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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  May 15, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> hi everybody, good afternoon, i am yasmin vossoughian coming to from buffalo, new york, known as the city of good neighbors. this community shaken to its core. by a gunman who is not one of the neighbors. a gunman filled with hate and bent on death and destruction, carried out in the supermarket behind me. ten people gunned down by an 18 year old man who drove more than 200 miles to carry out
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this atrocious attack. officials feared mushing a news conference minutes ago, motive clear. >> the evidence we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime, prosecuted as a hate crime, someone who has hate in their heart, soul, and mind. no mistake that this is the direction they are going in. >> a vigil today for the victims of the attack including the governor of new york, kathy hochul who served as the county clerk here in the county from 2007 to 2011. i talked one-on-one with her, years a bit about that. >> this was cold, it was calculated, it was cruel. it was designed to have mass casualties. there's a plan posted on social media platforms, and that is what angers me the most. that this information was out
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there. and we need to know because we can protect people before this happens again. >> i'm gonna have that entire interview with the governor in a moment. this is by the way the deadliest mass shooting in the country this year, and buffalo joins the sad list of american cities that have become symbols of the gun violence that we can't seem to control in this country. president biden addressing the shooting at a police memorial event, noting that one of those killed here was a former police officer. >> let me say a word about yesterday's mass shooting in buffalo, new york. a lone gunman, armed with weapons of war and hate filled soul, shot and killed ten innocent people in cold blood. at a grocery store, on saturday afternoon. >> i will have more with the governor later on today, but i
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want to bring in jessie, who has been covering it for the last 24 hours or so. come on, and get a little closer if you, can i know what we've been hearing a lot in this community, you have as well. it's astounding how damaged the community is right now. seeing absolute destruction, tragedy happening behind, as the murder of those ten individuals. and we're learning more about the details, so many unanswered questions. >> the ripple effect this has after 13 people allegedly were shot. you talked about this earlier, i heard this to. without the store, open this place becomes a food desert. and we talk about that always being an issue in minority communities, and fair salt continuously being robbed in the wound as long as the store remains closed. according to senior law enforcement officials, they were investigating, months passed, and we have confirmation not of his name or directly tied into, it but we know that a teenager in
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confluent, new york, where the suspect is meant to be from, was investigated over a past incident and on mental health evaluation. this is a conversation about mental health, tried to access about getting weapons, leading to another mass shooting. >> i know you spoke with someone who was inside. >> yes i spoke with a woman we will hear more from her coming up in the next hour. the short version of what she told me is she parked her car with our cousin, they went inside, and soon after she heard gunshots ringing out, she and her cousin got split up. she wound up behind the delhi, through a back door, exiting only to go back into the parking lot, because she wanted to get her phone to see if her cousin was alive. thankfully, her cousin was alive but what was so chilling was she described seeing people alive going in, and when she came back around, they were dead on the floor of the parking lot. you see first responders walk right, by tending to those who are alive because those ones
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are already gone. >> you know what's stood out to me is people just kind of reminding each other that he just came out here to get some orange juice, some milk, some eggs on the saturday afternoon. maybe get some dinner. and some of those people never walked out. because they've lost their lives. that is something everyone can relate to we are go to the grocery store but these folks here were targeted because of the color of their skin. and you bring up such an incredible point is the lack of resources in this community. the congressman -- congresswoman was talking about. that the lack of resources in the education system as well it's really a ripple system across the board. i will see you again in the next hour, thank you for joining me right now. appreciate it. i mentioned earlier, i spoke with the governor short time ago. let's play that interview. >> governor, thank you for joining me today. i appreciate it. you are a buffalo native. you don't live far from here, as you said.
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what this is like for you on a personal level? take the government out. >> my heart is her part. these are our neighbors are friends of the church of people and the pain is so palpable. and there isn't anger underneath it but also, this resiliency. this is buffalo. buffalo is always underestimated, and they are a tough people. i know they will come back and we just have to have some time to heal. if it also -- to be strong and calling out what happened here, it's not a random act of violence it's not random gun violence to frequent in our city streets, we know this. this is cold it is calculated, it is cruel. it is designed to have mass casualties. there was a plan posted on social media platforms. that is what angers me the most. this information was out there, and we need to know so we can protect people before something like this ever happens again. >> protect people, yes, but
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this was a racist attack against the black community here in buffalo. people are angry, they're moving what do you say to that? >> there are absolutely right. this is a blatant act of hate, it's a hate crime, it's white supremacy terrorism and i will say that twice terrorism. and it's worrisome. and it's worse. this community has endured so much through generations, and to finally get to a point where yes we get understanding that -- that was a coexistence, but now for white supremacists to act on his hatred that was fermented over social media platforms, he was radicalized, not to act on this this shatters everybody's sense of security. as governor of a state with 20 million people, i say an attack on one is an attack on all of us. you just attacked 20 million people and we are coming at you. >> i know you have to go just one more question. you have a waiting for supreme court decision coming out when
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it comes to conceal and carry permits here in the state of new york. we have really strict gun laws here. when you think of the potential decisions coming out of the supreme court, and you look at what happened at the top scorers who storm heinie, what do you say? >> it's terrifying to think that all the laws put in place to protect people who think they know better than state government, we know how to protect our people. we have ways to do. that we think you should have a legitimate reason that it's verified and understood why you should be able to conceal a weapon. are you security guard? are you verify, do need this for protection? there's a threshold we want you to go to. and to say that anybody who wants to, can if the supreme court rules that way can walk into the tops and not high to their weapon, what is the world coming to? stop undermining the rights of americans whether it's the rights of women for reproductive freedom our state of new york to protect citizens
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i'm coming for a supreme court to do the right thing. >> mental health flags on this kid. he had in fact threatened his own school, saying he was going to shoot up a graduation ceremony. there was investigations into that. do more restrictions need to be put in place when we have these mental health flags on young kids? who end up going and shooting up a grocery store or a school? >> we have something called the red flag law. it has not been there very long. but it allows authorities and schools, teachers, guidance counselors principles they see these red flags that they alert authorities and a judge can make a determination if this person lives in a home that house guns, what -- should they be taken away? we have a process in place, those evaluations, before i became governor, i want to find out what went wrong, and make sure it doesn't happen. >> it seems like someone dropped the ball. >> i don't know that. i need this investigated. >> thank you so much.
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this inwe will talk about the g laws and gun laws changing here in the state of new york. we will also talk about a potential decision in the supreme court coming up. just retains this afternoon, i should say, appreciate it. your statement says the facts are plain, the motivation is hate filled, and disgusting. how are you feeling today and how is that community doing from your vantage point? >> the whole community is in a state of shock. nothing has ever happened in buffalo. it started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and it was over by 2:35. the death and destruction good honest hardworking people who left for work in the morning, saying goodbye the loved ones never to return. we will heal and we will be
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strengthened as a community. there is a lot of work to be done. >> let's talk about the work to be done. because i hear a lot of officials coming from here. i've covered a lot of these sadly. i was in charleston after dylan roof shot up the church. and this community as that community was, especially after a hate crime -- he calls himself a racist, hate filled, rampage at that grocery store this community feels forgotten. and they told me that today. they think they have not been given the resources -- this is the only coffee store in the neighborhood. the schools are not getting the resources they need. what do you say to the community that says remember us we are important we matter. >> it's important that we put investments in this community towards the goal of developing more businesses like tops. cops is a chain market which was reluctant to come here. and it was the officials that
11:12 am
pushed for this location. and this shooter identified because it is a predominantly african american community. and obviously we need more investment in the community towards the goal of creating this instability and opportunity. >> one needs to be done? >> a lot of the money we approved in the rescue plan is disproportionately going to communities that have been marginalized. and at the rebuild of the nation of the pandemic is designed to be more inclusive and equitable because historically it has not been. >> people in the community are saying it's not about money it's about systemic racism in the country. and it's very pervasive not only in this community but in the country. >> that is an element in our society it is true in buffalo it's true in the nation. and we have to enforce laws more aggressively to ensure that these people cannot exactly the death and destruction that they did yesterday. >> this kid was radicalized online. it is also an individual who
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purchased two guns legally one on the second market as they put it. what about red flag laws? he was being investigated for mental health back in 2021, there was no flag when he went to purchase that firearm. >> there should -- of course there should be, and there should be background checks as well. he actually had three guns with him including the one that he used in the store which was an assault rifle. and a security guard former police officer, shot him. and he had armor on. it didn't do anything. the security guard was helpless. in the situation he was overpowered by an assault rifle. >> so tell me the actionable things that you plan to put in place for this community? >> first thing, nationally we need back on trucks. vast majority of americans support that. we should have a ban on assault rifles. those are very in all simple things that should be done but
11:14 am
because of the politics of washington you, know it's difficult to get done. but hopefully this will be a tipping point from which we can do much better to protect communities like this. >> and the hate and racism? that drove this meant to do this? >> sure, it's all social media, and it needs to be tracked march more closely. eliminating hate speech, and that is what is occurring in the nation. this is just the most recent act of gun violence or multiple deaths and injuries occurred. so the whole thing is we can get aggressive of the new laws and existence. >> he was able to stream it on which. the fact that even got into minutes to streaming this massacre on the social media site congressman, thank you for coming down, appreciate it. live from buffalo we have talked about reports that the shooter was known to law enforcement. or gonna talk more about that
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i'm yasmin vossoughian coming to you from buffalo, new york. the justice department and fbi investigating yesterday shooting as a hate crime. and a tragedy of quote, racially motivated violent extremism that apparent manifesto. still with racist comments was posted online. and the suspect's name thursday night. in it, he claims to have been radicalized online at the start of this pandemic. essentially out of boredom, as he put it. law enforcement sources telling nbc news that the suspect appears to have written or adjust the and word on one of the weapons. document also claims that he travel to buffalo because he was targeting a predominantly black community for the attack. joining me now is -- msnbc national security analyst and contributor. frank, let's talk to some of the details of this. because it is astounding. i think one of the things that
11:20 am
really sticks out to me is something that i spoke about the congressman as well. his history of mental health and i want to read for you, frank, the statement from the new york state police saying this. on june 8th, 2021, state police respond to some susquehanna high school in conklin, new york, to investigate a report that is something real soon had made a threatening statement. this suit was taken into custody, under new york to him mental health law section 941 and transfers of the hospital for mental health evaluation. all indications point of the fact,, frank that this individual, this man who killed 11 people yesterday, had a history of mental health. and yet he was able to walk into a gun store and purchase two guns. there were no flags to this mental health, there was no notation may despite the fact that there was an investigation launched. into the threats that were made. we've heard the story before, we heard a with parkland as well. what do we do now? >> well, we need to
11:21 am
re-examination of existing laws. because you recall it was the virginia tech shooting where the shooter had been adjudicated mentally ill, committed, i believe on an outpatient basis but nonetheless committed. and so we change the rules about the kind of mental health information that has to make its way to what's called mix, the national institute checks to some. by the fbi. but it's garbage, and garbage. out so i think we can identify potentially -- all of this is accurate and that's important caveat, if it's accurate, we may identify a gap here that needs to be addressed by congress. what do i mean by that? this was less than a year ago, the shooter at the senior high school, he's still on the cusp of 17, he's going to turn -- less than a year away. but that juvenile status, yasmin, maybe what kept him out of the knicks back on system. so it may be, and i we've identified a potential gap with regards to but if you ask the
11:22 am
average american on the street. do you think that someone with a year of being mentally committed for a violent threat involving could be able to purchase a gun less than a year later? every american would look at you and say, no that would be insane. but here we are. >> how do you depend on congress, frank, to bridge the gap? this isn't me talking, by the way. this is a lot of people that i speak to out here. how do you depend on congress to bridge that gap when much of congress doesn't even believe, some of congress doesn't even believe background checks shouldn't even be happening across this country? >> yeah, i can already -- the short answer, i don't trust congress to do. it certainly not this congress. and i can already hear folks on the far-right and certain news flattering saying, well, you know, now they want -- they don't want to give a kid a chance to rehabilitate himself. they want some teenage mistake to avoid you forever. for buying a gun. that's not what i'm saying, what i'm saying is, we need to
11:23 am
have a common sense situation that says less than a year of you being committed by the police for a violent gun threat, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. i think it's pretty simple so in the absence of any reason and congress i would ask that states take a look. we've heard the governor of new york say, she's going to examine this. i don't like a state by state piecemeal approach but that's what we're left it. so every station look at this and go, do we have a loophole for a juvenile in their senior year of high school to be men -- then go out and buy a gun? is that something we need to close in terms of the state? i think the answer obvious. >>, yet it seems like we're looking at a state piecemeal thing on a lot of issues these days. talk to me about which, talk to me also about the fact that it seems as if this gun man was radicalized online because he says he was bored. and then you think about the 11 lives are no longer with us today because this individual was bored and radicalized online. he was able to broadcast his murderous rampage in the
11:24 am
grocery store behind me for two minutes straight before being taken down. how does that happen? >> so many issues here regarding responsibility, freedom of speech, not needing freedom from any responsibility when it comes to social media platform, governance, livestream, he livestream this. what this is really about is the speed of radicalization these days with people sitting in front of a computer screen, it's so reminiscent of the speed of radicalization we saw during the battle against international terrorism and violent jihad. young men, usually men, wanting to join a cause, sitting in front of a screen getting radicalized in something like nine or ten weeks. covid, we've seen written large, the nation fall down rabbit holes and give into echo chambers as we were sitting at home, online, only in radical sites getting no other view of sunshine or truth. and that's what he says in his
11:25 am
manifesto happened to him. we need to hold those problems for possible. he keeps mentioning 4chan, as the forum that he kept getting radicalized in. let's hold people accountable and as for the fact that you can hear white replacement conspiracy theory every night on any given night of the week on cable news. you need to hold them accountable as well. >> and listen, frank, i gotta say this. it seems like there's more credence come to the radicalization of international terrorism there is the radicalization of domestic terrorists. as much interest that are targeting the black community. and it has to be said. >> well, we still don't have domestic terrorism law, we do have international terrorism laws. you and i have talked about that gap, that needs to be addressed. and i think, we embrace a champion of free speech rightly so in our democracy. we need to do that. but why is that being acquainted, why is free speech being acquitted with the freedom from responsibility? if you want to be a responsible social media platform, you've
11:26 am
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(driver) conventional thinking would say verizon work for all of has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. welcome back everyone i am yasmin vossoughian coming to you live from the tops supermarket the scene of
11:31 am
carnage with ten killed in a mass shooting. congress and president speaking today, i found in the community shock and pain. >> i am feeling sad today. very sad. my heart is broken. and as i look at tops it's the only food store or supermarket in the community, any black person in buffalo or -- we have all come through this tops. or something. anyone could've been here. and it is just -- it hurts. >> nobody knew that they wouldn't make it home. some kids far away we're waiting on their wife or mother or father. the black community, we've been through so much. you've been through so much, and just coming over covid, buffalo has been through a lot. we're coming over covid we're
11:32 am
coming over moderna and everything, and to turn around and take a step back, do you know how many bodies is going to be, how many funerals? who has money, who doesn't have money. some people won't make it last night, due to this. >> joining me now is pastor julian koch in the vast baptist church blocks away. this is a hard day for the community, and you feel it. what do you see and say to a community that is reeling? >> number one, you say that your grief is not only appropriate but it is welcome. this is a space where you can build safe communication of what you feel. and one thing we don't want to do is watch people passed immediate feelings of shock. it is a raw emotion, and what we have to do first is be concerned about the health and
11:33 am
flourishing of this community. that means giving space to vent frustrations and realities of suffering, that you know, culminated in this event but has gone on for a long time. >> you're gonna be here holding this service. >> 4:00, yes. >> what do you hear from folks coming to and grieving? >> number one, you hear anger. you can hear it in the background you hang anger, frustration very appropriate anger at a time like this, you're also young people wondering how do we make this sustainable? so it doesn't become just a moment but a movement? people want to know what to take the next steps with, to make sure that we experience today never happens again. and we know that this is passed one event dealing with systemic realities, that are at much at play in this community. >> this is about guns, first and foremost, and about racism. >> it's about racism. >> and individuals targeted
11:34 am
because of the color of their skin. and this is a community, pastor, who has community communicated to me over the past couple hours that they feel forgotten. they feel as though they don't have the resources in place to feel as though they matter. and this is just a reflection of that. >> the reality is that this top scores easter means so much to the community is because it is the only grocery store in the community. for two miles. so that within itself is an example of systemic issues that exist within the context that we must be able to speak to in a moment like this. why is this the only grocery store in our community? >> you have an audience with lawmakers, people who can create change right? why do you say to them? how do you effect change? what do you do? because this continues to happen. i cover them all the time, and i hate doing it. would you say? >> certainly, we are not interested in just talking about thoughts and prayers today. that is the first thing.
11:35 am
we want the service that we are having at 4:00, to really think through what it means to define a movement coming forward. what are the ways we can make this sustainable? so that the palpable angle of -- anger that you hear we can create solutions and pathways out of this. that is number one. we are not just interested in having a kumbaya moment. it is the time for deep hard truths. and sustainable solutions to these problems. we can do this, we created this so we can undo this together as a community. >> what do you mean recreated this? >> what do you mean -- >> this were created after history of poverty, a history of alienation, a history of redlining. this all plays like this. if you're reading this moment you won't understand. >> you have to talk about everything that led up to this. >> and it is human beings that created this reality. it is white supremacy that has created this reality. we must be serious about our
11:36 am
anti-racist diligence and efforts to deconstruct these realities and plays something new there. >> do you think much of america is afraid of having this conversation? i >> think we are deeply afraid, and a devoted in many ways to the realities that exist. and i hope this will be a moment of reckoning and healing. >> i hope though to pastor. thank you for your time. take a look at what residents are reading in the buffalo news this morning >> pure evil. racial, motive cited as ten are slain in the buffalo market. hard to believe that most of these folks are simply grocery shopping when they were gunned down by the 18-year-old suspect. joining me now is bruce, assistant managing editor at the buffalo news. first, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. you've been up and down the story. since it broke. bring us up to date on what you know so, far how the investigation is developing.
11:37 am
>> you've been reporting, it it's focused on this man who obviously made a decision to drive to buffalo from the southern tier part of new york, and carry out a violent plan on the basis of what he believed was white replacement theory. he decided that it was up to him to act on his feet. and you are watching the result of that today. grieving and mourning. and angry. >> can you talk a little bit about the community in general? this community that was targeted, what we know about this community? >> sure. if you are from western new york you probably can trace part of your heritage to family members who pay who came from this part of buffalo. people all over western new york no jefferson avenue. where you are standing right now, just not long ago, 60s and
11:38 am
70s, the buffalo bills played out the stadium knew there that is no a center where high school sports are played. my alma mater, about a half mile north of there. the neighborhood is predominantly african american. and it is -- it's a part of the buffalo, the east side of buffalo, that people recognize and know well. >> you've been talking to people in this community for the past 24 hours. i've been talking to them for the past hour. this is a community in pain. what have they've been telling you? >> i think people are dealing with shock and grief today. and their confusion. it is incomprehensible to think that somebody would want to come to this community, and carry out an evil plan like this. as you said, and as your
11:39 am
previous guest just said, this tops market is a focal point of the community. if you live anywhere near there you go here to do your grocery shopping. and it is a beautiful, sunny saturday afternoon in buffalo. people were doing what they do. going shopping. to think that the lives of 13 people who were shot, not only them, but the people who have loved ones and people who are shot, people affected by this, never be able to forget this, as they said, it is just something that is almost impossible for any of us to comprehend. >> impossible for any of us to compete, but in fact, is very much the reality that this community is dealing with. first, thank you. despite the gunman's age and warnings of his violent behavior, he was still able to legally access every weapon and every piece of tactical gear that he used during this massacre. i want to bring in msnbc legal analyst, barbara. let's talk through issues we are dealing with right now.
11:40 am
as we look at the shooters as i mentioned with frank. i spoke with the governor about this. about the idea that he had a history of mental health and yet there were no flags in place. and he was able to legally purchased a firearm. let's take a listen to what the governor had to say. >> we have something now in the state of new york called the red flag law. it's not been there long. but it allows authorities of the school, teachers guidance counselors and principles, they see these red flags that they can alert authorities to, and a judge can make a determination, if this person lives in a home that has guns, whether they should be taken away, so we have a process in place. those happened before i became governor but i want to happen find out what happened and what went wrong. >> seems like someone dropped the ball. >> i don't know, i have to have it investigated. >> that was a process in place
11:41 am
but obviously there is a major gap when it comes to mental health issues individuals identified with mental health issues. and also making threats, to shoot up his own school. >> yeah, as governor hochul said there, it's important to figure out the timing of the incident, whether he was a juvenile at the time. whether we need to change the rules, to get information about juveniles just as capable of hurting someone with a gun, whether they are 17 or 18. maybe that's a rule. we need to take for more seriously the mental health crisis appearing with our young people. one important thing is a need for domestic terrorism statute in the country. as we heard from the testimony of chris wray, how can it be that you didn't know that january six was gonna happen and you couldn't do anything to stop it? it's because we're not allowed to poke around on people's social media. we can't engage with them unless we can open an investigation. and without a domestic terrorism statute it's
11:42 am
impossible to do. that people posting manifestos online, for example, could fall under the radar. it's that someone who could talk about in the slightest nexus as possible, international terrorism, it would've been possible to introduce a undercover care online. hey friend, tell me, more sound interesting tell me more, want help with their plan? be able to confront the person with a stain, instead of waiting for him to commit these times. sure, he could be changed with the crime right now, commitment to murder but that's after all these people have been killed. >> i feel like i sound redundant at times but there's an issue in that, when you prosecute, obviously, al-qaeda terrorists, you prosecute international terrorism. and i know you have partaken in that. but there is no statute to parse acute domestic terrorism. we have talked about this numerous times. this is not the first time we are dressing it. yet no changes were made. right? other american in this country,
11:43 am
seeing these happen over and over again, and we continue to bring up the lack of statute of domestic terrorism and investigating it like this one, that's an issue. the fact that there is no change being done. being carried out. >> it is an, issue and i think that there are some reasonable arguments on the other side about wanting to make sure that our free speech rights are expected, free association -- doesn't mean you can't touch someone someone expresses a desire to kill somebody. it's the same debate about twitter right now. how they shouldn't allow anybody to be deplatformed if they say something objectionable. you can respect free speech and also have reasonable limits on it. the supreme court has long recognize that there are reasonable time place and minor restrictions on free speech. so if you are threatening to kill people it seems to me that that is an appropriate basis to
11:44 am
open an investigation and prosecute people who violate the law. so they have been pride -- plenty of proposals for very sensible domestic terrorism statutes, respecting first amendment rights. and i think it's time we had a serious conversation about it. >> barbara mcquade, thank you, as always. at the top of the hour i will be joined by buffalo mayor vibrant brown, and district attorney, john j flynn. we will talk about how the city is just funding, and should they face charges for terrorism and hate crimes. and also what this community needs. that is ahead at the pm eastern. and as we've been saying one of the victims was a former police officer. today, president biden honored law enforcement who lost their lives in the line of duty last year, at an event in washington. when we come back, how he and administration are responding to the deadly shooting. u could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna.
11:45 am
subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re... administration are respondin to the deadly shooting
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11:48 am
communities, we need to have better access to things, we need more than one grocery store. this has now devastated entire community and surrounding communities because of the closes as they have to everything that i need to survive. so we just need to listen to the people who are actually saying, this is what we need and give it to them. >> another part of my conversation with buffalo residents today, a short time ago president biden addressed the mass shooting in buffalo during a police memorial event at the white house. nbc's just honestly the president for us. josh, good to talk to you. thanks for joining us on this. what did the president say in his remarks about the buffalo shooting and really just the epidemic of gun violence that we're dealing with in this country? >> yasmin, we've got a chance to see the president once again playing that role of consoler -in-chief as he has so many times unfortunately throughout just the first year and a half of so of his presidency. trying to show empathy with the victims and their families but also to pay tribute to the
11:49 am
police officers who so quickly responded to that incident. as president biden was in fact addressing a committee of law enforcement at this memorial for fallen officers over the last year, which gave the president also an opportunity to pay tribute to that security guard. that retired police officer in buffalo who of course try to stop this gunman and ended up paying for it with his own life. president biden calling this an act of domestic extremism. and describing the shooting this way, take a listen. >> a lone gunman, armed with weapons of war and hate filled soul, shot and killed ten innocent people in cold blood at a grocery store on saturday afternoon. jill and i, like all of, you pray for the victims and their families. and a devastated community. >> president biden also noting
11:50 am
the fact that the justice department currently investigating this, is going to treat this as a hate crime. that was prompted by white supremacy and that kind of virulent ideology the president saying we all must stand guard against that kind of hatred in our society. but we did not hear from president biden, yasmin, as he was standing at the u.s. capitol, was any kind of talk about a renewed push on gun control or some type of legislation that he might seek. or even really major executive actions that his administration might try to take to reduce the number of these kinds of incidents. which i think is an indication of the presidents acceptance, acknowledgment of the political reality that yes, his party controls washington right now. not only the white house but both chambers of commerce. but that has not opened the door in the past to being able to get serious change on gun policy in this country. the president not expecting that's going to change anytime soon, yasmin. >> that might be a reflection
11:51 am
of why some new people here feel so stuck, the way that you just put. it josh lederman, thank you. we are continuing to follow that lee shooting in buffalo that left ten people dead. but after the break, finland's president confirming the country which borders russia is applying for membership in nato. and tonight, msnbc films presents diamond hands, the legend of wallstreetbets. a new documentary going beyond the headlines of the infamous gamestop short squeeze. that's at ten eastern right here on msnbc. streaming tomorrow, by the way, on peacock as well. we'll be right back. peacock as well we'll be right back.
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more of our live coverage from buffalo ahead. but i want to bring you another bring up news, some developments in russia's invasion of ukraine. russia has now likely lost one third of the ground combat forces it committed in february. that, according to the uk's defense ministry. this is coming as u.s. secretary of state blinken discuss additional military aid with his ukrainian counterpart. in berlin, earlier today. and finland making an official early this morning. announcing their intention to apply for nato membership. at the top of the hour, everybody, the league is on the deadly shooting here in buffalo. that is being called a racially motivated act of violent extremism. i'm going to talk with the mayor buffalo, byron brown, as well as the erie county da. we'll be right back. da we'll be right back.
11:56 am
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i'm yasmin vossoughian coming you live from buffalo new york. this city now joining -- parkland, orlando, las vegas, el paso cities that have become symbols of america's mass shooting problem. ten people killed in a supermarket on a saturday afternoon in may. killed by a suspect who didn't know any of them. just knew that he hated them
12:00 pm
because of the color of their skin. the 18-year-old suspect traveled more than 200 miles to this destination after apparently writing and manifesto, detailing his racism and white nationalism. he came heavily armed and prepared to do damage. and now sits in his cell under suicide watch after surrendering to police. >> i'm not going to mention this individual by name, he doesn't deserve that. he should never mention his name. as far as we're concerned, he is in made control number 157103. >> that's the mayor. in a moment, i'm going to talk to your county da, sean flynn about the suspect. but for this community, it's not about the suspect but about the victims. a series of officials already being held to mourn those lost, i talk to new york governor kathy hochul oh earlier today. >> this was a blatant act of hate, it was a hate crim


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