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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 18, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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violent extremism in america as authorities comb through a trail of hate. . and the latest on day 84 of the war in eastern europe as the senate prepares to vote on $40 million in new aid to ukraine. sweden and finland prepare for nato membership. welcome to "meet the press daily." i'm chuck todd. the day after the biggest election primary night so far. we'll dive in. we start with pennsylvania. nbc news projects that john fetterman is the nominee. we're not projecting anymore. the votes have been counted. fetterman ran as an outsider but
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with sort of traditional democratic talking points. he also ran as an insider. self-described populist who also said, hey, i'm a democrat. you'll see a lot of democrats making the pilgrimage to pennsylvania to learn how to channel his style of messaging. especially if he wins the senate race. then the drama on the republican side. our decision desk said it's too close to call. there's a couple thousand votes separating the two candidates. we don't know where the votes are coming in. you can't project anything other than we'll go to kornacki to get the latest numbers. on the governor's side of things shapiro is the nominee. he run unopposed. on the republican side of the aisle, doug mastrano was one of the leaders to overturn the
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election in 2020 in pennsylvania. the other republican pennsylvaniaens were to desperate to breakthrough. he pushed back on the labels during his victory speech last night. take a listen. >> they like to call people who stand on the constitution far right and extreme. i repudiate that. actually their party what the media stands for and advocates for, they've gone extreme. this is our time. >> those are the retorts i guess we can expect. it gives trump another one of his coveted wins. again, it was kind of late here. he threw an entire state's worth
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of elections into chaos. it means every single republican in pennsylvania, from dogcatcher to senator, is going to be asked if they're okay with overseeing the 2020 election to a person who tried to invalidate a free and fair election in 2020. he said he actually wants every voter in pennsylvania to have their voter registration completely cancelled and force everybody to reregister. he's facing a subpoena from the january 6th committee. this is the republican nominee in the state of pennsylvania. republican governor's association put out a lukewarm statement after the victory that did not include a commitment to engage on his behalf. it was an extraordinarily risky approach to elevating all republican candidates. the question often ask, how many
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races will donald trump cost the gop? in a moment we'll go to kornacki and the big board to find out how many vote are left to count. 2500 is a small margin. when you don't have many to count, it's a big one. we start on the ground in pennsylvania. dasha, i think one thing we learned is cathy barnett absolutely caught on to oz. if oz loses, they'll have barnett to thank. if he wins, he'll have trump to thank. what do we know? how long will the process take? >> yeah. i wouldn't beholding your breath for results any time soon here. we talked about this when we were together last week. the reason pennsylvania is a trump test is because, as i have been on the ground here talking to voters, so many undecided,
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they all express skepticism of oz to me. the reason i think it's interesting to see trump's influence here is because if he was able to pull some of those voters over, who were skeptical, that says a lot about the trust that voters still have in the former president. i had interesting conversations with voters this morning. i talked to a gentleman out of bruce. last time i spoke with him, he was a bar tows guy. last minute he changed his mind. he walked into the polls at 7:30 p.m. and did something he didn't expect himself to do. he cast his vote for dr. oz. i asked him why, he said, well, there's got to be a reason that trump supported him. sandra finland, who you met, as well, was skeptical of oz. she also told me she voted for him at the enof the day. i spoke to a gentleman we met an
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oz event who was interested in barnett. who told me he voted for mccormack. i think it's fascinating to have these conversations. we need to look out for now. where is the messaging going from here? our colleague is reporting what the former president is saying about the election on his social media. he's sighing oz should declare a victory. it makes it harder to cheat with the ballots they find. to be clear, there's no evidence of cheating here. you see the seeds being planeted of sowing some doubt in this election.
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>> have we heard from oz or mccormack? >> reporter: not that i've seen. both of the campaigns, i think, have been huddling internally. preparing to get their lawyers out there to various counties. i think everybody is hunkering for down for what could be days or weeks, if 2020 is any indication. it could be some time. we might be renting an airbnb here >>well, there's no doubt that a bunch of democrats were rooting for barnett but probably their second favorite outcome is a recount of some sort that divides the gop a bit further. we'll see. thank you. we go to steve kornacki.
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we have a few technical issues. we can have a conversation. oz has about a 2500 vote lead. how many raw votes are there, do we think, steve? >> yeah. basically two sources of the same-day vote. one is in allegheny county. can we able to -- it just popped up. two main sources of outstanding same-day vote. one in allegheny county, which is mccormack's home base. pittsburgh area. we're talking a couple of thousand votes here. he could knock it down to about
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2,000. the other is delaware county. you can see mccar mack has the lead in delaware county now. it's very close. oz isn't doing that bad in delaware county either. there's an opportunity for mccormack to make nominal gains here. what it comes down to is outstanding mail in ballots. it's all over the place. every county is handling these differently. some have collected them for the last few weeks and said we'll get to them the day after the election. some have a big bunch of them and left a few for today. we're trying to get a handle on how many are left. to pin down the number is difficult. our best estimate there are maybe 20,000 throughout the state to be counted. this is the best and probably last for mccormack here to catch
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oz. it's basically this, the mail in ballots we've seen so far that have been counted, mccormack has been leading oz. >> by 90 points. >> yeah. >> it doesn't look like enough. >> it may not be. there's a question how many. is it 20,000? a little bit more? >> yeah. >> maybe there's more of a chance for mccormack. a little bit less than 20,000, then the numbers get tighter. you hear the conversation about the automatic recount that gets triggered inside half a percent. your chances of prevailing in a recount, if you can get within 100 or 200 votes are a lot better than if you're going to the recount. it's a big variable here and mccormack has been leading in the votes counted so far. it's consistent in the pattern
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we've seen across the country. the trump-endorsed candidate has been losing in the mail in vote and winning in the election day votes. it's a continuation of that pattern. >> right. >> there are opportunities here for mccormack, if everything broke his way, you could see maybe just leapfrogging oz and getting into the lead. then we would be in a recount. >> what kind of recount. sometimes it's a machine check. it's not a hand recount and things like that. what kind of first recount would it be? >> i believe they would have -- it would have three weeks to initiate. the secretary of state would have three weeks to initiate the recount and then each county would have one week to perform. i don't know if it would have to be a manual recount or just be running the ballots through the machines again. each county would be given one week to perform the recount and
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report back to the state. it could stretch to june 7th. >> it's interesting to see where the numbers land after the first round of votes are counted. i manage if it doesn't look like a recount can overtake it, what kind of pressure will be there. anyway. it'll be something to follow. thank you, steve. we turn to a family that knows how to win statewide in pennsylvania. democratic senator bob casey. good to see you. let me start with what we saw on your side of the aisle. fetterman won. >> i think it was a commanding performance by john fetterman.
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i've been paying a lot of attention to primaries my whole life, as you know, i have run in a few myself. i know about the data. i have never seen in a major race for the united states senate or governor or even president a more overwhelming primary win. i guess one or two might change but in the end may win every single county. the margin was big. probably most importantly as a precure or so or general foundation he was winning in urban areas with big margins. he was winning suburban communities and overwhelmingly in rural communities. i counted about half of the counties he was winning with four candidates in the race. more than 70%. it's a strong foundation. i think it gives him a great start for the general election. >> what do you learn from why fedderman won so big? i mean, you know, look you know
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the way conventional wisdom works. connor lamb and josh shapiro. maybe you would have said it's going to be the strong democratic ticket. what is your take why fetterman seemed to connect and lamb didn't? >> one thing he's done and it helps he's a statewide elected official. he's run statewide before. one thing that helped him he adds a public official and as a candidate has gone to every county and talks about counting every vote in every county and going to every place. i think it helps. often what democrats do in primaries, as you know, you go to urban areas. that's where most of the primary vote is. he's gone everywhere. i think that broad based foundation he starts with will be enormously beneficial. to win our state, you have to do three things well. you have to maximize your vote
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in urban communities. you've got to perform very well in suburban philadelphia and other parts of the state that are suburban, but you have to reduce margins in rural areas. and sometimes some of that work has to be done in the winter and spring before the fall election. i think john has done that. i talked to african american democrats who believe fetterman needs a better answer if he doesn't want to see it used against him to sort of essentially slow turnout in philadelphia. >> look, i think he'll be asked that question as any candidate will be he was asked the question repeatedly during the primary and debates and interviews and a public forum and we had an election. the primary itself. he did very well in urban
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communities throughout the state. i think some of that was answered. i'm sure he'll get the question again. the key thing here, chuck, it's now a choice. a simple choice. someone who fought on behalf of working communities throughout the day and on the other side two candidates vying for this. we'll see how their election turns out. you have two candidates who have spent months now twisting themselves in all kinds of shapes to jen you flekt to donald trump. fetterman has done that. >> i want to ask about the risky decision shapiro made. they spent money making the case that doug was too conservative and too close to trump. we know the point was to -- he didn't have a lot of funding. they wanted him to be the
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nominee. you've heard the cliche be careful what you wish for. he has his own set of conspiracy theories about election results. are you concerned that the shapiro campaign was too cute there? >> no. look, josh ran a strong primary election even though he didn't have a primary opponent. i think what he wanted to do is begin to make the argument against a likely general election opponent. in this case, i think he started that debate and conversation. the people of pennsylvania, especially maybe in governor's races, i think it's also the senate races, very rarely will vote for a candidate who is on the extreme.
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josh is going to run a 67-county campaign. he'll take the message everywhere. i think he has a great record performance. most important is what he talked about in terms of what he'll do as governor when it comes to the economy and jobs and lifting up families. >> look, i know you've got a new bell to try to address the baby formula issue. let me ask you a question. we have a strategic oil reserve. we have a strategic cheese reserve, i think. in mind sight, it seems obvious we should have a strategic formula reserve. why don't we? >> well, first of all, i think we've got to consider ideas like that. chuck, we're at a point now in the near term, i think the most important thing is to make sure that the supply increases. the president and his team are trying to do that. members of congress are trying to do that with appropriations or policy changes. we also have to make sure this
10:19 am
doesn't happen again. one of the problems here wasn't just contamination it was information to or lack of notification. give notification to families if there's going to be a disruption in the supply chain. i'm open to a lot of ideas including those that would lead to a greater supply and emergency supply, as you suggest. >> i have to ask you one thing, this feels as if government actually helped the monopoly stay in power. this feels like a failure of government regulation on a number of levels. >> look, i'm open to any changes that will lead to a better circumstance for families. there's no question that when you have an infant formula
10:20 am
supply nationwide, in one company controlled 50% and several other companies control the over 50. you'll have problems. so that's a whole other debate about how to ensure that you have more diversity there and making sure that we have emergency provisions or emergency strategies. these companies have to have contingency plans which is something my bill speaks to. >> i saw that. >> for more, tune into the latest episode of "the chuck toddcast." up next the lessons learned from last night. what it means for the midterms
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welcome back. pennsylvania, north carolina, and a lot more. we learned a lot about november last night. yeah. we did. let's bring in some smart people to break down the results. joining me now is eugene daniel and republican strategies brad todd. i've talked a lot. eugene, i'll let you go. what did you learn? >> yeah. first and foremost, that donald trump still has a big hold over the republican party. right. the places he goes and the things he says goes. more importantly, the things he believes in in the republican party. denying the election in 2020 was free and fair. promising to do something different. when it happens in the future,
10:25 am
it's alive and well. and, four, democrats, you know, fetterman, who is a progressive also held on to biden in an interesting way. we saw some folks in the white house who were saying they saw every candidate who was a democrat that won or might be winning, they saw them as people who were -- they wanted to hug biden. they felt good about that. it's not happening in every state. ohio looks like a place where not really. >> what do you think? >> i think democrats should be with biden. your approval rating has one point better than trump's all time low. if democrats want to win, they have to create some space. i thought the biggest factor was pennsylvania democrats currently
10:26 am
have a 500,000 person registration advantage. in the primary vote last night, 125,000 more people voted in the republican primary. >> what if the democrats spent $65 million? >> it's competitive. 254 had a democrat that fit every branch of their party. african american liberal, a moderate from pittsburgh, and socialist. >> it wasn't very competitive. >> we thought josh shapiro was unimposed. they didn't have the incentive to vote like republicans. the fact we had a small disadvantage in terms of how many voters came out and given how uncompetitive our primary was. i think it says something more about you guys. >> i'll give you your two cents. >> i learned, chuck, the insurrectionist wing of the republican party is the new tea
10:27 am
party wing. i learned to the point that eugene made, if you embrace the biden agenda, it'll get you far. you know, there's a lot to run on here. the economy is doing well. i realize inflation is an issue. the biden administration is trying to address. we have record job growth under the administration. we have jobs that people actually want to be working in that are high wage and income earning jobs. there's a lot to be proud of. there's a lot to talk about. that's what john fetterman did. he excelled in the democratic primary. >> all right. if lamb is getting trounced the way he did. how is that an embrace of joe biden? >> well, look, i think fetterman, of course, endorsed bernie sanders.
10:28 am
i think he was able to gavel nice that part of the party. sing it's hard to run in democratic primary nevin a state like pennsylvania. >> doug mastrano, what do you do? do you stay away from him if you're a republican? >> governor's races have a way of being separate from federal races in a lot of states. they're contested on different issues. >> i think it's on doug to unite with the rest of the party. >> he's got to come? >> i think so. he got the lowest number of votes that you would expect for the republican to get in pennsylvania given our past primaries. he didn't consolidate the primary until very late. and i think he has to move to the rest of the ticket in
10:29 am
pennsylvania. >> democrats think they can weaponize him. >> yeah. he's kind of unknown. it seems if they can run against trump by running against maga. >> yeah. >> yeah. the republican party, as president biden likes to say. they're hoping it is. at this point we don't know. what we saw in virginia was trying to tie donald trump when he's not running. doug talked about the big lie in a big way. talks about it often. he attacks the media. i think that if democrats are going to do what they say they want, i talked to folks, the same things they want to do is tie -- doug has the ultra maga
10:30 am
wing. it's a perfect example of what they're talking about. the fact they in the white house, you know, let's say biden does win in 2024. he wins. what happens? pennsylvania do the slate of electors that will go to biden. >> yeah. it's the only way for him to win is biden's approval ratings. >> exactly. he has some control of this a little bit. >> yeah. i want to shift to trump in this respect. he's kind of like a guy that is addicted to fanduel. he wants to put a bet on everything. right. you look at hawthorne. >> yeah. >> you are sloppy. you look at doug. he's main stream. and yet at the same time the party needs it. i know people try to keep him away from mastrano. >> i think endorsements matter less than the press release says
10:31 am
they do. >> true. >> i think that you most people of politics horde political capital. that's why they're reluctant to endorse until they're certain they're going win. president trump is in a different spot. he likes to extend his political capital. he's willing to lose a few to do that. i think you have to look at the strategy. >> it's the fanduel strategy. it -- i don't know what else to call it. >> i think we often have someone not focussed on policy but his endorsement does have a policy effect on some of the people. you have to sort of get his support unless you're in the right spot on a few policy issues that matter to him. he gets fetterman who is an
10:32 am
unapologetic leftist. >> and embrace the biden agenda in the primary in one -- won overwhelm bli. >> after he embraced the bernie sanders agenda. >> if mccormack doesn't get within a thousand votes, is there pressure to not drag it out? >> no. i think that pennsylvania's elections last time were sloppily run. >> yo have to count the mail that comes in first. i think what it has done is republicans will be indulgent to allow a full count of the vote to happen.
10:33 am
oz presents unique challenges. he'll penetrate into democratic areas that republicans don't normally do well in. how do you count it? >> as a tv doctor he has high-name id. it shows his weaknesses. he should have broken out of the pack. he's competing with somebody who up until a year ago had, you know, virtually no name id in pennsylvania. dr. oz is a tv doctor but embraced hillary clinton. i'm not sure you can galvanize independence where i think fetterman is. pennsylvania is one of the states that democrats are looking at to flip and turn in our favor. i think with a fetterman/oz
10:34 am
match up. >> democrats are they wanted to see barnett. they wanted to see oz. they feel it's more opportunity there. a lot will be how much donald trump plays in pennsylvania. we won't have a money problem in pennsylvania. >> no. >> i would have kept going. >> thank you. >> yeah. it was nice to have -- bob we didn't get to touch oregon. [ laughter ] to me the best state we don't
10:35 am
give enough attention to. still to come, what we're now hearing from the white house covid response team as they give the first pandemic briefing in six weeks. cases on the rise in about every state. the rise in about every the rise in about every state. ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪♪ ♪ thunderstruck yeah, yeah♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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provided a public update on the pandemic. it comes amid a mixed bag of developments. cases are rising in nearly every state including district of columbia. it also comes on the heels of yesterday's fda announcement that all children over the age of 5 are eligible for a booster shot. that's good news. there's no update on when shots will be available for children under the age of 5 and looking to the months ahead, officials had an urgent warning when it came to covid relief funds for congress. >> we need more resources as all of us have said over and over. >> we want congress to step up and fund our ability to make sure we have enough access for all americans. >> covid funding has been stalled for weeks over they
10:40 am
reach an impasse of border policy. no signs it's changing any time soon. up next, the latest out of buffalo. right now you're looking at new york governor kathy hochul. she's speaking on the issue. she's expected to announce several gun-related initiatives she'll launch. we'll get an update with our reporter on the ground after this. our reporter on the ground after reporter on the ground after this (vo) iphone 13 on us. on any unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? ♪ ♪ you just can't stop. aleve x.
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welcome back. the buffalo terrorist attacker attempted to spread his racist manifesto ahead of his deadly attack. a reporter for the "new york times" reports other members of the public had an idea what he was up to. discord told the times the shooter used his server as private space until he was ready to reveal it to an audience.
10:44 am
they released a statement. it's unclear how many viewed the content. we have a reporter on the ground in buffalo. ron allen, we know the governor was unveiling initiatives. it's interesting what we're learning today about how extensive this terrorist used this diary to put this stuff on there including he was hiding stuff from his parents and all sorts of things. it raises the question of what role the social media company played. >> exactly. based on a lot of reporting out there, the whole thing was there in plain sight on discord.
10:45 am
one of the things that the governor will talk about today is inquiry by the attorney general to look at the role that social media companies played in this event. what should be done to tighten or to increase regulation of them so there's a better chance of catching this kind of hate speech and other kind of inflammatory language. this is something that the country has been wrestling with it a number of contexts. in this context, as well. the governor said white supremacy, this urge for that and the drive for that in some is the biggest threat facing the country now. and so we're still waiting to hear exactly what she's going to do in firms of gun laws, new york state has some of the toughest in the country. one law looked at here in this context is so-called red flag law. it gives a judge an ability to issue a court order barring someone who has mental illness of some degree of owning a judge
10:46 am
and a judge can order a gun taken from someone. there may be details or tightening or tweaking of that law in this context. there's a question of how did he buy a gun in new york state given that red flag law? so we're waiting to hear about that. there was an arrest of a 34-year-old man here who has been charged with making a terroristic threat. it happens on tuesday in a grocery store. not this one but in another grocery store. he walked in and intimidating, according to the statement from the d.a., talking about employees of the store and making references to what happened here. he was asked to leave. when he didn't, the police escorted him out. he'll face the charge. there have been numerous incidents reported around the city like that.
10:47 am
a number of elementary schools may be closing today because of threats to schools. >> you never know with these things. are they hoaxes or copy cats? obviously everybody is going to take precautions. unbelievable. ron allen reporting on the ground, thank you. coming up, the u.s. flag is flying again at our embassy in kyiv. as the war in ukraine continues. you're watching "meet the press daily." watching "meet the pres watching "meet the pres daily. each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do?
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welcome back. do yourself a favor and do not check on your 401(k) right now. probably don't check on it for about six months. most u.s. markets are down big today, about 3% amid new data on inflation and disappointing retail earnings. dow is down more than a thousand points or more than 3%. it's one of those days. but as you know, yesterday it was up big. we are in a very volatile moment because of this uncertain, unsteady and unstable economy. turning now to the war abroad, which is a big contributor to our unstable senate. they could vote on a $40 billion aid package to ukraine giving the amount of money we're giving to ukraine in under a year to $50 billion. the bill stalled in the house because of a rejection by rand paul, but it will pass.
10:52 am
the u.s. flag was raised again in kyiv. this as finland and sweden formally submitted applications to join nato, another sign that putin's effort to weaken the alliance is failing. and the britain's defense ministry says moscow was forced to use auxiliary soldiers from chechnya in a battle they thought would only last days. general, good to see you. finland and sweden are applying to be members of nato. when this war is over, ukraine is going to want perhaps and we'll see, maybe neutrality is part of some sort of ending of this hostilities, but if it's
10:53 am
not, should ukraine be fast tracked into nato considering how they've repelled russia so far? >> chuck, thanks for having me on your show. what i will tell you is the ukrainian military and the ukrainian government, they demonstrated their worthiness to join nato. as you know, their soldiers have fought valiantly on the battle battlefield. you have a president that has been steadfast to ensure that he does the right thing in terms of his people and his military. he's just been exemplary. i do think there should be high consideration for ukraine joining, if they elect to do so. you never know where these negotiations will go. and negotiations may be that ukraine stays out of nato, then there may be some kind of peaceful resolution. we'll just have to wait and see. >> general, look, a lot of times we in the collective media can get criticized.
10:54 am
we don't play up one thing and i always say we're not one organism, we're multiple but sweden and finland joining nato is a huge deal. this is what kind of setback, how would you describe the setback for putin, number one, and does this happen without president biden? is this one of the things that finland and sweden don't join nato without the u.s. making it happen? >> well, i wouldn't call it all u.s. of course i'm quite sure that we had a lot to do with it. but what i will tell you is every single day finland is looking over their border and that are seeing what's happening in ukraine and they saw what happened in 2008 with georgia and they saw what happened in 2014 in crimea. and so why not ensure that not only that you protect your internal defense and they have done a good job, but they now have to look at a threat from russia. russia has demonstrated that
10:55 am
they will attack another nation. so i am glad that finland and sweden are putting in bids to join. i've trained with their military, a very professional military, very high technology military and they have capability very similar as what's in nato now. so i look forward to them joining. >> let's talk about mariupol. it came at a high cost with russia but they have it. we've all been impressed with how ukraine has kept the russians at bay but this is a pretty strategic win for the russians here. do you expect them to hold this land bridge now or do you think it going to be vulnerable? >> i'll tell you, think don't have the land bridge yet. this is a significant win for them. it does two things. number one, it blocks ukraine from access to the sea of azol
10:56 am
and it is a piece of the puzzle to the land bridge. remember, they have to secure donbas as well. if they can get the don barks -- donbas, then they will have a secured land bridge. i will tell you based on their performance today, i do not think they will be able to get the donbas nor to answer your question, be able to retain this ground. you're going to see this tit for tat back and forth. it going to be a protracted war. >> that's what it does seem like, that russia can make a gain but they can't hold it. is that your expectation here? and at what point -- how long can this back and forth go on? do we think months? >> well, i think we're getting some indications now. so if you look at the russians, you know, the u.k. came out with
10:57 am
an intelligence report they lost 30% of their combat power, that is a significant number. i will tell you in the american military, when you say 30% of combat power, you're getting pretty close to combat ineffective. now here's the deal. they have 12 battalions that were in mariupol. those battalions now can be freed up to help out in the donbas and they also have a number of battalions elsewhere as well. >> general, unfortunately i have run out of time but i really appreciate getting your insight and perspective. thank you very much for being with us. our coverage will continue with katy tur after this break. will katy tur after this break.
10:58 am
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good to be with you, i'm katy tur. this week's primaries are sending any message about the mid terms, it is to expect the unexpected. as we come on the air, incumbents have been unseated, centrist candidates defeated and the most closely watched race across five states is still too close to call. this is what you get when 75% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. at this hour, just a few thousand votes separate the front-runners in pennsylvania's republican senate primary. this was the biggest and certainly the most


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