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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 15, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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to politicsnation. tonight's lead, hate and terror in buffalo. right now, ten people are dead. the victims overwhelmingly black after a white gunman opened fire inside of a buffalo new york grocery store saturday. they are still investigating that have made it clear this attack was racially motivated. after investigators confirmed that the shooters may have left racist proclamations across his social media, allegedly targeting the buffalo neighborhood for its racial makeup. at least one weapon retrieved at the scene. confirmed to have hate speech imprinted on it and the fbi has announced that it will investigate the attack as possible hate crimes and an act of racially motivated violent extremism, 18-year-old suspect charged with first degree
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murder awaits a felony hearing set for thursday according to the erie county district attorney. this evening, buffalo is still reeling from the horror with vigils throughout the day, and city mayor brown, pulling no punches about the shooter's motivation. >> this individual came here with the expressed purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> earlier today, president biden weighed in on the tragedy from the rose garden with the federal response. >> jill and i, like all of you, pray for the victims and their families and a devastated community. i've been receiving updates from my team at the white house that is in close contact with the justice department. we are still gathering facts
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were already the justice department has stated publicly it is investigating the matter as a hate crime. civil >> civil rights activists like myself as head of the national action. sending thoughts prayers and resources to the community. i've talked to some of the family members that want to help them as they face this tragedy that long after the cameras, or lived in their hearts, minds and souls. we are going to help them with the funerals and help them pursue justice. more on that later. to help the families we are also calling on the biden administration to rededicate itself to containing the threat of white supremacist terror. more on that in a bit. but we first start on the ground tonight and buffalo. i want to turn to my colleague rasmussen who isn't buffalo. yasmin, what is the latest
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you're hearing on the ground? >> reverend, you and i have been speaking when too many times of things happening like this in this country. i remember five years or so ago, i was following a shooting of an unarmed black man. much of that is not reverberating in this community. i want to show you a little bit of what is happening here, because this community has been gathering all day. you can see behind me, this community getting together, gathering, supporting one another. angry, reverend. angriest what's taking place. they are also celebrating the love they have for one another as well and how they will rise up but so much of it, rat, would have been hearing so far today has been the fact that this community feels as if they don't matter. they feel as if they've been forgotten and the resources are not here, but what happened yesterday is not the result of
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one instance. one incident and which one individual walked into the tops grocery store behind me, and fired indiscriminately shooting 13 people, killing ten of them. 11 of them of which are black americans. but they are frustrated, because they feel as if there's only one grocery store in this neighborho this is now shut down. they have to drive miles to get groceries. they need different transportation to get them to other stores. it's a reflection of lack of resources and investment happening in neighborhoods like this. it's a reflection of the 400 years of systemic racism that exists in this country, which you talk about all the time and you well know, obviously because the work you do, and you've dedicated your life to it. it is a reflection of the lack of resources given to schools in this neighborhood as well. they are angry. they are frustrated and they want to see change. and to top it all off, rev, they don't have faith of the government getting things done. they see people around this
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country that are trying to ban books, talking about the history of racism in this country. they feel forgotten. they feel as if people are unwilling to address a history that faces black americans in this country. because of that, that individual felt empowered to kill ten black americans in this grocery store behind me. jan destination is ongoing. they're looking into the history of mental health issues. they were identified back in 2021, why it is those red flags were not raised. it was legally -- he purchased illegal guns. he had three firearms on him, 30 magazines when he entered the supermarket. the investigation will continue to go on. as we learn more about the victims we will bring to you, i spoke with someone who is inside that grocery store yesterday. she got separated from the father of her child, and her eight-year-old daughter, london. it was her birthday today, rev. she said all she cared about was seen that her daughter was still alive, and her daughter
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hid behind grocery shelves. she got so emotional, because she said she did not know she could survive. and because another woman sacrificed her life that we are continuing to hear throughout the day. >> thank you, yasmin, for this emotional reporting from buffalo, and as i said, i spoke to some families. their emotions are certainly heartbreaking and understandable. joining me now, senator jill, thank you for being with us here tonight. you tweeted your condolences last night in response to the buffalo shooting, writing that you would quote continue to fight my hardest to pass common sense gun safety measures, and to confront and defeat the scourge of white supremacy, and quote. i'm reminded of wind during the presidential run, three years
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ago, 22 people were shot and killed in el paso, texas. the white gunman admitting that that attack was racially motivated against latinos. you said then as a candidate that you would direct the justice department to crack down and infiltrate white supremacist organizations. in the aftermath of buffalo. do you anticipate congress, the senate in particular, prioritizing this threat and legislation and to combat it in that way you talked about? >> i do, reverend. since that time i joined the senate intelligence committee and i have regular reporting on with the fbi is doing to trace, track down and arrest and break up these cells of white supremacists. these cells of extreme domestic violence and people who are just fueled by hate by
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antisemitism, bigotry, racism. this shooting shows, how not only divided this country is, but how any team your old man can have so much faith in his heart, that he could drive over 100 miles with the intention of killing his many black people as he can find. that is a terrible reflection of where this country is today and as you and i it didn't start with donald trump but it certainly was elevated. and exacerbated. >> and given some legitimacy -- >> totally normalized by donald trump. this young man was 15 years old. the president of the united states at that time said they would fine people on both sides. impressionable kids reading racist stuff on social media. the president of the united
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states normalizing this. >> and on top of that, you take a president who normalizes it. you take social media platforms who have zero accountability to the american people who can create these radicals of hate and disgusting rhetoric that would drive any teen year-old person to hate his fellow humans so much. this is a reckoning, reverend. we have to hold social media platforms accountable. we need to regulate the internet. we need to figure out how we can create the possibility of a less divided nation, and how we can lift up rights and equality and investment, just as yasmin said, making sure these communities have the best public schools in the country. making sure we are funding, rebuilding infrastructure through our bipartisan infrastructure bill, making sure it's being invested in black communities. so members of that community can hire to do the work to make sure it is done in a way that
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gets rid of the richest past, with the -- who created racist architectures for cities, that harmed low-income and black communities. this is a long process and it must be addressed head on at each place where it enables this man who was able to buy all weapons he wanted without any red flags, because the nra and the greed, and money in politics makes that so easy. >> gun control as well as dealing with biases. [inaudible] -- the vote to pass abortions rights -- republicans unanimously voted against it. is it unrealistic to assume the only way democrats will get women's rights legislation passed and leading to other
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right snow -- if the supreme court rules this leaked document. it tends to make us feel -- will we be able to keep the majorities and building on it, midterm elections in november, as president biden suggested? >> i think president biden is right. this is about equality for all americans. this is about women having reproductive freedom and abilities to make the life and death decisions about whether having children, how many children they are having, with whom and under what circumstances, and when you take away that fundamental decision-making, you are taking away parts of citizenship. you are taking away life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. you are taking away the right to privacy that our supreme court founded in -- many parts of the constitution's, from article one to article four. and even other places that
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guarantee this notion of life and liberty. so we have to fight back. as president biden said, we need to win a majority of the senate that can guarantee that we can establish these basic reproductive freedoms under the law forever, and that we can fight for voting rights and fight against the nra and address all these issues we talked about today. we need a governing majority. every person who is angry right now, for all the issues we raised today, the best thing you can do is find candidates that share your values, help them win elections, when the majority, and get these things done, because we just don't have that majority today that is big enough today to govern on these issues. >> we need to do, we need to do it with urgency. thank you, senator kirsten gillibrand. from the mass shooting in buffalo to demonstrations for abortion rights, it has been an emotional weekend of news headlines, but if we are to make any progress on some of
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the issues confronting our nation right now from gun control to stopping hate, to protecting women's rights, to choose, it will have go through the u.s. senate. my next guess is the chair of the democratic senator campaign committee. the group charged with protecting building the democratic majority in the coming midterms. we are joined by senator gary peters from michigan. senator, i want to start by getting your thoughts on the tragedy in buffalo, specifically because you are chair of the homeland security. i want you to address apparent writings posted online by the alleged shooter discussing the so-called quote, great replacement theory, embraced by white supremacists. last year, an intelligence report sided far-right terror as a more lethal threat to the nation then's law must
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extremism. what can be done about this, because it seems as though many of the ideas and misinformation fueling this hatred is becoming more common prisoner acculturated now? >> you are, right reverend. thank you for having me on. first off, my reaction to this horrific shooting, my heart breaks. i am so sad to see what we saw, and know that my prayers and thoughts are with the family and everyone who is suffering as a result of just yet another domestic terrorism. as you mention both the espy our department of homeland security, through their statements, have clearly stated that the number one terrorist that we face in this country today it's not foreign terrorism, although we certainly keep our eyes open, but the number one terrorist threat is domestic, and it tends to be fueled by this insidious ideology of white
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supremacy. it is also related to the so-called replacement theory, which unfortunately it's not just on the internet, but you also see it on broadcast television. cable television shows. fox news has a number of folks that talk about replacement theory for african americans and jewish americans. they're trying to replace white folks here in the country. it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory. we have to condemn those kinds of comments. all folks, regardless of your political party, regardless of who you are, if you believe that you need to have facts governing the country and not let conspiracy theories stoke rage, people have to understand that words have consequences. words could lead to action. we've seen it in all places around the world. the shootings in buffalo has cast a tragic shadow on what
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has been a weekend of solidarity for supporters of abortion rights. demonstrators all over the country turned out to voice their opposition to the overturning of roe v. wade, which appears to be a very real possibility according to a draft of a supreme court opinion that i referred to. i know you have a personal family story about abortion. can you share that with us, and explain why this issue is so important? >> well, i will share some of it. it is a long story. i told the story on the floor of the senate this week. bottom line, it is a story that, unfortunately many people have. my former wife, who was pregnant with the child that we very much wanted, a medical emergency presented itself. in the fourth month, our physician, her physician, i should say, basically said that there is no way that this baby is going to survive.
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her water broke, there was no embryonic fluid. they detected a faint heart rate. they basically said you need to have a miscarriage. you can imagine the horror of what we went through that night as she was waiting for a miscarriage. and yet, it didn't happen. she went back to the doctor the next day. he sent her back again to have a miscarriage. it didn't happen. finally, in the third day, he said i'm gonna get permission from the hospital to do this procedure. abortion procedure. there was still a faint hurt be. unfortunately, the hospital refused. i will never forget the recording that was on our answering machine. he said there is no reason why i am not allowed to do this procedure, it is not based on good medicine. it is not based on your health. it is based on politics. and now, i urge you, find another doctor who can do this procedure as soon as possible. i am afraid your health is in serious danger. you could use your -- lose your uterus. if this procedure isn't done soon you could lose your life.
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it is unfortunate, it is a horrible thing that people go through in this country. similar with medical emergencies. if abortions are made illegal across the board, without exceptions, this will be a real story that people will face. they won't have the option that we had to protect her health and to protect her life. people have to understand that this happens to people at a regular basis. in fact, i was overwhelmed as i told this story with a number of people who have had similar experiences. make sure abortion continues to be safe and legal to protect the health and life of mothers. >> unfortunately, it is something that has happened to many. i know it is painful for you to recall it, but it is important people understand that this is not just a one dimensional issue in terms of people choosing to do when others accuse them of doing just
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because they want to do it. senator peters, we mentioned your oldest chair of the democratic senate campaign. i want to get your thoughts on some breaking news this afternoon that the democratic front runner running in this senate in pennsylvania, lieutenant governor john fetterman, has suffered a stroke. fetterman has issued a statement saying he has been in the hospital since friday. he is feeling better. this comes as the republican primary race has been shaken up. a deeply conservative newcomer, kathy barnett, is surging in the polls even in the face of attacks by donald trump. and the more establishment winning of the gop. this race is setting off alarm bells for republicans with political reporting. there is a rising sense of unease amongst party insiders that republicans could end up with candidates who make a senate takeover more difficult. what can you tell us about this
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situation in pennsylvania? and how it plays into the midterm picture nationwide? >> well, certainly, let me say, i am sending my prayers to that lieutenant governor futterman and his family. i understand [inaudible] we understand what he's going through right now and his family has got to be very difficult. i understand he'll be on the campaign trail soon. we will see what happens in the primary. there is no question that pennsylvania is central to our ability to hold the majority and the senate and expand the senate. we need to pick up seats. we have a very contentious republican primary going on in pennsylvania. they are beating each other up. we have got a surge in another candidate, as you mentioned, who is a very right-wing candidate. in fact, republicans themselves think that she is unelectable.
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we are seeing that around the country. we are seeing republican primaries where these candidates are just beating the heck out of each other, trying to be the trumpiest of the trumpster's. making statements and taking positions that i think will come back to cost them dearly in the general election. >> let me thank, you senator garrett peters of michigan for being with us. coming, up new york governor, kathy hochul, who will give us the latest on the terrible attack in buffalo that killed ten people. more on lawmakers after this, to protect the rights of women seeking abortion care. we will speak with one on the forefront of that fight in georgia. first, my colleague, richard louis, with today's other top news stories. richard? >> a good sunday to you. some of the other stories we are watching for you this hour, covid-19 cases in south africa are surging. it is driven by two omicron subvariants, ba.4 and ba.5. cases there grew from 300 a day
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on average in april to about 8000 a day this week. covid cases in the u.s., now near an 83 million total. the virus has now killed over 1 million americans. a so-called blue red moon will unbeaten display tonight, if you are north and south america. we will see a rare total lunar eclipse overnight. the earth will pass directly between the moon and the sun, when this happens. we earthlings will see the reflection of red and orange use of earth's sunsets and sunrises for about 90 minutes. enjoy. that more politics nation with reverend al sharpton right after this short break. l sharpton right after this short break looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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joining me now, congresswoman akeem and williams. the democrat of georgia. she is the chair of the
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democratic party of georgia and sits in the seat once held by the late great john lewis. congresswoman, we are following the latest in the buffalo mass shooting saturday that left ten people dead, and investigators are calling the attack a hate crime. you tweeted out your condolences to the families of victims and said quote, we must take decisive action against white supremacy and extremism. with type of legislation would you propose to deal with with this issue? >> reverend, i think even beyond the legislation we have to start with calling things for which they are. we still have people in this country that are not going to be willing to call this an act of right supremacy and extremism. i am in a state that just passed legislation on the state level to say you don't even need a license to get a gun in the state anymore. this is what they're calling constitutional hearing, but it's really criminal hearing.
2:28 pm
in a state, georgia, where we are making it more difficult to register to vote and to vote at the ballot box to making it easier to get it done. this is unacceptable. >> congresswoman, on another battle front big, you have been on the front lines of this abortion rights fight. you led 118 of your colleagues proposing that congress condemn attempts to criminally prosecute people who perform abortions. gender firming -- contraceptive care. why is it important for this resolution to pass in the wake of the leaked supreme court draft opinion, setting the stage to overturn roe v. wade? >> so reverent, i've never lived in a time where row the wait was not a lot of land, where it was not established precedent. i don't want to go to a time where i have fewer rights than my mother and grandmother had.
2:29 pm
those are the days that we are looking at. the leaked supreme court draft decision was not a shout or surprise to me, because of something we expected. elections have consequences, and we have seen what has happened with the courts cycle after cycle with republican president after republican president, putting justices on the bench that basically lie in front of the senate judiciary committee, when they talk about their beliefs on roe v. wade and it being an established precedent. we need to make sure that we are taking this serious on a national level, and we are looking at things like doctors being criminalized, giving people the hearing that they need. this is the time we need to be affirmative and our support for a woman's right to make her own medical decision with her doctor. we don't need government interference in this and so i am here to stand on behalf of the 68% of people in this country, not 68% of republicans,
2:30 pm
but 68% of people across the board who do not like over the rate overturned. now, there are growing concerns over the nationwide infant formula shortage, which has been worsening for months now. the biden administration said thursday that it was working to address the issue. republicans are trying to take advantage of the situation. claiming democrats for inflation and high gas prices and other economic challenges. how should democrats combat this narrative arc head of the midterms? >> well, first and foremost, reverend, we have to speak to the people that are being impacted. we understand that this nationwide shortage on baby formula is going to hurt poor people the worst. it's gonna hurt black and brown communities and those people who are already looking for support, like people that are on wick. right now, there are restrictions on wick on which formula you can buy. we need to make sure that states are relaxing the parameters around what you can
2:31 pm
buy on the shelves. then, we need to make sure that we are being responsible and telling people, do not dilute the milk that you have. don't water it down. this could be temperamental to the lives of so many. as we are talking with our republican colleagues, instead of being the party of no, how about they beat the party of the people. stand on the side of make -- babies, what they care about so, much are getting what they need. this isn't for political points, this is about making sure what people get what they need. infants need formula in this country, and yet, they are still standing there and voting against everything that the democrats dude liver for the people of this country. >> in just over a week, georgians will head to the polls to cast their ballots in the states primary races. meanwhile, a judge in georgia is expected to rule on whether quote, exact match, and of quote registration rules and
2:32 pm
absentee ballot cancellation practices violate voting laws. after the passage of senate bill, 202, which makes it more difficult to vote by mail, what challenges could voters face and what can they do to prevent any issues? >> so, reverend al, we're seeing it in this primary. this is going to be our first test on this may 24th primary, on wet espy 202, the voter suppression bill bill, that republicans in georgia past will actually do. we're seeing the numbers being impacted on people that return their absentee ballots already. this exact match i did, that republicans might like to think is a big deal, it might not be a big deal for them. when your name is nikki my, and it might show up on a list with an n a instead of an an eye, that could deny me my right to a ballot in this country. if republicans get their way. we have to continue to remind people of the laws, the new laws, that the republicans have put in place.
2:33 pm
we have to make sure that we're continuing to educate people so that we get this done and in advance of the november elections. this is our trial run, so we know which issues come up, how to get ahead of it in november, and make sure that people have the information that they need to cast their ballot. >> thank you for being with us, congresswoman williams. breaking news out of orange county, california. police are on the scene of a reportage scene at a church in laguna woods, according to the sheriff's office, multiple victims have been shot. one person has been detained. a weapon that may have been involved has been recovered. we'll bring you more information as we get it. joining me now is new york governor, kathy hochul, a democrat. governor, thank you for joining us tonight on this difficult weekend. your hometown and your state are having a difficult weekend. i know that president biden reached out to you today, what can you tell us about the call, and did he mention whether he
2:34 pm
would visit buffalo ahead of this shooting? >> thank you, reverend. first off, for your outrage, you and i communicate within hours of this massacre. this white supremacist domestic terrorism case, that's what they're calling it weird, it is. i was happy to receive a prep call from president biden. we talked for awhile about how painful this experience was. he said, whatever he can do. i said, you coming here would really make a difference. buffalo is a scrappy blue collar town. my grandparents were immigrants here. my parents lived in a trailer park. it's a tough town. -- it would mean the world to people in buffalo, just to have you here mister president. to let them know, this community matters. these are my neighbors. this is my hometown. this is deeply personal that my friends were slaughtered going
2:35 pm
to the grocery store. i believe the president will come. i appreciate so much for his outreach. >> governor, for the last 24 hours, you have said no uncertain terms that this was an act of white supremacist terror. you said that to me on the phone when we talked a couple of times. you stood clearly on that. you calling on social media platforms to crack down on racist content. where does that process began? >> well, it starts with us calling it out. i should not be the only politician calling this out. i want to hear from people, democrats, republicans, black, white, brown -- latino -- everyone everyone should be saying, what? this information is being fermented. it's like a virus, spreading on social media and the dark web. it has to be stopped. it has to be identified. the key thing, reverend, is to identify it. the second it hits. that, in my opinion, is the responsibility of the people
2:36 pm
who own these platforms. the very profitable companies that make a fortune off of them. you can hire enough people, have enough algorithms, to identify when key words appear and notify law enforcement before this happens again. that is something i believe should happen. i'm going to be pressing for this. i want answers, and i want them now. >> governor, we've covered the threat of racist ideology, of course. there is also the debate around guns. while this attack was carried out with a weapon, i have heard you say it was legally obtained. the type of magazine the shooter used on this is banned in york state. do i have that right, governor? >> yes you do. basically, under new york restrictions, the toughest gun law in america -- i will tell you one thing, our laws in new york are being challenged in the supreme court as we speak. literally in a matter of weeks we could hear that they're going to allow, possibly, and i pray it doesn't happen,
2:37 pm
carrying concealed gun so they could walk into the top grocery store with a concealed weapon and use it, or walk into a bar at night. that is what we're monitoring and watching and truly hoping doesn't happen. in terms of what happened with this case yesterday, in buffalo, it was a gun -- it was an ar-15, a low magazine capacity. it doesn't have high capacity capabilities. that's illegal in new york. but what this person did, and too many people are doing this, they went to another state like pennsylvania ten minutes from the perpetrators home. going to pennsylvania and buying this capacity magazine that allowed 30 shots from one magazine. you buy, that you added to the gun, and now you have a military style assault weapon, which is absolutely illegal in our state. >> governor, well i have, you i would like to thank you again for relaying national action networks -- i'm -- we would pick up funeral costs for those who lost their lives
2:38 pm
yesterday, those families that need help. i've talked to her the family's already before coming on the air. i don't want them to have that extra burden. i don't want people running out around raising funds. i want the families to be directly than benefited. i thank you for amplifying that. tell us how folks watching this can help that community to heal? >> referenced, that was so generous. at a time when we are dealing with pain, broken hearts, and a call from you saying tell the families not to worry. that was powerful. we have an office that -- i've asked them to deploy two point $8 million to help these families with their costs, of whatever they need from us. we will also be there to help with any funeral costs up to $6,000. we also -- there is needs right now. this grocery store had been in a food desert. it is shut down right now because it is an active crime scene.
2:39 pm
the people in this community, the ones who don't have a car, they have to walk to the grocery store, i said, we have a problem here. i am calling on uber and lyft to give free rides to people who live in these zip codes if they need to to go to the grocery store somewhere else. those are the kind of hands on actions i'm taking. people are continuing to send prayers -- it doesn't feel strong, but i left the church, i'm begging for prayers. send prayers, but also, we are offering mental health support services for families -- [inaudible] their sense of security is evaporating. we have mental health service support on-call in the community. we are on the ground helping them as much as possible. we're looking forward to a visit from president biden. the country is helping us heal, knowing that is really powerful. thank you for your support, reverend al. >> thank you, governor hochul
2:40 pm
of new york. police and buffalo continue to investigate the suspect arrested in the shootings of ten people yesterday. authorities say the shooting was motivated by racial hatred. we are working to confirm the authenticity of a 180-page paper that was posted online by the alleged shooter, detailing the plot. joining me now is we talia -- she is the author of culture war lords, my journey into the dark lords of white supremacy. teleworking, back to the show. you came up to mind when this came about last night. your book is specifically about the intricacies of our white supremacy proliferate -- online. we learn more about this buffalo shooter as we learn more about him, how does he fit into the patterns you have
2:41 pm
observed, monitoring hatred in the virtual world >> it fits in quite precisely. you know, the shooter in the manifesto, which i read, which i believe to be authentic based on the fact that it was posted before the attack and cited specific details of the attack. he describes a pasty of racist influences. he described being radicalized on 4chan, which is a notorious sewer of the internet, where racist thought is implicated. if you look at the manifesto, there are pages and pages of racist memes, antisemitic memes. he also cites several white supremacist mast shooters,
2:42 pm
including the christchurch shooter and the san diego shooter in the synagogue. he cites these theories of -- antisemitic theories. these racist theories. they really are absolutely in the dna of the racist movement online. >> is the problem of online white supremacy hate language getting worse? is it easy to spread misinformation and falsehoods today, then say, ten years ago? >> i think the ubiquity of the internet and the ability to connect people from around the world -- this is a transnational movement in a very real way, you know, i think that makes the problem more intense. i think, if you look at the substance of what they are saying, it is remarkable how consistent it has been across decades and even centuries, this idea that there is a jewish plot against white
2:43 pm
people. they are using black people for nefarious ends. particular paranoia about white people being replaced. i would say, my observation is that the white supremacist movement online is the methods of transmission may be newer, but the essence of what is being said remains remarkably consistent. >> -- >>. >>, a lot of your research deals with the underground platforms most americans have never visited. i want to get your thoughts on the mainstream -- on the political right. there are many examples, but i want to bring up congresswoman elise stefanek, because stefanik -- she said she represents an upstate new york district, and is our member of republican
2:44 pm
leadership. now, last year the congresswoman was criticized by her own hometown newspaper, for running facebook ads, alluding to the great replacement theory. apparently acts bounced by the alleged buffalo shooter. just this week this congresswoman put out a tweet pushing the idea that the biden administration is worse -- worsening baby formula shortage by providing food to migrant babies. she also uses the term, petito grifters, which seems to reference the qanon conspiracy theory. although our staff denies that's what she meant. what is your take on what is going on here and how dangerous is it? >> i mean, what we have seen over the last few years is a blurring and almost an erasure of the lines between the
2:45 pm
extremist right, the racist right, the right that will pick up a gun and shoot people in a church and a supermarket. and the quote unquote mainstream republican party, what you see on fox news, what you see on -- what you hear from officials like stefanik. many other republicans, senate candidates and elected officials. particularly, when it comes to so-called great replacement theory, which is the idea that an f areas plot of elites, sometimes specified as jews, sometimes not, our engineering immigration, encouraging interracial marriage in order totroy and replace the white race. this is referenced in the shooters manifesto, but it's also referred to, very openly, by republican officials at all levels of leadership.
2:46 pm
it is a building block for senate candidates. i think this represents great danger. >> great danger. >> it is very radicalizing, and it ultimately -- you know, they are only going in one direction. that direction is violence. >> all right,, thank you for joining us again on politics nation. after the break, more on the pennsylvania primaries and your top contender. plus, what democrats need to do to try to defy expectations this primary season. you are watching politics nation. u are watching politic nation nation you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually.
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2:50 pm
panel for their insight on today's big topics. joining me now, former representative, carlos carr below of florida. and adrian elrod, democratic strategist and former senior aide to the biden harris campaign. carlos, just days before the pennsylvania -- primary on tuesday, donald trump endorsed front runner, dug a mastriano, a far-right extremist and an election conspiracy theorist. who, if elected, would be taxed
2:51 pm
with -- tasked with certifying the state's 2024 presidential election results. meanwhile, another far-right candidate is surging in the senate primaries, kathy burnett, has a record of anti islamic and gay statements. she does not have the endorsement of trump. he has backed doctor oz, also, new reports of the states lieutenant governor, john fetterman, who is the leading in the democratic senate primary race suffered a stroke on friday. he is currently recovering. what is going on in pennsylvania? >> well, reverend, what is happening on the republican side of the spectrum in pennsylvania is actually pretty good news for democrats. pennsylvania republicans i've spoken to in recent days says mr. mastriano is totally unelectable in a democratic -- the general election because
2:52 pm
he's made so many outlandish comments. he is so far out of the mainstream. a lot of democrats and pennsylvania are welcoming this trump endorsement because they believe this is a candidate who they can really beat. in terms of miss barnett and the republican primary. here is an example of someone who is really taking advantage of the race to the bottom that donald trump has started in the republican party when it comes to rhetoric. miss barnett, who does not have donald trump's endorsement, is speaking in ways and using rhetoric that is even more aggressive and more inappropriate, in my, view than mr. trump. she is beating him at his own game, and rising in the polls against a candidate, and doctor oz, who he endorsed. it looks like, for the time being, all the turmoil on the republican side of the aisle is going to benefit democrats in pennsylvania, despite this unfortunate health issue that
2:53 pm
the democratic leading candidate has. >> adrian, president joe biden recently said he would be making an announcement on student loan forgiveness within weeks. he's considering various proposals for debt cancellation, possibly with income based limits for legibility. some critics argue that this move doesn't get at the root of the problem with college affordability and loan repayment. if you advise the president on this issue, what would you suggest? cancel all student debt? or forget a set amount. >> rev, honestly, the best thing to do here is to cancel student debt. certainly not working at the white house on advising him. not only, as you pointed out, is crippling young voters, it is something that motivates young voters. it's something they're gonna be looking at going into 2022, and
2:54 pm
certainly into 2024. it is -- the cost of college has gotten out of control. i mean, that -- i graduated for college about 25 years ago. the cost has gone up so much. i don't even understand really how a lot of middle class families can afford to send their kids to college. a lot of them can't. this is something that, not only by canceling this debt it will motivate a lot of young voters and turn them in a different direction, it will get them off to the right start. it will have an overall significantly positive benefit on the entire economy. >> carlos, republicans are causing a stir over baby formula. the new york times reports republicans are wrongly suggesting the biden administration is sending baby formula to undocumented immigrants at the expense of american families amid a national shortage. as part of a settlement of class action lawsuit, the government must provide food, including baby formula, and
2:55 pm
water to migrant children detained at the border. it is unlikely that the amount of formula in the detention facilities would meaningfully ease the shortage in any way. why are republicans using migrant children as a scapegoat for this crisis? >> well, reverend, the republican playbook has been to insert immigration into almost any issue they can. they perceive the biden administration as weak on this issue. polling indicates that a lot of americans don't approve of president biden's handling of immigration. republicans want to tie him to that issue. that's why they're talking about the shortage of baby formula milk in the context of immigration. in reality, the reason or one of the reasons that we are suffering this crisis is because we have reduced a lot of our trade relationships with other countries. we have one problem, with a
2:56 pm
facility in the united states, and we don't have those trade relationships where we can import baby formula from other parts of the world. sure, you want to criticize the biden administration's immigration policies? that is fair. seems most americans agree. but to mix these two issues just doesn't seem sincere. >> adrian, inflation is a hot topic going into the midterms. the black community is being disproportionately hit by it. black households are now spending more of their post tax income on necessities like food and energy, according to the new bank of america report. also, gas prices hit another record high today. aaa says a gallon of regular is now $4.47. breaking records for the sixth straight day. what could democrats be doing now to help americans that are feeling the financial squeeze? briefly, please.
2:57 pm
>> absolutely. raf, look, the bottom line is this, the economy is doing well. a lot of people are feeling record high unemployment rates. they're feeling that -- good paying jobs have been created created. not everybody is feeling this. i think president biden has made it clear, i acknowledge inflation as an issue, i acknowledge that it's an issue that affects people of color. here is my plan to address it. oh, by the way, every time i try to put anything in the pockets of american families, the republicans obstructed a vote against it. rev, remember how gleeful republicans where when inflation numbers started going up. this is what they want. we have got to drive that contrast, and make it clear the democrats are on the side of working families and republicans are not. >> carlos, car bellow and adrian l rod. thank you so much for being with us tonight. we want to update you on the breaking news out of orange
2:58 pm
county, capital fournié. police on the scene of a shooting and a church in laguna woods. the sheriff's office, one person has been killed. people have been wounded. they are on their way to the hospital. -- we will bring you more information as we get it. as we cover tragedies like the mass shooting in buffalo, it is always important to remember that the victims are more than statistics. they are real people, with hopes and dreams that were dashed. who leaves behind friends and families, whose lives will never be the same. victims like aaron, a beloved retired buffalo police officer, who is a security guard that confronted the assailant before being gunned down. and this woman who ran a food pantry and central park for the past 25 years and was killed
2:59 pm
while shopping for groceries. catherine massie, a civil rights leader enter -- use her voice to speak on issues of the black community including calling for more federal regulation on firearms. ruth white, who stopped at the supermarket on a way home from visiting her husband at a nursing home. i'm sure we will learn more about the other wonderful lives lost in the days to come, we should remember their names. and rise up so they did not die in vain. i talked to the families today as my -- in my capacity as president of the -- as we are making available whatever resources and finance as we can to help them with funeral expenses. i've worked with victims who, once the cameras are gone, once we move on, they are still left with that hole that will never
3:00 pm
be filled. we need people who will be there and organizations that will be there when the headlines are gone. these are peoples mothers, these are peoples wives, husbands, these are real people. and they should be treated that way. and, we need to make sure that they did not lose their life and those left lose their loved ones in vain. that does it for me, thanks for watching, i'll see you back here next weekend at 5 pm eastern. you can catch me tomorrow on morning joe, early in the morning right here on msnbc. voices, starts right now. >> thank you reverend, hello everyone. i am alicia menendez. breaking news, laguna woods, california, a shooting at a church killing at least -- [inaudible]