, if you can standby we are of course going to continue. do you have a quick one or two sentences here? >> i am sorry, say it again? >> jim do you have the last one or two sentences that you're trying to get in? >> no i think we have to find it with the detectives glean from this and whether or not there is going to be any federal charges. it is just a really horrible scene, a lot of heartache in buffalo. >> yeah. -- >> always appreciate, you jim kafanov, msnbc analyst. appreciate your perspective as well as the information. again, at least seven dead, rev. from what we understand that he and msnbc's able to confirm. of course there are many reports right now, rev, in terms of what is happening. we'll of course keep you updated right here on msnbc. a little bit later in the, our ref, but for now back to you. >> well, we will certainly be waiting for those updates. i know that area very well. we have a chapter in -- and i have been on the phone trying to find out what i can
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find out. but thank you richie. more updates soon. don't go anywhere. joining me now is congresswoman carolyn maloney, chair of the house oversight and reform committee. congresswoman, first welcome back to the show. before we begin, i course have to ask you your response to the shooting earlier today in buffalo. we are still learning more details belong forsman says, they are investigating whether the shooter may have been motivated by white supremacist ideology. what are your thoughts on this tragedy? >> [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i think that we are fixing her mic. we can't hear the congresswoman. let me get that adjusted. but as i said, preliminary reports are raising serious
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concerns that this may be a hate crime. all of us are checking out sources. i know the mayor and many people there on the ground, but regardless of the motive, these amount of people dead. it is something that we owe must deal with the terrific impact that this will have on us as a nation and certainly the community. now let's go to chicago. let's welcome the mayor of chicago, mary late mayor laurie lightfoot. thank you for joining us mayor lightfoot. we go to when you promise that chicago will be quote, and oasis. i want to deal with in washington there has been -- all over the country around the right for women to have the right of choice, and you promise that chicago would be in a way this is for those seeking abortions. should roe ultimately be overturned. to that end, your ministration
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is pledging $500,000 to provide for safe abortions for those seeking it in your city. including those coming in from out of state, for procedures, toward that end. can you explain why you want your city to take such a bold stand on this issue? >> well first of all, thank you rev for having me on. i'm obviously very concerned about what is going on in buffalo. but we want to make sure that our city is a safe haven for all seeking reproductive health care services. i am deeply concerned, based upon conversations with providers in my city, because as you know, many of the states surrounding us, wisconsin, missouri, iowa, likely indiana, and possibly michigan, once roe is struck down by the court at the end of this term, all of the states have trigger laws which means that abortion will
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be banned in those states. our providers are already seeing a significant up to tech in services by women coming from texas. so i can only imagine what the scale of increased demand for services in chicago is going to be. so we issued a justice for all pledge, and it goes far beyond reproductive rights. because if you look at what was written in that draft opinion, and -- it means spirited draft opinion from justice alito, what you see is has attack on the right of privacy. and many rights that have been recognized by the court over these last 50 years, arise from the right of privacy. whether it is same-sex marriage, interracial marriage, banning saw tammy laws, the list is long. so my concern is that we have to affirm as a city of chicago, that we are going to protect the right of all of our
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residents against the hate that we are seeing permeating and being embodied in laws into many states across our country. now it sounds like your administration, with this new initiative, is trying to head off the rise of unregulated potentially unsafe abortions. are you worried about a resurgence of abortions underground so to speak? >> i am very concerned about. that just the panic that would set off with that draft opinion, when i heard from a lot of our providers as women were calling up in distress, and panic, thinking that roe had already been strike down. they weren't gonna have access to reproductive rights, reproductive health care. the $500,000 is a down payment to help these providers meet what we anticipate as a surge in new cases. so the money is for, obviously providing the services themselves, but also for travel,
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for, lodging for time for recovery. the need is going to be great. i encourage any person of goodwill who understands that reproductive rights is a basic human right to support your reproductive rights providers across the country, and certainly in my city of chicago. >> mayor, i was pleased to read about a pilot program from your administration to directly help thousands of low income families suffering financially from the pandemic. you build it as one of the largest cash assistance programs in the nation. what can you tell us about? >> well, rabbi came from one of those families that struggled every single week, every single month, trying to juggle the demands of utility bills, car payments, house payments, and so what i know in this time in my city, is that a lot of people are suffering, economically. we have put aside $31 million,
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we aim to support 5000 families, for one year, with $500 a month, to help bridge the financial divide that they are experiencing at this point. but we also want to make sure that we really get to understand what the pain points are for these families. so that after one year, they are going to have a lot of training, financial literacy, saving, how to build a solid financial basis for the future. i want them to be in better shape after the one year than they were they got into. this i gotta tell, you the demand is unbelievable. our very first day of opening up the applications, keep in, mind it's only 5000 families, that we are gonna be able to serve, we had over 90,000 people apply. so the need is profound. >> finally, madam, air going back to your tweet from earlier
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this week, where you wrote quote to my friends in the lgbtq community, the supreme court is coming for us next. this moment has to be a call to arms. and quote. several prominent right wingers have come after you saying that you intended to incite violence. with senate rubio writing to the justice department, suggesting your comments were part of the quote coordinated campaign by democrats to intimidate supreme court justices. you have spoken to the irony of those charges coming from right-wing's ringers who supported in many ways the insurrection. i hope you might do it again for this audience. >> listen, the fact that you have gotten marco rubio, a laurin brogdon and some of these unhinged people who fomented the january 6th insurrection, the worst attack
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on our democracy since the civil war. the fact that they have the audacity to challenge me when i am using terminology to make sure that our communities are wide awake and ready to fight for our rights. i am not gonna apologize for fighting for our rights which are our responsibility under democracy. but we are going to do with the right way, the correct way, not like these folks have, done which is fomenting and supporting insurrections, lying about election fraud, and doing everything they can to undermine the core tenets of our democracy. i stand for the facts, for the truth, and for our rights. >> mayor laurie lightfoot, thanks for being on. now back to congresswoman maloney the. i think we have your mic straightened. give us your respond to the shooting earlier today in buffalo. >> first rev, i want to thank you for being on top of the
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shooting, on top of the hate crimes, on top of sounding the alarm on the republican attempts to do away with the rights to reproductive rights in america. i think that the crime is out of control in this country. we stand alone with these mass shootings. we need to pass gun safety laws and we need to do it now. then with these take crimes, we do have punishment that is more the regular punishment, i think we should double whatever the punishment is, because they hate grounds are growing in this country and we need to hold people accountable for their actions. this is outrageous. the hate that eight innocent people were murdered today according to reports and buffalo. this is one of many, we have had roughly 40,000 people killed by guns in our country. one weekend recently, in our city of new york, 27 people were hit with gun wounds, now they didn't all die. it is really a crisis.
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and when that needs to be addressed. >> and i know you and i stood against hate crimes together, we did something together in your district around the antisemitic killings incident dogs. >> we need to do it again. we need to do it again. >> across the, board everyone needs to stand with each other against these hate crimes. we'll be following this tragic story out of buffalo and bringing our viewers the latest information. >> we need to do that. >> i want to talk to you about some other stories. you had mass actions across the countries today, including washington, supporting of abortion rights mobilized and major cities after the senate vote to codify roe versus wade failed this week. every republican senator, along with democrat joe manchin, voting against the women's health protection act. i guess i wonder of congress, despite its democratic majority,
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is truly up to the task of defending women's rights at the federal level. i can assure you, it's a question of heard from black women certainly, and with about half the states pretty much the entire south, trigger to rollback women's rights, should roe ultimately be dismantle. why should women believe that a viable federal response is forthcoming? >> because it comes down to votes reverent. we have the votes in the house, because we have a democratic majority, to pass the women's health protection act. and today, i spent the day marching in the parade in new york, but is this last, week on thursday, we marched over to the senate in support of passing the women's health protection act that we cannot pass it because we did not have the votes. then later, with pelosi, we marked down the steps and we announced that we will be working day and night to elect
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more pro-choice members of congress. we need a democratic house, the democratic senate, and a democratic president that supports a woman's right to choose. i tell you, they just, their draft opinion that leaked, they overturned 49 years of precedent, which is a cornerstone of the supreme court. they have systematically been packing this court with right-wing ideologues, it we are seeing those votes come down now against a woman's right to choose. i would say reverend, that there is no democracy in this country if a woman cannot make decisions about the health of her body including her reproduction and her reproductive rights. i think this is outrageous, this is an outrageous decision we will continue marching, but it comes down to votes. we have to elect a majority pro-choice representatives in
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this country in the midterms. everything is on the line. we have to really come down to votes. they are just starting now. where they're gonna go next? let's be clear that these abortion bans have the most harmful effects on people of color, the lgbtq community, i'd say young people, and people who are low income. where are they gonna go next? they're gonna go after reproductive rights. they're gonna go after rights to contraception. they'll go after game marriage. who knows where they're gonna go, rolling back fundamental rights in this country. and we are at a time, the congresswoman briefly, democrats would like to cast this abortion biden electoral turns. arguing that the right to protect women's rights, voters have to keep if not grow their majorities in the house and the senate. but a new mammoth university
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poll finds that the economy and abortion are essentially tied. 26% to 25%, as the most important issue in the 2022 midterm elections. hearing that, which issue do you think will carry the most weight with voters, six months from now when they head to the polls. >> i think they are both important. and we have to really, i went to congress. i announced the day of the casey decision and i did you do when they rolled back restrictions on, and put more restrictions on abortion. so i have always been a strong fighter for women and minorities. but we have to look at the economy to. but democrats have a strong record. we passed the american rescue plan that brought over hundred billion dollars to new york city. the first infrastructure plan, that brought 400 million in my district for moving up to a 125th street with the second
2:22 pm
avenue subway. very very important. and we were pushing for the build back better plan, we will continue working for that. we have created, president biden, over 8 million jobs. the gdp has been strong. many economic indicators have been strong. we have to work in this inflation, and we have other things we've got to work of, the democrats have a strong record of bringing everybody up and helping everybody with the economy. but we need to fight on both areas. they are both important. certainly abortion rights, and certainly a strong economy creating jobs and opportunities for our people, are extremely important, too. >> all right, we've got to leave their. i think you congresswoman maloney. we now go to ukraine for a quick update with nbc's cal powell. you are in kyiv where ukrainian president zelenskyy welcomed the delegation of republican senators, led by mitch
2:23 pm
mcconnell today. what is the latest on their visit as ukraine continues to push back on racist forces? >> yeah so this was a well-timed visit, rev. we have of course this 40 billion dollar aid package sitting in washington d.c.. rand paul has held up that aid packages bureaucracy for washington d.c.. certainly that's the way it was presented to president zelenskyy. you have this president by the four senators, these are the minority leaders in the u.s. senate. and again, what is different about this visit is as you sort of laid out, fierce fighting in the eastern part of the country, and i need at least on behalf of the ukrainian military for more military aid. president zelenskyy asking the foreign leaders, come potential military equipment, aid, and then that is what the topic of discussion was. as you said the fighting in the east continues to be fierce. at least three civilians killed there today. that sort of serves as a litany of days in a row where we've had civilians killed.
2:24 pm
in the city mariupol, we continue to see the fighting in and around the steel plant, where some hundreds of fighters remain including at least we understand, about 50 wounded fighters. there wasn't discussion today, within nato and nato member turkey about possibly evacuating that, if there was some kind of a cease-fire. but no word from the russians as to whether or not a cease-fire as possible, rough. >> okay, nbc's cal perry and ukraine, many thanks. still ahead, abortion rights supporters are out in force across the country this weekend. as the supreme court appeals -- to overturn roe v. wade. and efforts in the senate to save it this week, proved unsuccessful. some republicans are trying to silence protesters voices. i will tell you about it in today's gotcha. but first my colleague richard louis, has the latest on the deadly mass shooting in buffalo new york. richard. >> yeah i want to get you updated, we are three hours in.
2:25 pm
and according to three senior law enforcement sources it spoke to nbc news, jonathan jake, as well as other sheared nbc news, at least seven people are dead at the moment confirmed. it could be more. there are varying reports that show eight, nine, and ten. but at the moment when nbc news can say, it's seven as well as those injured, that number undetermined. it is happening at a supermarket in buffalo new york. a supermarket chain called tops. police saying the shooter in the incident, this is also new in the last hour. you and i were just talking about, is in custody, is alive, and it's not dead. had two rifles, has been recovered from the scene, and one of those firearms had according to these three officials, a rage cyst term etched on to the weapon. we'll have more details on that is a little bit later for you as we look into police now investigating whether that suspect was motivated by white
2:26 pm
supremacist ideology and may have livestreamed that incident. so they are looking into that right now. police, trying to get the details. we are waiting a long enforcement, news conference, and i intend it continue to monitor the situation right here at msnbc. we'll get more details for you, rev, we'll have a right here. for now we'll take a short break, and back to more politics nation right after this. back to mor back to mor politics nation right aftese yo. ...and you like it. this you get bigger... ...badder... ...faster. ♪ this h of a good thing... and power is a very good thing. ♪ refresh italiano andsubway now hasry italian-style capicola on the new supreme meats and mozza meat. just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't cook. wait, what?
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calling out republican politicians further stunning hypocrisy on the issue of political protest. since the leak of the supreme court draft opinion, potentially over turkey roe v. wade, many americans have been understandably upset. and a few have voiced their displeasure outside the homes of the political figures that are responsible in their judgment, and putting us in
2:31 pm
this tenuous state of abortion rights. we have seen these protests with their own eyes, so we know what they are like. there demonstrators have been singing, and chanting, outside the houses of justices kavanaugh and alito. scenes have been noisy, but peaceful. in maine, people wrote messages and chalk on the sidewalk outside senator susan collins's home. she called the cops. for most parts, the events have been no more raucous than an elementary school recess. but that's not what you've been hearing from some republicans, like senator tom cotton of arkansas. who says quote anybody protesting a judges home, should be arrested on the spot by federal law enforcement. many of these republicans are some of the same folks who for over a year has been defending the action of folks who stormed
2:32 pm
the capitol on january six. just this week, federal prosecutors recommended an idaho woman spent 60 days in jail for her role in the capitol attack, which included shattering her glass door. in another case, a right-wing internet personality going by the name baked alaska, who livestreamed himself storming the capital, suddenly withdrew his guilty plea to federal charges, and now declares themself innocent. at the same time, five republican lawmakers subpoenaed by the january 6th select committee to share what they knew about the insurrection, have refused to cooperate. in my capacity of president of national action network, and a civil rights activist, i have demonstrated everywhere you can imagine, from bensonhurst, new york, where i got stabbed, to puerto rico, respite 90 days in jail, to the d.c. ball right here, many times.
2:33 pm
for trayvon martin, for george floyd, and it goes on and on. protests is a powerful tool in democracy, where every citizen can participate. i want to be clear. i support peaceful demonstration. if some republican lawmakers want to take a stand against political violence, they can begin by recognizing what happened on january six. there is no comparison to what we are seeing today. i gotcha. but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler
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2:38 pm
we will take you there live once it starts. for now, let's bring my political panel to tackle today's big stories. republican strategist and new york times columnist michelle goldberg, and both our nbc political analyst. michelle, any start with you. we're getting more details about the suspected gunman involved in an instant incident earlier today in buffalo. police are looking into whether the suspect was motivated by white supremacist ideology. we know at least seven people are dead. the accused shooter is down custody. what is your reaction? >> well, i have been reading the supposed manifesto by the alleged shooter, and it makes it very clear that he is a nazi white supremacist. he was deliberately targeting black people. he wants to terrorize black and jewish people and emigrants. i think it's worth reiterating
2:39 pm
that people in law enforcement intelligence have been saying for years now, that the biggest domestic threat in the united states is white supremacists terrorism. we have seen this over and over again that that is the case. we are almost becoming inured to it. i think that a few years, ago this massacre would've been even more world stopping that it is. but we have become used to a certain amount of regular mass shootings in this country. it shouldn't change the fact that this is what it looks like, an act of white supremacy terrorism. we need, much more law enforcement focus on this kind of radicalization. >> and i agree with you. i would hope that it is a time that we see more action and more focus. i also would hope that as we see in fact if it comes to be
2:40 pm
the case of a nazi kind of manifesto that you referred to, that black and jewish leaders another stand together against all hate crimes, when it is directed at your group or not. we've got a stop. this rick, i want to get your thoughts on this tragedy that we have seen a continuous escalation of racist fearmongering from some parts of the right, including the republican partly, a relentless focus on critical race theory. if this does turn out to be a hate crime, shouldn't that prompt some self reflection on the part of some of those republican lawmakers that act as the race should not be dealt with in this country? >> certainly al, i think we need a lot of self-reflection. there was a shooting yesterday at the -- where 20 people were shot over
2:41 pm
the course of three hours and two separate shootings. that was just friday, just another friday. we've gotta go get a hold of what is causing these shootings. certainly when you have racism -- we need to get guns out of the hands of crazy people. i own a firearm. i hope that nobody's gonna try to take away my firearm. i'm a law-abiding citizen that has a's firearm. and that seems to be what the solution always ends up being. you take them out of law abiding citizens but you don't take them out of the hands of people who they should be taken out of the hands of. >> i also think we need to deal with hate crimes than also black and jewish and other leaders who need have been targeted in our communities should not be afraid to stand up to those forces. >> unify -- >> --
2:42 pm
people in our community, they get criticize. this is why we need to stand together. michelle you are getting ready to say something. >> i just wanted to add that i think this is someone who needs to be called out for this is rupert murdoch and fox news. if you read this manifesto, if this manifesto is what we think it, is it talks again and again of replacement theory, and what we've seen in the last few years the used to be just confined to the white supremacist fringes, has been mainstream by tucker carlson and has been mainstream by other various figures in the republican party, and i think what we need is a sort of effort to, you are never going to get rid of hatred and vitriol and white supremacist ideology on the internet. but you can try to quarantine it and draw a line and announce it and that is something that leaders of both fox news and
2:43 pm
the republican party have really consistently failed to do. the mainstreaming of it, is the most disturbing. when you talk about the replacement of, let's not forget, in charlottesville when people openly marched in chanted, jews will not replace, me jews will not replace us, and the sitting president of the united states said that they were good people are fine people on both sides of this. so we really need to deal with the mainstream of this kind of blatant racism. if this ends up being wet it is beginning to look like it is. quick, let me go to another subject as we continue to look into this shooting. the january six house committee is waiting to see if they will get any testimony after issuing subpoenas to five sitting republican lawn after this unprecedented move the panel is considering it options for the next steps if the gop colleagues do not comply.
2:44 pm
what is this latest development dislodge asked about the development of the committee's investigation? >> it's a much larger issue, very disturbing, the undermining of our institutions and their credibility. we now see the undermining of the supreme court, and now we are seeing the undermining of a fair and legitimate election, and now we are seeing the undermining of the process. the problem is that it is on both sides. you cannot have senate democrats investigating the other party. and so there is a lot of mistrust. this should have been handled differently. i admit the republicans who didn't go along with that, which means we have an independent council or committee, and the other thing, these investigative committees of got away from politicians asking people questions just like the supreme court nominees get asked by senators, ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with anything. it's all grandstanding.
2:45 pm
it's all made for the tv. we're going to see that when we have public hearings very soon. i think people, republicans and democrats, and i don't want to see the republicans do the same to the democrats, which they are now threatening to do if and when they become the majority with their investigations, including calling would then be the former speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, to testify. >> michelle, in your newest article for the new york times, you write about how the death of roe is going to tear america apart. you say, in part, the devise of row will exacerbate americas antagonism's, creating more furious legal rifts between states than we've seen in modern times. what can democrats do, or are you concerned that it's already too late? >> i'm not sure what democrats can do, given the existence of
2:46 pm
joe manson, the existence of the filibuster, and so the chances of codifying roe are very slim. if you think it's worth trying to pursue, you know, susan collins, lisa murkowski, they say they're open to a more barebones version of codifying roe. i don't really trust their good faith, but i think it is worth trying to do it. i think democrats are going to have to do what republicans did for decades and kind of take the long march to the institutions. republicans focused for a long time on not just winning in court seats but also winning state legislatures where they have been able to, where they are poised to pass, really in pony in abortion bans, and in some cases they already have. we are in a really bad place. i think our options, for short
2:47 pm
term relief are limited. which is why people are thinking about ways to get into states where there is going to still be legal abortions, subsidized travel, and what we are talking about is trying to create some ad hoc safety net when a right that people have built there -- a right that has been fundamental to american life for many years. >> rick tyler and michelle goldberg, thank you both for being on tonight. now to an investigation by the department of housing and urban development that found that the state of texas placed some primarily black communities dead last in line for disaster planning funds. federal funds, intended for areas such as northeast houston, in the wake of hurricane harvey, where instead diverted to whiter, more rural areas. joining me now to discuss this is sara pratte, former
2:48 pm
assistant secretary and now an attorney for texas houses. sarah, the state of texas is disputing the findings that the study has come with. they say there are no discriminations and that texas general land office's handling of the grant programs was approved by her. however, reports provides, it stinks of evidence of federal grants being steered to a whiter, wealthier area. your thoughts? >> this investigation was triggered by a complaint filed by my client, texas hauser's, and also a group of advocates in houston, a collection a collective, saying the land office in texas is discriminating in how it is giving out community block grant money that is there to mitigate flood and disaster problems and to make community
2:49 pm
stronger and more resilient. but our investigation, texas houses, and the hugs investigation found that general land office in texas selected criteria for prioritization that ended up in funding white rural communities and leaving larger communities, including houston, corpus christi, beaumont, and others, out of the equation altogether. they are serving no little or no funding to black and brown communities. race or national origin discrimination. >> let me go to the washington post. let me go to this. we are following breaking news out of buffalo. police in buffalo are holding a news conference right now. let's listen in. >> tight corridors. >> allen, let me know when we are good. >> what started out as a
2:50 pm
beautiful day in the city of buffalo has turned into a terrible day, and one of tremendous heartbreak for every member of our community. we have suffered a mass shooting with multiple casualties and several people injured. this is the worst nightmare that any community can face, and we are hurting and we are seething right now as a community. the depth of pain that families are feeling and that all of us are feeling right now cannot even be explained. some of us had the opportunity to provide comfort to some of the families. but needless to say, there is no comfort at this time.
2:51 pm
we are pleased that the shooter is in custody. a person repast bowl for the tragic events of today is in custody. we will get more details in a moment. i want to thank all of the law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, county, and city level, all of the agencies that have responded, buffalo is known as the city of good neighbors, nationally and internationally. this is a community where people love each other. the shooter was not from this community. in fact, the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime on the people of buffalo,
2:52 pm
a day when people were enjoying the sunshine, enjoying family, enjoying friends, all manner of happy activities, people in a supermarket, shopping, and bullets raining down on them. peoples lives were being snuffed out in an instant for no reason. i have to say that this particular top supermarket is near and dear to my heart. it is one that i worked years ago to help bring to this community. it is one that i patronize from time to time. my family patronize it from time to time. and some of the victims of this shooters attack are people that all of us standing up here no. so this is a day of great pain
2:53 pm
for our community. i want to recognize some of those that are with us today before i turn things over to our police can mr., joseph somalia, to give you more detail. i want to recognize county executive marc pullen tires, executive congressman brian higgins, council president, buffalo city council president darius preach in, eric county legislature chairwoman, april baskin, eric county legislator howard johnson. i want to recognize governor kathy hochul and thank her for her calls. governor staff is with us now, and the governor is flying back into town and will be here sometime after 7:00. i want to recognize attorney general letitia james, who is
2:54 pm
also called, and we have also received calls from the white house. again, this is a day of great sadness for all of us in the city of buffalo. to provide you with more detail, i want to turn things over to buffalo police commissioner joseph roe molly. >> thank you. and approximately 2:30 today an individual who the mayor stated is not from this area and from hours away drove to buffalo went to 12 75 jefferson to the tops market. he exited his vehicle. he was very heavily armed. he had tactical gear and tactical helmet on. he had a camera livestreaming when he was doing. he engaged for individuals. he shot four people in the parking lot. three of those were deceased. one individual at this time is surviving the injury.
2:55 pm
the individual went inside. as i said, he was an 18 year old white male, walked into the store, and began engaging customers inside the store. one of the individuals inside the store is a security guard, a beloved security guard who was a retired but buffalo police officer, a hero in our eyes, engage the suspect, struck the suspect, but what because it was heavily armed plating, on the bullet had no route. the suspect engaged a retired officer and he was ultimately shot and deceased of the scene. he continue to work his way through the store. ultimately he worked his way back towards the front of the store. buffalo police immediately responded and engage the subject in the vestibule of the store. at that point the suspect put the gun to his own neck. buffalo police personnel took control. officers top the suspect into dropping the gun. he dropped the gun and took off some of his tactical gear and surrendered. he was let outside, put in a
2:56 pm
police car, and transferred to buffalo police headquarters. a total of 13 people were shot today. ten were deceased at the scene, and three sustained non-life-threatening injuries. four in total were store employees. one of those was the security guard who worked at that location for very long time and many officers knew him quite well. the rest of the victims are customers of the store. as the mayor said, this tragic incident of someone who was not part of our community, does not live here, and we will let some of the agencies get into the information is there it is posted online. i will turn this over to share of john garcia. i like to thank all of the agencies. we have a close working relationship with every level of government, every level of law enforcement, and everybody
2:57 pm
was immediately calm in responding. we have a command post setup, and everyone is asking what we can do and how we can pitch in. the individuals from several hours away, the new york state police and the fbi are investigating that part of the crime as well. i will turn this over to erie county sheriff, john garcia. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner romalio. as your sheriff and on behalf of the men and women of the sheriff's office, our condolences to the victims and their families. from law enforcement standpoint, the erie county sheriff's office responded, boots on the ground, deputies, investigators, a helicopter in the air, our swat team on standby, and as commissioner romalio said, we are working together every day to keep the community safe. this was pure evil. it was straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our
2:58 pm
community, outside of the city, as the mayor said, coming into our community, and trying to inflict that evil upon us. i urge everyone to stay calm, and we are there to protect the citizens of erie county in buffalo, and we will be out there with the city police department patrolling. again, my condolences to the family's. and this person was pure evil. so, thank you. >> i'm stephen belong to, special agent in charge of the fbi's buffalo field office. we stand here today confronted with feelings of anger, shock, confusion, fear in, and compassion and we feel motivated to help and believe the anguish of those who were killed and injured today and
2:59 pm
their families and friends. these victims did not deserve this. they were doing what we do every day, going to the grocery store or simply doing our jobs. the fbi is working this case jointly with our partners, with the buffalo pd and our other federal,, and local partners. we are investigating this incident as both a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism. hate crimes fall within the fbi's criminal investigative division, and racially motivated violent extremism cases all within the fbi is terrorism division within our domestic terrorism section. the fbi is providing all the necessary resources, both locally and nationally, to investigate this matter. we will not stop until every
3:00 pm
leaders investigated, every piece of evidence is analyzed, and until we understand how and why this horrible tragedy and crime occurred. our thoughts and our prayers are with the family and the victims who died today. >> i'm truly ross, the united states attorney for the western district of new york. i want to start by saying, my thoughts and heartfelt prayers go to the family, the victims, in the community that had to suffer this great unnecessary tragedy today. we are working with our state, federal, and local law enforcement partners, as you have already heard from, to ensure that justice is brought to this community, to those victims, to their families. the united states attorney's office will be investigating this case along with airline forsman