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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  May 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it is election night in five states in america. msnbc coverage will continue all night with steve kornacki at the big board, and i will be helping out at midnight eastern, 9:00 p.m. eastern, anchoring along with steve and our experts to take in all of these election results so keep it locked here on "election night in america" and keep it locked right now as "the reidout" is up next. ♪♪ >> good evening, everyone. we are following a number of important stories tonight, including president biden's emotional visit to buffalo today where he met with the families of the victims killed in saturday's racist mass shooting. a little later i'll speak with the son of one of those victims. plus, polls close later this hour in north carolina, an at the top of the hour in pennsylvania. we'll have updates on some of the major races. we'll begin "the reidout" tonight with breaking news on the investigations into the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. the "new york times" is reporting tonight that the justice department has asked the january 6th committee for
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transcripts of the interviews it has conducted in its investigation. the request came on april 20th with the doj indicating that some committee interviews may contain information relevant to a criminal investigation we are conducting. nbc news has now confirmed that reporting. the doj did not indicate the number of transcripts they wanted or if there were any specific interviews they were interested in. so far the committee has interviewed more than 1,000 people, including many close to the twice-impeached former president. while attorney general merrick garland has received criticism about the justice department's response to the insurrection, this is the latest sign of the department appearing to escalate the scope of its inquiry. and as the "new york times" also points out several months ago the department quietly detailed a former federal prosecutor from maryland to the department headquarters. he's overseeing the politically fraught question of whether a case can be made related to other efforts to overturn the election aside from the storming of the capitol.
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that task could move the investigation closer to donald trump and his inner circle. january 6th committee chairman bennie thompson told reporters tonight that his committee is willing to work with the department of justice but no agreement has been made yet on what will be provided. joining me now former federal prosecutor glen kirschner and barbara mcquaid, a former u.s. attorney. i'll ask each of you, ladies first, barbara. what do you think that it indicates? we know that it has been -- this is the largest investigation in doj history so we know they are investigating the january 6th insurrection. what does it mean that they want transcripts of interviews that the january 6th committee has conducted? >> joy, i think this signals that the investigation is not solely related to the physical attack on the capitol on january 6th, that we've known for a long time. it's much more expansive investigation into all of the things that the committee has been looking at. it seems to me that it's likely that the justice department has been building to this stage all along. you know, they have got that
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seditious conspiracy case against the oath keepers. three of them have pled guilty and are cooperating so they have been building up to this point and they are ready to go overt and sort of admit to the world, that yes, we're looking at all of this, at everybody including trump and his inner circle so to me that's what this signals. >> this feels very significant to me because, you know, we know that the physical attack on the capitol, that's been the prosecution, the low-level guys, people dressed up, you know in, crazy costumes, people committing violence against police officers and inside the capitol. that's one chunk of this, but the committee, you know, and we know now thanks to a lot of good reporting driven in a lot of ways by liz cheney has been zeroing in on trump, his inner circle, his family, members of congress, people involved in the overall strategy behind the physical attack, so when you see the justice department asking for these transcripts, what does that say to you? >> you know, it's interesting because i think we've all experienced some frustration because it doesn't look like the
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department of justice has been investigating this the way it would ordinarily investigate, you know, even large-scale conspiracy cases because they don't appear to have been sort of carpet bombing folks with grand jury subpoenas the way we ordinarily works by think if we saw the wood in front of us and we try to discuss where we are now, think about this. if the department of justice had gone after everybody with grand jury subpoenas, they probably would have been battling witness after witness after witness, these thousand-plus witnesses, they would have been battling congress, who gets which witness first and who has the greater priority. now what the department of justice can do is take 1,000-plus transcripts and they can use that to build their criminal investigation so i -- i actually think whether this was by design, happen social distance -- happenstance, this may turn out to be a pretty savvy way about investigating the case and let's not forget
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that the chief investigative counsel for the january 6th committee is frankly a very accomplished ryoko prosecutor in his open own right when he served as u.s. attorney for the district of columbia and i expect this is a really savvy investigation put together by the january 6th committee. >> let me ask first of you, starting with you, barbara. my inner logic sense tells mow that if the doj is looking at something like a larger conspiracy investigation, not just the physical attack but a conspiracy to either obstruct congress which i know that's one crime it could be or a larger, as glen is indicating, a big rico case, saying there was a big conspiracy to steal the election, attack the government, whatever that conspiracy might be, does the fact that they want transcripts indicate to you that someone that they have prosecuted and who is now cooperating, and we know there have been a lot of high-level
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cooperators, among organizations, you know, not the 3%ers, the proud boys, other big organizations, could some of them maybe have indicated that they did have connections and contact with many so of the same people that the january 6th committee is interviewing, oath keepers? >> i think that's quite possible, joy. three of the oath keepers have entered guilty pleas and have agreed to cooperate so we don't know for a while what it is that they have said but we know one of them, joshua james, was seen with roger stone on january 6th at the willard hotel so it's quite possible that those defendants have provided links to others. i also think that there have been some really tremendous testimony that has already been given that has been publicly report. we know that two aides to mike pence, mark short and greg jacob have revealed some really astonishing testimony about
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donald trump's efforts to push mike pence to throw the election to him. we know about the testimony of those who are still at the high levels of the justice department after william barr left like jeffrey rosen and richard donahue who taught about how jeffrey clark had a plan to throw the election into the states, and so getting their hands on those transcripts can be very valuable in trying to put this all together and then, as you say, if they have got additional testimony not known to the committee like the testimony of these oath keepers they may be able to put together charges in very short order. >> they are asking for transcripts of interviews that were conducted and will be conducted, so it's intriguing that they have eyes on the investigation. one transcript they will never get is donald trump. the january 6th committee said they won't even try to call donald trump. it seems very hard to believe that someone like donald trump who if you talk to people like tim o'brien and other people who have been biographers of him, when it comes to anything about
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himself, he doesn't care about anyone else but he definitely cares about himself and if the idea was that he wanted to remain in power by any means necessary, it's hard for me to believe that he wouldn't have known what was going on. i believe pence didn't know because poor pence was meant to be a victim in the whole thing if he didn't comply but it's hard for me to believe that trump didn't know. in your mind is it possible for the doj to conduct an investigation and isolate the former president out of it? >> oh, absolutely. there's so much evidence that's been reported that donald trump did know and that he had a rupt intent. as but one example, had he was talking to some of his doj officials and he was told there was no election fraud. he said something along the lines it doesn't matter, just say there was and leave the rest to me and my allies in congress. that screams corrupt intent. that's important information. let me build on one thing barb said. she said there's been a lot of really important testimony that we have learned about, developed by the january 6th committee. well, guess what. if the department of justice had gone first and had presented
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these thousand witnesses to the grand jury, we would get to know about none of that information because of grand jury secrecy rules. now we're going to get -- on june 9th we're going to get a really compelling view of that these 1,000 witnesses said in their sworn testimony, what they brought to the table, and it's kind of a win-win because the american people are going to get to see evidence that and the grand jury is ultimately going to benefit from that evidence, so this is not the worst way doj could have gone about investigating this. >> yeah, you know, and that's a great point that glen makes. barb, you know, it's going to be interesting because if what we're getting is a narrative of an attempted coup, and that's what we're going to get in june, but if this is also a crime, if there's an ongoing criminal investigate, rico investigation that starts to touch some of the people presented in these presentations that the january 6th committee does, this is up
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precedented clearly. what does that do to our ongoing political situation? what if it turns out that mark meadows was involved in a rookieo crime? what if it turns out that some of these people being looked at by doj, you've also got people running for office right now that were part of the insurrection or that were involved in the stop the steal rally, et cetera. this just feels incredibly unprecedented. >> yes, and not only that, but i think doj policy could get implicated to the extent that we are looking at people who are on the ballot this fall, so all of those members of congress, for example, those who have been subpoenaed, jim jordan and kevin mccarthy and mo brooks and others who are actually fact witnesses and had some role in talking to donald trump that day and appearing at the rally, they have some criminal exposure here. they are at least subjects of this investigation. doj has a policy of not interfering with elections, and so it -- it could be if they aren't able to charge before september 1st or thereabouts, and it seems unlikely they would
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be able to put it together that quickly, they would likely wait until after the november elections before they would charge anybody who is on the ballot, so it definitely does play a role in what the justice department is deciding to do. >> it's so unprecedented, glen, but i have to ask and leave this final question to you. you know, a lot of these people who have been subpoenaed by the january 6th committee have told the committee to "f" off and laugh off the committee like they don't have to comply with them. it's going to be different to do that to the justice department. if you get subpoenaed by the doj can you pull what bannon and others or are their lawyers going to tell them, bro, you'll have to comply? >> you won't laugh off a federal grand jury subpoena because if you do the u.s. marshals will be at your door at 6:00 the next morning to take you into custody. a lot of these witnesses will go in and bleed the fifth if they have criminal exposure. they thought they could kind of
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half step that before the j 6 committee. let me finish with something barb said because we have a tradition that we try not to do anything in the immediate run-up to an election that could interfere with the election but let's not give insurrectionists an election holiday. insurrectionists who are running for re-election, let's rethink that tradition because i don't know that it ought to apply under these circumstances. >> yeah, and it sure didn't apply when jim comey decided to interfere with the 2016 election 11 days out and then reinterfere with it three days out so it ain't always applied rigorously. let's just say it tall depends on the situation. thank you both. we really y'all scrambling to get here for this breaking news. appreciate it. up next on "the reidout," president biden makes an impassioned plea for all americans to reject the virulent racism that led to the buffalo mass murder. the son of one of those precious victims joins me next. plus, the right wing police and fox news hosts who have been pushing the racist great
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replacement theory now they are deflect and pretending that somehow they, they are the real victims. and polls are beginning to close in many so of the five states holding primaries today. hope everybody voted. steve kornacki will join us at the big board. "the reidout" continues after this. big board. "the reidout" continues after this like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash
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families. for all of them the pain is raw and the reality incomprehensible. president biden reminded everyone that it was a deadly 2017 neo-nazi rally in charlottesville, virginia that spurred his run for president against donald trump, you know, the one where the angry marchers janeted jews will not replace us, replacement theory in real life, calling it a battle for the soul of the nation. he referenced charlottesville again today. >> when i saw those people coming out of the woods of the fields in virginia in charlottesville carrying torches shouting you will not replace us accompanied by white supremacists and carrying nazi banners, that's when i said no. >> and he called saturday's attack venom. >> white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison. it really is.
4:19 pm
[ applause ] running through our body politic. it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. i mean, no more. we have to refuse to live in a country where black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gunned down by weapons of war deployed in a racist cause. we have to refuse to live in a country where fear and lives are packaged for power and for profit. we must all enlist in this great cause of america. >> that wasn't the only goal of biden's speech. the consoler in chief also spoke about the victims of the shooting help. talked about former buffalo police lieutenant aaron salter who worked as a security guard at the tops supermarket and died trying to stop the shooter. he's talked about andre mackneil who had gone to tops to pick up
4:20 pm
a surprise birth dey cake for his 3-year-old son and spoke about ruth whitfield who stopped by the store to pick up a few items and never made it home. join me now is the son of ruthed when i field and ben crump, friend of the whitfield family. thank you both for being here. mr. whitfield, deepest condolences to you, and i just want to let you talk. i want to let you talk about your beloved, beloved loved one who died in that horrible mass shooting. >> first of all, thank you for having us here tonight. >> thank you. >> my mother was a beautiful person. my mother, what i remember most about my mother, what i loved most about her was the way in which she loved. she loved us unconditionbly. my mother was our caretaker. she was an angel. my mother on that saturday
4:21 pm
morning had just left the nursing home where my father is interned. my father has been there for the last eight years now. every single day my mom went up to that nursing home to care for her husband, the love of her life, unselfishly. she went up there. she shaved him. she cut his hair, she washed and ironed his clothing. she did his nails, anything he needed to maintain his quality of life she provided for him faithfully every day. on this day she did the same thing. she left the nursing home and wan to the stop and pick up a few groceries on the way home and encountered this individual. she didn't deserve it. >> no, she didn't. i just have the wonderful notes here about your mom. miss ruth was 86. she was always immaculately dressed per your family. she was sharp. >> yes. >> always looked great and she, as you said, took great care of her wonderful family, and it's
4:22 pm
interesting that you are considering taking some action in response to the death of your mom. you can describe that or you can have ben describe that. >> joy, you know, i am so grateful to the whitfield family, darnel, his brother and sisters for saying they are going to use this pain and they are going to use this angler to try to achieve positive change, to give a proper legacy to ruth whitfield. she was a person of love, and she's not going to let this act of hate define her legacy. that's what she instilled in her children, and so we are looking at bringing a lawsuit against the gun manufacturers and holding all of those accountable, joy, who had anything to do with this massacre of black people. you see, joy, we want to hold
4:23 pm
this individual accountable for his hateful act, but we also want to hold those people accountable for get at the root of the hate, all of these websites and these cable news personalities who talk about these race replacement theories and so forth. they may not have pulled the trigger, but they certainly loaded the gun to have this 18-year-old white supremacist go and in his words try to kill as many black people as he could. >> yeah, you know, mr. whitfield, i wonder, you know, and i apologize for making you talk about this in your grief, with fresh grief at that, but do you -- who do you hold responsible for this? i mean, i read through this crazy manifesto by this shooter that references that he was, know -- he was online bored sitting home reading white
4:24 pm
supremacist stuff and that's where he picked it up on 4chan and other places and we also know rupert murdoch has an empire, part of which is using replacement theory, the great replacement theory to profit on fox news, on tucker's show, in some of their newspapers like "new york post." the murdoch empire is actually profiting from selling this stuff. do you hold them responsible in any way? >> absolutely. you know, as -- as mr. crump said, you know, this young man may have pulled the trigger, but he was birthed by this system. whatever, you know, whatever he did to come up with these theories and whatever drove him to take this action ought to be called into question and held accountable. i'm not sure about what those things were, that's why we're working with mr. crump, but we certainly understand that the crime is much bigger than this young man. he did not act alone.
4:25 pm
he did not act alone, and that's what they want us to think. >> yeah. >> and we're investigating every aspect. >> yeah. that's the big question, ben, because, you know, you have everyone from elise stef nick who was literally putting out ads on facebook where somebody who is online would be more likely to see it, you know, touting the same replacement theory, and she's now claiming that's not what she was saying and literally said it yesterday that democrats are plotting to replace, you know, real americans with immigrants. i mean, this has been a relentless campaign. tucker is just one person, but he's the most prominent one and the most prominent person on fox. are these people -- the first amendment is real. is there any way to hold people like that accountable and also, you know, the parent bought this ar-15 for this 18-year-old. who is responsible? >> yeah. and joy, like i said, there are many accomplices to this
4:26 pm
massacre and we're investigating to see how we can hold any an all of them responsible, not just for the sake of trying to call them out but to try to prevent this from happening again if we don't do something to stop this radicalized -- radicalization of these young insecure people to go out and commit senseless acts of violence, how many more buffalo, new yorks? how many more parklands, how many more charleston church shootings, the jewish synagogues in new york, how much more innocent blood is going to be shed because they are indoctrinating these young white supremists with all this racist garbage? >> one might call it grooming. darnell whitfield, our deepest, deepest condolences to you in the loss of your beautiful mom. >> thank you. >> and thank you for taking time share more about her.
4:27 pm
she seemed absolutely lovely and ben, my friend, ben crump, thank you as always. cheers. up next, polls are closing in north carolina, and we'll close in about 30 minutes in pennsylvania. steve karnaky standing by at the big board with the latest. we'll be right back. y at the big board with the latest. we'll be right back. throug you're covered by our happiness check out today. angi... and done. ♪ with my hectic life, you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. hey mom, can i go play video games? sure! ...after homework. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions, and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. what's the wi-fi password again? here... you... go. cool, thanks. no problem. voya helps me feel like i got it all under control. because i do. oh, she is good. voya. well planned.
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managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. north carolina, and we are a half hour away from the polls closing in pennsylvania's pivotal primary elections.
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my colleague steve kornacki of nbc news national political correspondent has the latest from the big board. steve, take it away. >> well, joy, here we go. north carolina, we expect to start getting some numbers. hopefully in the near future here. the marquee race in north carolina is the race for the united states senate where you're looking at is the republican primary here. this is a open seat currently held by a republican richard burr. he's not running for re-election. republicans trying to hold this seat. the dynamic to keep in mind here in this north carolina race, this is one of those races where donald trump has made an endorsement. congressman ted budd. donald trump has endorsed him. he has led in the most recent polls. he's also got the backing of the club for growth. that's a conservative group that's been spending a fortune in race all across the country. it's been an interesting dynamic in some places like we saw in ohio recently, the club for growth has been at odds with donald trump. not the case in north carolina. what that means is there's been a ton of money, trump owes
4:33 pm
endorsement behind budd. pat mccrory, the former governor, is in this race. had a ton of money spent against him. third candidate here, tried to get the trump endorsement mark walker failed. he's been a distant third in the polls. as the numbers come in here in this raceance the key to keep an eye on besides who is leading is 30%. there is a 30% runoff threshold in north carolina. you've got to win, you've got to get above 30%. in this senate race it certainly seems likely the winner will get more than 30, but where that really comes into play in north carolina, a congressional race that's gotten quite a bit of national attention. madison cawthorn, freshman republican. he's drawn a whole host of challengers. western north carolina, one of the more scenic districts in the country and one of the most eventful primaries. cawthorn has gotten into a lot of trouble recently, a bunch
4:34 pm
will challengers. this is where that 30% number, if i did write that down again. this is where that 30% number really comes into play because if cawthorn can finish with the most votes tonight and even if he just gets 31%, he gets renominated and in a district like this he would be in very good shape to get re-elected but if he falls short of 30 and gets forced into a runoff he might have some money issues given what he's had to spend here late in this campaign and, again, given the momentum that's existed from his opponents to try to take him out, a runoff, they would dearly love to get madison cawthorn into a runoff so we'll be keeping an eye on western north carolina in that republican primary, and as you say less than half an hour from now, the keystone state in pennsylvania, we've got a couple of marquee races there. this is the biggest one though, the senate race on the republican side. again, you've got that dynamic. donald trump endorsing dr. mehmet oz.
4:35 pm
oz's unfavorable ratings with republicans in poll after poll, a lot of high negatives with republican primary voters so it's an interesting test. he might be a hard sell with the republican base. trump has tried to make that sale with the republican base. we'll see if trump is able to. also the other two candidates to keep in mind in the senate race, david mccormick, a hedge fund and resulty hedge fund guy who grew up in western pennsylvania and moved to connecticut and moved back. they put the home county of the home candidates on the ballot. they don't do that everywhere. he's the only one who will list western pennsylvania, al gainy county as his base. one of the things we're looking at, is there an east-west divide? 30% of the vote will come from western pennsylvania and then, of course, there's kathy barnette who has surged in the final week of this campaign. show herself didn't bring a lot of money to this gain and got an endorsement from the club for growth late in the campaign, one of the places where the club for
4:36 pm
growth is at odds with recall forepresident donald trump so we'll see here how this all shakes up. republicans, republican establishment types, donald trump himself who have been sounding an alarm in the past week saying they don't think barnette could win the general election in pennsylvania, and the stakes here in pennsylvania in terms of the general election, it's currently this seat, the senate seat, pat team, a republican, he's retiring, not running again so it's an open seat, but it is held by a republican right now. this is the democrat, probably their best pickup opportunity in the country. when you look at that 50-50 senate where kamala harris is breaking the ties right now, peninsula is at the absolute top of the absolute must-win list for democrats is, and that's the other thing that will be resolved here tonight in pennsylvania, but we'll be looking here to see the senate race on the democratic side, the lieutenant governor john fetterman, suffered that stroke the other day, conor lamb, congressman from western pennsylvania and malcolm
4:37 pm
kenyatta. fetterman has led in all the polls. do want to see, the news of his medical condition, does it have any effect, in pennsylvania on the democratic side a lot of votes were cast by mail early, and i am being told, let me just go check back here. we may have our first results in from north carolina. we have a scattering of results in here from north carolina, so you can just see it's a very small amount. pat mccrory, 10,000 votes, pat mccrory out to the early lead here. one thing i point out, mecklenberg county where shat slot accounts for this. pat mccrory, the former mayor of charlotte, his political base. the other thing to keep in mind in north carolina the sequence of the vote reporting it's the early vote, it's the absentee vote that's generally going to be counted first and then the same-day vote, and the thing we've seen in republican primary after republican primary so far this year is the same-day vote has been the vote that's been more closely aligned with trump.
4:38 pm
the trump-aligned, trump-endorsed candidates have done better in the same-day vote than the early vote. we're getting some of the early vote reported out here throughout north carolina. again, that's mccareer's base right there where you see his gold pop up right there. that probably exexplains why statewide he has the number that he has. it's very early, a scattering and i'll check to see -- that's also it looks like a little bit potentially coming from that 14th district. i think they want me to wrap but i just wanted to show you. that's the beginning in the cawthorn race. >> real quick before i let you g.can you go to the democratic senate race, too, to see -- where is beasley standing in the early bit? >> she's the overwhelming favorite to win. i say overwhelming favorite. this is about what we would expect. beasley v. whoever, whoever wins that republican nomination. >> very interesting. steve, don't make too many plans for tomorrow night, my friend.
4:39 pm
thank you very much. really appreciate you. excellent. steve, cheers. >> of course, steve will be tracking developments at the big board throughout the night on msnbc. he's got the khakis and is ready to party. we'll be back in a sec. l be bacc ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi. we're zerowater. and we believe everyone deserves the purest tasting water. that's why we strive for zero. you see, to some it means nothing. but to us, it means everything. here, take a look. this meter showing triple zeros means our five-stage filter did its job, and that virtually all dissolved solids or tds have been removed.
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4:43 pm
all right. joining me now to break down tonight's big races is bill burn, national opinion columnist for nine kwirer and a former aide from the clinton and
4:44 pm
biden/harris campaign. talk to me about the pennsylvania senate and governors races. give me some prognostication. what's going to happen? >> well, i think -- >> just tell me the results. >> i think -- i wish. yeah. steve is right. the race to watch is definitely the republican senate primary and particularly surging kathy barnette. can she catch up to mehmet oz, and is an endorsement by trump and it's a 50/50 tossup. it seems like in the final days of the race undecided voters are breaking for kathy barnette and if i had my last 20 bucks i would bet on the candidate getting the undecides.
4:45 pm
oz and mccormick spent much of their wealth destroying each other and she came in as this unknown but kind of relatable i am you, that's her motto campaign, and it's really caught on, so that's the trees watch. i think -- i think there's not going to be much suspense in the other races. i think on the democratic side in the senate race i think fetterman is pretty much is a being lo. he's got a huge lead. i think the stroke and the good news he's going to recover and had a procedure is kind of locked in. on the republican side though, doug mastriano who is a christian nationalist, a qanon and big lie supporter, sent lots of buses down to january 6th and burned the capitol grounds, he poses a real threat to the whole concept of democracy here in pennsylvania. it's going to be a big national story when he gets the
4:46 pm
nomination because this is a state where, you know, we wrote the declaration of independence and the constitution and whether our votes are going to count in 2024 is going to be all on the line with this gubernatorial election. >> thank you. let me bring you in on that, adrian, because how would democrats message a campaign -- let's say it's barnette is the senate nominee and mastriano is the gubernatorial nominee. who would then appoint the secretary of state? you would have a black senate candidate who would allow far right republican. also she defied trump. she wasn't trump's candidate and mast yapo who is promising to deliver pennsylvania for trump or whoever no matter how the
4:47 pm
vote. >> this is a dream scenario for democrats. a fetterman/barnette matchup is what democrats want and what we need in order to flip the seat. >> can i stop for just a second? >> is it though. >> if fetterman has to deal with that story that he pulled a gun on a black man and she's black and has actually made comments about systemic racism being real and actually really angered a lot of the republican base by saying that, is that as simple because i also think that dr. oz is not necessarily a walk for democrats. he's famous. people just like voting for famous people. >> yeah, look, i don't think it's a walk for democrats but we have to look at the numbers in pennsylvania. hillary clinton as you know very well, joy, narrowly lost pennsylvania in 2016 and president biden narrowly won pennsylvania in 2020 so it's a marginal district but the voters of pennsylvania are working class moderate voters and i don't think they are going to be turned on in the general by someone who hats extremist views as kathy barnette.
4:48 pm
look, i do think that john federman, should he be the nominee, will have to answer some of these tough questions. that's what political campaigns are all about. he'll have to answer some of these questions, but, you know, ultimately, joy, when you look at the big picture, you look at georgia where it looks lysz herschel walker will be the nominee for republicans and what's happening in pennsylvania, republicans cannot get out of their way. this is traditionally a cycle that the party not in party in mother does better. i think the house, you know, republicans have a much better shot at the house but when you look at some of these senate seats, democrats are looking pretty good from new hampshire to arizona to, you know, even to an extent wisconsin and, of course, in pennsylvania. the trump maga folks just can't get out of their own way and when you have some of these primaries where you have a trump-endorsed maga candidate and someone even going more to the right of the trump-endorsed maga candidate that's where you've got real problems for republicans. >> let me ask you if you agree with that, will. would it be that simple that a
4:49 pm
barnette mastriano and those two on the ballot would make it that much easier for democrats or no? >> joy, you and i both remember 2016 as well. we remember how how the hillary clinton campaign salivated against donald trump, that they would use his sexual history and other past scandals and how they would destroy him and instead all of these rural voters came out of woodwork and donald trump won pennsylvania by 44,000 votes. >> yeah. >> and, you know, there are voters out there who want to stick it to the system. they are mad about gas prices. they are mad about inflation, and you can tell them, you know, look, this guy mastriano might not count your involvement we don't care about that. we want charges you know. so i think, you know, the presumptive attorney general and the presumptive democratic
4:50 pm
nominee who might be running against mastriano, he's -- >> yeah. >> i think i need to be careful what you wish for. >> i want to know somewhat beasley is going to be the democratic north carolina it is going to be a historic era for african american candidates, no matter what happens. adrian, thank you so much. up next, the right-wing's unbelievable reaction to the mass shooting in buffalo. we will be right back. to the mass shooting in we will be right back. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ bo you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card.
4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
echo chamber at fox news, would very much like you to forget about how some more spouting the same replacement theory excrement, recited by the buffalo shooter in his manifesto. in buffalo today, president biden called it when it was, terrorism, driven by hate. mitch mcconnell was asked if he has any personal responsibility to speak out against the
4:53 pm
ideology, repeated by some members of his caucus. >> certainly, this horrible episode in buffalo was the result of a completely deranged young man, who ought to suffer the severest possible penalty under law. >> apparently, mitch would still rather benefit, politically from, the dangerous rhetoric, and condemn it. something he would dodge two more chances to do. in the house, to, there seems to be two republicans who cared about democracy continue to exist in america. liz cheney, and adam kinzinger, called out republican leadership like at least a fonda of new york. the third ranking house republican, replacing cheney. she is unhappy that people remembered her campaign committee ran facebook bands, parroting replacement theory last fall, warning of a permanent election insurrection. she tweeted the statement saying it was tragic, and a attacking the media for saying,,
4:54 pm
it is an advocate for a racist position. right after that, she wrote, democrats desperately want wide open borders, and mass access for illegal slowing them to vote. that is replacement theory. the dress down version, taking out the trigger words, but is it doubled on using great replacements to appear for politics. then, fox news, to mention the theory that they had been promoting, especially on prime time. instead, the network's most watched offender, tucker carlson, named who he thinks are the real victims of buffalo massacre. his perpetual victim viewers. >>? , what is hate speech? hate speech is speech that politicians hate. you are not allowed to express your political views out loud. that is what they're telling you. >> with me, charles, columnist for the new york times, an msnbc political analyst. host of the show on sirius xm. can we spare a moment for the real victims?
4:55 pm
apparently, there have been viewers, and j.d. vance, and who also declared himself to be the real victim. your thoughts? >> it's interesting. i do not believe that republicans, will ever, walk away from the idea on the replacement. this idea of replacement, or replacement theory, a slightly separate. these are people who may walk away from calling it a conspiracy theory that jewish people are crying, and they are chasing policy. but, the idea for self, is afraid of being replaced, and it is real, and it is ancient in this country. it is the terror campaigns, and it is the rise of jim crow. there is a reemergence during the civil rights movement. the sky, james, writes in his magnum opus called suicide of the western 1963, in which he
4:56 pm
says, liberalism is an ideology of western suicide, because, they would not go along with his idea of white nationalism. we keep seeing people on television, right now, who have lived on the fringes of the dark web. this lived in intellectual chambers, and in ivory towers, burnham was not on the fringes, he went into princeton. he helped file the national review. he was the chair of the philosophy department, and why you, for a very long time. so, the candidate comes right behind him, in 2012, and they say would be death of the superpower, which he calls white liberals, who are cheering the transformation of the country, ethel masochists. and, for having a diseased heart. this is not the fringe, this is not new. this is old, this is entrenched in conservatism. it animates their voters. they will never walk away from the, the entire set of the
4:57 pm
republican voters who believe that white people are the fathers, and mothers, of the modern world, and if you were to take america away from them, you would take away something they created, on their own. that is what they believed. >> this is the challenge. it is the soft peddled version of that, which is still the same thing. mitch mcconnell does not answer it. but, he knows that they show face, whether the wild, and really ones, or just the regular once. he knows that anxiety is why people had such a bizarre reaction to president obama. it is in 2006, saying that they need to have more in the united states, and they were immigrants were having more babies. your thoughts? >> it's given people anxiety off the bat. there's two black people on it, so they're probably freaking out right now saying, it's here, they've replaced us. the reality is, tucker carlson
4:58 pm
took the greater replacement theory, and mainstreamed it. you put it on national tv, nightly. and they can talk about it, and with matt gates, sheila greene, and paul goes r. members of the right have embraced it. let's take a step back. there is a radio host, like me, and like other americans in the media, who say that muslims will be replaced by white people. they want to destroy our culture, our civilization. then, muslims create terrorist attacks against white people, setting that philosophy. what do you think would happen to that muslim american? will they stay on the air? it would stay in prison. trucker parson -- tucker carlson can radicalize people, in the right one talk about it. donald trump say, it's radical islamic terrorism, if you don't name, it you can't solve it. but they will not say white supremacist terrorist. i dare republicans, say it. white supremacist terrorism. you won't say it, because it's
4:59 pm
your base, and we know it. >> this is the case, despite the fact, charles, that 78% of the murders, that were committed, connected to political extremism, from 2012, to 2021. white supremacy was responsible for 55% of them. 14% anti government, 6% of the right-wing. islamists ain't even close. >> not at all. this is staring all of us, directly, in the face. as they were pointing out, no one wants to say what it is. i think that liberals, or democrats, even say it enough. >> liz cheney says it more! >> yes. young white men, this group of them, a small group of them, can be domestic terrorists.
5:00 pm
and they are young. they look at all of the ages. we always think about them as old people, but these are young, white, domestic terrorists. >> who are being radicalized, online, and yes, on cable news. charles, do you know, we need to have you guys talk about this more later. all in with chris a, starting right now. abou this more later. al good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, and tonight, we have a supersize does addition of all in. a crucial night of primary races. it is 8 pm, on the east coast, and we have results already in the state of kentucky. republican senator, rand paul, has won his primary. he is seeking a third term in the senate. in november, he will square off against democrat, charles booker, who is now the projected winner and his primary race, in that state, tonight. polls are closed in


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