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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  May 15, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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ashing ) ♪ ♪ but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for this... yourself. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate for a quote today. this is a katie fang show, live from miami, florida. we have lots of news to cover in lots of questions to answer. so let's get started. another deadly mass shooting in america. this time in a predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, new york. it is the latest in a string of attacks targeting minorities in communities of color. are we facing an epidemic of hate? and later, i will ask longtime republican miles taylor whether he sees any connection between a rise in extremism of the gop, and the repeated acts of violence that are plaguing our
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nation. plus, breaking this morning, finland's president is confirming that the country intends to apply for nato membership. as russian forces withdraw from around kharkiv after bombing the city for weeks. all of that and more is coming up on the show. and a good but somber sunday morning to you. i am katie fang. the most simple of everyday activities, going grocery shopping, turned deadly yesterday after a gunman opened fire today some rocket on the saturday afternoon in the predominantly black neighborhood in buffalo, new york. killing ten people and leaving three wounded. 11 of the 13 shot were black. the suspect and 18-year-old white male is in custody. and he has pleaded not guilty. this morning we are learning more about in the parent manifesto he allegedly left behind. more on that in a moment. let's make no mistake here.
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this was an act of white supremacy and racism. that is what long forsman is calling. it is the latest high-profile mass shooting targeting minority groups. which is something that has become all too familiar in this country. back in 2015, the country and the world, grief-stricken a shot, one in the vowed witness chanel us and today house of worship. the emanuel church in charleston, -- killing several people in the bible study group. the next, year one of the biggest mass shootings in history of america, the shooting it pulse. in 2019, in the top in a walmart in the past, out texas, which meant when people were killed. the suspect told police he was targeting mexicans the. last year's shooting at three spas in atlanta, georgia, killing eight people including six of asian descent. just this past week, a gunman opened fire at a korean owned a
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hair salon in dallas. police are not investigating it as a hate crime. potentially look two other shootings targeting asian businesses. after seeing is laid bare like this, what's tractor the after another, you would think that we would not be shocked anymore but what happened yesterday. but we are and although we grieve at the stunning loss of lives we are also angry about what's happened. and for me that means there is still hope for us. but how do we have citizens of this country liberalize under the threat of possible daily violence? to answer the question i'm going to ask our law enforcement expert, former and ypg commissioner dermot shea about what the facts say. that is coming up. but first let's get the latest on the ground in buffalo. nbc's emily acadia is there for us. emily, americans are waking up to yet another mass shooting. what are you hearing about the investigation this morning? >> good morning. you are so right.
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this community is absolutely shaken to its core. we are less than 24 hours out from that horrific shooting that played out in the parking lot behind me. officials say that the suspect arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon, began shooting people in the parking lot. for individuals. before he continued inside to the supermarket. they say that the security guard trying to stop him and they exchanged gunfire. but authorities say that because the suspect was wearing tactical gear, he was able to continue on and shoot eight more people. internal starting people shot here. ten of those victims have died. you know you talked about how this is going to be investigated as a hate crime. the justice department is looking into racially motivated violent extremism. i want to take a look at these photos that they shared with us of the suspects weapons. you will notice that parts of the markings on the weapons are blurred, and that is because there are racial slurs, there are messages of hates. it is cnn another layer to this horrific scene. take a listen to how officials
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reacted. >> this was pure evil. it was a straight-up racially motivated motivated hate crime. from somebody outside of our community. outside of the city of good neighbors. coming into our community and trying to inflict that evil upon us. >> and something other investigators are looking into is an apparent manifesto that claims that the suspect chose to target buffalo because of the number of black people in the area. the suspect we saw in court last night, he was charged with first degree more or. if convicted he will face up to life in prison. he will appear in court again later this week. also, very much a developing situation. more details later this morning in the news conference. katie. >> our thanks to emily al-qaeda, live in buffalo. meanwhile, reactions pouring in
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from across the political spectrum. late last night, biden issued a statement condemning the attack, calling it a racially motivated hate crime. in bloomington, delaware, following the president. with all said he had to say about the strategy? >> hey. katie president biden reaction to this shooting in a statement issued just before midnight, in which the president praise the first responders for their bravery and responding to this incident in buffalo. the president also calling the shooting an act of domestic terrorism and a hate crime. president biden saying in the statement that hey must have no safe harbor in america. we must do everything in our power to end hate fueled domestic terrorism. we know that biden has been focused on gun violence in the last few weeks, even as recently as the day before the shooting, when he was calling on states, on congress, and others, to be able to step out fighting to police. calling for some ten billion
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dollars in funding left over from covid-19, to be used to plus a police departments as president biden was warning of a summer surge and violent crime. he says we see year after year. this morning we know that attorney general eric garland is also announcing that there will be a federal hate crime investigation into this incident in buffalo. but katy, even as president biden and his administration are trying to show that they are taking gun violence very seriously, gun violence groups are still criticizing this administration. saying the act is too little to be a late. i'm not prioritize this the way the president biden, as a candidate, pledge that he would. and in fact, gun violence advocacy group saying that it's justice president biden was inaugurated its. there have been more than 850 mass shootings in the united states. the first opportunity we may have to hear from president biden on this on camera will be
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later this morning. he is currently in bloomington returning shortly to washington. when midday today he will be giving a speech at a memorial ceremony at the u.s. capital for a fallen police officer. president biden may take that is not opportunity to be able to speak to the american people about the horrendous violence that we saw on buffalo as well as what he and his administration hope you do in the coming months to try to tackle the gun violence problem in the u.s.. katie? >> our thanks to josh lederman. now we are going to switch and go to eastern europe where ukrainian officials are saying that their forces have reclaim territory in the country's northeast. after driving russian forces away from the city of kharkiv. this comes as russia and ukraine engaged in a grinding battle for the country's eastern industrial heartland. plus, in the latest drove american solidarity with ukraine, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is leading a senate delegation to kyiv yesterday. along with ukraine president vladimir zelenskyy. for more on this we turn to our
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mclaughlin in kyiv. >> on saturday, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell as well as three other high-ranking republican leaders visited the capital of kyiv meeting with president zelenskyy and other high-ranking ukrainian officials, as the u.s. senate is working to push through that massive 40 billion dollar relief package that ukraine says it needs to win this war. lewinsky theory the lawmakers for their support. meanwhile, it has been seen as a massive morale boost for ukraine. last night the ukrainian rap bans collusion orchestra won the eurovision song contest. they're winning khan, stefania, was originally which ring for the lead singer's mother but has since become a anthem following their performance. the call on the honest to support ukraine, as well as we get the port city of mariupol. presidents as a lynskey saying that the sound of victory will
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be heard next in ukraine. vowing that this country will host next year's eurovision song contest as is the custom. katie? >> think you erin mclaughlin. coming up, former member of the trump administration miles taylor trying to make you talk about the possible consequences of the obsession with the idea that white americans are being replaced by minorities. is this kind of rhetoric fueling a pattern of hate -related shootings in the united states? we will discuss later this hour. also later on in the show, after the leak supreme court grant draft decision roe v. wade could reverse five decades of precedent, justice clarence thomas says the real victim here is the court. i will share my thoughts. before we go, darren brown with some breaking news. >> thank you katie. breaking this morning, finland announcing that it intends to apply for nato membership. the previously neutral nordic countries shares in over 800 mile long border with russia. sweden has also taken steps in
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recent days towards joining the alliance, which was originally supposed to counter soviet aggression. all this comes as russian president vladimir putin continues his war on ukraine, which has now stretched over 80 days. with katie fang more after the break. fang more after the break. but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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in-depth analysis of the biggest news stories. and documentaries that help you look at the world in a new way. we are united by one constitution. click on the msnbc hub to get all one place. for a deeper understanding, watching msnbc on peacock. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ we are back with breaking developments in the deadly mass shooting in buffalo. the justice department is investigating the attack as a hate crime, and investigating it for terrorism. right now, senior law enforcement official told msnbc news that the authorities were working to verify an apparent manifesto that includes dozens of pages of antisemitic and racist news. repeatedly citing the racist replacement conspiracy theory, critically pushed by white supremacists. for more on the investigation and what we are learning today, i will bring it german shea, former and repeating commissioner and msnbc law enforcement analyst. commissioner, thank you for
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being here this morning. i know there is a lot going on. i would like to get your reaction on what we know so far. are there any particular aspects to this investigation at the preliminary stages understanding to most? >> good morning katie. thank you for having me on. i can tell you there were many things to keep law enforcement up at night. but this type of an instant is at the top of that list. somebody with little warning signs, self radicalizing online, and then just committing a -- no other way to describe it than a pure act of evil. when you look at this particular incident used are starting to see some details emerge. some reports are coming out about possibly a -- i think we are going to have to watch all of these very closely. i would say that if that is the case, i think that one, to me, stands out. that is one that will really leave many people scratching their heads. the question on everyone's mind should be, why is it so difficult to keep firearms out of the hands of somebody that
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has exhibited prior warnings? i think that is where the focus should be. >> commissioner, can you go into more detail about this investigation? we are hearing about some prior threats. >> there have been reports on line already about possible prior threats. all of this has to be validated. when you see the reports in the manifesto, i would like to make this point as well. as difficult as this type of incident is for law enforcement, it is a process. and there are potentially warnings that come up. when you start to peel back, this is what federal and state law authorities are going to be doing now. you start getting information on the acquisition of firearms. the proficiency of the firearms. and you start thinking about the planning phase. where were any signs missed? again, we wake up today and it is buffalo. but unfortunately we get into other cities and it has been
4:18 am
too many times that we have been in this type of an incident. so it is really incumbent upon all of us in the law enforcement community and communities period to learn from this and once and for all to put it to a stop. friends and family are critical in terms of, many times you are dealing with somebody with antisocial behavior that is not associated with other people. and then it manifests and incidents like this. whatever the case is, i can tell you that there are going to be many people working on this. really the least of the concern at this point is the prosecution. that will take care of itself. it is how do we present the next one from ever happening. it may be making people go through such an incident like this is a terrible terrible incident for the community. >> so, commissioner the buffalo gunman looking woman to thousand kilometers away. he drove very far to specifically target a black neighborhood. he brought in assault weapon with him. and from the reporting huddled
4:19 am
and legal magazine attacked. that racial epithet we've heard about was inscribed on to the barrel. he dodged cracked coal practical tactical gear. from where he got, that we don't know. and he did all of this to kill black people. is this domestic terrorism? should federal and local law enforcement should be focusing more on from this criminal conduct? >> whatever you call this, by any definition it fits the definition of terrorism. and it certainly does in the public eye. i think. and i do have confidence that federal and state local authorities will do everything in their power to prosecute this individual. but again, it is a story that is much beyond that. it is how do we get to this place? when an individual gets into a car filled with nothing? you will notice i did not say his name. i don't think he deserves it. he is a coward. but how does somebody drive with essentially a mission in place to kill other innocent
4:20 am
human beings. mothers, fathers, sisters. the stories will not come out and this is something that people will unfortunately have to live with and never forget for the rest of their lives. and i think it is just a tragedy of the incidents like this -- . it is impossible in but my view to measure the impact that it has. it is a sad day for buffalo, but buffalo should know that the entire country stands with him today. i have many friends in the buffalo police department, chief joe dramatically. oh i've known him for years. he is a very good man. buffalo is not alone today. i think this has to be a learning experience. you talk about driving hundreds of miles, acquiring guns that are filled with this hatred. there has to be warning signs, it has to be found once and for all a wake up call for everybody to come together, and how do we stop this. one of the most common sense
4:21 am
ways to stop this is when you have somebody with mental illness, i would love to have the debate with somebody about how can it be okay for someone who is exhibiting signs of mental illness to be in possession of firearms. it is a common sense thing, let's start there and grow from that. but really, it is a very sad day. >> well commissioner, i know there is going to be a lot of unanswered questions that the investigator is warning -- you the answer to. thank you for being here today. >> thank you, katie. >> coming up, is gop extremism fueling ideologies or motivating hate crimes like the buffalo shooting? that is my question to longtime republican miles taylor, after the break. break. it showed how much my family was really rooted in campbell county. it was really finding gold.
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of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. but anyone even casually watching politics today knows that the gop has entirely provided itself and its values. the party of lincoln is now focusing on limiting the teaching of racism in schools. making it harder for black people to vote, and trying to extinguish lady liberty's welcoming torch. according to the known par profit pan american, since the start of this year state legislators have introduced nearly 200 bills in 40 states. they described this as being against critical race theory, which by the way is not even taught in public schools to begin with. according to the brennan center for justice, 27 states have introduced or not get to hundred and 50 pieces of legislation this year, which are designed to restrict voting rights and access to black americans most affected. plus, the parties fixation on border security and illegal immigration, focusing again this week. when texas governor greg abbott falsely suggested baby formula,
4:27 am
which isn't fall supply in the u.s., was being withheld from americans to feed illegal migrant babies at the border. all of this leads us to a republican obsession. the idea that white americans are somehow being replaced by minorities. this is been the most watched cable news clip in the country. >> an unrelenting stream of immigration, but? why don't just let it. to change the rachel mix of the country. that is the reason. to reduce the political power people whose ancestors lived here, and dramatically increased abortions of americans and newly arrived from the third world. and then, biden went further. he said that nonwhite dna is the quote, source of our strength. imagine saying that. this is the language of eugenics. it is horrifying. but there is a reason biden said it, in political terms this is called the great replacement. replacing americans with more beating people from foreign countries. when the government shows preference for the people who have short complete contempt
4:28 am
for our customs, laws, system itself, they are being treated better than by the american citizens. i know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on twitter become literally hysterical when you use the term replacement and suggest that the democratic party is trying to replace the current electorate. the voters are now casting ballots. with new, people more beating voters, from the third world. but that is what is happening, actually. let's just say it that is true. >> well, when you just saw there was a white supremacy argument called the great replacement theory. according to a washington post calling for -- the republican party has largely embraced this racial theory, pecan, quote, dedicated to white christian nationalism. we are joined's miles taylor, longtime republican and cofounder for new america, and author of a warning. miles, it is always good to have you. there is 106-page manifesto appearing to belong to the
4:29 am
suspect that was motivated by the great replacement theory. people are influenced by these racist ideas which have been held on conservative networks by people like tucker carlsen. how real has the danger of this rhetoric becoming our lives? >> it is enormous, katie. and the threat is really going. why this attack reminded me so much of was a attack that we thought was the capstone on all of our fears about the rhetoric moving into violence. when am i talking about? i'm talking about the el paso shooting in 2019. when i have been working in government i spent a decade working on counterterrorism. and then when donald trump took office we started to grow worried that his rhetoric was going to fuel a rise in domestic terrorism. we were warning that that was the case and we said that the numbers were starting to point in the direction that we see cases we call them, domestic terrorism cases, we're taking
4:30 am
upward. then in 2019 an individual went and shot multiple people in a walmart in el paso, and cited the invasion as the u.s. southern border. it had a long manifesto that mirrored donald trump's rhetoric. it was, like i said, it capstone example of how that rhetoric and vitriol was turning into violence. we have now seen the same thing. there was a direct connection. this is not akin coincidence or a fluke, that the language we're seeing being mainstreamed in right-wing media is being used to justify acts of political violence. it is something we've been worried about for quite some time. and i'm just saying, at the core of all of this after a decorative doing counter-terrorism mostly focused on international terrorist groups, if there is one thing that is almost always at the core of terrorist movements, it is the lie. it is a conspiracy theory.
4:31 am
it is an untruth that makes an individual feel like they are an outsider and like the system is not going to be fixed from within. it has to be fixed from the outside. then that eludes to a violent ideology. we saw that with al-qaeda, we saw that with isis. we are absolutely seeing that here in the united states with violent white supremacy. ideas like white replacement theory are motivating those -- but unfortunately being propagated at the highest level by the >> republican party and by its leader. well, i'm glad you >> i am glad to bring that up, bring that up, miles. miles. at least a fonda, stefanik, the the third ranking third ranking house republican house republican and and one of the only one of the only republicans from the state of republicans from the state of new york released new york released a statement about the a statement about the shooting. shooting. that of course doesn't which of course does not mention anything about white supremacy mention anything about white supremacy at all. instead, she at all. instead, she asked asked for prayers for a long enforcement and for prayers to first responders. law enforcement and first responders. miles, was this move by miles, her simply an was this move by her simply an oversight oversight? or or was it was it a deliberate move not to mention race whatsoever a deliberative not to mention race whatsoever, having to do with this buffalo shooting?
4:32 am
>> look, i don't know what motivated elise. but i can tell, you they are, picture that when these type of episodes happened there is immediate reluctance within the republican party to acknowledge something that can be politically inconvenient. elise is taking her cues, clearly, from donald trump. because, during the trump administration, when an episode like el paso happened, that mass shooting, or when the attack in charlottesville happened that was on a quiver really a domestic terrorist attack, that response was do not alienate our supporters first. and then, second, acknowledge the tragedy. can you imagine that? how cynical that is. that an elected leader would first worry after an attack that they know is a certain words like it alienates their support. but that is essentially the message we would give back from the white house when we are over at the department of homeland security. that they wouldn't want to touch what they thought were sensitive political issues around a domestic terrorist
4:33 am
attack. they don't want to acknowledge things that were racially motivated, because the president, donald trump, personally, viewed people with racial animus as folks that were in his supporter base. that is incredibly alarming, and we're seeing that trend continue among people like elise stefanik. >> miles, last december there is a national poll that was connected and i was startled by the results. nearly half republicans agree, to some extent, with the idea that there is a deliberative tenth to replace native born americans with immigrants. congresswoman elise stefanik, we're still going to talk about her, miles. she's also run a series of campaign ads invoking this racist great replacement theory. and that theory falsely alleges, as you talked about, that lie that is at the center of this conspiracy. that immigrants are coming to the united states in order to replace white voters. aisles, you've been working and you worked in republican politics for a very long time. i know maybe year affiliation to the party maybe on a thin threat now. but these kinds of ideas used
4:34 am
to be more fringe, right? but if someone like stefanik is now embracing the kind of racism as a campaign platform, does this signal a definitive shift towards that type of fringe concept being more of a mainstream view of the republican party? >> katie, it absolutely does. what is most telling about the data that you just cited is i strongly believe, if you went back five years, ago you would see those ideas as fringe ideas. i'm sure we'll talk about them in a minute when we talk about qanon and some of the other things that elise stefanik is promoting. these are ideas that, but for donald trump, only the moon landing was fake crowd were believing. but when leaders of the party start to promote those views, then they go from fringe and they go to millions of people. when those leaders say we've got to take action and we can't fix it through the system, then those ideas not only go from fringe to mainstream, but they go from mainstream to violence. that's what we're seeing. that's how violent movements
4:35 am
emerge. and i've got a lot of worry about people like elise stefanik, who i've known since the bush administration. she's not someone who suspects that her language is being hijacked and used for violent purposes, but she needs to realize that is what's happening. those are the trend lines we are seeing in republican circles, that those tens of millions of people are now, statistically, declaring an increased support toward political violence. i've been shouting this one to the roof tops for the past few months. but one in ten americans now believe that violence would be justified to restore donald trump to the white house. we see data points like that in recent polls, and they're stunning. but, again, they go to show that these fringe views about these conspiracy theories are now becoming things people desperately want to act on with attacks and with violent intimidation. >> miles, quickly, i only have about a minute left but i wanted to talk about the increase of the other kind of rhetoric coming from the gop.
4:36 am
elise stefanik, again, added again when she called her damn opponents pedophile grifters. she didn't try to backpedal on it but we know, miles, that this qanon conspiracy theory resulted in the pizzagate incident with the shooting up of a pizza parlor in d.c.. this type of lowbrow attack suggesting that democrats are pedophiles, it's really not new. you just mentioned it, her team responded and tried to backpedal on it like i mentioned but, at the end of the day, why is stefanik not being sanctioned for using this type of rhetoric? >> it's because the party knows that their base believes it. and katy, back to your point about french conspiracy theories and how much leadership matters, and how leadership can make people believe these things. just a few years ago, no one believed qanon conspiracy theories. but because of people like elise stefanik, we just saw, as recently as a month ago, a poll that showed 49% of republicans
4:37 am
now believe the theory that democrats, senior democrats, are running pedophile rings. 49%, half of republicans. so, this is no longer fringe. this is my republican party. and people should be worried about it, because it's not just conspiracy theory, it's going to have a directly corrosive impact on our democracy. and, as we saw from things like buffalo, on our public. >> miles taylor, you are a very vocal advocate for the truth. we appreciate you being here this morning, thank you for your time. >> thanks, katie. >> the gop is also taking another swing at reproductive rights. how contraception could be next on the chopping block. a leader at the national women's law center joins me next. i want her take on what some are calling the new jean crow. crow. check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux.
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be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. >> it starts here, but it doesn't end here. this is just the beginning. and it's terrifying. it's like the handmaids tail, literally unfolding before us. >> the nato jane crow, that's how many are describing the possibility of a post row world. where women have limited autonomy about decisions they can make on their bodies. it's not just a painting of abortions that have people like the person you just saw that clip worried. some gop lawmakers already floating the idea of limiting access to birth control. in louisiana, contraception like plan b or iuds could be
4:41 am
restricted under its abortion that defines personhood at the moment of fertilization. in idaho, a lead republican lawmaker said he was willing to hold hearings on banning a merge unseat birth control. even the birth control pill could be next, something that over 9 million american women depend on. not just for family planning, but for other things like controlling pm as and trading migrates. some anti-abortion groups consider the pill aboard a physician, meaning anything that would induce an abortion. according to students for life america that would include birth control and iuds. google searches about contraception have spiked, and ob/gyn say they are getting inquiries about birth control more than usual. to dive deeper into this discussion, vice president for reproductive rights and health of the national women's health law center, -- , joins me now. gretchen, a pleasure to have you this morning. let's go straight to the law part of this. ali does leak draft opinion in dogs has created a fear that
4:42 am
legally speaking contraception could be next on the chopping block. ali does emphasis that abortion is specifically provided for in the constitution suggests that birth control, for example, could be next. what are your thoughts? >> thanks so much, katie, for having me. i think it's so important we're having this conversation, the morning after days of thousands of of people pour into the street to protest this threat to our most fundamental rights. those images were really powerful reminders of white and an important, basic aspect access to abortion is for people. and that's even more true for contraception. even more of us use contraception at some point in our lives, whether it's to prevent practices are planned practices are treat health conditions, like you said. and, yet the leaked draft puts the right to contraception at risk. justice alito says the right to abortion is one of the constitution. well, neither is the word contraception, and justice alito attack to the right to privacy which is the legal basis. not only for the right to
4:43 am
abortion, but also for the right to contraception and so many rights that people rely on in this country. like the right to marry in the right to make decisions that our families. so, this leak draft, if it becomes the decision of the court, if he puts all of those rights at risk. we have already seen law makers go to birth control next, it is in their crosshairs right now. >> gretchen, birth control, in my opinion, is usually race and class blind. does this attack, if it's coming, up could it be and i -- couldn't possibly hurt the republicans is coming november the midterms? >> yes, absolutely. everyone relies on contraception in this country, right? it is a unifier. over 99% of women have use birth control at some point in their lives, and it's not just women. it's men, gender non-binary folks. everybody relies on reproductive health care.
4:44 am
and we're seeing that. men are coming forward and saying, this matters to me. what about my wives? my girlfriends? my daughters? these rights are important to people in this country. over 85% of people in this country believe people need access to the bridge control they want or need, when they want or need it. without barriers. and, so we are seeing people say stop. politicians, you do not belong in this decision. this is a decision for us to make, for ourselves and for our families. and that is something that we're going to see reverberate throughout the country as these lawmakers try and attack this very basic, fundamental birth control. people are going to step up and say, no, you can't do this. this is important to, as this is important to our families. and we are going to see that play out, as this is not really about birth control or abortion, it's about who has power and control in this country. >> gretchen, quickly, before i have to let you go i want to go back to your point about breaking up men.
4:45 am
services for the ice vasectomies have 99% of the league scotus draft came out. no gop plans to restrict that procedure, but do you think that something that could become the new norm for birth control? men having to get vasectomies because of the scotus decision? >> well look, we are seeing an uptick in people who are paranoid about losing their rights in this moment. we have a hotline called cover her that people can call for help with insurance and birth control. we saw i similar thing after trump took office. people feel that their rights are threatened and they are seeking the kind of care that they need. so we are seeing this again now. people are facing the threat of losing the safeguards that abortion has in their lives. they want to prevent pregnancy. they don't want to be in a situation where they have to decide between birth control or abortion. or be in a situation where they do not have that safeguards. the thing is that abortion is always going to be necessary. contraception fails,
4:46 am
pregnancies go wrong, people decided they don't want to be apparent, so there is always going to be abortion in this country. the people now are scared, and i do want them to take care of themselves and their families. >> thank you for being here this morning in sharing this insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> it is an issue impacting your wallet and your health. the link between skyrocketing prices, stagnating wages, and the american mental health crisis. how can we cope with our financial frustration? ur financial frustration? financial frustration? ♪♪ ♪♪
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4:50 am
one of the things causing worsening mental health is inflation. polling group of americans, 80% said that rising prices are growing source of stress that people cannot escape. gas prices constantly spiking, grocery store bills going up, went skyrocketing in major cities. the only thing that seems to not be rising as salaries. it is easy to feel powerless, but if you do you are not alone. according to the cdc, one in five americans will experience mental illness every year. so what do we do? how do we control our stress when it is rooted in something beyond our control? psychiatrist and former apa health policy fellow in the united states senate, dr. daniel mover, is here with me now. doctor, i do not want to be older and gloom. we will get into solutions in a minute. but first let's talk about how these past years have affected peoples mental health. >> you know, katie, mental health was worse even before the pandemic. overdoses were skyrocketing. depression and anxiety.
4:51 am
the pandemic only exacerbated a problem that was already there. >> so let's get to the solutions, because i say we are going to get to them later, but i'm a big fan of being solutions based. please provide some examples of how you think people are undergoing this massive stress right now might be able to find some relief. >> exercise is one of the best natural antidepressants that we have and it counteracts a lot of the effects of stress. exercises very important. you don't need a gym or a co-pay. just work out and elevate your heart rate a little. getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, all basic things that we can do to counteract the effects of product stress. >> we cannot escape what happened yesterday. it is one in a series of massive very traumatic events that have inflicted the communities that were directly impacted by many americans, if not people outside of the united states. but oftentimes these often targeted minorities, how is it going in terms of the ability of these particular communities
4:52 am
of color where these minority groups to be able to deal with a stress that is being inflicted upon them? >> you know the mental health epidemic is definitely hit black and brown communities disproportionately harder than white communities. i think that this shooting is a reminder of how far we have to go in that regard. >> is there some type of data or support with the idea that the disproportionate impact on communities of color is as a result of the financial restrictions that might exist for access to perhaps care to be able to get treatment? >> yes. there are inequities across the board. lack of access to care. i think that is the main issue we are dealing with. they cannot actually get the care in the same way that others can. >> doctor hubert, is there some kind of message that should be sent because we talk about these different months that come up all the time. one month is, this one month is
4:53 am
that. this is mental health awareness month. is there some sort of messaging that you think is really important for our viewers to really hear from you, versus just saying, it is just a blip in the calendar in terms of a habit? >> i think the message is when you start thinking about the people that are most vulnerable and do not have a voice, and we need to come together as a community to really help those people. and i think that can counteract the stress that we are all feeling. service to others it's the highest calling, and that can counteract a lot of the stress that we are feeling. try to work out for other people. even if we're look like we are doing okay, trying to reach out to others. that is the message. >> doesn't include something as basic is picking up the phone or reaching up in some way to people to check in on others? >> absolutely. in the age of social media we are so interested in putting up this force of that everything is okay, i am seeing plenty of my patients and even people i know that have committed suicide. everybody says the same thing. they are such a great life, everything was fine. everything was not fine. so you need to check in on
4:54 am
those people. >> what about the opportunities if somebody wants to be able to get more formal help? are there any types of suggestions that you have for ways that people can reach out to get that information? >> contrary to popular belief, most people do not reach out to a psychiatrist. most start with their primary care physician. that very often serves as the gateway. so start with your primary care doctor and they might put you in the right direction. >> is there anything that your opinion the last four years because the pandemic might have limited the opportunity for people to have more personal contracts and understanding their limitations because of the pandemic? do you think that has also had an impact on peoples stress and their ability to control their stress because they've been so far removed with the social distancing in the masking and maybe even the access to a therapist? >> absolutely. the pandemic has been about loneliness isolation and despair, and we know that human beings are social creatures and that when we are with other people there is this hormone that gets released call
4:55 am
oxytocin from the pituitary gland and that hormone is an anti-stress hormone. being isolated from the people that we care about his definitely exacerbated the problem. >> doctor bober, my oxytocin level has been up because you've been with me here today. so i appreciate you being here. >> i'm glad. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> justice clarence thomas is calling the supreme court opinion leak an unthinkable breach of stressed. trust. but that is just a distraction from the real damage. alex tells me why, after the break. fter the break. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time?
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dallas, friday, night supreme court justice clarence thomas addressed a supportive crowd to promote the leak of the scotus opinion that will likely overturn roe v. wade. claiming that the leak was like kind of an infidelity, thomas and went even further. explaining, that when you lose trump lost in an institution, it changes the institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder. my response to him, well, here you go. clarence thomas doesn't have to look over his shoulder, he can just look at jeanne and see how compromise the institution has become. of course, it was his wife ginni thomas between the violent insurrection who sent six test messages to chief of staff mark meadows begging him
4:59 am
and donald trump to take the necessary steps to overturn the vote. she has used language like a biden crime family and that coconspirators are being retained for election fraud and will be said to gitmo. last week, forget she was at the rally on january six. arm in arm with his, wife clients thomas has been the most effective destroyer of america's faith in the long-standing institution of the supreme court of the united states. he wrote that the dissent in the case brought by pennsylvania republicans who thought to disqualify mail-in ballots. his pièce de resistance, this past january thomas was the only justice who decided in the ability that deny trump's ability to block his records to the january six committee. the very committee that ended up receiving ginni thomas's text messages with mark meadows. obviously, thomas never should've sat in judgment on any of these cases, considering his wife's epic level of involvement and promotion of demonstrably false theories of votes leading election fraud.
5:00 am
for weeks, i have been vocal about the absurdity of clarence thomas dealing with any cases dealing with january six and how crucial his recusal is to ensure that justice is truly done. if thomas doesn't remove himself, they will have no one else to blame for the destruction of americans fate of the idea that the highest court in the land still possesses an integrity that is beyond reproach. but, to recuse himself would require clarence thomas to do the right thing. so, i am not holding my breath. thanks for watching the katy van gogh, velshi starts right now. van gogh, ve >> good morning. it's sunday, may 15th, i'm maria teresa kumar in four ali velshi. we begin with the latest on a deadly mass shooting in upstate new york. at least ten people are dead and three more wounded after a white 18 year old gunman, dressed in military style attack co-chair, opened fire at a supermarket in a predominantly


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