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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  May 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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recent displace of blatant and surreal disrespect for serene, her memory, and those who loved her. ushering's body was being transported from st. joseph hospital on friday, israeli police attacked the funeral procession, harassing, beating, and nearly forcing the paul burris to drop her coffin. local media reported some 33 people were ultimately injured in the attack. six were hospitalized. and the idea that anyone, let alone agents of the state, would at tack a funeral procession is beyond horrifying. i simply do not have the words to describe it. but some felt that they did have the words for it. anthony blinken, the united
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states chief diplomat, secretary of state, said that he was deeply troubled by the images of israeli police intruding into the funeral procession of listing in american shireen abu akleh. intruding. that is a curious war choice to say the least. i want you to watch this video again, a secretary blinken's words. israeli police intrude ontarians loved ones, as they intrude, with punches, and clubs, and smoke grenades into the crowd. if that's an intrusion, i simply hope i'm never forced to witness an actual attack on a funeral procession. funeral procession we begin this hour with breaking news out of buffalo, new york. the justice department are saying that it is investigating that mass shooting in buffalo, quote, as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated violence extremism. at least ten people are dead following a mass shooting at a supermarket in buffalo sit out this afternoon. authorities say the gunman who's wearing body armor walked into a top supermarket and began firing a high powered rifle. law enforcement officials say the suspect has been identified, as an 18-year-old male from cancun new york. that is about a four hour drive
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from buffalo. the suspect is in custody, and he has been arraigned in buffalo city in one of his courtrooms on the count of first degree murder. he was remanded without bail, and a felony hearing is scheduled for thursday. often officials say the 18 year old legally purchased the weapon which included a semiautomatic rifle, a hunting rifle, and a shotgun. according to file data access by nbc news, a manifesto that claims to be written by the suspect includes elaborate details about the shooting. a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news that officials are working to confirm the suspect is the author of that manifesto. from on, this honoring an nbc news reporter ben collins with his exclusive reporting on this. also the, frank, lucy and almost nbc national security analyst. then, also with, you with this reporting that you on the
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reporting have been doing. you've been digging to the subjects alleged manifesto those posted online. walk us through what you have learned. >> yes, this manifestos posted on thursday as a google doc. and that metadata, you can see that it was posted for 5:00 on tuesday, i was not even the since then. the manifesto is bob standard white supremacist graver placement three stuff. is basically plagiarized from bryn terrence who shot and killed, and injured 41 others in new zealand. a few years ago. who was also obsessed with the great replacement theory. i don't even reading, it irregular anything new. it's filled with fortune memes, content. it is many pictures and memes, and that's what he admits in this manifesto. that he, at the start of the pandemic, govern much into fortune, very much into white
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supremacists, and great replacement theory means. he then finds himself as a read cyst in this manifesto. inaugurating new here. is essentially a copycat manifesto. and i seeks the coffee the new zealand shooting. >> frank, you also had the manifesto, i believe. i believe that was run by the shooter. or your initial thoughts on the? >> they are gone this way so quickly, this 18-year-old. but the speed of the radicalization, and we're seeing that it's a violent authentic thought. here we are online, radicalization, but the words are not ideologies here. they are where you can hear virtually in any given night on cable news channel. you can find them in any hour of the day on various platforms on the internet. such, as 4chan, which offers
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almost complete anonymity in posting. virtually no rules there. and receiving thoughts now about the upcoming possible purchase of twitter. when my having those thoughts? because you long mosque, who is poised to purchase, if you go through with, it has said now, repeatedly, in the last couple of weeks, he is going to allow it, if it's illegal. well i'm tell you something, when i'm reading in the manifesto, short of the actual crime of killing people in the supermarket, everything in there is legal. that doesn't mean a safe, doesn't mean it's not gonna get somebody killed, so just illegal is our bar for what gets on the internet. when very big trouble. we're in trouble right now. and something has to be done, and wondering policing, requisition pastas on line. >> yeah, you bring up earlier point about the role of social media and all of this. then, on a talk to you about
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that, because you are somebody who drives very closely. the suspect was reportedly livestreaming this horrific act to social media. what does that say about the state of our online culture, that people want to share, even the most depraved evil acts with their followers or for their world, or for the world to see. perhaps even inspire future attackers out there. >> well, it shows eaton of a community and rely far. he did have a community of mass shooters who personally identified, and the realist it often is not a hostile. several white supremacist mass shooters over the past several years the repression
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identified. those people live stream their masculine. we have the new zealand shooter, he livestreamed that on facebook. this was livestreamed on twitch. interesting here that frank brought, up twitched down that live stream and it's a horrible thing to watch. and there's not many copies of it on the internet right now. but, in places like texas, who are trying to block the ability to take don content, with sweeping legislation, that will be illegal. so we will take down the manifesto? that's illegal, but they take it down as well. so we're gonna see how these laws are going to be enforced. these alleged free speech loss. but it is a real change going through our society in times of how we are dealing with content moderation, and this could be a side effect of the. >> ben,, frank sorry, ana -- asked about the shooter for a moment, because he was heavily armed with, i, believe tactical, gear and illicit some of the weapons that he had, as i understand, and he was shot by retired buffalo police officer was working as a security guard in that shopping center, or supermarket, to be more precise. the retired officer unfortunately in tragically was killed. the suspect was unharmed.
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how does that affect the investigation to have a suspect alive in custody, and what is that tell you about the disparity of overseeing an 18 year old capable of buying and doing, a security guard being the one killed here indefensible to the supermarket? >> first, we've heard from governor hochul in new york. she said it's our belief that these weapons were purchased legally. that's interesting. new york are some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. so they're gonna have likely come from somewhere else. you also mentioned that at least one of the ones i've been modified, profit in the form of illegal magazines purchased somewhere else. so this goes where the issue of, is very nice to have 50 different states with 50 different sets of laws governing firearms possession and sales, but it's time to reconsider that, because it's not working. a state can do everything they want to do about making its
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citizens safe, but right next door, you can acquire guns, you can modify them. so we need a national solution to the. with a rather than investigation, yeah, he's good to talk, his wife also speaking for him. it is likely. a crime and by the, way don't be surprised if you see him and choice and prosecuted separately by new york and by the federal government. it's happened before. the message there will be, you do, this you spend the rest of your life in prison. the federal haired crime. you are looking at light from president >> all i, gentlemen thanks for joining us and breaking this tragic story not for us. some more. coming, up democrat sounding the alarm. congresswoman katie porter's message on inflation, and elizabeth warren's plan for relief. don't go anywhere. ere. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste
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can get to work and school safely and reliably. prop a improves pedestrian and bike safety throughout san francisco. prop a benefits everyone in every neighborhood, regardless of their income. vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. breaking 0. 40% of baby formula in the u.s. is out of stock. in texas a single mother said she drove 116 miles in search of formula only to find one small can. now this shortage isn't new, it has been brewing since last summer, worsening in february when the country's largest manufacturer issued a recall. just this week, several senators told one reporter that they weren't aware of the issue at all. by the end of the week, congress said that it would
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investigate the issue in the white house announced that it would speed up manufacturing and increase imports. but unfortunately, this problem goes far beyond access to just one product. >> i've seen moms in the store crying in the formula aisle, because they can't find the babies formula. >> well, obviously a lot of my friends are talking about the gas prices and being able to travel this summer. >> in the grocery store as well, sort of picking and choosing my battles now is what i really need versus what i want as the prices increase. >> we're being more picky about what we shop for. i'm trying to pick things that i can turn into 2 to 3 meals. >> so america's experiencing the highest levels of inflation in 40 years. the average price for a gallon of gas reach $4. 43, that is a record. rents are growing at the fastest pace since 2006. food prices are rising, the
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situation is causing many americans to cut back including at least one member of congress, california congresswoman katie porter saying that she was forced to push back a package of bacon after noticing its price spike to $10 a pound. porter, a single mother of three shared her experience during an emotional speech at a democratic caucus meeting last week, remarkably she said, it seems like the first time the personal toll of this crisis had to sunken for some lawmakers in the room. the first time? when the american people have been begging for help for months. it shouldn't take representative porter or someone else to show democrats what is right in front of their faces. here is some advice from members of both parties. get out of your bubbles, get back to your districts, listen to your constituents. as congresswoman porter quoted,, too often congress recognizes issues too late. this time the american people can't afford to wait.
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let's discuss this and more with my saturday night panel. we have a democratic strategist, erin haines is editor at large for the 19th, she is an msnbc contributor and liz is the founder and chief creative officer of abortion access right, she is the cocreator of the daily show. great to have all three of you. aaron, i would like to start with you, congresswoman porter said that one of her colleagues didn't see inflation as a pressing issue because they were not seeing it show up in the polls. she replied by saying quote, well, you don't know what to ask. the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it exists. how do democrats acknowledge that inflation exists, how do they show voters that they actually see them and understand what they are going through? >> well a man, i think the answer is what you were talking to, at the beginning of this conversation, that is going to
9:17 pm
the district, something that representative porters doing as a single mom who is living in this inflation experience right now. the thing about representative porter, and also senator warren who has spoken about this, they are effective. they're talking directly to voters about kitchen table issues that are likely to impact the midterms. we continue to write about this. my colleague has pointed out some interesting statistics which trucks date on women and single men, it's still women who are more likely to walk to the grocery aisles and get food for themselves and their families, more likely to spend more on those meals at home. those meals are 10% with inflation. men tend to spend more on takeout or dining out, prices were up 7% there as well. but, you know, i think for so many people, this issue is not impacting you or someone you
9:18 pm
know, you are not aware of it. that is including for too many members of congress, including many men for whom, you know, this is not become real in the way that it has for people like representative porter. the baby formula shortage has also families scrambling. >> liz, i want to ask about the white house response, president biden called inflation a top priority just on tuesday. it seems like his message is not reaching the american people. some democrats criticize that speech, comparing it to an economics lesson more than a political rallying cry. one called it or said if you are explaining, you are losing. how do you rate, or evaluate how the white house is responding to this moment, both in terms of policy and in terms of messaging. >> i mean, i think that the white house, you know, for all the troops that joe biden has
9:19 pm
about being that dude from scranton, it all just seems very disconnected. all of these issues are intersectional. we talk about the democrats being tone deaf, but when you see tim scott actually being shocked when janet yellin is framing what abortion activists like myself have said forever that this is an economic issue, when and if you decide you want to have children and how you are going to afford to race them is paramount to the decisions people make when it comes to childbirth and abortion. it seems so rich at this point that when you have the republicans championing a domestic policy that forces people to have babies, combined with a trade policy that starves them, that pretty much sums up who they are in this moment. >> basil, this is not just a democrat problem, i want to be
9:20 pm
clear about that, republicans have no issues blaming the biden administration for rising costs but they have been offered -- asking quote how long before biden calls it putin's baby formula crisis? talk to me about the republicans in this for a moment, they are pretending that inflation to started tonight when in reality it's a product of policies, decisions that have been in motions for years. economic patterns that have been trending for years. >> we'll, if you add that to the fact that trump was president, what and went against traditional conservatives ideologies with their tax cut, they are not speaking to us. they are not speaking to democrats, they are speaking to their supporters, to trumpists that are out there, because their goal is to really energize that without having to
9:21 pm
deal with the truth about what's taking place right now and how some of this may have begun. but what they are doing is they are using this as an opportunity to rally their troops to really be able to use that against democrats in the midterms and certainly hope they can ride that to 2024. i would go back to something that you said and that errin has said earlier, all politics is local, i can't say that isn't enough. there's a reason why local officials handout turkeys, there is an intimacy between that local representative and local. what democrats can do to counter whatever the republicans are saying about this moment is to go local. congress is too distant and amorphous for most voters. so give local elections the tools they deserve, find ways to give them the resources if they are available or work with partners in various industries in their states to be able to give voters on the ground the supplies and support that they
9:22 pm
need, without that those voters will just look to blame someone, rightfully so, and they will point fingers at washington, and the truth is that the republicans are looking at that and they're capitalizing on it every step of the way. what they are doing is little by little, picking away at what was a strong democratic coalition. we just can't give them the resources to do that. >> panel stick around, we have a lot more to discuss after the break, up next the mass shooting inside a buffalo supermarket. it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online.
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9:27 pm
hand, that included a semiautomatic rifle, a hunting rifle and a shotgun. he is accused of walking into a tops supermarket firing a high powered rifle while wearing body armor and helmets. the suspect was unharmed taken into custody. he is held without bail. at least ten people are dead, another three injured. now over to the show. >> thank you very much for that update, richard. joining us once again, excuse me joining me now is shannon she's the founder of the gun violence prevention groups mom demands action. shannon, it's good to have you with us, i hate to say it is again on another night of tragedy in this country. your reaction to today's deadly events. >> as you said, once again we are impacted by a tragic and senseless shooting, this time at a grocery store in buffalo we know at least ten people were killed, majority of whom were black and three more were
9:28 pm
wounded. it was clearly a hate motivated act. this community will be forever traumatized, but that is the reality we have right now which is we are living in a country where gunfire can wring out at any moment whether it is at a grocery store in buffalo, or basketball game in milwaukee. these killings and shootings are absolutely senseless and i am seeing so many people offer their thoughts and prayers today, what we need is action. and we needed now! >> i know they got been working with your group for nearly a decade advocating against gun violence and yet we are still seeing an uptick in shootings like this one. you speak of actions, talk to me about how upsetting this is to see and more importantly, what is the specific action you think needs to be done? >> well, look, it is upsetting it is tragic, i know that it sparks feelings of hopelessness,
9:29 pm
i wouldn't wake up every single day and do this work as a full-time volunteer for nearly a decade if we weren't winning. we are in so many states and school boards and city councils. but, this tragedy underscores the fact that we are in the grips of a gun crisis, it's the daily shootings, that killed people in play communities. 110 people are killed every single day and let's be clear, so many other injustices in this country it disproportionately affects black people. so this gun violence, right? black people are twice as likely than white people to die by gun. we cannot accept this as the new normal in our workplaces, our supermarkets, our spas, our schools as though it is just part of life. one thing we are calling for right now is that the atf, nomination, that president biden has made, a person who knows how to tackle domestic terrorism extremism, we need the senate to confirm steve as the director of the atf without
9:30 pm
delay and every lawmaker should take action to make this happen >> law enforcement is saying that this attack, as soon as possible. unfortunately, where the suspect is an 18-year-old white man was a racially motivated crime, does this surprise you with the rise that we have been seeing in these kinds of attacks that they are racially motivated? >> unfortunately it does not surprise me. we have seen more and more extremism in this country, especially the rhetoric, this is being investigated as a hate crime, racially motivated, and we hear that kind of rhetoric every single day from people who are supposed to be setting an example and making the laws in this country. if you look at other nations they are also home to extremism, massage in, is white supremacy, what they don't have in those
9:31 pm
nations is easy access to gun. that is something that our lawmakers in conjunction with gun manufacturers have made happen over the last decade. this is a logical outcome of 400 million guns and two few gun laws, that is something that we can fix. >> have you've been in touch with president biden or the white house on any meaningful action on preventing gun violence since he has come into office? >> we have. i have been at the white house or at the vice presidents residence in the last couple of months. i sat in the rose garden as he signed this new law into effect, the president has done more than any in a generation on the issue of guns. but, let's remember the attorney general has said that the greatest domestic threat facing america's racially or ethnically motivated extremism. joe biden is taking a critical step in nominating a director who is up to the task.
9:32 pm
and so, again that is the call to action, we really need to be contacting the senate and making sure that we put in charge a leader who knows how to tackle domestic extremism. >> finally, shannon, if i can before i let you go, what message do you have for the people of buffalo tonight as they real from this tragedy? >> i'm just so sad that this is yet another community that will be forever traumatized. we will not accept a country where gunfire can wring out at any moment. we have to stop the senseless killings, we need action, not just thoughts and prayers and we need action by the senate. we need and atf director, every state in this country, we are only as safe as the state with the weakest gun laws, we need action on guns. obviously i wish the senate would do its job, but in lieu of that, we have to have an atf director at the helm that will take action and address this
9:33 pm
kind of extremism. >> shannon watts, it's always a pleasure to see you, i wish it was and on the circumstances. thank you so much for joining us as always. we're gonna have more on the breaking news out of buffalo later this hour. stay with us. it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online. can a company make the planet a better place? ♪♪ what if it's a company of people working beside friends and neighbors? pursuing 100% renewable energy in our operations.
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9:37 pm
the horrifying news on the mass shooting in the buffalo supermarket that left at least ten people dead, three injured, back with me as my saturday night panel. basil, i want to start with you, the justice department as i've mentioned earlier is investigating the shooting as a hate crime, we know that 11 of the victims were black, the suspect appeared to have the n-word etched on one of the weapons according to law enforcement sources. your reaction to that, i know that you are friends with the mayor of buffalo, it must be devastating not just that community but to everyone in this country to hear this hate filled message. >> yeah, i have a number of friends in buffalo and in the buffalo area as well, i'm thinking about them at this time, you know it's interesting i was with some students acts are p. i. in new york which is probably about five or six hours away from buffalo who are about to graduate, one of the
9:38 pm
questions they had is how do we navigate this world where there is so much happening online, so much happening in the world and we are fearful about our future is. i have to sit there and say i am just as afraid as you are, but try to find some way to provide them some hope and guidance for how to move forward. and i think that is really what we have to do at a time where the gun laws aren't good enough. the thoughts and prayers are not good enough, and haven't been some quite some time. i reflect on a shooting at a congressional baseball game, if you remember, five years ago next month, and there wasn't much done. there wasn't much done after she was shot. if members of congress don't do anything or much when one of their own is a victim of gun violence, and god help us in the communities that we are in right now, the other concern certainly we is that in the trump era where we know that this ideology already existed, but the fact is that these folks now feel far more emboldened to be upfront and outward about their hatred, we
9:39 pm
have to be more vigilant. i hate that we have to do this again in our country. >> aaron, abc news is reporting that the manifesto written by the suspect, that manifesto mentioned the racist conspiracy, this is the latest mass shooting with a potential manifesto attached to it. what do you make of this trend of these, and mostly young, all white leading these manifesto's saying what it is that inspired them? >> in the coming days we are going to learn about the lives that were lost in buffalo, as another community is forced to be hurting and begin the process of healing and perhaps coming together in the wake of this racially motivated attack, this racist attack in buffalo. i think you are absolutely right, ayman, to point out that this is on a continuum, this is not isolated incidents and the threat of white supremacy in this country has once again reared its ugly head in one of our communities. a national holistic response to this is needed. we talk about white supremacy
9:40 pm
as the greatest domestic terror threat that we face, it's not going to be enough for this one person to be brought to justice, it is time we talk about why this is happening, where this is happening, white keeps happening and how to stop it from happening and continue to address this is not an isolated event that is happening, but as an insidious phenomenon that has some traits that you are alluding to, and they have taken root in our society, it's only going to mean that today's horrible events is not the last day that we will have to talk about them. >> to your point, it bothers me so much when i hear people try to pass these off as one-off, isolated incidents, or the shooter had a mental alluding
9:41 pm
to, and they have taken root in our society, it's only going to mean that today's horrible events is not the last day that we will have to talk about them. >> to your point, it bothers me so much when i hear people try to pass these off as one-off, isolated incidents, or the shooter had a mental problem or it was just a one-off as opposed to a pattern of behavior that we have to figure out why this is happening. liz, i want to get your thoughts on this. unfortunately, the latest mass shooting were talking to professor 11, he's the director of a study, i don't know if you caught that interview, he tweeted out that the shooting
9:42 pm
appears to be the worst domestic terrorist attack since august 2019, in which the el paso shooter committed that massacre and killed 23 people. why does this keep happening in our country and what should we do to stop it? >> i mean, that is a big question to put at me, ayman, would i do think is that when foundationally we deny that so much of how this country has been formed, the bedrock of it, is based in these racist behaviors and this white supremacy and when you look at the doubling down of not wanting to teach our children our history so we don't repeat it, when it is so profoundly awful that we don't want to recognize the awfulness that we are so that we can fix it, at what point are we going to cross a precipice where that is just who we are all the time and that is normal? i think that it makes you feel scared for all of it, it's up to white folks to call it out,
9:43 pm
white folks started this, they did this. this dude identifies as a racist, it's not racially charged, it's not racially motivated, he is a racist, he said he is, let's call him one. >> you're absolutely right about that, the clarity is important, battled the suspected shooter 18 year old kid grow to a supermarket, i don't even want to call him a kid, he's an 18 year old man in every sense of the world, he drove to the supermarket in scared for all of it, it's up to white folks to call it out, white folks started this, they did this. this dude identifies as a racist, it's not racially charged, it's not racially motivated, he is a racist, he said he is, let's call him one. >> you're absolutely right about that, the clarity is important, battled the suspected shooter 18 year old kid grow to a supermarket, i don't even want to call him a kid, he's an 18 year old man in
9:44 pm
every sense of the world, he drove to the supermarket in tactical gear, he had a semi automatic rifle, a shotgun found at the scene, what do you make of the suspect being able to get this kind of year at 18 years old and with little oversight? >> well is incomprehensible. it is the reality of our system, in your earlier interview, it is the challenge of having a fragmented's system where states can come up with their own laws. i want to make this other point, i think liz raises this in a way that i want to piggyback on. oftentimes the time the issue of gun is racialized. white folks can own guns and it is never going to be a problem. but the bad things are gonna happen with guns that happens in the black communities to black people, among black people, but it is not the white
9:45 pm
community that doesn't know how to handle guns where it's going to be a lot more responsible with guns, and that is not true. the reality is that these kinds of crimes, the fact that this is a hate crime, that we are seeing this so much more, the truth is that it has always existed and there is nothing that is being done to curve -- the point that an 18 year old can by tactical gear and shoot up a supermarket, that will happen again, unfortunately. we will be back here talking about it until it stops. >> i think that as we're in the world win of all of this, with their snow baby formula on our shelves, but we are able to access guns is unbelievable. >> yes, it is so disturbing when you put it like that, the ability to think of how easy it is to get guns in this country, it is a poignant reminder, thank you for bringing that point, liz. panel, stick around, we will change gears after the break and discuss the audacious hypocritical words of justice clarence thomas.
9:46 pm
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drafted a decision overall versus wade, justices say that the real victim is the court. >> if someone said that one line of one opinion would be leaked by anyone and you would say that is impossible, no one would ever do that, look where we are, we have a believe that is gone forever. and when you lose that trust it changes the institution, fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder. >> keep in mind this is the same supreme court justice who was unconcerned about his own wife trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election, who also saw no issues with then ruling on cases related to that election. let's bring back our saturday night panel, liz, clarence thomas has not recused himself from cases attached to that event, even though many have said that they should because of his wife's involvement. i can't imagine that he has seriously not rick used himself,
9:51 pm
or that someone else has not told him to do it. >> the gibberish of that entire speech if you read the whole thing was wild when he said that conservatives would never treat anybody that way, did you watch the canton g brown jackson hearing? they accused her of aiding and abetting a pedophiles. it's a straight base for which he sits from a perch of -- with his wife and him, i mean, he is ridiculous! he is ridiculous. he is the person who has destroyed the courts. i don't even know what else to say. >> basil thomas also took the time last night to slam the abetting a pedophiles. it's a straight base for which he sits from a perch of -- with his wife and him, i mean, he is ridiculous! he is ridiculous. he is the person who has destroyed the courts. i don't even know what else to
9:52 pm
say. >> basil thomas also took the time last night to slam the protests outside of the homes of justices calling it a temper tantrum. >> you would never visit supreme court justices houses when things didn't go our way, we didn't throw temper tantrums, i think it is incumbent on us to always act appropriately and not to repay tit-for-tat. >> your reaction to that? >> listen, i'll just say simply, every so-called temper tantrum that has been thrown in history for the benefit of people of color has given him every opportunity that he has had in his life, so if he wants to call that temper tantrums, even the work that was done by former justice, late justice irvine marshall, he can call it that if he wants but the hypocrisy is just stunning. the ineptitude is stunning. and quite frankly, to liz's
9:53 pm
point, if you want to really have concerns about the sanctity of the court, look across the dinner table. >> i want to get him a copy of the late john lewis's get in good trouble speech perhaps that might refresh his memory in terms of what protests has done in moving this country forward. but errin, he complained about the treatment of conservative nominees for the supreme court by liberals. he says republicans would never go after a liberal nominee and i just want to bang my head against the desk and till i pass out because he clearly did not see what happened to ketanji brown jackson during her hearings, and the circus that republicans made that day.
9:54 pm
>> yeah, there was no mention of his colleagues experience which means that he didn't feel like she was miss treated. a lot of people who were watching the hearings felt otherwise. we don't know given the audience whether he was asked about his wife's role, but a lot of people, to your point, and to liz's point, have questions about whether or not that presents a conflict of interest for him. one of the interesting things that i took away from hearing his comments, he is the longest serving person in the court, he has seen a lot, he signals where he lands on roe v. wade, and it was interesting to hear from him because we rarely hear from him. he spoke at length during this interview, and he was pretty clear that he appeared to be aligned with justices lead owes draft opinion, so we don't know with the final opinion is going to be but it looks like his belief is that roe should be
9:55 pm
overturned means that he could be signing with a lot of the sentiments in that draft opinion. >> i'm glad you brought that up, liz, i've wanted to compare him to the late ruth ginsburg, she faced a lot of backlash from don trump in the republicans in 2016 when she criticize him during the campaign and there is silence from republicans today on thomas's opinionated commons. him and other justices they are free to go out and about, samuel leader, john roberts, but they all came down on ruth bader ginsburg, do you get why we are calling this segment are hypocrisy hot take of the week? >> i mean, yes. also the thing that i find so profoundly bizarre in all of it is that as we talk about the slippery slope of how we interpret the 14th amendment and that it doesn't just go to abortion, it could go to interracial marriage, you're in an interracial marriage, sir,
9:56 pm
are you literally going to delegitimized your own marriage? it is so thick with ridiculousness that i honestly am at a loss for words. >> yeah, i was going to say, the people have been ringing the alarm bells for the last couple of years saying that we should be taking this seriously in terms of what other doors and cans it opens. they are pointing to all these other things that could be opened by weakening the 14th amendment as a result of overturning roe versus wade. battles michaels, erin haines, liz winced ed, thank you for joining us this weekend, we appreciate your time and insight as always. thank you at home for making time for us, make sure to come back tomorrow night 9 pm eastern right here on msnbc, we will have the very latest developments on the buffalo shooting for now, i am ayman, goodnight from new york.
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