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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  May 15, 2022 11:00pm-1:00am PDT

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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. >> here is this woman smiling, about to take her out for her anniversary. there is nothing you can see from those photos, that would even begin to suggest how would all end? one it's chilling. >> she was a beloved doctor, an amazing mom. sunday school teacher. she had given so much love to others. finally, she found it for herself. a handsome widower was touched by tragedy. >> my heart went out for them. >> now, she in the doctor were bound for adventure. a surprise weekend away. >> i was excited for her.
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>> a romantic hike to a mountain spot, the scenery was breathtaking. the danger was to. >> my wife has fallen from a rock. >> an accidental fall, and she was gone. >> i remember going, what's? >> my heart sank, i fell to my knees. >> so why did it seem so suspicious? >> there is something going on here. >> his first wife died, this is not an accident. >> two wives, two deaths, two mysteries. >> nobody saw her push tony off that cliff. why would he? >> gosh, horrible, cruel. i was broken. ♪ ♪ ♪ my name is harry kaye, and i am in fourth grade.
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once had an end name tony, they lived a few states apart but we're never more than -- marion tony, how are you? i have no homework, we had a little prayer, eight days till christmas? i'm excited, i love you, mary kate. >> she still writes her letters, even though tony can no longer respond. >> are you enjoying it in heaven? i miss you very much. i read a book about heaven, love your knees, it -- mary k was seven when her and died. it was sudden, scary and heartbreaking. so she took out an old shoe box, decorated it, and filled it with thoughts of ants toni. >> now she's dead, i cannot see her again, and our lives will never be the same again. >> the ripple effect of toni's death was huge. she was very respected doctor,
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on ophthalmologist, a thriving practice she had in jackson mississippi. she was a mother, who sang in her church choir, a wife to a man named harold, and an older sister to -- this story is about toni and what happened to her white one bright sunny day up in the mountains. >> it's also about how secrets, long buried, sometimes out stay that way. >> where did toni fit into your family? >> she was the middle between two brothers. sometimes she thought that was an advantage in sometimes she thought it was a disadvantage. being the only girl, with two brothers. obviously, we are not going to sit down and play barbies with her. [laughs]
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we needed the extra wide receiver, the backyard football game, and she had a -- i wouldn't say she was a tomboy, but she was a great athlete. she can do anything she put her mind to. >> toni grew up with her two brothers around mississippi, the epitome of the old south. she was ambitious, academically and athletically. and yet -- >> did tony embrace the hair in the makeup? the things you would think of from a southern belle? >> it's southern dresses, four football games. -- no sweatpants? >> no, she would never go out in public and sweatpants. never. >> tony did have one flaw when it came to being a bell. >> when i first got to college, she felt i was a bit too skinny, and need to bulk up a little bit.
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so she said she would come over and cook some fried chicken. >> mississippi is the place to be for that. >> mississippi, and every southern lady would be able to cook southern fried chicken. little did you know, when you took it out of the freezer, you would have to let it thaw. >> frozen fried chicken aside, tony was someone who set goals and made them happen. after college she went to medical school, and in 1988, graduated in the top 10% of her class. then she settled into a new practice and new marriage with a young dentist. but the women who could do it all couldn't say their relationship that wasn't working. she tried, but after seven years, the marriage ended. >> i don't think my sister took way home. i think that was a disappointing time in her life. todd's wife rhonda remembers how toni continue to try that work, but her love life stalled. >> there was a time issue there, she didn't have a lot of time
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to probably go places to me guys. she went to church and she went to her job. to be honest, i really don't think that there was a very good picking possibly. >> and the clock was ticking, when it came to starting a family. so in her late thirties, tony turn to a place many due to find a mate. the internet. she told a kristen dating site, finding a man who shared her faith was very important to her. she did not tell her little brother or his wife rhonda right away about her online adventure. but she shared her secret with her friend allison talley. >> did you give you updates. >> i didn't really ask. but i did know that she had met a couple of guys. >> then toni met the one. >> she made a guy, a little bit older than her, incredibly charming, extended a hand immediately, well dressed and polished. well spoken. very professional looking.
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>> his name was harold henthorn. he worked as a consultant to nonprofits, he didn't smoke, rarely drank and said he was a planner. eventually, harold flew out to jackson, and with them being methodical types, they developed a formula for a lasting love. >> they came up with a system for compatibility, and it was five seas. i don't remember what they all were, christianity was one of them, -- >> chemistry, maybe. >> when they met for the first time, they would know that the chemistry was there, they confirmed four out of the five before their first meeting. >> so when they met it was kim combustion? toni ticked off the 5 cs. >> first impression she. she's way more vocal, she's quiet, i thought this was great
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for her. it gets her out of her shell and -- harold was a widower and told the family that he had waited a long time for love. >> his wife died in a car accident. >> my wife heart went out to him. >> he said that he had been lonely. >> harold's friend had been best friends with harold's first wife. >> he didn't tell me a lot about his first wife but he did tell me that he really liked her. >> after lynn died, harold and her remained close. now he wanted him to meet the new woman in her's life. >> i felt like i couldn't talk about limb anymore. but i was happy that he had moved on. and i felt like it was time, and that he was starting a new life. so now, harold, the planner, as
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he had said in his dating profile, was ready. on valentine's day, 2000, he set out to orchestrate the perfect proposal. >> he really studied jackson, to find the perfect place to proposal. -- how excited was she? it was a nice ring, she's very happy. it seemed like it was all coming together. it seemed like it was all coming together and that she was very happy. on september 30th, 2000, less than a year after they had met in person, tony and harold married in a big church wedding. >> she looked fantastic, happy, glowing. >> it was a lovely day, it was beautiful. >> it looked like the first day of the rest of her life. >> the future was bright. >> her career was her focus for so long, and harold promised something different.
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>> i'm wealthy, marry me, i can take you away from your career. working all the time. and allow you to be the mother, which is the main thing that she wanted to be. >> her knight in shining armor? >> that's it. >> but it's amazing how life has a way of intruding on fairytales. >> coming up, what's going on? >> we're going away for the weekend. >> a whirlwind escape to the mountains. she couldn't say no, she had it all worked out. >> it seemed tony's doubtful husband had planned everything. almost. >> i need a mound rescue team immediately. >> when dateline continues. an du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent,
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for the first two years of their marriage, their careers kept them apart. tony in mississippi. harold, in colorado. and when tony was finally able to move west to be with harold, they suffered a lot of fertility issues and had miscarriages. it's a sadness to her. back in mississippi, tony's brother todd and sister in law rhonda were also struggling to have a baby. but after years of disappointment for both couples, all their prayers were answered. >> we both ended up pregnant at the same time. >> that must of been a very happy time considering what you went through to get there. >> exactly. >> and all of a sudden, good news here, good news there. get ready because you are going to have a house full. >> in june of 2005, tony and harold welcomed their baby girl, haley. by then, todd and wanda had already had an in kate. when the girls were a little over a year old, they came to
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mississippi and the new cousins got to meet. >> it was a very happy occasion, and i have to remember tony just being so happy, to have haley, so. so is harold. >> and although tony had always wanted to be a mom, it was pretty clear harold was mr. mom. >> he was the one in charge. the diaper change. most women have to beg their husbands to do that kind of stuff, he was like a nanny. >> hands on dad? >> yeah. he was in charge of everything about the child. >> with harold such a doting father, tony was able to go back to work. she soon built a thriving practice in colorado. >> she was a beloved doctor, she had a bedside manner. >> i abbruscato manage the practice. >> she treated her patients as a whole body, not just their eyes, but she was interested in their family life. she just had the good old
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fashion southern hospitality. >> tammy saw how tierney was committed to her patients. sometimes it is hard to get her to leave the office. so she was charmed when one day in september harold asked for her help. >> you got a phone call out of the blue from herald. >> he has he found and said, hey tammy i want to surprise tony for her anniversary, can you help me out? >> it was their 12th wedding anniversary. harold wanted to celebrate with a surprise trip to one of colorado's when there's, rocky mountain national park. >> so are being sneaky in all of this? >> i am. we had all of her husband's to call and do something fun like that. so i made her schedule so that she could be done and out of the office by 3:00. but it looks like she would be till five. >> the big day was some september 28th, 2012. he came into the office and the other girls thought it would be fun to really surprise her.
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so they put him in an exam room. >> a colleague shot this cell phone video. >> so she picks up the charred and walks in the room as she normally would and there is her husband. and she is like, what's going on? and he says, you know, we're going away for the weekend, happy anniversary! and she is like no no no i can do that. and he says you can. tammy fix the schedule so you're able to leave. >> this was well orchestrated. >> yes it was. >> this anniversary plan. >> yes harold thought of everything. he hired babysitters for haley he even packed tony's clothes. >> she couldn't say no. she just -- he had it all worked out, so off they went. >> harold, the consummate planner, had pulled it off. now, the perfect anniversary weekend could begin. the couple left denver on a friday afternoon and headed north. harold booked a room at the
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stanley, a historic, beautiful hotel in the park. famous for inspiring stephen kings the shining. he scheduled an early dinner so they could turn in early. it was a romantic weekend, after all. then, saturday afternoon, they set out for rocky mountain national park to go on a hiking trail that he scouted out a few months earlier. but just about 24 hours in, the perfect weekend turned tragic. >> 9-1-1 what's your emergency? >> hello my name is harold, i'm in the rocky mountains part -- i need >> it was just before six, and harold needed help. urgently. >> where at the summit of deer mountain. i'm at the deer mountain trail. she's in really critical condition. >> harold told the 9-1-1 operator that tony had fallen from the edge of a cliff. >> can you get my location first, ever really bad feeling
11:19 pm
about. this opium on deer mountain. >> immediately, the park launched a ranger who is also a trained emt, but the only way to get there from the trail head was on foot, and that would take hours. >> is she conscious and? breathing >> no she's not. she's not been conscious. she is breathing. >> harold, desperate, pleaded for a rescue helicopter. >> i will pay all expenses for a helicopter. i don't care if it's private or commercial. i'll pay all of the expenses right now. please get a paramedic right here. >> the operator tried to explain that no aircraft could do what harold was asking, not at that altitude. over that terrain. >> we can't, like, drop somebody out of the helicopter. >> from a ten-foot rope? >> no that's, it's not been done in my experience. >> harold knew tony situation was grave. >> she needs to get out of here. she needs to get to the hospital. >> harold didn't stay on with the 9-1-1 operator. he hung up because he was worried his cell phone battery my die. then, at 6:16, he texted tony's
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older brother berry, a cardiologist in mississippi, berry, urgent, tony's are injured, fell from, rock critical, requested, flight for life. emt ranges on way, will be dark when arrive. pray. todd got a call from his brother barry. barry said that tony had been in an accident and that he was being texted the vital signs and didn't look good. he said, i don't think she's gonna make. it back on the mountain, the rescuers were having trouble finding the hen thorns. >> they're asking -- to see if they can't see you. >> is anyone your use? >> no. the henthorn's war alone and time was running out. the sun was setting so harold lit a fire. >> i started to make a small fire, in completely and closed rock and closure with wet moss on it, thanking you can see the smoke.
11:21 pm
>> now in the dark, the henthorn were's off the grid and just still waiting. just after seven, an hour after howard's first call to 9-1-1, an operator called him back to talk him through cpr. >> hi harold this is julie, from the police department. they tell me you need is some assistance to do some cpr. is she awake? >> no. unconscious. >> okay i'm -- is she breathing? >> breathing has gone from 10 to 5 to nothing, to zero. >> what i'm going to do now, i'm going to count for you as you go through the breaths. i have my computer on and we can count so we can make sure we're getting that blood flow. >> but harold said that he wanted to keep the line free. >> okay. >> the range is about to find me. >> okay i will let you go, call 9-1-1 anytime when you get me okay? >> harold continue to text tony 's brother with details, none were. >> can't fund pulse. he texted a friend asking if he
11:22 pm
could drive up to mountain deer national park to find him. he called dispatch. >> there is a ranger in the area he's trying to use -- >> thanks a lot. >> he texted berry again, cpr, help ten minutes out. finally, 8:09 pm, more than two hours after harold called 9-1-1, the ranger arrived, preparing for a rescue. but there was no rescue to be made. coming up, i just said is she okay? and i fell to my knees. >> exactly what had happened up there on the mountain? when dateline continues. my tip is, send your kids a text. it may be the last time that you do. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. where does your almondmilk come from? almond breeze starts here, with our almond trees
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perfect weekend in the rockies, but the tragedy struck during a hike. the toni henthorn tumbling off the edge of a cliff. her husband texted her family to horrible words, she's gone. >> i had never seen my dad cry, never. and i would say for probably the next two weeks. it was constant. >> all the time. >> she was his little girl. >> i can tell you it doesn't matter what age they are. a parent can never accepted. >> tony's friends at work could not believe it either.
11:27 pm
>> i got a call, from christina in our office. and all she said was that toni fell. >> what did you think when that she fell? >> i said, is she okay? >> they said, no she died. >> i fell to my knees. >> my husband said, what's going on? >> and i said, doctor fell henthorn off a cliff. >> everyone was worried. for most of all, there are seven year old all their, haley. >> the moment that she knew this is it, i put myself in her shoes, i know her thoughts were of haley. >> about 150 people die of national parks in national parks each year. in rocky mountain national park, the leading cause is falling. >> before i wrote this park, i did not know that the national park had investigators. >> investigative journalist michael fleeman --
11:28 pm
was don't feed the bears. but there is more to it. every death in our national parks investigated. in toni case, the same empty that came to investigate save her, now served as a cop. >> people work different arms of the park service. the guy who came out there in the middle of the night, and tried to save tony's life, and tried to get their old off the mountain, the next day became an investigator. >> the ranger set out to learn everything he could about harold and toni. harold told him the couple had set out at 1:45 on the deer mountain trail, as part of their anniversary weekend. >> you can see in this photo that the -- hikers call it a moderate hike. but these are hikers who are
11:29 pm
scaling the sides of mountains. tony and harold kept at it. following the trail as snaked up around the mountain, to a point where flattened out. >> it was a beautiful fall day here in the rockies, much like this. harold said he and toni wanted to be alone. it was the anniversary after all,. so right here, they got off the trail and headed into the woods. >> most people stay on the trails in national parks, that's what's the park service wants it to be able to. >> although tony was a lifelong -- she had knee issues. if the hike was tough for her, it probably seemed worth it when the trees opened up to this. around 3:30 tony and harold a lunch right here, with this amazing view as their backdrop. once they finished eating lunch, they continue into the country.
11:30 pm
before they set out, harold took this photo of tony. doesn't look like she has any inkling that anything bad was to come. >> harold told arranger the ridge where they had lunch wasn't private enough, so they climbed down these rocks looking for another spot. at this point they were several hours into their hike without much daylight left. and how much time to keep a 7 pm dinner reservation. they ended up on a small fly area, with steep drops all around. it's where this picture was taken at 5 pm. it's one of the last pictures on tony's camera. >> rangers believe tony fell from right here, 128 feet down. this is a spot that most people would be too nervous to approach without the proper safety gear. but harold said that was toni trying to capture the perfect picture of some wild turkeys and apparently got too close to the edge. >> harold said that by the time he got down, was toni not
11:31 pm
talking. she was barely breathing and lying in an awkward position. he told the ranger he pulled her to another area, and then made the first call to 9-1-1. >> i need now find miscue team emergency immediately. >> but there never was a rescue, what toni too soon. her friend allison says that their focus in the early days who was dealing with their grief while trying to help alien harold. there was no shortage of people they're trying to help, and be in the home. we talked him several times, and every conversation had that element in it, of how wonderful all of his friends and his church family were being to him. >> within a day of tony's death, harold reached out to someone who had always been there for him, kim law farrier. >> i got a text and 7:30, tony
11:32 pm
fell, my bride is gone. i remember looking at this going, what? and i ran upstairs, my husband was asleep. and i said tony's gone. kim found the tragedy almost unimaginable. >> remember, she had known harold for decades, and head been best friends with his first wife lynn, who died 17 years earlier. >> i felt so sad, i felt like i could not believe that tony was gone. i just felt like i wished i could have changed it, i wish i could have brought her back. but soon, for some people, sorrow would be coupled with another feeling, suspicion. >> coming up. my husband said we cannot let this go. please investigate this. when dateline continues. i'm trending so hard that “hashtag common sense”
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what's happening, president brighten isn't -- after a supermarket killed 12 people and wounded three others. the justice department is investigating the shooting which is predominantly in the black neighborhood as a hate crime. and, in california at least one person was killed in the five others injured. after a gunman opened fire at an asian -- according to authorities, members of the congressional are detaining the suspect who is now in custody. now, back to dateline. no>> almost from the moment coah tony's friends and family had heard that she fell from a cliff to her death, they all realize they share the same uneasy feeling. and it was centered on tony's husband harold. charming, outgoing, a hands on dad, how does all these things.
11:37 pm
but now, tony's friend allison remembered wet tony said earlier -- years earlier, when they're struggling with infertility. >> when she was losing the baby, he was he very supportive? >> i asked her how this was going, if this had to be incredible stressful. and she said, her exact, comments all never forget these words. she said life with herald is hard. >> brother todd and sister rhonda all the fog back on how difficult it was to get tony on the phone without harold listening in. >> you called her some cell phone, number when you called his cell phone, number. he >> he answered? >> when we spoke to her, it was never just her, it was her and him in the background. >> she recalled how howard with him into tony's office and like he owned the place and how in his presence, tony this self doctor, pam melted away.
11:38 pm
>> did that make you kind of? sad >> that made me very sad and that's when i really thought, things are not right. >> tammy says that even though tony seemed to adore her daughter haley, she often gave up mommy time, staying late at the office instead. >> we would be gone, patients, gone staff, gone and she would still be on her computer. but it wasn't work related, it was playing games, so we thought that is so odd, why does she stick around the office? >> we started to think that maybe she just didn't want to go home and maybe because of harold. yet >> if there was trouble in the marriage, what toni never said so directly, never to, france never directly. what tom and rhonda were worried that they would say too
11:39 pm
much. >> he would control his -- his parents, her conversation that they weren't meant here, that he held divorce overhead. i'll divorce you. >> you won't see haley, and that kind of thing. >> that's probably the one thing that cut the deepest? not being able to see her daughter. >> exactly. >> and then there was a very strange episode that occurred a year before toni's death at a cabin that she and harold owned. >> did you tell you about the incident of the be at the cabin? >> but heralded, he made a joke that he almost killed toni at the cabin. and he made a joke about it. >> it happened around 10 pm, toni despite the late hour was under the deck. >> she said she was cleaning underneath the deck and harold was walking across, and as he walked across, a beams came loose and fell directly on the back of her head. >> toni had to be hospitalized. she came back to work bruised and bandaged. >> did she seem rattled by it, did a change or at all? >> she just seemed depressed, but people get depressed when
11:40 pm
they're hurt. >> toni the's family look back on that incident and wonder. >> are you starting to think that the been falling was not an accident? >> i think that had we been there at the time maybe not admitting it but enough to say there is something going on there. >> after the cabin incident, toni mother said that she didn't think she should be alone with harold. >> what's interesting about it, when my mother had that conversation with my sister, my sister didnt try to correct my mother. she said, okay. which, i think her silence probably spoke a little more. >> almost like, she knew? >> i think she knew probably it wasn't an accident. >> and now toni had accidentally fallen off a
11:41 pm
cliff. >> it was as if the moment people within their circle heard about toni police's death, they all instantly suspected something was wrong. >> my husband said, we can't let this go. so he called the park rangers and said we are close with toni, we have suspicions, please investigate this. please, he begged them. >> i felt immediately, upon hearing the news, that we had to find out exactly what had happened a and that it had to be her voice. because the only story we're gonna get was going to be his story. >> but they all soon discovered even getting harold story was not easy. >> did you ask harold, tell me what happened? >> several times. i said, what happened herald? and he blew me off. >> when harold came to mississippi for a toni's memorial service, her family thought that he was more
11:42 pm
interested in watching a football game then talking about toni a's last day on earth. >> he told us that day that he wanted to sit down and talk. and he brushed it off and he said that he wanted to watch the game, at halftime will talk. >> rhonda can believe which was herring. >> i said no, that's not gonna have, and it's gonna be longer than that. we were not letting him off for ten minutes. >> a rock longer that they would have to cross many miles and many years to get the whole truth. >> coming up, a revealing trip to the scene. halting steps and haunting questions. >> would you recommend somebody who is not an expert come down? >> definitely not. >> what about a woman with bad knees in her 50s? >> absolutely not. >> when dateline continues. and i get seven days to love it or my money back... i love it! i thought online meant no one to help me, but susan from carvana had all the answers. she didn't try to upsell me. not once, because they're not salespeople!
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what are you...? guess who just checked in on me? mom... susan from carvana! [laughs] we'll drive you happy at carvana. >> three months after tony but
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henthorn fell to her death in rocky mountain national park, her husband harold sent out a christmas card. a photo of him and his daughter hiking in the forest. the inscription, we appreciate your prayer for us as we walk through this difficult time. now, many people saw these sentiments less heartfelt and more as a cover-up. >> did people see harold as the husband in mourning? who had been through a horrible tragedy? >> i mean, that is what was so odd. we never saw any emotion. the only time he cried was when he got the phone call that my
11:47 pm
sister's death certificate was going to say pending. and he was more angry than anything else. >> friends and family were suspicious of harold, for many reasons. including, that he could not seem to get his story straight about what happened to tony. the night she died, john harold told her older brother on the phone that tony lagged behind on the trail, and he lost sight of her, until he saw her on the cliff. later, however, he added several new details. tony was taking a picture, and he had gotten and received a text that said haley was playing in a soccer game, and it was a picture of haley playing soccer. and when he looked up, my sister was gone. and she had fallen off the cliff. harold told many people that were she was taking pictures of wild turkeys.
11:48 pm
>> harold told the ranger that tony was taking a picture of him. >> harold gave many different stories. where the stories will diverge is what was happening when she went off the cliff? was he on his cell phone? was she taking a picture of him? >> friends and family were not the only ones comparing notes and clues. because tony died in a national park, the fbi joined the investigation. the more they looked at what happened, the more reasons they found for concern, starting with the trail itself. >> this is not an easy dissent. people who knew tony could not understand why a woman who had bad knee since high school would even risk it. >> dateline retraced their path with the help of this hiking guide who often works in rocky
11:49 pm
mountain national park. is this path well traveled? do a lot of people come down here? >> no, this path is way out of the way for a recreational hiker, to be having fun and mountains. >> would you recommend it for someone who is not an expert rock climber or hiker? >> definitely not. this is a place that is loose, hi classification of how we rate the terrain, this takes a lot of technical ability and sure footing. this is how i look at that. >> what about a woman in her 50s with bad knees? >> absolutely not. >> investigators also looked closely at harold story, after tony fell. remember, he said it took a lot of time to get down the mountain to his wife side. and surely enough, nearly an hour elapsed between the last photos on tone on his camera, and the new call to 9-1-1?
11:50 pm
>> but here's the problem. when investigators retraced harold steps, it took just a few minutes to get from where she fell to where she landed. then, there was harold statement that before calling for help, he had to move tony to flatter ground so he could do cpr. but the ground wasn't flat at all. the first one ranger wondered why i harold placed the head below the body. usually, when elevates the head. >> if this had been normal, this was just the guy who freaked out, and made some bad decisions, i mean, you have to give some people leeway. >> but everything else was not normal. for example, harold cut his call to 9-1-1 short because he said his phone was dying. yeah, when the fbi examined his phone records, they found that over six hours, over the six hours, harold made or received 122 calls and made 98 text messages. >> he's texting his brother a
11:51 pm
lot, he's texting his friends, he's on the phone different agencies. when was he actually performing cpr on her? >> the first ranger to arrive on the scene wondered the same thing. >> harold is standing there, not doing much of anything, i think he has a fire going. and the ranger shows up, and suddenly harold zips over and starts performing cpr on is now dead wife? >> remember a 9-1-1 operator head coached herald on cpr, but the ranger noticed there were no signs of mouth to mouth resuscitation, her lipstick was not's neared, for example. >> we do the best we can, but
11:52 pm
even factoring in all of that, heralds behavior was extremely suspicious. perhaps most suspicious of all? a clue from herald cell phone records that he may have been on that mountain before, in the weeks just prior to tony then and her death. things from his cell phone records, show him traveling to the national park many times, something he did not tell investigators. harold said that he and tony came to this really hard to get to spot for the views. and they are remarkable. but they aren't that much better than the views where it is up from the help from there. after the fbi found out that harold had come to the rocky mountain national park at least nine times alone before that trip, they started to believe he was on a scouting mission for the perfect lonely location. lured to knee to the dangerous ledge then a deadly push. if that sounds chilling, there is something else to consider.
11:53 pm
>> after tony died, within literally hours, law enforcement got tips saying you have to look into the first wife. >> yes, the first wife. there was a whole other story to tell. >> coming up -- >> we were never allowed to be alone. >> what had happened to wife number one? >> when dateline continues. ellie get married, on the best day of her life. but colon cancer took him from us, like it's taken so many others. that's why i've made it my mission to talk about getting screened and ask people to share their reasons why. i screen for my growing family. being with them means everything to me. i screen for my girls. they're always surprising me. i screen for my son. i'm his biggest fan. if you're 45 or older and at average risk, it's time to screen. today, there are more screening options than ever before, including cologuard. cologuard is noninvasive and finds 92% of colon cancers,
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[ screaming continues ] that's cool. we'll finish up here. bye! [ roars ] [ screaming continues ] that's why you go to the restroom before the movie starts. get epic protection for your dominion with progressive. >> when she first heard that
11:56 pm
her old friend harold had lost his wife tony, in a fall from a cliff, she was stunned that tragedy struck the same man twice. >> it could be possible that the same man was married to two women that died by accidents? >> right. and at the time we thought, how said. >> a little less than five years than he had met toni, he lost his first wife. her name was lynn. kim met her at a camp.
11:57 pm
>> when i first met her she jumped on one of the banks and she asked me, tell me who you like here? >> we are talking about boys? >> and i was thinking, who is this wild woman? >> lynn was funny and fiery and full of life. kim knew that she liked lynn right away. but it was their shared spirituality that cemented their friendship. >> we were both into serving god and she just drew you, and she wanted to pray for, you show need to know what you needed. >> lynn was already out of college and working. kim was still in school. but they shape prayed and secrets. she told him what she wanted in a man. >> a christian husband, someone who loved the lord, who is a leader and strong. yet gentle. and we talked about, it if i started dating someone, or is she, did and we had a check and
11:58 pm
-- we talked about it. i don't know if that's the best person for you. >> did you have to prove? >> yes i did. >> after all that girl talk about boys, i lynn found a man that she did approve of. a man who she found in college. his name, harold henthorn >> she said there was this guy, we went to school together. >> was he charming? >> very charming. he was always bigger than life, always laughing, always the center of attention. >> sun kim heard the big news from lynn, harold proposed. well harold and lynn married on september 11th 1982. kim was happy for her friend, but she would seize something and herald that would give her pause. was it just a run for the but >> you would say that even on
11:59 pm
the wedding day i? >> you move from one plans to another. >> coming up. >> the two gentlemen i was but they started cpr. and i said i need to get her some help. >> a husband and distress, a wife and danger. >> i received a call from a friend, he said that, i'm sorry to inform you but there has been a bad accident. >> when dateline continues. their home and auto insurance. isn't that right, frank? i saved 25%. booyah. you protected your casa? sure did. and the frank tank? you know it. and now you're relaxing. i'm working from home. sure you are. alright i see a lot of head nods. let's circle back tomorrow. you weren't kidding. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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12:02 am
anniversary weekend. that's not how it ended. tony had died after a fall from a cliff in the rocky mountain national park. her husband harold first wife lynn also died in a terrible accident. such an awful coincidence or was it? lynn's good friend kim says looking back there was some early red flags. you're saying even on the wedding day he was being
12:03 am
controlling? >> it's just everything is always planned with him. even from one plan to another. >> but kim put her concerns aside and enjoyed the festivities. lynn and harold started their new life together in colorado. where he had a job as a geologist. lynn got a job as a social worker. kim was happy for lynn of course. but she also felt like her friend was slipping away. maybe it was the distance. maybe it was her commitment to her marriage? but just like it would be with tony years later she could never get cam on the phone without harold listening in. >> many times i didn't know he was on the phone. but i would sense he was on the phone. and i would say, before i said something personal, lynn is harold on the phone? and he would always say hey kimmy. >> kim couldn't even get a long time with allen went she went to visit her in colorado. >> he was always with us. and he was always involved in every conversation. and we were never allowed to be alone. even if we were together. and he would even make comments
12:04 am
when we would go to the bathroom. you girls hurry up in there. he would always make those like joking comments. >> that has to get on your nerves? >> at times it did, but he's always dismissed it as i want to get to know you. lynn loves you, i want to love you like linda's. i want to know who this crazy woman is that she loves. >> when harold wouldn't let kim go to her -- even after kim offered to help pay for the trip. kim felt like she had really lost her best friend. >> she called me and said i can't go. and i said why? can you tell me why? and she said i need to honor my husband. and that's all she would say. >> kim thought lynn was okay doing what harold said. because she believed that was her role as the perfect christian wife. >> there was some awe to the fact that she really did on her husband. she would never speak negative about him.
12:05 am
so i always looked at her and thought man maybe she is the veteran woman? >> as the years went on, lynn and kim spoke less and less frequently. but then in the fall of 1994, there was a reunion of sorts. when they went back to the east coast for a visit. lynn and harold got to meet kim 's children. and as true friends do, the two women picked up right where they left off. >> we talked and we laughed and it was a good time. but we were always altogether. even when it was time to go to bed herald didn't go to bed until lynn was in bed. >> in other words, harold had not changed. but kim thought lynn seemed happy. >> did you think harold was good for her? >> i did, yes. >> what kim didn't know, it was the last time she would ever see lynn alive. may 6th, 1995. it was a cool spring evening in the colorado countryside.
12:06 am
a little after 9 pm, patricia was with her family on highway 67. about an hour and a half south of denver. basically in the middle of nowhere. >> came around a van, and there was a flare in the street. and a man trying to fly cars down. >> the man was harold, and he was in a panic. >> how ruled was at the driver window. asking us for help. because the car was here, and it had fallen on top of his wife. and looking over to the area you could see her legs coming from underneath. >> lynn, his wife of 12 years, was under their jeep. it was a horrible scene. >> we asked him what happened? and he said that they had stopped to fix a flat. and his wife somehow went under the car. possibly to get a lug nut and projectile from underneath the car and she got pinned. >> lynn was face down with the
12:07 am
brake rotor resting on her back. they carefully lifted the jeep. >> all four of us got her out. and we gently flipped her over. and she was -- her lips were already turning colors. and she wasn't breathing. >> it was a cold night. the family piled coats on a limb. >> and at that point the two gentlemen that i was with. they started cpr and i said i got to get her some help. >> time was ticking down four limb henthorn. no one had cell phones, so patricia raced towards the nearest town nearly two miles away, it was late, it was desolate, she drove up to one of the few houses. >> i drove directly up as far as i could get to the door. and i flashed my lights on a honked the horn. until the man came out, and i asked him if he could please call 9-1-1. >> the man quickly went inside and made the call. then -- >> he came back out he said
12:08 am
help was on its way. i asked him if he could bring a couple of blankets? to cover her. and he grabbed some blankets and he followed me back up the mountain. >> when the 9-1-1 call finally went out accident on route 67 roxanne was one of the emts sent out to help. >> when we got on scene there were two emts working when they were doing cpr on her. i asked them what they wanted me to do. if there was anything i could help them with they said no we want you to go talk to the husband. >> she asked herald how it happened he said he wasn't entirely sure. >> he did tell me that some lug nuts had fallen underneath the car. and she must have gone underneath the car to get those alakanuk and somehow jarred the car. or >> have thought he might have jordan the car himself when he tossed the bad tire into the trunk. roxanne tried to reassure him that they could still save lynn. >> was she hanging by a thread? do you think she had already
12:09 am
died? and they were trying to revive her. >> when you're doing cpr they're actually dead at that point. and you know so you're trying to pump their heart. we called for a helicopter because sometimes when you do cpr you can actually you know revive someone. >> and miraculously it seemed. they did manage to revive lynn. >> we actually had a paramedic show up also on the scene gave her a shot of epinephrine. her heart started beating again. so we were all real hopeful at that point that she was going to survive. and got her on a helicopter and flew her. >> but lynn did not make. it she died at the hospital, she was just 37 years old. >> i remember the day as if it were yesterday. i received a call from a friend who said that i'm sorry to inform you but there's been a bad accident. and lynn died yesterday. >> it was heartbreaking for kim
12:10 am
that her friend was dead. and that she died in a way that was not quick and certainly was painful. the autopsy concluded after the 3000 pound suv fell on her. lynn hemorrhaged into her lungs and died from asphyxiation. the only marks on her body imprints from the brake rotor. the local douglas county sheriff's department opened an investigation a few days later. the coroner ruled lynn's death an accident. the case was closed. did you have any reason to believe this wasn't an accident? >> no we all believed him took him at his word and any thought we would have dismissed. >> harold had his wife cremated spread her ashes on a mountain she said she loved and then went on with his life. he even kept driving the same jeep for a while. eventually he married tony and linda's death became a distant memory. for some people anyway but not all. nearly 18 years later after
12:11 am
tony fell off that cliff the sheriff's office called patricia. i >> don't understand why it took so long. >> emt roxanne got a similar call and had a similar reaction. when you got the call was it sort of like i was expecting this call? >> yeah i did say that to him. i said is this about the car accident on 67? and he said yeah it is. and i go is it about that woman that the car fell on her? and he goes yeah. and i went thank odd. >> coming up, was there a reason to be suspicious of this accident to? >> made the hair on my neck stand up straight. >> this guy was all over the map. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues my tip is be careful what you wish for. that chest tube hurt a lot more coming out... then it did going in. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now - hey honey. - hey dad.
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12:13 am
12:14 am
nearly 18 years since she had
12:15 am
arrived as an empty at the scene of linda's death. when the phone rang. a sheriff's detectives on the line roxanne felt a great sense of relief. >> finally sort of a chance to make it right. >> to make it? right >> to make it right, yes. >> she had not forgotten that night back in 1995. it wasn't just the horrible way lynn died. her own jeep crushing her. it was the husband, harold. roxanne remembered, he just wasn't acting right. you've seen a lot of these? oh >> yeah, oh yeah. and he was just so calm about the whole thing. and it didn't ask any questions about how she was. or anything like that. he wasn't screaming at me, grabbing at me saying you have to do something. you know desperate? >> desperate? >> yeah. >> instead as roxanne remembers it, harold seemed to be avoiding her. >> he kept walking around the car he kept you know making me follow him. so i would ask him a question
12:16 am
and he would would walk away from me. >> patricia the good samaritan also remembered thinking that harold was acting strangely that night. for one thing, even though harold flag down her family's car patricia says he didn't seem to want their help. >> we started to get her out from underneath the car and that's when he started telling us get away from her, don't touch her. >> she also notice that although the night was chilly lynn was wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. harold on the other hand had a nice warm coat. >> he didn't even attempt to take his coat off. and you know cover his wife. so we all covered her with our coats. >> then when the emt got lynn's heart started, roxanne says harold said something she never forgot. >> when we put her into the ambulance and she did have a heartbeat. he said, really she has a heartbeat? he was more surprised than
12:17 am
thankful. >> now that harold had lost his second wife and a second strange incident, the douglas county coroner's office, which had originally ruled lynn's death an accident hired private investigator, and former denver homicide detective charlie to review the case file. he noticed something about harold right away. >> on face value he was inconsistent, that's never a good sign. >> for starters harold told multiple stories about why he and lynn were on that back road in the first place. >> the sky was all over the map from the get-go. we were going to dinner, enter dinner, and we left the house at 3:00. we left the house at 6:00. >> and the police reports written into the hours and days after lynn died. he was quoted giving different reasons as to why they exactly pulled over. >> he contradicted himself on what's the tire problem was. was it a flat, was it soft, what caused this to happen? >> whatever shape the tire was,
12:18 am
in the henthorn apparently tried to change it. using jacks they normally used for a vote, because harrell told the cops the jack that came with the jeep was broken. >> he couldn't get it to work, and he even said that he sprayed some oil and salt to try to get it to work and it didn't. >> but no oil or solvent was ever found to corroborate his story. then there was the biggest question of all. how do you get under a car and have a car fall on you? it just didn't make sense to me it never has. once again harold seemed to tell multiple stories. patricia remembers him saying lynn went under the jeep to retrieve a lob tonight. lynn's old friend said harold told her lynn was going after a flashlight, not a log not. and roxanne remembered harold saying something else entirely. >> he said she was changing the tire which made the hair on my neck stand up straight.
12:19 am
because i was like -- women don't normally change tires when a man is around. >> investigator charlie believes the original investigation was incomplete. >> there's a lot of things that could've been looked at that would be easier to look out. then. oh >> for example, what caused the jeep to fall? harold said he thought it happened when you tossed the tire into the trunk. but this photograph shows a shoe print on the front right vendor. >> i would have jumped all over that footprint. that should have been analyzed, compared to the shoes that everybody had on that was at the scene. whether it be harold or his wife. or the fire department or anybody. >> but no one did, and no one ever checked the jack herald said wasn't working to see if it was really broken. no one ever checked if the restaurant that the henthorn were heading to or coming from. depending on which version of harold's story if any was true. >> i interviewed the restaurant
12:20 am
employees to see if they actually did have dinner there that night. did they have a fight? were they getting on all right, or were they not there at all? >> whatever happened that night, by the time he met tony. harold was telling stories about linda's death that were entirely different from the original. once while addressing a sunday school class he said his first wife had died of cancer. and here's what toni's friend allison hurd. >> it was one of those cars or trucks or vehicles. where the back part opens up, it hit her on the neck and broke her neck. and she died instantly. >> what toni's family said they told them. when they learned the truth it was a complete shock. your belief was that harold's first wife had died in a car accident? that's all you knew? >> yeah. >> and you get this bombshell that she didn't die in a car accident. it was a lie. >> correct. the first comment out of my
12:21 am
mouth, and i'm talking to an investigator. i said that sounds worse than my sister's case. >> and especially in light of toni's death they wished lynn's case have been investigated more thoroughly. the douglas county sheriff's office declined to speak with us. but michael freeman, who has written a book about the henthorn cases. said sheriff detectives did investigate, at least initially. >> everything was progressing as if it was suspicious. all of a sudden, the brakes were put on the investigation. it was declared an accident, and forgotten for nearly 20 years. >> detective charlie thinks the reason for that was the corners quick ruling that lends death was accidental. >> if you are a policeman and you're trying to investigate a crime, and all of a sudden the corner who really has jurisdiction overall says it's an accident. you are a little bit cut off. two days after a death like this to call it an accident is
12:22 am
unfortunate. all the facts went to indicate that this was a rush to judgment. >> the former coroner says there was no rush to judgment, he didn't remember the case. but read the corners report at datelines request. and says quote: hindsight is a wonderful thing, but at the time everything fits. there were no suspicions raised and no reason to drag our feet. nevertheless, after tony's death, and the review. then douglas county coroner change the manner of linda's death from accidental to undetermined. still, harold henthorn hadn't been charged with anything, not in toni's death or his first wife lynn's. so they called on linda's old friend, whether they ask you to do? >> they asked if we were willing to be wired. >> best friend undercover, what would she find out about harold? >> coming up -- >> you're taking a call in front of harold with the police? >> and they told me to get into
12:23 am
the bathroom and they would fix. it >> my husband and i were looking at each other and saying we can't believe this. >> were you scared? >> very scared. >> when dateline continues. hen dateline continues where does your almondmilk come from? almond breeze starts here, with our almond trees and our blue diamond orchards in california. my parents job is to look after them, and it's my job to test the product. try new almond breeze extra creamy, our creamiest almondmilk ever. we really had our hands full with our two-year-old. so naturally, we doubled down with a new puppy. thankfully, we also have new tide ultra-oxi with odor eliminators. between stains and odors, it can handle double trouble.
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12:26 am
here's what's happening. president biden will travel to buffalo tuesday after mass shooting at a supermarket left tended and three others wounded. the justice department is investigating the shooting, which was any probe of dominantly black neighborhood as a hate crime. at least one person was killed and five are those injured after a gunman opened fire at a church in california. according to police, members of the congregation hog-tied the suspect who is now in custody. now, back to dateline. now, back to dateline. to that wives. two lonely places. len and tony never knew each other. but they shared so much. in life, they both married harold henthorn.
12:27 am
and in death, harold had them both cremated against the wishes of their family. >> we didn't find out that they had been cremated until the memorial service. he would like to be able to go to her grave somewhere and -- i mean, the family said the same thing. you know, devastated. they overheard that she wanted to be cremated. i mean, as soon as he got that body released, boom, cremated. >> and they added that, if that wasn't enough. he doesn't took those ashes and put them where he wanted them. >> tony's ashes were spread on the same mounted that he spread the first wives. >> same spot, the exact same thing. and he always claims that it's their favorite spot. i mean, we're talking -- he did the exact same things from start to finish with both wise. crazy. i mean, even the same photo poems. >> the family thoughts what's heralded with those wives remains were insensitive. but the cops, federal and local,
12:28 am
we're looking for something else. evidence of murder. in douglas county, the detectives went down the list of who might know anything about linda's case. they talk to patricia, they talk to roxanne and they wanted to talk to harold. when he wouldn't agree, they turn to someone he would talk to. his old friend, kim laferriere. and asked her and her husband to secretly recorded conversation with him. >> we said no. at the time, because we felt that he was innocent. >> after all, kim and harold had been close friends for years. >> we prayed about it. and we asked our pastor. and he said, if he is innocent then you'll be able to reveal that. and so, then, we agreed to do it. >> now, she and her husband were meeting harrell for a meal near her home in virginia. but first, getting wired up by police. the cops are hoping to use herald words against him. kim, still hoping to exonerate
12:29 am
him. >> were you a little scared? >> i was very scared. >> i would be scared to do something like that. >> i was scared. >> at first, she could only think of one thing. >> we had a huge wire around my waist. and i kept saying, he's going to hug me. and they said, no, he can't. >> i said, he's going to hug me. he does that. >> and they said, no, he can't. and i was trying to process, what am i gonna do >> so, don't hug me. that's kind of hug. that's suspicious. >> so, when he hugged me, i put my hand in front of me to guard the wires. >> crisis averted, they sat down. >> do you think he could tell anything was up? we >> don't know. i mean, he said many times my attorney has told me that my friends would be wide. >> did that send a chill? >> no, i said, that's terrible. would they really do that? i could play the game. >> kim and her husband were told to not mention tony and to
12:30 am
drill down on what really happened when linda died. >> so, this wasn't about you saying, did you do this, did you cause or death. it was marble catching him in lies and inconsistencies. >> right, right. >> then, harold said something that didn't make sense to tim. that he put his career on hold when the baby was born. and him and tony decided to keep that the secret. >> he told us the reason he didn't work. and didn't tell us that tony had asked him not to. he couldn't tell us because he was afraid that if we ever met up with the bertolet that we would tell them that he was a stay at home dad. i'm like, we would never see them. and while, i couldn't take that chance. >> then, there was a technical glitch. >> at one point, my wire wasn't working. >> how did you know it wasn't working? >> they called me on the phone. >> so, you're taking a call in front of herald from the police. >> yeah, and they told me to get in the bathroom and they would fix it. >> why are fixed, cam went back to the table. harold, who was never shy about
12:31 am
anything launched into a sad story about life without tony. >> we didn't do much talking. he did. >> i mean, he cried and said how hard it was and how it was hard to be a mom and dad. >> but there was one thing harold, who love to talk never said. >> we never asked him, did you kill her. but he never said i didn't kill her. he would make statements like, why would i do that? they're accusing me of this. why would i do it? but he never said i didn't kill either one of them. >> still, as a longtime friend, kim couldn't bring herself to believe that harold was capable of murder. >> even after all of this, you still aren't convinced that he's a killer. >> not 100 percent. no. but we have lots of questions. lots of unanswered questions. lots of concerns. lots of things that my husband
12:32 am
and i were looking at each other saying, i can't believe this. >> after that night, kim and harold continue to talk. it took him some time to process what harold had said. she considered his inconsistencies, the different stories he told her and others. in time, she got to believe that neither of heralds wives, her friends had died accidentally. >> how did that sink in? how did that feel? >> said. i felt like he was such a broken person and i just felt said that he wouldn't even come clean and tell the truth. >> said in part that a man she thought she knew seemed to be someone else entirely. >> do you think he is the master manipulator? >> yes. >> i think he totally controls every situation and tries to control everyone. and i think when he can't control you, he becomes angry.
12:33 am
and i've never experienced his anger until he was going, on and on about if the fbi contacted me or if anyone contacted me they would tell me lies about him. i said, no they don't. and he goes, what are you talking about? and i said, they don't tell you lies. they ask you questions. and he said, well how do you know this? and i said, because i've talked to them. >> did he freaked out? >> oh, he freaked. >> harold must of wondered, if kim was talking to the fbi, who else was. and, what were they saying about him? >> coming up -- yet another woman in harold's orbit. >> i made a very good living. and i was living by myself in a three bedroom house. so, he knew i was well-established. >> but what about harold? >> i work with nonprofits. >> harrell said he pulled fund-raisers for nonprofits.
12:34 am
>> fund-raisers? that's about to raise some questions with the fbi's. and so is this. >> his wife's life was worth millions of dollars. and if she died, he would get all of it. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues -not those two. -yep, they're gone. -forever? -yep. that there is progressive's homequote explorer website, where i compared home insurance rates. we don't need to print the internet. some are beyond help. i will give you $100 if you can tell me what this is. -scotch egg. -it's a meatball. progressive can't help you from becoming your parents, but we can help you compare rates on home insurance with homequote explorer. we've got a lot of work to do. on the christian dating site
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12:37 am
were harold and tony met, there is a question for members. what would you do if you inherited a fortune? harold wrote, he'd give a good chunk away and set up a foundation to find various ministries. as it turned out, harold had come into a small fortune. although, there's no evidence he gave any of it away. when his first wife, linda died, harold told police that she had about $300 in life insurance. but, when they re-examine the case, they found the amount was more than doubled that. over $600,000. >> after linda's death, he collects hundreds of thousands
12:38 am
of dollars in life insurance money. and, as best anyone can tell, this is how he supported himself. >> harold wasn't living the high life on that money, he lived frugally in the years after linda's death. but, by 1999, when he met tony, he may have been trying to upgrade his lifestyle. >> there was evidence that he was researching a number of women's financial situations, including tony's. it had been several years between wise. >> it was during those years he met saw sorry. >> when you are dating on the internet, a widower is actually, you know, could be a good fine. >> she was on that same christian website that harold and tony were using. she found harold's profile appealing and reassuring. >> because a guy in his late 40s might have a lot of weird takes or has, you know, hadn't had any relationship experience. but a widower, oh, a widower.
12:39 am
that's. nights so, you think that's safe. >> she agreed to meet herald for coffee. >> he knew how to carry himself. he just nice. he was good-looking. he had a ten. and, you know, and, seemed to present himself physically -- >> she said harold was very interested in her work, in the film industry and how she was making a lot of money. >> and i went into detail about what i did. and i made a very good living and was living by myself in a three bedroom house. so, he knew i was well-established. >> but, she also remembered that harold had a few details to share about his work in charity. >> he just seemed like he was making more of his life than what was going on. he was pretty big in his career. >> she saw that as a huge red flag and decided terrell was in for. her she can't remember the exact date they meant but she thinks it was the spring of
12:40 am
2000. if that's correct, harold was already engaged to tony, who thought he was access social consultant to charities. meanwhile, to support her if she decided to quit her medical practice and be a stay at home mom. that's what he told everyone. including a friend making a home video shortly after haley's birth. >> i work with nonprofits -- >> harold and tony had even lived apart for two years after their wedding. supposedly due to the demands of their careers. >> harold told people he was a fund-raiser for nonprofits. he had an address, a post office box, a business card and this was a story. >> when fbi investigators dug deep into harold's financial history, they found no tax returns, no pay stubs, no evidence herald that held a job since landed in 1995. >> when he was investigated after tony's death, they could
12:41 am
find no evidence at all that he ever made a dime. >> apparently, everything he ever said about his job was a lie. including nearly every thursday when he said he went on business trips. justice there was no business, there were no business trips. the fbi looked at harold cell phone and credit card records and found out that he really spent thursdays at this pinera bakery, a few miles from his house, eating and surfing the web. so, after the wedding, why did harold say he needed to stay in colorado for his work? why eventually did toni have to leave mississippi? toni family wondered if the real purpose was to separate him from them so she'd be easier to control. and maybe, to kill. >> do you think that there is the chance that he knew his plan for tony, from the very beginning? from the time they said i do? >> well, they've got a life insurance policy as soon as they got back from their
12:42 am
honeymoon. and so, i think he was probably going down that path. >> the life insurance policy they bought after the honeymoon was just the first one. by the time tony died, there were more. >> a huge part of this investigation was just untangling. the life insurance policies and when he took out, was tony signed off on, what's she may not have known about, where the documents went. at the end of the day, harold arranged it. so that his wife's life was worth millions of dollars. and that if she died, he would get all of it. >> investigators discovered four policies totaling four point $7 million. >> on the surface, he would make it sound like it's life insurance policy, tony would benefit their daughter in some kind of a trust. >> and, one of the policies had named haley as a beneficiary.
12:43 am
but harold had an bonnet. tony's parents had. and harold had his daughter's name removed. his name put on instead. and he did it just weeks before that be mysteriously fell on tony at their mountain cabin. then, just days after tony died, he alerted the insurance companies hoping to collect all those millions. but couldn't get the money because the case was being investigated. by late 2014, the fbi had found the insurance policies and the cell phone pinks to the park. they knew about the near miss of the cabin. they had dissected all the lies. finally, the decided it was enough. november six, 2014, a little over two years after tony henthorn died, harold dropped haley off to school than headed for home. he never got there. law enforcement stopped him near his house. they arrested harold and charged him with tony's murder. >> a good day amongst all the
12:44 am
bad? >> yeah. >> this won't have a happy ending because we won't be able to bring my sister back. but, you know, from here on out there will be good moments from us. and that was a good moment. and i just so happened to be on my parents 55th wedding anniversary. >> but there was still a trial to come. and another battle with even more at stake. >> coming up -- herald henthorn heads into court. >> i'm thinking, okay, this is going to be hard to prove. no witnesses, no evidence, what do you have? >> when the jury buys the case against him. >> and the question was, was this man just horribly unlucky? or is he a double murder. and, what with the future hold for little halle. >> he does not deserve to be apparent to this beautiful child. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues what if you could let in the lyte?
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>> by 2015, the bertolet had been waiting for justice for three years. they missed toni but felt an incredible connection through her through haley. do you see her sister in haley law? >> oh, i mean, tremendously smart girl. i mean, they are just alike. i think she'd grew up to be just like her mother. >> but when the bertolet went to the media with their suspicions about harold, soon after tony's death, he cut off their contact with haley completely. it was agony for tony's family. then, immediately after his arrest, a lawyer assigned to represent haley's interest in court made sure she got to see the bertolet. it had been a year since that even been allowed to talk to her. >> she finally got to be a little nine year old girl. and she just needs to be able to grow up without a lot of
12:49 am
adult issues around her. >> the bertolet also went to court to seek custody of haley. but, harold was still her father. and even from jail, made it clear that he was not going to let his in-laws take his daughter. >> he is a horrible person that i want to be put in prison for the rest of his life. he deserves to be there. and he does not deserve to be apparent. to this beautiful child. >> haley state in colorado, lived with their grandparents. the bertolet's only chance was if harold was convicted of the murder. harold pleaded not guilty. and that meant the stakes were doubly high went on september 8th, 2015. ten months after his arrest. harold henthorn one on child. it would be a battle for both his freedom, and his daughter. the burden of proof is always on the prosecution. which, in this case, had no forensic evidence, no physical
12:50 am
evidence, no fingerprints or dna. and, no witnesses who saw harrell push tony off the cliff. judge john johnson was skeptical. >> we -- because i didn't know anything about. it i'm thinking, okay. this is going to be hard to prove. no witnesses, no evidence, at that point. so, what do you have? >> but there was all that life insurance. there were the cell phone pinks that seemed to show herald scouting out tony's last hike. prosecution even showed the jury a map found in heralds car with an x marking the spot where tony fell. and, there were all those versions of what heralds said happened on that mountain. >> this was a case in which the evidence was not so much the physical evidence. the evidence where the lies. and it was lie after lie after lie after lie. >> the defense said none of the so-called evidence added up to murder. they said that pinks on her old phone didn't show trips to the
12:51 am
park but rather him taking a back route to the weekend cabin. and as for the life insurance, tony knew all about it. besides, they argued, tony would still be alive if the park service had sent the helicopter to rescue her. as harold begged them to do. and even offered to pay for. >> the crux of the defense was, harold henthorn is an odd duck. he said more than he should. and that make him a blow hard and an annoying person to be around at a cocktail party but does it make him a killer? look past his character and focused on the evidence. nobody saw harold henthorn push toni off that clip. there is no video of it happening. there is very little physical evidence to prove anything other than it was just a fall. >> but, the prosecution had another powerful card to play. although, the defense objected, the judge allowed in testimony of harold's first wife, lynn,
12:52 am
about her death, her life insurance and about heralds many versions of what happened. >> and, the question was, is this man just horribly unlucky? or is he a double murder? >> dateline returns after the break. break.
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
harold henthorn was on trial for the murder of his wife toni. prosecutors believe he pushed off a cliff. but, with no physical evidence or eyewitnesses, the case against him was largely circumstantial. after ten days, the case went to the jury. john johnson, along with fellow jurors, peter kristoff hello and jerry, told us over the course of the trial, they came to believe that tony was a victim from the time she first met herald online. >> was tony just really unlucky when she chose harold henthorn
12:56 am
on that website? or when he chose her? >> i think he chose her. i think she was a target. >> i think, for her age, she wanted to have kids. >> she was vulnerable. >> the jurors thought that harold had counter when they met on the dating website. controlled her while they were married. and, when they looked at this last photo tony took before she died, they thought she saw harold dumping tony one last time. >> in my mind, she was doing the same posts he did. the last photo of him was, he's on the edge of the cliff holding onto a tree, like looking over. >> we'll, if she gets there, same time it's like -- >> then, wall harold is not on trial for killing lynn. they believe he was responsible for her death also. >> did everyone believe that they were somehow, that there was a proud in their? >> there was certainly a pattern. they're >> absolutely. >> yeah, the similarities were just too much to push aside. the nighttime incidents, i mean,
12:57 am
we -- , i mean everything was just like a domino effect. it was falling into place. >> in the end, they had no doubt. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> absolutely guilty, yes. >> kim cried when she heard the verdict. cried because she knew it was right. and because she thought about her two friends and their last moments on earth. >> i feel sad because lynn was afraid. and i know toni was afraid. and that saddens me. but i have to believe in god. and meet them right where they were. held their hand. love them. and told them that it's going to be okay. >> harold has never been charged with killing his wife lynn. three months after the verdict, in tony's case, harold was back in court for sentencing. tony's family asked that herald
12:58 am
be spread the death penalty so that haley wouldn't lose both parents forever. harold was sentenced to life in federal prison without the possibility of release. harold told the court, that date, that he never killed anyone. he also said he loved his daughter haley. tony's families focus then turn to the custody of haley. >> he hoped a result that custody issues so he could be with the bertolet's forever. >> i think that's exactly what we're hoping for. >> and praying. >> you fell for her. >> oh yeah. >> her mother went through life with a great person, worked hard. we are doing that because he really needs to inherit all the good things that her mother did. and she needs a secure life going forward. we are doing all that for haley. and no one else. >> december 23rd, 2015, a court and colorado granted tony's older brother and his wife
12:59 am
guardianship of haley. we won't show her face as she looks now. but it was the best give the bertolet's could've hoped for. she was in mississippi with them in time for christmas. now, this little girl who has gone through so much is starting to heal. she has her cousin, and a kate, to help. >> people are saying that i'm therapeutically helping her through this. i don't really understand but i don't know jaime doing this. i guess i'm just keeping her entertained and happy. >> the, all that money harold's after is now in a trust for haley, it won't bring her mom back. but everyone who knew tony wants to make sure haley never forget sir. >> she came into the office and her mom's lab coat was hanging behind the door. and i said, haley, would you like your mama's work code?
1:00 am
>> and she said, miss tammy, i would like that a lot. >> so, i put it on her and she went -- it melts this sunday, mass shooting in buffalo. >> shots heard. >> ten people dead. nine of them african-american. what appears to be a racially motivated shooting. >> people in a supermarket shopping and bullets raining down on them. >> this was pure evil. straight up racially motivated hate crime. >> we get the latest from the scene. and i talk to buffalo mayor byron brown and new york's governor, kathy hochul. plus, the economy and the midterm.


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