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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  May 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? as we come on the air, more vote coming in but still too close to call in pennsylvania with david mccormick and dr. oz set to be the republican nominee for one of the most hotly contested seats in the country. donald trump is telling one of them to claim a win before it happens. the decision desk tracking the votes. any call from the team and you'll see it here first. this hour thanks brand-new congressional investigation into the country's baby formula short take with an update on the infants hospitalized from the crisis. what one lawmaker says may be
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responsible for the house crisis as the house scrambles for a vote tonight, tonight, on a multi million dollar bill to help. plus, check out the markets. have you seen this, wall street in a free fall in the last hour of trading. investors are getting ready for the biggest loss since 2020 because retailers, walmart, target, et cetera sounding the alarm on inflation. coming up, we'll tell you what is going on and when things could turn around. i'm hallie jackson in washington and i want to bring in our poll lit. >> caller: -- political team. dasha barns, vaughn is in philadelphia and tony is in north carolina and our senior political editor mark murray is with us, as well. at 3:01 eastern time, 12:01 pacific here is where we stand after last night's primaries. in pennsylvania you have oz holding a lead over david mccormick. a recount is looking more and more likely. it's coming as you have former
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president trump as he did in 2020 not waiting around for the official results, urging his chosen candidate to quote declare victory. again, there is no victory yet for anybody to declare at this point. in p.a. you have john fedderman days after having a stroke and in north carolina a big upset. the test of the trump endorsement. here is madison cawthorn after a string of embarrassing controversies and a tough night for progressives, one potential success, their candidate leading the income bent. vaughn, let me start with you in this markey race in pennsylvania. the republican side and the stakes of this, whoever wins this seat in the general is a seat that could shift the balance of power in the senate. this is a state race with national implications and you have former president trump again trying to push this, you know, election fraud nonsense basically. talk me through that and what you're seeing on the ground.
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>> reporter: well, frankly, i think most in the republican party with donald trump's interest in mind, informing the former president want oz to win calling him special interest. essentially donald trump is handed mccormick if he ellipses oz with these thousands of ballots to be counted. he handed him a lot of opposition fedderman ahead. we have to call to attention the remarks from the former president in the last few hours here at which he said quote oz won here. that is not reality. there is 33,000 ballots outstanding here. it's about an ends to a means. back in 2018 the arizona senate race that martha mcsally lost to kyrsten sinema, at that time
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donald trump called for a revote, of course, 2020 we know he's called this a rigged and stolen election but now, yet again here with still 33,000 ballots outstanding, no specific allegations of fraud or cheating to be had here even by the former president, he is telling mehmet oz to go to the stage and declare the victory despite the 2500 votes. >> mehmet oz hasn't done that to this point? >> vaughn cut out. would you repeat that. >> i made the point oz has not in fact, declared victory despite former president trump pushing him to do so. >> reporter: no, no, yeah, he has not. his campaign has signalled optimism that he will win. so has the mccormick team, jeff row tweeting out focussing on the mail in ballots that seem to give mccormick a little advantage.
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jeff row by the way worked on glenn youngkin's campaign. every expert i've been speaking to on the ground here says that this is significant, that this is very likely going to a recount and that that is a very big deal. i just got off the phone with al schmidt here in philadelphia that runs a non-profit and an expert on the issues. he told me this is by far the most high profile race that if it had a recount, that will be in a recount and it could, as you mentioned there, change the ballots of power in congress. what's interesting, hallie is what i've been hearing from voters, all right? we've been talking to people on the ground here for months, and i have heard so much skepticism of oz from these folks. i mean, they were wondering if he lives in this state. why a talk show host is running for a political seat, and i watched the debate with some
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voters who were growning and moaning every time oz brought up the trump endorsement. here is the thing, though, i talked to some of those very voters this morning and at the end of the day, they walked into that polling booth and decided to cast their ballots for oz. some of them to their own surprise. but at the end of the day, one of the voters told me, listen, there is a reason that trump supported this guy. it's significant. because of the resistance that i've heard from voters, the fact that trump and that last final stretch here was able to pull some of those voters over, that says a lot here, hallie. >> what apparently a depot, thank you for bearing through the traffic noise. talk to me about this outstanding vote. it seems we're potentially getting to recount territory here. >> reporter: yeah, and yes, i think it's very likely we're heading to recount territory. the balloting still outstanding and the good news for david
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mccormick is there are ballots in allegheny county and beaver county, david mccormick's base, the other good news is david mccormick seems to have done well or better than oz in the mail in ballots, and so we're still counting a lot of those, as well. but there are also pockets of the state that we do think that are probably beneficial to oz and so the game for oz is to hold on but hallie, we'll have to count every single ballot still outstanding and head into over time in a recount. >> mark. stand by for a second. antonio, you're posted up in north carolina. listen, the oxygen in the political universe now is getting sucked up in pennsylvania because there is still this outstanding race obviously. we don't know who will be declared the winner despite oz' slim lead here but there is action in north carolina. you're there. you talked to the challenger of
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madison cawthorn, he lost the e reelection primary. what did chuck edwards tell you getting ready to head into the general now? >> well, hallie, he seemedless surprised by last night's result than others and he told me he had a very friendly concession call with congressman cawthorn, that cawthorn pledged to help him unite the party around his candidacy and he seems confident republicans in this area will rally behind them, behind him and they're aligned on issues from abortion to inflation, and what's happening with the economy right now. and i pressed him a little bit on this because i spent all day talking to cawthorn supporters who in some cases were kind of still making up their minds. they're a bit disappointed with some of his recent behavior but ultimately going to back him. they told me they felt the republicans that turned on congressman cawthorn were rhinos, republicans in name only. they would have trouble trusting
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someone like chuck edwards after they betrayed their congressman. i told chuck edwards but he seemed confident anyway. take a listen to my conversation with the nominee. >> first of all, in any campaign you see a lot of name calling. i don't know that anyone could point at anything that i've ever done that was the least bit not conservative and the answer to your question is no, i believe that our republican party is very quickly going to get unified. i'm certainly going to work to unify the party. congressman cawthorn offered to help me unify the party. >> reporter: chuck edwards will be up against a democrat named jasmine beach. this is an area of north carolina that leans heavily republican so he has good reason to feel quite confident. a lot of the attention now, hallie, will shift to the senate race between ted bud and
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democrat sherry beasley who elected would be the first ever black senator from north carolina. right now she's trying to distinguish herself by talking about the end of roe v wade by championing her position on women's reproductive care and abortion and trying to make the distinguished line between her and her republican opponent. that's what a lot of north carolinaens are talking about because frankly many people assume chuck edwards will suck -- succeed. >> this was an illustration of the trump endorsement. a lose more cawthorn, a win for tim bud. how do you see that playing out with a mixed bag? >> that's how i see it. a mixed bag for former president donald trump and his endorsement. in the win column for him and markey contest you have ted bud, doug in the pennsylvania governor's race. the losses madison cawthorn,
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janice who is running for idaho governor, she is the idaho's lieutenant governor right now but hallie, it's important to note you talk about the win, lose record that doesn't tell us the whole ball game. the whole ball game is almost every candidate running for office up and down the ballot is jockeying for the former president's support one way or another. in pennsylvania and that senate race that is now looking like it's going to over time, we saw so many different ads of people trying to get the former president's support and so he might end up losing some of these races as we -- last night and as we go forward but overall, the party is still moving in his direction. >> vaughn, real quick. timeline for when we might see more updates out of p.a.? >> reporter: we're looking at days in the making here. this is a situation where the
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allegheny county, there is a lot of different updates posted here online. you're working with county officials who are working their best to try to gather and have a good understanding of their own procedures of how they're going about the opening of these mail in ballots and trying to communicate those effectively here, but, you know, we could potentially be days until that recount were to begin. >> mark, before i let everybody go, quickly, i want to talk about oregon. we mentioned this at the top. progressive democrats hoped last night would be big in key races. talk about where that wing of the party goes from here in this particular race we're looking at. >> yeah, well in oregon it seems kurt schrader is trailing. nbc news has not called this contest. we have to wait for more votes. like the trump endorsement, the moderate wing of the democratic party versus progressive was mixed. we saw the establishment win, a few high profile contests. we saw progressives win a few of
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them including, if you will, the pennsylvania senate race where john fedderman, many progressives are embracing his candidacy and what he represents. again, it's a mixed bag and we'll go onto the next primaries and next races. >> mark murray, dodosha, good t see all of you road warriors. now to wall street, weaver been seeing the box. brutal day for stocks. big sell off for the markets with the dow on track for the worst day since 2020 and here is where we are, which is about 45 minutes left to go. the dow down like 1100 points, the s&p is down, the nasdaq is down by more than 4% by the way. what is driving this? concerns about run away inflation potentially after big retailers, target, walmart, et cetera came out with disappointing earnings reports. i want to bring stephanie ruhle.
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shares of target down 37%, steph, what's going on? >> no bueno. target's revenue is up sleightly. profits are way down from last year and whether you're talking about target or walmart, when you see big retailers have big changes, it's a window into what is happening in the economy. consumers are still spending a lot of money, but they're not buying it on clothes and tvs. they're buying basic items. they're not buying a gallon of milk, they're buying a half gallon of milk. remember, what keeps prices high? the supply chain issues, shipping issues, target said increased freight costs. it difficult to get things on shelves and what keeps prices equally as high, demand remains high. if you and i say we won't pay the prices, they'll go down. we don't like the high prices but we're currently paying them is when you look at people paying the prices and it's hard for companies to keep stuff on
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the shelves, it's not a good sign for inflation or the direction we're headed in and when you see the big bellwethers like a target or walmart give us this signal, it impacts the res coming up, the breaking announcement out of new york. the governor announcing new moves after that racist attack at a buffalo supersupermarket. how the state is targeting social ever racism. what we know about the two children hospitalized because their families could not get the formula they needed. the guilty plea in the first war crimes trial since the war in ukraine started. we have that and more on a busy news day here on msnbc. a busy a busy news day here on msnbc and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop.
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on the baby formula shortage. there is a vote that would give the fda more money, not more money to get more formula on shelves but more people to inspect that baby formula before it shows up on the shelves. the idea being it would set up some funds to prevent shortages like this in the future and help the fda accelerate the process of getting the baby formula is coming into this country out to the people who need it. it comes as we're learning two young kids were hospitalized in tennessee after their families tried to use a different formula when the formula for their kids specific medical needs was nowhere to be found. one child has been sent home, the other still in the hospital. i want to bring in jacob ward and political reporter. jake, let me start with you. that gut wrenching story of two babies, right, two kids, an infant and toddler in tennessee had to be hospitalized because of this. the update is one is home, the other is not, right? >> that's absolutely right, hallie. it's a nightmare for these
12:21 pm
parents. their children suffer from short bowl syndrome, it's a condition in which the small intestine is missing or can't absorb nutrients the way other babies' small intestines can. when they had to switch over to find something else, both children had to be hospitalized quickly. one is still in the hospital. the other has been discharged. this condition is specific to these children but there are thousands of children across the country afflicted by this and so it's unclear at this point how many of them may need this kind of attention in the end. the hospital says they had to use an intervenous injection to get them the fluids they needed. >> tennessee, this is a particular state with one of the highest baby formula out of stock rates. do we know anything else about other states around the country? two kids from a health and safe toy protective like being in the hospital for example elsewhere? >> no federal rates have been
12:22 pm
issued yet but it is clear at this point, low income women and their children and those who are the recipients of wic program funding that's women, infant and children, the program run by the fda, they wind up needing this kind of formula in incredible numbers. i mean, upwards of 85% of women in places like louisiana, delaware are needing this kind of formula. so what we know at this point, right, this specific condition that led these two children that need to be hospitalized afflicts several thousand kids across the country. we're talking about where are parents supposed to go who have to work right out of maternity, there is no guaranteed child care or guaranteed maternity care. a working mom that can't get formula or a child that can't latch because breastfeeding is difficult, that will affect many more children and we'll hear more hospitalizations. that's what the statistics
12:23 pm
suggest. >> you have members of congress who are trying to do something about this and someways on the investigative side because that's what we're hearing now from the oregon senator, democrat from oregon who is launching this investigation out of the tax practices of abbott. explain this, right? the allegation it seems from senator widen is that abbott was sort of busy working with its numbers when it should have been looking more closely into the conditions at its facility that had shut down and triggered this recall. >> that's right, hallie, ron wyden is an important figure and wrote a letter asking a series of specific questions to the chair and ceo of abbott laboratories including how did their effective tax rate decline so much to 12% in the last three years? what kind of foreign tax exceptions have they taken and what has their income been? how much have they spent on
12:24 pm
stock buybacks before and after the tax law. this is what he's going for on a policy level. in addition, he wants answers and let's put this up on the screen about the michigan plant of abbott laboratories, which closed down earlier this year over safety concerns. he wants to know why they shut that down rather than addressing safety concerns and this is part of his argument if we want to zoom out about corporate greed, he's assigning blame to them and other companies taking advantage of this blip in the market were highly profitable and instead of producing more baby formula, they shut down the laboratory or plant in his view that led to diminished supply here. that's what ron wyden is going for and waiting for a response from abbott laboratories and he is pushing for a 2% excise tax on stock buy backs that gets to the policy goal he's pursuing. >> thank you both. we have new developments this afternoon on the federal
12:25 pm
and state level. after this weekend's deadly racist shooting targeting black people in buffalo. first, on capitol hill, we found the house will vote on a domestic terrorism bill after some concerns by congressman cori bush and members of the so-called squad or address. that vote will move forward tonight. let's talk about what is happening in new york. we heard from the governor kathy hochul that signed an executive ordinary there sets up a unit inside the state's counterterrorism that focuses exclusively on domestic terrorism, watch. >> the truth is the most serious threat we face as a nation is from within. not from the russians, not from people elsewhere. it's white supremacy, it's white nationalism and it's time we confronted it head on. >> nbc's ron allen is in buffalo. governor hochul is targeting social media here, right?
12:26 pm
>> reporter: yeah, she's instructed the attorney general for the state of new york to conduct an investigation into a number of social media companies to see what responsibility if any they have for what happened here at this massacre at this grocery store. you know, recall there is a lot of reporting suggesting the suspect was very visible on social media. he was posting a lot and allegedly invited a number of people into a private area, private chat room where they could witness and see the attack happened. it's unclear if anybody went there and certainly nobody called authorities to alert them. the governor said she thinks social media is inflaming a lot of this white supremacy, a lot of talk about violence, a lot of the things that are happening in real life are being fueled by things on social media. and that's what she's trying to attack. of course, this is a complicated
12:27 pm
and difficult problem that it's not just dealing with this incident but of course, many sectors of society and many instances happened in the country. she's trying to target that. she also made some announcements about gun laws in the state of new york and keep in mind, new york has some of the tightest gun laws in the country but especially, what she's trying to do is have law enforcement enforce what is called red flag laws here, which say essentially if a police officer or a high school principal or someone else spots someone that has a mental health issue, which is the case with this individual, the suspect a year ago he made some comments, was questioned by police and taken in for a psychiatric examination and then not flagged and he says on social media he evaded the system by saying what he was doing was joking. the governor is trying to tighten the reporting system to report people and once you have a red flag near your name, you're not allowed to buy a
12:28 pm
weapon or possess a woman in certain cases and this is a law on the books in new york for a couple years since 2019 but not widely enforced. the governor is trying to take tools available to her to try and pass what she would pass more common sense gun measures. the problem is this suspect allegedly purchased a weapon or high capacity magazines in the state of pennsylvania, not here. there is a flow of guns from out of state into new york and other states throughout the northeast so the governor was here yesterday. she seemed very moved by what she saw and said she would do what she could and this is a positive concrete step the governor is taking to try to address what happened here. >> ron allen live for us outside the tops supermarket in buffalo, thank you. >> new video out of kyiv today where the u.s. embassy is opening back up after three months.
12:29 pm
the u.s. flag rising again. plus, the afghan military took 20 years to build. why it fell to the taliban in days according to a new watchdog report out tonight. we're live from the pentagon with the latest on those details coming up. with the latest on those details coming up.
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you can update from pennsylvania actually because the governor there says john fetterman said he'll get back on the job and resume duies on monday, may 23rd. he just won the democratic nomination for the senate seat. he had been on the sidelines after having a stroke last week. he went through a procedure 24 hours ago to get a pacemaker put in. his doctors expect him to make a full recovery and now we know he'll be back out in the public eye starting monday or at least back doing the duties of his job as lieutenant governor. today, the inspector general is releasing a breakdown on the afghan army's collapse after the u.s. withdrawal last year stating the afghan president at the time ignored a warning that the u.s. was planning to pull out of the country back in april 2021. also pitting the military collapse on a drop of air strikes after a peace deal with
12:34 pm
the taliban. in 2020 they conducted air strikes. today is a preview of the full version released this fall. i want to bring in our nbc pentagon correspondent courtney kube posted up there at the pentagon. give me the response for the pentagon. what are they doing about this watchdog report? >> not much candidly. all u.s. forces are out of afghanistan. no contractors or anything and that's at the end of the day, this report was supposed to be an interim look why the afghan military and police collapsed last summer. you'll recall, of course, as the taliban were closing in on the capital kabul very quickly the afghan military and police, the afghan national defense forces sort of melted away. this is the first time a u.s. government entity in this case, the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction looked at what caused that and the main, the top line out of this report is that they find that both the president biden administration and the president donald trump administration,
12:35 pm
their decisions withdraw all u.s. troops could not sustain themself. as you mentioned they no longer had strikes from the military. that was a huge blow as they battle against the taliban, it put them in a much more defensive position as opposed to offensive. not just that. this report also says that after the u.s. signed a peace deal with the taliban in february 2020, the relationship between the united states and the afghan government became one that was largely colored by mistrust and distrust and that led to the quick collapse. you'll remember last summer after they collapsed you heard from a lot of biden administration officials at the time who said that the u.s. trained, equipped, provided for
12:36 pm
the afghan security forces for nearly two decades but they simply could not give them the will to fight. this report really points out some of the things that were taken away from them that caused that breakdown in the moral and the will of those afghan security forces to fight back against the taliban. >> courtney kube live for us at the pentagon. thank you. we heard from president biden in the last hour or so, seeming optimistic this push by sweden and finland to join nato will be successful even though turkey is raising objections. the president plans to meet with them tomorrow at the white house. also, late this afternoon, this sight. the first time we've seen something like this in kyiv in three months. the u.s. flag rising above the embassy there. diplomatic operations picking back up. also in kyiv, the first war crimes trail after a guilty plea from a russian soldier matt bradley is in kharkiv. let me start with what happened
12:37 pm
at the war crimes trial? >> we saw that 21-year-old commander that plead guilty, that's the first time we seen that plea. this is the second court appearance. going back to the details of the case. this young man fired on a 62-year-old man, a ukrainian civilian who was riding a bicycle in the northern part of the country during the russian occupation and this russian man was then captured and now it's unusual he's being tried not in a military court but civilian court as an ordinary crime. he could place 10 to 15 years, if he pleads guilty like in the united states, he could get somewhat lenient sentence. this is putting the whole ukrainian system on trial. it is really is, i can see, a gesture to moscow showing they're trying to do their best to treat russian prisoners of
12:38 pm
war as fairly and as safely as possible even as we've seen from mariupol just in the past couple of days, nearly 1000 ukrainian troops have now been put into russian custody and there was some agreement between ukrainians and the russians on that and it looks as though that agreement is now in jeopardy because we've heard from the russians that it looks as though they're considering classifying the battalion that was the military unit that was underneath the steel works in mariupol that entire time hold up underground fighting against the russians that they're now being considered as being classified as terrorists, which means these men could be facing trials in russia. hallie, rattling through the headlines you mentioned here, we also saw american flag being raised over the u.s. embassy in kyiv. that is a big moment and follows other nations who also returned to work in kyiv in the ukrainian capital.
12:39 pm
a lot of u.s. diplomats had been in poland off and on for the fast couple months and with drew in february a couple days before russia launched their invasion. so now, this really just goes to show that things are a whole lot safer back in kyiv once again. hallie? >> matt bradley live for us in ukraine. thank you. next up, nbc's new scoop what democrats may try next to protect abortion rights and plus, we have our hands on an intern dhs memo and where the threats are coming from, coming up. s are coming from, coming number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line.
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12:44 pm
having an abortion. here is some of what they had to say. >> prior to finishing high school, becoming a teen mother came with many harsh realities. >> at 19 my aborted my first child. i felt emotional and psychological pressure to end my child's life. >> as senator elizabeth warren is leading a movement against tech companies selling location data of women at family planning centers trying to get abortions. anti abortion activists she says have used location services to target anti abortion ads to women's phones while they sit at abortion clinics. ali vitali is sitting with us. what did we hear from folks and what they said could happen if and likely when roe is overturned? >> reporter: a lot of concerns is what i've been hearing from reproductive advocates. the national landscape has never been more tense than at this moment when it hangs on the
12:45 pm
knife's edge of the supreme court but many things they heard today stem from a law professor to advocates in states that faced restrictions like alabama and of course, texas. but it wasn't just limited to exert man perts and advocates. congressman cori bush for example we talked about a lot over the course of this debate because she shared her story of her access to abortion. it's what she reminded people of today. here is what she said. >> here is my message for anyone trying to take away anyone's bodily autonomy. if you're for life, you would support universal paid leave. if you're for life, you would support livable wages. if you are for life, you would support affordable child care and housing. you would support the constitutional right to abortion. >> reporter: and so look, you hear congressman cori bush making the argument others made
12:46 pm
on the democratic side of this saying if you're going to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term, what are you doing for her and frankly that child after that baby is born? it's a question that has been asked throughout this entire debate on the issue. i do think, though, based on my scoop from senator elizabeth warren and the other dozen plus democrats that signed the letter. we have a sense now of where lawmakers can take this. we know, of course, they were blocked on the overall largr codification bill. we might see them take a piecemeal approach to this trying as warren is trying to do with the letters to potentially legislate around the tech space because in this space as things get more restrictive, you'll end up with a patch work of restrictions who can access abortion and can't, we'll see them legislaing around that to make sure the places you can access abortion, it's still safe. hallie. >> ali vitali, thank you. that is after threats of violence targeting the supreme
12:47 pm
court after the leaked draft opinion we've been talking about on roe. nbc news obtained a copy of the memo that says there are at least 25 violent threats aimed at the court. the memo says these threats were posted on social media and referred to law enforcement. the police could look into them further. the threats were coming from extremists across a range of political ideologies. julia ainsley covers this. talk about the threats in the memos, which some are -- which are chilling. >> yeah, and they definitely not only raise our attention, halle but got to the attention of some law enforcement agencies, 25 threats you mentioned. those were referred to law enforcement agencies to be investigated and possibly referred for criminal prosecution if they crossed a line. dhs here has been very specific to say that they do still protect free speech. they're not going after people
12:48 pm
who want to be pro or anti abortion access online but they want to show some threats are crossing a line. talking about storming the supreme court, trying to murder justices, even they went so far as to target abortion access rallies and post pictures from past terrorists incidents where cars had driven into crowds to almost encourage that kind of behavior in those rallies, hallie. really, really chilling. now dhs put this into an internal memo put out by the office of intelligence. it's unclassified. this isn't coming from someone deep within a movement sounding the alarm. they can gather this from open source reporting from news outlets or social media, the people who are putting these threats forward are very out and open about it. they do say it comes from a range of different political ideoloies and especially spurred of that may 2nd leak of the draft opinion that would
12:49 pm
overturn row versus wade. >> julia ainsley live, thanks. after the break, we'll check back in on the dow in the last few minutes of trading. it's headed for the biggest loss since 2020. we'll be right back. r the bigges since 2020 since 2020 we'll be right back. you' bably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. like those nagging headaches. uncomfortable period pains. and disruptive muscle aches. you can count on fast, effective relief with motrin. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know.
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so we want to take you back to wall street and and that big sell-off we told you about at the top of the show. you can see if we pull up the big board the dow down 1200 points, s&p down, nasdaq down nearly 600 points, too. cnbc's kristina partsnevelos. >>a more homes are feeling the pinch, you had target that released their earnings and target shares are actually plunging 25% right now. if it closes at that rate it's going to be the worst target its had since 1987. it was a similar story with walmart yesterday. with target, what we're hearing from the ceo is yes, people are buying luggage, they're buying dresses and makeup because it's wedding season, but some people now are making choices.
12:54 pm
they're choosing not to buy necessarily the big box tvs and the more expensive appliances so when you have that choice you're not necessarily spending on absolutely everything. yesterday with walmart, too, it was a very similar story. those at the lower income threshold were buying more private label products and private label is cheaper than the brand. when we start to see that shift that's a concern that maybe we're pulling back. maybe the economy is not as strong as what we originally thought. so a lot of wall street analysts are starting to parse through this information and realizing hey, we need to take a step back versus home depot and this is where there's a split story. home depot are saying no, they're buying patio sets and more expensive lawn mowers and it's a lower income that are feeling a pinch versus the high income that are going about their way. >> did retailers, like walmart and target not see it coming
12:55 pm
that people would start to feel the pinch in their budgets and cut back and make these choices as you described? >> it's a big debate with the guests that we have on cnbc. i think many of them didn't see how bad it was going to be for the bottom line and how it would eat into the profit margins and free costs. the big points was fuel and freight that totaled $1 billion for target and so that did eat into margins and a lot of analysts weren't expecting that. inflation, we've talked about it all of the time. everyone is seeing it when they go to the grocery store and everything is more expensive and we're not going to be buying the beef and we'll switch to chicken and gas prices are so high. so that's the point we're starting to enter right now. ? i'm looking down, kristina. i've been watching the big board as you've been speaking. we're down almost 4% for the dow and we're talking about correction territory and those types of things being off where
12:56 pm
the peak of the market was. what are we looking at here over the next couple of months? >> incredible volatility. there's no doubt about it. yeah. >> just last friday they were up and we've had legs and we've been in the green the past four days. >> and the roller coaster ride. you have bitcoin falling below 30,000 and apple is down 5% so it's not just retailers. it's all sectors. >> i'm glad you're on and breaking it down for us, kristina parse inof loss. >> as always, over on our streaming channel on the nbc news side. nbc news now and every week night at 5:00 eastern. good to be with you. "deadline white house" with nicole wallace starts right after this break. lace starts ri lace starts ri after this break ♪i got bongos thumping in my chest♪ ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪
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