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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  May 15, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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whether her -- hard enough to protect you and roe other basic racked. and later, china's crimes against -- how can america respond? it was back in 2019 on the aids of march the 28-year-old australian man approached the al gore march and christchurch in new zealand as muslims were gathered for friday prayer. in his possession to 12 gauge shotguns, for semiautomatic rifles, and more than 7000 rounds of ammunition. he proceeded to enter that mosque in with a helmet mounted camera he livestreamed is butchering of ultimately 51 people in two mosques. i walk you through the details of that christchurch tragedy because increasingly all of the white supremacist terrorism a
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task that we witnessed in the last few years have sadly seem to all just blurred together. there was charleston, pittsburgh, christchurch, el paso, and now buffalo. each inconceivably her refix, each inconceivably monstrous, and yet each predicted, and predictable. in the aftermath of the christchurch attack my friend john rough -- sounded the alarm, connect the dots between these mass killings, so to highlight the visceral hatred that these bad shared for all invaders of their white christian west. the fed off each other's radicalism, explicitly citing one another in their quote unquote, manifestos. they circulated the same beams, the same extremist talking points, and notably as jonathan and i pointed out at the time, they fully embrace the same unhinged conspiracy known as great replacement theory. the insane dangerous notion that white people are being
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replaced by black and brown migrants as part of a liberal, jewish cabal plot to change america. the innocent people caught up in each attack may have heard of nothing in common, the victims of the buffalo shooting at yesterday were targeted because of anti black racism. the victims of the el paso shooting were targeted because of anti latino racism, the victims of the pittsburgh shooting were targeted because of antisemitism. the victims of the christchurch were targeted because of a laughable yeah. but, in the eyes of a great replacement subscriber all of them are living, breathing threats to the white west. this neo-nazi ask ideologies being metastasizing for years, yes it started online in 4chan forums, racist reddit threads, but it's spread like wildfire moving maniacal e throughout conservative media and the republican messaging machine. to be clear, the only person responsible for the her or in buffalo this weekend, is the
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master himself, but it's worth taking a look at the people and our politics and then our media who have been shamelessly and undeniably saying the same kind of things as the alleged shooter. the reality is, great replacement theory is now very much mainstream on the american right, and that's largely thanks to a single cable host. >> now i know, the left in all the gatekeepers on twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term replacement, if you suggest that democratic parties are trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballot, with new people more people from a third world. they become a certain level because that's what's happening actually, let's just say, it that's true. let's see it again for emphasis because it's the secret to the entire immigration debate. demographic change is the key to the democratic party's political ambitions. you're being replace, there's nothing you can do about it, so
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shut up. [laughs] i mean, they're trying to change the population of the united states, i hate it when you say that, because it's true. our countries and being invaded by the west of the world. unequivocally the countries being stolen from american citizens. as we watch. in political terms of policies called the great replacement, replacement of legacy americans with more immediate people from faraway countries. >> tucker carlson perhaps the most influential figure in american media, certainly the most powerful leader in the republican party on the american right today. he is all but adopted, a signature pet project over the last few years. and if you think he's ashamed of that fact, you might try to cover up his conspiracy monger-ing with some -- days maybe exploring ideas. you'd be wrong, he rebels in a, he reveled in being called out as racist by anyone who season documentaries doing, and that's not just tucker carlson, it's
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not just fox. it's now the leading likes of the modern republican party, gop rising stars like -- peter teal, blake masters, who tweeted out these vile messages after i repeat, after the buffalo shooting, astonishing. but it goes well beyond blake master as we, have sitting members of congressman, parroting great replacement talking points. cue appears out of -- scott perry of pennsylvania. >> for many americans, but seems to be happening or what they believe right now is happening is what appears to be some replacing national lauren americans, native born americans to permanently transfer the political landscape of this very nation. >> shocking stuff, and to have more bad news for you, it's not just random lack of fridge conservative type saying the stuff it's infected the house gop leadership, for a least fanny, stare chairwoman number three in that caucus scene here offering the standing
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republican thoughts and prayers after the buffalo tragedy extra day. and yet last year, just last, year she circulated facebook campaign ads drenched and yes, great replacement theory racism. if a leap stefanik a one-time moderate establishment republican, george w. bush whole wing of the gop, if she's now spouting white supremacist talking points to, it says that white supremacy has gone very, very mainstream on the right, that it's dangerous so, so dangerous as many as of warren for years i'm not saying that a leaked stefanik or took our calls in, or fox, are responsible for the match today and buffalo, that they caused it. no, but they have done is made respectable far-right ideology the conspiracy and the racist worldview that believed to be behind that massacre in buffalo, and they should never be allowed to forget that. joining me now is peter beinart,
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author of the beinart notebook, an msnbc political analysis and jason stanley, professor of philosophy at yale university and author of how fascism works, the politics of us in them. thank you for both joining me, peter let me start with you, you wrote -- a piece today on the buffalo attack and i understand that you yourself were even pictured in the killers ote unquote, manifesto, which were obviously not gonna show, what was the reaction though finding out you are in there? peter i'm not sure if you're muted, i can ontario. the perils of live tv. >> can you hear me now, mehdi? >> i can peter. go for it. >> my apologies, it's a deranged document. i mean, it really it brings in
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virtually every possible -- you can imagine and some person who aren't jewish, who the shooter happen to think were jewish. the fundamental sickness of it is that his basic idea, is being transformed from a white nation to a black and brown nation. because the black and brown people are too stupid to accomplish that transformation themselves, jews must be the sinister force doing it behind the scenes. that's it in a night shell, his version of the great replacement theory, it's extreme, even that was black people that were killed today, it endangers everybody that's part of that craze -- that they tell. and that's my dominant reaction. >> of course, october 2018 the pre-spread master absolutely took said the jews replacing americans with muslim in the whole caravan nonsense. she was racially killed in that
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situation, this weekend it was black people actually killed in buffalo. jason, you also wrote about the horrific buffalo attack, you specifically zeroed it on in her guardian piece on why the great replacement theory keeps inspiring mass murder, what is the direct line between the conspiracy theory and the violence it results in? >> so, first of all, thank you for having me on, i want to take a little bit of issue with my friend peter's characterization of it as deranged. i think if you look at it and you're familiar with let's say, the recent debates about race and iq, this was someone radicalized not just about four by just 4chan that by the normalization of the race, iq, and crime scientific racism by let's face it many academic elites. this was somebody who is deeply steeped in these racist tropes of genetic links between
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blackness and crime, lower iq, and putting it together with not, with a narrative that is deeply ingrained in american and european history, the idea that jews have radicalized black americans, we find this in the current attack, the idea that the frankfort school, the jewish members of the frankfurt school are behind critical race theory. this kind of idea that jews are manipulating black americans into a kind of revolutionary radical position is deeply ingrained and normalized. so, i think the killer was hyper rational, he was affected by this conspiracy theory with deep roots in american soil, and he was affected by elites playing with it. >> peter, for you to respond to jason's point, i do want to make one point here. i've read that disgusting --
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which we use manifesto as shorthand. he says explicitly and their, the alleged shooter, that it's online forums, storm front neo-nazi website, a lot of places where he got his ideas, ideology is. he's not for example like the -- who went to an open court said that he walks fox news all day. this guy is not saying he got it from fox, he got it from the gop, which is why was very explicit about that in the interest of the show tonight. having said that, what do we do when we live in a country that okay, the shooter led the, electorate is not saying that he got from the gop orthodox, but the gop are fox are saying almost word for word when exactly what these mass shooters are saying, how do we process that, what do we do with that? >> it is an enormously frightening and scary prospect, i think, the republican politicians and the republican and conservative talk show hosts are putting this stuff out, their families are not the ones in danger.
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so, they may not feel that same effect in the way i think that so many black americans, so many muslims, somebody has fanning americans and jewish americans as well feel it. they may not also have the history with kind of family experience to know how terrifying these things actually are but, we just need to try relentlessly to say to people like tucker carlson or elise stefanik, is this worth it for you, it's worth noting that these people, stefanik, many of these people or moderates. they weren't saying anything like this a few years ago, it's clear they're doing it purely for opportunism, they want jobs, ratings, fame. i think we need to try and get again and say, think about how your grandparents, your grandchildren are gonna look at you one day, think about how you're gonna be seen one day, is it really worth it for you to pedal stuff that gets people killed, that destroys this country just for your own theme
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and fame in power? >> it's interesting you mention doing this for ratings and popularity. that forced course begs the question why is it so popular, why does it work so well in terms of getting racy ratings. a recent poll found that almost half of republicans now subscribe to the great replacement theory, that's something that was a fringe theory on 4chan forums and now it's very mainstream in america. jason, you and, i talked about the subject for many areas now, you and i have been called alarmists. not just by right wingers but by many liberals in this country, many centrist edges had during cranberries that calm down, -- it's not fascism. and i wonder, how many responsibility does our liberal estimate shouldn't have to take for telling a blind eye to some of the stuff on the right, the el paso massacre for example, how many americans know what happened to latinos shoppers in a walmart in el paso in 2019? i feel like we move on from
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these massacres, i mentioned it in the intro, they all blur into. one i feel a lot of people in the media need to take responsibility for not talking more about this for much longer period of time. >> we have a rising fascist, social and political movement in this country, and too many people are simply in denial about it. it's not simply a fringe movement from 4chan, it's informed by different aspects from our own racist history. scientific races that is making a comeback, and if you place that scientific racism together with the kind of narrative of great replacement theory, that is in a grand experiment for scholars of mass killing like myself in a grand experiment is being normalized. i mean this kind of joking, let's normalize the worst narrative the 20th century and see what happens. it's just -- it's an experiment, i can't say what's gonna happen with a. but everyone it seems to people
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are, are not taking this as seriously as they should. especially because -- democracy. a sort of white desire, for a right ruling cast, the idea of the real americans -- >> it's, it's a very good point if you want to think about organization american personnel hates jews in blacks you come up with the ku klux klan, part of american history and sadly but it's got booster rockets in social neater and it certainly -- will have to leave it there. thank you both for your analysis tonight, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a case for expanding the supreme court especially our current political moment with our right under attack. under attack. under attack
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serve on the supreme court bench any given time should be nine. any mention of so-called supreme court expansion, so called cork packing often met with a night cry, met with pendants. changing the number of justices on the bench is not out of the historical norm. according to the supreme court's website, the number changed six times before settling at nine in 1869. who decides the size of the supreme court? congress. not the constitution. it doesn't even require a constitutional amendment to change the size of the court. if you're gonna argue that democrats should expand the court now because republicans will follow suit, when they have congress under control, don't forget! they already have changed the size of the court. republicans showed no respect for that nine justice precedent when they launched an 11 month blockade of -- 2016. they kept look court at eight justices, not nine, for almost a year.
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senator ted cruz defended that movement noting a quote, long historical precedent for a supreme court with few justices. mitch mcconnell is saying right now that he will not commit to any hearings, afraid biden supreme court pick -- they have no respect for supreme court precedent. this isn't about expanding the court either. it's about rebalancing institution, that as we've seen in recent days and weeks isn't desperate need of reform. joining me now to discuss all of this as brian fallon, executive director of demand justice, and sarah lipton wilbert, take back the court. thank you for joining me. brian, i wanna start with you. i want to talk about with justice thomas said the other night. >> if someone said that one line of one opinion would be leaked by anyone and you would say that's impossible, no one would ever do that, and look where we are.
5:22 pm
we are now that trust or that belize is gone forever. when you lose that trust it changes the institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder. >> i should note, brian, that clarence thomas is complaining about how -- speaking of a partisan right-wing conference. of thomas wants to find out who really altered the institution of the court, disney just have to look at the mirror? is in here walking example of why the court needs reform? >> right. justice thomas bragging about -- yes, can you hear me,? >> yes. justice thomas complaining about the loss and confidence in our institution, a little bit like an arsonist suggesting maybe we should call the fire department. this is a person who along with his wife has been the subject of --
5:23 pm
i think calls for the supreme court to finally be put under an ethics mandate and use some momentum in the house last week where there was a markup of a bill that finally said that the supreme court should not be immune from a court of conduct, which of the rest of the federal judiciary is subject to. this is a person who in the very same thought, very same appearance reiterated his belief that -- is for suckers. he said that in multiple descends and pass cases and read it -- reiterated that that it's an invalid criteria, by which to uphold a precedent lycra. this is a person who's bringing the torch, sending a blaze of institutions like the supreme court. that's why you see a pulling a 15% of the public who don't have trust in the supreme court, which is a high historically. that's why he's giving momentum -- the court expanded that you talk about. >> yeah. sarah, ryan mention the polling that shows how unpopular the court is right now, how lacking in confidence --
5:24 pm
thomas knows that. and yet, if you mention court expansion, and democrats run away. it's a no we can't do this. it's too controversial, it's two out there, it's too unpopular. if we do it, they'll do it, and the court will end up with 75 justices. would you say to this? >> you know, i'm not really interested in people who don't have a solution to the current crisis that we're in, saying that expansionist too hard. right? if there is an easier solution to fix the situation with the supreme court, i'd love to hear it. but there is not, because it doesn't exist. and so would people should be doing who really care about the crisis and abortion access right now and the crisis being caused by these unelected extremists on the supreme court, they should be helping us figure out how we get over these hurdles, how do we move expansion forward, because
5:25 pm
that's dissolution the american people need. >> brian, there are plans on the table, connor for exam -- 18-year term limits for justices. i would allow every president to nominate at least two justices. no other western democracy i know has allowed -- we need people with solutions. one of the reasons the filibuster reform became mainstream, is because barack obama came out in favor of. it i wonder where the democratic establishment leadership, brockville bomb, on the former president, your old, boss hillary clinton, should they be pushing for this? how do we get the mainstream to see this as something not controversial? something that is part of u.s. history? >> well, one of the criticisms you hair, one of the rebuttal to hear from democrats is let's be realistic, it's not gonna happen in the next six months. to which i say, you are right, it's not. but you know what else is not gonna happen in the next six
5:26 pm
months? women's health protection act. we just had a vote on that in the senate this weekend it's important, we don't have the votes to break the filibuster to pass it right now. we will have to contain in these midterm elections to expand the senate majority and keep the house in hopes that we have the chance to end the filibuster and pass that law. if we're going to have to go -- the cycle before we have the votes to do that why not be honest and have a dialogue about a solution that squarely addresses the problem of the supreme court. build a consensus for that measure as well as the women's health protection act. >> it's such a good point. let's talk about kitchen table issues, but those aren't passing either. sarah, one last question question. 30 seconds left. republicans spent 50 years getting along game getting the people they want on the court. democrats kind of drop the ball. is that changing? at least at a base level from your experience, defined attitudes are changing? >> i think activists all over
5:27 pm
the country, people over the country, are really coming to understand just how added control this white wing supreme court isn't they don't want it in their lives. they don't want to be beholden to the whims of five unelected extremists. so the support for this movement is growing over the country. all the more so with each extreme a boring actions this court is taking. i think we are going to get this done. >> unelected extremists is a good phrase, especially since would, four of them were appointed by presidents who did not even when the popular vote? brian and sarah, thank you so much for your analysis. appreciate it. coming up, senator tina smith on the future of women's reproductive health in america. what we were just discussing. but first, richard louis is here. good evening,. >> first on breaking news with you, one person is dead and four others are critically injured in a shooting at a presbyterian church in orange county, california. this church is located laguna would's, that's a retirement
5:28 pm
community, about 50 miles from los angeles. that shooting occurring 1:30 pm local time. the sheriff officials say one suspect was detained. officials recovered a weapon. they also said the motive was not clear. in pennsylvania, john fetterman is recovering from a stroke friday. he said his wife noticed his symptoms and got him to the hospital within minutes. he also said quote, i am well on my way to a full recovery and our campaign is not snowing down -- slowing down when. bit fetterman is the democratic front runner for the stage open senate seat, that primary tuesday. more of the mini -- the mehdi hasan show after this break. mini - the mehdi hasan show after thi break. break.
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horrible constitutional decision it gets overturned by the supreme court which were hopeful of, here in nebraska were to take further steps to protect those pre mourn babies. >> including in the case of rape and incest? >> there's still babies, they're still babies. >> nebraska's republican governor pete record saying the quiet part out loud, he intends to call legislative session to effectively outlaw all abortion in his state if the supreme court overturns revil roe v. wade. that's what republicans are up to, so where are the democrats? sadly not expanding and balance in the supreme court as we just discussed. and not blowing up the filibuster to codify roe v. wade in law, that's for sure, so what can elected democrats actually do to protect our rights of intel their base to vote harder, let's bring in democratic senator gina smith of minnesota, senator smith thanks for coming back on this show, democrats could change
5:34 pm
supreme court, reform it, rebalance it, we were just discussing it with a couple of activist, why is that a proposal that hasn't been taken more seriously by your party? >> well, as you know, i take it very seriously i'm in favor expanding the court, rebalancing the court, i'm in the favor overturning, getting out of this arcane filibuster which means that it is 50 republican senators i represent 41 million fewer americans, democratic senators have veto power over any legislation they want to casper decide. i mean, i think the problem is, take this example here, we have the most fundamental of freedoms, the right to be able to decide for yourself what happens to your own body, being tossed out the window by this extremist supreme court. and we have not a single republican is willing to stand with us and say yes, we ought to put those protecs, those freedoms into law. so, the problem we have, mehdi, democrats are fighting hard
5:35 pm
with a promise there aren't enough of us. there are not enough of us who are able -- to >> let me jump in and ask tricks, you're right, you are one of the senators like elizabeth warren and others who have spoken up on court reform, on filibuster reform, and i for one appreciate. that when you said democrats are fighting, the point is, not all democrats is it, it's joe manchin, as you know my many times discussed he's blocking filibuster even for voting rights in the past, build back better, and for abortion rights. even if people like chris coons, your colleague of data where, just the other month was saying maybe i should've confirmed -- i'm to blame for polarization. isn't the problem though that all democrats, are not fighting as hard as all republicans are? >> well, i think, democrats need to bring up fierceness to this battle right now. we need to show that we're fearless in the fight ahead of us, and i think that's essential for voters to see as
5:36 pm
we head into these midterm elections, as i go back to the problem is there's not enough of us in the united states senate, we need at least 52, we need a pro-choice majority in united states senate, and we need democrats with the well to make the changes that we need to make for the senate to represent the rights of a majority of americans, and the witches of the majority of americans. as i think on your show earlier, the strong majority of americans do not want to see roe overwork turn, they don't want to see what mitch mcconnell is talking about, what's a nation like banning abortion. >> so, question i can agree with you of course in order to get what you're saying don you need november cats in the senate, probably not gonna happen in november, what can happen between now and november's all roads closed, is everything dead? , >> you gotta keep on fighting, gotta keep on working trust me there is nobody is more frustrated than i think i am
5:37 pm
right now, as someone who's to work at planned parenthood and saw every single day the capacity of people to make decisions about their own health care and it is a ridiculous situation that we find ourselves in. what is happening all around the country, as you see, people in organizations coming together and try to figure out how to extend access to health care. , including abortion care for women and that is a very important step that we can take. the handwriting is on the wall, we mehdi, we don't have the votes in united states senate to pass, to codify roe. >> yeah, and even if you did have 50 to, you say they're still the filibuster, and i'm actually disappointed that joe biden wouldn't come out against the filibuster. i need to ask you about the buffalo match outing, the horrific act in buffalo, a white supremacist who endorsed replacement theory, you're sitting member of congress is, republicans at least stefanik, matt gates, scott perry who have echoed great replacement
5:38 pm
rhetoric in recent months, do you believe the republican parties echoing of far-right, neo-nazi rhetoric is partly to blame, indirectly to blame for this atmosphere of violence we now have an america? >> well, as you said, earlier there's one person responsible for at least in this horrible violence and death. but the environment in which this individual was able to get, be exposed to these ridiculous insane, replacement theory arguments which are being amplified by the mainstream media, you know tucker carlson and fox news, amplified by members of congress, i mean it's normalizing this kind of hatefulness and i think we see the results of that. >> we do tragically, senator tanner smith from minnesota thank you so much for coming back on the show, i appreciate.
5:39 pm
>> thank you. >> coming up tonight, coming up tonight at 10 pm on msnbc diamond hands, the legend of wallstreetbets, the documentary tells a story of the users -- coordinated to drive up the price of the faltering company gamestop, -- institutions in america. a fascinating story, stick around for the ellerbe remainder of diamond hands tonight right after ayman, i'll be back in a moment don't go anywhere. back in a moment don't go anywhere anywhere bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog.
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5:43 pm
but when many of us would call concentration camps. this week the biden administration slam china for its quote, horrific abuses and said it would ramp up pressure on beijing, this follows months of growing condemnation from numerous international organizations including both the u.s. holocaust memorial museum and the french parliament. each of which use the word genocide to describe what's happening in xinjiang, a new book exposes china's abuses, no escape the true story of china's genocide of the uyghurs that's worn by nury turkel, former president of the uyghur human rights, and commissioner for the commissioner on religious freedom, of the many horrific stories in the book, one concerns the experience of a particular uyghur, a woman has, natal slender 42-year-old was thrown in the camps are having the temerity to try and emigrate to kazakh stand with her husband, who is an ethics nick kazakh, inside she was given a series of injections, angry guards repeatedly kicked in the stomach during interactions agents.
5:44 pm
she stopped having her period and has now discovered that she's now incapable of having children. horrific stuff, author nury turkel, joins me next don't go away. nur nur turkel, joins me and do more incredible things. ♪ (driver 1) it's all you. away (driver 2) and do mno, i insist.e things. away nope, i think it's your turn. (driver 1) i appreciate you so much, thank you so much... go. (driver 2) i appreciate your appreciation. it fills me. (burke) safe drivers save money with farmers. (bystander) just for driving safely? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could get a safe driver discount simply for having a clean driving record for three years. (driver 3) come on! (driver 1) after you. (driver 2) after you. (drivers 1 and 2) safety first! (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪we are farmers.bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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deeply understand what's happening to the uyghurs and china. norrie to cale. he's an american -- a weaker rights activist and chairman of the board for the uyghur humans rights project and author of the new book, no escape, the true story of china's persecution of the uyghurs. norrie, thank you for coming. first question, i've gotta ask you. it's a personal book, i know. so let me ask you about your own family. how are they doing back in china? when was the last time you met with them? >> maybe, thank you very much for having me on. i appreciate your continued coverage of this horrific story. early on, when no one else was doing the job that you've been doing. i've not been able to see my
5:49 pm
mother who gave birth to me and a reeducation camp. the last time i was able to see my mother was summer of 2004 when she came here with my dad for my law school graduation. six weeks ago my father passed away lead in the original capital while i was on unofficial trips lead to -- big even physically that close, geographically, you might say, i was not able to go hug my mom. to be there for her and carry my dad's casket, simply because i was sanctioned last december by the chinese government for the policy decisions announced by the biden administration that includes olympic diplomatic boycott big, global sanctions, citing additional china's entities to the commerce department entity -- the china big holding my mother
5:50 pm
is a hostage. >> horrific. i'm so sorry to hear that. you mentioned the biden administration's actions. the u.s. government right now has denounced the chinese government treatments of the uyghurs. activists like yourself have been calling for the biden ministration to do more. right now, the u.s. -- to avoid a nuclear war with russia, what's happened in ukraine, and there's an issue escalating against china, another nuclear power at the same time. doug how does the government navigate is a pretty tricky big geopolitical climate? >> this is an important question. bob -- the international community has been focused on the importance of the invasion of ukraine, but we cannot lose sight over the ongoing genocide and china. she jinping's china dog. as you recall, you and i had this conversation in early 2017, and it is still ongoing. the united states government enacted two pieces of legislation. the first one in 2020, and the
5:51 pm
second one was last december. specifically trying to address two things. one, make it costly for the ccp to continue these atrocities, and two, hold business communities to account for using slave labor to pollute the global selects -- supply chain with tainted products made by weaker slaves in 2022. based on various credible reports, more than 80 global brands currently have been implicated in the ongoing slavery and china. and american people, particularly the business community, needs to wake up. as we speak, elon musk still has -- volkswagen has a plant interim chi. coca-cola, nike, hinds ketchup, campbell's soup, all been reportedly using forced labor. now it's on us. those of us who are in government, and most importantly the consumers. they need to step up to the plate and put pressure on businesses to stop polluting
5:52 pm
global supply chains. stop making us complicit in an ongoing genocide. >> i should point out a lot of those companies you mentioned, a lot of those brands, they did not know it was happening, they were ignorant and they fixed, it or they tonight that they were involved. i would also point out earlier this month a report by german researchers found that major western companies like adidas, puma, who go bus -- xinjiang cotton. you mentioned the business community -- your message to american consumers who do not know where the uyghur is. who never heard of a weaker is? >> american consumers know now, because our government in a bipartisan spirit recognize the atrocity of genocide and that's step one for any step parties to call it up when they see atrocities. the next step is to stop it. and hold those perpetuator's to account. if americans stop buying products from china knowing
5:53 pm
that those products were made by sleeved uyghur then we can put pressure on investors and we will be make it costly for the businesses an essentially big it presented huge legal reputation one vessel and threats, but the businesses, mehdi, as you know, the early period of putin's invasion of ukraine, close to 100 global businesses either pulled out or suspect and the practices. we don't even know one company that publicly pledged to pull out or stop their business practices -- doug >> it's a very good point. it's much more difficult for our american companies to extricate themselves from china than it is from russia, sadly. russia needs to be put on. i appreciate you writing this book and coming on the show tonight, nury turkel, thank you so much. we will be right back after a very short break. i'll be talking to -- talking to -
5:54 pm
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we will be right back here next sunday 8 pm eastern. you canal find this show on the new msnbc on peacock. you can find the msnbc hub through browse and stream my show anytime you like. new episodes of the mehdi hassan show on peacock will post every evening on monday through thursday. now it's time to hand it over to my friend. ayman, i want to talk to you about buffalo before we go.
5:58 pm
that's what we lead the show with tonight. i want to say something that normally you and i might talk about in private that normally brown people might talk to each other about in private. but i do want to say on tv tonight, because it's important, if you and i, let's be honest, were echoing and saying the racist and conspiracist stuff that muslim brown terrorists were saying, we would be rightly finished as public figures. how is that white conservative hosts could say the same stuff that white supremacists terrorists are saying? whitei mean i think the short r for that as there is a double standard because all you have to see is look what's happened in buffalo, look at the way the great replacement conspiracy racist theory has been mainstream in this country. cable news host the way it's been mainstream by the great replacement caucus in congress
5:59 pm
that representing -- xenophobic anti immigrant rhetoric. it's also it -- gonna lead to violence, we see that time and time again, and there's no accountability for that rhetoric, so it's completely disarming but as you and i know very well, there is a double standard in terms of the language that's being used. and what they're gonna get away with. >> yeah, violins is in a vacuum, i know this weekend and has to do with mental of, it's always mental health always found the brown people never get mentally ill, only white government get to be mentally and, brown -- but i would say, is the double standard is this, and that's when adam, when the war on -- was at its paid we were told that we can't just talk about the violent people, we need to talk about the preachers of hate, we need to talk about the people who created the conditions for all his hatred and bigotry, again, why are we
6:00 pm
not having a conversation about white supremacy, white supremacist harris with the don't exist in a vacuum. >> yeah, on top of that i remember how almost every muslim leader in the country, around the world would have to come out and condemn every single act of terrorism as if they had somehow spoke on behalf of all these deranged terrorists and yet here we are 24 hours later after the buffalo terrorist attack, domestic white supremacist terrorist attack, and we have not yet heard from every single republican who has peddled in the great replacement theory come out and condemn it, and condemn this act. >> you need to stutter show, but last point, tucker carson definitely would condemn it monday night at the top of the show. definitely. >> you have put some money on that my friend? [laughs] >> more muslims. >> mehdi, it's good to see you


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