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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  May 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and they are young. they look at all of the ages. we always think about them as old people, but these are young, white, domestic terrorists. >> who are being radicalized, online, and yes, on cable news. charles, do you know, we need to have you guys talk about this more later. all in with chris a, starting right now. abou this more later. al good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, and tonight, we have a supersize does addition of all in. a crucial night of primary races. it is 8 pm, on the east coast, and we have results already in the state of kentucky. republican senator, rand paul, has won his primary. he is seeking a third term in the senate. in november, he will square off against democrat, charles booker, who is now the projected winner and his primary race, in that state, tonight. polls are closed in north
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carolina, where all eyes are on the primary race for freshman congressman, madison cawthorn. cawthorn has come under attack from his own party, in the wake of multiple scandals. polls have just closed across the state of pennsylvania. we are watching some key races there where, frankly, the future of american democracy is on the ballot. pennsylvania republicans will decide if they will run to insurrectionists for senator governor this fall. in the senate primary, far-right candidate, kathy barnett, has seen a late surge in the polls, putting them, essentially, neck and neck. celebrity doctor, mehmet oz, it is david mccormack. new images emerged in barnett, and seen in the gray hat, and coach, marching to the capital building. this is after the ellipse rally, coming to the building. and this photo, she is seen walking next to members of the far-right gang, the proud boys. these two men, later, arrested,
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and indicted, on federal charges for, allegedly, breaking into the building, and attacking officers. last, night barnett spoke to fox news about these photos, denying any connection to the proud boys. >> first of all, did you go into the capital? how do you talk about that day? >> it was with the proud boys, and i wanted to hear with what the president had to say. >> to clarify, you did not go into the capitol that day? >> i said, i saying, i prayed, i listened to my president, i walked, and then got on the bus, and came home. >> notice how she doesn't say, she didn't go to the capitol that day. i'm not sure what they should conclude. whoever wins tonight, weathers kathy barnett, or one of her rivals, will almost certainly face lieutenant governor, john fetterman, on the democratic side in november. it is in the open seat. it is going from emergency
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absentee ballots, in the hospital room. it was a stroke on friday. he underwent a procedure to implement a pacemaker, early this afternoon. he says his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. tonight's other key race in pennsylvania, the republican primary for governor, which has, yet another, avowed insurrectionist on the ballot. or is it die hard trump supporter, in the ex president to overturn the 2020 election, in pennsylvania. they told steve bannon, and introduce a legislation of it. it is bypassing their voters, and seat a phony slate of trump electors. >> the resolution will say, we will take our power back, seat the electors, and obviously, we will need the support of the leadership in the house, and the senate. we are getting there on that. we need to act like -- >> hold on, hold on, hold on, we have breaking news here.
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you said you are going to get a joint resolution to, actually, go forward? the republicans control the house and senate, to go forward and to, basically, take power back from the secretary of state, and put it in the state legislature? to put forward the electors? >> that is exactly what we will do. >> they didn't do that, in the, and we should note. mastriano spent $3,000 of his own campaign funds to organize bus trips to washington d.c. on the sixth. he was present on the capitol grounds that day. you can see him here, in the crowd, on the left, in the baseball hat. earlier this year, the january six committee subpoenaed mastriano, but it is not clear if he is cooperating. if he wins a primary tonight, and is elected governor of this crucial swing state in november, he would have brought authority over pennsylvania's elections. he has already said he would use that power in a way that, would likely, benefit donald trump. let's move, to go two for the secretary of state who would require all voters to register before casting their ballots, which could, dramatically,
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reshaped pennsylvania's electorate. it was not just in pennsylvania, and in the entire country. that it was joining me now, joining me now, from the latest. steve, what we have? >> we have a projection, and a winner, in north carolina. the republican primary for the u.s. senate there, ted bug, congressman, ted but, in a runaway over the former governor, pat mccrory, over former congressman, marc walker. this, when the polls were right. it suggested but had all of the momentum. donald trump endorsed but early in the race. the clump for growth, which is active and backing conservative candidates, and backing them with a ton of money, was also behind but. it is a washout. people would win this nomination, and with richard burr, they have held it for several terms, without retiring. they're trying to retain the seat, they're going to retain the seat, with ted bud.
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with ted buds opponent in the fall, they can tell you, this is not a surprise either. it is the state supreme court, and the democrats, all, but cleared the field for her. she will be ted buds opponent in the fall, in the senate race. the other news, and the more suspenseful development in north carolina at this hour, involving the 11th congressional district, taking you out to north carolina. it is the fourth term incumbent here, and they are being challenged by a local state senator, chuck edwards. there's a number of other candidates, but edwards came into this, with the most support, and we can see what's happening here, is edwards is pointing out an 11 inch advantage over cawthorn. there are few things to keep in mind, when you look at these numbers. number one here, is a 30% threshold in north carolina. you have to win 30%, and just finishing first doesn't automatically on finishing first year. you have to be over 30.
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you see this edwards lead, it is way counting north carolina, and it is a ton of early voting, or in person early voting. there are a lot of things for tons of democrats do it, and republicans don't. it was heavy voting in north carolina, and what they can see in republican primaries, coming in tonight, is that trump backed candidates, and more trump aligned candidates, have done much better, after they count the early vote, and they start counting up the same day vote. the vote, cast in person, at polling places, today. that is what we are waiting on, right here. donald trump had rededicated, at its last minute, in a social media platform, a support from madison cawthorn in this race. what cawthorn will need here, and is an awfully tall order, is in the same day vote, you will have to turn the tables on edwards. there are two key candidates, if we can zoom in here. one of them is cawthorn's home
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county of henderson. two key counties here, where edwards beats him by 2000 votes each, in the early vote. that accounts for the edwards margin right now. essentially, when the same day vote comes in, cawthorn has to reverse that. it is it is a huge shift that cawthorn will need, we haven't seen is same-day vote yet, which you have to wait and see. madison cawthorn is in serious, serious trouble. its primary, and north carolina 's 11th district. he mentioned to the polls closing at this hour, in pennsylvania. let's go, there and see if we have any vote in. we have a little vote in here. this is the democratic senate primary here. this is from allegheny county, and interestingly, fetterman, and carter lam, both, claiming allegheny as their home county. what you see here, again, is vote by mail. that is what allegheny said that they would release first. this was a vote that was cast
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well before today's primary. you can see in the counts, they have 75,000 votes counted up. again, fetterman, lynn, geographically, they share this space here, in the county, right around pittsburgh. you can see that fetterman is leading by 18 points. mail vote, vote by mail, being counted. let's take a look at what we see on the republican side. allegheny county, you see how much smaller the numbers are. allegheny county, a democratic county, it is using vote by mail, nearly as much as democrats to. this is the county. david mccormack, this is his home county. he grew up in western pennsylvania, he moved back there recently, and on the ballot, allegheny is listed as his home county. one thing we want to see, as the results come in tonight, is there any bit of an east west divide in these pennsylvania results? mccormack is the candidate with
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western pennsylvania home county listed on the ballot. will he get a benefit, basically, third of the vote, will come from western pennsylvania. that is one thing we want to keep an eye on. so, we have mail-in votes coming in here, from one county, and western pennsylvania. allegheny county, both, alison barnett, and the philadelphia suburbs, as their home base. it was the republican gubernatorial primary that, they mention as well. especially if you see something similar. it is going to catch a really interesting, and again, mail ballots, in allegheny county, this is melissa heart. the former congresswoman, who you see, is leading. she dropped out of the race a few days ago. remember, an effort here, melissa, heart and there was a few other candidates here. you can see, a couple candidates who dropped out at the last minute, trying to prevent mastriano from getting the nomination. so, she dropped out, she endorsed liu bartlett a, but of course, vote by mail, these are
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votes that were cast before she dropped out. those that were cast before this development campaign. you can see, take a picture, it will probably be the only time tonight you will see heart leading in any results to show you. they're getting mail-in ballots here, and in western pennsylvania. we expected mastriano is leading in the polls, and barr let our husbands second. it is going to get into the rest of the state, chris, as this night unfolds. it is in carolina, and something new coming into that house race. >> one important night as we go through here. all of those are equal. just to make it obvious to everyone, however people cast their votes, they're coming in a different ways. it's all the same thing. it's interesting, with behavior, is what i'm hearing from you, things that polarize, such as democrats using early voting more than republicans, and win
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republican voting, the trump era voters vote more on election day, and unless it continues it early. so, there is a spectrum, because of trump sustained attacks on early voting, absentee voting, where we see this behavior shift, such that you are trump aligned, the more likely or to vote on election day. >> we saw this in ohio, a couple weeks ago, and vance said donald trump's endorsement. what we got in ohio, initially, was the early vote. the early vote, vance was struggling a little, in the more candidate, now leading. what you got was the same day vote, and as a ten or 15-point jump in vance's direction. this dynamic is particularly worth keeping, an eye on here, in pennsylvania. in pennsylvania, they have mail-in voting, and they have same day voting. they don't have layering in between. i think one thing we will keep an eye on, as these results
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come in, is i will try to be constantly letting you know. is this mail that we are looking at? is it the same day vote still to come? it was mastery on oh that would do this, and would be the same day vote. it was it is going with it, and this is bucks county. this is philadelphia suburbs, and what we look at is a male vote being counted on here early. this is going to change dramatically. bucks county is a huge county, and if you look at 2500 votes, 1500 votes, the bulk of the votes and bucks county, and elsewhere, in this republican county, we'll be same day votes. >> steve, thank, you we will check in with you throughout the hour results coming in. msnbc news candidate, dasha burns, live at the election night party, four republican senate primary candidate in elizabeth town, pennsylvania. dasha has broken several major stories about barnett, including she was photographed
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of the january 6th election, marching near members of the proud boys. they join me now. talk to us a little about what the trajectory for the folks are having attention to this race. this is not some refuge endorsements, not someone who is in any way favorite in this race. it appears to head into the final stretch here. >> chris, absolutely right. we are at kathy burnett's election night party, right now. things are just starting here tonight. i'm gonna use a little bit of my inside voice here, i think the national anthem is about to start. this is the campaign being here until this point. the money, the resources, they were a fraction of the other two front runoffs. oz and mccormack. these were major rich campaigns, that had spent months, passing each other, on the air chris.
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sorry >> sorry, we will come back to you, i will let them do the national anthem there, i don't want to put you in that situation while everyone salutes of like there. we will come back to natasha burns, elizabeth town in, just a second. let's go to msnbc news correspondent, in live in montgomery pennsylvania. he was tracking the republican senate campaign it, and it was joining us days before now. has a name recognition, and a trump endorsement, all in a tight race? >> you know, kathy barnett, over the last bit, a surgeon candidate here who, not only, are we talking about islamophobic statements, or talk about homophobic statements. we are talking about literal statement saying, then's law. coming into the forefront of this primary race. but, interesting lee, those weren't the digs at other republican candidates. david mccormack, who is a former ceo of major hedge fund. and mehmet oz, who is the
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longtime celebrity television doctor, was taking shots at her over. it was actually all about the idea of creating a statue of the obama family, chris. at the emancipation memorial, in washington d.c., several years ago, kathy barnett had suggested, there is a slave, who is kneeling on the ground with abraham lincoln, and he is looking up, suggesting that there should be a statue of the former president, and his family. but, this is a republican race here, that is complicated. because, as dasha began to say, we're talking about tens of millions of dollars, being spent for a moment of, david mccormack. donald trump, through his support, behind mehmet oz, actually, trying to build out the stable. trying to suggest to the rest of the country, as he looks towards his own 2024 run, that his influence is still king, and this republican party today. having a conversation with voters today, in bucks county. these are the suburbs around the greater philadelphia area. it is voter, after voter, who
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told me over the course of the last few days, and it is voting on kathy barnett. ultimately, we will say offices, and mccormack throughout. because they were known entities. when we are talking about mid august, who has the chance to pull it out here, they are consistently getting, number one, donald trump's endorsement, and number two, these are low information voters. frankly, there is from 10:20 years on the television airways. they're heading into these final hours here, in which they were watching these results come in. it is the extent with which kathy barnett was able to make inroads. >> vaughn, thank you so much. let's go back to dasha burns, who is at the kathy barnett election night event. dasha, i think the national anthem is done. so, there has been this incredible surge for with barnett. she did not have endorsement, she did not have money. maybe it's worthwhile saying what her bio is. what's her claim to a possibly
5:18 pm
good u.s. senator, and has caught hold amongst the republican voters there. >> i think a number of factors contribute to the surge we see from barnett. first, we had been in pennsylvania for a long time. we have seen as four months. it is bashing each other on the air, and when i talk to voters about, that it seem to have turned into turning voters off of both of them. it was voter messages, and it is rife with pennsylvania. it is both that were outsiders, and both that were seen as mega rich. it is having a sense when they have the third option. it is struck by what they told us, and what we're hearing in these routes. it was talking to voters on the
5:19 pm
grounds here, and she said, she has warned the republican establishment. she said, she was mourning the insiders, that something else was happening. this was in february, early february. it turned out, she was on to something. a fraction of the money, and here she is, right now, today. she was walking into a round of applause, and reporters. chris, this is just a candidate who made her name, and the republican party, on claims of election fraud. including, in her own election, she ran for congress in 2020, and the heavily democratic district. it was a lot with it on voter fraud. it was earlier in the show they recorded, and it is verifying images of her, it was in the capital, marching alongside those members with the proud boys. it was the rally, and it was going with it it was
5:20 pm
emphasizing the loss, and they believe there was voter fraud. they were pointing out the fact that she lost in her district by a smaller margin than donald trump did. saying, that she was able to pull over some voters. when we caught her at the polls this morning, i asked her, what does she say to voters about the process? can they trust it? take a listen to what she told us this morning. >> can the voters who were asking to turn out for you today trust this process, and trust in the results of this primary? >> we all have such a wonderful opportunity. only in america. not only in america, but in america, we get to decide. so, for every single pennsylvania, the way you can be part of this process is make sure you are here. make sure you come out, and vote. do not allow anything to discourage you. every single republican. you need to be at these polls today, and you need to make sure your voices heard. i am so excited.
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>> certainly, we see a bit a shift in messaging from her on that process of voting, of casting a ballot. as they said, we do expect that most of her vote will happen day of here, not mail in, not really. she will come in, within a next couple of hours here, hopefully, chris. >> tasha burns, thank you so much. we have a big night in front of us. steve kornacki, staying close by the big board. i am watching him pure over the numbers right now. he's ready to bring us the latest updates on those high stakes races, happening around the country. live from carolina, embattled congressman, madison cawthorn, is hoping a last-minute trump endorsement will push him to win. a special primary diction of all in, continues, right after this. of of all in, luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue this
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yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. results out of the pennsylvania primaries tonight where polls just closed a little more than 25 minutes ago. we have just six out of 67 counties statewide bills taking a pot small portion of their boats moments of those numbers could then lead and and widely over the next hour or two. right now the closely watched republican race for senate's former hedge fund ceo david mccormack, in the league for the moment. while democratic side there is no with lieutenant governor john fetterman, up in the results so far. over the weekend, fetterman had a stroke, earlier today he had a surgery to implant a
5:27 pm
pacemaker. the democratic race for governor, attorney josh shapiro is running on opposed as the projected winner while the republican primary is crowded, and too early to call. right now former u.s. attorney william mick swing, he could have a long night. we could have long laid ahead of us. as we look at these returns the prospects of having an avowed insurrectionist at the ballot in november. it's with eagle pennsylvania voters are thinking about all these candidates, as one has become the quick essential moderate swing states. salah longwell pennsylvania native, she also host podcast called the folks group, sarah longwell, recently shared incisive conversation with pennsylvania voters, and she joins me now. i'm, sarah, i think that sentencing in pennsylvania's likely to be perhaps the most contested in the entire country. it's probably the democrats best chance for a plus one pick up, because it is a republican incumbents who is retiring pat toomey. what have you been hearing from the focus groups you've been doing with voters there? >> the main thing is that these
5:28 pm
republican voters, they do not like their choices in this race. it is not surprising to me to see this late stage kathy barnett surge. these voters, they can sort of smell a maga phony a mile away. with doctor oz, when you listen to the voters in the focus groups, will they tell you is, this guy should stick to tv. he is not a politician, what is he doing running for this race? it doesn't matter if he's got all the money, it doesn't matter that he's got trump's endorsement. they do not like him. and then when it comes to mccormack, they just think he's kind of a snooze. there's nothing about him that light anybody up. so it's funny because, kathy barnett did not come up a ton in the groups. but you can tell that there was a hunger for something different, that they didn't like these two front-runners. so the idea that she's kind of jumping out now late while people are like, not loving their choices, doesn't surprise me. >> there's also something a little bit, i've been watching like sean hannity trying to
5:29 pm
convince republican primary voters that barnett is not electable, or dangerous because she said things like, islam is built on the foundation of pedophilia. or said at the gay comments. and i'm not quite sure that is going to be a persuasive cell. the republican primary base? that a candidate who says nasty things, and bigoted things about islamic is not electable, given donald trump. >> well what helps to know republican party mary can do you in a general election. i think that's john fetterman, the likely winner in the senate right would love to face kathy barnett over doctor oz. as much as people don't like doctor oz, or don't like david mccormack, it's going to be a tough year for democrats to run. one of them main hopes for democrats in general is that they get in to run against these incredibly extreme candidates that they do chase off the swing voters. kathy barnett is going to be -- when swing voters here some of those things, that is going to
5:30 pm
have them running in fetterman's direction. i'll decide on the democratic side, you can find a republican in the trump focus groups who are happy with these candidates, but on the democratic side, the voters love fetterman. you rarely hear voters talk with such enthusiasm about a candidate. they were really in to fetterman. even a couple of the trump voters said they were open to voting for him. so i think he could be tough to beat no matter who the republican candidate is. >> there is a quick quote in one of them, a democratic voter said, i think he's a visual representation of pennsylvania. and that was pretty funny. i was saying earlier today that if you got something like fetterman versus oz, it would almost be like a scientific laboratory test around authenticity, and its value. because fetterman, whatever you think of him as his politics, like he's really a pennsylvanian guy, and mehmet oz, but everything about him and his politics, he's really not. he's just a fact about things. so it's that sort of thing
5:31 pm
matters, you would see it. but who knows, our politics are determined by so many other things. we'll have to see. sarah longwell, thanks so much for your time tonight i appreciate it. >> all right, don't go anywhere, we have much more to come, see kornacki has a lot update on the big board. and the latest on that fascinating madison cawthorn race. fascinating madison today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ race
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pennsylvania for about half an hour, as steve kornacki is back in the big door with some more updates. steve what we got? >> so we can take a look here chris, pennsylvania led zoom in here, our characterization of the democratic primary for the u.s. senate is that the lieutenant governor john fetterman is leading this race. we haven't called it yet, but he is leading. you can see about a fifth of the vote counted up here. it's a solid lead statewide, but it's also what you look for in a race like this, is there any kind of geographic pattern that if your land, you can look at and say hey, my votes are still to come. the problem is again, we've talked about this. they got a shared western pennsylvania base. here's allegheny campy, pittsburgh area, they shared as a home county. again we have a ton of votes that come in there, in fetterman's winning bake in their shared base. the question becomes, and you see western parts albania, you see fetterman also doing well there. you move to the eastern part of the state, and specifically these philadelphia suburbs that
5:37 pm
produce a ton of votes. is there really in a difference that we're seeing there in terms of land strengths? let's look at montgomery county, one of the biggest right outside philadelphia. no, looks very similar to allegheny. go north here, take a look at bucks county. similar story, let's go into what we got from philadelphia so far. philadelphia actually, this is kenya's home area here. he is actually leading in a boat here, followed very closely by fetterman, and then laminate this in here. primarily looking at mailing ballots here and this democratic primary. we talked about the disparity. mail-in ballots pick up a county of half of all the votes cast it in democratic primary in pennsylvania. for pets that are meant to be running up these kind of numbers from west to east, and in between in the middle of the state to. that's a substantial lead that betterment has built their over lamb. you can just look at that map and immediately see, here's the place where lamp can turn around. like i said, this is mail voting, we still have the votes from today that will be counted
5:38 pm
up. we will see if there's been some dramatic shift in the same day vote. that's what it would take four lamb to get into this. otherwise, fetterman is in great position right here. i thought your attention to the mail-in ballots for another reason though. let's compare -- they are counting up the votes in these counties theoretically at the same right. let's take a look at some of these differences here. montgomery county one of the giant suburbs, one of the giant suburban counties, right outside of philadelphia. look at the total number of votes. this is male. total number of votes they counted up here so far. 23,000 plus 14,000 plus 5000. that's over 40,000 votes that have been counting up in the democratic primary so far in montgomery county. they are going through the mail. take a look at some of the republican senate primaries in the same county. and this is, they are going to be a ton of republican votes that come out of montgomery county. there are gonna be a tub or public and both of these philadelphia suburbs tonight. but look at this. it's about 8000 right now. there's a few more underneath here. we expect maybe 10% of the
5:39 pm
votes in the statewide republican primary are gonna be cast by mail. the other 90% we expect to be casted today in person. so it's more 50/50 on the democratic side. those numbers are really significant. >> i just showed you on the democratic side, what you're looking at here, is comparatively tiny pool of mail-in ballots. they are trying to get counted up and reported out. we just give you a tour, but county again, i showed, you one of the -- mccormack's got an early advantage here. you are looking at the mail-in votes. these numbers are gonna get much bigger. and again, that pattern, where the mccormack candidate who's not backed by trump, trump has gone on after. he's not back where the club. other candidates and the primaries that we've seen has not held up that well with the same day vote has been counted in. so i'm just -- take the republican numbers you are seeing in the senate race right now. again i'll reset. these are the statewide numbers right now. they do not add up to a lot --
5:40 pm
you are looking at getting maybe 1 million votes more than 1 million votes cast in this primary. we are looking at 50,000 here. these are mail-in ballots. take it with a dragon of salt. i'll show you the republican goal toil race. very similar stories. the former u.s. attorney bill mcswain right now, ostensibly as a leader right here but the whole story i think is going to be dug mashed rihanna in the same day vote. one of the safest bets if you can bet in this and vegas is that mastriano is not gonna do well with mail-in ballots in pennsylvania. republican primary. when we look at mail-in ballots right now in the republican primary. just not many votes have been counted. i think the same day could have massive massive shifts and both of these races. we have not taken into account the same day both here at the republican side. so it's much more significant that mail vote that we have seen. on the democratic side. one thing i do want to just update for you, keep an eye on that house race with madison cawthorn is definitely in trouble and western north
5:41 pm
carolina. call it up on the screen here, now we got close to half the vote in, and you can see the gap here. it's narrowed a little bit about a seven-point gap between cawthorn i saw i think we get back to chris. >> oh no i think we have to go to break, but we can see we'll check back with you on that race. it does not look like in great saved with 47% agreed to keep an eye on that, seek for e stick around. >> coming back, when we come back for a moment of truth, numbers and north carolina as he just had not looking particularly good for young mr. cawthorn. i'm gonna return right after this. return right after return right after this instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is givin g the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party.
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is going to be pronamel repair. >> the embattled freshman republican madison cawthorn is currently hanging on to his political life at the moment. nbc news correspondent is live in hendersonville in north carolina. antonia, it's been quite a race there. you can see the heat is down with about 50% of the votes and. election day will probably help them. he's been under sustained attack from nearly every direction from the right wing media, republican establishment, his home state senator. how are things looking at this hour? >> well, he is in some hot water right now. frankly, the mood at's election night party behind me here is a little weird. there is about 30 or so people milling around.
5:47 pm
about a third of them are reporters. it's very quiet, nobody has come out on stage and said much to us yet. and, so you get the sense that people are, they have a sense of a trouble that he isn't. i'm not surprised. i spent the day out of the precincts in a republican district right near me here. and i talked to republicans all day long. who are using words to describe him like, immature, or maybe not ready to lead at 26. and this is after one scandal after another. calling president zelenskyy a ukraine a thug, going on a podcast and saying that colleagues in washington d.c. were using cocaine, and going towards. and then more recently, leaked photos and videos that many voters here said they found to be unseemly. so if he loses tonight, voters say that's really going to be his own fault. it looks like he is trailing behind state senator chuck edwards, and i'll tell you as i talk to voters today, that's the name of the seven challengers who are up against him, that's the name that kept coming up as the one that people were looking to when they felt like asking cawthorn just wasn't the guy for them.
5:48 pm
chris? >> edwards of course state legislator has a history there and a base in the district and been elected in terms of tony hilton thank you very much. >> michael c is as a chairman of the republican national committee, formal -- 26 congressional district, as a republican from 2015, 2019, and former congressman jolly for his liking congressional district as a republican for the 20 to 14 to 2017. he is no longer affiliated with the republican party. he now chairs a save america. michael all start with you. i think the cawthorn story as fascinated and bizarre. for a number of reasons. one is, like i thought he was not telling the truth about the coke orgies, but then when i saw the republican establishment come down on him so hard. i was little k maybe this is a fight club situation? we accidentally spilled the beans. this is the real thing? and also just, watching the coordinated effort to take this do down. who i have no dog in this fight. was wild when you consider with other members of congress have
5:49 pm
done, said, endorsed, who they appeared with. this is the guy that we are going to destroy. >> you've put your finger on all that piece of pie. let me tell you. it is so much truth, and it says a couple of things. one, that the establishment, the political leadership in the republican party, can stand up against crazy. it can put down those who speak out of turn. about the right thing versus the wrong thing. and it wasn't until he started talking about what's he had seen inside the caucus. or what he had heard. oh no he's got to go. so, this to me tonight is just an example of how the puts this and just not honest the party is about these things. where they are going to target this guy because he appeared in lingerie. and yet, you have a member of
5:50 pm
congress right now who has legislation to expunge the impeachment of donald trump. and reassert the lie of january six. everybody is like, okay let's get back to the power and pushed through. so it's an interesting like four different views of the republican party. >> carlos, one thing that -- is how these trucks relationships function in the democratic, and the republican base. we did see, there was an effort. we see with kathy barnett and pennsylvania. we've seen it to a certain extent with mastriano up in pennsylvania which, is a certain part of the establishment, again, trump putting up don't these are not electable candidates. do not pass code, don't do it. they can't really get to their own base on this. with cawthorn, it seems like it's been a little bit more affective. how do you think about that? >> chris, i guess the good news is that, republican leaders and republican primary voters have finally found someone who is unacceptable.
5:51 pm
for a few years now, we've gotten the message from republican primary voters and a lot of that leadership that it's okay to lie. it's a case to spread conspiracy theories. it's okay to use speech that promotes violence. but, i guess if you do wear lingerie, and if you do accuse your colleagues of partaking in orgies and consuming illicit drugs, then that finally, get you kicked. out i think michael's point is important. republican leaders, we should try to take the positive here tonight. republican leaders should realize that, it is possible to stand up against people who behave in ways that are totally inappropriate for elected officials. tonight could be an example of that. >> it's possible at least to get caught trying. that's the other thing. whatever, i don't know what happens to madison cawthorn, 47% and as steve keeps saying, donald trump has managed to polarize with gay people vote. which is ludicrous as a dr. seuss battle between buttered
5:52 pm
on one side and butter on the other. of having a political battle of which they do grocery shopping. it's completely politically ideologically content less. and yet has been polarized by donald trump. who knows. he may come back to win. it's the effort to me that is so striking. i think we've all watched this, david, i think it's wow. when they want to take someone, down this is what it looks like. and from tom tillis to -- the big billionaire marker in north carolina. they painted a target on this dude, and they have gotten after him. >> i look, madison cawthorn is a rare case. he's an unqualified kid who has a bad temper, and the worst intellect. i think if you look at all these other races, republican leaders are more accepted to interfere in races like we are seeing in pennsylvania here. and otherwise where they have closely -- and others. chris, the big takeaway for me tonight, is how we mark the way off message the entire party is. in a cycle where they actually
5:53 pm
could have a good message to beat democrats. the highest profile race since 2020 that we could look at, are the 2:20 georgia runoffs and the governor's race. the georgia runoffs they were really mitigating the pass elections, they were arguing these trump stuff. virginia they were giving a candidate, to ignore 2020, ignore trump. it's like the race on a main street culture war, more traditional gop, platform. that's where republicans should be tonight. turning the focus on democrats on a winning message, but they are going to litigate and the primary message that cannot win in november. >> that's been the big word here, for senate leadership fund and all those folks on the particularly senate race. we've got some news, if i'm correct. steve? we got a news, we got a call and our pennsylvania race. the projected winner is john fetterman. he is being projected by nbc news as the winner of that primary. he will, if this projection holds, which we expect it will, he will be the nominee.
5:54 pm
he is up now over carl lam, we should say in favor of how scary just yesterday. a small stroke. he had a surgery today to put in a pacemaker, his doctors say his operation is successful. should be back on his feet and on the campaign trail. let me come back to you guys, michael, on this. because i do think pennsylvania's really interesting. what's david's point. if you nominated milk toast, generic republican, given the macro environment. and have them just go out and spend the next several months to saying prices are too high, voted republican. things are not back to normal. boys isn't it a bummer that covid is still around. whatever. just you know up and down the vibes or bath. both for me. what you are gonna get, you might get kathy barnett for sean fetterman, and if on the democrats, that looks like a winnable race and are otherwise pretty brutal political environment that could mean the
5:55 pm
difference between santa controller not. >> you know you are in a particular position when you got republicans, noted in the focus group, that said hey, i could vote for fetterman. i don't see, he's not that crazy or scary to me. you are absolutely right. i think my friends on this panel know, having been in the trenches with, when you've got a good candidate, and a good message, you set yourself on a glide path that makes it much more difficult for your opponents to come after you. because you now have them fighting against themselves. they have to disprove that things aren't bad right now. this disprove that we are doing everything we can to lower gas prices. instead, when you put up crazy, it's becomes okay, who's gonna go out there and defend that? and so, it reminds me the instances in the race in 2010, where we had to go around and say certain candidates and say,
5:56 pm
you know what, you are the nominated party but which is not gonna talk about. it >> will is probably about the receipts you guys gave up, if i'm remembering correctly in 2010. on candidate quality. -- those are the words again that cobalt low could steal, they regard charlie. thank you very much, still have will check back on the other races and pennsylvania where i said to straight-up interruptions, march on the capitol on january six are on the ballot. we'll continue monitoring those disappointing numbers thus far from madison cawthorn, from madison cawthorn and people who love them. our special additions that all in continues. next. that all in continues in continues next crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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