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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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through that could advance this further. >> ryan, thank you very much. that's going to do it for me for this 11:00 a.m. hour. i will be back in this seat at 2:00 p.m. eastern. before that, "andrea mitchell reports" starts right now. ♪♪ good day, everyone. this is "andrea mitchell reports" in washington. following a wild primary night with results still coming in from a pennsylvania race that could determine which party controls the senate. right now, trump-backed doctor and talk show host dr. oz is running head to head with david mccccormick. the winner will face john fetterman who beat connor lamb for the democratic nomination. fetterman is still recovering from a stroke he had last week. results in the governor race will pit doug mastriano, an
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election denier, against josh shapiro. north carolina voters rejected madison cawthorn. despite a trump endorsement. in ukraine, after three months of fighting, russian forces have captured mariupol. in kyiv, a russian soldier pleaded guilty today to shooting a ukrainian civilian. this is the first war crimes trial of the ukraine conflict. in a major blow to vladimir putin, sweetsweden and finland applied for nato membership today. this hour, i will speak to ukraine as president zelenskyy's chief of staff. first, the primary races. joining me now, steve kornacki. steve, it's been a long night. it's going to be a long days,
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maybe longer. start us off in pennsylvania. where you see the remaining vote. >> pennsylvania elections, just like 2020, we are in overtime. >> exactly. >> oz leading mccormick for the u.s. senate. the margin, 2,463 votes. we are still waiting on some more votes out of allegheny county. that's mccormick's home county. he has been leading in that county. it may take a couple days to report out the remaining vote. there are several thousand votes. it's an opportunity for him. he wouldn't erase the lead just with the votes out of allegheny but he could cut into the gap he faces there. we are waiting on more votes out of delaware county. this right outside philadelphia. mccormick is leading. it's very close. oz is doing well here as well. there's a possibility that mccormick could make a little bit more in the way of inroads here. i wouldn't look for massive
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inroads out of delaware county either. a couple of places left here where there's precincts from election day vote that could allow mccormick to cut a little off of the lead. the ball game is now about the mail-in ballots. we have had some counties, chester county just outside philadelphia, for instance, that counted up a bunch of mail-in ballots this morning. reported them out. we think now the number now we think -- these estimates change a little bit. but we think it's about 20,000. it's about 20,000 mail ballots. take it with a grain of salt. about 20,000 mail ballots that remain statewide to be counted in this republican primary. a couple things are happening here. there are some counties that received mail ballots that were dropped off in person yesterday that have begun to count those and report those out.
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there are other place where mail ballots were received. but it doesn't mean the mail ballot is accepted. it could be an invalid ballot. we had a bigger number here earlier. we were talking about 30,000. we think the actual number that's going to make it through and be counted is probably going to end up closer to 20,000. a pool of about 20,000 votes right there. the key with the mail ballots as we have been saying is that mccormick has been running ahead of oz in the mail vote so far, by about nine points. if mccormick were to continue to do that, do the math, it would get him close. it would get him close to catching oz. he might have to do better than beat him by nine points, depending how many are left. it would get him close to erasing this lead. we are basically in a position here where the best case for mccormick is he does well enough with the mail-in ballots and he could just catch oz and get into
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first place right here. the bigger picture is, the margin in this, you can see it's .2. if mccormick gets ahead, it's by a sliver. if oz stays ahead, it's close as well. the threshold for an automatic recount is half a percent. anything less than or equal to .5%. we are well within that at .2%. it's a question of where this is going to land in terms of, does oz stay on top and by how much? does mccormick find a way to get into first place? either way, you are looking at a high likelihood of something that lands in that recount territory. >> recount territory has been so controversial in pennsylvania from the republican side. the marsiano factor, successful trump candidate for governor. trump weighing in when it was
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clear he was going to win. catching in on the prize. he was leading the recount factor. he was at january 6. he is a trump denier. he is on the other side of the -- of what is traditionally republican pennsylvania politics. that said, if you are mccormick, do you think that there's enough of a mail-in ballot edge and an allegheny county edge and he might pick up something from delaware? it's oz's home base in those counties. what do you think the chances are that this will really end up with oz, who wouldn't have won comfortably in barnett had not bled off some of his voters. >> there is a good chance here that oz finishes on top here. wins this primary or at least
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leading going into an automatic recount. the recount would be triggered if you are inside of half a percent. the two variables here are, where is the remaining election day vote? one of the biggest sources here is allegheny county. you do see mccormick, when they count, maybe friday they count this, we just got more votes there, a few more votes ticking in, you can see that oz margin, 2,452 over mccormick. there's the possibility in allegheny county for mccormick to get this inside of 2,000. i think realistically with what's left, he could get this inside of 2,000. like we say, there's delaware county. not quite sure how that's going to break. oz hasn't been doing too badly around there. mccormick could shave a couple hundred more off in a best case scenario. then the big variable becomes those remaining mail-in ballots. to get a handle on exactly how many are left, it has been
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difficult. it's been a bit of a moving target here. like i said, part of it is counties were getting these numbers yesterday. we got reported from the state this morning by county the number of mail-in ballots returned in person yesterday. some of those we are now seeing were actually added into the totals. the counties did add them up last night and include them as part of their totals. some of the mail-in ballots to be mailed in received is one thing, to be accepted is another. not all of those will be counted. the bottom line is, we think now it's closer to 20,000. 20,000 mail ballots that remain to be counted in this. if you are mccormick, and you end up -- let's say you are trying to erase a deficit of about 2,000, you have to win those by a solid clip. it's not impossible, but it's very possible that mccormick is not able to do that. oz just ends up on top in this. oz wins this primary.
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it may end up being a situation where it's a couple hundred votes. it's 1,000 votes. it's something like that. that would put you in recount territory. it might be a few weeks before you get an official winner declared from there. there is a path here where this stays like it is right now. oz on top. >> it's remarkable. of course, with the climate right now and all of this election denial embedded in pennsylvania, there's going to be questioning this election if it's that close. for a long time to come. thank you so much. after a long night at the big board. thanks, steve kornacki. to drill down, vaughan hillyard is in philadelphia. this race, too close to call. likely recount. depending what happens with the hail-ins and the remaining day-of votes from allegheny. this is amazing. the barnett factor. would oz have won this if she
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had not drained off some of his votes? >> reporter: that was really the concern. all day yesterday, the concern for the oz camp, but mccormick camp, was the extent to which barnett would dilute those candidates' votes. what you are seeing right now around bucksthe suburbs where we were and where oz finished the final days of his campaign, we saw that, a barnett advisor telling me that they diluted oz's vote more, they believe, compared to mccormick's. if oz does not quite pull this off and mccormick is able to eclipse him, we will look at the impact that kathy barnett ultimately had as a potential spoiler in this. i'm not sure if i missed it between you and steve here. but just in the last few moments, the former president on his own social media platform, truth, he posted a statement there. i think this is important to read to the audience.
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because it shows the extent to which donald trump looks to not only manipulate reality around the 2020 election but also here in 2022. what he just posted, he said, dr. oz should declare victory. it makes it much harder for them to cheat with the ballots that they just happen to find. again, he said dr. oz should declare victory. there's potentially tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that were rightfully cast by pennsylvania voters. the former president is calling oz to reject those ballots. he is suggesting that there's some form of manipulation that these mail-in ballots aren't week. this harkens back to his frustrations in 2020. it led to a bigger margin of victory for joe biden in this state. a manipulation already by the former president. >> it's trying to control the narrative. good point, vaughan. it was an 80,000 votes that
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biden defeated trump in pennsylvania, despite all that noise, a lot of noise from the trump camp. that's what i was talking about with kornacki, that people will question this. they already are. the people is that guy in mar-a-lago. now to north carolina where madison cawthorn lost his bid for re-election. he was scandal plagued. trump backed ted budd. antonia hylton joining us from north carolina. cawthorn was unable to overcome the scandals. he had incredible scandals. didn't get kicked out or criticized by his own party until he falsely claimed that some of his party elders were having orgies and cocaine parties. that tells you a lot about the
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ethics scrutiny parties are -- >> reporter: that's right. it was more about the comments on a podcast about sex parties and cocaine, about trying to bring a gun through an airport and certainly not about periods of time where congressman cawthorn had cast doubt on the 2020 election. the knives have been out from republicans in washington and republicans in his home state. i was talking to voters. they were questioning his maturity, asking if he was ready to lead. in some ways, the writing was on the wall. when we were at his victory party last night, the feeting -- the feeling was somber and strange. his team hadn't said a lot. when congressman cawthorn came out to address his supporters, while he was trying to project strength and confidence that he could win that night, his face looked downtrodden. he looked tired.
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he left the building after talking to his supporters and called chuck edwards to concede before nbc had even called the race. cawthorn had seen the writing on the wall and had given up. chuck edwards is up against democrat jasmine ferrara. the crowd has been clear for several months. ted budd has been fighting it out and beasley has been in the lead. that's the race. >> one of the strongest democratic candidates across the country for an open seat. that could be one of the big pick-ups. ted budd, endorsed by trump, defeated the former governor. thank you very much. joining us now, jennifer
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palmeri, former communication director for president obama and hillary clinton. and brendon buck. what a mess in pennsylvania. jennifer, pennsylvania used to be the place where ed rendell, hillary chairman in 2008, former dnc chairman, governor, mayor in philadelphia. democrats did well. republicans were people like tom ridge and dick thornburgh. they were moderate republicans. this is completely changed. jennifer, what does yesterday's big win for fetterman and, of course, what's happening on the republican side tell you? >> i think midterms are going to be tough for democrats. the question is, are democrats able to nominate in their primaries candidates that are best positioned to break through and win in a difficult environment? clearly, john fetterman and
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beasley are best positioned to do that. fetterman versus -- whether it's oz or mccormick, i think it's the same argument. it's either oz is hollywood and fetterman is pennsylvania or mccormick is wall street and connecticut and fetterman is pennsylvania. it's a very good contrast for them. you look at the governor race in pennsylvania. you have mastriano, who led stop the steal, part of the insurrection, against josh shapiro. i was in pennsylvania for the circus a month ago. what you could feel was real enthusiasm for fetterman. the race for governor, concern around independents about having such radical candidates on the republican side. trump made stop the steal ground zero in pennsylvania. that left a mark not just with republicans -- you see that with who they nominated for governor.
9:17 am
but also with democrats and independents. that can help both shapiro and fetterman. >> brandon, connor lamb, a veteran, ivy league, western pennsylvania, clean cut, experienced, won in a tough district. this year, he just could not break through. they end up with fetterman who is so different. and mastriano, who is more radical than any republican that has run for governor. >> yeah. it tells you the middle is vacant right now. connor lamb is out of central casting, a general election candidate. when he was in the house, we used to joke he was undefeatable. he checks every single box. john fetterman is a pretty risky candidate for democrats in pennsylvania. he is populist, which is popular right now. he is pennsylvania. but he is for medicare for all and some of the more progressive
9:18 am
policies that are not proving popular right now. you have a situation in pennsylvania where both sides are trying their hardest to lose by nominating probably the least electable nominee. fetterman, obviously, -- neither party wants to take the middle. >> democrats keep saying, we got the most radical republican to run against, that's great. that does remind me about what you know, what democrats said when they were running against donald trump with hillary clinton. >> this is why i think that fetterman versus a conventional candidate like oz or mccormick, is a better matchup for him. there's no denying fetterman may be -- he has progressive views. but he is catching on and not just with progressive voters. he is catching on with blue
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collar pennsylvania voters. i think he has a chance of picking up some republicans. >> we will have to see. thank you very much. fascinating elections. tough choices coming up overseas. ukrainian forces gain ground. they are giving up control in others. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports." this is msnbc. ng "andrea mitchell reports." mitchell reports." this is standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. zero-commission trades for online u.s. stocks and etfs. and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade, and delivered to your door
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prop a ensures that muni delivers you there quickly and safely. with less wait time and fewer delays. and a focus on health and safety in every neighborhood through zero emissions fleets. best of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. welcome back. today sweden and finland, both neutral, have submitted letters to join nato. this is a direct result of the increased russian threat that they feel after russia invaded ukraine. nto is expected to approve those next month. secretary of state blinken tries to resolve some opposition from turkey. there's a meeting between the secretary and his turkish
9:23 am
foreign minister counterpart today. it's a blow to vladimir putin. the mariupol surrender continues. more buses evacuating ukrainian fighters from that steel plant after they had valiantly held the russians at bay for nearly three months. ukraine wants to swap their fighters for russian prisoners. russia is investigating them for possible war crimes and may designate them as members of a tear -- terrorist group. >> reporter: they have been moved to russian held territory. russia has transferred from that steel factory to russian held territory nearly 1,000 ukrainian fighters. they have gone now from heroic
9:24 am
resistance fighters, how they are seen in this country, to russian hostages, russian pawns. it's common for -- in times of war for prisoners to be taken. it's common for prisoners to be swapped. what russia wants to do is investigate each and every one of them for possible war crimes, for possible crimes against civilians. it may designate all of them as being members of a terrorist organization. it seems that the reason russia wants to do this is to try to send a message to ukraine that it does not want russian troops that are held by the ukrainian government to be tried for war crimes. we have seen the first war crimes trial in this country with a russian soldier. just today pleading guilty to murdering a ukrainian civilian. there's a massive difference. the russians, according to evidence that has been collected
9:25 am
by journalists, investigators, prosecutors are working on collecting more evidence. we are responsible for numerous was crimes. that needs to work out. these charges just seem to be launched at these fighters in order to scare off the ukrainians in order to dissuade them from pursuing war crimes investigations. joining me now, president zelenskyy's chief of staff. thank you very much for being with us. i wanted to ask you about the ukrainian soldiers, the heros of mariupol. what is going to happen to these soldiers now that they are in russian territory? >> first of all, i'd like to say that for us it's the most important to survive our people.
9:26 am
i proposed to not make the so quick reactions of the all information. very often information from the russian federation, i can say, now it's -- we can see humanitarian operation on the control of united nations and red cross. the main goal of this operation, it's so survive the life of our heroes, our soldiers. i think the most detail of this separation, we can inform after this operation will be complete. for this operation working, our
9:27 am
chief of the army and our intelligence services. this is everything which i'm able to inform you now. >> what would happen if russia accuses these soldiers of war crimes? >> yes. as you understand, that all the world see who is real military -- who is made the real military crimes. this is russian army. the people and the world see what happens in bucha. all this conversation, of course, have not any repeat basis.
9:28 am
of course, in any countries this talking, this potential risk of this decision will be not recognized. of course, we continue our work. it's working. but once again, i propose to not make the conclusion before this humanitarian operation is complete. >> that has to be the biggest priority for you. can you confirm the reports that ukraine has succeeded in pushing the russian soldiers back from kharkiv? >> yes, i can. i can confirm that we have some
9:29 am
success in this direction. we really have occupied some part of the territory around the region. there and especially in donbas, very hard battles is continue. practically nonstop. of course, now, it's the most hard direction. it's most -- it's the confirmation that this terrible is continuing. >> what more should the eu be doing on sanctions and the u.s.? can you get hungary, do you think -- can the eu get hungary to agree to the oil sanctions so it's a solid front? russia still gets this oil money for the war.
9:30 am
>> yes, you are absolutely right. first of all, we, of course, i think the historical decision of the united states for additional aid to ukraine, and we hope that it will be happens very soon. of course, it will be signed by the president biden and this help very -- as soon as possible we can receive. of course, i can use this opportunity to say how it's important and big fans for americans, for administration of biden, for the congress, for both parties, for the speaker pelosi. for everybody who participated and continue support and help ukraine.
9:31 am
of course, you arise a very important issue which the group of -- the large numbers of the international ukrainian expert working, it's the full embargo of the oil -- of the russian oil in the energy sector. we know and we see how it is continue consultation and discussion about the package of the sanctions. we hope that it will be decisions of peace very soon. it's very important. i think that -- i believe -- we see the reactions and the position of the society of the
9:32 am
european countries. they absolutely support my country, support fighting soviet. because they understand ukraine today defend not only our independence and freedom. we are defend the independence and freedom of all the world and first of all of the europe. >> we have seen that russia cannot win. can ukraine win? will this be a long standoff, or can you drive russia out of ukraine? >> yes. we first of all -- we show to all the world that ukrainians will be fighting to full victory. of course we sure about our victory. i sure that this victory will be
9:33 am
not just ukrainian. it will be victory of all our friends and all our partners. in the same time, we understand that exist some political sources, some people who may be interested that this war will be very long and the price which ukraine paying every day will be more high. but i can tell that as long this war will continue, as biggest will be the risk for another country, for all the world that this war -- in this war will be involved not just ukraine.
9:34 am
it will be the beginning the country who is in the border of russia and later it can be possible that it will be biggest war of the big number of the countries. now ukrainian nations show that it's possible to not be afraid. they show 84 days how we are fighting. if we receive in time everything which we agree with our partners and our friends, we will win and win as soon as possible. >> thank you very much. you are a colleague and partner on the sanctions issue among others. ambassador mcfarland will join us now. we want to thank you. >> thank you very much.
9:35 am
best regards to my friends. >> you see him. >> thank you very much. >> as you know, he has been a wonderful source of experience and expertise to us as well as our colleague here at nbc news. ambassador, thank you very much. this is a critical time also because nato wants to admit norway and finland. this expands the border, exposes russia to nato -- more at the doorstep, what putin didn't want when he considered this illegal invasion. turkey is opposing it. secretary of state is trying to talk the turkish foreign minister today about it. do you think that that can overcome turkey's objections? it has to be unanimous of the 30 nato members, as you know.
9:36 am
>> i do. i think the turks are just using their leverage, negotiating strategy. they don't like some of the refugees that sweden and finland have brought in. they call them terrorists. obviously, those two sovereign countries, have a different definition. at the end of the day, the turks will go along. it's important to underscore what you said earlier. putin has managed to achieve what stalin couldn't. they didn't join nato when it was formed. they didn't join for multiple waves of expansion. now they are joining us. it's the exact opposite military objective of what he set to do a couple months ago. >> right now, how damaging is it that mariupol is now in russian hands? they have to hold on to odesa. they are still blockaded from the sea.
9:37 am
>> in russia, the victory of mariupol will be celebrated. it will be -- it's being talked about as a major achievement. remember, they call these fighters nazis. this is part of their de-nazification. this is a major event. what happens next in terms of the russian operation? as you were discussing, they have achieved very little on the battlefield. they are moving out of kharkiv. it's not going according to plan in donbas. it's not clear to me what the next move in terms of the battlefield mr. putin has available. i think maybe mariupol will be a victory, but very small compared to the objectives he set out for this war at the beginning of his campaign. >> mike, thank you. the search for answers. investigators combing through the buffalo shooting suspect's internet history.
9:38 am
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for people with skin. investigators are did iing deeper into the background of the 18-year-old accused gunman in the buffalo mass shooting. they are combing through his internet history. he appears to have mapped out details of the store which became the scene of saturday's deadly shooting. in posts he indicates he considered a school and churches as additional targets. ron allen, what else are we learning? >> reporter: the suspect was
9:41 am
here at this grocery store in the months before this happened, the day before it happened, the morning before it happened. there's a lot out there about him. authorities are trying to piece it all together as they decide whether to increase the charges that he is facing, which seems likely. he is facing a first degree murder charge. there's also the possibility of a state terrorism charge and federal hate crime charge, which could carry the death penalty. that's why there will be another appearance in court tomorrow for the suspect on thursday. we hope to learn more about exactly what the status is. in community, there continues to be an outpouring of support for the victims' families, for the people affected by this attack. donations pouring in from the corporate community. we saw the buffalo bills football team players here visiting the memorial and paying their respects. the foundation for the football team is donating $400,000. there are a lot of donations pouring in. a lot of questions about --
9:42 am
people have questions about how long this will last. hopefully and what the community will do in the days and weeks after the attention starts to die down. the concern about the here and now, trying to get on with day to day life. the court hearing tomorrow and the funerals for the victims begin on saturday. >> ron allen in buffalo, thank you. here in washington, another sign the justice department could be widening its investigation into january 6. justice officials sending a letter to the january 6 committee asking for transcripts of interviews the committee conducted while investigating. in response, committee chairman thompson says it's premature to hand over those transcripts. they will let them view special documents in person. joining us is pete williams and phil rucker. pete, what does it tell us about justice and what they are
9:43 am
looking at? as you know, the committee is not happy with garland because of the delay. they have yet to hear back about mark meadows. >> i suspect at the justice department, they understand the concern that garland isn't moving fast enough. you have a letter from the justice department a month ago asking for access to these documents. they still don't have it. on the one hand, the committee is saying, you are not moving fast enough. on the other hand, the committee is saying, we're not going to help you. our understanding is that just as you reported, that what the committee said is you can't have these transcripts, but you can look at them. >> is that going to satisfy doj? >> i don't think so. ultimately, the justice department will want them. what bennie thompson said is, we're not done yet. maybe when the committee is finished it will give the justice department access to these. it's a little strange here. normally, these things work in the opposite direction where the government's investigation and
9:44 am
the grand juries move faster than the congressional committee. here the congressional committee interviewed over 1,000 people. they could learn a lot there. it's a due diligence to see this material. >> phil, when we talk about this tension between the two, the reason why there's so much pressure on the committee to move more quickly, they see what's happening with midterms. they could lose control and the whole thing ends. they feel they have to move quickly. they want more help from doj. >> that's right. the committee and the doj are on separate tracks here. the house committee is doing the fact finding investigation. they don't have a criminal role to their probe like the justice department. they are working within a political calendar. the election is in november. it seems at this point very likely that republicans could take control of the house, in which case they could derail this committee's work. the committee leadership is
9:45 am
trying to get as much of their work finished between now and november and draw some conclusions and share more information with the public in those june hearings ahead of the elections. the doj is moving at its own pace on its own calendar, irrespective of the political dynamics with the forthcoming election. >> pete, where do we stand, is there any way to know where garland stands on mark meadows? >> there may be a little more meat to the criticism they aren't moving fast. they decided the steve bannon referral in 21 days. they still haven't decided mark meadows. we understand the complexity here. the justice department's position has been for decades under republicans and democrats that congress can't subpoena the senior people to the president because that would be just like subpoenaing the president himself. that would violate separation of powers. therefore, senior officials don't have to respond. of course, the meadows case is
9:46 am
different than bannon. bannon completely stiffed the committee. meadows has given some cooperation. all those things are complicating it. still, perhaps the justice department does come in for a little more justifiable criticism that they haven't moved fast on this one. >> the counterargument is this is about things meadows was doing outside of the presidency. the election still and the pressure on georgia. >> that don't relate to executive privilege. they weren't things that the president could do. that's right. they weren't official business. that makes it different. that's another layer of complexity here. >> phil, what are we learning about whether or not they would call the former president to testify about his role? >> they have not done that yet. it's unclear if they will. the hearings, of course, are coming up in june. the committee is hard at work trying to put together sort of a blockbuster presentation that they hope can sway public opinion. it all centers around trump.
9:47 am
my colleagues are reporting that congresswoman liz cheney, the republican from wyoming, has been the most forceful voice in the room behind closed doors of that committee and pushing further investigation to focus squarely on trump and try to hold trump himself responsible for whatever the evidence can point them towards. >> phil, pete, thanks to both of you. great to have you on set, pete. the trump factor. how the former president will impact the november elections and what it means for the democrats' hold on power as they push ahead to 2024. cedric richmond joins us next. that's here on msnbc. that's here on msnbc so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:52 am
sleep. some celebrating. some not. first of all, pennsylvania. when do you think we'll know? they have to count the mail in ballots. it would be within the margin of error for a recount. you know the suspiciouses among the maga people. what it could entail on the republican side, of course. it's on the republican side. you have john as the democratic candidate. what are you seeing looking at the republican side? >> well, i'm seeing a united democratic party of pennsylvania. i see a candidate who has enthusiasm and we're excited about him. we're going to push on the republican side. it's to be expected. but whoever prevails in that primary will be extreme. i don't believe the people of pennsylvania are that extreme. i think people see what is on the line this november.
9:53 am
i'm looking toward to a contest of ideas. i'm convinced that fetterman and the biden agenda will prevail in november. >> pennsylvania has changed. connor lamb, the congressman who lost to fetterman, is out of central casting for what should be a great general election candidate for the democratic party for either party, really. a veteran. i mean, smart, handsome, young. what went wrong there? >> i respect him tremendously. i think he's a phenomenal human being. he's somebody who has served well and probably will serve again in the future well. i think fetterman is the same. has the same qualities. he's more aggressive but his passion of improving the plight of people's life is there with
9:54 am
president biden and the fact -- i think he was able to articulate it to people. he'll wake up every day fighting to people's lives. i think it residence -- resonates. he used his bigger base to win the race. >> the big issue of the president's bad polls, strong agenda despite everything they have done. nothing is getting in done in washington but all the head winds facing the democratic party. what is wrong with the white house's political team or the way the dnc is working. don't you need a mr. fix it now or ms. fix it? >> i think you go out and tell people what you're doing. we're about to embark on that. >> why now? isn't it late? you have lost virginia.
9:55 am
when will you make the sale? >> i don't think it's late. first of all, remember when we took office, we had 3,000 people dying a day of covid. it wasn't the time to take a victory lap as we passed american rescue plan that saved hundreds of thousands of lives. as we removed lead pipes from 10 million households. one thing about this president is he doesn't beat his chest and doesn't brag about what he's doing. he's so concerned with people who are losing loved ones, whether it is domestic terrorism, whether it's covid. he's keeping his head down and working. and the truth is, he's continuing to deliver for the american people. now i'm at the dnc. we have great leadership with jamie harrison. we'll tell the american people what we're able to accomplish and why elections matter and elections have consequences. we get to talk about all the wonderful things. it's because we won georgia that ketanji brown jackson is the first african american woman on
9:56 am
the supreme court. we'll go remind people that it's because we won. >> and georgia is next week. and you also, you know, have to look at the fact that after buffalo, after all the shootings, why not more sooner on gun violence from the white house? >> well, the president has talked about gun violence since day one. we issued very strong executive action on guns, cracking down on gun dealers. but this country -- i hate to say this, but we have to decide who we are. we can't keep saying we're better than this. clearly we're not. that's going to take us talking to our neighbors. the president has said over and over that america is not a zerosome game. we don't have to push other people down to raise ourselves up. we can all raise up. that makes it special. i think it's a defining moment in the country for us to decide who we want to be. >> cedric richmond, it's a pleasure. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you.
9:57 am
that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us on facebook and twitter. follow us on facebook and twitter. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:00 am
terrorist and the threat of violent extremism in america as authorities comb through a trail of hate. . and the latest on day 84 of the war in eastern europe as the senate prepares to vote on $40 million in new aid to ukraine. sweden and finland prepare for nato membership. welcome to "meet the press daily." i'm chuck todd. the day after the biggest election primary night so far. we'll dive in. we start with pennsylvania. nbc news projects that john fetterman is the nominee. we're not projecting anymore. the votes have been counted. fetterman ran as an outsider but