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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  May 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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coming for you in my family when your family should be sent to russia to be killed, encouragement of need to commit suicide, all of those have been forwarded to the department of homeland security services and that's not something that is american, that's not how we should be acting when we have disagreements about policy in this country, we need to learn how to be adults in the room, i don't have time for that childish initial, not a light silence in the, i'm gonna go forward and continue building awareness about this threat in the future. >> all right -- sorry that happened to you, thank you for taking some time tonight i really appreciate it. >> thanks for having. me >> that's all in for this evening, nbc prime starts now with mandy hassan. prime startgood evening chris,u very much, and thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. cast your mind back for a moment to the days after the november 2020 election, one of the things that could be hard to remember about that moment. the stock the steal denialism
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in metastasize ho bach broadly, is the core people who claim there been massive fraud, and that donald trump is the real winner of the election, was really quite small. it was a very loud chorus, because it included the sitting president of the united states, but in the first weeks after the election, it was really just rudy giuliani and his ragtag bunch of conspiracy theorists, of rag right-wing lawyers. they spewed a bunch of nonsense at the four seasons total landscaping press conference in pennsylvania, and the equally in from his hair dye press, or where rudy giuliani appeared to be melting. but there are a losing court case after court case, in their attempt to get biden's victory overturned in various swing states. failing in court, they try to get republican state legislatures to overturn the election results instead. but the republican leaders there would not playable. but in pennsylvania, they did find one guy who would help them.
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a first term republican state senator was all in on overturning joe biden's win in pennsylvania, if the republican leaders in the legislature wouldn't help trump, he would. so he got an all republican committee from the legislature to hold a sort of fake hearing. he couldn't do it at the state capitol itself, so they all got together and win a hotel at gettysburg, and invited rudy giuliani giuliani clown car of supposed witnesses to voter fraud to give the presentation about how the election in pennsylvania was rigged. and that would convince the state legislature to overturn the results, shortly, and there is a special guest too. >> we have one additional witness. please. >> all right, i will introduce you to the president, you are connected.
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>> i saw a couple of great networks, that i really networks that i really appreciate, being asked to speak. i'm in the oval office right now, and it's very interesting to see what's going on, this was an election that we won easily, we want to buy a lot. between the voter suppression, and all the horrible things that happened to poll watchers. every single professional in the business would've said, there is no way that we got 11 million votes more than we had four years before in 2016. they were in any cases whisked out of the room, -- 100 feet away. then you've got two people -- >> yeah, president trump -- >> poll watchers were pushed out of the building. >> he took time out of his busy day of president getting too drawn on for more than ten minutes with all of his
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conspiracy theory sees about the election, as one of his lawyers held the phone up to the microphone. it was just bizarre, and there is no mistaking who is responsible for making it all happen. >> it really goes without saying, we would not be here without dug mastriano, and so, i'm going to give him the last word, because i know even if i didn't, he will take it anyway, and he deserves to have it. doug. >> the time for dithering and deliberation is over, it's time for decisive action. we have to protect our commonwealth and our nation, the eyes of the world are upon us. let's turn pennsylvania from a laughing stock into the pride of the world, as we always have been a need to be again. this is our day, this is our hour, this is our time. >> pennsylvania state senator
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doug mastriano, what kind of decisive action did he have in mind? for starters, doug mastriano personally started leaning on the u.s. justice department, trying to get them to investigate the election, and declared fraudulent. you're like december, trump called two top officials at the justice department, and specifically mentioned cawthorn mastriano election fraud claim. trump told them, just say the election was corrupt, and see leave the rest to me in the republican congressman. of course, when that in, work mastriano then spent thousands of dollars to charter buses to bring people to washington d.c. on january the 6th 2021, where mastriano joined the crowd that marched on the capitol marching right by the breached barricades around the capitol. that guy, the fringe rando who got rudy giuliani a audience with the republican legislatures, to try to convince the pennsylvania legislature to overturn the election, when that didn't work, try to pressure the justice department step in and overturn the election, when that didn't work best people to keep the
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capital on january 6th, marched on the capitol. that guy is now the republican governor nominee for governor of pennsylvania, the fifth most populous state in the union, and it wasn't close. doug mask rental won last night by almost 25 points. and of course, his victory has almost all kinds of implications over what it says with the republican party in pennsylvania, and nationally, and the potency of the stop the steal movement. but it also has very practical, very frightening implications for the 2024 presidential elections. if doug mass trying to win the general election in, becomes pennsylvania's governor, he will have the power to appoint the secretary of state who oversees the states elections. he has said for months that he knows who he would've points, but he won't say who it is. the secretary of state has to certify the results of the presidential election, and the governor has to sign on it. back in 2020, mastriano tried to get the results overturned, he tried to get the republican legislature to step in and say that, actually, trump won.
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but doug mastriano was just a nobody first term state senator, he couldn't get them to do it. if doug mastriano is governor, come 2024, and joe biden wins pennsylvania again, does anyone think governor mastriano and his handpicked secretary of state or going to certify biden's election win? with doug mastriano as governor of pennsylvania, can you imagine a scenario in which joe biden is allowed to win that state? a dog mastriano's victory party last night, among the celebrants was a guy named ivan, he's an associate of disgraced trump security adviser michael flynn and like flynn who spent his time since the 2020 election, pushing weird, weird conspiracy theories about the how the election was stolen, in a video he posted two telegram from mastriano's election night party, raiklin and mastriano, kind of say the quiet part out loud. [inaudible] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> yeah, that is not normal. your party does not secure the electoral votes in a state for presidential candidate by taking control of the states governorship, that's not democracy. that some kind of warlord-ism. but this is your republican party now. in the other big republican race in pennsylvania, the senate primary. that race is still too close to call, the trump endorsed tv doctor mitch oz, leading hedge fund ceo dave mccormack. there are still counting votes. donald trump says doctor oz should declare victory, but because if the other guy won it was because they cheated with absentee ballots. in trump's party don't win elections by counting all the votes, you win elections by
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declaring that he won and at the other guy is cheating. you win elections by yelling the, loudest and stomping your feet the most. or by getting your allies into positions where they control the election machinery, so they can make sure you win. and by the way neither those two republican pennsylvania candidate candidates will say that joe biden won the 2020 election, neither will the republican won the senate in their carolina yesterday. as a congressman he voted to overturn the results on january 6th. madison cawthorn lost his primary last, night to a quote unquote establishment gop candidate. but that guy also says he questions the 2020 election. it's now basically a requirement for republican candidates. at all levels of government, to profess that joe biden did not win the 2020 election. and if an actual january six insurrectionists manages to win the governorship of a key swing state, they will make sure that joe biden doesn't win next time. joining us now is ruth been yet,
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the university professor, new york university, strongman mussolini to the president. ruth, thanks for being here tonight. what do you make of pennsylvania republicans nominating doug mastriano for governor. is this candidate different from your african republican election denier? should we expect to see more these going forward? >> one take away is that the trump leader called his going strong. and that will not everybody trump endorsed when their election, about 70% of voters voted the maga card, and among politicians like mastriano, showing your loyalty to trump is now the way to get ahead. in his case it's like, leader, how many ways can i show my loyalty? he was a far-right christian nationalists, one of those people who believes that trump was put in the white house by
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the will of god, to save the nation. and as you mentioned he participated in this bogus idea to have, you know, to have trump electors, he held people to january 6th. he went to the rally. and there is this kind of fervent desire to help trump any way that you can, and this is now the way to get ahead. it's interesting in the clip you showed, his style of speaking is that he almost strings together these trumpian phrases, and that's the way he speaks now, which is very interesting. that's a phenomenon that you've seen you have these imitators who populate a system, like ron desantis who has the kind of hand gestures, so this guy has kind of learn to speak like trump. so that's to show -- yeah. >> ruth, i was going to say. we've gone from sarah palin, to michele bachmann, to donald
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trump, to marjorie taylor greene, to doug mastriano, every iteration of republican extremism is more extreme than the previous one. as you mentioned, mastriano comes with this rather dangerous christian nationalism which talks about getting rid of the separation of church and state. which talks about as you say,
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it's a form of corruption, because all these people got together and conspired to town this lie. and so, there you have doctor oz from pennsylvania candidate who used to be for gun reform, and now to get ahead party he'd has mr. macho man, and released as the campaign ad and shooting guns and he says the second amendments about the right to defend ourselves against an intrusive government. which is a very subversive thing to say, so, it just shows you is remaking his cabinet doctor oz should have extreme gop that has become. >> i often wonder who is more dangerous, who's more shameless, is the true believer this craziness or the kind of fake believers like doctor oz that are doing it to get elected given his previous record. let me ask you this, the supreme court in kansas upheld a republican congressional map
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that approved a flip in the only seat held by democrat statewide. when you look at gerrymandering, this proceeds could i'll drop, a proceeds mag, others fundamental systemic problems in american democracy right now. for example, gerrymandering. >> absolutely, and this is the kind of thing as you said it already existed, but what trump is that it is kind of scooped it up and made it, really change the ethos of political culture in the gop. it made lawlessness acceptable and rewarded, so all of a sudden they're traditions like gerrymandering, redistricting which already existed they were integrated into this kind of extremist framework. that's what autocrats do, -- gerrymanders, re-district, seen as voter suppression, and so it's a way that the gop is
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really in far right party which is doing things that anti-democratic parties do around the world. >> yes, indeed, look on front pictogram arrive in the senate a bill to try and fix gerrymandering but joe manchin and kristen sinema said no thank you. ruth becky ad -- is on authoritarian's thank you root for your time tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i should add as a side note that today 28 house republicans including the number three republican in the house elise stefanik, reduce serve expunged president trump's second impeachment. the one responding to his incitement of a violent insurrection at the capitol on january 6th, that one democrats of course control the house, therefore the resolution a zero chance of advancing -- however according to fox news who got a copy if passed the resolution says it would make it as if the impeachment article had, quote never passed the house of representatives. it would make it just poop
6:16 pm
magically disappear. kind of orwellian. 20 republicans would like the fact that -- impeached for inciting a riot at the seat of government simply erased from history. even though as we now know thanks to recent reservations by two new york times authors that behind the scene senior republican congressional leaders at the time were totally fine with trump being impeached for his conduct. awe, the republican party, it's one thing in private, and another thing in public. we'll be right back. public. public. we'll be right customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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are the hundred eight public figures and pennsylvania that endorsed -- last night senate primary in that state. we had to shrink the bond in order to fit the law in one screen. the list includes multiple members of pennsylvania's professional, mayor fidel about the, democratic leader in the state senate the list goes, on, and on. now take, a look at this list these are the 15 public figures in pennsylvania who endorsed lambs and poignant pennsylvania -- john fetterman. the influential name in that list as the mayor of scranton, pennsylvania six largest city. and, yet john fetterman won that race by nearly 33 points, days after suffering a stroke on the campaign trail. fetterman had been the front runner in that primary since the day he entered the race, the democratic party establishment of pennsylvania through all support behind lamb,
6:22 pm
which is frankly a bizarre attempt to undermine a popular plane speaking progressive canada. but that wasn't -- bizarre attempt, sorry to undermine the popular progressive candidate in last night's primary elections, that was wars. >> she calls herself a democrat, some early said she wanted totally dismantled the chromatic party, some early morning inviting democrats then getting results -- for the content of this ad. >> that was an attack act targeting progressive candidates some early in the democratic primary race from pennsylvania's 12 congressional district, the message there is clear, some really is not a real democrat if you want a real democrat did not vote for some really, but notice what it said at the end there, you dp is responsible for the content of this ad. you dp stands for united democracy project that packed affiliate with the national pro israel group aipac. -- that that attack ad has nothing to do with aipac's goal of
6:23 pm
supporting israel. apex not a liberal group, aipac is currently supporting 109 of the -- refused to certify president biden's legitimate election victory. and they are in a democratic primary running ads that say you should not vote for progressive candidate that she might fight with other democrats. according to the progressive group, more perfect union, that aipac -- along a pro israel group spent more than three point $3 million in that one congressional race trying to defeat some early. right now though, some really leads -- in that race by around less than 500 votes. with nearly all precinct reporting that may not be money well spent, we'll see, but elsewhere anti progressive super pac to have more success, last night in north carolina groups of super pacs including those that i just mentioned, spend millions to defeat progressive candidates -- democratic party for north carolina's fourth congressional district.
6:24 pm
alabama -- 98 bathroom after her friends were killed in an anti-muslim a crime and chapel hill, north carolina. outside spending in that race favorite or opponent by nearly 10 to 1, alla lost her -- ten points also in north carolina her same packs millions to defeat erica smith, a pro-choice candidate running against a democrat with a history of supporting antiabortion causes. outside spending for her opponent by nearly 4 to 1, smith lost that primary by more than 30 points. a similar group of super fats of all we spent more than two point $2 million to try and defeat progressive jessica's is narrows in her race against the lone antiabortion democrat henry cuellar, and -- so, what will the lessons for progressives last night, how can they stand up to this wave of outside spending against them in democratic primaries going forward. joining us now is alexander -- executive director to the group justice democrats, which
6:25 pm
supports progressive candidates in races across the country, how, la la land you for joining us this evening. justice democrats have been involved in a lot of primaries, we've discussed that you and i a lot of times, jamal bowman, is it fair to say that outside spending against progressive that it's has increased in recent election cycles, especially this one? >> that would be absolutely correct, i would argue that there are several organizations and entities but have formed since the beginning of justice democrats because they would rather, you know, you mentioned some early in pennsylvania and -- in a lot of cases that invest in candidates that look like the base of the party which is increasingly working class, progressive, and women especially black women being the backbone of this party. so, it's definitely an increase in cycles and one that we've expected. i think that's what's so exciting about this moment, that at least in pennsylvania
6:26 pm
12, and some of these other progressive races across the country, it looks like it's gonna be a defeat of corporate -- and an establishment that consistently tries to buy our elections with corporate millionaire candidates and we're seeing working class people reject that. and so, that's what we're trying to do by justice's support these working class challengers because again feel real hopeless, it'll cost the country as you pointed out, they're spending over $13 million trying to go against some type of democratically elected candidate. so, we're trying to go up against that and folks want to check this out. yeah, vlad. >> and this particular part of a new race with some really, it's bad enough to have -- etc etc. why is aipac on to this fight so aggressively, and why another adds mention israel which is the issue they actually lobby on? >> well, i mean, i think, what we have seen is that it's not just about this one issue, it's
6:27 pm
about defeating progressives women of color and a lot of cases. it's about stopping this rising generation of diverse working class progressive leadership who's willing to take a stand on human rights across the board no matter what country might be violating. so, we have seen in this election that they're gonna spend whatever they can, but they're gonna spend a lot but it's about progressives building the infrastructure cycle after cycle which i think you're seeing, the first cycle in 2018 obviously we had a huge upset election with alexandria ocasio-cortez out -- let's do this quote from iata to, rashida, to the next cycle that was jamal bowman, cori bush, so are feeling really, really good even though it's really hard right now for so many because cycle after cycle were going against an institution that has decades of support. >> sorry, ramos at the time,
6:28 pm
last question if some really wins the general election and gets elected to congress, joins the score, what's the strategy is there gonna be a lot more flexing of progressive muscles in the house? >> well, i mean, i think that we're all to make sure we get through the general election, if she gets elected become the first black woman to ever represent the state of pennsylvania. and we are very explicit what we're doing, justice democrats are building a mission driven team, on the inside of progress that's gonna fight for the solution to the match the urgency of the problems were facing and reject corporate pac money, and we're gonna make sure that especially heading into november where we don't where the majority will look like it's, gonna be really critical. >> thank you so much for joining us, alexandria -- director of justice democrats i appreciate your time.
6:29 pm
>> thank you. >> up next, after months of frustration by many that the justice department is not doing enough to investigate those responsible for planning january the six, new reporting that the doj may be doing much more than we think. stay with us. may be doing much more than we think stay with us stay with us time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer.
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we knew nothing. now we are starting to get a clearer picture of what federal investigators are up to, in a series of scoop since march,
6:35 pm
the new york times reported that the justice department has substantially widened its investigation to include trump and its allies, the fake electors scheme, and the financing and planning of the rally that preceded the riot. one of the planners of that rally is cooperating with the federal investigation, and at the federal investigation has barr on a career federal prosecutor just to oversee efforts to stymie biden certification. in the middle of election night last night, the new york times landed another scoop about the federal investigation. the times reports that late last month, the department of justice asked the house committee investigating january 6th, for transcripts of interviews it has conducted. the house committee has interviewed nearly 1000 witnesses, including trump white house officials, and trump family members. that request was made last month. as to whether the committee will actually turn those transcripts over, here's the chairman of the committee speaking last night. >> are you planning on turning it over at some point? >> well, once we finish our
6:36 pm
work. but we are in the midst of our work. if they want to come in talk, just like we've had other agencies come and talk, we'd be happy to talk to them. but we can't give them access to her work product at this point. >> you'd be more or less okay with like an in camera review? >> if they say they want to come and look at something, we'd say come on, but we can share it. you know, we can't give him, you know, unilateral access. >> the committee is going to have several public hearings next month to showcase its work product to date. why wouldn't they be willing to share these transcripts with the justice department, and wet with the justice department asking for these transcripts in the first place tell us about how a lot for a long's investigation is. who better to ask, joyce vance, federal attorney -- alabama school of law, joyce, thank you so much for being with us tonight. first off, can you help us understand the distinction chairman thompson is making
6:37 pm
here? he would be okay with letting the justice department review their transcripts, but he won't just hand them over? how is that different? why doesn't matter? >> this is something that lawyers will be familiar with. he's offering doj the opportunity to come and sit in the committee's offices, review documents, take notes on them, but he is saying he can't give them physical copies, you can't go back about them in your computer system, and scanned through them and use them in whatever way you want to. you can use your notes, but you can't have the original documents. >> so, what could a justice department investigation use those transcripts for? >> a lot of different things, it's very interesting. this might be one way to streamline the process of deciding what witnesses you'd like to interview or put in front of the grand jury, if you're doj. you can look through the, notes decide who has information not on matters that the committee is interested in, but on criminal statutes the doj might
6:38 pm
be investigating. that's one possibility. i don't think that these transcripts become a substitute for doj thoroughly investigating witnesses on its own. it is perhaps an aide, in some cases, the doj can be obligated to turn over information from witnesses, although not typically when it's in the hands of another branch of government. but lots of good reasons for doj to want to take a look at these transcripts. >> so joyce, as you know, i'm one of those people they keep saying, we are aware is merrick garland, i'm impatient. and the defenders of merrick garland say, he can't comment publicly, we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. let me ask you this, from the public reporting we have so far, is impossible to tell how far along this doj best again is? where is that all still a black box? >> i think you can speculate, but to be honest, i think we will find out how far along doj is in its investigations when we wake up one morning to find that indictments have been
6:39 pm
returned. this isn't really something that you can gauge by knowing that doj wants to see these documents. it is suggestive of the fact that doj is engaging in a broadly based investigation, then fulfills that promise that merrick garland made on january 5th that he didn't care how high up people were, who they were that if they were involved in january 6th, which i took to be the entirety of the big lie, that the doj was heading into take a look. >> joyce, shifting gears a bit before we run out of time. in wisconsin yesterday, we saw a totally new legal approach to january 6th, the actual electoral college delegates in wisconsin, filed a lawsuit against not just the ten republicans who pretended to be the states electoral college delegates, but also a trump campaign lawyer involved in this scheme, and the lawyer who helped come up with this game in the first place. that strikes me as a place for individuals to hold people who try to overturn our elections responsible, in case the justice department doesn't. do you think that case has legs, though? >> this is a brilliant lawsuit.
6:40 pm
use as wisconsin's state law claims to try to hold the fake slate of electors accountable. it is a roadmap, quite frankly, for other states to file the same sort of actions, using their state law. when i like about this lawsuit is, because this fake slate of electors is still trying, even at this late date to overturn the wisconsin election results, they haven't yet conceded. this lawsuit seeks injunctive relief, the sort of legal recoveries though it prevented her future faux electors, and perhaps this entire slate of faux electors from taking similar action. it would impose, if it's successful large amounts of punitive damages. it is a very carefully crafted lawsuit, designed to both deter, but also to make it very difficult for these sorts of events to take place in the future. >> let us see what happens, joyce vance, former u.s.
6:41 pm
attorney, professor at the university of alabama school of law, thanks for your time and analysis tonight. up next, in many states, abortion will still be illegal if the supreme court rules the way they're expected to. but a judge in one key state said not so fast. that so story is next. so story is next. no matter who you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have, tezspire™ can help. tezspire™ is a new
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6:46 pm
the supreme court draft decision to overturn rule the way it was leaked. if the court does overturn the constitutional -- that old michigan law might become relevant again because abortion rights would be left up to each individual state. the 1931 michigan law classifies almost all abortion as a felony, with a penalty of up to four years in prison, and no exceptions for rape or incest. it also criminalizes, provide, their advertising medicines that could -- abortions. that alternative law has been michigan's book for more than 90 years on notice because roe has protected abortion rights for 50 years. this month the state attorney general dana nessel, a democrat, said that she refused to enforce the law fit came into effect in the next few weeks. but nestles up for reelection in november, a republican challenger is already said that he will prosecute all abortions, with no exceptions even if the life of the mother is at risk. faced with that grim reality, planned parenthood represented by the american civil liberties
6:47 pm
union in michigan suit to challenge the law, yesterday a judge issued an injunction against that law, she temporarily -- -- even if when the supreme court issued its ruling on row, the state cannot enforce that law. it will be blocked until the planned parenthood lawsuit is resolved. the judge wrote quote, a preliminary injunction furthers the public interest, allowing the court to make a full ruling on the merits of the case without subjecting the plaintiff and their patients to the impact of a total bat on abortion services in the state. she continued quote, after 50 years of legal boarded a michigan, there could be no doubt that the right of personal autonomy and bodily integrity enjoy by our citizens includes to the right of a woman, in consultation with our position, to terminate a pregnancy. state attorney general nessel issued a statement saying that she had no had plans to appeal, this injunction is a victory for the millions of michigan women fighting for their rights. it was a sentiment echoed by the plaintiffs planned parenthood, and the lawyers of
6:48 pm
the american civil liberties union, they have the right -- mr. catawba said, they are prosecutors ready to prosecute individuals under this law, and now we could just breathe a sigh of relief. so, at the very least and in term victory for millions of people in michigan under the threat of this trigger a lot. joining me now -- is and deputy knew of the aclu of michigan which was part of that plan parrot and lawsuit. thank you for being here tonight, you said in that quote, people can breathe a sigh of relief after this injunction. if the supreme court does come out with a ruling that resembles the draft version we saw earlier this month, how long can that cyber leave last in michigan? >> well, luckily, that cyber leave can last until the case, planned parenthood cases, fully litigated to the merit. yesterday -- of a very strong preliminary
6:49 pm
injunction that affirmatively states that the parties are likely to succeed. the michigan constitution protects the right to abortion through bodily integrity. so, until we litigate back case towards life illusion -- michiganders will need to access abortion care in michigan will be able to do so. >> so, this is a preliminary injunction, this judge last to issue a file ruling on the merits of the case? how do you expect this to and? >> we're hopeful that as we continue to litigate this case that the court is going to recognize that not only does michigan constitution protect the right to abortion, bodily integrity, but also the right to privacy and liberty and equal protection. an issue in a permanent injunction, criminally 1931 law and lee abortion access is legal and safe in michigan. >> michigan attorney general
6:50 pm
nestles that she won't appeal, do you expect any other challenge to a potential ruling in pan parents favor in michigan? >> it's possible that up already, a third party either the legislature or the right to life, could seek to intervene in the lawsuit and appeal the preliminary injunction. so far no party has sought to formally intervene in the lawsuit, so the preliminary injunction stands. but we'll still have to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks. >> abortion rights activists in the state are not trying to pass a ballot measure that would enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution, any more than four and 25,000 signatures to get that measure on the ballot in november. do you expect this case to be resolved before november? >> we're hoping, we're using every tool in our tool box to ensure that the right to abortion is protected in our state. that includes both going to court and fighting as hard as we can to ensure that that right is protected by the
6:51 pm
judiciary, but also voters can take it into their own hands, and support the reproductive freedom for all ballot campaign as you mentioned we need over 425,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot. and what's critical about the ballot movement, is that that constitutional amendment will in shrine, not only the right to abortion in our state, the constitution but the full spectrum of reproductive freedoms that everyone is entitled to. so, it's sort of think about as a one-two punch, we're in the court asking for the court to save us and protect the right to abortion now, but we need long term solutions as well. and so, the ballot campaign in the constitutional amendment will be the way that we enshrine these rights in our state constitution for generations to come. >> -- the deputy legal director at the aclu of michigan, part of the planned parenthood lawsuit thank you for your time tonight, i appreciate. it >> thank you for having me.
6:52 pm
>> now, i don't have a great segue or, but i absolutely have to play you this piece of tape we just got. former president george w. bush was delivering a speech at his presidential -- and methodist university in texas, and more talking about russia and its president he made what must be one of the biggest freudian slips of all-time. >> in contrast, russian elections are rigged, political opponents aren't present or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. the result is an absence of checks and balances, and russia, the decision of one man, to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of iraq, i mean of ukraine. we, iraq anyway [laughs]
6:53 pm
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6:58 pm
soccer team won the world title, but they did so wearing hand me downs, jerseys that had previously belonged to a u.s. voice youth squad. players had to buy their own shoes, or make do with a meal statement of just $10 a day, meaning the best player that tournament subsistent nearly entirely on peanut butter sandwiches and free snickers bars. you might think that after winning the world championship that year, the women's team would earn a little bit of respect from the u.s. soccer federation. but they didn't. come 1996, the same team won the olympic gold medal, and yet for all that glory on the field, the players were making about $10 a day. when they asked for bonuses after taking home the olympic gold, and soccer fischel told them, quote, don't be greedy, not official suggested they should be happy enough that they got to wear a jersey that said usa on it. the u.s. women's soccer team has been fighting for pay equity for decades. even though the team has won a record four world cup titles, as well as four olympic gold
6:59 pm
medals, they've been paid piteously less than their male counterparts, despite having far more south fields, and having generated much more money for the sport. when members of the women's team followed -- u.s. soccer federation, in 2016. they noted that the women's team brought a nearly $20 million more per year than the men's team, but we're paid almost four times less. it has taken a long time, as well as a contentious gender discrimination lawsuit against u.s. soccer, to finally enact change. but it is finally paid off, today the u.s. soccer federation announced that it is reached a deal to give equal pay to the u.s. men's and women's national teams. for the first time, players on the two teams must receive the same pay, and same prize money, in addition to guaranteeing the same paychecks for taking part in the international matches. the deal includes a provision that will pull the unequal payments the team receives from fifa for participating in the world cup.
7:00 pm
so it is truly a landmark deal. i should also mention that i woke up to this news this morning, and immediately told my youngest daughter, who is also a soccer player, and it's also these days rightly obsessed with the word misogyny, and she well, she was ecstatic. and that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again tomorrow, i'll also see you on my show, the mehdi hasan show on peacock, here on msnbc on sunday night as well. now it is time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. with lawrgood evening mehdi, aw you suspect that mitch mcconnell does not take his oath of office as seriously as he might. but i'm going to be joined at the end of the hour tonight by irish a pirro, who has written now three books about the senate. his latest book is about the damage to the senate that mitch mcconnell has done. it is much more expensive than we get to cover in our hours of this kind of coverage. ira shap


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