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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  May 15, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i heard about countless victims this morning. i held in my arms a young lady who worked there, who was so afraid she was about to die. who witnessed the bloodshed. who shaped and quiver it in my arms this morning. he was afraid for a community, and for herself. this event will not define buffalo. >> this event will bring buffalo residents together. this event was committed by sick, demented individual, who is fueled a daily diet of hate. so let us know tamper down our comments, all of us. let's make sure that we have standards in journalism. let's make sure that we investigate social media. my office will be focused on doing that as we have been doing for the last few months. and let us come together as one,
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and let us put aside any differences, and let us all standard remember the words of dr. king. that love, only love, will overcome hate. thank you mister mayor. >> again, when the since there was a whole folding we heard very quickly from our governor kathy hochul. governor was working in albany. and dropped which he was doing to get back to this community. as quickly as possible. she has been a source of strength and support. it is my pleasure and privilege to introduce governor kathy hochul. >> thank you, mayor, for demonstrating the leadership of our community and this time have been phenomenal in your approach, the patented also the intellect that you are brought to this process. which begins as a new process now. i also want to learn my voice
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to those who are just absolutely in awe of with the buffalo police department did yesterday. right now, president biden is addressing the nation about the following police officers who lost their lives during the passage last year. that is now seared in my mind that these individuals volunteered every single day, as a law enforcement all over our state, our state police officers, individuals and small and large towns. they are so heroic with the time as it comes, they deserve our respect at all times. i want to bring my gratitude to the commissioners as well as -- but i also want to thank our attorney general. i have such confidence in her ability to bring the full weight of the law to bear in all cases. involving hate crimes and other crimes. and i just referred to her office, further investigation, working with our hate time crimes task force to make sure that we carry this out at all levels and continue to work
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while investigating this department and what may happen. we know that there are other people who are going to be inspired, which is exactly what the school and craven person intended. to read the manifesto. he intended that other people would see what would happen in realtime here, so that we consider other acts as well. that is one has to shut down right now. and listen to the fbi, there is a website. the buffalo shooting. that just sort of struck me. now i notice the police of buffalo shooting. we are so much more than that. this date is magnificent. but this is my hometown. i people know i know this neighborhood. this is my community. these are my friends. so we will be, known perhaps temporarily, for places in buffalo shooting. i want our place in history to be the place of the last mass shooting in this country. and working together, we will achieve that. we can prepare all the resources that we have, whether the smarter gun laws and our
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nation. i continue to call on washington to do some basic things that we've done here in the state of new york. i also call on the supreme court, which is actually considering rolling back some of the protections that we put in place here to protect new york citizens from gun violence. encourage them to leave the law alone. but we will find out soon that they are headed, but also the social media platforms. those companies will be sitting down and having a conversation very soon about, are they doing everything we humanly can? are they putting in place human intellect as well as other rhythms to help identify when this hate speech occurs? i also want to make a couple of announcements about the incredible support, the outpouring of support, it has come to these families. our hearts break for them. but also, people over want to share their love with us. i was in contact with reverend al sharpton, head of the -- network he is not office here
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in buffalo. he wanted to make sure i told the community that they want to pick up all the funeral costs for these families. they want to make sure that they do not have these fraudulent gofundme sites that are often set up in the circumstances. and so, we will be getting information out about that incredibly generous officer, and we thank the reference for that. also, we want to make sure that our state resources have been deployed effectively. our office of victims services have waited to find $2 million that will go directly to support these families, and whatever they need. so they will be contacted by our members as well. we have council seven days a week, new york project hope line. which is a phone number of people can call if they just need to talk to somebody. if they don't need to go in person. if you just want to talk about what this has done her sense of security and community, this extra help comes through. and also, we have a fund that goes to communities affected by gun violence overall. communities that need that sense that they are going to be okay. and i want to make sure that
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all of our state resources are available for that as well. another theory that is also of concern to me is access to food in this neighborhood. we now have a food desert. we are in touch with uber and lyft. and they have offered to take people from the zip codes, they need to go to the grocery store and other areas. they walk to the grocery store, a lot of people. they don't have transportation. so to those families will be reaching out about how to get access. and i think brand lift for providing these resources, as well as i understand that this is a crime scene, but -- getting mr. open available to anyone's going to be very important to the well-being and a sense of getting back to normal. so i ask our law enforcement partners to understand that this court does not have a lot of options. this committee does not have a lot of stories to go to. we want to minimize the disruptions. the disruption of yesterday
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does not continue day after day. it is a constant reminder of what pain this community just endured. so i think everyone is going to be continuing to issue information. but i would like to thank the community for stepping. up this will buffalo. guys this is when your state does. we step up. and you and anyone else, since my last message. anyone else who dare break the security that every citizen is entitled to, to make them feel victimized. you have just picked a fight with 20 million new yorkers. because we will continue to stand up. an attack on one is an attack on all. and this, was there is no other way to describe it besides white supremacy terrorism. it is racism. it is hatred. and it stops right here in buffalo. this is the last stop that you have, because we are coming after you. thank you. >> a couple of other points before we open up for questions. the governor mentioned crisis
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services. and the importance of grief counselors. and all of us went to church together this morning. the governor attorney general james congressman higgins, senator kevin kennedy and high. and we got to see some of the grief that is in this community. some of the, law a motion and pain, in english, the people are feeling. also available, very county executive poland cars has set up grief counseling. at the johnny bee wiley athletic center on jefferson avenue. that grief counseling is available until 9 pm tonight. and it will be available tomorrow from 9 am to 9 pm bob, i think johnny be wildly athletic center on jefferson avenue.
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right down the street from where we are. we know that there were a number of people that witnessed this incident, they feel traumatized by this incident. it is open to anyone, including law enforcement, that would like to see a crisis counselor. also, for others that can't get to that site, crisis services is available. that number is seven 168313434. i conclude, i want to mention that we have been joined by district council member ulysses wingo. district council member david rivera. and buffalo urban league president and ceo thomas beaufort. other members of the buffalo urban league. and the urban league crisis services team, that has been in the community over the last 24
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hours. again, we are buffalo strong. we will pull together, as a community. and as we grieve, and as we express our deepest and most heartfelt prayers, for the families of those who lost loved ones, we as a community will rise again, stronger than before. we will open up for your questions. >> you mentioned that there are state and federal -- >> right now, warrants are being obtained for his home. warrants are being obtained for a vehicle. again, there are social media platforms. there is computer, telephones, and the other digital footprints that might come along. digital technologies. >> are there any individuals -- >> at this point the investigation is showing that he did this by himself.
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we are looking into some other aspects, which are not going to share at this point. but this was a lone act here. we are looking for anything that comes up. >> [inaudible] can you give us a timeline? you saw this morning that he was here previously? a time for the last 24 hours, 48 hours? >> he was in the buffalo area, right in this area, the day before. the warrants on social media platforms, gps technology, that is going to help us put a much further timeline. we have identified some of the locations that he was at. we did some reconnaissance on the area, yuck on the store. as far as the timeline of when he -- when the act took place. first, 9-1-1 call came in at 2:30 yesterday. patrol officers were on scene at 2:31. reporting to our caddies yesterday. the officer to me they reported a dangerous suspect. he put the gun underneath his chin.
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our officers very courageously used every de-escalation tactic that they could. they talked him down. it was a one-sided fight there. with the army that he had. they took him into custody with no further shots being fired. in a tremendous act of bravery. >> -- [inaudible] >> that i will not disclose. that is all part of the investigation. >> how quickly do you think we will see federal charges on the case, federal hate crime charges? >> we understand the urgency of the situation. i have searched our team to work on, warrants and to work with our law enforcement partners, and we will bring charges as soon as we know we have the evidence to support them. >> jennifer. >> the attorney general gave us a little bit of information about -- what else can you tell us? are you able to tell us the ages of the victims? when can we expect to release
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the names? >> we are looking at potentially raising that later today. we will get all of that information out. >> there are a lot of people on the streets who remain frustrated by the fact that the shooter surrendered peacefully. pointing out that black man often come to the police and our shot pretty much instantly. is there are response to that criticism that is out, there or that frustration? >> and the opportunity that we have, and that is what we teach to de-escalate a situation. we are not looking to treat anyone. this individual, at the time, put the gun to his own chin. not pointed towards the officers. the shooting had stopped at that point. and the officers moved in very quickly to de-escalate. had the nate coming to play where they were forced to use physical force, then they would have acted on that. again, keep in mind that he was heavily armed. he had mental placing, armored
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plating breasts on. that could have been a really bad situation. he responded as trained. >>, they tried to shoot him, because he was wearing gear, that can effect on him. >> we have evidence that if iran, it struck him at least one, time and unfortunately had no effect. >> when was the weapon purchased? and also, given that the state has been investigated since high school, is there a straight law or another not lock to prevent this? >> we are not going to get into specifics of when the weapons were purchased. we have a timeline for that, we have a timeline for when the atf immediately moved on. that's as far as last year, it has been put out there that the state police had brought to this individual in for mental health evaluation. he went to the local hospital,
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he was there for information, where it was evaluated and released to that point. >> question for the governor, we're coming on ten years, everyone said this will never happen again the political environment is probably more difficult -- >> we're gonna keep fighting. >> our proposals make common sense to protect new yorkers on tuesday. i'm continuing with the press conference, and make sure anytime we find a loophole, we close it quickly. there are guns called al w.,'s. any other guns, believe it or not, they look like an assault weapon but they don't fit the description of laws right now because the criminal mind is very diabolical. and just like the ghost guns, no one would have thought what that was years ago. but you can order online the components of a gun, that take peoples -- lives >> okay everybody, we're
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taking a listen to the press conference with governor kathy hochul, leadership throughout the state of new york represented there in buffalo, in the wake of ten people being killed with a lone gunman. we also have laetitia james, the mayor of buffalo and a number of high-ranking law enforcement officials. one thing i want to address before we go to yasmin vossoughian, who is on the scene, you heard the police commissioner talking about how the gunman was known to police. in fact, he was brought in for a mental health evaluation. here's the details behind it. we find this out from one of our investigative nbc news colleagues. june 8th, 2021, state police responded to a high school in conklin, new york, to investigate reports that a 17 year old had made threatening statements. he was taken into custody under new york state mental health was, and transported to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. that is all we know about that
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but clearly he was released under his own recognizance after the mental health evaluation. let's go right now to yasmin vossoughian who made her way to buffalo. i know yasmin you got a chance to speak with governor hochul. this is something personal to hurt. this is her hometown. talk about the way she feels about this horrific incident. >> she goes to church just a couple of blocks from, here, alex she said she attended church church this morning and calls herself a buffalo native, a buffalo girl, sworn into the office as new york state governor. she takes it incredibly personally, being from here, and knowing this is a strong city. it is a united city amongst an absolute terror. this racist attack conducted yesterday evening, really really, alex, there's so much to take in alex.
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when you come from new york city, land you here to tell a story. and talk to people who are living here in the 24 hours. we are kind of showing, alex and the viewers, what we've been watching all day. the community gathering. talking about what took place yesterday. the fear they had. the anger they have about what took place. and the lack of resources really, they feel like they have been facing it for quite some time. in a predominantly black community, under pressure for so long, you see it with this grocery store. they talk about the grocery schooling systems, resources, topps, just behind me, we're all of these people lost their lives. this is the only grocery store in this community. think about that. the only one in the community. people are now going to have to drive miles to get milk, to get orange juice, to get eggs, because there were not enough resources put into the
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community in the first place. that's what folks are saying to me about that. i spoke to a woman inside the grocery store yesterday. she is not ready to come on camera, obviously police officers are asking people not to give statements to media until she can give them an official statement, so maybe i will talk to her later. but she was held at gunpoint with her 14 year old daughter that was with her. and she was told by the shooter she was going to be shot and killed. and she begged for her life. and she said, don't take my baby, take me. and he was destructed, and he turned to shoot someone else. and when he did, that she scampered out with her child in hand, out the back door. she is lucky to be alive, she said, today, she could very well have been dead. she was held at gunpoint by the shooter, and all she was doing at 2:30 in the afternoon was going to tops. by the way, a grocery store she does not normally go to, to make dinner for her family. that is the predicament she
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found herself in. we are talking about this shooter, mental health issues, and the situation. and the complications with that. police officers are not able to arrest an individual with a history with mental health. that doesn't go on the record. and it's not flagged. when you go to purchase a firearm, we are learning two of those are purchased legally. one purchased on the secondary marker, we will learn more about that. i spoke with governor hogan, as you mentioned, which i'm getting to know. and i talked to her about the supreme court case that we are waiting a decision, on challenging the concealed to carry here in new york state. she is worried if, in fact the supreme court will decide against the concealed carry permit, pretty stringent gun laws, it could be so much worse for the state especially as we see this spike in crime. not only across the state but in new york city as well. listen to what she had to say.
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>> that is terrifying to think that all of our laws are put in place to protect people, would be obliterated by the supreme court since they know better than we do in state government. we want to protect our people we have ways to do that. we think you should have a legitimate reason that is verified and understood, why you should be able to conceal a weapon. are use a security guard? you, know do you need this for protection? there's a threshold you should go through. and to say that anybody who wants to can have supreme court rules that way, they can walk into this top score so you and not hide their weapon, what is this weather -- world coming to? they need to do this job and stop undermining rights of americans, whether it's rights of women for reproductive freedom, all rights of a state like new york to protect its citizens. i'm calling on the supreme court to do the right thing. >> alex, we have a gun issue as the governor just addressed. and in that interview i did
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with her. i'm gonna play more of that interview as i anchor from here live later on, in the day. but there's also a bigger issue happening in the community and that is a community feeling like it is at war. and it's been in war for sometime. we've been covering the ukraine war for some weeks, but this community, the black community feels as though they have been at war for a very long time. and it's not a war that is happening across the ocean, it is happening here at home. and right now. they feel as though they are not getting the help, resources, and legislation needed to change that. and they want to be accepted -- so many people came up to me today saying we need to talk to each other, we need to learn about each other, we need to understand each other and we need to love each other. this is a community of hurting today after the tragedy. >> yes it is. big-time, my friend. i'm so glad you are there right now. i know you are a couple hours coming up after this one, we
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will really delved him -- very deeply into the issues. and i will be tuning in particularly, if you get that woman who will explain to on camera, about being in that store with her 14 year old, and told she was going to die. begging for her life. it is also heartbreaking. but thank you so much, we will talk to you soon. i'm joined by ben jealous, ceo of naacp people for the american way foundation, another thing -- it is unthinkable, ben, i'm going to ask for your answer what comes to mind and i will bring my panel who have been sticking around for the last 25 minutes or so to join the conversation. but when you hear all of this, how heartbreaking and how infuriating is all of this at the same time? >> it's deeply heartbreaking. how much longer are we going to have to have security
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ministries of black churches because we fear being attacked? how long will people in this community be afraid to gather? and so many other places across this country, and what is it going to take for our social media companies, to stop helping mentally ill people like this young person get recruited into movements like -- which isn't just racist. it isn't just antisemitic. it's not just xenophobic, you have all of it. you have tucker carlson pushing this one major media, on fox, every day, people like rupert murdoch encouraged to do it because it drives up ratings. yet this is what's kind of havoc it wreaks on communities. it's not the first shooting inspired by the great
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replacement theory, but it needs to be the last. quite frankly, social media companies need to stop platforms like facebook, making it so easy for hateful movements to use platforms to recruit. and networks like fox are going to have to stop pushing the great replacement theory. and frankly i get tucker carlson to talk about something else. it is a racist, antisemitic, xenophobic, theory that is quite frankly inspiring mass shootings like this one. >> it's absolutely nuts, is what it is. okay, coming back to our conversation, don, susan, and david. david, i wasn't able to ask you a question so let me get to you with this one. you heard kathy hochul asked during the press conference that she will keep fighting. do you think that lawmakers have stopped fighting for the safety of the communal good? is that what is happening? or has happened? i mean, i remember so well,
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april 2013, the mansion toonie bill put forward by democrat joe manchin, republican pat toomey, now outgoing senator of pennsylvania. in the wake of the sandy hook shooting of 2012. that seemed to have such bipartisan support, had a huge push behind it, and yet it fell flat. and it was never resurrected again. have lawmakers dropped the ball? can someone like governor kathy hochul of new york, can she make a charge that will envelop more behind her? and. do something powerful and change the problems in this country relative to gun violence? >> i commend her spirit to fight and try. i think it requires a lot of reflection by our incumbent members of congress both sides of the aisle's but largely within the republican party. i had my own journey elected as someone who took a fairly conventional conservative
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position on the second amendment, but i quickly felt responsibility for the entire community i represented. as the pulse nightclub tragedy occurred, i realized that dogma, particularly on my side of the aisle at the time, was only leading to more death. and through self-reflection i ended up sponsoring an assault weapons ban, sponsoring a comprehensive and universal background check bill, realizing at the time that the greatest thing i might contribute to the country's to move the republican party of preventing gun violence. i failed, i wasn't there long enough, and i wasn't able to muster enough colleagues to join me. but the governor of new york is going to fight. it requires self reflection upon members of congress. this self-reflection is in a couple lanes. it's on, what is buffalo reflecting on hearts of minds in american people? we know that in the great replacement theory, it is dangerous, it is used in our politics and culture, moves us over debate of policies and equity -- equity, how should health care
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to be delivered and taxes? it's something being taken from another? right, it for all white america is being told that their privilege and place in society is being taken, their opportunities are being taken, of course they're going to fight back. and you will see incidents of violence. but the final reflection has to be that racism exists all over the world. but we only see this violence in the u.s.. and that is a reflection of this failed patchwork of firearms law in the u.s.. it is not the votes federally, though i know there is a ban in new york. there's not an assault weapons ban. even on the democratic side. there are no votes for a comprehensive. background check. that a young man who was ideations of a gun violence, and has no counseling for, it can go out and purchase guns legally. that is not included in the debate of a background check. our laws have failed, our culture, and our country. and that is the self-reflection
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that members of congress and all lawmakers need to engage in. >> yes, amen to that. don this great so placement theory, what do you make of it to the extent which it has perpetrated a segment of society? rated a segment of society? >> it was essentially theological based solely that we've aggressive griffiths clan glorifying movie, birth of a nation, 1903. the first images we have seen mass communicated through the country, was this idea that black people are going to overrun and take over this country if we do not put a stop to it by violence and by force. this is the beginning of police force. we don't see police forces until there is a need for white citizens to have mask control over free black people. this is the basis of the liberation of gun laws. and this is essentially the
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fundamentals of the social contract that this country is built on. this is a tear on second-class citizen ships, the lives of black people. it has been codified throughout the laws of this country. yes, even in a post brown versus board of education. even in a post civil rights act universe. and we continue to see that. and i think we have to come out and say, explicitly, i love everything that the congressman has said about gun laws in this country. and the president -- is right as well. but you cannot be tasked with the proliferation of gun laws from the existential threat of white people think is happening in this country, in respect to white replacement theory. the gun, the talisman of white supremacy, is the enforcer which allows white families to feel safe even though there is very little violence between african-american communities and white citizens. is this idea that they are protecting their homes from black folks who are going to take over this country, which is simply false. but you cannot detach this
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existential cancer of white supremacy and racism from the reasons why we will not curb gun laws in this country. so really, the gun debate has ended when you look at the holistically. because they do not want you to do anything to curb guns federally, because of this ongoing thought that they are needed to curb the back black population. >> susan, with regards to what david was bringing, of assault weapons ban, not able to get that done because of congress. a simple background check, not able to get that down because of congress. what do you think it is going to take to support someone like governor kathy hochul, who appears, like this is going to be one of her mantras in marching forward in this regard, trying to get legislation passed on a greater level than just new york state, which he is currently the governor of? what will it take for republicans to get on board with a simple common sense measures that protect everyone? we're publicans, democrats alike? >> i think at this point alex it is only when the tragedy
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hits home, in very close to home. we saw at the time governor rick scott passing legislation in florida after the gun lincoln massacre. within 25 days. so things can be done quickly, if you want them to. new york state, for example, knows this open carry law is in front of the supreme court. and it is likely that it will be overturned, giving back to the gun owners, and it will be able to have open carry laws. however, where is the legislation at the state level that can be crafted, much like it does with the issue of abortion, to prevent it from happening in especially large urban areas? len there is of course the issue of high capacity magazines. you are showing on the air that there were several 30 round magazines and now. those, unlike the guns that were found, are in fact illegal in new york. the gun was purchased legally.
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the magazine is illegal in new york. we need to start working through a network of states to provide common laws that prevent at least some of the interstate operations. >> ben, jealous i'm going to give the last word to you and all of this. not only how you are feeling. but where does this go next? where we can make a difference and to make all of us safer going forward? >> i think that congressman jolly is onto something. it is really for the gop to go to buffalo and self reflect. they need to start the statue of frederick douglass. which has been frequently attacked by white supremacist in the region. he is the one who said that our nation has a great test to be, quote, a most perfect sample of the unity and dignity of the human family that the world has ever seen. we need to reflect on the example set by jack kemp, who ran for president as a republican, was an active
10:34 am
member of the naacp, and when he was questioned about it the former buffalo bill quarterback ascends, if you were problem fighting for the rights of the people you shower with, it is time for us to come together as one country. we can do that. we need to understand that we are dealing with twin evils, one of those is that we make mass violence way too easy in this country. but the issue of racism and is enough phobia, and antisemitism, and we look at the great replacement theory, all of those. the theory is that jews are encouraging blacks to have babies, in immigrants to come here from brown nations in order to replace white people. it is evil. and the gop needs to root it out. and fox needs to stop pushing it to push ratings. we saw the killing in el paso, we have seen the killing here. this is coming from all of us, to frankly, finally do the reflection that we need to do. and the republican party, which is becoming a white supremacist party, used to get back to
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being the car-t of camp, you skippack to be in the party of dallas. >> which responded with a big a man on this sunday. ben don, susan, david, thank you so. much appreciate your sage insights on this horrific topic. appreciate you guys. let's go from there now to capitol hill. that is where five republican lawmakers have one decision to make. whether or not to testify before the january six committee? it comes as a panel took the highly unusual step of issuing subpoenas to congresswoman kevin rick harvey. scott perry. mel brooks. and the. biggs speaking to pelosi refusing to say whether there would be a contempt vote if they refused to cooperate. >> leader mccarthy on the other republicans continue to hold out. will the house vote to hold him in contempt? >> the committee will take this one step at a time. >> joining me now, congresswoman madeleine dean, democrat from --
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a member of the financial services committee, former impeachment manager. i will ask your thoughts on buffalo in this conversation. on the heels of what we just plate, do you expect any of these republican lawmakers to actually testify? how do you see this playing out? ? here's the big question. can they just ignore a congressional subpoena? say, i do not want to go? >> good to be with you on this very sad sunday morning, alex. i call upon and expect that they will honor the subpoenas issued. take a look at where we are. more than 800 people have voluntarily come forward to the january six committee, and yet we have members of congress who have relevant information, who hold themselves above the law. if you are irish a subpoena, we get to say, i don't really believe in the legitimacy of that court, of that subpoena. i'm not coming in. so i believe that january six committees can work. we must hold him to account. we must hold them to answer
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their subpoenas. because if we don't, what does that say for the future? >> okay. they may show up. but one of the expectations. they don't feel anything, they take the fifth, they plead the fifth. is that a likely scenario? >> i think it is a likely scenario. and it is a constitutional one. not showing up is not constitutional, does not follow their oath. coming in and taking the fifth because they are fearful for criminal incrimination of themselves is a constitutional right. let them come forward. plead the fifth if they are in jeopardy. if they feel that. but really, and you and i have had this conversation, i believe that they should have come along january the 7th. right after it. to say, i have relevant information if this can be of any assistance to help protect our democracy because this was actually a violent attempt to overthrow a legal election of the president of the united states. it is not over.
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they are plotting and planning to do it again. these folks need to come forward. and alex, why wouldn't they? what are they afraid of? >> if they don't come forward, if they don't cooperate, should they be held in contempt? >> i believe they should. obviously it is up to our leadership. i spoken to the chairman of the committee. i've spoken to members of the committee. i have said, i hope we will do everything in our power. usually -- that we have to bring them in. to hold them in contempt. or to force them to respond to a legal subpoena from congress. >> when we switch gears here and talk about ukraine, something that we have been covering virtually non stop, although the tragedy in buffalo has prevented us from talking about that today. let's talk about that 40 billion dollars for ukraine. the house passed that this week. they are just passing by 300 and 68 to 57. there has been criticism that
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while money for ukraine is very important, at the same time congress is unable to get support for pretty much any domestic policy and the funding for that that is needed. yes it is an infrastructure bill on that should be helpful as this informant over the next five years or so. but there are a lot of issues here at home. how is it that these spending bills can be passed in a bipartisan way, but virtually no social spending domestically can get past? >> well, i have to tell you, i was pleased to be a part of that vote. that we were able to bring it very quickly early last week, when the president said, let's move on the support for ukraine. we had to decouple it from anything to do with covid support, which of course we are way far behind and getting. but i was very proud to be part of that. and delighted that it was quite bipartisan. i think the reason is the horse and atrocities of ukraine, which stands out even to the
10:40 am
most callous of republican members -- [interpreter] . and so i am pleased we did that. on the domestic side, i would say you are right, we get infrastructure. we also do the american rescue plan. sadly, not a single republican could bring you or himself to vote for that. i have had constituents safe to me, thank you for that vote. thank you for supporting us, whether it was by way of vaccines for the enhanced child tax credit. the enhanced accessibility of the american aca, of obamacare. so we have been doing domestic things. sadly, we don't have the support from many republicans. but i want to pivot here and say, strangely, we don't have the support of republicans around the safety and security and the freedoms that we should enjoy it here in the united states. turning it to your issue of gun violence, you know that in congress we passed, now this is to congress in a row, we passed
10:41 am
universal background checks out of the house. where are those bills? sitting over with mitch mcconnell. who is visiting ukraine, as i understand. it as >> back on trucks, closing of the charleston loophole, these will save lives here. >> you talk about even the most callous republicans, using your words there, do you think they will be moved by what they saw yesterday in buffalo? >> sadly, i don't. we have had mass shooting after mass shooting, and they have not been moved. i don't know what it will take. it might take an awakening. my son said this morning, we have a racism crisis in the country, we have a gun crisis in the country, and it is jet fueled by, sadly, many republican leaders who either give word and mouth to white supremacy and racist comments. we have social media outlets
10:42 am
that don't tamp it down. we have so-called news anchors who fuel the racism and bigotry, antisemitism, in this country. fuel the big lie. you see many people, this election cycle, still continuing to spout the big lie. we have an election here, a primary election here alex, on tuesday, and many republican candidates are those who espoused all these things. we need voters to step up, turn out, and vote like your life depends on it because it does. >> all right madeleine dean, perfect summer-ization of everything there, we will pivot to exactly that topic. that election. republican and democratic candidates for governor and senators homestretch primaries in pennsylvania. it is carnage time, four and a -- undecided voters in this swing state. gotta make up their minds and fast. nbc's kapoor is following the
10:43 am
race in philadelphia. which could determine the control of the senate, the gop is concerned by the unexpected rise of one far-right candidate, kathy barnett. do me a favor and size of the republican battleground for us. >> concerned is right, alex, the republican establishment watches the sudden light surge of kathy barnett who has risen to a statistical three way tie, with the other two major republican candidates, that trump endorsed. mehmet oz and former hedge fund executive and fox news poll david mccormack. who is kathy barnett? a right-wing commentator and activist, who has benefited from the leaked supreme court draft, allowing her to highlight her compelling story as someone who was conceived in rape. she opposes legal abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. why is the republican south concerned? simply because she has a history of making extreme
10:44 am
comments. some of which have been described as hateful regarding lgbt americans, muslim american, as she pushes conspiracy theories about former president barack obama, and when asked about these comments, she sometimes denies she makes them. even though the tweets are still up on her social media feed. and she struggles to articulate a substantive defense on them. she was asked earlier about this later, i will play the tape. >> the overwhelming majority of the tweets that are now being presented are not even full thoughts. they are not even full sentences. and yet people take it and they begin to build their own narrative around it. so i cannot provide a lot of context because again, it is almost ten years ago. that is how far they have to go back to try to find anything on me. >> now, this is what concerns the republican establishment, that those establishment explanations are not flying in a highly competitive states like pennsylvania, which does
10:45 am
not have a history of electing extreme candidates. regardless, whoever wins is likely to face john fetterman, the lieutenant governor, who has his own primary to one on tuesday. and who has established himself as the clear front runner. the states are high, this state, pennsylvania, could control which party determines the, senate currently divided by a 50/50 margin. this is an open seat, one of the very few that democrats feel like they have a real shot at flipping. >> you played out all that exact state, thank you. pulling a factor in abortion rights playing in the midterms nbc news, showing support for abortion rights. record high. two thirds of americans oppose the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. in terms of issues, voters sees most opponent, abortion climbing up the list. inflation, the economy, and public top priority. the survey also suggesting the courdraft opinion has not really substantially altered
10:46 am
the political environment, as president biden's job rating is below 40%. robert gibbs former white house press secretary, and police analyst, good to see you. let's talk polls. what do you make of them? how do you interpret the numbers? >> i think this poll has a certain amount of good news for democrats. particularly around the issue of abortion and the role that it could play in this election. obviously, you pointed, out more and more people believe it is important to the outcome of the election. record numbers of people oppose overturning roe v. wade. and what it has likely done is make a measurable impact on the number of democrats that are now interested in participating in the 2022 election. we have seen really on a norm is gap against republicans and democrats interested in the race. that gap is closed.
10:47 am
republicans still leave. but a measurable impact by democrats, interested in this race, which is key to turn out in november. >> okay. there is that. but then there's also the question of what is happening more influence here? will it be abortion rights or the pocketbook issues like inflation? who could even be on equal footing if the economy approves? >> i think what it means is, the polling they pretty clearly show that the environment is still in republicans favor. more people are concerned about the direction of the economy. inflation, cost of living, than there are on things like voting rights and abortion. so i think what it means for democrats and particularly for president biden is that there's a lot of work to do, to convince voters even democratic voters, that there's a solid plan to deal with inflation. i think you see 15 to 16-point difference between the
10:48 am
presidents overall approval rating, and the approval rating dealing with inflation. that is obviously a pretty loud flashing siren for the white house. and it means that they've got to both take advantage of the issue of environment changing in positive directions, for things like that. but you've got to answer questions around inflation. >> but there's one thing the president has in his favor, and i'm gonna get to that. we have all these domestic issues, a slew of them on the plate apportions and inflation. now a mass shooting which happened yesterday. which i believe is the 850 81 which took office january 20 last year. that's mind bending. emotional toll on the american people, this american president is known for his ability to relate to people. those who are facing hardships. the consoler-in-chief. how can he utilize that? >> that's a great question.
10:49 am
i think that i would expect if this president goes to buffalo, cancels the community, speaks, i think one of the reasons that joe biden got involved in this race was to -- what he saw happening around charlottesville, and the, hate and racism that emanated from that, now we know that this is an 18 year old, think about, that 18 year old who was so radicalized around racism that he drove 200 miles, found some of the -- founders applauds that had more blacks than any in new york, armed in tactical gear to go hunt and kill people. i think this, joe biden, speaking in buffalo, this is in his wheel house not just to consult victims but in talking about the type of america that we want to see. and the type of america that we want to be again. animated in the run for president in 2018 and 19, leading into the 2020
10:50 am
elections. it will be interesting to see whether or not you can take advantage of this. we are a deeply polarized country and it'll be hard to move the needle in a huge way on this. i think it's important in his role on president in the united states. >> glad to get your thoughts on all of this robert, my friend, see you soon. meanwhile taking on wall street, fat cats coming on next, the story that started out david and goliath but did it and that way? did it and tha did it and tha way? with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur.
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10:52 am
of the wildest rise on wall street. just days ago, gamestop shares dropped 30%. trading halted multiple times before a gain of 10%. but last, year when hedge funds were betting that gamestop would go under, and return vestiges joined forces and made
10:53 am
money on its stock. it is the subject of a new documentary airing tonight here on msnbc. check out this clip. >> the boomers, they think we are lazy. we just got fed up with the world. that i was being told, go to college you get a job. frankly, that is just not realistic for our generation. >> this is the first time that somebody with a very small amount of money can go get involved in the stock market. >> they understand if we gather together, we can force this stop hire. >> who wins and loses one short sellers social media and retail investors collide? >> it is the social construct. we say it has value. that's it. >> everybody wants a piece of this. >> the stimulus talks are coming. >> a weapon, gamestop. >> joining me now is exacting apart, one of the directors of this film. zak, welcome. let me tell folks, once you start watching this film, you will have to stay with it start to finish. it is so complicated. there are so many layers to this. how did you approach for this?
10:54 am
what drew you to this story? how did you think you could successfully tell this story? >> yeah. that was a huge challenge. it was a complicated story. and it is really deep in the stock market lingo and understanding how the market works. but for, us my co director drake cooper and i, we were just drawn to the people that were involved in it. wall street press is really what's happening wallstreetbets. through the process of learning about the start-up, we met a bunch of wall street bets separately users, and they had stories to tell. and they had all been through a very unique experience, using the subreddit during the pandemic, getting all this free money coming in. it was a really incredible moment, and i think that a few of them saw it, saw the wallstreetbets support it with a place with a very specific culture. and that culture could be cross
10:55 am
and juvenile. but it also has some very smart people in there. and they found a stop that they believed in. game stock. and they started investing in it. at first was just a value play, then it became a lot more. >> you talk about this support group. part of what you said in previous interviews is there was a deadly as if these folks had fallen down a rabbit hole, and it began to be more than just trying to make money off of gamestop, right? this actually had almost an exponential effect on society. and what they were trying to do. >> yeah. there were a couple. i think there were three faces of the gamestop story. there is that 2020 phase where they found a stop that they really believed to, but it was the middle of the pandemic, and there was all this extra free money around, and people had all this time, so they were doing deep research and really understanding the stock. and then there was the january 2021 twist. that is part two. where essentially, right after the capitol insurrection, right
10:56 am
after the election, we are in a pandemic, and out of nowhere this stop, gamestop, of all stores, of all businesses, starts to absolutely raise its value in ways that were unprecedented. and it starts to hurt hedge funds. and it starts to become this david versus goliath story that i think became so much more than just a stock market story. and then, robin hood stopped trading. and the entire thing sort of turned into something else about the system. so you know, so many things are happening right now are about how americans are really angry right now. and we are trying to understand where that is coming from. this is another example of that. it is connected to all the other stuff this happening in our country right now. >> absolutely, zak. in just a few seconds, can you tell me what you want people to take away from this? aside from a better understanding of how all of this went down? because it was remarkable. >> yeah. it is a really big question.
10:57 am
i think our film is really about the first person stories of the people that experience this. but i think there is a bigger takeaway, to. the system is not necessarily built for everybody. i think we are seeing in all these different ways. this is another example of that. the system created a loophole in which these people could actually buy the stock at such a cheap value, and create a short squeeze out of it. but it also shut them down. and that was a really hard thing for people to go through. >> it has been described as a david and goliath story, and yet kind of not really. zak can paris, thank you so much for the track. and for all of you, please watch diamonds hands, the legend of wallstreetbets. it is air 9 am eastern here on msnbc. i will see you again next saturday, noon eastern. nancy vossoughian continues our coverage live from buffalo. coverage live from buffalo
10:58 am
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i am yasmin vossoughian coming to from buffalo, new york, known as the city of good neighbors. this community shaken to its core. by a gunman who is not one of the neighbors. a gunman filled with hate and bent on death and destruction, carried out in the supermarket behind me. ten people gunned down by an 18 year old man who drove more than


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