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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  May 17, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. today voters across five states will head to the polls for primary races. we'll bring you the latest. and we'll ask brendan boyle what he is watching for this decision day. plus president biden is in buffalo today to meet with families after the racist shooting at a grocery store in a largely black neighborhood that left 10 people dead.
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we'll bring you a live report from the scene. and in ukraine, last remaining fighters inside that steel plant are surrendering leaving russia in control of the key port city after months of fighting. and in washington for the first time in 50 years, lawmakers are holding a hearing on ufo sightings that have stunned officials at the pentagon. and we begin the hour with a primary under way in a key swing state, pennsylvania, and what has been an eventful series of races full of twists, turns and surprises. on the republican side, an extremely competitive three-way race for the senate nomination will put former president trump's influence to the test as dr. oz seeks to come out on top against conservative commentator kathy barnette and hedge fund competitive david mcccormick.
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and on the democratic primary, john fetterman is recovering after suffering a stroke forcing him off the campaign trail in the 11th hour of this race against conor lamb. and joining us now, dasha burns live in huntingdon valley, pennsylvania. and in montgomery county, correspondent vaughn hillyard is in bucks county, pennsylvania, just north of philadelphia. and candy wood for u.s. "today." dasha, you have been following the republican primary. what should we know? oh, let me interrupt you. sorry. let's go right to president biden at the memorial there in new york right outside the grocery store.
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>> governor hochul and chuck schumer right there. we're seeing the president and first lady.
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there is that makeshift memorial that has been growing right outside the grocery store that you see is behind the president and those trees is the actually grocery store, you still see the yellow crime tape that is still up there in this makeshift memorial that has been growing just across the street, where the president and first lady and some other representatives have been placing flowers. this meeting just outside the grocery store. it looks like that they are asking the folks to move, so just wanted to bring that to you
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live as it happens. i want to go back -- and of course we'll keep a close watch on what is going on there in new york if the president speaks, we of course will bring that to you. but i want go back to our focus on pennsylvania and dasha, i was asking you what we should be listening to and learning this morning. and i apologize for the interruption. >> reporter: thanks, jose. the only thing that we can expect in this race is the unexpected. you said there at the beginning, there have been so many twists and turns here. one of the biggest twists is the surge of candidate kathy barnette. she just walked out of the door, she voted here today. and one of the things that she had been speaking about a lot after the 2020 race, she was one of the folks who continued to claim that the 2020 election was fraudulent. including in her race she ran for congress back in 2020, lost
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by almost 20 points, and was claiming that that was because of voter fraud. but last night we were at a barnette event where she changed that messaging a little bit and instead of claiming fraud, she actually talked about how in her last race in 2020, she lost, but she lost by fewer points than donald trump, claiming that she won over some voters that trump was not able to win over. and just this morning i asked her if voters that she's asking to come out with her can trust the process and she said people should not be discouraged, that everybody should come out. of course once you step into that frontrunner status, the attacks start coming and her opponents were certainly not prepared, oz and mccormick, to be fighting off a third candidate. the two had been going after one another for months. i had an opportunity to speak to david mccormick about it yesterday and here is what he said. >> she's been tested. she was tested 18 months ago when she ran for congress and
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lost by 20 percentage points. now she's getting the spotlight and a lot of questions that should have been answered a long time ago that all the scrutiny that i and others have gotten are coming to the fore. and she has to answer those questions. whether military service, career. >> do you think that she's answered them properly? >> i don't think this she'sness answered them yet and she needs to. >> reporter: and some of those questions, some of the attack ads on the air now, don't necessarily seem to be trickling down to the voters. last night i spoke to a couple folks who attended her event, one lady named cheryl told me that she went in undecided and she came out convinced by barnette. we'll see what that means. i think that there are going to be several more twists and turns before the votes start coming in tonight. >> certainly will be. and vaughn, meanwhile what you can tell us about the state of the democratic party? >> reporter: you've got john fetterman current lieutenant governor and conor lamb squaring
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off today. and when you look at the polls here the last weeks, john fetterman had a sizable margin, a comfortable lead here heading into this primary day. but what ultimately occurred over the weekend, that friday stroke that took place and despite the video showing him to be in good health condition, of course it is a scare, it is a major scare for a democratic party that realizes the importance of this particular senate seat. this is really a major pickup opportunity for them here in the november election. when you are looking at the rest of the field, there is potential democratic seats that they could lose, but this is retiring republican pat toomey who is leaving the u.s. senate seatfet. he is still in the hospital. his wife cast her ballot and our colleague had the chance to catch up with her and she said that her husband will be in the hospital for at least several more days. she doesn't have a good time line. but that he is in good stable condition and he looks forward
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to running. i talked with this woman, an english teacher here named kate, who told me that despite all this, she knows who fetterman is and she still cast her ballot for him. >> and i want to go back to buffalo, ron allen is there. the president is just arriving. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the president is visiting the memorial here outside the tops grocery store market. he didn't go this because it is still a crime scene obviously, but he, and jill biden, here meeting with the new york governor kathy hochul, the attorney general latitia james and the mayor of buffalo among those greeting him here. and the memorial is on the corner of a parking lot and he also saw the neighborhood where the tops market is located. to give you an idea of just how important an institution this grocery store is in this community in what so many
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describe as a food desert, this is a hub, a place where people come to meet, to socialize, to gather. and of course to buy food and groceries. it is an integral and important part of the neighborhood. the president also saw a close-up of the memorial, it has been growing day by day. there are balloons, ribbons, cards, candles. and you can see the motorcade now, the president is heading off to a community center where he will meet some of the victims' families, first responders, community leaders to talk about all this. and we expect to hear from the president in a couple of hours or so. the visit here will last into the afternoon we understand and he will make remarks at the community center while he is of course going to grieve, mourn, and express condolences to the community about what happened. and he will also call on congress we understand to do more to as the statement says
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keep weapons of war off of our streets and out of the hands of people suffering from severe mental illness. and he will also urge the country to seek a more perfect union to use his words, and to embrace diversity in the country. issues of race of course at the heart of what happened here. so again, the president has left this scene, he has probably a very good feel now for what the community is like, and he is meeting people, feeling their pain and like so many others, hoping and praying that something like this never happens again and trying to urge congress do things that will essentially stop that. we of course go through this what seems to be a national ritual every number of months. the president comes, there is grief, there is mourning. as the motorcade keeps going by. and then we with here in places
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like this again. a community for some time dealing with the grief and horror of what has happened. in the past few days we've learned a lot about the families and the community, we learned a lot about the people and learned that they are more than just ten victims who were shot. there you see the rest of the motorcade. i think the last police car is about to go by. and this is of course why the president waited a number of days before coming here because there is a huge security foot print for him, a massive effort and very disruptive to law enforcement and the community for him to come here, but of course he felt it was important for him to be here to bring the nation's well wishers, the nation's condolences and that is what he will do. again, he is leaving here, going to a community center where he will meet some of the victims' families and community leaders and some of the first responders who were heros on that day and
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heros in the community, as the community continues to try to pull through. one thing that we have not remembered yet, funeral services. we expect that that will happen later in the week, perhaps next week. and of course that is coming and that will be another emotional moment for this community as they go through that process, funerals, home going ceremonies as they are called here as well as this community continues to try to deal with all this. again, we expect to hear from the president in a couple hours. >> ron, thank you very much. and joining us now is india walton, senior adviser for the new york working families party and former mayoral candidate for buffalo, new york. thanks for being with us. you tweeted that you lost a friend in this attack. tell us about her, what do you want people to know about her? i think that we're having some
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19 after the hour. it is primary day in five states and we're focusing in on pennsylvania this morning. joining us now, a congress reporter from "usa today." good to see you. what role do you think that abortion is playing in these races? >> i think abortion will take center stage at this point in the general election. but so far, it is a motivating issue. it may not be a decision maker between candidates at this point. but it could motivate more voters to the polls and it remains to be seen who that
7:20 am
helps. because on the democratic side, each candidate has said that they would support upholding roe v. wade. congress of course could not get that done recently. but each of these candidates, particularly john fetterman, has said that he would have voted to end the filibuster to preserve roe v. wade. >> and so fetterman's health issue, do you think that will have a major impact or an impact one way or another in this race? >> i think that is something that everyone is watching closely today. and as these results come in, we'll be watching as well. it seems so far so many people have shared anywhere mail-in ballots showing that they voted for him. mail-in ballots tend to favor democrats since 2020 when former president trump told republicans not to vote by mail. but we also see that john fetterman has been leading in the polls pretty of the entire campaign. and has had a 40 point lead
7:21 am
against moderate conor lamb in the most recent poll in pennsylvania. so we'll see if this changed any of that. but the campaign and democratic strategists i've talk say that they don't expect his recent health issues to change the outcome of this race. >> and so what are the other i guess big issues that are on voters' minds as they head to the polls? >> i think the economy. people are paying higher prices on a lot of items. and that is certainly having a role. but republicans in this election have not really talked about those issues as much. they have been more focused on gaining trump support in the primary, they were vying for his endorsement, so they spent more time talking about things that might appeal to the former president. and so i think as the general kicks in, you are going to hear republicans push more of an
7:22 am
economic message that would be more popular in the general election. >> candy woodall, thanks for being with us. joining us now at the big board, steve kornacki. great to see you again. hey, so what are you looking at, what are the races that we should be keeping our eyes on? >> obviously pennsylvania as you say is the big story tonight, that senate republican primary, you got a three-way race there. also the gubernatorial primary, it looks like doug mastriano is well positioned in, there is a question of whether mastriano, if he does win that republican gubernatorial primary big, there is a question of whether he lifts kathy barnette in the stat race because they have endorsed each other. and there is general election considerations there, implications if both of those republican candidates win, a lot of democrats who want both of those republican candidates to win because they believe that it would give them their best
7:23 am
chance, democrats, to win that senate seat and governors seat. but the other key race we're keeping an eye on is in north carolina, the republican primary for the united states senate again like pennsylvania, this is an open seat, there is a republican richard burr who is retiring, not running again, so currently republican-held seat currently open. and here is the republican primary and this is one of those races where donald trump has weighed in. he weighed in early, he endorsed ted budd, pat mccrory and mark walker also in the race. and polling in the last month or so has really taken a turn in budd's direction. key number is 30 in north carolina to win a primary outright and avoid a runoff. you have to break 30%. the poll has suggested that budd has a large lead and over 30%, so he has a chance to wrap the nomination up tonight on the republican side. if he does, his likely
7:24 am
democratic opponent, sherry beasley, she is the former chief justice of the state supreme court in north carolina, she is well positioned to win the democratic nomination. but again the backdrop, this is a red state already, a state that -- it was close, but it went for donald trump in 2020, it went for twud in 2016. we have talked about the midterm climate favoring republicans. certainly our most recent nbc poll, joe biden sitting at 39% approval rating does not look like the most hospitable midterm environment for democrats. so this is a race where democrats will be facing an uphill challenge this fall and again the story tonight becoming can ted budd not just finish first, can he get over 30%, can he win the nomination here. and the other race in north carolina that has gotten national attention, madison cawthorn, the freshman republican who represents the 11th district in western north
7:25 am
carolina, in the a,ville area. he has drawn a number of challengers in the republican primary. again, the question here, that number 30% looms as you watch those results come in tonight, is cawthorn leading, is he above 30%. he could finish first, but if it is under 30%, he could get forced in to a runoff. again, if you just look at all of the sort of controversy around him that has mounted in the last couple weeks, last thing he wants is to get caught up in extended campaign here and have this thing go to a runoff. so he would like to finish first over 30%. but there is some drama in western north carolina in this republican primary. >> and going back to pennsylvania and the senate on the republican side, we were talking to dasha about how this third candidate kind of came in, a surprise, in just the last couple weeks.
7:26 am
what was it that catapulted her to the top? >> it really is a three-way race. sorry, i'm trying to get the map up here and failing miserably. but i think i might have got it here. so take a look on the republican side here, this primary, and it really is a three-way race. if you look at all the poll, they are all within a few points of each other. there has been a ton of money spent against david mccormick that has sullied his image with voters. and number two, dr. oz does have the endorsement of donald trump, but when you look at the polls among republican voters, he has the highest negative scores, highest percentage of republican voters who say that they have a negative view about any of the candidates. oz has the highest negative. so there is a lot of skepticism
7:27 am
among voters about dr. oz, about his credentials as a republican. he does have that trump endorsement he is trying to use to offset that. but you got doubts about oz, you've got a ton of money that has been spent against hk core mccormick, and he has a hedge fund background, he's made a fortune. and today it is more blue collar than ever. so there may be more skepticism over mccormick because of that. perhaps that is what opened the door for barnette to move up. and as i've said, mastriano has endorsed barnette, so they might be working in tandem to boost each other. >> steve kornacki, thanks so much. always fascinating when you give us the breakdown of these incredible races. i want to bring in brendan boyle. congressman, thank you for your time. so i just read recently that you are urging democrats not to
7:28 am
underestimate the viability of some of these candidates, these pro trump candidates in your home state, why, what are you watching for today? >> well, first, let's be clear, it is not that they are just pro trump, but candidates like doug matriano the frontrunner on the republican side to be governor and kathy barnette, they literally were part of the january 6th insurrection. you might have a full insurrectionist ticket on the republican side with governor, lieutenant governor and u.s. senate. so it is very alarming the hard, hard right turn the republican party in my state has taken. at the same time, though, i say including the colleagues of mine who think, well, now it is somehow darren -- that somehow it is a guarantee that we win in november. i say no. i think that we as democrats have to actually exercise some
7:29 am
caution here and understand pennsylvania is the most evenly divided state in the country, we are literally 50-50 and i don't dismiss the ability of any candidate to win a general election here. >> what are the issues do you think that both republicans and democrats are dealing with in your state? >> it is interesting, i'm sitting right here in my congressional district overlooking independence hall. when i'm talking to my constituents here, they bring up everyday bread and butter issues, the cost of things, getting back to normal after two years of a pandemic. but if you watch any of the tv ads in the republican races, they are really devoid of issues. last night watching local news, almost every ad by the way was a super pac ad targeting kathy barnette. but they are all about who is pro trump, who is the most pro trump, who is the super, super
7:30 am
most pro trump. they talk a little bit about abortion and second amendment on the republican side. but otherwise it is completely devoid of the actual everyday issues my constituents talk to me about. >> and speaking of your constituents, your district has the most ukrainian american hits of any other district in the country. so i ask you, what should our policy be on ukraine going forward? >> yeah, i've worked very closely with them since i first got to congress in 2015, just a remarkable community here in philadelphia that has given so much to us. for them, this war is not new. it has been going on since at least 2014. and indeed putin started interfering in ukraine well before he started sending the little green men to the donbas and the takeover of crimea. i believe that our policy right
7:31 am
now is correct. we are spending as much as we possibly can to help arm ukraine to help fight for themselves. we've had pretty strong bipartisan support i have to say which is wonderful, that needs to continue. and i especially give the administration credit. we have never seen a more united trans-atlantic alliance in my lifetime than we have over the last three months. >> congressman, do you think -- how does this end, how do we see what goes on in ukraine on a daily basis, death, destruction, how does that end? >> so i've thought about this a great deal and i can envision one of two scenarios. the first would be clearly putin is going to fail if the overall goal was to take over ukraine. he is obviously giving up on that, he's pulled troops out of kyiv, most of the fighting is limited to the east, the donbas. we could end up in this sort of tit for tat situation in which months and years go on basically
7:32 am
at a stalemate, that would be i think unsatisfactory to all of us. the second possible scenario is that putin is so weakened internally that his regime is toppled. he is suffering remarkable losses. if you look at the number of soldiers russia has lost over the last three months, it is somewhere in the 30,000 range. the united states lost 58,000 soldiers in all of the vietnam war over nine years. so these have been devastating losses for putin. i do believe that his regime has the potential to be toppled internally the longer this goes on. >> congressman, a pleasure to see you and thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. coming up, we're actually going to go live to ukraine for the latest on the russian invasion there. you're watching jose diaz-balart reports. g jose diaz-balart g jose diaz-balart reports.
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36 past the hour. we're following multiple breaking developments in russia's invasion of ukraine. right now finland and sweden are holding a joint news conference where sweden says that they will hand over the application to join nato tomorrow. and the white house announced that president biden will meet with both leaders this thursday in washington. overnight, ukrainian authorities announced combat operations at the azovstal steel plant in mariupol have ended and the ukrainian soldiers who have held that for weeks are being evacuated. joining us now from kyiv is erin mclaughlin. what more can you tell us about what happens in mariupol? >> reporter: hey, jose. some 250 ukrainian fighters were
7:37 am
evacuated in the overnight hours from the steel plant that includes 51 seriously injured fighters. they were taken to russian-controlled territory, the wounded were taken to a hospital in the city of donetsk. the expectation is that they will be traded for russian p.o.w.s, although we don't have any sort of idea in terms of the time line for that. we've been in contact with the wives of some of the fighters and they don't know either. they said that they have yet to be contacted by government officials with more information. but the evacuation and surrender of the steel plant marks the first victory for russian forces in ukraine and it comes some five weeks after ukrainian forces pushed russian soldiers out of the kyiv region winning the battle for kyiv. i've been speaking to the brother of the mayor of kyiv and he tells me that the rebuilding
7:38 am
process of this region is just beginning. take a listen. >> definitely came back to compared to what it was. so restaurants are open, some shops are open, so you see pedestrians on the street, you see traffic jams. yeah, life is back in the city. it is not compared to what it was. >> do you feel safe in kyiv right now? >> i'll repeat one more time, if you are in ukraine, you are not safe, period. doesn't matter where you are. anything could happen at any moment. >> reporter: the undp estimates that it will take some $600 billion to rebuild ukraine. and they also cited another statistic that before the war, ukraine had a 2.5% poverty rate. but if this war continues according to the undp, that number will go up to 90%. jose. >> erin, thank you so much. up next, new hope for
7:39 am
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for all of life's moments get the brands you trust to get the job done at wayfair. ♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪ 42 past the hour. north carolina's primary is under way as voters decide who will run in a key senate race. and whether donald trump's endorsement will help a controversial congressman. and joining us now, correspondent antonia hilton. what are you watching this morning? >> reporter: good morning, jose. well, here this western north carolina this morning, the man on everyone's minds is congressman madison cawthorn. he's been mired in one controversy after another recently, but he also has the benefit of having trump's endorsement, of the name recognition, having been a rising star on the right so quickly after being initially elected. but now he is challenged by seven other republicans who have
7:44 am
been making the argument that the 26-year-old congressman isn't ready or fit to serve. most recently in the string of scandals having seeing leaked photos and videos that some voters found unseemly. even though this is a republican district, we've seen many democrats saying that they are motivated to vote because they don't feel like that cawthorn has done a good job representing them, but also interesting conversations with republicans here, one in particular who told us that he was actively here debating who on the republican side he was going to vote for. he is considering one of cawthorn's challengers, chuck edwards. while he thinks that the young congressman might deserve a second chance, he is worried that due to all the controversies he is not fit to serve now. and we're also watching the senate right here, but it is really the house race and cawthorn that is on everyone's mind. >> thank you very much. and nowen a update on the baby formula short think a around the country. the fda and abbott laboratories have now agreed to resume
7:45 am
production of formula at that plant in michigan to try to ease the shortage nationwide. joining us now, business and tech correspondent jo ling kent. families will have to wait up to 10 weeks for new formula to hit the shelves? >> yeah, that sound in your voice rae reflects what so many parents are feeling across the country. it will take a while. according to the justice department, abbott has to overhaul its safety protocols before production can restart at that plant. a be bottom has to -- abbott has to bring in an independent expert to monitor what is going on there. and this is after the company's voluntary recall and closed the plant after serious bacterial infections in four ifants and two deaths. they said that there is no evidence to link their formulas to those ills inillnesses, but
7:46 am
says that it is their number one priority to get babies and families the high quality formula that they need. but again, this is going to take some time up to two months, we're talking july maybe even august because the fda and a federal court have to approve the plant being reopened before that production can restart. meanwhile we're expecting the fda to loosen imports to allow more formula to come in from other countries. >> and jo ling kent, thank you very much. the biden administration lifting some trump-era restrictions on cuba. criticism from a top democrat, next. criticism from a top democrat, criticism from a top democrat, next what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us.
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49 past the hour. now to breaking news on the covid pandemic. just moments ago the fda authorized a booster dose of the pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. the fda says kids in that age group can get a booster five months after getting their primary two doses. the fda's decision goes to the cdc which will determine how the booster shots should be utilized. the biden administration is reversing some of the tighter restrictions on the cuban government. the changes include allowing charter and commercial flights to airports outside of havana, lifting the cap on family remittances, allowing an american business to finance and invest in cuban businesses. and reinstating the cuban family reunification program. senate foreign relations chair bob menendez said in a
7:51 am
statement, quote, for years the united states foolishly eased travel restrictions arguing millions of american dollars would bring about freedom and nothing has changed. with us to talk about this is an associate professor at the university of pennsylvania graduate school of education. professor, it's great seeing you. these changes announced by the biden administration come two days after cuba announced a new law cracking down even more on any dissent. what's going on inside cuba right now? >> reporter: yes, jose. the contradictions are just staggering. so in cuba right now you have a thousand political pprisoners. after july 11th, the largest process in cuban history you have political prisoners, an afro cuban activist who has been a dissident for decades who are saying to the world we want a
7:52 am
different government, we want democracy and this is the policy that rolls out? one step forward, three steps back. reunification is great. we can't begin to infuse commerce in cuba because it goes to the state. cuban banks are run by the communist party. that's the reality. we have to face and look at the elephant in the room and we've got to listen to cuban people. as an afro cuban woman, a researcher, a mother, we have mothers and children in cuba who are incarcerated. >> this comes, also, at a time when the u.s. is seeing a huge increase in the number of cuban migrants crossing into the u.s. from mexico. it's interesting because recently cuba announced it would permit cubans to freely go to nicaragua with no questions asked. they're charging up to $5,000 u.s. dollars for cubans who want to get to nicaragua, but this is
7:53 am
an escape valve for a lot of people. >> absolutely. >> is it just coincidence the united states is seeing this huge increase in cubans and now the changes announced in washington? >> no, absolutely not. this is typical cuba regime policy. they want to reduce the pressure valve. they want to calm down the pressure cooker of the political instability in cuba because of the resistance, and they say, well, we'll open up. we'll let the people who are unhappy go to nicaragua. we'll open it up. guess what? we'll let them go to latin america. what happens is we have already issues at the border in mexico and you have cubanos trying to pass in through other venues and the issue in cuba is not addressed. we don't address that the regime does these things to aggravate the u.s. and make it seems like there's no problems in cuba when the people have spoken with
7:54 am
their bodies. >> thank you very much for being with us. i so appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. today on capitol hill, a not-so-typical congressional hearing on -- listen to this -- ufos. what a top pentagon official brought in and is showing next. what could it be? it be eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've got apples and cabbage. 7,000 dahlias, vegetables, and brisket for dinner. this is my happy place. we've been coming here, since 1868. my grandmother used to say, don't call me, don't bother me. i'm going out to mow.
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57 past the hour. today for the first time in over 50 years congress held a public hearing on ufos, the focus a pentagon report that revealed navy pilots and radar operators had reported sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena. joining us on capitol hill is gadi schwartz. what do lawmakers want to hear? >> reporter: lawmakers are looking for specific answers. so far in this hearing we haven't seen specific answers. in fact, we're hearing a lot more questions than answers. what we did see was the introduction of two new pieces of video into this uap domain, unidentified aerial phenomenon. one of the videos show night vision goggles. it's basically night vision goggles showing the sky above navy warships. it shows blinking what looks like triangles. the pentagon is now saying this is a case in which it looks like
7:59 am
this is lens flare from use a camera through night vision goggles. they're using this as anal registration that it makes it very difficult, when talking about uaps, to have sensor data and have video showing something conclusively. the other video i want to show you, watch here. you see something zoom by. this is taken from the inside of an f 18. right about there -- it's very hard to make out, but there's this circular metallic orb that zips by. is taken from an f 18 flying by in a restricted airspace, a training area where pilots are. we've heard from navy pilots saying there are certain things flying in the airspace that seem to outmaneuver the f-18s. today's hearing so far hasn't been filled with a lot of answers. however, there is a classified hearing coming up at 12:00.
8:00 am
hoping for more answers after that. >> gadi schwartz, thank you so much. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm jose diaz-balart. be sure to follow the show online. make sure you stay with us begin at noon eastern, andrea mitchell and katy tur report live from pennsylvania, a swing state with some of the most closely watched elections this year. yaz min vossoughian picks up with more news right now. good morning everybody. good to see you. we are staying on top of a lot of fast-moving stories. first, we're watching buffalo, new york, the shattered community there looking for solace and action after ten people were shot and killed in a racist attack on a grocery store. right now the president stepping into a role he knows all too well, sadly, consoler-in-chief. the president and the first lady paying their r


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