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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> everyone i'm this, we start this hour with the latest on a mass shooting which just took
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place hours ago in buffalo, new york. at least ten people were killed, three were injured, when a man opened fire in a supermarket. the suspect is an 18 year old white man who is now in custody. there's evidence that the shooting was racially motivated. >> this was pure evil. it was straight-up racially motivated hate crime, from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, coming into our community and trying to inflict that evil upon us. >> 11 of the people shot were black, two were whites. for the latest on the shooting i want to bring msnbc law enforcement analyst jamie kavanaugh. james, i want you to take a listen to some sound of the press conference as sheriff garcia said this was not a member of the community. here's a little bit more. >> the shooter was not from
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this community, in fact, the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime on the people of buffalo. >> there you have the mayor saying that the mayor -- the suspect traveled miles. what does this tell? you >> very normal, alicia and some of these hate crimes. look at this when he traveled many miles to get to the church in charleston. the killer in el paso, he traveled from the dallas area, many hours down to the border, to kill immigrants. this guy's probably from a rural part of new york state. he from a town of 5000 people, might not have many black citizens there. he wants to kill a lot of black people. that's his desire. that's his plan. his mind is warped. he gets these rifles and wants to [inaudible]
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that is a large city near him and that is buffalo. he goes to buffalo, where the people worry you go somewhere, people congregate, a mall, sports event, parade or whatever. he goes to the supermarket and then he starts shooting people. for the retired buffalo officer who engage him in a gunfight, shot him, shot him in the vest and was shot and killed by him, and buffalo police patrol division officers who got in and gauged him in a gun battle, but for those two incidents, we could've had 30 dead here. i mean, these rifles will carry a magazine of 30, he could carry two or three or four of these magazines, kill ten, wounded three others. if it weren't for those officers engaging in him, so aggressively, really, we could've had a lot more deaths here. the supermarket had a lot of people in it, no doubt. that allowed everybody to escape, once the officers were
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engaging him. yes, i think the travel indicates the motive part of the targeting. like you discuss with richard louis in the last hour, the racial slur was in one of the rifle, that is your proof. and all his writings in paraphernalia found in his house, it's always going to be there, the swastikas, the portraits of hitler's, the mein kampf. all this stuff will be there, and you will have the proof of a hate crime. you can have proof of steak murder, proof of hate crime. if you talk to a lawyer, the civil rights division and said i think i had a hate crime and he had a racial slur against his gun, they will agree with you. >> jim, you reference investigators searching his house, can you pull back the curtain and say what else investigators are doing at the moment? >> well, alicia, they will be interviewing everybody he knows. he's 18 so maybe high school friends, certainly neighbors,
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his family. who knew this guy was a hater? who saw him with guns? does he have swastikas tattooed on his arms? what is this guy about? was he hiding all of this? sometimes they can hide it from their family and friends, other times they are blamed about it. it's all over. they're wearing shirts with swastikas, tattoos, 14 88, which is a white supremacist symbol, and everybody knows who they are. they are constantly uttering racial slurs, telling racist jokes. i mean, if it's about their whole persona it may bleed out. it'll be interesting to see with the detectives and agents can find their. of course the most important thing is what we can do to stop the next one or roundup of coconspirator that could've been involved. it's possible, someone could've been encouraging him, supporting him, pushing him on. that could be in person or even online. agents are going to want to
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look at that. it's not unheard of in these circles. we don't know he's a member of a white supremacist group. often these guys are lone man, i don't even like to call a lone wolf, he's not even that, there just dogs, but sometimes they don't have a direct membership connection to say a clever or a neo-nazi group, they may not be able to be attending meetings, burning crosses, but they may just be an online ads for kids, apostle of hate, they absorb it, they drip it in, and then they talk in the mainstream. the hate of online is very blatant, full of racial slurs, these nazi sites, very blatant, we hate jewish people, black people, all the racial slurs.
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then they go in the regular news and here sort of, you know, trying to be more silent, we call it the white collar klan, they're saying the racist things but a couch in behind them, with cleaner words. in the end, it boils down to they hate immigrants, they hate minorities to they hate women and they try to do everything against them. so he hears it from both ways and then of course his hate get so deep that he acts out the violence. >> just to underscore for our audience, for those watching, we were told by officials early at the time they believe that he acted alone, of course, investigators continue to do their due diligence, this of course happened, jim, in buffalo the city of good neighbors. i understand that we have some sound, the community reacting to this terrible tragedy. let's take a listen. >> this could've been any one of us or any one of our loved ones, we shop on saturday, we go to supermarkets, we take our
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families, we go to work, and if this can bring us together and not terrace apart, that's what i'm hoping as we go through the process of justice in this case that we all band together to let the world know, because i'm getting text from friends and other countries about this incident today, we need to let the world today know who buffalo is, who the people in buffalo are and what we are going to do for our community and other communities in this great nation to make sure this type of crime is stopped. >> many of us know the supermarket, this tops, supermarket on jefferson avenue. many of us have been in and out of the supermarket. our family members have been in and out of this supermarket. some of us, many of us, know some of those who are victims of this horrific crime.
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this is painful. this does hurt. it always hurts. as the u.s. attorney, training ross said, this should not happen in this community, in any community, anywhere in our country. >> jim, that emphasis on community, healing, on humidity, why is it critical in this moment? >> it's critical because all the good people we have to stand together. you know, we say alicia, he acted alone, but he acted alone as far as the criminal law is concerned. in other words, there is nobody else that can be charged in this crime, like a coconspirator. but he didn't act alone in reality. he didn't act alone in fact in his mind. you don't completely radicalized your own brain with no help from the outside world. if that was the case, we wouldn't half haters. someone else has to enter the poison in their mind.
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it comes from the internet, it comes from books, it comes from other people, it comes from conversations on the street. coworkers, families, other people are poisoning his mind. and then he's poisoning other peoples minds. when we say he acts alone, a hate crime, yes, according to the criminal code, maybe he acted alone, as like i said alone mad dog, but he didn't in essence act alone. he was brainwashed. he was supported, nurtured, he was helped, he was validated by a lot of other voices that are on the extreme and on the fringe that we're making him think that he should do this thing. he sees himself as a savior for the white race. he livestreams it because he wants infamy, he wants infamy, he wants credit for what he is about to do. it is just so absolutely vulgar, i've interviewed these guys, i've arrested them, i've dealt with them, and all the atf, fbi, we have dealt with these guys for years, it's just such a sad
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case for america. every american should be sad and sickened by this. every single american. >> i'm struck by one of the officials saying it is not just people in the united states were watching globally, people are watching as this unfolds. jim kavanaugh, thank you so much. next our coverage of the shooting in buffalo. officials say it was racially motivated. we talk about the political climate in this country, it's having real consequences again. ving real consequences again ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60.
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shooting that took place hours before. when a man wearing a military style gear opened fire at a supermarket. the suspect is an 18-year-old white male who's known custody. there's evidence that the shooting was racially motivated. meanwhile, nationwide outrage over the likely end of roe v. wade, thousands are out protesting this weekend to them on control of their own bodies. demonstrations, of, course fueled by the league supreme court draft opinion showing the conservative justices ranked overturn roe out of a surge of state level abortion extractions. >> our message is clear, we will see you in the streets, and we will see you at the ballot box. we are not interested in compromising on our fundamental way. there is no compromising an opposition that wants us to become second-class edison's.
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>> guys illnesses this nothing the process protest of, quote, temperate johnson. cdc reports women are 14 times more likely to die a childbirth then from an abortion. and overturning roe would trigger abortion restrictions over two dozen states. legal experts warned contraception could be banned next, taking away power to prevent pregnancy and treat medical issues such as endometriosis. we're entering a new jane crow, the real goal of punishing women, not protecting children. >> opposition to abortion care is never been about a baby, it's never been about children, because of it was, we would have better resources of child is actually born. so is never about, that was about control, was about who our government sees as fully human in this country. >> joining me now is what funds are butler and michigan doing, chancellorsville professor of
7:17 pm
law the universe if you go for now. she's the host of the podcast on the issues. michelle goodwin, an author of policing the world. we'll, fonda he spoke at the abortion rights laterally in the sea. when you hoping the sports are gonna chief? >> excellent driving me, look, i think the sports are rupturing the american people. poll after poll, year after, year doesn't clear showing that they support women having the ability to make that choices about their own bodies without an offense of government. and, these protests, again, are all over the country are amplifications of manifestations of those polls, of that research, anchored on stations over the american people are. and it's up to democrats to continue to stand with the american people, as every day we see republican leader after republican leader talk about national abortion bans, talk
7:18 pm
about criminalizing and punishing women and doctors who seek these medical services. it's clear who is standing with the american people today, and these demonstrations are manifestations of that. >> michelle, this, week you have the senate failing to codify roe v. wade, but increasing protections for supreme court justice. thoughts? >> this is a real tragedy right now, as a tragedy for our country, as a dismantling of the american democracy and the rule of law, and we saw that with a route to voting rights. this is not to minimize what's happening at, all not at all. it is a manifestation of the dismantling a voting rights. it is the dismantling of our democracy that we see now, members of the senate refusing to codify roe v. wade with the women's health protection act, and as you mentioned in the cdc is already stated that it
7:19 pm
womanist 14 times more likely to die by carrying a pregnancy during the night terminating it. and by mississippi, by justice alito, and mississippi, a black woman and 118 times more likely to die by hearing a pregnancy that and allow the gun abortion. already, 80% of the cardiac death due to pregnancy are expands by black women. that's not a mississippi figure, but we see all across the country, especially in states that have these horrific antiabortion types of laws you see high death rates, and high maternal morbidity rates. and nationally, let's be, clear united states, has a paper job of keeping people alive and pregnancy. united states ranks 56 in the world in terms of maternal mortality.
7:20 pm
and that's not a good figure, whether we're talking about is 56 places after saturday via. and the company of russia, now germany, sweden, or france. we're at the bottom of the barrel, and finally, and states like louisiana, texas, mississippi, these are considered the deadliest places in all of the developed world for a woman to be pregnant. and that should settle in amongst all the listeners and goes right. no >> lufthansa, professor goodwin, appreciate you, both thank you for the time. next, we are back to our breaking news out of buffalo. a shooting at a supermarket leaving ten that, but officials are saying about the shooter, when we come back. are saying about the shooter are saying about the shooter when we latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be.
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to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. the mastering in buffalo, new york, today underscoring the danger of extremist rhetoric. just last hour, authorities had a press conference, an 18-year-old suspect was acting
7:25 pm
on white supremacy is belief. >> this was pure evil. it will straight-up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community, outside of our city of good neighbors, as the mayor said, competent or community. and trying to inflict evil upon us. >> a deadly attack raising new concerns about the gop's basement of alternate reality. for the first-time, philadelphia and coward think to us any republican candidates or a failure to agree on, quote, basic facts. joining me now, msnbc political and bliss tim miller, author the forthcoming book, why we did. it also with, me the john fox, contributing writer for the atlantic. you, know tim, you're not offset many times here and talked about that disconnect. we have talked about a major political parties embrace of white supremacy as you watch this all unfold. what's on your mind?
7:26 pm
>> first, i just wanna say mahatma another victim of the buffalo. your loved one was in a grocery store, and the dock at home. the fact that for all of these shootings, and having a leave here with you on msnbc when there were shootings, and i grew up about a mile from columbine. the perfect strategy happened around high school, not his long now. i don't think we can do anything to mitigate these mass shootings. it's just a horrific failure of our culture and, obviously, the republican party. it's unwillingness to do anything. as for the extremist rhetoric, look, the manifesto that's online, right now, is indistinguishable from tv segments that you would see on arrival network. this pure hatred. the sense that the country is being taken from them was an animating part of the donald trump campaign.
7:27 pm
and so while i don't want to sit here on tv and say, oh, well this is the reason the cost that. separating them out. just the fact that this is perpetuating so much in our society and that it is so aligned with one ideology, the mic ideology. and that people are silent on days like this. who espouse that ideology, and they don't reject it, they did not speak out against it, it's horrifying. and, unfortunately, this isn't the first time this has happened in the last five decade or so, as the snow is gone to new to merge both online and conservative media environments. >> molly, it struck me to the last point that they made, as i was like earlier with jim kavanaugh. he was saying very often, people go on these extremist websites and they will become indoctrinated online. but there is an echo chamber where they hear the same talking points, he called that white collar, other people call it white glove. we're all of a sudden it seems
7:28 pm
more mainstream. it seems more acceptable. and that is a big part of the danger here, right? mainstreaming this hatred, means doing this ideology. >> yeah, i, mean, first i just want to say that we don't totally know exactly what happened here, and it's a developing situation. i always had to get a little nervous about, you, know we're not gonna really know anything until a little bit later. but, i definitely think that this republican party has really dangerous rhetoric. and we're seeing that, we're seeing it get worse. which is completely strange. we know elise stefanik used qanon style rhetoric in a tweet, and she used to be the sort of very upstanding member of the gop. so we are certainly seeing that this party is getting worse and worse. and a shockingly even without
7:29 pm
trump, trumpism is really alive and well. so that is very worrying. and then also, there's a crime committed with an assault rifle. and it just seems to be no interest in curbing assault rifles, even though these are weapons of mass destruction. there are things that are not used by normal hunters, in hunting scenarios. >> tim, on to get your thoughts on this, originally gonna talk about that, and that isn't by the philadelphia inquirer declining to endorse any republican candidates over a failure to agree on, quote, basic facts. that's those you something about where we are. >> it, does and unfortunately, for the people to vote republican primaries, they've already decided that the philadelphia inquirer is now, whatever. the woke fake news media. so that goes into it. and this is a problem, this is where it all gets related, where people are living in
7:30 pm
their bubbles, and they're just getting information, and the conservative media bubble, on a number of issues, it's false information. and it's conspiratorial. and it's telling people things that aren't true. and, so there's another thing in this pennsylvania race that i want to bring up. the enquirer doesn't indoors, right, now doug johns is super packed. he is running a attack ad, attacking kathy barnett, who is the ultra maga candidate that has risen in the last few weeks, a black woman who is running. she will have breaks your views. their attack on barnett is not that she has been anti-muslim, and anti-gay, it's not about how, outside the mainstream, she is. her attack on her is an element of context, quote, the makes it seem like she is in favor of black lives matter. and, so that tells you everything you need to know about the pennsylvania senate race. is that the people that are paid to win elections, people that are paid to try to attract
7:31 pm
republican primary voters, they are campaigning on a line that the other candidate things that black lives matter. that's what they think is gonna resonate with voters. and so that is why, you know, you have this massive disconnect between the reality of this community, it was something of the philadelphia and cars looking at, and it is actually being communicated to voters in that primary. and that is the bubble that possibly popped if we ever have hope to fix any of these various problems we're talking about. >> molly, just the fact that we're talking about maga versus ultra maga, it really paints the full picture. >> yeah, i mean, it's really sad. but, it seems like there is even trump here than trump. you have a candidate here who is actually so trumpy, she sort of gone full trump. it's very strange. it's super sad. and, you know, the litmus test with all these people is, do the ex of the 2020 election results? right? which is, that's not good for democracy when that is your
7:32 pm
litmus dust. >> all, right molly, as, always thank you for spending some time with us. coming up next, more on that breaking news out of buffalo. we will be right back. breaking news out of buffalo breaking news out of buffalo we who doesn't love "open"? offices. homes. stages. possibilities. open. and you can help keep it that way. ♪♪ you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you.
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out of buffalo, at least ten people killed in a shooting at a supermarket. as we get richard, louis richard, what more do we know? >> we're looking at more details coming on on tiktok, what happened, and when that happened there in buffalo new york at the top supermarket. so the video were looking at
7:37 pm
earlier. as we know 11 shot, 13 shot, 11 of which were african american, and we understand also that the remainder were white. two white. one of our witnesses, according to what we're hearing on the ground, said they have about 70 shots. as jim kavanaugh was talking a little earlier, he said it could've been much worse. these groups and these assault weapons gonna hold up to 30 rounds or more. and one of the individuals that we've discussed and we've heard during the briefing that would probably stand out as one of the situations heroes is that retired buffalo police officer that, despite the number of shots that the eyewitnesses telling us, despite the number of rounds that might be capable of being put in these clips, and remember the clips that have had, because as a suspect came to top supermarket, he
7:38 pm
shot four individuals in the parking lot, which you see. here three died there. one remained injured, and so, far surviving. then enters into the supermarket, and that's where he kills seven more inside. now, four of those that were involved were store employees. one of those was that retired police officer, alicia. he engaged the suspect. he shot at the suspect, the suspect had body armor, as we heard. so he was not taken down. but after that retired police officer, who's a security officer at that supermarket, the suspect then engaged him, and then killed a police officer. but he slowed him down, alicia. and that's the point, i think, as we get more details that this retired police officer will stand down probably when we get more details as one of the special people on this unfortunate afternoon that made it less worse if i can say that it could've been.
7:39 pm
>> richard louis, thank you. honoring in by 11, he's the director for the center of study of hate and extremism. brian, help us understand the broader environment under which this is all unfolding. >> look, when we have mainstream xenophobic and bigotry, this is what you get a downstream. my friend jimmy kavanaugh, who goes way back in this vital service, docked about some books. 1973. an anti-migration book, but it also is a racist book. and then we had another book by a french man also has been regarded as a rallying cry by hide right and bigots. but there have been mainstream. i got banned by another network
7:40 pm
because i pointed out one of their hosts, who's doing this kind of race baiting on a nightly basis. and i'm happy i did because one of the things we know is that when we see these echo chamber you discuss earlier on nine, we have multiple issues. this fellow was on different platforms. and what he did was borrow from previous mass killers who had manifestos, right down to the style, and some of the issues he spoke about. so what we have is this mutating virus that can spread to young people. what have we seen? young people who are teenagers into the early 20's doing this kinds of mass attacks. and this is now the worst mass race terrorist attack in the united states since august of 2019, when the el paso massacre left 23 souls that. >> i'm struck by something that
7:41 pm
jim kavanaugh said, which, is even if it is confirmed by investigators, if you believe this is been acted alone, there might be essence on the part of the suspect that he was acting in community. there was a group of people behind him and with him with whom he was doing this. why does that matter? what does that tell you? >> e great points. one of the things that we've seen is that there is one doctor of colonel cold stereotypes which labeled certain groups of people and legitimate targets for aggression. but now we have this echo chamber, and it's not just online, it's on talk radio, and it's on other networks. they should be ashamed of themselves. and will we have, is particularly, with young impressionable people who are fearful of the future, they will latch on to this. and then we have domestic terrorists like we have today.
7:42 pm
and one of the quick things, by the way, listen to this, bear with me. june 2020. it was the worst month for anti black hate crime that we saw a lawyers we've had records. what happened then? the social justice protests. and the worst day? june 1st. that was when president trump used for us against peaceful protesters about racial justice. so what i'm saying to you as, is what we have is this blm antifa kind of charades bogeyman, and what happens is, it tails and to a lot of white supremacy that we see down on difference shutdowns on social media. social media companies, some of these politicians, at some of these other media personalities, they might not have their fingerprints and the crime scene, but they are morally complicit. >> ryan, i wanna take you listen for some sounds of the press conference earlier, here it is. >> so if you're evil.
7:43 pm
it was straight-up, racially motivated, hate crime. from somebody outside of our community, outside of the city of good neighbors, as the mayor said, competent our community, and trying to inflict evil upon us. >> you have an idea of someone traveling miles and leaving their own community to go to another community to inflict this type of violence. it is a pattern that we have seen over and over again. >> absolutely. we saw a shooting in gilroy, which i believe had some of the similar social media postings. at the, immigrant child across the state of california, as you wanted to go out of state to get a weapon. we saw, at everyone essays, name the el paso terrorist who traveled across his state. and one of the things we
7:44 pm
brought in our ports of, oftentimes, people will act in the region, but not necessarily in their hometown. the exception, the puck way synagogue shooter who did operate in his own community. we also see these young white males full of machismo, and then they get hooked in to a very fertile garden of white supremacy weems online, and that is exacerbated by pierre validation, and by this aggressive and bigoted social political world that we are in. real briefly, look at the data, we have a today. i'll put it up on twitter a profit love, and look for it. listen to this, 2020, a 13% increase in hate crime, and we had an inflection shift in racial crime on black americans. in the study of 21 major cities, anti african hate crimes increased as well, and then 2022, we have seen another
7:45 pm
double digit increase and overall hate crimes and america's major cities. i'll treat some of that later, but the bottom line is, we are at a point where bigotry, as well as a destruction and confidence in communal us to shuns that hold us together have created this new youth. and what opens up and that, polaroid world? bigots, and extremists can take mainstream fears, combined them with stereotypes, and outrageous racism, and this is what's happening to young people. yes, he is responsible for this. and under federal law, he could get the federal death penalty. but the bottom line is, there are institutions, social media companies, politicians, celebrities, that are complicit that are calling immigrants dirty, and saying terrible things of muslims on all kinds of things.
7:46 pm
anti black kind of conspiracy theories that we saw mutate. and we saw this increase in hate crimes dovetail, and it went exactly up there when we saw the social justice protests. and the stereotypes and conspiracy theories mutate into the following season's. one last point, -- >> let me just say, before you make that last point, i do want our viewers to know that we are awaiting a press conference from new york governor kathy hochul. please continue or thought, but i do want you to know that we're keeping an eye on some of the governors there will bring it to you. brian, we're gonna continue? >> preliminary figures in 2021, new york state. hey crime is up. but the bottom line, but we've had, is you have this wide funnel at the top. and it has more sugar coated bigotry. and then have the stair steps down. and there are these encrypted, affinity based platforms online, where these people trade these kind of horrible, horrible racist conspiracy theories.
7:47 pm
but don't kid yourself, they're also being spread in the mainstream. and that's why i thank your network for having the gut stuff people put on actual facts. you're seeing your you're increasing a crime, the one thing that was missing, where these big mass attacks which we believe. we had a couple, but we believe were impacted by those covid gathering restrictions. and now, i fear, and that's what i was alluding to before, 2018, midterm elections, listen to this, when we saw the -- >> this afternoon, 13 people shocked. ten deceased. three with non-life-threatening injuries. as soon as the information came out about the shooting, governor hochul from albany was on the phone with me and other elected officials and law enforcement leaders in the community. i want to thank the governor for her very quick response to
7:48 pm
this horrific situation in buffalo. and, working from albany, the governor got here as quickly as she could to render support to the community and to check on the status of the victims families. i'm not gonna turn things over to our governor, kathy hochul. >> thank you, mayor brown. and all the elected officials and community leaders. clergy. and also our district attorney who has a lot on his hands right now. anna thank the buffalo police department for their exceptional work in handling the situation. and also, anna thank the new york state police have at it from the very beginning. the state police role is supportive here locally, but also, it is a prime role working with the fbi to secure the home of the individual, which is out of this region, from the southern tier.
7:49 pm
and i masses much evidence as humanly possible, for the very near term. it's hard to know the say. this is my community. and of this community will. i walk the streets. i know the individuals who live here. it's a wonderful, tight-knit, neighborhoods. and to see that sense of security shattered by an individual, a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism, and will be processed coated a such. in a cold hearted, cruel, calculating way. a military style execution, targeting people who simply want to buy groceries. in a neighborhood store. it strikes us, in our very hearts. do know there are such evil that lurks out there.
7:50 pm
yes, i'm here to console the families and a community that is feeling so much pain right now. but mark my words, we will be aggressive in our pursuit of anyone who subscribes the ideals, profess by other white supremacists and how there is a feeding frenzy on social media platforms or hate fosters more hates. that has to stop. these outlets must be more vigilant in monitoring social media content, and, certainly the fact that this act of barbarism, this execution of innocent human beings, can be livestreamed, is where the platforms and not take him down with any second. this says to me that there
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what is your message to people that are trying to go get groceries? >> some people out their hearts ripped open, and all of us suffer with them. there's families that are still finding out if their loved one is not coming home tonight. they can get their groceries tomorrow. . >> he said there was social media concerns, i'm understanding, we have people on social media and that it wasn't flag? >> that's what i find now, exactly. the social media platforms that profit from their existence need to be responsible.
7:56 pm
and having surveillance, knowing that they can be, in a sense, an accomplice to a crime like this. perhaps not legally, but morally. they created the platform to allow this hate to be spewed. and others who are like-minded or could be radicalized, people who may not be intending to go down the path, but they read this, it is pervasive. it's among the big lies that are out there. and we know how insidious it is. we see the effect, but particularly, the act of live streaming this. the fact that that could even be hosted on a platform, it's absolutely shocking. and we need to find out what happened, and how to make sure doesn't happen again. >> do you think those social media footprint should have been noticed? >> absolutely, he should be monitored by everyone involved. the platform, and law
7:57 pm
enforcements monitors millions of most in search of information like this, and it's all part of the inquiry. >> was it one weapon? was only one weapon? was illegally obtained? >> my understanding is that it was illegally obtained weapon, and it was modified with illegal magazines that given the current anywhere. we can find out where they came from, there are shivers illegally in the state of pennsylvania. so it's not that hard to make that modification. but, as modify, it became illegal. >> listening to new york governor kathy hochul speaking to that shooting left ended in buffalo. let's get straight to msnbc law enforcement analyst jim kavanaugh. jim, there are a few details that i wanted to add to what we heard from governor hochul. the prince of the suspects, we are told, are distraught, and so, far cooperating.
7:58 pm
we are told that role enforcement officials are awaiting a search warrant to go into the home. the prints say the 18 year old recently legally purchased the weapons. we heard more on that from the governor. investigators are looking into where and how those ritualistic place. there was a semi automatic rifle, a hunting rifle, and a shotgun. police still processing the scene, unclear how many rounds were fired in all at this early stage of this investigation. and the feds are speaking with locals about the possibility of filing federal hate crime related charges. in addition to all of, that we also reporting from nbc's been collins. a manifesto claiming to be written by the suspect includes a shared birthday, details with the suspect originally posted to google docs on thursday night. we have senior law enforcement and be seen use telling us where aware of the manifesto. those earned by the suspect,
7:59 pm
and they're working to definitively confirm that he is the author. the manifest includes dozens of pages of antisemitic racist memes repeatedly citing the racist replacement conspiracy theory pushed by white supremacists which falsely alleges white people are being replaced in america as part of an elaborate jewish conspiracy theory. this is all ongoing and developing. we're gonna continue to follow the story. that is all the time out for today, only sin and, this will see you back here tomorrow at 6 pm eastern for american voices. for now, handed over to my colleague, a man. hi, ayman. >> hey, alicia, thank you so much. good evening to you at home i'm ayman mohyeldin, here in new york. we are tracking a lot of breaking news this hour. as you probably heard right, now at least ten people killed during what police, believe was a planned attack at a supermarket in buffalo, new york. it happened late this afternoon.
8:00 pm
long force when officials say that the suspected shooter is an 18-year-old white male who is now in custody and there is evidence that the shooting was racially motivated. , it was pure evil >> illustrated racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community outside of the city of good, neighbors, as a mirror, said coming into our community and trying to inflict evil upon us. >> let's get some analysis


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