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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  May 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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investigation, eerie county district attorney john flynn. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> my first question, is do we know more about the gunman's intentions? had he not been stopped? >> well, we know that about a year prior to this, you know, he had made some comments where he lived there in broom county. the exact nature and where those comments were directed to we're drilling down on right now. but it appears that he had hatred in his heart long before he travelled to buffalo. >> okay. and what is the status of the investigation at this point. i'm just reading in my notes here that the buffalo police commissioner had said the suspect would have driven out of tops grocery store, the parking lot and continued down jefferson avenue looking for more black people to kill.
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had he not been stopped. tell us what we know so far about his motivation? >> well, obviously from what all of the evidence that we've gathered so far, the motivation at this stage appears to be pure hatred. pure racial hatred. now there happens to be a penal law in the state of new york that is entitled a domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate. that particular crime right now is a crime that i'm focusing on. i've already got him charged mika with the highest murder charge in the state. murder if the first-degree. so we got that charged. we got him hold on that. so now, the next legal step is we have a felony hearing scheduled for thursday. it is a probable cause hearing to determine whether or not a felony has been committed. i'm confident that the murder in
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the first-degree meets the probable cause standard. so he's going to be either held for the grand jury on thursday, or he's going to waive to the grand jury. so i'm already in grand jury mode right now. so what that means is basically when i go into the grand jury now, i can add on all of the additional charges that i want. again assuming that i have the evidence. and so what i'm focusing on right now are the domestic terrorism and hate crime charges. >> mr. district attorney, good morning, jonathan lemire here. i want to ask you about an incident from a year ago where the suspect was receiving attention from the new york state police for threats he made in school. said he was going to commit violence, perhaps a shooting, maybe a murder-suicide. and he was taken to the hospital for a couple of days. but then let go. was this -- as you look at it now, the appropriate steps taken
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and should he have been on some sort of red flag list when he tried to purchase this firearm. >> well jonathan, i can't common on whether it was appropriate or not because i wasn't privy to it. i wasn't there. i wasn't part of the investigation or the meetings that took place. that was a situation that i alluded to a few minutes ago. that we're drilling down now on that. and the reason i'm drilling down is not to, you know, criticize anyone in broom county or to cast blame on anyone. but i have an element of intent here with regard to my murder charge and i have an element of intent with regard to any additional charges that i may lodge against this individual. and so, what he did in the past specifically in that incident may go toward my theory of intent or the evidence that i would need in intent. so, that is how i'm looking at that, jonathan. again, like i said, i wasn't
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privy to what happened there so it would be irresponsible for me to common on who did what bad or good. >> and joe scarborough here. and thank you for being here. and my god, you have so much on you right now. but as we look forward would it help you as a da or law enforcement to look for this in a more wholistic way moving down the road because we're hearing more and more stories of young americans with mental health issues, explosion of hate speech on social media. isn't this something that we need to invest in more in america. so whether it is a police officers, whether it is d.a.'s, whether it is investigators, whether it is gun shop owners. we have a better understanding of who the threats are out there day and day out. >> sure. absolutely. one way to do that is to have increased funding in our intelligence centers.
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so here in buffalo, we have an entity called the erie crime analysis center. and we have crime analysts at the buffalo police department who every day are just searching social media. they are all over every outlet you could imagine on social media. we're mainly looking for people, you know, gang members, who are out there on social media making threats to people. but, joe, we could definitely expand thasm and looking for hate crimes and looking for all other source of crimes that may be out there. so, you know, that is a great point and a great question. because additional funding for crime analysis centers on the federal level but in our big cities across the country could
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be a tremendous help in that endeavor. >> well erie county district attorney john flynn, thank you for taking the time to come on the show today. and coming up, we'll be joined by the mayor of buffalo, byron brown. one of several shootings that occurred over the weekend highlighting america's ongoing gun violence epidemic. this headline said it all, it the 19 weeks into the year and america has already seen 198 mass shootings. that data coming from the gun violence archive which defines a mass shooting as four or more people shot or killed, not including the shooter. buffalo was the 198th mass shooting this year. and three more already happened yesterday including an attack during an a church lunch that left one person dead and five
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more injured in southern california. the victims of the geneva presbyterian church in the city of laguna woods range in age from 65 to 92 years old. the sheriff's office said those church-goers showed incredible bravery but grabbing the gunman and hog tieing him with extension cords before officers arrived. the majority of the church-goers are of taiwanese descent and the suspect in custody is an asian man in his 60s. investigators are still working on a motive there. but they do not believe the shooter lives in the community which is made up mostly of retirees. turning now to the latest on ukraine, where nearly three months into the war western military officials say the kremlin's campaign in eastern ukraine has lost momentum. the russian forces failing to make significant territorial gains in the region.
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independent analysts and ukrainian officials say a series of setbacks are forcing russia to scale back its ambitions with russian forces now focusing on securing a smaller portion of eastern ukraine. a new intelligence briefing by britain's defense ministry said russia has now likely lost one-third of the ground campus forces it committed in february and is quote increasingly constrained by degrading capability and low morale and reduced combat effectiveness. the ukraine officials say russian forces have enduring heavy losses over the last week after the troops blue up a key pontoon bridge in the east. more than 400 russian soldiers were reportedly killed or injured in the attack. and over 80 pieces of their equipment were destroyed. senate minority leader mitch
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mcconnell led a republican delegation to kyiv during an unannounced visit over the weekend. three other republican senators joined mcconnell for a meeting with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy on saturday in the ukrainian capital. mcconnell later released a statement reaffirming u.s. support for ukraine while calling the visit inspiring. and yesterday, in sweden, mcconnell said he expects the senate to advance the $40 billion ukraine aid package today with the final vote set to take place on wednesday. so, joe, the aid package looks like it will go through. but i'm curious, the russians wanting to even take a small portion and eastern sort of sliver on the eastern part of ukraine. i don't think the ukrainians will put up with that. >> well it is getting, again, the options for vladimir putin,
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to have any sort of peace agreement that won't completely shame him, seem to be disappearing by the day. i mean, the failures in the kyiv region, the failures in the east. just an extraordinary failures this past weekend. again, it is getting tougher and tougher. you see, of course, the moves by finland and sweden. that is pretty remarkable. but jonathan lemire, let's talk about, i'm so glad to see mitch mcconnell and republicans going over and meeting with zelenskyy. it is good to see nancy pelosi and democrats a few weeks ago doing the same thing. maybe it was last week or two weeks ago. i sure wish they would have somehow, republicans and democrats, somehow could have made this bipartisan. but, you know what, i'll take this and i'll take speaker pelosi's trip. when they go to poland, those have all been bipartisan.
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but this does send a very strong signal, doesn't it, that the republican party, donald trump's party actually supports ukraine, supports nato, and is shoulder to shoulder with most of the democrats who do the same. >> that is right. and let's remember the early days of the war where donald trump was still praising vladimir putin. and so did some of his former aides. including mike pompeo when is rumored to be running for president in 2024. praising his intelligence and savviness. no one is doing that. the republican party has come strongly in the other direction. mostly. and it was -- >> mostly. >> mostly. although we should note that the fox tv host we've mentioned a few times today also said he was rooting for russia. what we're seeing here from republicans is a commitment from mcconnell to help get that aid through. but let's also not forget why the aid wasn't passed last week.
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because of republican senator rand paul of kentucky. mcconnell's state-mate, who put road blocks up and drew frustration from both parties. it seems like they're clear those hurdles in the coming days and we've heard from ukrainians a lot saying we are expecting to move into this, the slow grind of a war there in the east, we're going to run out of equipment sooner than later. we need as much as we can get. and certainly their watching with hopelessness about finland and sweden just now approved their push to apply for nato membership. >> just now. >> >> i could guess that the republican minority leader was probably as frustrated with rand paul dragging his feet as much as anybody. which is, again, another good reason for him to be there this past weekend. so though that the republican party, the republican
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leadership, like democratic leadership, supports president zelenskyy, supports ukraine, supports nato. good sign. >> exactly. exactly. and nato is signaling that it will fast track membership applications for finland and sweden. the neutral countries both say they will make plays to join the alliance to shore up security in the wake of russia's invasion into ukraine. finland parliament may sign off as soon as today while sweden's governing party said yesterday it plans to vote in favor of joining. this morning, russia's deputy foreign minister called the moves by finland and sweden, a quote, mistake that could have, quote, far-reaching consequences and that expanding nato would de stabilize the region and moments ago vladimir putin himself weighed in saying that finland and sweden joining nato is, quote, being done in the foreign policy interests of the united
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states. well, let's bring in the former u.s. ambassador to nato, ivo daalder. i'm curious of your thoughts on how russia is responding to this move. what did vladimir putin expect? >> well, you know, having the russians say this was a mistake, it is right. it was their mistake that caused this had they not invaded ukraine. finland and sweden would remain outside of nato, sweden, which has been neutral for 200 years, finland that has been independent and not willing to join military alliances for a hundred years are now joining nato and there is only one reason. this catastrophic mistake that vladimir putin made to invade a neighboring country that posed no threat and completely unprovoked and in an illegal manner. that is why these countries are now joining nato. because they feel insecure and they believe that only nato could provide the security that they need with a russian leader
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that is willing to use force at any moment in any way. >> so, i'm curious about turkey's list of demands that it would like to see these two countries meet. it appears they -- maybe slow it down a little bit. and is turkey considered a solid member of nato, meeting all of the demands and requirements to be a part of this alliance. >> turkey has been a member of nato since 1955. not every member at every point in time is as supportive of the alliance. that is not just true for turkey, it is true for other countries frankly it is true for the united states given that we had a president who thought nate weigh as obsolete and threatened to withdraw. i think the turks are like every country, wants to make sure that if and when enlargement happens, it happens in a way that enhances security for the north atlantic area and for turkey and of course the turks have an
6:16 am
relationship at times with nato. they bought russian anti-air missiles, the s-400 which is a big problem for the alliance. and i think what the turks are doing is what many countries do is what is the price they could exact to go along. in the end turkey is going to be part of the consensus that invites these countries into nato and will ratify the treaty changes. i have no doubt about that whatsoever. >> so mr. ambassador, let's take a quick trip back to just a few years ago. we actually had a commander-in-chief of the united states president who was contemptuous of nato and of collective defense, and here we are just a few years later, eight, nine, ten weeks after even the russian invasion, where we have finland wanting to become a member, sweden wants to
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become a member. something that you and i never thought that we would see. and then you have an american president, this american president, who said repeatedly that the united states will defend every inch of nato soil. which of course, gives great relief to countries like astonia, latvia, lithuania. you could think of a time when nato was stronger and more vital to european security than it is right now? >> well, clearly the cold war nato played a major, major role to prevent the absorption of other parts of western europe into the soviet empire. but certainly since the end of the cold war, this is a time when nato was stronger, more capable and more united and more dedicated i think importantly to the military security of the alliance. what is really happened is not
6:18 am
just finland and sweden are waking up to the threat of russia, but frankly all of europe. look at what issing in germany, where increases in defense spending are being legislated, including 100 billion euros of investment in new equipment. a constant movement of forces to the east, to prevent russia from even thinking about attacking nato territory. and so i think when the allies get together and the leaders get together at the end of june in madrid for their summit, we will celebrate a nato that is proven to be as relevant to european security today as it was even at the heights of the cold war. >> yeah, and mika, of course, during the height of the cold war, of course nato did play a vital role, even though we remember back in 1967, of course, when charles-de-gaulle, not we remember but anybody reading history remembers when
6:19 am
charles-de-gaulle pulled france out of integrated nato military structures. so it is -- i think nato as united as ever before and what an extraordinary moment we're in right now with fin land and sweden becoming members. >> former u.s. ambassador to nato, evo dalder, thank you so much for joining us today. and ahead this hour we'll speak live with james stavridis, also ahead john fetterman was who leading the pack in the pennsylvania senate rate is recovering from a stroke this morning. what it could mean for the race as voters head to the polls tomorrow. and up next, we'll speak to the mayor of buffalo, whose city is in mourning right now after the mass shooting that left ten dead. we'll be right back. -dad, what's with your toenail?
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it appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and then continue driving down jefferson avenue looking to shoot more black people as he put it. and possibly even go to another store location. >> 23 past the hour. that is was the buffalo police commissioner on how the 18-year-old accused of killing ten people at a supermarket there on saturday had plans to keep going if he hadn't been stopped. incredible. joe. >> let's bring in right now the mayor of buffalo, new york, byron brown. thank you so much for being with us. certainly we're thinking about you and your city and our prayers are with you. tell me just the shock, the shock of this has to be so overwhelming especially the fact that your people, your town, your community was targeted by somebody not even from buffalo. he drove over 200 miles to
6:25 am
commit this mass murder. >> incredibly shocking. very painful. a lot of anger in the community. a lot of grief in the community. when i first got the call, when the active shooter situation was ongoing, i was at a tee ball game for my 4-year-old great nephew. his first tee ball game and i had to rush out to come to the scene and as i came through the parking lot to get to the police commissioner and the police command center, i passed by bodies laying in the parking lot, covered with a sheet and you could see blood coming through the sheets. it was a horrific scene. it was unlike anything i had ever seen in my lifetime and
6:26 am
there were people praying and grieving in the immediate area. it was something that i never, ever want to see again. and to know that someone who probably had never been to this community, traveled into this community from over 3 hours away, with the express purpose of killing as many black people as he possibly could, is just absolutely chilling to know that that kind of hatred, that kind of racism is still prevalent in our country. >> it is shocking. we've heard family members of some of the victims speak and just been absolutely blown away by their faith in god and their urging others to not descend
6:27 am
into hatred because of this racism. but that said, i know this has to be such an extraordinarily trying time for you and your community. i want to ask you if you could, talk about some of the americans who were gunned down yesterday. some of the americans who were under those sheets, some of the americans, our fellow americans who lost their lives simply going to get food for their families. >> well, buffalo is a loving community. it is a welcoming community. known as the city of good neighbors, nationally and internationally. we are legendly known as a good place. an 86-year-old mother and grandmous woman, taught her family to believe in god. was visiting her husband in a
6:28 am
nursing home. stopped in to pick up a few grocery staples and never got home from the supermarket. a mother of our retired buffalo fire commissioner, someone who has devoted decades of his life to protecting this community, at times put his life on the line and lost his mother in this kind of tragic senseless incident. a man in the supermarket just buying cupcakes for his child's birthday party, never got home. a retired police lieutenant, security officer in the tops supermarket who engaged the shooter, who returned fire. the shooter was wearing armor -- body armor and so, the fire of that came from the security guard had no effect through the
6:29 am
body armor and he was killed trying to protect the lives of others. and if not for aaron salter's courageous actions, more people in that supermarket who have died or been injured. a woman, pat massey, an active block club member, active member of the community, any community meeting to talk about ways that make the city of buffalo better. she was there. so, terrible loss of great lives, great americans, people who had poured richly into this community, people who did not deserve in any way, shape or form what happened to them and ten great american lives taken from us and the lives of families and so many members of this community altered forever.
6:30 am
>> mr. mayor, what is your message to the people of your city? people who are feeling understandably right now a range of emotions, some that you articulated pretty well here. horror, despair, but also anger. >> my message to the community is that we are a loving community. we are a welcoming community. we must take the time to grieve, i've attended a number of church services on sunday. that was the universal message of pastors from across the city, take the time to grieve but to wrap our arms around the families of the precious lives that were lost. let's love each other more. let's not separate and divide ourselves based on race or religion or geography. let's continue to stand together
6:31 am
as the city of buffalo, let's continue to invest in our community and move our community forward. >> the mayor of buffalo, byron brown, thank you very much for being on with us. and coming up, one day before a crucial senate primary in pennsylvania, the democratic front-runner is recovering from a stoke and one republican candidate at the capitol on january 6 is rising in the polls. and breaking news, moments ago sweden's prime minister formally announcing that her country has formally decided to apply nato membership. former nato supreme admiral commander james stavridis will weigh in on the latest developments. when "morning joe" comes right back. rning joe" comes right back throughout history
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6:36 am
to former president trump. president trumps that endorsed the rival in the primary race. mehmet oz. our friends over at the recount posted this video. take a look. >> just once, i'd love to see a republican candidate stand up in a primary and say, i'm a moderate establishmented squish, i stand for nothing. it would be refreshingly honest, i believe. but nobody said that. and by the way, they all pledge their love for donald trump. i love donald trump. i love donald trump. no, i had donald trump tattooed on my rear end. >> let's see it. >> i like you but not that much. >> let's see it. let's see it. it is fascinating, though, and jonathan lemire, weaver been talking about it for sometime about how you're seeing
6:37 am
challenges to donald trump and his complete dominance of the republican party. i understand you say something to people, it is till trump's party. yeah, it is still trump's party. but certainly you look at what is happening in georgia, you look at ted cruz campaigning for david mccormick in pennsylvania and look at other republicans who are not just burrowing away, and hoping that elections will come and go. there are people who are going out there and ron desantis of probably the most dramatic example, people who are not saying that they're going to kowtow to donald trump, regardless of what he does. >> he's still the loudest voice in the party but the grip is less tight than it was. we're seeing people willing to challenge him. we know his endorsement is not a guaranteed victory. he lost in nebraska a few days ago as his candidate won in west virginia. ohio was a victory, but a small
6:38 am
one. but he did get j.d. vance over the line. we'll see what happens in pennsylvania, where dr. oz suddenly facing off a last-minute surge for a candidate to his right. barnette, when we'll talk about in a moment. it is really an extraordinary race. and in georgia where he has made his life's mission to defeat brian kemp and he is way up in the polls and getting support from fellow republicans including much coveted sur gas mike pence. and we know there is not much love lost between those two but pence willing to stand up to trump as well. >> tomorrow is the election day for the senate primary and there have been several last-minute plot twists including the stroke suffered by john fetterman and far right commentator kathy barnette. and you have more information on fetterman. >> just now the electionite
6:39 am
party announced he won't be able to attend because he's still in the hospital recovering and his wife and other top campaign officials will speak instead. >> joining us now, dash auburns in middletown, pennsylvania, what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah, the twist, mika, just keep coming in this race. moments ago we got that news that there will be a rally for fetterman in pittsburgh on election night but he will not be there. he is actually still in the hospital. the campaign said he will remain in the hospital tuesday night. his wife jazzel will be there. she'll be the headliner and might be credited with saving his life. good lesson for all of you, listen to your wife. we know that on friday morning she pushed john to go get checked out and he wasn't feeling well. it turns out he had a stroke. that was related to a blood clot that made its way to his heart. so thankfully he did go to the hospital. and everything seems okay now. the campaign said he is feeling much better. but as you heard just there,
6:40 am
he's still in the hospital, definitely putting a damper on the election night plans. as the same time as this news was breaking about fetterman's stroke on sunday, we were seeing images circulating on social media of gop senate candidate kathy barnette, who you talked about there. she's been surging in the polls. she's now within the range of potentially winning this thing. these images are the first that we're seeing of her on january 6 marching toward the capitol. we know that she was there. this is the first time we're actually seeing this. she's marching alongside known members of the proud boys. in fact, individuals that were arrested and indicted on allegations of their involvement in the riots there. to be clear, she was not seen breaching the capitol, just marching toward it. but kathy barnette kind of rose to fame with her claims of election fraud. it is something that she's continued to talk about on the campaign trail. and she organized buses to take
6:41 am
folks to the capitol on january 6. we asked her about that in our exclusive sitdown with barnett. here is what she said. >> i feel about january 6 the way the left feels about the summer of 2020. when you had black lives matter and antifa and other groups out there looting and robbing and everybody was calling it mostly peaceful protests with buildings being burned down behind. cancel culture is real. i'm experiencing it and it is not coming from the left. right now it is coming from those from -- some of those from the right. >> reporter: and guys we asked barnett's campaign about those images, we asked for comment and they said kathy was in d.c. to support president trump and demanded election accountability. any assertion that she participated in or supporting the destruction of property is intentionally false. she has no connection whatsoever to the proud boys. now, barnett's is holding a
6:42 am
last-minute rally tonight in scranton where she's expected to address some of the questions that have arisen. she stepped into the front-runner status. we'll be there and try to talk to her about all of this, guys. >> wow. >> all right, nbc's dasha burns, thank you so much. your reporting for us from middletown, pennsylvania. it is fascinating. i'll tell you what, mika, the mass inating part is freak out, the absolute melt down from the republican establishment. is there a republican establishment left in pennsylvania? they're very concerned about who donald trump is endorsed in the gubernatorial race and many people have said that handed the governorship back over to the democrats in pennsylvania. and obviously some real concerns about who is going to win in the senate race as well. but we're seeing it in wisconsin, we're seeing it in michigan. we're seeing it all across the country. donald trump seems to be going out of his way to -- to endorse
6:43 am
perhaps, we would think, some of the most unelectable people in swing states. >> to that point, former president trump issued a last-moten dorsment in the state's republican gubernatorial prime. trump through his support behind the leading candidate state senator dog mast re ano. he had solidified himself as the prime's most lickly winner despite extreme positions that could make a general election difficult to win. democrats have seemingly been pushing for him to win the republican primary and many in the gop think his extreme views could hurt them in november. he fully backed the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen. and he recently rallied with senate candidate kathy barnett, the far right commentator who we have mentioned has surged in the polls.
6:44 am
he was outside of the capitol on january 6 to protest president biden's win. his campaign paid to bus people to the rally before the attack. he claims he left before any violence began. next, a new report reveals that russia may have run out of combat ready reservists but what that means as the fighting nears the near -- the three-month mark. meanwhile, republican congressman liz cheney tweeted the following this morning. house gop leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism. history has taught us that what begins with words, ends in far worse. gop leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them. we'll be right back.
6:45 am
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ukraine's border guard said it is fighters continue to defend that sprawling steel plant in the southern port city of mariupol. civilians have been evacuated from the bunkers but fighters remained holed up inside despite a pommeling of russian forces. during breaks the fighters distract themselves by playing chess, and reading. according to a post on the border guard's telegram channel translated by nbc news. meanwhile, a new report from the institute for the study of war finds that russian forces have likely run out of combat ready reservists. forcing the russian military command to amalgamate soldiers from different elements including private military companies and proxy militias into audenciblely regular army
6:50 am
units and naval infantly. and just a short time ago sweden's primary announced her nation join finland in seeking nato membership following russia's invasion of ukraine. the decision comes after debate this morning in earlier this morning in sweden's parliament showing huge support for joining the nato alliance. it comes despite warnings from russia after more than 200 years of military nonalignment. joe? >> let's fwling former nato supreme commander retired four-star general. we heard that number, 200 years, admiral, it would have taken us another 200 years to get finland and sweden into nato and to get germany spending more on their military budget than russia if
6:51 am
it weren't for a guy named putin. talk about, this is such a historic misstep. i cannot believe historians 50 years from now will not be talking about vladimir putin leading to the demise of the russian federation. >> that distant boom you hear is vladimir putin's head exploding. talk about everything that he does not want to happy unfolding literally in front of his eyes if we are so lucky the sweeds and the fins want to join nato. they bring real combat power. these are really extraordinarily fine militaries and they compliment each other. the fins have a big land army. they have a large election of artillery pieces in all of europe. the swedes on the other hand,
6:52 am
smaller in numbers, it is a match made in heaven. those two nations are coming into nato. it's a great moment for the alliance. >> demographics is destiny, but geography is destiny. you have finland, 860 mile border that everybody is talking about but with sweden you have sweden and finland that just have to provide such extraordinary relief to the baltic states in that fear that putin could come sweeping in. >> they are shoring up that northern flank and opening up the possibility of putting nato troops where we want to now that they have joined the alliance. also look at that map. it is also access to the arctic. there is a whole other game at play here in terms of long-term
6:53 am
control, surveillance, dominance of the waters of the high north as the canadians call it. bringing in these arctic nations also strength n nato to the north as well. >> is it different between how it will spin out of control. certainly when i started seeing the people that are supposed to be propagandists for russia, if the russians may have lost one-third of their units. when i see the acceleration of russian defeat in the east, i really start wondering what is the end game here. you know, they didn't have nuclear weapons and we can all stand up and cheer. he has nuclear weapons. he says he will use it. the instability, what do we
6:54 am
worry about in the coming weeks? >> first you're right to focus on british intelligence. they have consistently called this one right. the ukrainians naturally enough will inflate them, the u.s. tends to be very conservative in this regard. the brits have been in the middle and spot on. if russia has in fact rushed a third of their combat power, a third of the troops are killed and wounded to knock out of action. in four years of war, the most devastated u.s. units in the second world war were a u.s. navy disele submarines. russia lost 30% knocked out in under three months of war. so that is a big number.
6:55 am
>> yeah. >> and so what it means unfortunately, and this is the bad news, but when you don't have conventional forces you look for other options. perhaps war realistically, maybe he will use chemical weapons, or perhaps he will look to the sea and try to swing forces around behind those front lines. he could potentially blockade odessa. so putin still has tricks up his sleeve. he could still potentially use signer more effectively. but joe, your point is right the danger is accelerating as the bear gets more corners and
6:56 am
frustrated. >> we'll see what desperation looks like. a retired four-star navy general, thank you for your insight this morning. and thank you all for joining us. that does it for us this morning. coming up, next hour, homeland security secretary mayoas will join us. jose diaz-balard will be hosting. that is all coming up after a quick final break. fil break. aved every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪
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good morning, it is 10:00 a.m. eastern. a violent weekend in america ine gunman open fired in a super market shooting. they investigating the shooting as a hate crime. in california church secretary of homeland security mayorkas will join us for an interview. in you crepe, troops have reached the russian border. we'll get a live report on the latest there. it


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