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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 20, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the candidates and what it means and the battle for congress. joe biden kicks off the trip to asia as president as u.s. officials warn of a possible nuclear test from north korea. we are live in seoul. russia makes some gains amid a battle that's turned the region into hell. what it means for the future of the war and the u.s.'s role in it. ♪♪ happy friday. welcome. i'm chuck todd why both political parties are trying to reshape the political battle field. what does that fight look like? we'll dive into the numbers out today from the nbc poll.
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for two editions we ask questions about what sort of qualities and attributes to make them more or less supportive for a candidate for congress. it is clear what issues they like to lead the way. for republicans the most favor l terrain is the economy and inflation. increasing oil production. that's popular and republicans know this. because it's all over the campaign advertising. >> joe biden and steve are spending like drunken sailors. i won't raise taxes. >> biden's bad decisions are costing families $5,000 a year. i won't take it. >> no amount of buy one get one free deals can overcome. >> thanks a lot, biden.
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>> i'll lower your costs. >> for democrats it's on positions held by republicans. looking at the nbc polls voters are not crazy about beginning donald trump's by lie about 2020 and candidates who would like to overturn roe v. wade. republican state governments give examples on rights under jeopardy. oklahoma lawmakers passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the country. democratic ads are leaning on the rights being on the ballot this fall. >> if senate republicans win in november they will light women's rights on fire. >> jessica is the pror choice candidate to fight for our health care and protect our rights to make decisions. >> it looks like ron johnson gets what he wants. overturning roe v. wade. i will never allow the rights to
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be stripped away. >> bottom line. might be obvious. it looks like republicans are fighting to make it about the economy and inflation and democrats fighting to make it more cultural about abortion and trump. joining me on set is nbc washington correspondent yamiche alcidor and strategists. yamiche, a couple other things up here that sort of reinforces the point we are making. just to understand on trump and abortion rights for democrats and government spending and oil production. first full screen to best for republicans, more willing to 55-point advantage on inflation using -- down sizing government spending and 52-point advantage on gas prices. here are what the -- advantages
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for democrats on the point about trump and roe v. wade here. minus 35 on trump. minus 26 on roe. >> that's still lopsided why when you opened up by saying democrats want to make it about cultural issues and trump i had to say is that flipped? obviously republicans have been wanting to talk about culture war and abortion and now they had the big wins and don't want to talk about the wins and as a result democrats are reacting to them. on the campaign trail this is the thing that vexes democratic voters saying they're not aggressive and only after election deniers electing and are they getting the fire in the bellies. you have republicans saying let's argue at the idea that
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president biden didn't do enough on inflation and president biden in asia making an international trip very domestic talking about samsung with a plant in texas, at hyundai talking about the investments in georgia and trying the best to will this and the numbers tell the story. >> what's interesting, to me it means republicans if theyeer disciplined they have a winning message but they're distracted by the culture wars. >> they put money behind the issues that we talk about. the abortion issue is something when i think a few weeks ago i would say they didn't have anything. the thing to think about is what are the issues that people voting based on. what are your top issues? top issue is inflation, second is jobs and the economy. abortion is higher than it was. but the challenge for democrats is how do you make the issue with an advantage an issue of the year?
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that's a big lift when the economy and inflation touches everybody. >> if john roberts preserves roe it would complicate the path that democrats think is the best one their. >> roe escalates the stakes in this election and democrats are trying to make this an issue and understand if they don't talk about rising costs in our day-to-day lives then we don't win the elections. looking at the senate map it is very -- if i'm a democrat i would be happy about it. just because we are protecting seats that where we have strong democrats in place and states that biden won and looking at what happen in pennsylvania we are coming out united in support of fetterman and republicans scrambling to see what's going on there. the poll and trump is democrats
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are not making the race about trump but trump inserts himself into the race and republicans can't control him and he does want to be out on the campaign trail ahead of the midterm elections. >> i want to putt up a couple other full screens. these are the most popular candidate qualities among all voters. here's the top seven. as you can see -- actually, that is not the one. i wanted five on the full screen here why no worries. that's all right. that's why we number the things. funding the police is number one. controlling inflation number two. lowering gas prices number three. supporting the bipartisan infrastructure is number four and takes to the fourth mount there -- still not the right one. sorry. i'm looking for number five. you have to get to the fourth most popular issue before it's a
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democrat success story. >> not only advantage republicans but shows that the country in some ways in a place where it's backtracking and when we think about the conversations about reforming the police. for policing and supporting the police it also tells you why president biden said over and over again to fund the police and i will say a lot of african americans who he needs to vote in places like philly because you see voters saying you are trying to pivot when you need to focus on what we want but that tells you that's the challenge of the democrats of policing, the economy that people feel sort of comfortable on coming to republicans. >> let's put up the full screen number five. this is -- you look at it and the best democratic issues are
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in the bottom half of that list. best republican issues in the top half. it does sort of show you the path if republican candidates can be disciplined tie risk for democrats is to talk about an issue fourth or fifth you look out of touch not talking about first or second. joe biden wants to talk about the economy but they don't have good answers for jit republicans have ammunition. the thing they were trying to pass is more spending that republicans were able to say we stopped them. if they can be disciplined this is a cake walk and republicans aren't going to try to change the conversation. >> i do want to put up the negative side of this. this is why we saw the words ultra maga. after defunding the police is least popular thing you can do. then the next four issues, trump winning the election, marjorie taylor greene endorsement is
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minus 27. then down to aoc and joe biden. it is two through five there i see why there is this idea that, boy, if you can create do you want ultra maga policies but that's a hard sell. takes time. >> yeah. your polling is absolutely right. that's what the white house is seeing right now. if they talk about the far right and the far right taking over, then the ultra maga takes of the house and the senate you will overturn roe v. wade. elections will be at stake. republican secretaries of state might try run elections. don't stay home in the midterm elections. there is a clear choice and if you don't go out and vote you could end up with this ultra
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maga congress that could impact you in your daily lives. >> do have a primary coming up on tuesday. brendan is mr. georgia. kemp winning as big as he's winning. trump throwing a temper tantrum about it. what does that mean? >> candidates get nominated who were stop the steal. i don't think you pay a price in republican primaries for having that position but there's not much of a reward. kemp is a praetd pretty popular conservative governor. that's not a compelling message and seeing in georgia while you don't pay a penalty it is not inspiring to republican voters to talk about 2020. interesting thing is the secretary of state. >> a heart beat. >> this is the person the face
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of fighting donald trump on this election and running against a conservative republican. he's got a very good chance to win. he is not running as a moderate but people are sick of talking about 2020 and maybe the consequence is if donald trump can't let that go it could be wrapped around his neck. positive signs i think in georgia. >> it is fascinating to watch. they're running an ad. i'll show it to folks later where they are like, we know reverend warnock has a nice story but -- georgia is going to be i think a unique problem for republicans and probably the democrats' best chance to have a decent night. >> it is interesting because in some ways you talk about the person preaching at martin luther king's church and have to be very -- tread lightly.
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can't make it personal. he is clear about the moral ark and the idea that you are not hurt by questioning the credibility of american democracy and it was the place to see so many republicans come out and be the face of the resistance to say we won't let an election to be stolen. and by the way we'll put out the recording to show everybody what you are trying to do. i think it is interesting to see how warnock leans into that and whether or not in the end whether he makes this sort of a moral argument while they might not want to talk about the 2020 election it is all about civil rights and targeting to take the votes away. >> if you have a ticket of kemp and raffensperger it is harder. >> that's right.
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i don't think that warnock needs that. he is raising right now and he can on his own talk about what's at stake. the senate as a whole could hang on a seat like georgia. right? he has a compelling story the rnsc is right and will continue to see him as a strong candidate and republicans know that they have a long shot with the seat. >> actually it made me long for old politics. it is okay to like somebody on the other side of the aisle. so striking to see and shows you how the personal story connected. >> the best thing going for him is herschel walker. not a strong candidate or has experience and someone in the primary hidden from the press. ducked debates. when the spotlight is on him i'm worried. >> will it get on him completely
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because of kemp-abrams? >> yeah. the senate could be decided by this. he is a high profile person in the state. the governor's race draws attention but this is a decider of controlling congress. >> if walker doesn't hit 60 is that a big problem? >> big problem. sadler, black running against him with low name i.d. and not put up a fight against him. i would be surprised if he is not above 60. i think they will rally around him. >> the biggest thing in the democratic side of the ooirl on tuesday -- >> it is texas and south texas, an area that has socially conservative and interesting to see -- a close race?
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>> i think it is going to be a close race. but the reality is that henry has putt a lot of money into the race and not sure that jessica cisneros can overcome that. i think that the choice message is front and center as a closing argument and rightfully so in texas it should. in south texas that is socially conservative. >> warren in wisconsin. sanders for cisneros. >> it tells you how wild this has been and how much this is sort of an interesting midterm season. >> the david perdue thing, i'll let it go. >> talking about walker is an unknown person without a real vetting maybe he won't win.
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that could be trump and trump wasn't running against the person preaching at martin luther king's church. >> thank you. joe biden kicks off a first trip to asia as president. later dem versus dem. how that in new york set to be approved today to spark drama on the hill that will reach the leadership of the house democrats. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. (woman) oh. oh! hi there. youyou're jonathan, right?king the 995 plan!h merrill, yes, from colonial penn. your 995 plan fits my budget just right. excuse me? aren't you jonathan from tv, that 995 plan?
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the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. welcome back. president biden kicked off a five-day asia tour with a first stop in seoul, south korea. the message is manufacturing, supply chains and the global economy. thinking about the midterms a little bit and domestic politics. the president toured a samsung semiconductor plant today. and he touted the commitment to invest and create new jobs in
10:21 am
the united states. >> our two nations work together to make the best, most advanced technology in the world and this factory is proof of that. and that gives both the republic of korea and the united states a competitive edge in the global economy. >> the president also renewed the call to congress to pass the bipartisan innovation act, a bill the administration believes will help to compete with china. this is bogged down by ridiculous senate politics. nbc white house correspondent mike memoli is traveling with the president and joins us. mike, let me start with you. obviously you are in the middle of the night there. tell us on the agenda tomorrow and where we go from here.
10:22 am
>> reporter: happy saturday, chuck, here from seoul. yes. the president will kick off today the more traditional official portion of the trip and north korea is expected to be the focus of the meeting with president yoon and laying a wreath at a memorial for soldiers that died in korean conflicts. you talked about the white house trying to focus on domestic politics. i would say a lot while the president is here. you have done the foreign trips with a president before. you know often there might be an announcement about an economic package back home with companies based in the countries of presidents visiting but the president started on friday in south korea and before leaving on sunday he ends it with announcing plants in the u.s., jobs in the u.s. and this is a white house dealing with inflation as a challenge now and they have trying to put that on
10:23 am
putin's price hike as they call it but remember so much of the supply chain crisis that took up the last year and a half is something they root in china, because of covid, the lockdowns that snarled the systems to bring goods to the united states. that's what the president is trying to put a spotlight on here. it is good to have alliances and important to make things in america and something biden talked a lot on the campaign trail and trying to bring the message home by saying these companies make us stronger at home and help the global economy. >> all right. mike memoli in the middle of the night saturday morning there, thank you. let's bring in bonnie. i want to start with first north korea and want to start with covid in north korea. we are -- there's a concern about a missile test and kim jong-un looking for attention
10:24 am
but looks like a human catastrophe in north korea. what can the world do about this in this closed society that feels as if this thing is spreading -- i saw a stat today. 2 million people might have it right now. >> north korea only recently acknowledged any cases at all and we don't know if the numbers that they are providing to the outside world are reliable. it is hard to believe that covid isn't rampant in north korea. they don't have the health infrastructure or the vaccines to cope with it. the world can provide a humanitarian assistance and the new president in south korea i believe has already offered to provide assistance especially in the form of vaccines and medical equipment. >> the goal i think of the president when president obama went to asia to unveil the
10:25 am
transpacific partnership and the beginning of what would become a check on china economically and the united states and the domestic politics of bernie sanders and donald trump eviscerated that treaty and now a baby step version of this. can this be the beginning of an economic alliance that is a check on china or is it too small of an idea? >> the indo-pacific framework that the president will launch in japan is an important step to write rules that strengthen the rule-based multilateral trading system but it doesn't provide or won't provide access to u.s. markets which is what countries in the region want. they welcome the initiative, the interest in the united states and stepping up economically in the region but they prefer the united states to return to the
10:26 am
transpacific partnership and indeed many countries i think hope that the united states will. >> do you think this is really the intent and that we are taking a step here seeing to get the domestically and then another step down the road? >> i think that the biden administration is holding the cards close to the chest on this issue and political risks in talking about returning the treaty and i would not be surprised if after the midterms that not a policy that the biden administration will pursue. >> as someone told me it is not something -- not going to pursue they want something a vote in congress to approve. let me move to the quad and the beginning of what feels like a security alliance to continue to grow. what is the best way to grow the quad and to make it more than just an informal meeting of four
10:27 am
countries with interest in worrying about china? >> the quad which includes the united states, japan, australia, and india is now a sort of a second incarnation. it's really focused on things like vaccines, climate is on the agenda as well as issues like maritime cooperation. there's more going on in the realm of security and i think there's potential to do more. these countries are concerned about protecting the interest and supply chains but also concerned about chinese assertiveness and potential aggression in the region and i think there's potential to grow cooperation and also to include other countries not as members of the quad but as working with the quad countries in the working groups that they have set up. >> before i let you go i want to ask and this is not something we
10:28 am
told you we would ask about so my apologies beforehand but in the past when a u.s. president would have a meeting with india we went out of the way to make sure we had an event, conversation, whatever with pakistan. that's not happening this time. is this a sign of how far away we are, the united states and pakistan, how far apart they are compared to even just five years ago? >> well yes. i think the relationship with the united states and pakistan evolved and the relationship with india e involved. president biden had more conversations with dwib's president modi. pakistan is a thorn in the u.s.-india relationship but i think going forward this is an area where there are other -- this is an issue on which they agree to disagree but i think
10:29 am
the administration felt that that phone call or heads up just wasn't necessary. >> shows you how much as you put it the u.s. and india relationship is growing closer all the time. always appreciate getting your expertise. thank you. >> thank you. russia is planning to cut off finland's gas supplies. one of many consequences to unfold amid the nato expansion. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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welcome back. russia threatened to retaliate against finland. finland state-owned energy provider said russia plans to cut the gas supply to the country tomorrow. gas exports are 3% of finland's mix why the company gave no reason but the announcement two days after they filed applications to join nato and would be the third country cut off in europe. cut off bulgaria and romania last month. russian forces appear to be mablging progress in eastern ukraine. one analyst said the troops captured several villages. while rush may control much of mor poll, the battle of the city
10:34 am
may have come at a steep cost. it depleted the ranks and now talk of russians looking for older russians to join the military. matt bradley now joins me from kyiv and clint watt is here to talk about russia's military strategy. matt, give us some more context of what president zelenskyy said the region is a hell scape. >> reporter: yeah. this is a region that's been at wash since 2014. it was recently that the russians made the push out on february 24th to try to take the entire donbas region and had control over 30% of what we consider the donbas. that's in eastern ukraine. the 30% of that had been under
10:35 am
essentially the dominion of russia under the guise of russian backed separatists in ukraine and now looks like the russians made a push to take that whole region. this shouldn't be a surprise because vladimir putin declared that this was his motive. since withdrawing from the north of the country vladimir putin and military said they would be concentrating on taking the donbas region and now that they have tried and this is weekings ago to make the announcement and the results so faltering and vptd learned the lessons from the attempts to take kyiv. they had a really faltering effort to try to make the efforts to retake the donbas region and instead it looks as though they went headlong in with a lot of damageded forces
10:36 am
and didn't try to reconstitute them. all those weeks and months ago their efforts have been faltering and now seeing shifts. 1,700 ukraine troops from underneath the steel plant and even though vladimir putin declared victory now they can declare victory. now they will be able to move forces from mariupol to elsewhere in the donbas region and really start to focus on retaking that and remember at the same time we haven't seen the full thrust, the full appearance of that really big military equipment that had been promised from washington, from london and elsewhere in western europe. only some of it has made the way
10:37 am
to the eastern part of the country to be used in battle and haven't seen the full effort by the russians in the donbas and the ukrainians and we can probably see more violence and civilian death in that region in the months to come. >> now we understand why president zelenskyy describes it as hell and could get worse. clint, it is one thing for the russians to win now in the east. the question is whether they can hold the region. we got reports today they look for soldiers. they will take volunteers up to age 40 now which tells you that they're running out of soldiers. >> that's right. definitely running out of soldiers. inside russia part of the rule from a special operation the way that vladimir putin said is a
10:38 am
defensive action to all-out war. here in the east they aren't achieving the objectives. ukrainian military taking out some swaths of russian held territory. almost threatening this corridor right here. this is a line of communication from the major base down to the access and the original plan was to go from done tsk to dnipro. that is already failed again. theis a second failure for the force there is. the battle in the coming days and weeks is limited. when you watch the villages in the region taken it seems that ukraine is trading ground for time as we would say in the
10:39 am
defense. if it is not critical step back. when they do that they burn logistics and opens them up for attack. they have taken small areas. they'll try to secure pockets. key town is sloviansk. that's a corridor that they can start to bring out a limited encirclement of the ukrainian defensive positions. i don't know that they can do it. the troops don't believe in the plan and don't have good leaders. the ukrainians have all those things plus u.s. weapons coming in. >> so this is a case where if we have -- if the west has patience it is going to be brutal, bloody but sounds like you'd rather be the ukrainians and over time
10:40 am
expect ukraine to make advances getting the country back? >> not only that. i think this is the big debate how far does ukraine go and how far does the west support ukraine? the russians are trying to set up two areas to become part of russia. one is in and around kherson. however for the russians, the big problem, the ukrainians are counter attacking. in and around melitopol the ukrainians are fighting attacking some of these so-called russian planted officials to take over the republics. it's essentially what vladimir putin wants to bring the area
10:41 am
and unite it over time and may not be able to do it. the ukrainians heard the story before. when vladimir putin says let's stop and negotiate that's pausing to rebuilt and never stayed true. the ukrainians believe they need to advance back to the territory that was once theirs. >> where's the point on the russian side and if vladimir putin said to the commanders i need to declare victory and go home whaesz the best way in the east? >> in the east provinces. rather than going for kyiv and surround the country, if russia had poured into this region he would have had it in two to three days. all that combat power he would
10:42 am
have had it. i don't know that he can take the donbas. you can see the board every. that is not that much more ground. here this is the border to the western donbas. the ukrainians are fighting. i don't know that he can get here. it is hard to say i'm done and trying to take the areas to be russian he would have a ukrainian insurgency to defend. what happens come july and august when sanctions kick in? what can putin do? >> yeah. how this all goes in into summer with western patience and whether the russian people start to feel the pain is going to be fascinating to watch. clint watts at the map for us,
10:43 am
thank you. former mayor of new york city decided to be a member of congress throwing the hat into an extremely messy democratic competition. party leaders brace for potentially brutal interparty fights that drags leadership into taking sides. those details are after this.
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♪♪ people are hurting. they need help, help fars and leaders who can actually get them help now and know how to do it. i do know how to do it from years of serving the people of this city and declaring the candidacy for congress. >> welcome back. former new york city mayor bill deblaze deblasio announced he is
10:47 am
running today. it pits prom innocent new york city lawmakers against each other. right now not the current 10th district. the new one. the changes in the boundaries are part of the new map slated to be approved by a judge today and where two incumbent democrats are vying this district would be an open seat and cover part of lower manhattan and westbrook lynn. it was previously represented by jerry nadler but the upper west side is part of the 12th district and pitting him against carolyn maloney. meanwhile the head of the dccc finds himself roiled in a
10:48 am
potentially messy fight with jones. that's a taste of the infighting that could set -- be set off by the new map. we'll have more after the break. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen... and insights on every buy and sell decision.
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10:52 am
party overall. we have to bring in our senior correspondent for this. you normally love covering house races races. >> yeah. >> this one is going to potentially breakup the party. this is a mess. can it get resolved without maloney losing his job? >> he may get some help from the special master today. >> do we think this could change in. >> it's a possibility. the special master said they are listening to all the incoming they've been getting and they have been getting a ton. >> and the real incoming has to do with how many congressional districts represented by african-americans were broken up. >> this is a huge part of it and what hakeem jeffries has been so
10:53 am
upset about. it's the neighborhoods. you've seen them get cracked by this map, in brooklyn and the bronx. sean patrick maloney has a powerful ally. speaker pelosi has defended him and said he could do his job and live in the district in which he lives. >> if you're in her seat, do you throw your triple d chairman under the bus? >> you can argue that's already one of the worst jobs in washington to be holding together the the democratic caucus. i don't know who else would want that job if not maloney.
10:54 am
>> as you said, who would take it now. >> it's going to be a very difficult assignment and made all the more difficult if you have to have these member-on-member primaries he'll have to manage. >> it sounds like based on reporting if any change is made that makes maloney save face, he'll say no, no, i'll do it. >> they could do a little carve-out line of just his house and his original district, that might be enough. >> richy torres. a member of congress. >> he's not somebody who starts trouble either. they all but accused maloney of racism by saying he might be a better fit for a different district he had already won. this is an absolute debacle we haven't even talked about the two committee chairs who are going to have to run against each other in manhattan. >> here's another part of this that people don't realize.
10:55 am
this is fewer dollars these committee chairs would be giving to the dccc, which is free money. that's important dollars that suddenly are going to be poured into beating up each other. >> these are prime fund-raising positions, people who are in prime committee spots. if you're running a big, expense expense -- expensive primaries, you're not going do that. >> this is going to be one of these real upper west, upper east and progressives will come in and watch out. >> there have been generations of democrats waiting for either one of those two lawmakers to potentially retire. >> any inkling of that in. >> the thought was perhaps that nadler might have been looking toward the embassy it's a little bit earlier on. he's had family health issues
10:56 am
and things of that nature that made people think perhaps he was getting near the end of his tenure. he went quick to say he was going to run in this district, even before maloney had done so. there's been some back and forth this week. that doesn't sound like somebody eyeing the exits. >> correct me if i'm wrong. if he wins that congressional district, does he become the member of congress for wall street? >> that's right. bill de blasio, the man of wall street. >> we'll continue with katy tur after this break. we'll continu after this break world needs lowr carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions. like renewable natural gas from cow waste, hydrogen-fueled transportation, and carbon capture. we may not know just what lies ahead,
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it's good to be with you. i'm katy tur. we're now in the final hours of what's proven to be record breaking early voting ahead of next week's georgia primary. more than 560 georgians have already cast their ballot. it's up 189% to the current primary. brian kemp is facing a trump-backed primary challenger in david purdue. he was written off by republican political insiders nationally an i


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