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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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chris eight and is now 9 pm on the east coast. with course are continuing our election the cupboard with eye on several key prior races across country. we have results and kentucky, already, where republican senator rand paul projected winner of his party's primary. november, he will face off against democratic charles booker. who is not a projected winner in the democratic primary race. polls have also closed and north carolina, where the current congressman ted but is the projected winner of the senate republican primary. he defeated the former north carolina governor pat mccrory. all eyes are on the 11th congressional district in that state, madison cawthorn has come under sustained attack from his own party in the wake
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of multiple scandals. in the last hour, polls also close and pennsylvania, one of the most important swing states this year with some big marquee races. democratic lieutenant governor, john fetterman, is now the projected winner in the democratic senate primary. he could go on to face one of the two insurrectionists who are at war at the capitol on january six in the republican senate primary. far-right candidate kathy barnett is in a tight race against celebrity doctor mehmet oz. hedge fund ceo david mccormack. yesterday as a matter of fact we got new images with barnett saying here wearing a gray hat. marching to the capitol building on january six. not to the republican primary governor is pennsylvania's other key race tonight, with another insurrectionist in the ballot. right now we have only 5% of the voting but the president has been leading in the polls is that man, far-right state senator, doug mastriano. i'm back after the 2020 election, he helped ex president trump to overturn the results in pennsylvania. so the stakes are pretty hard
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tonight. if he wins tonight and becomes governor, he can have a lot of power with the pennsylvania selections, including of course the next presidential election in 2024. he's already said he's will use that power in ways that will likely benefit trump. the fate of american democracy may be on the ballots in pennsylvania tonight. msnbc national political correspondent, steve krewasky is at the big board. he joins us now with the numbers. chris literally in the last ten seconds. >> we saw a switch here. statewide leaderboard in the republican primary in pennsylvania, doug mastriano now has taken the lead statewide here. big mix wayne. running in. second barletta running in third. let me explain what's going on because pennsylvania's going to be the most complicated want to watch tonight. but i think some revealing things just happened to explain this. we've been talking about how, there's this big disparity between republicans and they're reluctant reluctant to use mail-in votes. and democrats accuse it very heavily in pennsylvania. primarily in the updates have been given you in the past hour
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or so, we had only been looking at mail-in votes being tallied across pennsylvania. some explaining, well you didn't even see mastriano on the leaderboard. now not every county in that slovenia is going to count with these votes the same way. in the same sequence. many are going to count them mail-in votes first and then work their way through the -- we've been seeing those mail-in votes early. some though, are going to count in those same day first and then do the male late tonight or even tomorrow. we are now starting to see the county's mayor putting their same day vote out. it is a stripe playing different pattern that is emerging. let me see the few that has come in in the next -- we are looking at the same day vote, not looking at the mail vote. same day vote. here is mastriano, 52% in -- county. this is close to mastriano's political base but again it will give you a sense, folk and county small county but same day. 82%. this is political base. franklin county, same day
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nearly 80%. northampton, -- excuse me same day. there is mastriano leading charlotte. getting closer to by letters nick of the was there. you are saying that if you want to call this violates or whatever you want to call exactly the mastriano here. you are seeing that pop up where the same day vote is coming in. so he is barely registering in the mail, but he's getting getting huge numbers in the places that they're counting up the same day. and already, you see him move into the lead, now he's moved in a two and a half point lead statewide. so we may be seeing something very significant begin to happen as same day vote starts to come in pennsylvania. again it's going to be an event, there's going to be other places that report out that mail vote here that could change things. but you are getting a taste of how very different those two things are. again, remember, probably like 90% of all the votes in this primary and that senate republicans are going to be same-day votes. you are speaking of that, let's take a look at where that
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republican senate primary stands now that we start to get in same day votes added in there. again david mccormack continues to lead, we saw he did well early in the mail votes in his political base and allegheny county. he's done again in the mail votes. let's take a look at some of those counties where we just showed you. same day vote is come in. take a look at cambridge county, you are in western pennsylvania here. and mehmet oz actually leading mccormack doing well here, but mehmet oz actually leading with the same day vote out here. as we said, mccormack the only candidate in the senate rate with a western pennsylvania identifier on the ballot. but in the same day, he is trailing there. barnett again, we just showed you how in the -- mastriano is cleaning up here. barnett and fulton county. office in franklin county. barnett in second place. take a look up here in northern county, it's a close. one mccormack at all, was
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barnett running a little bit behind. so in the senate race, here we are starting to see some same-day numbers, it's not as clear cut who that's going to work totally in favor here. a couple of good spot for all, as a couple good spot for barnett. if you are oz or barnett though, anytime your color comes up in the western part of the state, that's a particularly good sign because again, as we, say we are wondering if there's a mccormack joe graphic advantage here. at that up in the republican side. mccormack continues to lead. off has edged closer. barnett running a little bit further back. the other race to update you on here is that north carolina congressional race. madison cawthorn in the 11th district. we'll just checking out there, because we got a lot of votes for the red right. now cawthorn you can see has closed now the difference here is close to about 2000 votes. the good news for madison cawthorn is that he's gotten closer in this. the bad news is, if you are to zoom and geographically to see exactly how that has happened. basically what has happened is
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along the tennessee border, the rural county along the tennessee border, madison cawthorn really did a number on the same day vote. and that brought it closer to edwards. remember this is chuck edwards, he is a state senator. check out with state senate district is down here. it's henderson county, it's part of bud county. and edwards is running better. we haven't counted up as much as the same day vote, here running better with the same day votes here. so the risk for cawthorn's, he may just have put up his best same day numbers along the tennessee border, edwards may be positioned to stabilize things or bounce back a little bit as the same day goats are in a state district comes in. but obviously stay tuned, it's gotten close, cawthorn is within about 2000 votes right now we'll see those two counties there. henderson county. almost half the vote in the entire district. so i think there are going to have, they are going to be decisive, we are going to continue to take an eye on. those will just go right back up here if we have any new numbers. we do.
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don't need to tell. you these are same-day votes. clearly the counties are starting to put out and mastriano now opening up a nine-point advantage over barletta statewide. in that couture your race. on the republican side senate. race mccormack continuing to lead here. a lot of those to come. in a lot of variables in this senate race. it's going to be real interesting where intake an eye on this. >> that looks like it's going to be pretty down to the wire. in terms of what we are seeing. early the trend popping out dramatically in the race. they're steve commonality, we'll hear from you again later. this hour, when we have more results. >> news correspondent is live for the republican senate primary candidates, kathy barnett, and elizabeth town pennsylvania. she joins me now. obviously very early in a long way to go tonight dasha. as steve was saying, those election day votes are what kathy barnett will be counting on. >> that's exactly right, and speaking of down to the wire as we were talking about with steve just now. we have learned from the
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barnett campaign that they have sent representatives to the -- border office because they or was a printing error there that resulted in only about a third of 21,000 ballots being able to stand properly. so we know barnett has a representatives there. we know alice has representatives. they're as mastriano. again we haven't heard from the mccormack campaign. now this just might mean that things are slowly down a little bit. we are still down by the hiccup there because this race is as close as steve has been talking about, as we've all been talking about. several thousand votes in lancaster county, that might delay the results here tonight. at the same, time we've also know that there are about 700,000 democratic vote by mail ballots that have been cast at about 200,000 republicans vote by mail ballots. that have been cast. we know from experience in 2020, those also can take some time. when will actually know the
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results here is unclear. but i'll tell, you there is a lot of enthusiasm in this room tonight. this is a candidate who did not have the trump endorsement. like august. it did not have the candidates, the trump campaign votes that mccormick has had. and yet has been able to really come within striking range here, chris? >> dasha burns, has been following that campaign for the last several weeks. thank you very much. we have msnbc correspondents vaughn hillier. campaign headquarters for republican senate candidate mitch oz. and we don't actually have him, it appears, but we seem, there but i don't think he sees that. the magic of television. many excellent is the host of the many hostin's show on peacock msnbc for trent. former communication for congresswoman alexandria cortez in new york. cofounder of justice democrats are russell political action committee. and they both join me. now corporate and many, let's
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start on the betterment story. corbyn. that was it's adjusting because. connor lam who was kind of like sort of, central casting centrist, both in sort of positioned a and vibe. john fetterman whose doesn't look like other politicians. but a pretty resounding victory for fetterman, even after the house. -- in the last 24 hours. >> i think what you know, for me that is a pretty discerning for tonight. you saw that through an outside the box. he is running behind things like medicare for all. i think it's exciting to see him win. i think personally, it's been my experience when democrats run to their sort of core values. they act like a party that understands peoples pain, and understands what people experiences are like. and they do better. i think he's got a good way of communicating with people that they trust. he seems, like a man of the people whatever you want to
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call that. i don't know what that quality is. but i think he carries that in spades, and people sort of gravitate towards. that >> and i think in this case is for better. >> i think many, i think it's interesting to a test case, because when you look at back to the 2012 election when you saw barack obama beat mitt romney. what was actually a pretty tough political climate. coming out of the great recession. polarizing the election on this sort of class dynamic, like he is kind of the guy that comes in and liquidates his factory and -- and on the guy that comes in and save gm. that was affective in one just enough margins for barack obama to window states like michigan. and it would be interesting for to watch fetterman mccormack race for instant. our federal office race. along those same lines as he kind of catalyze is enough voters along those lines. >> it's a very good point, mccormack and odds with and
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become one of the richest -- [interpreter] house you know how russian -- fetterman is an interesting character because we are told by centers democrats all the time that democrats have to win back white working class voters. that's the plan. who better than a guy who wears basketball shorts, hoodies, and has tattoos, speaking very plain black languages. the sound of conservative republicans. and also want to cancel student debt. once a 15 dollar minimum wage and legalized marijuana and prison reform. so there's a lot there for that fetterman campaign, obviously the health care on friday with the stroke will be used against him by republicans. that's given. but he will be a hard candidate to campaign against. as caller lab should've been the favor. you see central casting going into this race. but betterment beaten him pretty rounding's. easily in the end. even i think the futterman candidacy will be a test case and a guarantee because our politics are very different now chris. as you know better than me that they were at 2012 --
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and issues right now i think one of my criticism of the last, which is you cannot reduce everything in the current moment to medicare for all. and student debt as much as those policies are good popular policies. where republican policy that is running on a proto-fascist. white supremacist platform and you have to address that. to >> this is the other thing about this pennsylvania race tonight. you've got to, i think this is the first time we've got wise candidates corbyn who's not just oh they've said that the election was stolen, that a lot of candidates have said that. oh they just didn't go to the electoral. they marched to the capitol. it's like, this is about as far as you can go in short of getting nicked by the fbi. lord knows who knows what might happen in the future. >> if you have done that right. >> that's the question to me,
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again, one of no illusions how much law matters to voters because i'm not necessarily sure it does. but it seems like pretty important if you got one of those candidates, mastriano, or barnett, to figure out a way to make that an issue. because it sure is hell matters. >> i think the democratic party has been trying to figure out for a little while. i read something in the post today that says that somewhere around ten to 20% of republican state senators and representatives are affiliated with some sort of white supremacist militias groups. i think a lot of leadership in the democratic party sort of misread the situation. what's the republican party starting to represent. part of them are saying to represent. they have not really figured a good way to articulate that to people. i think they don't pretty pay tension to politics. it seems outlandish. it seems unreasonable. and hard to believe. i think that's why the january six has been such a hard thing to give most people pay tension
6:17 pm
to. it because you seem so unbelievable. to most voters and to most people that pay so little attention to politics. but yeah i think it's something that we are going to have to address. i don't know many i think personally, we've got to come at the thing that is pulling people into this direction. and it's not just racism and hatred. that's definitely part of it. but it's one of the easy solutions to the problems we are facing. we look at everything from baby formula, to the price of the milk and cars, everything going up. people are sort of, this anxiety across the country. one of the things that excites me about futterman, and the question is, can he run, can he be the nominee, is he will be able to run as the party gets behind. him let him run the kind of campaign that he wants to run. the progressive, bolder, agenda he wants to run. on and see if you can turn the party in a different direction when it back. >> go ahead mattie. >> look, we've had this debate for about 67 years about what is driving this stuff.
6:18 pm
economic zaidi or racially -- . ? >> i do think it should be tackled for their own separations. and i think kristi put your finger on it. marching to the capitol, you said how much do voters care? democrats should make that their number one priority in life to make those voters care. if maggiano winds are nominations tonight. if he was the governorship of pennsylvania. 2024 is on the line here. he is not going to allow up and presidential candidate to take part -- that's not me saying. that he is saying it. that's what he's going to do. this is the guy that went to a qanon conference where they played a video saying hitler face their own death and 9/11 was an inside job. he is running on a very question nationalist authoritarian platform. his politics make donald trump looked like jimmy carter. that's where the republican party is heading right. now mastriano, barnett, they are way beyond donald trump's authoritarianism. which tells you everything about this party right. now it's scary. and we all need to care, we all need to pay attention. >> one of the craziest things about this, again, i don't have all -- been particular because the country in the world doesn't
6:19 pm
uncertain right. now there's a lot of reasons to feel unsettled. we're coming at the end of this two-year disruption. 1 million people have lost their lives. to this infernal pandemic, inflation really is a. things really do cost more. everything in life of the country feels unsettled. i get all that. but on the mastriano thing, he wanted to throw out the voters votes. he wanted -- the same voters he's going back to now, it's just so, it's such an f u. so dictatorial. the idea that i'm your servant, i'm relative leader i serve you. he just wanted to throw out all their votes. it's wild to me. you can just go back to those same voters and be like. both for me this time. there is like such a desire i think to see people. to see the strongman complex. a lot of voters in this country are looking for right. now they want to see someone who's going to take the vote by the horns and stress in a direction. i don't think they really care with that direction. it's >> it's true.
6:20 pm
>> and if you look at why it is causing these people to feel that way. how do we make that? >> i think when we are looking at when you go back to tie mission to the impeachment. people found it crazy that if donald trump did the things that he was doing. how is he not in jail? you know what i mean. there's this disbelief that we could be watching a train wreck in realtime, and that basically, we have no lead no power is no loss to stop. it nothing to seem unbelievable. it really is bad. as it sounds like we are making it sounds. like and surely,, and surely was the constitution that will stop. >> i think that's a very astute, many fostered, gentlemen thank you both. that's great. >> we have much more to come tonight from pennsylvania, from north carolina. really wild base happening for the race of idaho governor. eyes on, that kornacki stays with us. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. us. us. don't go we'll be right back. customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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developments happening in those marquee races were watching in pennsylvania, where you've got the republican gubernatorial primary and the senate primary. very close races. north carolina, where madison cawthorn is in neck and neck for his battle. there is another place with one of the marquee matchups, one of the most important matchups of
6:26 pm
the night. it's idaho's republican primaries, which are shaping up to be absolutely ridiculous. i do whole has a very conservative governor, brad little, vying for a second term in office. he is an incumbent. he has to fend off a challenge from his lieutenant governor, janice mcgee and. we have covered her on this show before. she has vowed to vowed banned businesses from covid restrictions, not to ban gangs like the proud boys, she wants to deputize militia groups to work with law enforcement. she even delivered a state speech to that white congress that marjorie taylor greene spoke out earlier this year. most infamously, she twice abused a provision in idaho law which puts lieutenant governor in charge when the governor leaves a state to install herself as the de facto governor and undo the states minimal covid restrictions. now mcginn wants to be governor fair and square.
6:27 pm
she has donald trump behind her. a senior report, you wrote a fantastic quite frightening piece on the far-right injures and see if idaho and he joins me now. great to have. you great reporting. you spent a lot of time and idaho. >> i did. let's start with his big marquee matchup tonight. it strikes me as one of the most important of the night having someone with mcgeehan this politics be the governor of the state of union is unfathomable and almost in the david duke running louisiana -ish territory. do you think that's fair? >> i think that's completely fair. just as horrifying is how many of those votes that david duke got, the amount of support that mcgeehan has now. and basically we are imagining every awful right wing story we have heard in the past weeks about anti-transgender bills, she wants to go even further.
6:28 pm
so for the abortion bill, for example, she wants to eliminate exemptions for rape and incest. and even instances of a pregnant mother. she is about as far right as you can get. i think one of the most important things to realize about her is that she is the representative of a radical faction in the gop in idaho. there are about 24 state legislatures, state legislators like her. imagine a state house full of marjorie taylor greene's. she is not expected to win tonight. and even if she loses, idaho still has a lot to deal with. >> that second. point she is not the favorite tonight, which i think is good news, but as you chronicle, there is a growing white nationalist avowed or adjacent faction in the idaho gop that is running for local office,
6:29 pm
running away's is for local office, one of the major factions of government in the state of idaho. >> they have this, basically, a contract approach to politics. let's say, like, mcgeachin she goes to this white nationalist conference, and then she is cornered and refuses to apologize. she accuses the media of guilt by association. she goes on a podcast and is completely unapologetic. we are seeing that approach to politics playing out across idaho. in one county there is a very radical republican committee there. last year they endorsed the group that endorsed that marched in charlottesville. they got a lot of negative media coverage for it, and then they refused to apologize. and now extremists from across the country are seeing idaho as an opportunity and they are flocking to idaho. it is getting more and more radical. the people there, democrats,
6:30 pm
moderate conservatives, even conservative republicans, are feeling under fire. >> and feel, like, threatened. there is this tactic, like direct confrontation, like part of the way they are taking over is getting in the faces, intimidating, bullying republican incumbents who are conservative, right-wing republicans. >> absolutely. i talked to a guy named greg cheney, a state wrap there, he carries a gun every day into the state house and he is a conservative republican. haiti's nra endorser, all that stuff. and yet he is scared of this very far-right faction, because you too moderate for them. >> the reporting in half, go read a little, janice mcgeachin race. new data in from pennsylvania. steve's are nagging here to
6:31 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... all, right probably the two vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. biggest most watched races in the nation. on the channel tonight, we are in pennsylvania and the republican primary steve kornacki back with the big board, a senate primary, both highly contested. what do we have so far?
6:36 pm
>> so we've got doug much gianna leading as you can clearly see, this is the statewide tally right here. in the primary, and all signs are extremely favorable for mast ronny, his color here. across the board here. we've been talking about this, the difference between male votes, and saying they votes. folks who have voted by mail, once in person by voted to the polls today. republicans we say much less likely to vote by mail, that's one factor, the other factor is the trump endorsed candidates we've seen race after race so far this year, have done much better on the same day vote, the election day vote. this i think is the most dramatic illustration of it i've seen in any primary we've seen yet in the season. how dramatic? let me put a couple numbers on the screen. so, far in the mail in ballots that have been counted in this ballot. doug last reno is running at 9%. okay? in the same day votes that have been counted. he is running at 51%. so you look at this map, he is
6:37 pm
getting 9% of the males votes, he's getting 51% of the same day votes. as we keep telling. you same days overwhelmingly in the lines here. the vote is going to only get a bigger share of the votes as it gets counted. what's that adds up to is that mastriano is now 40 sitting at 42% statewide. he is practically doubling up his latest contest polluter, barletta. the same day here is just breaking overwhelmingly for doug mastriano, republican. -- the question is, what is this looking, like what is this that magic of the same they were looking like? >> and the other republican race here. the senate race. here we go, we've got a much tighter race here at three way race. here david mccormack, mehmet oz, kathy barnett. mccormack with a lead of 7000 votes. two points over mehmet oz. when i think is interesting is that, screen i was just showing you. where you saw that mastriano color all over the place. here on this map, it's more of a patchwork. you are seeing some of colors here in western pennsylvania.
6:38 pm
you are seeing some barnett colors. you are still seeing some mccormack colors. we saw an update there, right now, of the same day both that has been counted up in pennsylvania. mccormack is getting 32% of the same day votes. in pennsylvania. office is getting 32% of the same day votes and barnett is getting 24% of the same day vote. that's what has been counting so far. like we say, the vast majority of the boat's primary is going to be the same day. and the vast majority of the vote is still to come. where is this republican senate primary going to be decided? >> steven for deposit rates. there were going to come back to that. we do have a projection that appears right. now and the seat is not projecting that doug mastriano, who did march the capitol, on january six. it's going to be the projected winner of that republican primary for governor. he will face off against the current democratic attorney general josh -- who won the pro. -- mastriano we are projecting
6:39 pm
versus josh shapiro and what's gonna be one of these most important marquee races in the entire nation. just wanted to get that in there because the map was obviously telling us the story there. >> you are getting 51% of same-day votes, and the same day voters 90% of all the votes. that adds up to what we just saw. they're okay it is official. on the republican glittering side. we said are much closer battle here on the senate side. let me just put those numbers up. again and case you are missing it the first time. the same day vote right now is breaking in the senate race, unwisely a hard time. 32% for. wow! >> i'll just. eight 32% from mccormack, 32% for us. and 24% for barnett. that is the same day vote that has been tallied so far. there still a ton of it to come. where is it to come from? i'll give you a couple places just keep an eye on. we still have a ton of outstanding votes. number one is the philadelphia suburbs. more than 20% almost one in four votes in the republican party marry are going to come from the four collared counties
6:40 pm
outside of philadelphia. you see some of the votes in there right now. you are only looking at mail votes that's coming so far from these counties. so these counties are huge huge choices of votes. right now you are seeing mail vote, which as we are telling you, a tiny sliver. are we gonna be seeing mccormack? are we gonna be seeing? odds are we gonna be seeing barnett? who is going to win in these philadelphia suburbs? that could end up seeing being decisive. you do see barnett maroon coming up here. montgomery county. keep in mind, one thing, here pennsylvania, they list the candidates home counties on the ballot with them. barnett lists montgomery as your home county. of all was listed as well. so maybe there's a benefit therefore barnett. just by being a montgomery resident. but these philadelphia suburbs are going to be huge as the same day vote comes in there. also the sort of south central pennsylvania region. there is a lot of just mail vote that's been counted so far. only the beginning of the same day vote. so we want to see how that will
6:41 pm
one breaks as well. still you dismiss at the big picture right here. more than 70% of the voters are still to come. it's going to be same day both that's going to decide this thing. and i can just quickly check in, in madison cawthorn. >> yeah let's do cawthorn. >> sure, the quick story here on madison cawthorn is, here it is. he is within 1500 votes. cawthorn's, here's the problem from madison cawthorn. the counties within this district, the county that has the most outstanding votes in this district. the county that has the most outstanding votes in this district is right here. it's henderson county. there are still 5000 votes to come this is chuck edwards political base, he is a state senator and this is where he is doing a number on cawthorn. so cawthorn has done great in the same day vote elsewhere. but edwards may still have a big batch of votes to come here. so cawthorn has gotten close i'm not sure it's close enough. >> all right thank you steve. please keep us posted. if you learn anything. us we've got now a call there by one of the races that we are watching tonight.
6:42 pm
doug mastriano, against josh apparel and governor pennsylvania and the states of that race are astronomically high. where you are going to talk about that with sanders, and michelle goldberg. right after this. after this aleve it, and see what's possible. is one mission, life. i get to keep her. we get to have her and enjoy her. and she gets to grow up, which is the best gift anyone could ever give. i recommend nature made vitamins because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp...
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6:47 pm
at the capitol on january 6th. march to the actual capitol, was there against the barricades. since he did not go into the capital but he also has said that donald trump won pennsylvania and would've done whatever could've to appoint the electors directly in 2020. he is going to be within sniffing distance of the gubernatorial mansion. the host of simone on msnbc peacock. michelle goldberg is an op-ed columnist for the new york times. simone, it does seem like this is the kind of four alarm moment. i don't think there is anyone quite as openly associated with the big lie in the insurrection who is this close to contesting, a testing to be the chief executive of a state like pennsylvania. >> i think you put it very well. look, if doug mastriano is the governor, wins the race in november, democrats can kiss any chance of a fair shake and
6:48 pm
2024 goodbye. that is why i am hearing from democrats in pennsylvania tonight. everyone i have talked to her saying that this race is very important. josh shapiro the appointed democratic nominee for governor, he has an african-american running mate, and they believe that people are excited about josh shapiro, and they think that is one of the keys to lifting everybody on that ballot, but particularly making sure that doug mastriano isn't governor. >> the other thing about the mastriano race, people are worried about his eligibility statewide, and there is footage of him there at the capitol, pretty hi-res, i wonder if they care about that in the end but it is the job of the shapiro campaign to make them, but this is the first big election night post the leak of the decision that would overturn roe v. wade. here is a place like
6:49 pm
obfuscation from either side, people not trying to muddy it, there will be a bill out all abortions in pennsylvania that the legislature will pass, it will go to the governor, and doug mastriano will sign it. that's clear to every vote. oh >> and i believe mastriano has said abortion is the most important issue in this race. you're seeing in a number of races how much republicans are leaning into total abortion bans, to jettison any sort of rape exception, any exception, and i don't know that people are prepared for this. i think people are expecting abortion bans. they're expecting them in mississippi and alabama. people are going to be shocked when they wake up and there is an abortion ban in a place like arizona or if they end up in an abortion ban in pennsylvania. this is going to be a test. i don't know how much people care about january 6th. people do care about abortion rights. so far even with the leak there
6:50 pm
is still, i think, a sense of disbelief about the scope of the restrictions people are facing. >> i think there is also the fact that there is a weird luminol space of the leak. if in fact this is what happens in court handed down it will hand start things moving. an interesting thing, dynamics playing out and democratic primaries, mainly in pennsylvania's 12th district where some really was running for an open seat of retiring member of congress, a retiring democrat. so their other challenger, steve or when. this is sort of unremarkable race. a young black woman, white guys, so there is a racial with diversity there, diversifying members of congress, which is a great development. but millions of dollars in super pac money on one issue, israel. super pacs that believe that
6:51 pm
lee is insufficiently pro's mayoral and steve erwin would be more israel. on a scale that is out of we the realm of what these candidates are raising themselves and it appears in this case to have pushed this candidate over the edge in the last four weeks. >> it's an effort to shore up, obviously. for a long time israel was this third rail in american politics. almost nobody criticized israel. almost nobody spoke of the human rights of the palestinians. that has started to crack open recently. there is a really dramatic split in the democratic party by age, as israel behaves they are less sympathetic, it is harder and harder to defend. it is just an attempt to throw a ton of money at that problem. the problem from the pro israel communities point of view. we insists forestall the
6:52 pm
inevitable but do so in a way that ends up distorting the democratic primary process. >> it's this progressive insurgency just being cut off under this flood of money. >> an important issue to a lot of people, to democratic voters who have different views, but the something striking about seeing three or $4 million into a race, $2 million enter a race just on this issue, in a world where obviously there are many complex issues that it landed it is running on and trying to parse through in a primary contest. >> the money, we just saw a ruling from the supreme court early this week about campaign finance laws and money that can and cannot be recouped from candidates. i do think the important part here is that funds definitely are absolutely important. we are seeing it play out in this race. but also, organizing still matters. the numbers aren't done yet. we need to wait and see how this shakes out. pennsylvania notoriously slow
6:53 pm
in a lot of places and counting those ballots. it could be a long night. in many counties in many districts, but i do think this is a larger conversation about the various dynamics in the democratic party. i do think that these primaries is there shaking out for democrats, if you juxtapose that with what we are seeing from a number of republican candidates, and pennsylvania is a good example, it's an extreme on the republican side and democrats are still swimming around and what i would call normal waters. when you look at a general election matchup, voters across the board, democrat or republican or independent, they don't want extremism. when they hear about women thrown in jail for allegedly getting an abortion, doctors thrown in jail, when they hear about this racist underbelly we've talked about that has reared it's head also in some of these places, they don't like it. it doesn't make them feel good. i think that will affect with you at the ballot box.
6:54 pm
>> sanders and michelle goldberg and, all right steve kornacki has new numbers on that madison cawthorn primary, which is a real nail-biter right now. that's up next. eal nail-biter right now. that's up next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 pm
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well, then you should find a hand specialist certified to offer nonsurgical treatments. what's the next step? >> we are back with new steve visit today to get started. kornacki and the big word. what's the latest on that madison cawthorn? race >> -- not many votes left here so you can see his challenger here
6:59 pm
chuck edwards leads cawthorn by 1.8, a margin of 1000 hundred 16 votes. we had some outstanding votes from edward space, anderson county. those are in right now so really there are nine precincts left to report in this district. those precincts are going to be in clay county, in jackson county. they've each got four. i'm trying to circle them there. trust me. then one precinct in mcdowell county. if you look at the same day, the same day votes we are looking at here, if you look at how the same day voters breaking in those three counties, cawthorn is basically leading edwards in the same day vote about 45 to 21%. if you add about nine precincts left in anything like that margin continues, what is that going to add up to four cawthorn? it's gonna take that 16 15 and it might get it under 1000. he has got to win these
7:00 pm
remaining three. he's got to get like 90 or 95%, unfathomable numbers. we did just get another precinct there. about 50 or 60 votes of the edward league but cawthorn looks like he is on pace here to fall just short here of chuck edwards in this republican primary, north carolina's 11th district. >> not looking good for young madison. thank you very much steve. we are out of time but the good news is the man in the khakis is not going anywhere. the congress continues throughout. the last word with lawrence o'donnell starts right now. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening chris. i have to confess i have not been following the election results as closely as you and steve kornacki, and steve can take a break for the first segment of this hour while we talk about other things. but what are you seeing developing, if there is anything resembling a pattern in result so far tonight? >> i don't see a huge pattern.
7:01 pm


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