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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and law fischel say that the suspect issued an 18 year old white male who is now in custody, and there's evidence that the shooting was recently motivated. >> it was pure evil. it was straight-up, racially motivated, hate crime. somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as a mayor said, coming as our community, and trying to inflict evil upon us. >> let's get some analysis right now on what we have been hearing throughout the day. with us right now, clint watts, msnbc national security analyst, and author. matthew dowd, msnbc political contributor. and cynthia alksne, msnbc legal analyst, a former federal prosecutor. clint, let's start with you,
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i'm not sure if you are listening to kathy hochul they're getting some information, just about possible impeachment, and what we're hearing today is the latest in the series of attacks and reported leaks by what is dubbed white replacement theory. talk to us a little bit about with this conspiracy theory is, what is a keep leading people to commit these horrific acts, as we have seen now from officials we've been hearing from that are using the word radicalization, and how that plays into where we have seen today. >> yeah, i mean, unfortunately when i read what i believe to be the excerpts of the manifesto, for quite a few impressions of it online, i think there's a few things that take away from it. one, the attack was stalled off a guy named brian taryn. he is the individual that shot up a mosque in new zealand back in 2015. why did he do? he livestreamed a shooting on
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facebook, again, what we've seen this technique today was another version. a live stream of the shooting. he describes his attack and we've seen the manifesto, he's very clearly what is known as a great replacement theory. essentially that whites are being turned into a minority, that african americans, jews, another minority populations are starting to push them down into a minority status. and because of the loss of power, these are strike back. and the kind of strike back through the political system, they need to do it through violence. this is the similar manifesto to tens, australian who the shooting in new zealand several years ago. i also know that you remember back in 2019 we were talking about the el paso, where i, believe as well, mark but was a shopping-type center was targeted based on minorities. and that targeting pattern is very common in these discussions spaces. and i think that the thing that i would know, which the
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governor did mention and the end of the press conference there, was the use of social media platforms. when i was in just, one there were several different social media platforms where it appears the shooter had uploaded, or prepared this content. it seems to have happened over the last couple of months based on all the posts i've seen. , and this is very consistent with what we used to see pre-pandemic. i'm, sure i'm, and i was view several, times we saw individual white men dressed up in tactical gear, using assault rifles and long guns said tack minorities. it's just another sad day for america. >> yeah, and we're gonna dig into the social media aspect of all of this in just a minute. i do want to come back to that and what possible role this model played. but cynthia, you will get your expertise in this conversation? just off the gate about possible charges and what appears to be, right, now from all the officials that we've
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been hearing as we played in this clip, this is a racially motivated attack. it's obviously hate filled, hate inspired. it's again mentioned in that wrap up by my colleague, you, know it raises the question about what type of charges, and i noticed that kathy hochul, the governor, she called this an act of terrorism. she referred to it as a white supremacist terrorism, and at one point, also said that he should be charged of such. so, lay out for us the possible scenarios of legal charges against the suspect, this election. >> right, it will start out with just stay murder charges, and those will be filed by the way. also they will hold under initially. does number one. and then you go to the federal -- and let me just say, state murder charges for 11 individuals is a very serious collection of charges.
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then there will be federal charges, and those are federal hate crime statutes that have to do the racial animus. if u.s. buyer member the armored arbery trial or outside of murder cases in the state level, and then we had the state hate crime charge as well. and the hate crime charges as well. and that's what's gonna happen here, is gonna be on dual tracks. it's really particularly helpful because the fbi will be involved, and they can go on fines where he bought this gun, where did it come from, and who knew he was buying it. how did he get it from broke county, or bloomington, to buffalo. did you having assistance. not only the social media aspect, but are there any other people helping him in any other way? and the fbi is better than that than anybody else, that's the kind of resource that the local prosecutors will need. and they can work together as a team. it's pretty shocking that this
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early in investigation, it's clear that it's racially motivated. usually, where you here is where looking at, it even though seems obvious on outside, no, we're looking at it because prosecutors are careful, and make sure that they have the proof before they say something like that. but in this case, you'll notice from jump street, the sheriff's singles clearly racially motivated. i think there's a lot of evidence and it's come to them by quickly. and there will be dual charges, state and federal. >> my, i want to get your reaction so far to the news out of buffalo, just your initial impressions on all the information that we're processing from the motivation that is being described to the shooter. to potential charges, as well as possibly, the acquisition of the weapon and a debate that is going to ignite in this country once again. >> well, unfortunately, robbing other broadcast, we were talking with us again. and we do this consistently.
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you could probably book all the three of us every other day, tragically, about things like this in the country, almost happened over the last four, five years. i'm a gun owner, i live in texas, i own five rifles. and i'm all for gun reform in this. i think what we've reached is, too often, that's too many, and especially aushev the gop side, let's say, let's treat this as a signal is headed. we've arrived at today, as one happens if you set up a toxic brew together, over rising white supremacy, and availability of guns. this is an 18 year old. this is an 18 year old. this is a teenager in the. he has access to guns that can kill, and we're still figuring out what all the guns. but it sounds from go bigger than a set, he had access illegally and making it a basically on assault weapon and what he used. and down this rising tide of white supremacy, and so we have to stop treating any of these
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like a single incident. and as clint fully will, knows the last ten years, the greatest domestic threat of terrorism in this country, by far, comes from white supremacists. and in my view, as i watch this, and as this tragedy unfolds, it's heartbreaking. i think we have to start treating this much differently than we have before. we have to start treating this like president grant treated the kkk in the aftermath of the civil war. we have to start treating it at that manner, because this is gonna grow, and grow, and grow, and we're seeing it here repeated. we sought and walmart, we saw it. it's this brew pushed by many leaders of our country of this white nationalist and white supremacy combined with access to guns. where the gop wants to do nothing about, and hold the thing about. and this is what happens. unfortunately, we are three gonna be on the panel again, unless we do something about this. next, speak for the week, after the week after that.
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>> yeah, i had to say they are probably gonna be right about that. i certainly hope that's not the case. clint, let's go back to that investigation for a moment. some details that we are learning, and the family i guess cooperating with law enforcement at the moments, according to reporting. but more importantly, according to the governor, kathy hochul, law forsman is working on securing the house. in the initial stages on attack like, this is they're concerned that there may be other individuals out there with information? how does law enforcement go about finding the network of people, not solicit accomplices, but people within the sub specks life than we have information? what are they gonna be looking for to understand his final moments and tracing how we got to this point? >> a couple of aspects right away is that they're gonna look for accomplices in terms of perpetrating the attack, and
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then also providing materials and legal fashion. but i would estimate based on this attack and how frequently we've seen attacks like this, this person probably operated alone on this attack today, but he was not alone. particularly in the online environment, skills and along. i think that's where the investigation will very quickly, is to say, did you have an associates are affiliates? for different reasons, one, if they are providing some with your support, that be something they want to look at. but separately, i think the biggest problem we're gonna have in the next one, three, seven days is a copycat. this is an intense community in online space, and we saw terrence attack in 2015. we really saw spirit of attacks that extended well into 2019. i'm sure probably remember pre pandemic. the 2019, we're talking a lot about domestic terrorism because one attack inspired another. they didn't elect each other
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necessarily, but there's usually in these communities, these online communities, and anytime, several people that are considering attack, they just need to want to inspire them, lead them, got them, or make them want to do it. that's what really makes me super nervous right now, watching this attack and then online community, which was multi platform, and multiple communities that will maybe see something like this again, because it's 2022, not 2021. the viability of targets as once again changed, being more similar to 2019. >> yeah, and once again, a tragedy like this is hosting the whole debate about social media and technology platforms and to the forefront of our discussion, and what needs to be done preventing crimes from spreading on the floor forms. clint watts, thank you very much, don viewers, and ask you to stay on this. we're gonna stay, we ask you to stay with, us we're gonna read all the very latest developments throughout the evenings. cynthia and matthew, please stay with, me reintegrate a few
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congress, and we're just learning that more subpoenas actually could follow. according to new reporting from axios, the january six committee might see testimony from one show lawmaker's ascent is next week. and many staffers were told to, quote, brace for more bombshells. that is the quote. and they're leading to the public hearings that are scheduled to begin on june 9th. the first five subpoenas were issued to hospitality leader kevin mccarthy, congressman jim jordan, scott, very more, brooks and amy biggs. all five have been asked to cooperate with an investigation at an earlier point, and they all refused. i'm back with matthew dowd and cynthia, matthew, your reaction to the subpoenas? obviously unprecedented in the rain nature, but are they likely to produce anything, or even see a fall off in the department of justice? >> well, yeah, they're absolutely unprecedented. this is not happen in the server this country, and neither is what happened in january six, which was an insurrection at the capitol
5:17 pm
facilitated by some of the people on that list that got the subpoenas, including an ex president present and subpoenaed yet. who fostered what became at the capitol. they've ignored any ideas of holding anybody accountable, anybody on that list. i'm sure they will not go along with the subpoenas. they haven't got along with holding it wouldn't account about what happened on january six. so, i don't expect them to, but i also want to tie a line to the conversation we just had. which, is this direct line between the conversation we just had about buffalo, i would happened on january 6th. and why supporting told people accountable, because it's the same hates, it's the same lies, it's the same things that drove, that i'm sure drove that 18-year-old up in buffalo, the drive people to the capital to try to overturn an election that they didn't like the result of, primarily because there was a great turnout and a diverse electorate. there's a tie to it, i don't expect any of those people to
5:18 pm
do what's right. they haven't yet. but i think it's good they gossiping it, because we do need to hold people into account. >> so, speaking on holding them into account, is there a legal fight to challenge the subpoenas? is it even worth it for these republican lawmakers to fight these subpoenas? and with the consequences if they just simply ignore thought? >> here's what's frustrating, and that is because the subpoenas of from sold a, and here it is me, it's bar of justice doesn't do anything political 90 days before an election. and, the department of justice has not even move on earlier subpoenas that people provided. so probably was gonna happen, is this modern justice is gonna do nothing. and, that means they are going to stall, and they're going to say we're not gonna come. and there will be no consequences for that. and, there are huge
5:19 pm
consequences for the country. i feel like here we, are on a saturday, night the country's coming apart. and matthews, right as coming apart partially because of this white supremacy that's pushed in so many different places, and house acceptable, is basically accepted by huge portion of the country. and it's also coming apart because there is no respect for the rule of law, or any kind of traditions. mccarthy wants to be speaker of the house of representatives, of the greatest country in the history of the world. and he doesn't want to comply with the rules of the house. that affects not only the subpoenas and the ability of the house tavern of a sticky, it means that in the next congressional session, when somebody has a subpoena, people walk away from it. it also affects all the subpoenas in every case all over the country. because if the speaker of the house doesn't have to, or the minority leader doesn't author spawn to subpoena, why should joe schmo on the street have to respond to it? in the divorce case?
5:20 pm
then the stakes are much lower there. then tire fabric of the country feels like it's coming apart because there is no republican party of any honor. and add that to white supremacy, and i just ache for our country. and i think this is just one more thing down the road that's destroying us. >> yeah, speaking of kevin mccarthy, matthew, and the republican leadership, here's how he responded to the news of the subpoenas, take a listen. >> look, my view on the committee is not changed. they're not conducting a legitimate investigation. it seems as though they just want to go off of their political opponents. e >> unless around viewers just for a moment back in 2015, kevin mccarthy is saying this on fox, everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee, what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. and i mccarthy says, democrats
5:21 pm
just want to go after political opponents. the hypocrisy is quite stunning. the fact that he wants to be the leader, essential, saying of the most powerful legislative bodies in the world, but whilst also, with his actions, undermined the authority of that body. again, it wreaks of hypocrisy. >> well, it not only wreaks of hypocrisy, which seems to be a common thing among the gop throughout, so it's a virus they've all caught, but would it really wreaks of is, they have decided the vans justifies the means. if the end this power, which they seem to want i'd whatever costa takes, whatever means it, is that could be lying, which they've done throughout this thing. which means it could be fostering a series of things where people question election results. it can be welcoming into their party, wholesale, white nationalist and white supremacists. all of those things. and though the powers. then they don't care what it means. and i grieve cynthia that we
5:22 pm
are at a point in time where unless the american public stands up, unless we stand, up and it's only gonna be done in the voting booth come november, because of elections go that way, kevin mccarthy speaker of the house, what we saw doing trump and the end of the presidency of trump, which is gonna ignore the constitution, ignore the rule of, law it's gonna go worse. it's gonna go way worse in the aftermath. so, i thought of hope, and some optimism, even the word wrenching time in our democracy and our country that the american public will stand up and vote for people that believe in the rule of law, believe in the rights of people. believe in the constitution. and make sure that they have elected officials there in place that one ignorant. but the gop has become a party of the ends justifies the means. >> all right, matthew dowd, cynthia, thank you for joining us this, evening i greatly appreciated. we're gonna continue to follow the relied on that mass shooting in buffalo new york. but after the break, marie
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mitch mcconnell visiting kyiv with a group of republican senators to show president zelenskyy their support. of course, that support might be in more than words, only, since the gop colleague run joel is actually bucking swift passage of a 40 billion dollar u.s. aid package for ukraine. earlier, i spoke with a really given of its who played a prominent role in the vessel east of trump's first impeachment trial. our new book is titled, lessons from the edge, in a more. he joins me now, the former u.s. and bassett you. cain thank you for making time for us. let's begin with this new development, philonise who then seemingly on the verge of
5:28 pm
applying to membership the nato as a result of russia's invasion of ukraine. president biden spoke with the leaders of both of those countries are earlier. he will take on the significance of this possible membership. would be a good thing for nato to accept both of them into the airlines? >> yeah, i think would be a good thing for nato to accept finland and sweden. this is something that's been discussed for years. but i think that vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine house kind of concentrated both countries in terms of moving forward with putting in their applications. and i think the president of finland yesterday really made it crystal clear that this is a result of vladimir putin's actions. he's look in the mirror. >> how do you see vladimir putin responding to this? he obviously had tremendous concerns on ukraine.
5:29 pm
out imagine this much more severe given finland and sweden now wanting to join the alliance. >> yeah. well, no question that finland and sweden bring a lot of capability said airlines. but, i also think that ukraine holds a special place in vladimir putin's mind and then his heart, if he has won. in terms of the place that he believes ukraine occupies and the russian empire. the former u.s. soviet union. and i think that his views about finland and sweden are perhaps not as emotional. >> if you're looking at u.s. politics to ukraine in a moment, the senate is not a process of approving a 40 billion dollar aid package. you have some republicans who refused supported.
5:30 pm
tell, us first of, all isn't needed? is it going to make a difference, and if so, how? explain to us how that 40 billion dollars is needed when the country's dealing with so many other issues that he needs money on. >> yeah, well, this is always the issue. when, where do we put our resources? but i think about the 40 billion dollars really is necessary. not just for ukraine, but for us. because, we need to ensure that ukraine wins this fight against russia. and the way to do that is to keep weapons and security systems flowing to ukraine, not a year from now, all right now. and, you, know not just in, time but before time, so that ukraine can use those capabilities against the russians because ukraine is fighting for its country, for
5:31 pm
-- defying for the family, for their freedoms. but they're also fighting for our freedom, and we need to remember that, that it is easier to stop russia and ukraine than it is to stop russia elsewhere. but my point has made it very clear that if he prevails in ukraine, he will keep on going. >> we just heard that a russian court has extended the detention of u.s. basketball star brittney griner i'm curious to get your thoughts on this case, it seems somewhat unique. what do you think is behind the extension? and what can the biden administration be doing to bring our home? because they've changed her classification into wrongfully detained. >> yeah, after the, i don't have any special insights into this. but, my heart really goes out to her and to her family and friends because it seems that she is being caught up in the
5:32 pm
political issues between our two countries. but i know the van ministration and the ambassador personally are working on her case. hopefully should be able to come home at some point soon. >> could i ask you, as somebody who lived in ukraine and can assess their political leadership, how do you think president zelenskyy has been handling this invasion, both house the leader of the country, but also on the world stage in being able to draw all countries closer to ukraine, and elevate the profile for this country is going through? as ivan successful? as anything he can be doing differently? >> yeah, i, mean i think he has been just an outstanding and successful president for ukraine. if you think about, it or we weren't 1023rd, days before the invasion by russia, i think
5:33 pm
nobody would've thought that ukraine could have withstood the russian military for almost 80 these now. and i think vladimir zelenskyy gets a huge part of the credit. he has demonstrated courage, he is demonstrated great commitment, staying in kyiv, even when it was the most dangerous. and, with this communication skills, he's only reflected the will of the ukrainian people, and their military, and he was united, them but has inspired the man's why the world. we, the united states in the west, are providing assistance, security assistance another kind of assistance that frankly would've been inconceivable in the beginning of february. and it is because of, i think,
5:34 pm
the skills and the success that the ukrainians are demonstrating on the battlefield, but it is also because zelenskyy's leadership, whose ability to communicate to countries all over the world, and really tailor the message for why this is in so each of these countries. >> let me ask, you finally, just about how the scenario, this conflict may end, and whether you see any seniors in which the united states may have red lines that they are not willing to accept. there any daylight between with these two countries are willing to accept? because, obviously, and to the conflict would have, to some extent, and in order for russia to come back in the community of nations, in any capacity. or receive some kind of economic east of the sanctions. it would require u.s. approval. do you see there being any scenario english ukraine may approve something, annex up something to end the war with the united states and western
5:35 pm
countries do not? >> well, i think this is where constant communication between the u.s. and ukraine, and ukraine and other countries, and all of us together is so vitally critical. diplomacy always plays a role and in the endgame, whatever the negotiated settlement, as it's important that we are thinking about what the various scenarios might look like now, and with different countries, where ukraine in the first instance, because as the ukraine, the ukrainians are fighting for their country. and they're the ones that are fighting and dying. so ukraine, in the first instance, the ukraine also used to make clear with us which directions it's going and, and where our assistance or cooperation might be necessary. and, you, know that's the subject of discussion and negotiation as well. >> all, right ambassador, thank
5:36 pm
you so much ranking time, we appreciate insights. >> thank you. >> all right, after the, break we're gonna go back to that very latest last shooting in buffalo with all those latest details. buffalo with all those lates tresemme. do it with style. details. details.
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to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health.
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it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. more of that breaking news story coming out of buffalo new york, the justice department has just confirmed it is investigating the buffalo mass shooting, quote, as a hate crime, and an act of racially motivated violence. and that is why we're hearing the latest from the justice department. in addition to the, with the details that we have at the moment is that three individuals were wounded in this shooting, and they're expected to survive. ten were killed. the investigator says a gram, as i just mentioned, the gunman was wearing body armor, and he walked into the top supermarket and started firing rifle.
5:40 pm
the suspect was a rain tonight, as was said by the district attorney from the district county. on first degree murder. and he's being held without bail. a, man level that more later for, you know back to you. >> thank you very much richard for that breaking news update, let's bring in professor brian levy, and stan bernardino, and yeah -- jim kavanaugh. get that both of you with us. professor, let me start with, you obviously, the investigation is focused on the motivation of the suspect. there is obviously this alleged manifesto that people will be coming through and looking at. where the governor talk about this, another officials lacking about this being aggressively
5:41 pm
motivated hate crime. it could potentially be prosecuted law such. the manifesting closed dozens of pages, repeatedly citing the so-called great replacement conspiracy theory. a look at me zealous about this particular theory that motivations behind the, ideology behind? >> thanks for having me, and particularly, for the african american community in our country tonight. i want you to know all, the good of america stand with you. we have no america without equal justice for everyone, including those who have been so horribly attacked. and our center is very realign like it always sells for over 20 years, that we run this thing like we have a black child, and the jazz gender child, of a christian child, a muslim child. that's how we run this, and
5:42 pm
that's why we should run our country. unfortunately, and thank you for the question, jimmie kavanaugh, a hero solving these types of crimes. one of the things that we have seen has been the mainstream of this. jimmy talked about the great replacement, both french books. but it shows us, the stickiness of the xenophobic. because it started in europe, and we saw attacks in new zealand. we saw attacks in canada. and then get a lot of our coverage in the united states, but antimalaria's in canada. so it's a very sticky, transnational issue. it's a national security issue, and what we have has been a change. we starbuck looks clan, it's down those big groups.
5:43 pm
now we have people who engage in a buffet of idiosyncratic hatreds, but they're bound together by fear, as well as a development of those who regarded a legitimate targets for aggression. that's what this replacement theory does. it localize is a teacher region. and that's why it's a problem, not just here in the united states, but around the world because it's been applied with this new nationalism, which is often very racist, and often very xenophobic. look at the kind of statements we have seen, just over the last week about giving babies formula. so, yes, unfortunately, something from the political mainstream. >> jim, the fbi buffalo field office said that it is working with the buffalo pd cheating the skates that's both a crime and a case of racially motivated violence. governor kathy hochul calling in white supremacists terrorism. walk us through what's the means for those different types
5:44 pm
of investigations. i know it may be one investigation, but would do the different threads of these terminologies mean for the investigation? >> well, thank you, ayman. let me just say, oh my colleague ryan, we have worked together for that 30 years. he's a champion for sale, rights is always been at the forefront of the fighting for civil rights. we've known each other a long time. i'm glad you have them on. he so insightful, he really gets in, he knows them inside and out. yes, great question, part of it, though, is a total, bureaucratic machinations of the bureaucracy. one part takes it as a crime, the other part takes that tourism, but basically go through the proof of the case. our prosecutors decide to charge. the district attorney, they charge murder quickly. that's the right thing. the u.s. attorney will likely charge hate crimes.
5:45 pm
the doj civil rights division will assess the user attorney in the. they're so brenda civil rights division. great lawyers, for many years. they're committed to really lay on the. case they, well and this, case like the mother emmanuel church, because it's such a significant impact on america, that they wouldn't let the spouse, i don't think, with just a murder charges. it's just too big. and the heat is too blatant. it's too visceral, it's too in the face of the country with the racial slur of the guns, and the disguised put down. so if there is a prosecution years unless it's that we're supporting all americans. and let me just say, a man, it's so important, you and i have talked so many times, at msnbc, about al-qaeda, and isis, and all those cases. these guys are recruited some early. but ryan's point, you can't pick one minority groups and say i support them, and then
5:46 pm
leave out other minorities, muslims, or jewish people, or lgbtq. you either stand for civil rights, sorry don. and at this point in time, he need to stand for civil rights, everything came reckon needs to. >> yeah, we see that attack on so many different fronts, both politically, and as we're seeing tonight both violently. professor 11, really quickly, are you seeing online radicalization soar in this country the same way as jim and i we talked in the past with foreign extremist organizations, and they're both ethan speier lone wolf terrorist attacks? >> it's worse, and it's not just the united states, it's around the world. and that has effects downstream. listen to this, hey crimes rose double digits in 2020. hate crimes, i'll put it up, about the data, up on twitter, on 2021 up the logistics, and
5:47 pm
in 2022, first part of the, air up double digits again. what we're seeing as the stereotypes are having effects downstream. >> absolutely incredible important formation there. professor brian leaven, and jim kavanaugh, thanks. , next we're gonna show you gears and some weather devastating economic impact of an abortion ban here in the u.s.. u.s.. an abortion ban here in th u.s. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. u.s. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. and delivered to your door
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all across the country took to the streets to rally in favor of abortion rights. the protests were held in more than 380 cities from washington d.c., to new york, to nashville, even atlanta. this week in senate testimony, treasury secretary jeanne yellin have this to say. >> i believe that eliminating the right for women to make decisions about when and whether to have children will have very damaging effects on the economy and with set women back decades. >> joining me now is just covered, or the journalist by the cover story,, in the may have a history of that monica working on the ground. he's also the author of no-man's-land. jessica, as gabby back on the show. treasury secretary janet yellen was pushed on our comments about how losing abortion
5:52 pm
access impacts women financially. listen to this. >> i think framing it in the context of labor force participation is, it just feels colostomy. >> one aspect of a satisfying life is being able to feel that you have the financial resources to raise a child. so there is a spillover into labor force participation, and it means that children will grow up in poverty, and do worse themselves. this is the truth. >> your thoughts on the secretary's argument, there. >> i think she is right. it's not just $1 issue, and you can colic all, us we know that, for many people, the route to self realization and self actualization involves maybe
5:53 pm
getting an educational attainment. maybe finding some sort of satisfaction. we know that it had a huge impact when women were able to have abortions, and the number of teen mothers dropped by a third. women who got married when they were in their teens dropped by a fifth. people were allowed, and able to grow and to come into their own, and tough children on their own terms. >> and during the supreme court's oral arguments on the case that might overturn roe v. wade, yet chief justice john roberts dismissed data showing that limiting abortion rights disproportionately harms low income women. were you surprised by his reaction? >> i think we all dismiss data at our peril. we dismiss science at our peril. so, i'd like to be surprised, unfortunately, i was not. but it's not reasonable to
5:54 pm
dismiss the data. and we know that this can land harder on communities of color and low income communities. communities that already don't have the same access to the economy, to health care, that we would hope everybody should have. >> there was obviously some questions about this week with where people might go, where women might go, with the possible and to roe v. wade. democrats are likely so looking elsewhere to get the care they need. some off-loaded ideas in places like counter mexico. the texas to ruin reported the summer protective right advocates expect to see more texans coming to mexico to get abortion inducing drugs that they can obtain legally here in the u.s.. you reported about the russian underground, or already seeing evidence of the? >> absolutely, this is not an entirely new thing at all. in mexico, one can purchase
5:55 pm
mice across the, or senate tech, which is a common stomach also medication, i can be purchased over the counter. it can be purchased in generic form for as little as $20. the fisa running stuff can go as much as 1:40. and while the ideal medical method for abortion involves two trucks, miles across the lawn gives 80 to 95% effective at ending early pregnancies. so, this is something that's been going on for a while, as duffy something that we should expect increase as it becomes harder for people to find that medication, or find clinic. >> all, right jessica, as great to talk to you, again thank you so much for insights on this. we'll be right back after this quick break. right back after this right back after this quick des from cabinet hardware to peel and stick tile.
5:56 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... following the few people vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
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gathered in is jerusalem yesterday to mourn the loss of veteran al jazeera journalist and my personal friend during a bullet come. chireno shot that this past week welcoming the israeli military radar refugee camp in the occupied west bank. and investigation by the israeli military was inconclusive. israeli military are considering the idea that they're shot that the soldier. the passing authority said that it would conduct its own investigation. her killing has sparked a wave of outrage throughout both palestinian territories and
6:00 pm
internationally, quite frankly. however, that initial fear has given way to a far more intense and impassioned outcry after recent displace of blatant and surreal disrespect for serene, her memory, and those who loved her. ushering's body was being transported from st. joseph hospital on friday, israeli police attacked the funeral procession, harassing, beating, and nearly forcing the paul burris to drop her coffin. local media reported some 33 people were ultimately injured in the attack. six were hospitalized. and the idea that anyone, let alone agents of the state, would at tack a funeral procession is beyond horrifying. i simply do not have the words to describe it. but some felt that they did have the words for it. anthony blinken, the united states chief diplomat, secretary of state, said that he was deeply troubled by the images of israeli police intruding into the funeral procession of listing in american


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