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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  May 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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friend joy reid. "the reid out" with joy reid is up next. good evening, everyone. begin "the reid out" tonight with democracy on the ballot in november. today the house january 6th committee requested information from yet another one of their colleagues. georgia congressman barry loudermilk. looking for information on a tour of the capitol that he gave on the day before the siege. loudermilk is one of the several georgians who voted to overturn the results and said he would object to georgia's electors as well. congressman jody heiss. that attempt to overthrow our democracy failed, doug mastriano is the republican nominee for governor in pennsylvania, a role
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that would pick the secretary of state who oversees elections. there's a very real threat if elected that he would use the power of his office to ensure that the next republican candidate for president receives the state's 19 electoral college votes in 2024 no matter how pennsylvania voters actually vote. mastriano is far from he alone in threatening our democracy. in georgia voters will decide if another election denier gets on the election ballot, former senator david perdue. he has said that the election was rigged. the man he's running against, brian kemp, earned trump's wrath by refusing to overturn the 2020 election in the state. georgia was the center of trump's attempt to steal the election in 2020. he's still under investigation over whether he broke state law with his mafioso style bullying
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who demanded the exact number of votes he would need to win the state's 16 electoral votes. >> so, look, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. because we won the state. >> georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger's refusal to do trump's bidding earned him jody hice's ire. the effort failed after former senator kelly leffler backed out. his full throated embracing of the big lie earned president
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trump's endorsement. unlike the current georgia secretary of state, jody leads out front with integrity. i have 100% confidence in jody to fight for free, fair and secure elections in georgia. since then hice centered his campaign around false claims of fraud. >> the big lie in all of this is that there were no problems in this past election. this last election was filled with problems. >> but actually it gets worse. the former president has also endorsed another election denier for secretary of state in michigan. you won't even believe what he said about the incumbent in that race, and we'll get to that soon. joining me now, amish who is the moderator of washington week on
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msnbs. thank you all for being here. i have a map to show you. this shows how serious this election denial strategy is. in the yellow there are election deniers running for secretary of state. in red are places where election deniers are running for governor. the orange, we brought the two colors together, that's where one of each is running. one for secretary of state, one for governor. you see that map is a lot of the united states. that total adds up to two out of the three contests in the united states and those states that we see that are colored in, that's 70% of the electoral votes up for grabs. if all of those places were to
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elect a republican, in theory 70% of the electoral college would be under the control of election deniers. yamish, i want to ask you. you're on the hill. you talk to a lot of democrats. do they understand the seriousness of that threat in your reporting? >> joy, that map is just so sobering, and when i talk to democratic lawmakers and white house officials, they say that they understand the magnitude of this moment. they understand that we're really looking at january 6th forever. this long shadow of a lie that is now really a warning for the very credibility of our democracy but i also should tell you i just got off the road talking to everyday voters, very concerned democratic voters who they say they don't feel like their lawmakers are being aggressive as aggressive as their republicans are and continuing that lie and pushing for things to be in their favor. when we look at pennsylvania,
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the man who has now won the republican nomination to be governor in that state, david herd, he would have the power to choose secretary of state. this is no longer tweets and speeches and rhetoric, this is someone who would be directly able to say the 2024 presidential election results, can they be certified or not, it seems like with the republicans, they are only going to go with the people that are sort of on their same ideology if they want them to win and they will question the election if a democrat wins. i think lawmakers absolutely get the urgency of this, but i will say that the people horsebacking them are very, very frustrated with them that there is no strategy to really effectively push back on this. >> this is the thing, stewart. it isn't just saying the election wasn't won, it isn't just denying it, it's actually being in a position to reverse it and negate the votes in their
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state. in the state of north carolina they nominated sherry beasley, perfectly normal moderate democrat. republicans nominated a guy named ted bud who voted to overturn north carolina's electoral college votes. he voted to eliminate his own state's vote. let's go to florida. ron desantis has picket for his secretary of state, cord byrd, ron desantis has choeszen a republican ally with no expertise in elections, a history of excessive partisanship and provocative streak. to make things worse bird's wife esther is a proud boys supporter. one more, let's list ento doug mastriano. he has a religious conviction that republicans must win every major election.
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here's doug mastriano. >> any freedom loving americans in the house here? wow. first corinthians 127. that's his story. he uses people like you and me to change history. we're going to take this state by storm. we're going to restore freedom and liberty. this is our time and our hour. let's walk in freedom. let's choose this day. let's choose this day and serve the lord. >> stewart, when you have republicans who now essentially view elections as a relidge gist jihad essentially, what does one do about that in a democracy? >> there's only one thing you can do. you have to beat these people. they're not going to change their minds. you can't meet them halfway and say, maybe half the ballot was legal and the other half wasn't. the governor races were legal, lieutenant governor wasn't. you have to beat them. i'm glad you're putting that map
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up there and showing it because i think it's -- one of the most difficult things for those of us who believe in democracies to concede the fact that it doesn't always have to be this way. there is tremendous threat out there. the map is worse than you're showing because there are very few republican governors out there who will aggressively assert that donald trump lost a free and fair election. twhauns becomes the norm, then anything that you do is not about rigging the election, it's about restoring what was right. so you not only have a rationale for doing it, it's like mastriano was saying, you have an obligation to do this. all of this is really, again, about race. it's about the republicans' inability to come up with a message, platform, candidates that will a feel a changing
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non-white america. >> and they've decided, yamish, then, what they can do about that is essentially eliminate the voters. they'll say philadelphia votes no longer exist. we don't think fulton county votes exist, we'll delete them. they're setting that up. i get the base of the democratic party understands this. i wonder if d.c. democrats, because i don't get the vibe that they understand this isn't just politics. should these republicans win in enough numbers to decide the election themselves, not the voters of this country, them, a small cult of maga worshippers who have a religious conviction that white christians, their type of christian that they must win because god wants that, there isn't anything to stop them. i don't see that d.c. democrats understand that. i haven't seen evidence of it. not many of them.
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>> joy, what i get when i talk to d.c. democrats is that they understand the situation but that they also feel like they don't have anything they can actually do. when you talk to people off camera, when you talk to people straight shooting, they say the only way for this to really be fixed by democrats is to get more u.s. senators, to get a bigger margin in the house which we know at this point is not looking likely because the mid-term elections, the democrats, they know they're going to lose a big chunk of their power. this comes down to what can they do? that becomes a defeatist tone when i talk to d.c. democrats. the president has said over and over again that he understands the urgency of this moment, he wants to be able to do something, but he has not been able to pass anything by himself exectivelily or get himself able to pass anything. you have all of these other democrats that are not wanting to be on board with a lot of the
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legislation that a majority of the democrats have wanted to pass. when i talk to a bunch of black philly voters, they understand that their access to the ballot box might be taken away. >> yeah. >> they also understand the party might not have anything to do with it and might not be able to do anything about it. it underscores the urgency of this moment. on the map is the electability of election deniers. that is something that is -- it really just is something that haunts people here. >> these are the primary. this is the maga base deciding who the candidates would be. and they have decided they will only elect people who guarantee that trump and all of his maga devotees get elected. jocelyn benson, vee interviewed
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and she said the following -- let me just show you what she said. she was talking to cbs news. take a look. >> traitor. it's said you should be locked up. some of this was very high -- >> even the president himself had called on me to be arrested and tried for treason, potentially executed. >> to hear that the president of the united states when he loses the election in michigan decides that the way to deal with that is to accuse you of treason, to ask -- isn't there some way to arrest her? >>. >> we should stop expecting there is a bottom to the lengths that people will go to overturn the election results. >> it's friday, junior. my brain is only 80% working. so that's the mentality, stewart, that trump is saying to people in earshot that the
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secretary of state in a state where he doesn't get to win because the voters didn't vote for him should be executed and should be tried for treason and executed. that's the mentality. >> yeah. there's no secrets here. >> they're denying it. i should note that the trump people deny it but go on. >> the essence of democracy is someone has to be willing to lose. what republicans have decided is they're for democracy when they win and not for it when they lose which means they aren't there for democracy. this isn't going to change unless you defeat these people. it's a race-by-race struggle. that's what we have to be. you have to be in the fight and you have to understand what is at stake. >> when you are in a fight, you have to know you're in a fight otherwise you are getting punched in the face over and over and over again. you have to waning and realize you're fighting and you might as well wake up and fight back. still ahead on "the reid out," the january 6th committee
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would like to have a discussion with republican congressman barry loudermilk. and president biden wants to address the nationwide baby formula. how the shortage came about and what's being done to fix it. plus, how federal funds were diverted away from the hardest hit areas to whiter, more conservative parts of texas. "the reid out" continues after this. ry single day, all day. how do you like learning at home? i kind of don't like it. i kind of don't like it either. i just want you to have everything. everything that you want in life. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ like pulsing, electric shocks,
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the january 6th select committee has announced a new development in their investigation. with their request for information from georgia congressman barry loudermilk. the committee says they believe he has information on a tour he gave the day before the siege on the capitol noting witness accounts say some witness and groups gathered information about the layout of the capitol complex as well as the house and senate office buildings in advance of january 6th. particularly notable about this is that house republicans had vehemently denied giving any reconnaissance tours after democrats said they had witnessed an extremely high number of outside groups at the capitol on january 5th. republicans were so up in arms over those accusations that they, led by loudermilk himself, filed an ethics complaint against those democrats.
4:21 pm
according to that committee, that was without merit. they noted that contradicts. loudermilk said with a statement with a colleague that it's false he or any other republicans conducted reconnaissance tours. he said he wanted the committee to release their tapes from that day. axios reports that former william barr is in active discussions with the committee to appear for an interview. with me is paul butler, a former federal prosecutor. always good to see you, paul. let's start with the reconnaissance tours. loudermilk, he said he had a family there, that the family
4:22 pm
went on the tour on the 5th. the day before the capitol was breached. no one from the family has been investigated or charged with january 6th. that's what he says. however, democratic congresswoman mikey sherrill issued a letter in which she made if clear, members of the group seemed to have an unusually clear knowledge of the layout of the capitol complex. the presence of the groups within the capitol complex was suspicious. she separately said after the insurrection that there are members of congress that she saw have groups coming through the capitol, a reconnaissance for the next day, she called it. there are images, you know, there's been an arrest of a woman in pennsylvania who had a bull horn, this is the famous lady in the pink hat who had the
4:23 pm
bull horn directing insurrectionists where to go. how serious is this, especially now that there's a chance to meet with this member of congress about reconnaissance tours? >> it's very serious, joy. and the democratic congress people, that's why they noticed these people being led around. the republicans have denied this and now the january 6th panel is calling them liars. the most important legal question is whether the republicans who led these tours knew what was going to go down at the capitol the next day. if they did know, they can face expulsion from congress and criminal prosecution for aiding and abetting. if these were just routine tours and not reconnaissance missions, why are they lying saying that they never happened?
4:24 pm
there's still more investigating to happen. the coverup is more incriminating. >> if it wasn't the same members who were trying to vote to overturn the election who were giving tours, you could say, they were just giving a tour. they gave a tour and they vote to overturn. it isn't direct evidence, right, but it certainly looks odd. >> and, joy, it's shocking because it's so bold. it's kind of like if your house got broken into by strangers and you learned the day before your neighbor gave the stranger the tool from the house. this is the latest evidence of complicity by washington. the panel has developed evidence that some republicans work with trump to get the justice department and state election officials to try to overturn the election and that some members
4:25 pm
work to get a preemptive pardon of him before he left office. >> yeah. >> so the fact that it wasn't other breaking news other than evidence that the panel says they have. joy, this is not a panel that writes checks that it can't cash. cheney and -- advice chair cheney and chair thompson say they have it, they do. >> barr, he didn't think january 6th was an insurrection. he wouldn't prosecute trump. he's still william barr. doesn't the fact even that guy who was trump's consiglier, he acted like he was trump's lawyer, told trump you have no legal basis to contest the election, what might the panel
4:26 pm
get from him? >> trump's state of mind about whether he really believed he lost the election. the white house on january 6th, his main evidence to the committee would be how did trump respond when barr told him there was no evidence of widespread voting fraud in the 2020 election? he sure looked like he didn't care. trump said, that's not really the issue. joy, you're right, barr put his integrity on lay away. going to the panel, his testimony is crucial. >> he was called the coverup general in the '90s. i don't know that integrity might have known him a long time. paul butler, thank you very
4:27 pm
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who are facing the baby formula shortage and wondering how they're going to feed the youngest members of their families, there is some good news today. the head of the fda telling congress parents should start to see improvement on store shelves within days. he cautioned it could be weeks before the supply is back to normal. that follows the news that president biden has invoked the defense authorization act to address the nationwide formula shortage. earlier today the senate passed a bill that would improve access to baby formula for low income parents. when it came to approving a $28 million emergency relief funding bill to help alleviate the current short fall senate republicans straight up blocked it and are on their way home. it's not just senate republicans. they would rather have that as a
4:33 pm
talking point. yesterday the house passed the funding bill. democrats voted 219 to zero to vote it. republicans voted 192 to 12 against it. how can a republican party that's so adamant that the government should enforce all pregnancy for births only manage to produce 12 republican votes to save those baby's lives. what is almost as troubling is what is causing the baby formula shortage in the first place. four companies have a monopoly. these companies are so massive and have such tremendous lobbying efforts that they have ensured that our tariff and regulatory system makes it almost impossible for infant formula from overseas to come into the market even when they are completely safe. that's what keeps their monopoly
4:34 pm
in place. and when abbott has to shut down due to their negligence and demand remains the same, you get a predictable result, a shortage. and to add to the problems with our current system, about half of all formula sold in america is bought by the federal government for a special supplemental program for women, infant and children known as wic. each state signs an exclusive contract. as npr points out, abbott has the wic monopoly in about 2/3 of all the states. that means that wic recipients are required to only purchase abbott formula through the program but are unable to. add to that the supply chain issues in a pandemic and, viola, you get the shortage.
4:35 pm
more needs to be done and perhaps now is not the time for lawmakers to be heading home with their little tummies full while their youngest constituents are very much in need. up next, texas land commissioner, george p. bush, yes, from that bush family, has a plan. you would know it's a lot like the old man, which means millions of dollars diverted to mostly white inland communities instead of the mostly black and brown coastal communities that meade it most. more up next.
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back in 2017 hurricane harvey hit texas with a vengeance slamming the gulf coast with strong winds and torrential rain. it was the most powerful hurricane to hit the united states in a decade damaging more than 300,000 homes and killing more than 100 texans. the following year texas received $4.3 billion in disaster aid from congress to be dolled out by the texas land office. that's when a different disaster for texas began. the counties where harvey made landful received zero dollars. jefferson county also received nothing. harris county which saw the worst flooding got just 9% of the 1 billion being allocated while whiter, inland areas, far less impacted by hurricanes
4:41 pm
received millions. the land office is run by commissioner george p. bush, the son of jeb who threw his own family by the road to join the trump cult. the u.s. department of housing and urban development has accused bush's land development office of discriminating against black and latino texans. after an outcry he gave $750 million of the remaining funds to harris county. according to the texas tribune who did fantastic reporting, the land office is going to allocate the next $1.2 billion of the federal aid. joining me is zach despart, politics reporter and julian castro, former secretary of housing and urban development. zach, great reporting on your part. talk about how this could have possibly played out that counties that received the most damage from the hurricane got
4:42 pm
nothing. >> well, first, thanks for having me, joy. how it played out is initially the federal government had designated 20 counties in texas, mostly coastal, as eligible for this $4 billion worth of aid. the general land office under commissioner bush decided to add 29 counties into the eligibility pool. that made it much harder for the hardest hit coastal counties to get the aid because the competition was going to be more steep. you had talked about that initial 1 billion districted last year and our initial investigation had found that the land office had by far disproportionately spent that in the inland group of counties which are far whiter, far more conservative, more importantly have a lower risk of disaster than those mostly on the coast. the story we wrote this week
4:43 pm
focused on the land office's amended plan to spend the rest of the money. what we found is basically because the disparities were so great in that first round, this new plan does not close them. we are still seeing depending how it playing out, 2 to $4 per person more spent in the inland areas than the coastal ones that are hardest hit by harvey and, again, most importantly, greatest at risk for the future. >> let's talk about it. there's a map that shows the counties getting aid. let's just put that up. these are the 20 counties hud picked as eligible for aide. those are the coastal counties that you see there that are in pink. the counties colored in green bush added 29 more of these counties. those ones -- you can physically see where they are next to the coast, zach, that they were not the counties that were the hardest hit by a hurricane. do you have in your reporting did you get the sense because this is something that george p.
4:44 pm
bush took great credit for, distributing this money. he sees it as a campaign asset for himself. was this trying to feed money into counties that would vote for him in his current race? >> that's mostly a question for democrats. certainly some of them feel like commissioner bush had let politics get in the way of his thinking when he -- his office decided to distribute that money. there will be a story published this week it was 11 days after he had initially announced that billion dollars last year that he announced he was running for attorney general and certainly, you know, wanted to do well among republicans in this primary. the election runoff is now. to be clear, i've spent some time in the rural areas that did get some of the money and they definitely have infrastructure needs and could benefit by disaster preparedness. the ones on the coast ranked the
4:45 pm
highest and those are the ones speaking with members of congress who approved the money, that's where they wanted it to go. on a per capita basis, that's not where it's going. >> julio castro, you used to run hud. you're talking about depriving people of money. it sounds like strictly for politics or some other thing. >> this is great reporting by zach and the tribune. hud does an extensive analysis beforehand. when hud designates these 20 counties, it meant that these are the ones that needed the infrastructure investment. congress approves that. for bush to add 29 other counties who are not as great of risk of another disaster, don't have as many infrastructure needs for flooding and other
4:46 pm
natural disaster risks, that's pure patronage. for him to do it 11 days before he announces that he's running for attorney general i think makes it a lock solid link to patronage. joy, i think the other thing from a political standpoint going on here, he represents the last best hope to continue the bush dynasty, right? he knew he was going to be into a republican primary 11 days later that has turned ultra maga as joe biden has said. these are exactly the type of counties, these smaller, more rural, whiter counties that would be a problem for him in that kind of primary. so what does he do? he starts doing out the dollars like any slick old time politician to these places. they put out, according to zach's reporting, 39 different press releases county by county heralding these new investments in these counties. so it's clear that politics played a real role here.
4:47 pm
>> it reminds me, julio castro, of what ron desantis is doing from florida. where he's taking money, the biden buck that is came through the cares act, the infrastructure bill, he's been pillaring it as profligate spending and he's turning around and going with the big publisher clearing style checks handing out money in red districts in florida. he's passing off this federal money he criticized as money that came from florida's own efforts and handing it out, but only to red counties. this strikes me as the most flagrant type of patronage politics. do you as a texan think george p. bush ends up paying a political price for it? >> i think he does. he may end up paying a price in terms of the department of justice filing a suit if they determine this outlay of these
4:48 pm
funds violates equal opportunity laws, fair housing laws, so forth. the other thing is politically he has to justify this. he's really angered a lot of people in harris county when he allocated such little resources to a community there that has been hit the hardest. something like six or seven times over the last 15 years by natural disasters. he barely gave them $9 million or something. way underneath of what he should have given them. big mistake. >> republicans live in harris county, george p. zach, excellent reporter. julio castro, thank you. cheers. up next, democratic candidate for governor could face the sub ber trumpy sarah huckaby sanders
4:49 pm
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took office in the year and a half that he has been here, has created 700,000 new jobs for african americans. president trump, in his first year and a half has already tripled what president obama did in eight years. the president in no way former fashion has promoted or
4:54 pm
encouraged violence. if anything, quite the contrary. >> is it isn't official white house position that all women the women are lying? >> yes, we believe that from the beginning. >> remember her? that was the twice the priest former presidents former press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders, saying things that aren't true and smearing the women who accused trump of sexual harassment or assault. roughly three years later, sanders, following in her daddies huckabee footsteps, is looking for a new gig as the governor of arkansas. next week acts are republicans will get to choose between her and some guy who thinks who thinks he's not conservative enough, because she endorsed a senator who said that joe biden won the election. if she wins her primary, which is what most arkansas watchers expect, she will face off against one of five candidates, chris jones a seven generation guard hansen, who is not only an ordained minister about a physicist. the arkansas gazette, called
4:55 pm
him one of the most impressive candidates seen in years. joining now is physicist, minister, and democratic candidate for governor of arkansas, doctor chris jones. doctor chris jones, thank you for being here. so, i read through the endorsement that the arkansas democrat gazette wrote, and they said it's a long shot to see any democrat winning in arkansas, but the pressure was an outstanding candidate, a real arkansans. how do you beat someone like sarah huckabee sanders, who's well known, has high name recognition, and is willing to flagrantly lie? >> well, first of, all thanks for having me on your show. it's great to be here among fellow nerds. it's going to take faith, hope, and hard work. that's what it's gonna take. i'm a seventh generation arkansans, and i know for a fact that if you engage arkansans authentically, they can get past what should be the
4:56 pm
path that they should take. i have traveled the state, every 75 counties, and we have been to places where they haven't seen a black person in a very long time. the conversations have been great. people want good infrastructure, and good jobs. that's hunger to win this race. >> it's interesting you say that. the thing about democrat is that they tend to hang in the cities and give up on voters they think are going to be resistant, white voters, how do you approach those conversations? you're right, more no matter where you live, other than the people who are qanon and not all here, people do generally want the same stuff. >> they do. it doesn't matter. so look, we were in mariana today, east arkansas. a really small town. we went to a senior citizen tom. we were talking about health care. we were talking about education. we were talking about infrastructure. i went to a place called
4:57 pm
harrison, arkansas, formerly a son downtown. i went into a restaurant and 50 people gave us a standing ovation. why? because they want to choose faith, hope, and hard work over fear, hate, and cronyism. that's what we're handing arkansans. >> are people election deniers that you're talking to? do they believe that biden is the president, or is that an issue they're voting on? or things like abortion. what do people tell you about things like that? >> you've got a mix. there is certainly a small portion of individuals who are election deniers and who really want to drive towards this weird world where neighbors are vigilantes. however, the lion's share of folks that we engage are in louisville, all ville south arkansas, a kind of shirt, hand on, the chapter on the shoulder, we were strong restaurant and i said, jeb has it going. and running for governor. my name is chris jones. we talk for second and within 30 seconds he said i just want my roads fixed.
4:58 pm
that's it. then we talked about infrastructure. and that was the inroads. so i tell folks, if we don't ask for the vote, and by the way, joy, i asked sarah sanders herself if she would vote for me and she said maybe. >> okay, nerd time. because i can't have you here, my rocket scientist friend. here is a piece of your ad. it's called skywalker. here it is. >> when i was a kid, growing up in pine bluff arkansas, i dreamed of going to space. i dreamed of adventures on other worlds. but just as all great stories reminders to search inward for our strength, i realized my true inspiration was my own childhood in arkansas, where space to play, space to explore, and space to learn made anything seen possible. >> greetings, skywalker. i have to show you this massive, super massive black hole that
4:59 pm
was recently found. i'm obsessed with. it there it is. of course it is named after the best stars sign, sagittarius, it's called as she are a, because sagittarius rule the universe. >> slowdown, i'm a liberal over here. >> don't even try me. okay, number one, how cool the is the black hole, the? >> super cool, and absolutely. when i want to tell you is that folks need to go chris for and find more about our campaign. we are excited about the future of arkansas. but we are facing trump two point oh. we are at real risk of that cancer being spread across the country. we have to stop it now. i'm asking folks to lean in and go to chris for, and help us to stop it now. make history in the process. i will be the first nominee african american nominee of any major party here in arkansas for statewide office. >> you know what's amazing, the way that you know that even
5:00 pm
though you're not a veteran politician but a good politician always asks for the vote and remembers to give how to contact me. you did both of those things, my friend. so best of luck to you. we will be watching to see how things turn out. thank you so much for spending time with us and talking nerd. thank. you chris jones. thank you very much. appreciate you. read out, all in with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on all in. >> i know per parents are struggling in america. >> this is a matter of life or death. >> joe biden simply has no plan. >> guess which party demanded government in firm intervention in the baby formula shortage only to fight against such unfair intervention? it only makes sense if you find out what really drives republicans. i will explain. another republican congressman gets called for the general sixth committee, former attorney general eric holder, from threats to american da


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