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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  May 17, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thank you. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> mayor byron brown gets tonight's last words, stay with msnbc for more like primary election results, the 11th hour with stephanie -- starts now. now tonight, the fight for democracy, both are still being counted in critical primaries, with democracy on the ballots. the economy racial tensions, and trust ours as well. we are tracking it all on this apartment primary election day, as the 11th hour gets underway on a tuesday night. >> here we go. good evening once again, i'm stephanie role, 175 days until the midterm elections. and tonight, you know what we are up to. following key primaries in idaho, kentucky, north carolina, oregon, and in a place everyone is watching, the birthplace of democracy, the state of
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pennsylvania. where lieutenant governor john fetterman has won the democratic senate nominations, nomination just days after suffering a stroke. his campaign says he doesn't expect a full recovery. fetterman will now face off with the winner of what is turned out to be a very competitive republican primary. with former hedge fund manager david mccormack, trump back doctor oz, and conservative commentator kathy barnett. doctor oz is one of the many candidates endorsed by the former president. another, doug mastriano. remember this name. he has won the republican nomination for governor of pennsylvania. this man, he was at the capitol on january six. he refused to accept the results of the 2020 election, and he is now going to be running, come this november. meanwhile, we had just learned that north carolina congressman, madison cawthorn, called primary challenger chuck edwards to concede his race. we've got a lot to cover, so you know the one person who is
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going to be here to do it the best. steve kornacki, at the big board. all right steve, here we are, it is your night. what do we need to know most at this moment? >> while stephanie, it is just the suspense in this pennsylvania republican senate primary. you mentioned john fetterman is going to win the democratic nomination. who is going to oppose him? look at this mehmet oz, has been running in second place most of the night. but we have been watching that gap against david mccormack get smaller and smaller. it's down to 3000 votes essentially right now. three tenths of one point separating oz from mccormack. kathy barnett a little bit further back. a couple of things to look at that, it just fell inside of 2000 votes now. the margin of mccormack over us. a couple of things that are happening here. we were saying for the last hour or so, the philadelphia suburbs. which are going to account for about a quarter of all the votes in this primary, we are very slow to report out there election day votes. the folks who went out to report vote in person.
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we are now starting to get to election day vote. a lot of it from this philly suburbs and let me just take you through it and show it what we see. one of the big color counties outside philadelphia, the one where we have the most votes so far, chester county. we see here actually this is good news for mccormack, mccormack is leading overall, and he is leading the election day vote. we keep telling you, there is a small sliver of ballots that were cast by mail in in this thing. a lot of them got reported out early. this is been about who is winning the election day. mccormack, and just another bachelor for chester. mccormack is leading the election day vote in chester county. in montgomery county, another one of the biggies right outside philadelphia. barnett, kathy barnett actually is leading overall. and leading the election day vote. one interesting thing to note here, on the ballots in pennsylvania, they list the candidates home county on that. barnett listed montgomery county, so the doctor oz. both of them list montgomery, they are running 12 in montgomery. they need to the bucks county,
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less of the same day voting here. but here it is oz who is getting the same day vote, and it is oz who is leading. each candidate with a little bit something to brag about in these philadelphia suburbs. we get a lot from delaware, overall with this adds up to, it's mccormack in awe's, and you can draw a line and it's barnett statewide. if you add up all of just the election day vote that we counted, the vote that was cast it in person. it's gonna be about 90% for all of this election. right now let me get these numbers exactly right for you. the election day vote right now would be 32 32%. i don't know why this isn't right. august 32 mccormack 31. you think that that's 32? steve >> i know planning, that's any of that. >> office is leading the election day vote critically here, by one point statewide and 90% of all the votes that
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is going to be passed it in this election are same-day votes. >> what kind of volume are you protecting in terms of mail-in ballots? i'm thinking back to the last general election, when former president trump was railing against mail it's. you didn't see a lot of republicans going that route. you think we are going to see high volume today? >> no we don't, and that's why putting so much of this on the same day vote. what happened in this race is that early on in the night, we saw some numbers that looked at odds with the polling. a lot of counties released their mail-in vote early on. but we are seeing from that point is, that's going to be about 10% the mail votes are going to be about 10%. of the republican primary. what about when they start counting up the election day vote,? that's going to look different, that's going to be a lot bigger. that's why i think it's key when i say, of actually has now leads by a little bit more in the points on the election day vote. it's why he's continue to chip away ever so slowly at this mccormack lead statewide. mccormack won the mail vote early by the night by nine points. oz has been leading the same
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day vote by a little over a points. he's been getting closer and closer. the one wildcard to keep in mind however is in pennsylvania, there are more than a dozen counties that have told us, they do have some mail-in ballots that they have not processed yet. they are not going to process it tonight. they are going to process tomorrow. we are not talking about hundreds of thousands of ballots. but we are talking about potentially, thousands of ballots. so we could be in a situation where we get to the end of the night, we count up all the same day votes, and it's a very narrow margin between these candidates. in a situation like that, there could be several thousand mail-in ballots that we are waiting for a bunch of different counties to open up process, and report out tomorrow. if that's giving you any flashbacks, to the week of november 2020, we'll certainly is for me. that's what happened back then to. >> here we go again steve stay close, obviously we're not letting you go anywhere. not even the bathroom break for
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mr. mccarthy. for now i want to continue this conversation with mr. michael steele, former chairman of the republican national committee, and former lieutenant governor maryland, and former democratic governor of the state of pennsylvania, edward mandel. he also served as the mayor of philly and was the chair of the dnc. i want to start down south with you mister steele, what is your reaction to madison cawthorn conceding? >> well it's kind of interesting. a couple things one, it says to me that republicans can if they want to push back against crazy, and push back against those who are outside of the mainstream if you will. if they want to. madison obviously turned the corner on them. basically the point number two. the reality for him was he thought that he had a much longer runway to go out and behave and say in a way that would get wouldn't get him in trouble. that's true. up until he started telling the
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very secret inside the party. when you are talking about cocaine parties and orgies, all of a sudden, his right proper christian evangelicals got a little bit upset. so reality for madison's, he's been off a little bit more than he can to. the party came after him, and what the country should take away from that is, all the other stuff that they count as this, they don't have to. they can step up and say, no to the trump lie. they can say no to the marjorie taylor greene, the medications of the party. but they won't. so, they pick their poison and it was cawthorn. >> well it was, governor randall, let's talk about pennsylvania. doug mastriano is now one of two people who can get the job you once held. this is a man who was at the capitol on january 6th. he continues to be an election
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denier. pushing the big lie. how high are the stakes for the commonwealth of pennsylvania? the birth of the democracy? >> it's enormous. if mastriano were to become governor, republicans will probably hold both the thousands if they control the legislator. that would mean that pennsylvania will criminalize abortion. that would be stunning. the only thing that's going to stop pennsylvania from criminalizing abortion is no exception, -- i'm very confident that he will get elected. republicans did us a great favor. michael is right, it can get rid of crazy, but it shows a nominee crazy the most important office in the state of pennsylvania. i think perot is a terrific candidate, for the steamroll the election. >> let's bring in once a pennsylvania's best political reporters, katie myers. she covers politics, power, and elections.
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for w h y y and fun fact, she was once an intern of our own steve kornacki. katie, what do you think about his win, were people around the state have been saying about him? >> well, we had a very last-minute attempt by republican insiders in pennsylvania, to go or less supports of barletta who has been trailing him in the polls. and that really speaks to what's republicans in the state are thinking about. not necessarily that they can't support mashed ran out and his policies, a lot of them ask randall mentioned, the mainstream of the gop at this point. getting rid of abortion. but because they have concern whether or not he can beach dasha perot. i'll just say as well, these are similar concerns to the ones that people had about donald trump in 2016, and he went on to be teller canton in the general election and in pennsylvania. you never know what's going to happen to these. >> true true, michael, let's talk about pennsylvania's democratic senate candidates. what is it about josh fetterman that drew in voters, can he
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take it to november? >> the thing about john fetterman is that he is everywhere. he is the neighbor next door. he is the guy who helps you bring in the groceries. he the neighbor that you go to when you got a problem. he comes off as this figure that is larger than politics. beyond politics. and it is translated very well for him around the state. he has used his time as lieutenant lieutenant governor, and i know a little bit something about that job. very very well with my governor front across for me here. but he knows very well how to connect to people to bring that narrative to the street if you will. he's going to benefit i think mightily from this november. the republicans are gonna have a tall order. kind of going after him, and trying to create that separation with those voters.
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because he has a built-in relationship that we haven't seen in politics in a long time, pennsylvania is a good bellwether, not just for republicans to look at and see how they handle something like that. but for democrats to understand, how they can position themselves going forward, and upcoming elections. >> governor, what do you think of betterments win? tough for republicans to say that democrats or the public party of coastal elites, when fetterman is your guy. >> yeah, very hard. john fetterman is a great retail campaigner. we haven't seen our campaign as good as him, partly 20 years. i will tell you who that was. or any of that. john fetterman is incredible, for small groups, incredible one-on-one. he is honest, comes across as honest, and he is honest. he tells what's on his mind. he's a very engaging guy. and by the way, the stroke, you won't see john fetterman a week
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from now and you can't believe that man had anything involved with him. he is really dynamic. and a physical president, and a great guy, and he'll bring a lot of those democratic raced voters back into the fall. >> katie, when you spoke to voters from both parties, what were their biggest concerns? what were they looking for from the candidates? because on the republican side, you are looking at david mccormack, you're looking at doctor oz, let's be honest, neither of them are pennsylvania guys. they are certainly not locals. >> sure. and they are definitely was a lot of that in the gop primary when i talk to voters. concerned that they are not really conservatives. that they kind of carpet bags in. of course there's a long history of carpet binding in the u.s. senate. and so yeah, i'll absolutely there is not part of it. i would say, there are some real policy stakes here. as he mentioned, abortion is a big issue for both parties. democrats are gonna turnout on that. republicans may as well.
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and i think one of the things that we are seeing among lots of voters on both sides of the aisle, is a real anti spirit. and again, you see this in the gop primaries. you saw this with the insurance and she have kathy barnett at the very and, although she of course is not going to win the gop primary there. and i think that is what's betterment speaks to as well. somebody who has got from the democratic establishment. a real sort of alternative for the party. >> michael, none of these candidates, when they were asked, none of these republican candidates and that's when they were asked by the philadelphia choir who want the last presidential election, none of them were willing to answer that question. one of those people is going to be running in the general. what does that say to you about the states of politics in the state of pennsylvania? >> it's sucks, like it does everyone else around the country. to be around a blood about it.
8:15 pm
the state of our politics have been messed up by the politicians. quite honestly, a lot of americans have allowed it to happen, and a lot more participated. and getting it to the states. so now the question becomes, as we go into this general election, what kind of country do you want? how do you want it to shape itself? on the heels of what happened this past weekend in buffalo. will you have this rise of white nationalism is a threat, not just to democracy, but the whole communities of people. and so, i think pennsylvania should be asking whoever the republican nominee is, okay where do you stand on january 6th? since you didn't want to answer during the primary, you're going to have to account for its. whether it's a shapiro or fetterman. you best believe they are going to be asking the question out loud a lot. at some point, those republican nominees are going to have to account to the pennsylvania
8:16 pm
voters just like that they're going to have to count a ballot bosses are -- >> what democrats need to do now to win now in november? governor? >> tried to turn out. continue to turn of voters and how important it is. it's not a major election. it's equivalent as a presidential election. tell them with the stakes of. and try to get republicans on the record. try to get as -- try to get republican nominees for the senate. to tear themselves on -- on muslim bullet magazine. on assault weapons. things like that, where tremendous majority of pennsylvania's want change. get them on record. because when they go on record, they're going to try to hold on to their place, and they'll lose in pen, they lose a lot of their own voters. the key here is. whoever wins, mccormack are us,
8:17 pm
they are gonna try to do a governor rodney did in 2012. he campaigned as a right wing conservative, -- went back to the governor of massachusetts. it won't work, it didn't work with governor rodney, and it will work for the republicans this year. >> advice from the governor, get them on the record. katie meyer, michael steele, edward ball, thank you all so much. coming up on this all-important primary nights, we are live in pennsylvania and north carolina, plus, more steve kornacki more with those results. eugene robinson, -- are here, to break down what it all means for both parties, and heading into the midterms and beyond. the 11th hour just getting underway on this very big tuesday night. rway on this very bi tuesday night.
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so let's go back to our own steve kornacki at the big board. steve what do you know? >> you see keeping democratic at the primary clinging and i'm explaining to a lead over mehmet oz. them are done here, two tenths of 1%. it's 2000 and 148 votes right now separating them. i was just watching these returns come in in the last few minutes. of got a big batch of votes out of your county. that had gotten significantly closer to mccormack. mccormack and countered, in western pennsylvania, in erie county. mccormack got a good batch of votes out of here. just a few seconds ago, you
8:23 pm
came in from the city of philadelphia. that brought things tighten up a little bit. but that's what we are watching right. now you thousands votes here, few thousand votes there, was can get we seen him get close to about 2000. we've yet to see him catch mccormack. i think there are two things to keep your eye on here. as this continues to play out. number one is the margin between these two candidates. we see a way, now it's two tenths of one point. pennsylvania law calls for a recount, the final margin is less than or equal to five tenths of one point. so right now you would be in recount territory, mccormack would have to increase this lead. of have to catch. him and then move significantly ahead to fall out of that zone. the possibility that this falls within recount territory is very real at this point. the other thing to keep in mind, we mentioned this again. the mail-in ballots, the uncounted mail in ballots. in this primary, you can see hundreds of thousands of votes over 1 million votes could be
8:24 pm
cast in this republican primary. but there are about 33,000 right now, uncounted mail in the ballots. in some of those counties have said, they are not going to get to and sell tomorrow. they are not going to open and report out until tomorrow. what can i tell you about those mail-in ballots that have been counted so far in this race. there is not many of them, but the mail-in ballots that have been counted so far. mccormack has led by nine points. plus nine. mccormack has led by nine points. so if that were to hold, on these 33,000 mail-in ballots, that could be a big significant boost for mccormick when they are finally counted tomorrow. but, keep in mind, a lot of these mail-in ballots, are dropped off today, they are mailed in late, there could be different in character than the mail in ballots that have already been counted. take that with a grain of salt. maybe it's not mccormick plus
8:25 pm
nine within these rest of these mail-in ballots. maybe it's something different. a race this tight, the fact that we got more than 33,000 mail-in ballots. many of which that won't be counted until tomorrow, that moves particularly large. it is a very close race needless to say here in pennsylvania. we are following every twist and turn. it's about as close as this one in north carolina earlier, will just show you again the upset of the night at this point. in this 11th district by western north carolina, state senator chuck upwards, you've got the check mark next to his name. madison cawthorn, falls short in this race. we were watching this all night. edwards jumped out to a big lead. cawthorn did very well with the same day boats along the tennessee border. but he didn't do well enough. in his home county of henderson county. that's where edwards wanted, edwards wins this primary tonight. the incumbent member of congress fall short. >> steve, let's head down there towards henderson's colleague where antonio hilton is
8:26 pm
standing by at cawthorn's headquarters. and tonya, give us an update on the ground. >> hey steph, while it has been a somber and kind of strange night here at madison cawthorn 's election night event. for a while, his team wasn't saying much to reporters. people were kind of just milling about. and then madison cawthorn finally came out and spoke to his supporters. saying verbally that he thought that he could still win. but shortly after that, he immediately left the building. according to a spokesperson, look paul, quickly called state senator, chuck edwards, and conceded the race. this is even before nbc news our cnn has called this race. he really did present with much of the usual bravado. he looked a little bit tired, disappointed, as he spoke to reporters. frustrated. his staff again was really quiet. frankly, this didn't come as much of a surprise to us here on the ground. he has spent the entire day the
8:27 pm
republican district here, at a precinct, talking to voters, many of whom were using words like, it much are, not ready to lead. to describe him. these are people that are republicans who formerly in many cases had supported him, now we're looking towards one of his seven challengers, many of them mentioning state senator chuck edwards. so, this is all coming after one controversy after another. republicans both at home here in north carolina, and in washington d.c., sharpening their knives and turning against the 26-year-old congressman. so what many voters were saying, tonight, if you lost, would be entirely his fault. it looks right now that that's the way it's going to staff. >> when your own party turns against you. it is a problem. let's switch gears and ahead up back to pennsylvania, where nbc's bond is live from doctor oz's campaign headquarters in newtown pennsylvania. but on, you have been covering this campaign for months. it was just three weeks ago, you were at that muddy rally,
8:28 pm
where donald trump endorsed doctor oz, where he buried david mccormack. how did we get here, three weeks later, with the margin disclose. and mccormack in the league? >> it was three weeks ago stephanie, at that very rally, that i was having conversations with countless voters. david mccormack, or mehmet oz? and there was a lot of waffling and answers. trump was there, rallying in rural pennsylvania, for mehmet oz, but there was a lot of apprehensive this among a great number of voters. what did that ultimately lead us to? kathy barnett. of course she is not going to be our storyline tonight. nor tomorrow. she is not going to win this thing. at the same time, the conversations that you are having, stephanie, was the extent that kathy barnett would dilute the vote for david mccormack, and mehmet oz. and look what we are looking at right now. steve was looking at that map, calling out the suburban areas around the greater philadelphia area.
8:29 pm
where we are standing right now. the bucks county is one of them. this is an area that mehmet oz was looking to capitalize on. capping heavily in these areas. more affluent, conservative, suburbs of the philadelphia area where mehmet oz has been appearing on tv screens. the concern was that, kathy barnett was going to cut into his difference here. and that's exactly what she did. i was just talking with an adviser to kathy barnett who said, they believed a way to greater share of votes away from office. the other county, as an example, is the one right next door. montgomery county. stephanie, where did of dr. oz hold his final rally? it was montgomery county. who's leading in montgomery county right now? it is kathy barnett. kathy barnett lives in montgomery county. he has 33% of the votes there. then less mehmet oz at 27%. and in this mccormack, when we talk about our race in just a few thousand votes. that is what we are talking about. kathy barnett potential impact here on this base. we were at polling location earlier today stephanie.
8:30 pm
a great number of voters said they were heavily considering her. not often ultimately voted for her to give her the win. but she may have changed the outcome in this base if mehmet oz is not able to take the lead here. >> so she took a big bite out of office, her advisor, happy to talk about that with you. how about his advisors? has his campaign said anything to you tonight? >> yeah just in the last ten minutes they said they feel good about the direction this is heading in. while noting it is, tightening. and i think steve is better at cracking down the numbers. i cattle be frank with you stephanie, you know you have these conversations. campaigns are usually hedging their bets on the day. as polls are closing. we didn't hear that from these campaigns here. there is an acknowledgment and a recognition that this is going to come down to the wire. despite the millions of dollars and research and polling conducted. into this very race. there was sort of a head nod that we were gonna be right where we are right now. and that is why here, as those ballots mail in ballots are
8:31 pm
opened and counted. here we maybe booking a hotel for a couple more days here in pennsylvania. stephanie? >> all the research they did, neither of those gentlemen were counting on the barnett ultra maga effect. but we are seeing it tonight. barnhill thank. you stay close. >> coming up, those results still coming in, and we are all over it. but guess who is? up >> james cargo, eugene robinson, and palmieri here for the 11th hour continues. do not go anywhere. continues. continues. do not go i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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five primary states. our own steve kornacki back at the big board. steve, give us the rundown. >> yeah, so we've got mccormack city with 22 of the votes. a fraction of the percentage. let's show you where the outstanding votes are. there are two things here that are happening. there is the election day votes. the insane day votes. the folks who went in person and cast at the ballot box. anything that we're getting there tonight, just about all. we're guessing it's the same day vote. where we got the most abstaining same-day vote is right out of the side of philadelphia. outside of delaware county. it's a big county. as you see, we do not have that many votes to be reported here. so, we've got a lot now from chester county. going through philadelphia suburbs. but we still have to come next door. from montgomery county.
8:37 pm
a fair amount to come from bucks county as well. so the philadelphia suburbs, there's a meeting in philadelphia suburbs. i think there's going to be a single source of outstanding votes to come in tonight. and again, let's see if that shakes us up at all. here. the other issue, as i mentioned, is mail in ballots. ballots that either arrived later today, were dropped off today, were postmarked. many different combinations. different counties are handling them differently. there is some counties that made the decision, we are not going to look at mail-in ballots until the morning after the election. so, we are not sure on the exact number, but i would say there was at least 33,000 mail-in ballots that have not been counted. and they are not included in this. and many of those 33 thousands are not going to be processed and reported out until tomorrow at the earliest. so that is the other key
8:38 pm
variable here. we're looking at the same day vote. particularly in the philadelphia suburbs. there are other counties with same-day votes to come. that is going to have a lot to say as the mccormack shakes out. but when all that is done tonight, we are going to be an overtime waiting for potentially tens of thousands of mail-in ballots to be processed, to be counted, to be reported out. again, i mention this. so far in the vote, mccormack has been leading by nine. this is one of the things that are supposed to be a nine. this is one of the things, he's been leading by nine points over oz. this is one of those things that we've seen in republican primaries over the country. oz is endorsed by trump. barnett is trying to get the trump vote. those most align with trump, endorsed by trump, have generally done the worst with the mail-in vote and the best with the same day vote.
8:39 pm
so that could portend well for mccormick. if we do end up tonight in a real close situation, mccormack versus us, and there is this many uncounted mail but let's. there might, just based on how it's been going so far, there might be advantage for mccormack in the balance. >> and why is it, why do they do worse on the mail in ballots? i'm having flashbacks of the 2020 presidential election. is it because trump hates those ballots? >> i think it's mostly that. we're talking about pennsylvania in the fall of 2020, if you remember that week. joe biden with every mail ballot up they got closer and closer to pennsylvania until they talk to -- . trump had been telling people, do not vote by mail, vote in person! a lot of republicans, it seems, got that message. if you look at the total participation in this republican primary, well over 1 million votes have been cast in this thing. probably about 10% of the ballots in this republican primary are going to be cast by
8:40 pm
mail when all of this is celine dunn. if you look at the democratic race. we're talking about half of all of the votes in the democratic primary, are going to be cast by mail. so each party treats the idea of voting by mail very differently. so the universe of mail ballots is very small in this republican primary. and yet, the margin between mccormack and oz is so tiny right now, that the remaining mail in ballots could be the difference maker in the republican primary. >> my gosh, it's like the president election all over again. steve, stay close. this is the biggest primary night so far this year. which is why we brought in the big guns. democratic strategist james carville, he helped former president bill clinton in the early 90s, j.d. watson, pulitzer-winning journalist for the washington post. and jennifer, --
8:41 pm
and head of communications for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. mr. carville, you stayed up late. i want to turn to you first. we're not gonna have a final answer in the gop primaries for a while, but president biden also weighed in and he is not mincing words. he also said this, these candidates are not your father's gop. they have fought a malicious, chaotic primary campaign to be the most extreme. and they have shown people their authentic selves. that whoever emerges will be too dangerous, too craven, and to extreme to represent pennsylvania in the united states. that is a wow! what do you think? >> that is a lot. there is a couple of things that encourage me coming out of pennsylvania. but, i was actually [inaudible] trying to be a really great candidate. and [inaudible] in the general election. but, remember, if it's oz or
8:42 pm
mccormack, the other thing that is really important is that they have a terrible gubernatorial candidate. it's not a lot of ticket splitting in this day and age. not in pennsylvania. he's going to be so much of a drag, and no matter who it is, they're both first-time state candidates of any kind. and it is a slippery surface out there. i think the footing is a lot better. so i am encouraged by what i see out of pennsylvania. it's not overly encouraging, but i felt different than when i woke up this morning. and i feel very good about north carolina, because their nominee is a rough excuse -- enthusiastic of the rick scott plan. but because of the law liability, it's a political liability. i see james filing, because he knows exactly what i'm talking about. in north carolina.
8:43 pm
because [inaudible] . >> people from north carolina don't like their taxes being raised? shocking. >> no, they don't need a tax increase. i don't think. the health care workers, agriculture workers, but once attacks them all. that is not gonna sit well. >> no it will not. jennifer, let's talk about the power of trump though. because his candidate for a gun nurse did not win north carolina but madison cawthorn. he comes in the school of matt gates. this is trump boy, he lost. what does this tell you about the power of trump? and we don't have to look too far on pennsylvania to see what it's been four hours. at the very least very tight. >> yeah, i mean. if you look at the primaries that he's had thus far. it's hard to have a clear picture a marriage of specifically what happens to trump versus candidates. but. it is pretty clear about wet he has thought about this party. madison cawthorn went out of his own way to have [inaudible]
8:44 pm
i thinking that is the right kind of leader not ready to mature. but pennsylvania, don't forget that it was the heart of trump 's stop the steal campaign. right? so when he unleashed in that republican primary voters that very much believe that the election was stolen from them. it is not mass rihanna who has emerged as the republican gum nominee for governor. he was in the january six insurrection, but all of those that were running for governor where in some way supportive of stop the steal. did not believe that biden had won. so this is what trump has sowed. the republican association put out a statement saying, congratulations doug mastery on our. and we're gonna put our money where we think we can when. because they don't think that they will be able to win a
8:45 pm
state that matranga has won. but even when mccormack, and all of us. when they went to the circus, they spent tens of millions of dollars saying that the other one was not really like trump. and that is going to sit with republican voters to. so he has spurred this whole belief in stop the steal, and that can do with people like mastery i know. and he's pitted people like mccormack and -- against each other. and he's in a go together against -- . that i've seen in a long time. so the scorecard for trump, i think is pretty in the primary. i'm always confused by this. don't believe the president will resolve but believe all the down ballot races where republicans won. very confusing for me, eugene what do you make of the argument we keep hearing that some republicans are getting very worried that the party is getting to extreme, these
8:46 pm
extreme candidates are winning? is there any evidence of that? because more and more candidates just keep getting more extreme. right well >> a lot of republicans are worried that the party is getting too extreme, the problem is the republican base is fine with what's happening with the party. republican base is still a cult of personality for donald trump. and in the end we'll see what happens. between oz and mccormack and who wins that one. that's kind of a marquee race tonight. i think trump will be able to claim he didn't have that ban tonight. and i don't think you know, in terms of what democrats should come away with, if betterment has turned out terrific statewide candidate in pennsylvania. and i think they should feel very good about that race, they should feel good about north
8:47 pm
carolina as carmel said, the rick scott play out is a milestone around the neck. plus ball and chain around the ankle, of anybody who adores it. a remember what happened the last time donald trump ran or let a republican ticket in an election? they lost everything. they lost the white house in both taken to congress. be careful with you wish for. or if you want to be a trump cult personality, you end up being that, that might not be good for your party. even in the short run, saying nothing about the long run. >> i am often surprised when people keep talking about trump as the key maker. forgetting the fact that he lost the last election. james what have you learned, or heard about voter turnout tonight? >> you know, i've seen it, it's pretty comparable. i think this is good news if i'm not an expert on this kind of things. but the democratic turnout in pennsylvania was very comparable to the republican
8:48 pm
turnout. we had no -- shapiro got the votes in the guard -- nominee. and a federal races never that tight. and they spend a ton of money. i was expecting to have a much higher turnout differential between republicans and democrats. we certainly saw that in ohio. and we certainly saw that in texas. with more republican states, i don't know what to make of it. but earlier today i, was expecting a turnout differential to be somewhat higher for the republicans that it turned out to be tonight. i don't take it as bad news for sure. i can't tell you how good of news it is. if you look at the total vote, at least the last time i looked it was pretty -- when i think is the whole good news. >> all right, then mr. cargo, eugene robertson, jennifer palmieri, thank you for all staying up late with us. if you look to the left of your screen, doctor oz is speaking. he is just telling his supporters he is at his campaign headquarters. that we will not have results
8:49 pm
tonight. but he is assuring them when they get the results, possibly tomorrow, he will believes he will be the runner. coming up, an outreach of helping hands for a still healing community. when the 11th hour continues. 11th hour before i got aura, twenty-four of my online accounts were hacked! he uses the same password for everything. but aura digital security just dealt with it. what were we worried about again? shopping on public wifi is sketchy. but with aura digital security, my devices are protected in like 3 minutes. it's time to protect your life online with aura's all-in-one digital security. try for free today at what was that password anyway? ew.
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we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. >> we have to refuse to live in a country where black people go in about a weekly grocery shopping, can be gunned down by weapons of war, deployed, at a
8:54 pm
racist cause. we have to refuse to live in a country where fear and lies are packaged for power and for profit. gosh we must all list the great cause of america. this is worth requires all of us. presidents, politicians, commentators, citizens. none of us can stand on the sidelines. >> don't get confused or worried. there is a lot more election results the cover here tonight, but the last thing before i leave you, is about people. not polls. and a helping hand. that is why president biden was in buffalo today. for many who called the east side of buffalo their home. the top supermarket was the only option for low cost healthy food selections. since this past weekend massacre, volunteers at nearby's food distribution centers have been handing out bread, milk, eggs, and other goods so people don't need to leave their neighborhood for
8:55 pm
essentials. that still might not be enough for those who do need to get a fully stocked grocery store. and who wouldn't? well, help came today from two big rideshare companies. uber and lyft. near governor kathy hochul says anyone living and the neighbors around tops market can now get coupons from those companies. enough to cover the cost of a ride or two to nearby grocery stores. tops has also provided a free shuttle bus for residences to get there, to get to one of their other locations. now, here is how you can help. the supermarket chain has also launched a buffalo 5:14 survivors fund. according to a company tweet, pops has ceded the survivor spawned with $500,000 to get it started. 100% of the contributions donated to this fund will go directly to victims and survivors of this atrocity. obviously nothing is going to bring back the loved ones tragically lost that day, but hopefully with a little help, the community can begin to heal.
8:56 pm
and on that very busy note, of tonight, one that we've had. i wish you a good night, and from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news. thank you for staying up late. our primary election coverage continues with my friend and colleague, i mean level. just after a short break. and i'll see you at the end of tomorrow. of of tomorrow welcome to your world. your why. what do you want to leave behind? what do you want to give back? what do you want to be remembered for? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. at pnc private bank, we'll help you take care of the how. so tell us - what's your why? ♪♪
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reporting live from right here on msnbc, election headquarters. we are tracking the results for primary elections and five states. across the country. some calls are here now in pennsylvania. the projection when a republican for governor, is doug marciano. that's another key race where republican nominee is now, also, the january 6th rally attendee. the fire election with the u.s. capitol on the insurrection. day he will not admit a push by some less radical


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