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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  May 16, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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good to be with you, i'm katy tur, although today is not a good day. ten people are dead in buffalo, new york, ten people killed because the racism, the internet and easy access to guns.
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celestine cheney was 65. roberta's god mother called her just a young girl with a lot of love to give. andre mcneil was 53. he was in town visiting family and at the store to pick up a surprise birthday cake for his grandson. katherine massey was 72. she was a civil rights and education advocate, described as a beautiful soul. margus morrison was 52, a father of three. hayward patterson was 67, a deacon at a local church in buffalo, always looking to help, even on that saturday. patterson was said to be helping someone carry groceries to their car when he was shot. geraldine talley was 62, known for her cheesecake and her smile. ruth whitfield was 86.
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she stopped for groceries after a visit to the nursing home to see her husband. her son said she taught the family to love unconditionally. aaron salter jr. was 55. salter was a retired buffalo police officer working as a security guard at the supermarket. he tried to stop the shooter but could not penetrate his body armor. his son says he's sure salter slowed the gunman down and saved lives because of it. pearl young was 77. she taught public school in buffalo and spent every saturday morning, including the one she was killed, volunteering at a food pantry. her sister and her niece remember a woman who brought light into this world. >> she ministered the world of god. it was just so beautiful.
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she's really going to be missed. she didn't deserve this, what happened to her. >> no, she didn't. she did not deserve it. >> and we're all just in shock and hurt. it just -- >> i know. >> it's hard. >> remember her as the loving person that she was. and remember her smile, her smile, her spunk. a sweet, loving person. >> yes, yes. >> she was so fun to be around. she just would keep you laughing. she just was a loving person. >> tops is the only supermarket in this part of buffalo, the one place in town everyone went because it was the only place for groceries. in picking tops, this shooter, who you see right here, didn't just target those inside, he
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targeted an entire community, all thinking that could have been me. joining me now is msnbc anchor yasmin vossoughian from buffalo and digital senior reporter ben collins. yasmin, it is an awful, awful day. i've been listening to the conversations you've been having with folks down there. they're so difficult to hear. what makes matters worse is tops is the only supermarket in town and now it's closed and now people don't even have access to fresh groceries easily anymore in that area. >> reporter: it's a reflection, katy, of a larger problem in this community. i talked a lot about this over my coverage in the last two days, which is this -- the shooting that happened on saturday was awful and this community is rocked forever because of it, right? you see the front page. this is what they woke up to in
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"the buffalo news" this morning. but it's a reflection of what has happened in this country, the systemic racism that exists in this country that needs to be spoken about. it a reflection of what happens on a smaller scale this this community. this community feels as if they don't matter, that they've been forgotten. there is unity in this community. since i've been here in the last 24 hours, people have said welcome to the city, we're happy to have you here, thank you for coming and covering this story and yet they tell me they feel they're on an island. talk about the grocery store, for instance. that's something small amidst a much bigger picture. this grocery store now shut down because it an active crime scene because ten people lost their lives there on saturday. now they're offering rides for folks to go get groceries elsewhere miles and miles away. one individual telling me it was difficult enough to even get tops to open up in this
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community. they weren't even willing to come to this community. you talk about the education system here. people say they need more money when it comes to the education system. what happened on saturday was awful and incredibly tragic for this community but it's a reflection of what they've been dealing with for years and years leading up to this point. and they're hopeful that this will be one of the reasons that will allow people and force them to invest in this community, to make them feel as if they matter. so something like this never happens again. so the hate does not continue to grow and manifest as it has for so long. >> it's name it. it's racism. i don't want to dwdwell on the
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shooter himself, it's not a whack-a-doo, this is happening on. ben, you monitor these fringe sites. he says he was influenced by the christ such shooter in new zealand who killed so many muslims in new zealand. i wonder how is he being spoken about now, this shooter, on that same platform. >> well, it's a whole -- look, let's put it this way. what yasmin said is exactly correct. there is a much larger issue of entire communities being looked past and looked over and infrastructure collapse and infrastructure decay in this country and the world. and these people on these platforms understand this. they are young people. they are people who believe in climate change, even though they are fascists. they are people who believe the
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infrastructure is failing and need help, but they're fascists. many of these white supremacist shooters believe this is happening. and they are doomers. they believe what they have to do is target communities that threaten their resources. and that's where the far right is going in these spaces. they are accepting the fundamental truths are infrastructure decay in this country and the world. and they are seeking to hoard resources to fight back. they're trying to make this a race and cultural war, that's all they're trying to do. that's the point of this thing. they're accepting the science in moving forward and they're doing it with faulty race science as well, data that doesn't make any sense, the middle of this manifesto is chart after chart of discredited race data from some of the most discredited minds over the last hundred years. it is not smart stuff.
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it is stuff that is not part of reality but it's their way of dealing with this and it targeting the people who need the help more than they do, more than anyone else. they are targeting other people who they believe they're fighting for scraps over. that's what the future of the online far right is. they think they have more of a community than they do in real life among the people down the street. this guy probably didn't have many friend in real life. katy, he wanted to survive this shooting so he could put out more manifesto-style things from jail. he talked about that in the manifesto. he thinks he has a community that supports him. it's influencing much larger mainstream politics. >> we're seeing less extreme versions with the language a
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little bit less extreme on fox news or being advocated by some people in the republican party. liz cheney called this out in a tweet of her own leadership saying that the republican party needs to face this and they need to get rid of it and those who have those views, need to get rid of them as well, she says. that's the tweet right there. ben collins, thank you so much for your excellent reporting and insights into that world and yasmin vossoughian, great job on the ground there. thank you for bringing us all of that. joining me is director for the center for the study of hate and extremism, drive levin and reverend al sharpton. reverend, i was watching another show earlier today and i saw an interview with a woman in a neighborhood, a black woman, who said after the shooting she was shopping for make-up in a local store and found herself suddenly afraid of white people.
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i wonder as this happens and as all of this hate persists in this country and as it's not directly addressed or it's on obfuscated or spun to something else, i wonder what it's doing not just the community of buffalo but everyone that you speak with and what it's doing to all of us. >> i think what she said to you is indicative of where people are and the country. now you don't know where to go and who you're running from. i've been to buffalo many times. action network has a chapter there. this is the only supermarket in that area. if you can't go to a supermarket and not be a target of a white supremacist, where are you going to go? we had churches and other places yesterday had police out in front because they did know what was going to happen. our own headquarters and others because what people don't understand, if you're going to
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just have someone based on a theory or a belief that they're being displaced by jews getting blacks to kill them or go and just mow down people, ten people in a supermarket, not at a political rally, a supermarket, then who is safe? i think that's why the president and the congress must set a tone. we must deal with this whole racial bias, the anti-definition league and urban league, all of us have called for a white house conference. we got to confront this. we just had a president before biden that said when people were marching in charlottesville, katy, that there were good people on both sides. those people marching were saying jews will not replace us. that is the same kind of language this young man read that radicalized him that made him a murderer of ten people and an assault of two others. we cannot act like this is just
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isolated incidents. >> i'm glad you brought that up. he did kill ten black people allegedly and in the alleged manifesto that was posted online, it was a lot about how jews, he says, are controlling all of this, they're the ones that are fostering this replacement. they're the ones at fault. it's all of these old tropes that go back centuries and centuries. brian, you study this. you study hate and extremism. what are you finding? >> we're finding that the data backs up everything that reverend al says. here's the thing, listen to this. the variablity and adaptability which label african-american and
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jews as legitimate targets of aggression. the reverend talk about aggression. when we did day-by-day ticks of fbi data, that's when crimes peaked when president bush talk about hate crimes and muslims. the worst day for hate crime in 2019 was the day impeachment was announced. we're seeing this whole connection. june 2020 and the year of 2020 was a terrible year for anti-african-american hate crimes. we saw a multi-decade decline in the proportion of black targets to overall hate crimes. in other words, the pie might have varied from year to year but the pie slice shrunk until
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2019. 2020 shot back up. june 2020, worst month for anti-black hate crimes ever. what were we seeing? increases of the use of the n word on social media. it's tied together. when you have a sticky social media and high transmitting influencer putting this out, that's what you get. hate crimes have increased 2020, 2021 and into 2022. and we saw an increase last year even in anti-black hate crimes in major cities after that historic increase in 2020. so it's a fire season all year long and usually in election years we see hate crimes peak earlier -- later in the year, now we're seeing them rise now. fire season all year long. >> terrifying. brian levin, reverend al sharpton. i wish we had more time to
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continue this conversation, it's so important. thank you for now. it's not just what happened in buffalo, what happened when people targeted people in texs and california over the weekend? and did the race for pennsylvania senate change over the weekend? what the two front-runners are now saying about two big revelations that have rocked both campaigns. but first finland, now sweden. nato is expanding, not contracting. how exactly is russia going to react? exactly is russia going to react? in only 8 weeks. the virus multiplies daily and can damage the liver over time. mavyret stops hep c and cures it. if you've had hepatitis b, it may flare up... ...and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hep b, a liver or kidney transplant, other liver problems..., other medical conditions... ...and all your medicines. do not take mavyret with atazanavir or rifampin. report right away yellow skin, stomach pain or swelling... ...confusion, and bleeding or bruising.
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it is day 82 of russia's war in ukraine. sweden is ready to join nato, following finland. the country's prime minister said the parent formally voted to apply for membership. >> as a nato member, we know we would not only strengthen its own security but contribute to enhanced security in the baltic sea region and nato as a hole.
11:21 am
>> the russian president said it do not pose an immediate threat but moscow is considering its response. >> it's estimated russia has lost about one third of its ground forces in ukraine. a think tank in the u.s. said it's likely russian forces have abandoned plans to seize the entire donbas region but will concentrate on only part of it. missiles are still be fired across the country by russia, firing six long-range missiles all the way west at lviv. i'm going to start with you, jay. you're in lviv. what can you tell us about what's been happening there. >> reporter: katy, i can tell you the firing came saturday
11:22 am
night in the early morning hours, at least six missiles that u.s. officials believe were fired from submarines in the black sea. no specific damage, we're told it was moderate at best, not any serious problems and no injuries or deaths as a result of that attack. we're talking about finland and sweden and nato. the kremlin has been very clear when it comes to those two countries being a part of nato. they have said in the past there will be consequences for both but the threat of a nuclear option continues. finland nor sweden had any desire to join nato. they've been very moderate and
11:23 am
independent and haven't pushed to join nato. now they say, though, it's simply a matter of security. >> we have seen how russia is behaving when they are having full scale nation of a democratic, nonaligned country and the way they are conducting the war, it's war crimes on civilians and civilian infrastructure, it's bombing of schools and hospitals and theaters and this has made us take the decision that we will not be secure without applying for membership in nato. >> reporter: nato has indicated they'll fast track these nominations to join nato. >> jay, thank you very. veronica, with russia getting this news about finland and sweden, the whole intention with this invasion was to push back on nato, to try and break it
11:24 am
apart. instead it's strengthened and it's growing. is there concern in ukrainethat because of this he might resort to even worse weaponry than he has already used, especially since he's losing so much of his own troop third of the troops lost according to british intelligence and they're not doing well in retaking land or territory either. >> actually, unlike in the west in ukraine there are no fears that things might get worse because, frankly speaking, i don't exactly imagine what worse can be. nuclear weapon but we all are sure that putin is not stupid. because he knows that nuclear weapon will destroy everything and he likes his power very much and he doesn't want to lose it and he doesn't want to lose his fortunes he has in russia. in fact, today he said that
11:25 am
russia is not quite against joining like finland and sweden joining nato. and his spokesperson said earlier that the situation with ukraine joining nato and with sweden and finland joining nato is different because russia and ukraine have territorial disputes, which means that they occupied our territory and they are afraid if we're joining nato we might want to get crimea back and all those lands they already occupied since the start of an invasion. and for us that meant that they are no longer lying the invasion was about nato growing and west expanding its influence. it's about control over ukraine and kyiv and ukrainian territory. >> veronica, thank you so much for being with us and jay gray, thank you for being with us as
11:26 am
well. and from the president's approval to shifting opinions about the supreme court, what new polling tells us about where voters stand in this midterm year. first up, though, she marched to the capitol on january 6th alongside known proud boys and now she is the gop front-runner for pennsylvania's open senate seat. r nnpesylvania's open senae seat right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it.
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...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. pennsylvania primaries are tomorrow and things could get unpredictable. democratic front-runner for the open senate seat john federman is off the campaign trail today. he suffered a stroke on friday and is now recovering in the hospital. his campaign confirmed he will not be in attendance at his rally. >> and kathy barnett marched to the capitol on january 6th alongside members of the proud boys. her campaign confirms she is not a member of the proud boys and does not know the proud boys.
11:31 am
dasha, i don't know where to start with you. you've been talking with barnett, oz, federman. you're all over this primary race. could things change given the news about barnett and the news about federman? >> reporter: katie, things are changing every minute by the minute here in pennsylvania. welcome to our office. our producer abby has been driving thousands and thousands of mile with me all across pennsylvania. our gps says we're about to get off president biden expressway so it is all politics all the time all over the state right now. we just left one of david mccormick's final events here. he's got a couple more today hitting campaign trail in the final stretch. he and oz are trying to fight off the last-month surge that barnett has seen in the last few days. we asked him about barnett. weep actually showed him those images, katy, that we recently verified to nbc news, barnett at
11:32 am
the capitol on january 6th. take a listen to his response here. >> what do you make of these images? >> i've not seen those images. what i make of it is the broader point that i made, which is, listen, kathy just like any of us needs to be able to answer all the questions about the experiences, the statements, the things she's done in her life that got her to this point and the reason is we are picking someone that is going to be with us for a long time and the stakes for the country could not be higher. so that's just one of many things she has to address and hopefully she will. >> reporter: what do you think these say about -- >> i'm not going to comment on something i'm just seeing in realtime. >> reporter: here's the thing, though, katy, what happens on the internet and the airwaves often very different from what's happening on the ground. when i've been talking to voters over the last few days, none of this has really trickled down to the ground here in terms of people who are actually preparing to go out to the polls
11:33 am
tomorrow. for months i've heard a lot from undecided voters when it comes to both oz and mccormick and people are maybe looking for that third option and all of these questions flurpying around barnette, i don't know if they're going to hit voters in the same way, maybe not in time for the primary, katy. >> we will see how it affects the general election. i wonder if the democrats would be rather running against her than oz or mccormick. joining me is pennsylvania statehouse representative matthew kenyatta. your lieutenant john federman had a stroke. >> you know, as i tweeted yesterday and a said at an event
11:34 am
in montgomery county, my entire is with the entire federman family. my mom had a major stroke. i know who scary that is and i'm happy that he's taking care of himself and i want to see him back out on the campaign trail as soon as possible. you know, hopefully he's out on the campaign trail campaigning for me because we're working as hard as possible to make sure that we are the democratic nominee. and as dasha just said, a lot of what's been on tv, when this race is over, john's going to win no matter what, i don't know if that's necessarily where voters are because we're talking to folks every single day who are excited to have fresh vision and a new voice in the u.s. senate. >> what are you doing in these last final hours to get people to show up? it's hard to get people to show up for a mid-term election, pretty hard to get them to show up for a primary for the mid-term election. are you finding you're getting a
11:35 am
little bit more enthusiasm? you tell me. >> well, really the question is what am i not doing? i'm on the phones, we had multiple kickoffs of going off canvassing, including sciu has been a big supporter and backer of our campaign, sent out dozens and dozens of people knocking on doors, talking to voters. believe it or not, people are making a decision down to the very wire in this race. it is not often that you have a completely open senate race in pennsylvania, so people are looking at every single bit of information and really listening in on who's going to be the type of senator who for six years they can trust to be in the u.s. senate fighting for us to actually deliver for working people because whether it is inflation, whether it's the cost of child care, whether it's the cost of prescription drugs for things like insulin, people are asking when the hell is
11:36 am
government going to deliver for me? in my campaign they see somebody who is a working class person who is not just asking for their vote but understands their lives. i was in multiple counties yesterday. we're getting ready for election day tomorrow and we're excited because i'm the only person from philadelphia on the ballot and, as you know, a lot of votes are going to come out of here. we're going to get as many as we can. >> if kathy barnett wins primary for the gop, would you rathe be running against her or -- >> i would rather be running against somebody who doesn't live in fantasy island. we are going to beat whoever the nominee is. each one of them present a real threat, in my view, to the future of our democracy and have no clue on what working families
11:37 am
actually care about. as i said before, these folks are out of state, they're out of touch and they're out of their damn minds. >> mall come kenyetta. thank you so much for joining us there. >> thank you. >> and real world implications as we near the mid terms. joining me is steve kornacki. the polling doesn't look great if you have a "d" in front of your name. >> just as a backdrop to the conversation you're having for this closely watched senate race, the polling average, is it mccormick, barnette or is it oz.
11:38 am
fetterman has led in the polling we've seen. this is an open seat in pennsylvania but pat toomey, republican, holds it now, not running for reelection. so democrats have got to win this seat if they're going to have any chance of hanging on to the united states senate. you ask about the national numbers from nbc news and our new poll here, yeah, this is the climate democrats are going to be facing in pennsylvania and elsewhere this november. here's joe biden's approval rating right now, it comes in under 40%. same polling four years ago, donald trump, what was his approval rating? looked basically identical to where joe biden's is now. the mid terms were not kind to donald trump and not kind to his party. looks like a very similar landscape to shift the parties around. where is biden going wrong in the public's eye on the issues?
11:39 am
on the issue of coronavirus, look at the trajectory. when biden took office, strong approval for how he was handling this issue. that number came down and down and down. he was underwater on covid at the start of the year. he's actually tipped back up near a 60% approval rating biden is on covid. we showed you that approval rating is under 40%. what's driving it, not a huge shock here. it's the economy. look at joe biden's projection of job approval on the economy. 52% during his presidency, now he's barely over 30. it's prices, it's the cost of living. first time we asked about how biden is handling that issue, not even one in four americans approve of how joe biden is handling the cost of living. that's what's dragging him down, that's what's dragging democrats down. i thought this was notable.
11:40 am
2018, a very bad mid term for republicans when democrats posted significant gains. now it's the republicans, neither one of the parties has a great image right now but the republicans have little bit less of an image problem than democrats do, at least in our polling right now. here's the generic ballot, would you rather republicans, democrats control the congress? it is a tie in our poll right now, 46-46. it's basically been a tie all year. compare that to what we were finding in 2018, the big democratic year in 2018. dems were consistently leading seven, eight, nine points. it's a tie. >> does the supreme court change anything, this abortion, potential ruling that could come out any day now? and secondly, the people dissatisfied with the democratic party, are they so dissatisfied at that they want them out or do
11:41 am
they just want the democratic party to do better? >> looking here at this generic ballot question, that's just a clear shift from 2018. consistently throughout 2018 we saw democrats up i think at one point we even saw a ten-point democratic lead in our generic ballot. consistently we've been seeing numbers like this. one thing that haunts democrats is they remember the last time they had a president facing the mid term, barack obama 2010, the numbers on the generic ballot looked like this until sometime in the summer and they really just collapsed and the democrats lost 63 seats. on the question of abortion, though, we see a bit of an uptick. a bit of an uptick in democrats who reported being very interested in the mid-term elections from the last poll. there is still more interest on the republican side than democratic side but there was a bit of an uptick on the democratic side. this new poll, there's a
11:42 am
possibility, that could reflect news around roe v. wade. >> tomorrow i'm going to be reporting live from pennsylvania along size jose diaz-balart and andrea mitchell. join us here for special primary coverage starting at 10 a.m. eastern. coming up, domestic terrorism is on the rise. one gop lawmaker is calling out her own party for helping to fuel it. and the white house announces new moves on the baby formula crisis. but what exactly do they mean when they say it will be resolved soon? will be resolved soon? asis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
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11:46 am
our community is in pain. we're mourning. >> buffalo is processing a trauma, and so is harris county, texas, where two people were shot and killed at a flea market. and so was laguna woods, california where one person is dead and five others injured when a man opened fire at a predominantly asian-american church. >> it's zero crime here, zero. from here to a couple of miles there's nothing. we don't have car chasing and nothing. now to hear this? i mean, i don't know what to say. >> joining me now is katherine schwhite, retired fbi agent and the author of "stop the killing." it's good to be with you. i wonder your take on what we saw. i wish we were talking on better circumstances. i wonder having now processed
11:47 am
what happened in buffalo and seen so much of what alleged allegedly inspired the alleged shooter, what are your takeaways? >> a couple of things. you pointed out there have been other shootings. from a research standpoint, there will be more shootings, more aggressive people out there doing shootings research shows in the next seven to 14 days afterwards we're going to see more shooters and we've already seen those. what i think is really important is everybody needs to be vigilant. i know you hear that word a will the -- lot but what are you looking for? people who are under financial strain and people who are under strain with their families. we're looking for something that has tipped them over. if they've been on a trajectory of violence, this will trigger
11:48 am
violence. >> jonathan dean is reporting that the parents of the alleged shooter in buffalo didn't see this coming. if you are parent or a loved one of someone, what exactly should you be watching out for? >> i think didn't see it coming means you don't understand that this isn't just a snap. the parents, and i'm not targeting these particular parents or any parent, but the signs are there. when somebody decides that they're going to commit this kind of targeted violence, they leak huge amounts of information, literally leak it by words to warn about it, post it online, tell their friends about it. in fbi research, 92% of the students knew a schoolmate, 75% teachers and school and staff. law enforcement is not the one who is going to hear this. it's going to be the people right around them. so there are signs. it's not just the leakage, it's
11:49 am
also the actions. it's the process of doing it. this young man bought different clothing, bought several weapons, bought ammunition, practiced. all of that is visible. and when he had problems before and yet his family allowed him to hold on to the guns, you know, that's one of those early signs where i say why, why, why would you risk putting a gun in the hand of somebody who is having thoughts about suicide, murder. it's frustrating. >> play close attention to those you love, especially if they have a weapon on them. katherine, thank you very much. and coming up next, what the white house says it is doing to speed up production of baby formula. and what exactly does "soon" mean? exactly does "soon" mean and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards
11:50 am
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if you think you were exposed to hiv or have flu-like symptoms, tell your doctor right away. they may check to confirm you are still hiv-negative. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems. the most common side effect was diarrhea. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking descovy without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about your risk of hiv... ...and if descovy for prep is right for you. get help paying for descovy for prep. learn more at we don't expect it to last to the end of the year. by any means. we now have a path forward, so very soon you should hear an announcement about moving forward. of course, abbott is responsible for the timeline, but i'm very comfortable with what they said about two weeks. >> that's the fda chief, say thing is a solid plan in place
11:54 am
to get the largest domestic baby formula factory back up and running. the shortage has panicked families across the country, the white house saying -- >> here's nbc's jolene kent. >> reporter: worried parents are baking up this morning, even more stressed out about this ongoing formula shortage, as some major manufacturers tell us they have rmped up production to the max, with the white house promising more hope is on the way. mounting concerns for panicked parents as the baby formula shortage show nos signs of letting up. the south of stock rate is over 40% across the country. >> we go to buy formula, everything is gone. >> reporter: the ceo of one of the big four manufacturers, predicting this shortage could last the rest of the year.
11:55 am
the empty shelves forcing desperate moms like katie miller to use social media to find the formula she needs to feed her twin daughters. >> when you go to all of the stores within a two-hour radius and you can't find what you need, and you have to resort to other measures, it's really stressful. >> reporter: the biden administration vowing to import more formula from abroad from mexico, chile, ireland and the netherlands. and congress expected to take action this week to immediately address the shortage. >> we have to be as fast as possible but as cautious as possible so we have safety. >> reporter: this emergency, amplified in low income communities, shedding light on the nation's reliance on the $55 billion formula industry, with doctors hoping this will be a wakeup call. >> even before the shortage, we did not or could not reach their personal breastfeeding goals
11:56 am
because of lack of resources, access to pumps, lactation counseling. >> reporter: if you can't find formula in your area stores, experts advise family and friends to ship it to you in other states. consider buying organic formula, and ask your pediatrician for sample cans. the university of mississippi medical center says for everyone out there to say just breastfeed, many people cannot do that due to health or working conditions. lack of paid leave, and access to resources, like pumps that makes formula even more important to millions of parents. >> oh, my gosh. do not say just breastfeed. it's just not that easy. and what happened before there was formula? babies starved. it's important, it is food. it's crazy to think that you would just tell a woman to breastfeed. it's all fine. any way, that's going to do it for me today. hallie jackson picks up our
11:57 am
coverage next. we'll be joined by surgeon general, next. joined by surgeon joined by surgeon general, next. guys, excuse me. i didn't quite get that. i'm hard of hearing. ♪♪ oh hey, don't forget about the tense music too. would you say tense? i'd say suspenseful. aren't they the same thing? can we move on guys, please? alexa, turn on the subtitles. and dim the lights. ok, dimming the lights.
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only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? as we're coming on the air, we're learning more about the victims and the suspected 18-year-old shooter accused in what police are call thing hate-fueled massacre in buffalo over the weekend. 86-year-old ruth whitfield, the oldest of the ten people killed at a neighborhood supermarket. she had just


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