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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this hour the latest on a mile shooting which just took place hours ago before new york. at least ten people were killed, three were injured, when a man wearing military style gear opened fire and no market. the suspect is an 18 year old white male who is now in custody. there's evidence of the shooting was racially motivated 's. >> this was pure evil. it was straight-up, racially motivated, hate crime. from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as an asset, combatants of our community, and trying to put evil upon us. >> 11 of the people shot were
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black, two or white. for the late night shooting, honoring an msnbc law enforcement analyst jim kavanaugh. jim, i want you to take a listen to some sound from that press conference, a sheriff aggressive said. this is not a member of the community. he's a little bit more. >> the shooter was not from this community. in fact, the shooter traveled hours from outside this community. to perpetrate this crime and the people of a fool. >> the other mayor saying that the suspect traveled miles. what does that tell you? >> very normal, alicia, and some of these eight grams. they traveled many miles to get to the church in charleston. the color no possible, he traveled from the dallas area, many hours down to the border and no positive kilograms. this gets mueller furrow part
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of new york state. he's not on a 5000 people, not many vaccinations there. he will take a lot of black people, that's his desire. that's his plan. he has black people. his mind is warped. so we get these rifles that he wants to go where there's a lot of black people, the nearest way so that is the large city near him, and those buffalo. so gust of official. where are the people when you go somewhere? there were people hungry. amal, a shopping center, sports event. parades, whatever. he goes to the supermarket. and then associate people. but for the retired buffalo officer who engaged in a gunfight, and shot him and was shot and killed by him, and buffalo police patrolled officer who got engaged him in a gun battle, but for those two inches this, we could've had three dead here. these rifles will carry a
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magazine of 30. he could be killing two, three, for those magazines. he killed ten, and with the three other. four for those officers engaging him so aggressively, we could've had a lot more deaths here. because this marker know that a lot of people in it. and a lot of really does capable of is as we're engaging him. so, yes, i think the travel and decays a part of the motive, where the targeting. and as you are discussed with the richard lewin last hour, that a racial slur was injured on the rifles. there's your proof, and all his writings and paraphernalia that they will know that finance house, like i said, they searched many houses, as always gonna be there. the swastikas, the mein kampf, all these weeds, all the stuff will be there. you have the proof of a. crime so that was prefer a murder, you'll how prefer he crimes. if you talk to learn to live my thing of a crime and he
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scrolled a officials across the gun, they're gonna go to the. >> jim, your offense an investigator in the house, keith alice with investigators are doing in this moment? >> the immune of ewing everybody knows. he's a team, some of the high school friends. certainly, neighbors as family. who knew this guy was a hater? who signed with guns? does if celeste acosta to don's arms? what is this guy about? was he hiding all the? sometimes they can hide from their family and friends. other times the blame about it, it's all over. the rank shirts flush the cause, they're tough doing 14 88, which are white supremacy symbols on their arms. and everybody knows who they are. they're constantly uttering racial slurs, telling racist jokes. it's about oral persona, and they will allow. it'll be interesting to see
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with like those nations can find out there. the most important thing is what we can do to stop of the next one, around of a coconspirator negative involved. it's possible, it could've been encouraging him and supporting him, giving him guns, encouraging him, pushing him on. likely a person or even someone else. and agents will not look at that. it's not unheard of in the circles that we don't know is an hour of white supremacist group. often, these guys are lawn dogs. i don't even like to call them lone wolves. they're not even that, he just man dogs that demolition society. sometimes that of a direct membership connection to a claw vergne, or a neo-nazi group. they might not be actual member attending meetings, burning crosses. but they may just be an online advocate, apostle of hate. and so they observe it, they slowly jump it in.
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and then they pick of the top in the mainstream of just a little later he talk. in other words, the heat like online is very blatant, full of racial slurs. he's not the sites, it's bray play -- we jewish people, like people. and then they go on the regular, news and the here, they try to be more silent. with the of the white-collar clan. they're saying the racist things, they're trying to catch behind them in queen are words. but in the end, it really boils down to the heat immigrants, hate minorities, it women, the very thing against them. so, yes it from both ways, and then, of course, his hit get so deep that he acts out. >> just underscore for audience for those watching we were told by officials earlier, they believe you acted alone. of course, investigators continued to do their due
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diligence. this happened in buffalo, the city of good neighbors, and understand that we have some sound the community reacting. through the several tragic. let's take a listen. this could've been any one of, us or any one of our loved ones. we go to supermarkets, we take care of our families, we go to work. and addition bring us together, and not to our surprise. and that's what i'm hoping as we go through the process of justice in this case, that we all band together to let the world know. because i'm getting text from friends and other countries about this incident today. and we need to let the world know who buffalo is, with the people of buffalo are, and we were going to do for our community and other communities in this great nation to make sure this type of crime is stopped. >> many of us know this supermarket, the stop supermarket, on jefferson
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avenue very well. many of us have been in and out of the supermarket. our family members have been in and out of the supermarket. some of us, many of us know some of those who are victims of this horrific crime. so this is painful. this does hurt. it always hurts. and, as the u.s. attorney said, this should not happen in this community, and any community anywhere in our country. >> jim, that evidence thus on community, on healing, and community, why is a critical? >> because all the good people, we have the same together. we, say alicia, he acted alone. we acted alarmist by the criminal laws concern. in other, words there's nobody else that could be tied in this
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crime. but he didn't act alone in reality. he didn't act alone in facts in his mind. you don't completely radicalize your own brain with no help from the outside world. that was the case, we wouldn't have haters. someone else has to enter the poison in their mind. it comes from the internet, it comes from, books it comes from other people. it comes from conversations on the streets. coworkers, family, other people are poisoning's mind. and then he's poisoning others minds. so when you see excellent, when we talk about he crime, yes, according to the criminal code, maybe acted alone. as like i say, alone. but he did in essence. because he was brainwashed, he was supported, he was nurtured, he was held. it was validated by a lot of other voices that are on the extreme, and on the fringe. that makes him think that he should do this thing. and cesium self-esteem got off they were for the white race. the end of, course he streams
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that because he wants infamy. you want to credit for what he's about to do. and, is just so absolutely vulgar. i interviewed these, guys have arrested them, i've dealt with, them of cut the making bombs, all the atf and fbi, we've dealt with these guys for years. is just such a sad case for america. every american should be sought about this. >> i'm struck by one of the officials saying, it's not just people in the united states, people are watching as all of this unfolds. jim kavanaugh, thank you so much. next, a coverage of the shooting in public, officials say was racially motivated. like other political come in this country. it's having real consequences. it's having real consequences. having real hey, that's what u.s. bank is for. anything else? how about a loan for a bigger car? our family is growing. awe. yeah, my brother's moving in with his five dogs.
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american voices. we are following back to american voices, roughly that a deadly mass lima's shooting the shooting that took place took
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place just hours just hours ago in buffalo ago in buffalo, new york. new york. at least at least ten people were ten people were killed. killed three were injured when three rendered, when a man in a man wearing a military military style gear opened fire style gear open fairness of in a supermarket. market. the suspect suspects is an 18 year old white male who is now in custody is now in. there's custody. evidence that the shooting there is evidence that was racially the shooting was motivated. racially motivated. meanwhile, meanwhile, nationwide nationwide outrage over the outrage over the likely end of end of roe v. wade, roe v. wade. thousands thousands are are out protesting protesting this weekend to this weekend to demand demand control their own control of their own bodies. bodies. demonstrations fueled demonstrations of course fueled by the league by the leak support document, supreme court draft opinions trying to conservative showing the justices prepared conservative justices prepared to overturn to overturn roe roe instead of a set a surge state level abortion restrictions. >> office in a lusty away here is the kid. our message is >> our message is clear. we clear, we will see you in will see you the streets, and we will in the streets, and we see you at the ballot will see you at the box. we are not ballot box. we are interested in calm not interested in rising on our fundamental rights, seeing are fundamental rights and and liberties. liberties, there is no there is no compromising with the opposition compromising with an opposition that wants us to be who wants us to second-class innocence. be second class editions. >> supreme court >> supreme court justice christ almost justice dismissing the clarence thomas protesters, quote, dismissing temper tantrums, this a temper tantrums despite the leopard that the stakes is really good now for bringing.
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people. cdc reports women are 14 times more likely to land of breath than from abortion. and overturning roe trigger washing restrictions in over two dozen states. legal experts warn contraception could be banned, next. taking away power to prevent pregnancy and treat medical issues such as endometriosis. the atlantic are saying, granting a new gym crow, with a goal of punishing women, not protecting children. >> opposition to abortion care has never been about babies. it's never been about children, because of it was, we would have better resources for monticello is actually born. it was never about, that is just about control. it's about who our government sees as fully human in this country. >> dan we, now a lufthansa butler, and michelle goodwin, cast a professor of law the university of california. he is the host of the podcast. and the author of policing the womb. the funds, they will get
4:18 pm
abortion rights little valley, we are having these protests are gonna chief? >> thanks robin meade. i think these protests are about making it clear, new position of the american people. it's been clear them ranking people support women having the freedom to make choices about their own bodies without the interference of government. and, these protests, again, all over the country, our amplifications, manifestations of those, bowls of that research. and craig demonstrations of where the american people are. and it's up to democrats to continue to stand in the american people as every day we zero publican leader after republican leader talk about national abortion bans. talk about criminalizing and punishing women and doctors who seek these medical services.
4:19 pm
it is clear for standing with the american people today. and these demonstrations are manifestations of the. >> michelle, this week, you had the senate felt gotta viruses weight, but increasing protections for supreme court justices. your thoughts? >> this is a real tragedy right now. it's a tragedy for democracy. or seeing is the lynching of the american democracy. and we saw that with voting rights. and there's not summarize what's happening. it is a manifestation of this month wrangling rights. is the manifestation of the dismantling our democracy that we see now. members of the senate refusing to codify roe v. wade with the women's health protection act. and as you mentioned. the bbc has already stated that a woman's 14 times more likely to die by carrying a bring nazi time and by terminating it. and this is the subject of the dads vision, which is connected
4:20 pm
to that leak draft opinion from justice alito. in mississippi, a black woman and is 118 times more likely to die by carrying a pregnancy time number having abortion. already, 80% of the cardiac deaths due to pregnancy are by black women. and that's not just a mississippi situation. we are seeing this across the country, especially in states that have these antiabortion types of laws. you see high death rate, and you see high maternal morbidity rates. and nationally, let's just be clear, the united states was a very poor job of keeping people alive during bring us he's. the united states is 56 in the world ranking in terms of eternal mortality. when i'm talking about is 56th places. places after suburbia. it's in the company of russia,
4:21 pm
not, sweden, our friends. we are really at the bottom of the barrel. and finally, and states like louisiana, texas, mississippi, these are considered the deadliest places in all of the developed world for a woman to be pregnant. and that should set in with all the viewers right. no >> law funds, a professor, goodwin appreciate, wolf thank you for the time. next, a backdoor breaking news. shooting at a supermarket leaving tended. what officials knew about the shooter when we come back. shooter when we come back. at officials knew about th shooter when we come back. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, shooter when we come back. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk
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4:26 pm
somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as the mayor said, commitment to our community, and trying to inflict that evil upon us. >> deadly attack raising new concerns about the gop's and basement of an alternative reality. for the first time, the philadelphia inquirer declining to endorse any republican candidates over a failure to agree on quote, basic facts. joining me now, political analyst tim miller. he is a writer at large, and author of the book why we did it. also with me, contributing writer for the atlantic. tim, you and i have sat here many times and talked about that disconnect we have talked about a major political party embrace of white supremacy as you watch this all unfold, what is on your mind? >> first, my hearts go out to the victims in buffalo. it is unimaginable that your loved one would be at a grocery store and not come home.
4:27 pm
just the fact that for all of these shootings, of course i have been here with you when there have been shootings and i go back a mile from columbine, that horrific tragedy happened when i was in high school. it feels so long ago right now. we can do nothing to mitigate these mass shootings. it is just a horrific failure of our culture, and obviously the republican party unwillingness to do anything. as far as the extremist rhetoric, look, the manifesting that is online right now is indistinguishable from tv segments that you would see on a rival network. this pure hatred, you know, this sense that the country is being taken from them, was an animated part of donald trump's campaign. so i do not want to sit here on tv and say oh well this is the reason that it caused thought. separating them out, just the fact that this is perpetuating
4:28 pm
so much faith in our society, and that it is so aligned with one ideology, the maga ideology, and that people are silent on days like this, who espouse that ideology, and they do not reject it, they do not speak out against it, it is horrifying. this isn't the first time this has happened in the last half decade or so, as this has increasingly emerged to both online, and in conservative media environments. >> you know, it struck me to that last point that tim made. i was talking earlier, he said often people will go on these extremist websites, and they will become indoctrinated online. but there is an echo chamber where they hear the same talking points, he called it white-collar, other people will call it white glove, where all of a sudden it seems more mainstream. it seems more acceptable. and that is a big part of the danger here, right?
4:29 pm
mainstreaming this hatred, mainstreaming this ideology. >> yes. first, i would just want to say that we do not totally know exactly what happened here. it is a developing situation. i always get a little nervous about, you know, we are not going to really know anything until a little bit later. but i definitely think that this republican party has really dangerous rhetoric. and we are seeing that certainly, and we are seeing it get worse, which is completely strange. you know, elise stefanik used qanon style rhetoric in a tweet and she used to be this sort of very upstanding member of the gop. so we are certainly seeing that this party is getting worse and worse. and sort of shockingly, that even without trump, trumpism is really alive and well. so that is certainly very worrying. and also, this is a crime
4:30 pm
committed with an assault rifle. there just seems to be no interest in curbing assault rifles even though these are weapons of mass destruction. there are things that are not, you know, used by normal hunters, and hunting scenarios. >> i want to get your thoughts on what we were originally going to talk about. that isn't part the philadelphia inquirer declining to endorse any republican candidates over a failure to agree on quote, basic facts. that tells you something about where we are. >> it does. unfortunately, i am worried the people, the republican primaries are not listening. the philadelphia inquirer is now, whatever, woke fake news media. so they are not going to listen to it. and this is a problem. this is where it all gets related where people are living in their bubbles. and they are just getting information in the conservative media bubble on a number of issues that is false information. and it is conspiratorial.
4:31 pm
and it is telling people things that are not true. so, there is another thing in this pennsylvania race that i wanted to bring up. the enquirer does not endorse, right now, doctor oz's super pac is running an attacking kathy barnett, who is the ultra maga candidate who has risen in the last few weeks. a black woman who has very extreme views. their attack on barnett is not that she has been anti-muslim, and anti-gay, which she has. it is not about how outside the mainstream she is. their attack on her is an out of context quote that makes it seem like she is in favor of black lives matter. so that tells you everything you need to know about the pennsylvania senate race. it is that the people who are paid to win elections, the people who are paid to try to attract republican primary voters, they are campaigning on a lie that the other candidate things the black lives matter. that is what they think is going to resonate with voters.
4:32 pm
so that is why, you just have this massive disconnect between the reality based community, and what is actually being communicated to voters in that primary. and that is the bubble that has to be popped if we ever hope to fix any of these various problems we have been talking about tonight. >> just the fact that we are talking about maga versus ultra maga really paints the full picture. >> yes. i mean it is really sad. but it seems like there is even trump ear than trump. you have a candidate here who is actually so trumpy, she has gone full trump. i mean, it is very strange. it is super sad. and you know, the litmus test with all of these people is, do they accept the 2020 election results? which is, that is not good for democracy when that is your litmus test. >> all right molly, tim, as always thank you both so much for spending some time with us. coming up next, more on that breaking news out of buffalo.
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news out of buffalo, at least ten people killed in a shooting at a supermarket. let's bring in richard louis. which are, what more do we know? >> alicia, we are looking at some more details coming on on tiktok. what's happened, and when did it happen? they're in buffalo new york at that supermarket. some of the video a bit earlier,
4:37 pm
as we know, 11 shot, excuse me 13 shot, 11 of which were african american and we understand also that the remainder were white. two white. one of the eyewitnesses, according to what we were hearing on the ground, said that they heard about 70 shots. now, as jim kavanaugh was talking a bit earlier, he said it could have been much worse. that these clips and assault weapons got hold up to 30 rounds or more. one of the individuals that we have discussed, and we heard during the briefing that will probably stand out as one of the situations heroes is thought retired buffalo police officer, that despite the number of shots that the eyewitnesses are telling us, despite the number of rounds that might be capable of being put in these clips, a number of clips that the suspect may have had that he stood out because as this suspect came to top
4:38 pm
supermarket, he shot four individuals in the parking lot which you see here, three died there, one remain injured, and so far surviving. then enters into the supermarket, and that is where he kills seven more inside. now four of those that were involved restore employees. one of those was that retired police officer. he engaged the suspect. he shot at the suspect, the suspect had body armor's, we heard. so he was not taken down. but after that retired police officer, there was a security officer at that supermarket. the suspect then engaged him, and killed the police officer. but he slowed him down. and that is the point i think as we get more details that this retired police officer will stand down probably when we get more details as one of the special people on this unfortunate afternoon that made it less worse, if i can say that, if then it could've been.
4:39 pm
>> thank you. i want to bring in brian lapin, he is the director for the study of hate and extremism. help us understand the broader environment under which this is all unfolding. >> look, when we have mainstream zenith phobia, and bigotry, this is what you get downstream. my friend, jim kavanaugh, who goes way back in his federal service talked about some books. and anti-immigration books. but it is also a racist book. and then we had -- another book by a frenchman, also has been regarded as a rallying cry by hard right, and bigots. but there have been main stream.
4:40 pm
i got banned from another network because i pointed out one of their hosts was doing this kind of race baiting on a nightly basis. and i am happy i did. because one of the things that we know is that when we see these echo chambers that you had discussed earlier, online, we have multiple strata. this was on different platforms. and what he did was borrow from previous mass killers who had manifesto's, right down to the style, and the issues that he spoke about. so what we have is this mutating virus that could spread to young people. and what have we seen? young people who are teenagers, into their early 20s doing these kinds of mass attacks. and this is now the worst mass race terrorist attack in the united states since august of 2019 when the el paso massacre left 23 souls dead. >> i was struck by something
4:41 pm
that jim kavanaugh said, which is even if it is confirmed by investigators as they believe at this moment that the suspect acted alone, there still might have been a sense on the part of the suspect that he was acting in community. but there was a group of people behind him, and with him, with whom he was doing this. why does that matter? what does that tell you? >> great point. one of the things that we see, with dr. williams of colonel, certain stereotypes which label certain groups and people as legitimate targets for aggression. but now, we have this echo chamber, and it is not just online, it is on talk radio, and it is on other networks that should be ashamed of themselves. and what we have is particularly with young impressionable people who are fearful of the future, they will latch on to this. and then we have domestic terrorists like we have today.
4:42 pm
and one of the quick things, by the way, listen to this, bear with me, june 2020 was the worst month for anti black hate crime that we saw as long as we have had records. what happened then? the social justice protest. and the worst day? june 1st? that was when president trump used force against peaceful protesters against racial justice. so my saying to you is, what we have is this blm antifa kind of charade bogeyman and what happens is it tails into a lot of the white supremacy that we see down on different strata on social media. these social media companies, some of these politicians, and some of these other media personalities might not have their fingerprints on the prime scene, but they are morally complicit. >> i want you to take a listen to some sound from the press conference earlier, here it is.
4:43 pm
>> this was pure evil. it was straight-up racially motivated, hate crime from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as the neighbor said, coming into our community, and trying to inflict that evil upon us. >> this idea of someone, you know, traveling miles, leaving their own community to go to another community to inflict this type of violence. it is a pattern that we have seen over, and over, and over again. >> absolutely. we saw a shooting which i believe had some, based on what's some of these social media postings, were also anti immigrant. they traveled across the state of california to get a weapon. we saw, i don't even want to say his name, the el paso terrorist who traveled across his state. and one of the things that we
4:44 pm
wrote is that oftentimes people will act in their region, but not necessarily in their hometown. the exception, the synagogue shooter who did operate in his own community. we are also seeing these young white males full of machismo and then they get hooked into this very fertile garden of white supremacy weeds online. and that is exacerbated by pierre validation, and by this aggressive and bigoted social political world we are in. listen to the data. i will put it up on twitter, look for it. listen to this. 2020, a 13% increase and hate crime, and we had an inflection shift in racial hate crimes against african americans. in our study of 2021, major cities, anti african-american hate crimes increased as well. and in 2022, we have seen
4:45 pm
another double digit increase in hate crimes in american cities, i will tweet some of that later. but the bottom line is, we are at a point where bigotry, as well as a destruction in confidence in the institutions that hold us together has created this middle ear, and what opens up in this world, bigots and extremists can take mainstream fares and can combine them with stereotypes and outrageous racism and this is what is happening to young people. yes he is responsible for this, and under federal law he could get the death penalty. the bottom line is, there are institutions, social media companies, media celebrities, that are complicit calling immigrants dirty, saying terrible things about muslims, and all kinds of these
4:46 pm
anti-black kind of conspiracy theories that we still mutate. and we saw this increase in hate crimes dog tail exactly up there when we saw the social justice protests. and these stereotypes and conspiracy theories that mutate into the following. one last point. i don't i viewers to know that we are awaiting a press conference from your governor kathy. they continue thought, but i do want to know, we're keeping an eye on some of the governors there, we will bring it to you. ryan, you can continue. >> preliminary figures in new york state, a crime is up. we have this wide funnel the top, and how is this more sugar coated bigotry. and then you have these star steps down. and there are these encrypted, affinity police platforms online or these people trade these kind of horrible,
4:47 pm
horrible racist conspiracy theories. but don't kid yourself, they also wings but in the mainstream. and that's why i thank her network for having the gust of people who put on actual facts. we're seeing your over year increase in hate crimes, i don't think those missing where these big mass attacks between the lead. we had a couple, by the way. but they were impacted by those covid gathering restrictions. and now, i, fear of the soils alluding to before, 20, 18 demolitions, listen to this. when we saw iran's -- >> 13 people shot, ten deceased, three with non-life-threatening injuries. as soon as the information came out about the shooting, governor hochul, from albany, was on the phone with me. another elected officials. and law enforcement leaders in the community. i want to thank the governor for her very quick response to
4:48 pm
the specific situation in buffalo. and working from albany, the governor, as quickly as she could to render support to the community and to check on the status of the victims families. i'm not gonna turn things over to our governor kathy hochul. >> thank you, mayor brown, and all the elected officials and community leaders. clergy. and also district attorney was a lot on his hands right now. anna thank buffalo police department for their exceptional work in handling the situation. and also, i want to thank the new york state police who have at it from the very beginning. the state police role is support of here, luckily, but also it is a prime role working with the fbi to secure the home of the individual, which is out of this region, of the southern
4:49 pm
tier. and as much evidence as humanly possible in the rain your term. it's hard to know what to say. this is my community. i know this community well. i've walked the streets. i know the individuals who live here. it's a wonderful tight-knit neighborhood. and to see that sense of security shatter by an individual, a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism and will be prosecuted a such. in a cold hearted, cruel, calculating way. military style execution targeting people who simply want to buy groceries in a neighborhood store. it strikes us, in our very hearts, to know that there are such evil that lurks out there.
4:50 pm
yes, i'm here to console the families in a community that is feeling so much pain right now. but mark my words, we will be aggressive in our pursuit of anyone who subscribes the ideals, professed by other white supremacists. in how there's a feeding frenzy on social media platforms were hate fosters more hates. that has to stop. these outlets must be more vigilant in monitoring social media content, and certainly, the fact that this act of barbarism, this execution of innocent human beings could be livestreamed on social media platforms and not taking down within a second? it says to me that there is a
4:51 pm
responsibility out there, and we're gonna continue to work on this, and make sure that those who provide these platforms have a moral and ethical, and i hope to have a legal responsibility to ensure that such hate cannot populate these sites. because this is the result when you have individuals who use these platforms and talk to others who share these demented views. and support each other and talk about the techniques that they will engage in, and post these ideas, and share them with others in the hope that they can all someday rise up in their demented view of the world. that's what white supremacists terrorism is all about. that's what we witnessed here today. on the streets of buffalo, new york. and it has stand right here. and that is our message.
4:52 pm
we will continue to work at the federal state and local level with our community partners to help identify these messages as soon as they arise on social media. that is our best offense right now. as well as the legal system and the prosecution. and it is my sincere hope that this individual, this white supremacist who just perpetrated this hate crime, will spend the rest of his days behind bars. and have him help in the next one as well. yeah, i'm angry. i've seen violence from guns on the brooklyn subway. and now in the streets of buffalo. so it has to stop. house the stop. on tuesday, in albany, we are already blunt announcing a
4:53 pm
comprehensive gun package to address for the loopholes that exist in our laws. we are doing everything we can to ensure that our laws are tight, there are, to ensure there are law enforcement has the resources they need, that is why i started a gun task force last january. nine states, as well as and ypg, have teamed up with us to make sure that we have identified when guns are coming across the border from places like pennsylvania gun shows. and end up in small communities outside binghamton or broom county. we don't know that is the source of the modifications made to a gun. but we're gonna find out. we're gonna continue addressing this every single way we can. well solely preparing our state for what could be a supreme court decision that allows
4:54 pm
people to carry concealed weapons. we are ready. this is new york. we're here to protect our people. thank you. any questions? >> you mentioned that the suspect, can you tell us where in the communities from? >> i know the law enforcement of securing the home right now. it's in a search warrant, so on this was information right now. >> brook county? >> mcconney. >> your social media post from others are being involved in this, are you concerned that the suspect was in custody either concern in general about other people trying to take credit? >> that is something the law enforcement has to be a world in the aftermath, so it's not uncommon that there will be people to try to take credit. we'll be coming out situations. but all these leads are being run investigated, and there's
4:55 pm
no confirmation at this time. any law enforcement with a different? >> what's your message to people they need to go grocery shopping? >> they will, let us take this moment to grieve. there is a community out there was had their hearts ripped open. all of us suffer with them, this families that are still finding out their loved one is not coming home for dinner tonight. people can get their groceries tomorrow. >> you talk about the social media concern, if there were social media concerns today. my understanding is that it's on social media. >> that's what i want to find out, exactly. and the social media platforms that profit from their existence need to be
4:56 pm
responsible for monitoring, and having surveillance. knowing that they can be, in a sense, an accomplice to a crime like this. perhaps not legally, but morally. they've created the platform to allow the stake to be spewed. and others who are like-minded or could be radicalized, people who may not have intended to go down the path, the read the, and it's pervasive. it's among the big lie that is out there. and we know how insidious it is. we've seen the effect. but particularly, back to life streaming this. the fight that could even be hosted on a platform is absolutely shocking. and we need to find out what happened, and how to make sure doesn't happen again. >> which one of a notice prior to this? >> it should've been wanted by everyone involved.
4:57 pm
there are literally millions of posts in search of information like this, and that's all part of the inquiry. >> was it one weapon? more than one weapon? and where the weapons legally obtained? >> my understanding is that it was illegally obtained weapon, but it was modified with illegal magazines that could've been a quite anywhere. we're gonna find out where they can, from there are for sale legally in the state of pennsylvania. so it's not hard to make those one affiliations. but it was as modified, and then it became illegal. >> listening to new york governor kathy hochul speaking to the shooting that left handed in buffalo. let's go straight to msnbc law enforcement analyst jim kavanaugh. jim, there are a few details that i want to add to what we heard from governor with the prince of the suspects, we are told our destruct, until, far
4:58 pm
cooperating, we are told the officials are using certain rights to go in. they say the 18 year old recently legally purchased the weapons. we are more on that. investigators are looking into where and how those purchases took place. there was a semi automatic rifle. and the rifle, and a shotgun. police still processing the scene. it's unclear on your arms were fired. and they're trying to file federal hate crime charges. and addition to all of that, we also have from bc's been collins a manifesto in the earned by the suspect. originally posted to google docs on thursday night. we have senior law enforcement officials telling nbc news, we are aware of the manifesto,
4:59 pm
allegedly written by the suspects, and are working to definitively confirm that he is the author. the manifest include dozens of pages of antisemitic racist memes repeatedly citing the racist replacement conspiracy theory frequently pushed by what's a process which falsely alleges white people are being replaced in america as part of an elaborate jewish conspiracy theory. this is all ongoing and we're gonna continue to follow the story. that's all the time out for the day, i'm ali simon and us, looking back here tomorrow six middle eastern from our making voices. for now, handed over to my colleague. amen. thank you so much. good evening to you at home, i'm ayman mohyeldin here in new york. we are tracking a lot of breaking news this hour. as you've probably heard, right now, at least ten people killed doing what police believe was a planned attack in a supermarket in buffalo new york. it happened late this afternoon
5:00 pm
and law fischel say that the suspect issued an 18 year old white male who is now in custody, and there's evidence that the shooting was recently motivated. >> it was pure evil. it was straight-up, racially motivated, hate crime. somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as a mayor said, coming as our community, and trying to inflict evil upon us. >> let's get some analysis right now on what we have been hearing throughout the day. with us right now, clint watts, msnbc national security analyst, and author. matthew dowd, msnbc political contributor. and cynthia alksne, msnbc legal analyst, a former federal prosecutor.


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