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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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piece of evidence is analyzed, and until we understand how and why this horrible tragedy and crime occurred. our thoughts and our prayers are with the family and the victims who died today. >> i'm truly ross, the united states attorney for the western district of new york. i want to start by saying, my thoughts and heartfelt prayers go to the family, the victims, in the community that had to suffer this great unnecessary tragedy today. we are working with our state, federal, and local law enforcement partners, as you have already heard from, to ensure that justice is brought to this community, to those victims, to their families. the united states attorney's office will be investigating this case along with airline forsman partners as a hate crime.
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it is also discussed mystic violent extremism. i'm in touch with the highest levels of the department of justice. resources will be put behind this investigation. whatever we need we will not stop until justice is brought to this community, those families, and the victims of this horrific crime. i can assure you that as the united states attorney i will bring whatever resources we need to this community to make sure that justice is done. this should have never happen to anyone in any community. it surely shouldn't happen on a beautiful saturday when people are just shopping and going through normal life events. we will ensure that the perpetrator of this victim is given justice and justice will be done for this community. >> let me first start off by
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saying thank you. thank you to all my partners in law enforcement here, from the federal state, local level, the amount of work that has been done so far has been extraordinary. the amount of information that has been gathered so far has been outstanding. for everyone involved here, from training to bpd, state parties to the sheriff, i cannot thank enough. we here in erie county are not waiting. i have already called a judge, judge hannah, to come downtown immediately and arraign this individual. within the next hour this individual will be arraigned on a charge of murder in the first degree. i am not even going to mention his name right now. one, because the arraignment hasn't occurred, but more
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importantly, i don't want to give him any celebrity-ism at all now. i don't want to give him anything right now that puts attention on him and the alleged despicable acts that were committed today in our great city. so i'm not going to give his name right now. i will give it to you after i issue a press release, after he has been arraigned. i anticipate the rain will be within the hour. but judge hanna's downtown right now. bpd in my office are drafting the charges right now, and he will be arraigned tonight. that charge of murder in the first degree carries with it a life without parole sentence. there are two aspects of the murder in the first degree charge that potentially could be charged here. the one obviously is crystal clear right now.
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there is a certain subdivision of the murder in the first degree that accounts for multiple individuals getting shot and killed, which is what we have here. as the commissioner said, we have ten individuals who have unfortunately lost their life. there are three that have been shot but are going to survive, hopefully. there is also a second subsection of the murder in the first degree that has a racial component to it. obviously we will investigate that further. i want to make sure right now, though, when iranian tonight, my clock is ticking as far as my phone as far as a hearing date, which will be five days from now. i want to make sure that i have the best charge right now to hold him in custody and to get this matter moving forward
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before i add any other charges on. but i can, and if those charges are a place-able, which i think they may be, they will be added on. they are not going to increase the punishment, from a state standpoint. from a state standpoint it is life without parole, and that is as high as we can go. and i also want to thank my district attorneys across the country who have been texting me and calling me for the past two hours. i thank you for your thoughts. i thank you for your prayers. but more importantly, i want them to know that my thoughts and prayers are with the family members who have lost loved ones today in the city of buffalo. >> we will next here from county executive marco and cars. >> and i will take questions at the end. >> as has been said by all the
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others today in the city of buffalo in the erie county's history, all of the counties resources have been made available as necessary to assist in this unfortunate horrific act. as the mayor noted, we are the city of good neighbors. we, of course, are not defined by this act and we will come together to have come together with the families who have lost. i want to offer my deepest condolences to those who have lost a loved one today. erie county mental health counselors, as well as our partners in the mental health community, are already onsite to assist those who may have lost who have lost a loved one who were a witness to this crime. we will offer other resources from all parts of county government, whether the sheriff 's office, the district attorney's office, or the other departments, to ensure that not only will this individual be
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prosecuted for this horrible crime and brought to the full extent of justice, but that we also can heal as a community from this traumatic experience. >> thank you very much. let me just say to all of my colleagues in government in a law enforcement community, the eyes of the nation are on buffalo. those eyes are full of tears and full of sympathy for the violence in the tragedy exacted on good, innocent people. who went these people at work this morning, said goodbye to their loved ones, expecting flee to return home tonight. ten people are not going to return home. their loss, their death, is a loss in a death that's exacted on this community. our sympathy goes to the families. our thoughts go to the families and the victims. i couldn't be more proud of my mayor.
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mic in my county executive, the u.s. attorney, and all of the elected officials that are here in the law enforcement community who have coordinated this effort in a highly effective way. this is something that hopefully we will learn from, something that will serve as a basis from which enacting policy at the federal level to get guns out of the hands of those people who should not have guns in their hands. we hope that time will heal, and we are good community. we love our people. we love our diversity. and again, these people were people who for the past 24 months were working in service. in the service of others. our heroes have been taken down today. without justification. >> as we conclude, before we open up for questions, again, i want to express that our
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deepest and most heartfelt condolences are with the families of those who lost their lives today tragically and unnecessarily. if you would bear with us, we will open up for questions, and then we will conclude in prayer with father cycle, the fire department chaplain and our council president, darius -- . >> where is the shooter from? >> we're not going to say right now. the state police in the fbi and the atf are investigating his residents. so we do not want to stage right now where he is farm. but he is from a county here in new york state that is hours away. >> can you give us more information on why you are calling this a hate crime? >> there are certain pieces of
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evidence that we have ascertained in the course of this investigation that indicate some racial animosity. i'm not going to specifically talk about or elaborate on what exactly they are right now, but we have evidence in custody right now that shows that there is racial component to these alleged actions. >> susan rose. >> what was the weapon? >> it was an assault weapon. >> was he known to law enforcement? >> no. at this time he does not appear. >> can you confer that meant that there was a manifesto? >> i'm not gonna come from that. >> will there be an open court for the arraignment? >> probably, not because it's gonna happen right now and close to the court. so, the answer to your question is no. >> will he face general charges on the death penalty? >> all options are on the table as we go forward with the
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investigation. we will put every tool in our tool box to make sure dusters is done for the individuals of this horrific crime in our community. >> associated press, yes. >> can you talk about the victims? with the victims all black in the shooter white? >> yes. >> out of the 13 victims 11 african american, to our white. there were four store employees. >> where those four store employees fatally shot? >> we have the security guard, who is retired buffalo police officer, fatally, shot and three other store employees were not fatal ones. >> you have an age range? >> will you be live streaming the shooting. >> where was the live stream? >> on a social media platform. >> john, when was the last time a murderer was brought forward to the suspect in erie county? >> i believe it's only been done once in my tenure.
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>> do you think he was working alone, or could there be others like him? >> at this point it appears he was alone. >> social media posts out there, i can't count on the veracity, is there any reason line forsman should have known who this individual is? were there concerning posts brought to your attention? >> no. at this time we don't know that. >> anyone else? >> i want to ask, we see this everywhere else. we never think it's going to happen here. congressman higgins kind of mentioned this. these people are our neighbors. we see them at the grocery store shopping every day. it has to be going through each and every single one of your minds right now that you've heard about this. >> of course. we want to bring justice here. we want to bring justice to every individual who lost their life, to every family member who lost an individual today, to every individual who was a victim of this crime. not only to the family members
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but to the victims themselves. i learned a long time ago, when i was trying homicide cases back in the da's office years ago, that we in the homicide field, that are doing the homicide investigation, we speak for the dad. when we speak for those who have lost their life, we are going to bring them justice, the family's justice, and this community justice. >> can you give us more -- >> let me respond to that, as well. many of us know this supermarket, this tops supermarket on jefferson avenue very well. many of us have been in and out of this supermarket. our family members have been in and out of this supermarket. some of us, many of us know some of those who are victims of this horrific crime. so this is a painful. this does hurt. it always hurts.
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as the u.s. attorney, 20 ross said, this should not have happened in this community and any community anywhere in our country. >> do you think this will exacerbate racial tensions in this community? >> as we've all said, this is the city of good neighbors. we are a loving community. we are prayerful that this will not exacerbate racial tensions. we can't let an evil person divide this community and an evil person divide our country. >> can i address that, though? >> what i am hopeful for is that this incident will bring us together, because as stated, this could have been any one of us, or any one of our loved ones. we go to supermarkets, we take care of our families, we go to work. and if this should bring us together and not terrorists apart, that is what i am hoping as we go through the process of
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justice in this case, that we all band together to let the world know. i'm getting tags from france in other countries about this. we need to let the world know who buffalo is, where the people in buffalo are, and what we're going to do for our community and other communities in this great nation, to make sure this type of crime is stopped. >> one more. >> as long as i can remember [inaudible] >> as long as i can remember, yeah, this >> yes. >> what look at the age ranges of the people that have passed [inaudible] are the age ranges of the people attacked? can you? >> can you just tell us a bit tell us a little bit more about more about the timeline the timeline of how he of how he was taken was taken into into custody? custody? how long between the time how long between the time this attacked this attack started around the started and the time that it time it ended? to was the taken into take him into custody, how long custody and it took did it take? >> i police together? >> i don't have the exact haven't [inaudible] answer on the time, about the time and we'll look but it was a very fast response into that. is buyer officers who a very fast went inside the
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supermarket response by patrol operators and did not [inaudible] it went right inside. >> what's the shooting hesitate, went right inside speaking when he was like. >> was spring? >> we can't comment the shooter on that. >> all right, speaking with live got it. we are streaming? >> we can't going to conclude, comment on that. >> we are going to conclude we're gonna conclude with prayer [inaudible] with prayer. father father paul seil and then paul, and council council president and president and bishop. join bishop gary [inaudible] in prayer together here in prayer. . >> at >> and a time like this, a time like this we we. -- >> >> and we hello, [inaudible] begin with this breaking news from buffalo we begin with this breaking news new york. another mass shooting in from buffalo, new york. america. yet another blast right now law shooting in america. enforcement sources tell nbc news that at brad now a lot for specific least ten people are [inaudible] dead. the at least ten people are dead. shooting, racially motivated, and the suspected shooter stream the shooting live on social media. buffalo police say the suspected shooter is in custody and will be arraigned on murder charges within the hour. that's great straight to msnbc analyst. jim, you just watch the press conference. your initial impressions? >> just a vulgar crime. just a usual white supremacy must attack. we have had them over the many
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years. we sometimes forget them. us in the business who have worked many don't forget any, and they come all too often. it's just a horrible crime, and it brings back the mother emmanuel church were another white supremacist killing religious leaders there. this guy is antisemitic. he's anti-black. he's apparently doing the, spouting the white supremacist creeds. he's 18-year-old years old. his mind is poisoned. he's got assault rifles. it's just a tragic, tragic day for buffalo. >> jim, i want you to take a listen to some sound from the sheriff. here it is. >> this was pure evil. it was straight-up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, is the mayor said, coming into our community and trying to inflict that evil
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upon us. >> talk to me about that last piece, about the fact that the suspect is believed to have traveled miles to come to this community. >> he may be from a rural area of upstate new york. new york has a lot of farm belt between manhattan and new york city, as you know, in cities like buffalo, as well. rural areas. he may have been looking for a large predominantly black area to target minority people. he was targeting black people. so he went into a community and went into a rural section, that's part of his effort and he also comes with battle dress. he comes with bulletproof vests. so retired buffalo officer here engaged in a bulb bulletproof vest we doesn't kill him but. you get shot with a bulletproof vest, you get her tremendously. he runs to the back of the
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store, and the buffalo police come in, and they wound, him apparently, and he surrenders. so great work by this cop it was killed, great work by the parole division. and the detective bureau. and the district attorney. great work all around. now what we have is state, federal agents, fbi and state police, all of his home somewhere in new york state. the search warrant, no doubt, going near is gonna find more of this white nationalist paraphernalia, squeegees, listen, i've done this so many times. we go, in what we find is mein kampf, we find crosses, like the klan burns, posters of hitler. we find all this garbage all over the person's house. and of course guns, knives, weapons. and then of course you find writings in postings. this guy will probably be a
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typical, with this poisonous, mind poisoning of hate. destroyed all these people. he's also destroyed this kid. he is destroyed, as well. it doesn't leave you, these haters have to understand, hate destroys others, and it destroys you as well. you don't come out of it. you as well yo jim, if you believe the suspect that elected. on how they can take over? >> that is what we call the psychological orbital autopsy. we look at his telephone, his computer, all of his contacts. it is going to have contact on the web, alicia. he's going to be reading the white supremacist websites. there's many of them out there. and he's going to be, have read them and maybe even posted on them, and he's talking to these like-minded people like this is all okay. and of course, he's probably reeling against immigrants. this is another thing where the va or the police chief mentioned the screech about
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immigration these white h books there's a squeak from europe called at the camp of the saints and it's just a horrendously racist book about immigrants to europe and it was passed all over the white house when trump was president. everybody is reading it like it's some pop to it. it is just garbage. and they put this out in these white supremacist circles, anti these people read it and they start to believe it and when it does what it does is it denigrate immigrants, anybody of color, anybody with just a little bit of skin tone color than these guys, oh, they are denigrated. so, that's why the constant talk about the migrants on the border is really coming right from this, you know, white nationalist prospective. and it's just sad to see it, giving the general conversation about immunizing immigrants, and that's what it does, so they pick up on it, and they feel they are supported when they see that in general conversation. and they can see that same
3:22 pm
mindset, that like motive of anti-immigration. such a strong threat against them and then they're going to hit sites and they pick that up and then they get their guns, the guns make them feel like they have power. when a young man picks up an ar-15 rifle his own supervisor [inaudible] like in the military, he starts to feel like he's got this. power and then he starts you, know, shooting, and then maybe target shooting, and then he you know acts on his hatred and this is the kind of thing we get when it started. >> there's no there you just follow joining us, we are following a shooting in buffalo, new york. ten confirmed dead, a suspect is in custody, officials confirming this crime was in fact racially motivated. jim, another piece of this the suspect was like 30, were told he was live streaming the shooting on the social media site. officials declined to say which social media cited. wasn't that decision, that choice, that piece of this, what does that tell you?
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>> well alicia, you said it right on a lot of what happens in this this case. is the motive here is hatred. but the goal was in for me. he wants it for me. he wants to be known as, you know, a person who would die to save the white race. that's what they all say, you know. i'm going to -- my death will be the spark that ignites the revolution to save the white race. that's the kind of the way they talk and they're going to things like this. and as they go in as the sniffling cowards that they are to shoot innocent innocent people who are shopping i think you cannot be a worse sniffling coward than to do this. and yet they see themselves as a champion of the white race so it's a very sick, sick philosophy. and i'm sorry to see that we still have it -- i followed my career for 36 years, i mean bombings and killings and murders and the same type kind
3:24 pm
of people and you know, they just think, you can't seem to get them down to a level where you just don't have this anymore. it's actually advanced to a stage that's worst than the 60s, i'm sorry to say. >> jim you, just learn that your governor, kathy hochul is going to govern baller to assist with the investigation. as you said, officials refused to give the suspects names saying they don't want to make the suspect the celebrity. there's some other details that they did not conform during that press or. they did not confirm the existence of a manifesto, they did not want to see where the suspect was from. what are the questions you have this hour, jim? well the first thing we want to warn we go to his house would be, was anybody working with him or directly supporting him, encouraging him, pressing him forward, you know, acquiring weapons for him and pushing him on. sometimes you see this in this case is. so in other ways that would be a coconspirator. in federal law, alicia, the act
3:25 pm
of one is the act of all. so if there was a coconspirator, to people agreeing to commit a crime against united states, in this example a hate crime then that person could be charged equally with the shooter, the killer. so we look for that. accomplices. and then the weapons of course atf agents will be on scene. they're going to trace those weapons with an urgent trace, they're going to where they came from. [inaudible] when there are crime behind him according to weapons? weather storm? did he somehow getting them illegally violating federal law. they want to know that so that they can stop the source of the grounds if, there's somebody supplying. sometimes you find someone who is supplying white nationalists guns illegally. we want to stop that. so we would cut off their supplier so that's a goal and as far the investigation, look, this is a slam tactic restoration on mere two, slammed on murder. now, the hate crime will have to bring in his writings and his philosophy. it's a little more complicated.
3:26 pm
but on the murder you have eyewitnesses that survived. this camera that's going to be in the business showing his him shooting. you've got the, deborah tired cop, but how comfortable inside his body showing the gunfight, and the shooters puts in his wallet. then the patrol officers who are witnessed and shot it out with him. he's never going to win the case. this is not a case about a mystery investigation or anything like that. that's all for the state and the federal government to achieve or prosecute a prosecutorial win. they'll be no problem. he's in jail from life. if the feds get him and we did this in many cases i was on, eric burn off, the dccc sniper, the friends we took them because we did have stronger penalties, up to and including death. so the d and the u.s. attorney can work that out and he might be charged in both venues as well because it's not double jeopardy because what we have read we have dual sovereigns we.
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have the state, the federal, the governments are separate. and the elements of proof of the crimes are separate. so it's not double jeopardy. so there's no danger there of them getting away. it's more of a thing writ large, letitia. is where those is the next one going to happen? how can we stop -- what information can we glean from this case that can help us stop the next one and the next one that's what the candles look out and that's what i looked we have a case where use of the shooter is dead or we absolutely have to prove to convict if. we don't have the proof to convict, and then we work up. [inaudible] now becomes an exercise in getting the film and getting the statement and getting the forensics evidence together. something that we can do very well. but you want to try to stop the next. when you want to interrupt this hatred that these guys hit so much so deeply that that often rested them, i've been to them, and when you talk to them you just cannot believe the depth of their hate. it's just unbelievable.
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>> jim kavanaugh, nbc, and miss nbc law enforcement analyst. your time at the atf as a special agent always served us in these moments. we when we're trying to understand that which is incomprehensible jim is always. thank you. we take a quick break. but our live coverage continues here on american voices. t our live coverage continue here on american voices. ♪
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but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. we continue to follow breaking news out of buffalo this hour. police say ten people were killed at a shooting in a supermarket. the sheriff saa racially motivated hate crime. the suspect is in custody. prosecutors say he will be arraigned on murder charges tonight. we will follow continue to follow this throughout the evening. to our other top story tonight, thousands of american voices demanding reproductive freedom. bands of our bodies protests. for all the way to maine. nearly 400 marches and all. with a clear, unified, message. >> many specifically, and, the
3:33 pm
fact that they are doing this is not a shock. but, they think that we are going to back to just letting them do whatever they want. it's not gonna happen. >> is between me and my doctor, nobody else. and that's just, how that can even be a question -- >> it's terrifying to think that somebody can tell me what i can do with my body. i don't care if you want to go, i don't care if you don't get one, that's fine, but don't tell me what i can do with my body. >> washington d.c., security fences remain outside the supreme court. after that draft opinion was leaked showing the court center diverse roe v. wade. an event fighting dallas, confirms of justice peninsulas considered the lead and unreachable breach from trust. that's a distraction of of the damage that they're doing when they reverse the president. the ones who are impacted are
3:34 pm
already pregnant. for now in july, 20,000 women will come pregnant and 13 states, i with so-called trigger laws and trace, banning all abortions when the supreme court drops. new polling shows young women will seek abortion care even if it becomes illegal where they love. a poll of 18 to 29-year-olds finds 56% will search for provider no matter what. 10% say they will attempt to end the pregnancy at home, on their own. a reminder that reversing row does not stop abortions, is simply makes them less safe. the deadly cause of scoring and a political win for the extreme gop. your reporting in the washington post reads, quote, turning leaning a pregnancy to save a mother's life has long been accepted as a moral imperative by those on both sides of the bush and debate. for decades, jurisdictions that restricted the procedure granted widely way to doctors to make exceptions for medical necessity. but, now the supreme court
3:35 pm
potentially will move into overturn roe, emboldening conservatives in some states for pushing to narrow, and some, cases eliminates such exceptions. arguing that they create loopholes that are easily exploited. let's bring in nbc's guad cohn, he's on the soundless or one of many protests were held. scott, good to see you, where did you hear most from demonstrators? did they have a message for lawmakers for supreme court? >> it's interesting alicia, there were several thousand people that attended the demonstration and l.a. city hall, and several of them, many of them marched into the streets afterwards. that attendance, that turn now, notably, is because this california is not a state where abortion rights are particularly in jeopardy, at least not an immediate sons. this is a state that is holding itself out as a sanctuary. the governor proposing an earn $25 million in new funding for abortion clinic security, and
3:36 pm
just getting the word out about the services that california is offering. it's proof, according to people, that attended this rally, but this is not just about california. >> for someone like me who is middle class, caucasian woman, there will always be, hopefully, access to abortion. but, i'm concerned about was gonna happen to marginalized women, women of color, women in poverty, women in red states. >> emily keller said that one of the reasons that she came out, and where this again and again, is not just a fight for abortion rights, but also to fight against the apathy that they say is what got us to where we are today. >> scott, thank you so much. let's continue the conversation with brittani, she is the executive director of we testify, and renee you argue
3:37 pm
voting, not enough. writing in time i guessing, quote, in 2020, democrats ask for a vote so they can protect our rights. i remember the slowest fire on the internet, declaring that black women save the democratic party, and the nation. yeah black women are asking for abortion access, and there's no plan to be found. democrats have failed again and again to protect the voting rights during the first years of the ministration, so the one solution they have to offer is the one that is actively being suppressed, gerrymandered, and raked. talk to me about how this war against reproductive freedom, against health care, directly ties into the forces undermining our democracy. >> yeah, thanks so much driving me. what we mean when we enact supremacy and everything that is trying to keep all of us from being able to decide if and when to grow our families, it's a multi pronged approach. and, yes voting is important, but it cannot be the only
3:38 pm
thing. it's really clear that the anti abortion movement is going to stop at nothing. they are the same people who are trying to keep us from voting. they're the same people who are trying to keep black and brown babies from being able to get formula. it's really wild how they're trying to control all was. so the faster we see that all of this is connected, part of lights of rossi, a part of controlling our freedom, the faster will be able to come up to a solution, and address the health care access that we do not have. the access that we're losing right now. we do that together, and we need that right now. we cannot wait until old need the election. >> molly, euro this week that you just as robust lost control of the court. it's now morphed into the illegal court. how does this pivot to the heart and shape public trust in the sacred institution? >> it's interesting because this was robert's worst fear,
3:39 pm
was that the court would go too far, and push it too hard, and make and illegally democrats, and nearly need more liberal, and more suburban women voters which is why we're seeing happen right now. and i think alito got very excited, and a lead on thomas have long wanted to overturn roe. they got these three trump justices, trump said he was winning them on the court for the purpose of overturning roe. he got them on the court, they decided they have the numbers that and they went for it. and we are seeing now is what roberts has always try to not have happen, which is now, people see the mask is off. this ward is five very radical justices, one centrist, and three liberals. and this is out of step with the rest of the country. >> molly, on our layer on on the fact that justice glanced almost shifted the focus was estes. take a listen. >> you would never visit
3:40 pm
supreme justice court houses when things don't go early. we didn't throw a temperature on trump's. i think it is incumbent on us to always act appropriately and not to repay tit-for-tat. >> but, i want to know what you make of the statements. keeping in mind that his wife, ginni, encouraged overturning of president biden's fair and free election victory. >> his wife with a as that the january 6th rally. she was there when the president, then president trump spoke. she was there, and she's the wife of a supreme court justice, talking about protesting. the whole thing is very silly. the people on the right would rather talk about protests, they rather talk about the lead, and the rather talk about anything else but the fact that overturning roe is wildly unpopular, and out of step with where the american people and also, by the way, where the world's. we live in a world now where catholic countries are
3:41 pm
legalizing abortion. so this is not, this is like its own very conservative thing that i think, ultimately, is very out of step. >> they may not want to talk about it, i do, you do, because those gun of real consequences. on a bring back the poll showing two out of three women, 1829, would still seek abortion care even if it were illegal. i am certain that those numbers do not surprise you. what are the realities of limited access and a post-traumatic oh? >> right, well, we've been having abortions since the beginning of time. abortions will always exist, whether they are legalized or not. and with the issue is is when they're we are subjecting criminalization are not. there are ways that people can safely self manage their abortions at home. particularly with those. but as we have seen, for the past decade, and particularly, a month ago, that people are
3:42 pm
being thrown in jail for safely self managing their abortion. and so, what we're facing is, yes, there might be some of opportunity where people manage it, but the majority of people who just off manage have been basically using a pill, about 24 hours later, are a series of those. and doing it safely, but whether experiencing is criminalization, because, people in our lives, doctors and nurses, astonishing on them to police. and, so we need to address the ways in which we are criminalizing people who have abortions. and that is what is scaring me. and so many abortion advocates across this country. >> rene, reorganization carriages people to share their abortion stories. why is it important to these stories? >> yeah, i mean, what's really amazing about the rallies and everything since the leak, and over the last couple of years
3:43 pm
is how many people are saying that, i had an abortion. as several questions. and i want to be heard because i know when i had my abortion when i was 19, i felt so alone and i didn't think that i knew anyone who had an abortion. later found out that my moment had an abortion. and she was able to have me. and i think as we all share abortion story, we start to realize that everyone loves. our families are both. also several reluctant freedom including abortion. and we don't need to feel along in our experiences. this is the moment where people had abortions to leave, and it's beautiful to see how many of us, particularly elected officials, sharing the stories this week, how many of us are sharing our emotions stories. and demanding to be heard. >> rene, molly, thank you for being with us. next, back to our breaking news from buffalo new york, attended animus shooting at a grocery
3:44 pm
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out of buffalo at least ten people killed in a shooting at a supermarket. but should, louis lamar doing all? >> as you are watching this press briefing earlier, we saw five, six, seven city and county officials out there coming out. unjust for context, if this is racially charged, this of the race based, this mass shooting there talking about, it could be the most severe racially charged mass shooting since 2019. we remember el paso, texas. we remember that that was against the latino american community. where 23, 24 individuals were killed there. this could be the largest since then. another point that came up, they did mention that there was an 18 year old suspect.
3:49 pm
a gunman that opened fire at the supermarket there at tops and buffalo, new york. this afternoon around 2:30. they did say that he was a white suspect. they also said that he had driven a good amount of time, or that he is from an area that is a good distance away. weather was still in the city, and buffalo, for other reasons, we don't know, one of the thousands of yet. but according to jonathan defeats from the deadly and we, city and three law enforcement sources that he had spoken with, they that this individual, the suspect, was from an area about three hours away, by car. about 200, 250 miles away from the supermarket. you see there, alicia. and therefore, if that is true, he did go, or move quite a distance. and according to three law enforcement officials, alicia, that town that he was from is about 5 to 6000 people. clearly, buffalo is a much
3:50 pm
larger city. and that was another point that was brought up during that press briefing. another point was what was etched on the gun. and according again from overhearing from our sources is a most hateful word, if you can describe that, etched on one of the south rifles that he had had. two is what we're hearing from plea sources. and according to that press briefing. to assault weapons. but that most hateful word, according to these officials, again, starting with the letter and. this is all part of the considerations that they made today. and one other, point, alicia of all the mass shootings that we've unfortunately had to watch and cover over the last decade, they did move, as you saw this press briefing, just above three, four hours after that incident quickly and with force. in establishing that this could be a race based crime. and they would be pursuing that
3:51 pm
by steadily, quite readily, and with force. so, just some of the things that stood out during that press briefing but i want to bring attention to, alicia. in what is now a very difficult moment for buffalo, new york. after the country as we have seen. 11 african americans involved in this mass shooting on the saturday afternoon in buffalo. >> all right, thank you. joining me from what are your prosecutor and msnbc contributor, jill wine-banks. jen, anna see what officials said today about the suspected shooter. >> the shooter was not from this community. in fact, the shooter traveled hours from outside this community. to perpetrate this crime on the people of buffalo. >> joe, what does that mean for prosecutors in this case? >> i was hoping that he was
3:52 pm
from outside new york, which could make this a federal offense. but the f clarify that he was from a county within new york, which means that new york law will most likely be the one that governs. and from what literally just said, i would say that a hate crime seems to be quite logical with the n-word etched on the gun. and with what we've heard about a big part of a white supremacist group, and law enforcement being at his home, going through his writings and possibly computer, they will probably find more evidence of thought. so that there is a possibility of announcing the punishment for these heinous crimes that are severely -- obviously, writer, and months lot are were less than then
3:53 pm
tenth, the travel may indicate that it was an intense, video stopping there from some other reason, to candace under the travelers's intent to go to a minority neighborhood to commit this crime. >> and the fact that he was lecturing, this is that tell you? >> well, that tells us that it explains at least why the law enforcement is refusing to name or share that, artilleries from. they're trying to deny him of the notoriety that they have been part of the reason for his terrible conduct. livestreaming it may mean that he has followers that he is trying to have lawrence, or that he's trying to recruit other people to do similar acts. i think it's premature to make those conclusions, though. it certainly does show intent to commit a crime. he knew what he was doing, and you want people to know it. so the livestreaming was certainly take away that this
3:54 pm
was accidental or, in a scramble moments, in the unification. this is something that seems to have been planned. as a prosecutor, a look at all of those pieces of the puzzle and say that they really help me to make a case for premeditated murder. >> jim, one of the things i was struck by during that briefing that we heard just a little bit earlier was this emphasis on the arraignment happening as quickly as possible. your thoughts? >> i think that is really just a question of, this is such a severe crime. as we're saying, these are some serious one of the serious mass shootings at least three should be based mastering is a long time. and that you want to make sure that he, the perpetrator is arraigned and incarcerated as soon as possible. there's no chance you would want him in a maximum security
3:55 pm
place. so, i think that's why they're emphasizing the speed, and why they called a judge to come down right away to have the arraignment. he can be held, obviously, even without being arraigned, based on the fact that there are so many with isis who have witnessed him doing this crime. but, getting the formalities taken care of is always a good thing. and once he's arraigned, then evidence can be presented to a grand jury for whatever indictments, prosecutors feel are appropriate. whether that, is as we said, a murder charge, assault charge, he crime, or all of the above. >> joe, appreciate you walking us through the legal piece of this. on a bring in kelly crouch, she's the democratic candidates for arkansas. we originally had you book to talk with us for your plans in little rock. but we have been reporting this news of a mass shooting in
3:56 pm
buffalo, as someone has been outspoken about common sense gun laws, what are your thoughts as you watch this unfold? >> it's completely heartbreaking. i'm just so incredibly sorry to the victims and their families. feel like always need to make space for that, because we absolutely need to be talking about policy and doing better about common sense gun laws, but we also, has got to be both, and we have to take care of these families, and make sure that they are seen and that often like a political pawn. >> as you watch this all unfold, let is a play by the state of our politics? >> it does mean that we have prioritized gun ownership. we have a huge gun violence problem in our country. this is something we'll see other countries. of the refocusing on background checks, extensive, closing loopholes, and keeping us out of the hands of dangers people. and that take us the, background birdseye's mental health. someone was well does not go into something like this. native of job take here bryson events. >> kelly crowl, thanks for
3:57 pm
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