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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 17, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. good afternoon, welcome to "mtp daily." i'm chuck todd. on what is the biggest election day yet in 2022. five states are holding proi marries today including the mega battleground state of pennsylvania, the most pivotal battleground of this year's midterm elections we're going to have a lot more on the big night
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ahead in a moment. but we're going to begin in buffalo. where in the wake of saturday's supermarket terrorist attack, president biden has just finished delivering remarks about the rise of ideologies in america. the president renewed calls for stricter gun laws and urged americans to reject racism. >> white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison. [ applause ] >> it really is. running through our body politic. it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. i mean, no more. we need to say as clearly as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. >> those remarks the president didn't just condemn americans spreading hate, he called those silent complicit. and he also issued this warning about the threat white supremacy posed to our country and the democracy. >> the american experiment in
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democracy is in a danger like it hasn't been in my lifetime. it's in danger this hour. hate and fear are being given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love america. but don't understand america. >> the president's remarks come after he and the first lady paid their respects at a he moirl to the ten people killed in that supermarket terrorist attack. his trip comes as we learn more about the 18-year-old suspect in saturday's attack. investigators looking at his online chat log say he considered attacking elementary schools, churches and other locations that he thought would have high percent acts of black people fpz it's one of three shootings nationwide being investigated as hate crimes. the fbi announced it's opened a hate crime investigation into a shooting at a hair salon in dallas that injured three women of korean dissent. the fbi has opened an investigation into a shooting at a taiwan church on sunday.
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the suspect appears to have medicine motivated by political hatred of taiwan. on capitol hill, house democrats plan to move toward a vote on legislation that they say will combat the threat of white us is prime minister sit and extremism. president biden just spoke to reporters before leaving buffalo saying there's not much he can do on the issue as far as executive action is concerned. joined now by three of my colleagues, the latest from the white house ahead of president biden's trip to buffalo. emily cada is following the aftermath of the shooting and garrett haake is on capitol hill. we saw the remarks say these remarks. when we hear from the community, did the president meet the expectations of what the community wanted to hear? >> reporter: i will say there's still a sense of restlessness on
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the ground here. you might be able to make out in the background there's some yelling. people were eager to see the president. he spoke at a nearby community center. there was a massive crowd outside. some people thought more victims' family should be allowed inside. i think there also is a little concern that it's more symbolic they are worried this won't bring change, but others hopeful that this will strike up a new conversation. you talked about how president biden called white supremacy a poison. he called firefighter crackdown on assault rifles and the need to address the dangerous online rhetoric in many platforms. he also offered in a poignant moment empathy for the families saying he has a profound understanding of the death of the tragedy that they are facing. naming all ten of the victims and really describing a little bit about them from the father who died inside the supermarket behind me trying to buy a birthday cake for his son.
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to the security guard who is being hailed a hero for standing up to the suspect and actually firing shots at the suspect. there's the community leaders and the person who tried helping some unload groceies into the car. really president biden stressing that these ten lives were lost simply too soon. >> emily, what more do we know on the investigation? we learned over the last 24 hours that clearly all of the these sort of what i would call little changes into the laws that we made that were little baby steps, red flag laws, none of that seemed to work with this because he sort of checked every box that should have been somebody that was detained. it should have been somebody that was red flagged from getting a gun, and yet none of that system worked. >> reporter: unfortunately, it feels like we're learning new details with each day. i have been reporting throughout the week that authorities say
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the suspect had been canvassing before the attack. he had been in the buffalo area back in march. there's some new discussion we're learning something that the fbi is looking into. these messages on a chat forum that the user shares the same handle as the suspect and breaks down plans in march of what areas he would scope occupy to potentially carry out this attack. also like drawing out a map of the supermarket inside. i spoke with several employees who worked at tops supermarket who managed to survive this atrocious shooting spree who say the moment they saw his pictures surface, they immediately recognized him. so it appears more and more this has been something in the works for some time. >> emily, on the ground for us in buffalo, thank you. let me go to shannon petty piece. candidate joe biden told us the reason he ran, more than any other reason was schaar the
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lotsville. here we are essentially the charlotteville protest creates this monster maybe. i'm connecting a dot here. not quite. but that sort of the mind set. here we are. and i'm hearing the report about here's this guy online. if this were an islamic extremist, there was plenty of fbi and law enforcement resources focused on islamic extremism of and trying to track it online and this or that. we have heard a lot of rhetoric about trying to take our focus off of that and focus it more on domestic extremism, but it's clear we're not rooting it out the same way we aggressively attempt to root out islamic extremism online. >> the president brought up this charlottesville anecdote in his remarks just a few moments ago saying he wasn't intending to run. people who know him or around him can attest to that and he saw this resurgence.
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the president certainly didn't hold back in calling out what he says is terrorism with this action. domestic terrorism using that word to describe it. of course, as you noted, the justice department under the biden administration has been pushing and moving in this direction towards domestic terrorism, but it was simply not a priority at all under the trump administration. there's extensive reporting around that at the time about how white supremacy wasn't seen as a focus within the justice department when it comes to this area of domestic terrorism i will note a few other things we heard from the president called out those who have sort of propagated this quote, unquote, great replacement theory. he didn't name names here, but he said ae he accused people of profiting off of spreading lies for power political gain and for
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profit. and he also talked about those who follow this. he called them angry alienated, isolated lost individuals who have been radicalized online by believing in this theory. so calling out and going after not only those who believe in this and subscribe to it, but those who have been promoting it as well as talking about once again hoping to see some sort of gun reform legislation through congress, which does not have the votes to move through the senate at this point. >> it was interesting to hear the president say in the gaggle that there isn't a lot of executive action left for him to do. what is going to be their follow through on this? is it dpoik to be focusing on fbi and homeland security and justice to get their focus on domestic? is it going to be on trying to find a gun bill? on trying to force the internet companies to actually moderate and monitor their content. >> i think the heavy emphasis you saw today from the president
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when he was talking about hate and radical ideology and mentioning that online, that is an area we haven't really seen emphasized as much in this administration or past administrations when it comes to going after violent crime. a lot of the focus is on the guns. i will say another element the president and the white house have mentioned is mental health and mental illness in addressing serious mental illness. another area that hasn't been tread on as much as gun control regulations have. and things that the justice department has done around gun control legislation. those are a couple areas where there's still some room for the white house to make moves because we have seen attempts at the justice department that take awhile and advocates say they are not moving the needle that much. >> let me move over to garrett haake. i want to put up on our screen a
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letter that chuck schumer sent to fox. we see where senate democrats want to put the focus here. he note this is. a poll found that your viewers are three times more likely to believe in replacement theory than other networks. this should come as no surprise given the central role these themes have played in your network's programming. a "new york times" investigation found that tucker carlson alone a. police if ied this theory. i urge you to take into consideration the real impacts of the dangerous rhetoric being broadcast on your network on a nightly basis. you heard from a single republican signing on to that letter? >> reporter: no, i haven't. the letter there is totally in line with what the president was saying. president biden didn't want to name names it's pretty clear that chuck schumer is willing to do so by sending this letter and trying to focus on the hateful rhetoric. but what i saw in that letter is an acknowledgment there will be no legislating on this issue in the united states senate. we have talked about gun bills. shannon teed it up nicely. there's not 60 votes.
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there's no republican support for modest changes to the background check laws, to raising the age to buy an assault weapon to buy a beer. there's nothing happening on the legislative front in that regard. there's a sliver of hope for this house bill that would be considered later this week that would expand the justice department's authority to investigate domestic terror cases, add fbi task forces, but that maybe the only legislative action that we're likely to see on this. and so when i read that letter, when i hear democratic members of congress focusing on that portion of it, it's a bit of a tell to me that legislation is at a brick wall when it comes to guns and legislating against this kind of violence. >> garrett, lock ats the way that right try to weaponize the idea that the dhs was going to essentially try to attempt to monitor hateful rhetoric. they want to make it seem as if it's some sort of big brother. and it's like, this is always
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what the right does to appease the white supremacist movement by saying free speech. >> reporter: the ministry of disinformation they called it. i have a frustrating conversation with the republican senator from indiana this morning, where i asked him, what should congress do? he said we should do something about mental health. we should find the people who want weapons and might do something dangerous and monitor them. there's a bill in the house that would monitor people, but it calls it domestic terrorism. no, we can't do that. the attaching of labels or to make it right wing domestic terrorism, because that's what we're talking about in this case, all of a sudden changes the conversation that republicans are willing to have ask we're right become at square zero. >> well, look, this is the chicken is coming home to roost. they have been appeasing this in the party for years. and now they are stuck with this group. garrett haake, thank you. turning to an update on the covid-19 pandemic.
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for some parents of younger children out there, this morning the food and drug administration authorized a booster dose for pfizer's vaccine for kids 5 to 11. we're still dealing with 5 to 11. still no vaccine under 5, but kids will be able to receive the booster shot five months after completing their first two dose. pfizer is the only drug maker with an approved vaccine for any kids. the decision will go to the cdc who will make an official recommendation about how the booster should be used. the agency is expected to discuss the booster in a scheduled meeting on thursday. again, for those with kids under 5, we still do not yet have a timeline. coming up, if it's tuesday, we're in an even numbered year, voters are voting in the biggest primary day of the election cycle so far. we're tracking the most contentious races with our reporters all over the country, right after this. you're watching "mtp daily." right after this right after this you're watching "mtp daily."
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there's the wonderful music. at least in my my ear, it's an election day. polls are open in the biggest pry states. we're going to learn a lot. what sort of candidates voters want to see on the ballot in november, how angry are voters, 75% of them say we're headed in the wrong direction. that's not good for any incouple went. it starts in one of the most important states on the map, pennsylvania. there's a bit of a panic on right and a new concern on the left. the momentum right now is with the tar right candidates in the primary. kathy barnette the outmegaed mehmet oz whooil dodging controversial statements she's made in the past. on the democratic side, john fetterman appears to have outpaced the field over a moderate member of congress.
10:19 am
but fetterman will not be at his own watch party as he recovers from a stroke. we have also got key matchups in north carolina idaho and idaho to fwif us insight into trump's hold. not to mention a bunch of other contests across the country with no shortage of story lines for both parties. we could see an incouple bent member of congress go down in oregon. dasha burns is covering this. von hilliard is following the primary with fascinating story lines. andhillton is south monitoring the races there. dasha, kathy barnette, mehmet oz, barnett had all the weekend moment ul. as has trump's pennsylvania machine. what do things look like today?
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>> reporter: well, i have got ton the point where i think i'm taking bets on how many more plot twists we're going to see before the votes start coming in tonight. it's been a wild rield of a race here. and we are in barnette voted here this morning. barnette rose to fame on claims of election fraud in 2020, including this her own race. she ran for congress in a heavily democratic district, but i'll tell you last night, we were at one of her events and heard a shift in her messaging on that. instead of claiming that she lost because of voter fraud, she emphasized she may have lost, but she lost in her district by less than trump did saying she can pull over some voters that trump did not get. she has been saying over and over on the campaign trail trump does not own maga. maga is a message of the people.
10:21 am
but i asked her today when her message is for voters to turn out whether they could trust the process. hearst what she told us. >> for every single pennsylvanian, the way you can be a part of this process is make sure you're here. make sure you're coming out and voting. don't allow anything to discourage you. every single republican, you need to be at these polls today. ask you need to make sure your voice is heard. i'm so excited. >> win or lose, will you back the republican nominee? >> i will. >> reporter: small change. >> we actually ran into oz's in-laws here this morning. which is a bits of a surprise. they did vote for their son-in-law. we also recently spoke to dave mccormick and asked about some of the digs that trump has taken at him as he's been supporting the candidate he endorsed.
10:22 am
he told us he's used to rough and tumble. he was a wrestler in high school. so we'll see. anything can happen before the night ends tonight. >> it will be fascinating. a race to 35%, who can get there first. let's move over to bucks county. von hilliard, it will be a fascinating to. watch today and in november. you're focused on the governor's race. this is where the panic began ten days ago when a january 6th election denialist appeared to be pulling away. what to we see today? what are you hearing on the ground there? >> we have been talking to numerous voters. a current state senator here, polling would indicate he will pull this off. if you look at what it was a crowded gop field here, barletta, a long-time congressman, former mayor, he's number two there. i caught up yesterday with him at a diner.
10:23 am
he seemed frustrated, a little disheartened by the reality the rest of the field hasn't consolidated enough. the fifth and sixth place, they dropped out and supported him. but the third and fourth place did not. they are sticking in. i even talked to some voter who is said they are voing for dave white, the third and fourth place candidates. i think it's important we talk about tonight and all the way to november about who doug is. he is on the cusp of being the republican nominee. he would ultimately be responsible come 2024 for certifying pennsylvania's election results. and had when we look at the rest of the line up around the country, you're talking about potentially michigan, wisconsin, arizona, having republican governors. if doug were to win and beat the democrat attorney general, they would be responsible for certifying the election results. this individual was outside the u.s. capitol on january 6th.
10:24 am
he even suggested essentially tossing out the results of pennsylvania's biden win here in 2020 and sending trump electors to be counted in the u.s. capitol on january 6 president. he's even suggested throwing out the voter rules and starting all over and requiring pennsylvanians to reregister to is vote. that's who we're talking about walking away with this republican nomination and finally, it's also important to note here in the state of pennsylvania, the governor is tasked with selecting secretary of state. the individual who would run the future elections. >> and von, he's probably been the single most important supporter of kathy barnette in the senate primary when she was not being paid attention to. the front runner there on the gubernatorial race was. they were sharing resources. >> reporter: they were hand in hand in this. that's where the big question mark comes down to ultimately
10:25 am
how many voters are willing to split their ticket in terms of who trump endorsed. i talked to one woman who was telling me that she just came and cast her vote here and took trump's word on who the cast should be the represents the state. the question is how much is kathy barnette able to make end roads. >> people need to realize of all the battleground states, trump's organization is probably strongest of any other battle ground state. so don't oz out. thank you. let's move to north carolina. >> if it wasn't for dr. oz in pennsylvania, i think we would be talking more about what's happening in north carolina. you have a senate race, you have madison cawthorn, plenty going on here. what are you saerg seething? the former governor used to be conservative to republicans there. now is being beaten up for a mitt romney republican, ask that's not a compliment these
10:26 am
days. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, chuck, on everyone's minds here this morning, the number one guy is congressman cawthorn. he's been mired in one controversy after another. so the democrats were coming here to this polling precinct in this republican district. they want him out. and then even some of the republicans here who have been on the sidewalk before they go in and vote have been kind of mulling over this. trump's continued support for cawthorn and the endorsement that's got them sort of leaning his way. but they are worried the 26-year-old congressman isn't ready to serve. most recently some of them were talking about photos and videos that have come out. and then the senate race is important to voters here, but there's less question about which way that is going to go. due to trump's endorsement, ted bud has pulled away with this thing. and one man we spoke to called him a rhino. so it looks like the support is
10:27 am
forcefully and fully behind ted bud. their intention has been to move towards november and a matchup between budd and easily. and so people are already turning their attention toward that. they are assuming budd secured the win. it's cawthorn who has to worry about which way this could go. one republican we talked to said 50% of his friends have been on the fence of cawthorn because of the string of controversies about him. that's really the race to watch here. >> it's a 30% threshold to avoid a primary. so if the winner gets 30% plus 1, they are the nominee. how many candidates are going to get double digits in this primary? >> that's the question. it's a very crowded field. he has seven challengers. the number one challenger the
10:28 am
person on the minds on the folks on the sense is chuck edwards. when you have a crowded field, it makes it hard for any one of those people to knock the incumbent out of the way. and cawthorn despite all the challenges, he has the trump endorsement and the name recognition and seen as a star on the right. >> and again, if this were a normal 50% plus 1, cawthorn would be deader than a door nail but because of the 30% threshold, he has a chance to survive. thank you. for more of our pennsylvania special rye marry coverage, katy tur will be hosting her show live from pennsylvania next hour. it's a little windy there, but it's a beautiful day. and tonight on nbc news now, we'll be covering the race developments for nbc news live in you prime time special begin pg at 8:00 p.m. eastern powered by nbc news. up next, we have our pulse
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10:33 am
it's a tool that we cooked up in the political unit that plugs in the key data from our poll to understand and vertebral liez how the political winds nationally are blowing for the president's party. we'll give you a little midterm history, if you will. to give you the sense of the different outcome ranges with exceptional performances by the president's party. that limits the loss of seats in years like 1998 and 2002. then the shellackings when ts president's party lost a massive number of house seats like in '06. as you can see here, the various were looking most closely. they were three bad democratic years when there was a democrat in the white house. you can see where we are. so are we right now with the new nbc news poll? the rong track at 75%. this is obviously in she lacking territory. when you have 75% wrong track, that's how you end up with nominees that people in washington don't want. john fetterman are what you get when you have 75% wrong track.
10:34 am
55%, you might get david mccormick. that's what 75% wrong track means. by the way, good to see an incumbent lose in a primary. these are terrible numbers. now let's go to the president's job rating here. this is also sitting in she lacking territory. 39%. anything really he's got to get to 45%. 45 or above and democrats in battleground states have a boxer's chance. you're sitting below 40, it's not good in many places and might even see light blue states say colorado suddenly come into play. now let's look at the ballot here this is where democrats can feel slightly better you're starting to see a tied race is still. there are more democrats than republicans. so the national numbers still mean advantage republicans it's not in she lacking. we put it in bad territory. here. democrats need a 5-point lead in the general if they have a
10:35 am
chance at holding the house. tied this and that puthouse in some dangerous territory there. as you can see overall, just to sum up, the three major markers here. when it comes to job rating, direction of the country and congressional preference, she lack ing lacking, shellacking, shellacking. that's something we're look out for tonight. still to come, what the result results could tell us about what republican voters want to see in november and beyond. we're joined by a couple strategists here in studio. you're watching "mtp daily." n so you're watching "mtp daily."
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welcome back. two parties with two very different sets of challenges this midterm year competing for the soul of america. it's what an election day is all
10:39 am
about. polls open in pennsylvania and a bunch of other key primary states. we're going to learn a lot about the direction of where the gop could be head. joining me is pollster cornell belch herb, doug himes, hello to both of you. you're making a tar heel. >> we retired coach k. twice. >> not to say people shouldn't know that cornell, neither party is in gret great shape. but the democratic party is more under water than the republican party. and when you look at that, there's something to organize against, there's no doubt. what does that tell you? what extra challenges does that mean? >> a couple things. one is it's been like this for quite some time. and both are under water, but you don't see -- >> democrats used to be the tallest little person though.
10:40 am
not so puch. >> but still overall americans are not happy with either party. and i think when you look at -- most of this disappointment around biden and his job approval numbers, it's with parts of the coalition. it's with parts of his majority coalition. we talk about it pfr. younger voters. if you tell me what percentage of the electorate is younger voters, i can tell you whether or not democrats will have a good night. >> it's always 1213 -- 12 or 13%. >> it's not presidential year. but again, if african-americans, if you look at job approval ratings, it's in the high 60s. insider stuff, i never had obama anywhere close to below 70 job approval among
10:41 am
african-americans. so if you look at sort of base energy is the key issue for republicans going to midterms. republicans have tone a better job of energizing their base. that's going to be a real problem for us. >> the republican challenge seems to be making sure they don't step on themselves. it does seem as if tonight there's a whole lot of primaries that are the equivalent of stepping on your you know what. >> we picked up 63 seat in the house but left seats on the table in the senate. >> i'm not rich. >> sharon engel in nevada, we saw that in other elections with troy aiken and richard murdoch. so it's why mitch mcconnell is very nervous about who emerges from it these primaries. obviously, governors races as well as to whether or not they
10:42 am
can be electable. >> this 30% people don't realize it. it's a that's why the south invented the runoff. north carolina has attempted to moderate it a bit. ironically, this 30% maybe what saves madison cawthorn. >> the only thing that saves him from himself is a 30% threshold. the reality is as we view things in all things being about donald trump, we all have trump on the brain, if 70% or 69% of republican primary voters vote against the person that trump not only endoorsed but said let's give this guy a second chance or as we saw in ohio with jd vance or pennsylvania, it means that trumpism is here to stay, but trump doesn't control things. >> i agree with that so much. >> this is when i'm curious about. i have talked with some democratic strategies who believe that, look, democrats can't run against trump. but the republicans are nominating enough candidates
10:43 am
where there is a choice being created here where they can run against trumpism and not feel like they are out of touch. >> i think if democrats have an opportunity to breakthrough, there's a couple things. one is we talked about this before. i got polling back now that says women are being more energizd a about voting because of that poll. >> it's like watching a hurricane develop. it's not a hurricane yet, but it could be. >> but also if the gender gap looks like it did in 2018 versus how it looked in 2010 or 2014, it's a different kind of die unanimous effect. the other piece is in a state like pennsylvania, it's really interesting. you have a candidate on the primary for governor who as "the washington post" said is a
10:44 am
christian nationalist. so how many other candidates are outside the mainstream and can run against them. this cant be about biden. i know they want to make this a referendum on biden, but we have an opportunity to make this a referendum on far right candidates. >> look, i don't want to get idaho. this lieutenant governor is way on the fringe. i think she's going to come up short, but does she come up with 45% or 30% it tells you where the party is headed. >> it's why republicans are very at least privately nervous in talking amongst themselves. we also know what the head winds are politically for the president. when i was at the rnc in 2010, our magic number internally was 46. joe biden, your poll had him at 39 with 75% of the country saying we're moving in the wrong direction. it those numbers hold, it's going to be a big night for
10:45 am
republicans and they don't need to be a big night to be a good night. >> let's talk about one of the elephants in the room and that's the appeasement of of the white supremacy stuff. it does appear there are a lot of republicans who don't want to denounce it because they are afraid of turning off the base. this is a huge virus. >> my first job in politics was jesse healths. then for eric cantor. so i have seen race in the gop in every kind of fwied. and these are things i thought were dead and buried. if we think of just one person, and republicans respond to their sloerts good or bad. and this is a growing voice and movement within the party. it's not going away any time soon. and leadership can and should
10:46 am
condemn it, but that's not necessarily going to stop anything that's what's troubling. there aren't clear answers here. >> i think the president wants to make this part of the national message. do all candidates? >> i tell you this. if a democrat doesn't want to make bringing all americans together a stop in the violence part of the national conversation, shame on them. because it shouk. i agree with liz cheney on this. there's too much enabling of this language and rhetoric. and the end result -- >> it's explaining it away. it's like, go to ellis island. they will show you the posters that look like they could be today on fox news. >> but also long-term, we keep talking about this, but long-term, this is not where moderate voters are. republicans narrow their tent when they don't denounce this
10:47 am
sort of behavior when clearly moderate measuring is not where they are. >> they are trying to be where voters are and he's getting crushed. >> had hasn't had a message this entire campaign. he lost. ted budd has had a message. >> i put it on budd running a good campaign and $11 million from growth. it's not trump. when trump endorses somebody, they get a small bounce. he never bounces anybody to 50 plus. ted budd is going to do well. and he has flaunderred. >> the other thing to say it's almost for growth versus trump in some of these races. which i think is interesting. >> fair point. i think i'm going to see a lot of you tonight. thank you. be sure to tune in to our "mtp daily" election night special where all of the power of nbc news will be covering this election and tracking race results. we begin at 8:00 eastern wherever you can get nbc news
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10:52 am
ukraine's military they have, quote, fulfilled their combat mission. they'll be part of a prisoner exchange with russia according to ukraine's deputy prime minster. in a video message, president zelenskyy says ukraine needs ukrainian heroes lei. fighters in the steel plant have been under heavy bombardment for weeks. the steel plant was the last remaining hold. russia is effectively in the control. sweden and finland -- meanwhile, president biden will host the leader of finland and sweend at the white house late they are week. this is perhaps the heaviest price putin paid so far. richard engle is going to join us from kharkiv, ukraine, and richard, how about the fact that putin is suddenly saying, if
10:53 am
that's what finland and sweden want to do, go ahead. there will be repercussions later. that sounds like somebody who doesn't really know how to follow through on a threat. >> reporter: well, i think he's embarrassed by what is happening, and he can't show weakness. if you remember, vladimir putin's main argument for launching this war, aside from saying that they were a bunch of nazis, was that he didn't want ukraine to join nato so that nato wouldn't come closer to russia's borders, and this is the media -- the message that state media and russia have been hammering home day after day to the russian public. and now result a this action to push nato away from russia -- if you remember, the initial arguing point that russia said was that they were going to drive nato back to its position in the 1980s. they were going to shrink nato to a degree that it would no longer have yea or no european
10:54 am
states. instead, nato is including finland -- both sweden and finland are likely to be accepted, and finland has an 800-mile border with russia. it's getting a long, long contact border with russia. so it's embarrassing. it's against the narrative, and he seems to be downplaying it for now. >> that gets us to another point, which is he controls the information flow in russia. he still can declare victory any time he wants, which is why we shouldn't take his threats that seriously, right? >> reporter: well, he can declare victory, but russians will recognize that if nato suddenly grows from 30 to 32 nations and finland is part of it with an 800-mile border, he can tell the people as much as they want, but history has shown
10:55 am
that information does flow across iron curtains and bamboo curtains, no matter how hard you try. people will eventually realize this backfired against him. going back to the point you were raise about the fighters in mariupol. their fate is unclear at this moment. this is going to become a real sticking point between ukraine and russia, and i think in the information war it is something that we're already seeing russia trying to use. russia has been widely accused of carrying out atrocities, war crimes in suburbs around kyiv. and we only know about those because russian troops have been driven back. russians driven back from the area i'm in now, kharkiv, so there's evidence you could find more evidence of war crimes in the villages the russians were just forced to abandon. but to counter the claims that
10:56 am
russia was carrying out atrocities, russia is now saying that these men, who are now in russian custody, are war criminals and nazis, and russian officials say that they want to declare those fighters member of a terrorist group and that they will all be interrogated to see about their involvement in crimes against civilians, presumably ukrainian civilians in mariupol, which they were trying to defend against russia. >> i guess we shouldn't be surprised that propaganda attempt, considering what happened last week in the first war trial, war crime trial being held by the ukrainian government against a russian soldier. richard engel on the ground in kharkiv. thank you, sir. please continue to be safe. thank you all for being with us this hour. don't forget, our election night special, myself, kristen welker, stream on abc news now, wherever you can get it.
10:57 am
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