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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  May 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us in your homes for another week of shows. we are grateful. "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. hi, ari. >> hi, nicole. thank you to "the beat". i'm ari melber. we are uncovering new refuse revelations about justice thomas. there are receipts tonight. thomas pushing republican lawmakers in arizona to cancel their own state's votes for biden, arguing officials should just override all of those votes for biden and replace them with a, quote, clean slate of electors, as she saw it, according to emails obtained by the "washington post". thomas was pushing this november 9th. she cast in a subject as a constitutional duty. thomas was caught pushing massive voter fraud. arizona was a state trump needed
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if he was going to hold onto the white house. that was the big issue. we are covering it going into election night. it was a huge deal when biden won arizona. >> arizona. are you 100% sure of that call and when you made it and why did you make it? >> absolutely. we made it after basically a half hour of debating it. we finally called it right now. >> nbc news is projecting that when every last vote is counted in the state of arizona, joe biden will be awarded 11 electoral votes. joe biden your projected winner in the state of arizona. >> trump and his allies were enraged over exactly that call, especially the fox news call to arizona. it was seen as kind of the nail in the coffin as a state that the trump folks would need to win or somehow continue to cast as too close to call, which might offend these plots you're hearing about. fox later fired the staffer who
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accurately called arizona for biden. it was close. they were separated by 10,000 votes. biden won with 1.6 million votes in that state. ms. thomas wanted to cancel out 1.6 million votes. to commit what would have been, if she pulled it off, with the help of lawmakers in the state -- well, it would have been the greatest voter fraud ever known of in america. all of this happening as she and giuliani and then president trump were falsely accusing others of voter fraud. they were the ones plotting it. this was a highly orchestrated plot. we heard trump lawyers admit the scheme on this very program, toss the votes for biden and then install fraudulent electors to create some sort of cover for that project. the new "washington post" story reports as thomas's role in an extraordinary scheme to keep trump in office by substituting the will of legislators for the will of the voters, end quote.
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it's an important story, and it's worse than how the "post" puts it right there. even before the violence of the insurrection, this was planned as a coup through voter fraud. to say anything less, to talk about the will of the legislators, to talk as if it's a procedural act is to minimize the very real plot that was in the works. and if they tried it once and are not severely held accountable, why wouldn't they try it again? with this big news and this crisis facing the supreme court, we're joined now by "new york times" columnist michelle goldberg and former u.s. attorney joyce vance. michelle, we keep learning more about this. auto its a drip, drip. when you take it together, it looks like an orchestrated plot they just happened to fail at. . >> well, it's looked like that for some time. and i think one reason why each new, you know -- each new shocking revelation fails to astonish and tread on life as
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normal because the outlines of this plot and the details of this plot are well-known. the only question is whether there's going to be any repercussions. and that's a question really for the voters but also for the justice department as well as for, you know, a grand jury in georgia. we just don't know yet. so more and more evidence of what we already know keeps coming out and keeps pointing to, again, not just the severity of the treasonness act but what is staring them in the face of what they are going to do in 2024, one of the two people that ginni thomas emailed hoping she would cooperate is someone who wanted arizona to overturn the will of the voters and is now running for secretary of state. so would potentially be in a
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position to help make that happen. i think we see that in state after state after state. if you look at governor for pennsylvania, there is no way that he would allow a democratic slate of electors to go forward in 2024 without doing everything in his power to substitute his politics for the voters. >> joyce? >> what fascinates me about this new news is that it's very specific. this is information that says that ginni thomas was pushing this notion that the real slates of electors should be replaced with fake slates of electors in key states. that is not something that has cropped up before in american presidential elections and it would be an enormous coincidence if she is pushing that and john eastman, her husband's former law clerk, was pushing that exact same strategy.
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what makes one think of is one is pros cue torely minded, and i tend to be that way, it is not a coincidence. the other option is a conspiracy. so there is a lot of smoke here. we don't know what ginni thomas was doing, but she should be questioned about that, someone with the ability to compel answers with a grand jury subpoena if she won't do it voluntarily, about where she got this idea, who educated her about it, who all was involved. it's not that she necessarily was involved in anything criminal. she may not have been. appearances can be misleading. because this is very similar to this key scheme that eastman was pulling, getting her testimony is just critical. >> so, where would that proper criminal investigation be, joyce, given this touches on arizona, she's in d.c., there's an investigation in georgia, there's main justice. and what does chief justice
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roberts have to do here, because there is not a great playbook for this. for all of america's other historical problems, it hasn't in public had these kind of problems with members of the court and their spouses before. >> it would be horribly sensitive politically to try to subpoena supreme court justice's wife. the best outcome would be for her to voluntarily sit down and talk to a couple of agents about what she knows. but the problem, or perhaps the beauty of our system is, you're not insulated because of accountability because of who you're married to. if she has knowledge, doj would reach out to get it, she needs to be questioned too. you raise an interesting question about jurisdiction and where the investigation should be situated. you know, we've now heard starting with january 5 and merrick garland's speech on that day, repeated assurances from high-ranking people at doj, lisa
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monaco, deputy attorney general, repeated it just a couple of days ago. they are looking at this situation, that they are focused on prosecuting crimes, not people, and they will follow the evidence wherever it goes. that would seem to apply there is a little bit of central investigation going on in d.c. although of course we still don't have clear conversation. it seems increasingly that's the case. >> and, michelle, you mentioned the type of officials that are gaining power who on board with this stuff. that may be why some of the trump lawyers seem to be so blatant, lawyers and aides, about this. here is the electric fraud on "the beat". >> not fraudulent electors, ari. it's alternate electors. because of the process that's laid out under the 12th amendment, everything done was done legally by the trump party under the rules and under the
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leadership of giuliani. we fought for the truth. >> michelle. >> well, look, i think that he actually is correct -- or at least under some state laws, the constitution gives states the power to determine states of -- slates of selectors. within modern history that has been the job of the voters. but we don't know what would happen if states decided -- the state legislators decided they could substitute their own will for that of the voters. and it's a question of various state constitutions. and there's other kind of legal questions there. but they are telling us, not just what they tried to do in 2020 but what they believe they can do next time around. and the thing that stopped it in the past is that you had, for the most part, state officials who, whatever their feelity to the republican problem, had basic feelity to democracy. and they are being
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systematically replaced. >> and the back drop of our system, which did work under strain of 2020, is the courts. and ultimately the supreme court. joyce, unlike bush v. gore or other valid controversies, the supreme court never even enter taped the type of claims that were being offered that would have tried to cancel out biden victories in multiple states. do you view that as kind of a baseline that will hold, or not necessarily? that the sort of off-the-wall theories that michelle alludes to, may not be criminal because they put a new way to apportion a state's voting power, that some of those could be embraced by a conservative supreme court? >> michelle makes an incredibly important point here, the laws are changing. we have signs states. for instance, georgia, has adopt today new laws to let them bypass this apparently outdated in the republican party notion of one man, one vote. that we get to pick our elected
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officials. they don't get to pick their voters. increasingly, this is problematic. but i think the courts held in 2020, we were worried about that, and then we saw in case after case and state cases and federal cases, the courts held -- there seemed to be something so fundamental about elections that courts viewed them as matters of principle not as matters of pure politics. does that change in 2024? that's something that we don't know the outcome of yet. but one thing that that suggests that the political party should do is encourage voters to turn out in record numbers. because one thing that insulates against fraud, and it worked in 2020, is having voters turn out in such large numbers that there is no room to fudge the gray edges, which is what trump tried to do in multiple states here. >> right. and that goes back full circle to why arizona was so key. because it really was, according to the count, 11,000 votes.
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if they could have gotten that to be seen as 5,000, 1,000, or 3,000, call it a jump ball, that's sort of what they wanted the perception to be so they might do something with it. at the time it wasn't as obvious why it would help to say, oh, maybe it's less. now you can see they wanted it to be close enough, blurry enough, to get away with stealing the state. that's what the "post" story shows. joyce and michelle, appreciate it to the both of you and have a good weekend stphrfpl thank you. why is cpac being held abroad and why are they calling for tucker 24/7. meanwhile, a shocking report on guns in america. new changes just in the last decade or two that are affecting everyone, including your safety. we have an accountability check. and looking at the big oil. price gouging. what is congress trying to do about it? we have a very special edition of the beat on this friday. stay with me. t on this friday stay with me lemons . lemons. look how nice they are.
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turning to politics. u.s. conservatives have long touted a view of american exceptionalism that argues america is itself uniquely special. but that's giving way to a new kind of foreign exceptionism. a far cry from the reagan area where today's conservatives tout foreign countries as a model and foreign strongman like putin. that's what led the most influential conservative gathering cpac to hold its first event in budapest, hungary, piping in a media figure who is fawning. >> greetings to hungarian cpac.
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i can't believe you're in budapest and i am not. what a wonderful country. and you know why you can tell it's a wonderful country? because the people who have turned our country into a much less good place are hysterical when you point it out. the last thing they want is any kind of signpost to a better way. >> a conservative so concerned about america's pluralistic democracy, they are openly nodding to some authoritarian regimes and leaders. now, that's kind of a tick the last president has maintain lined. he sent in a greeting like tucker. it was a far cry from how a reagan or bush would approach authoritarians on the global stage. while this whole cpac gathering has shifted a lot, it's important to note this is something that used to focus more on actual conservative policy, which previous speakers would emphasize. >> i spent 25 years balancing
3:19 pm
budgets. >> we must promote upward po -- mobility. >> it speaks to our broken education system, broken immigration policy. >> that's about policy, whether you agree or not. political movements across ideological spectrums can flourish when there are places to discuss policies and ideas. in a democracy that's a good thing even by definition no one is going to agree with all the ideas. right now we are seeing something that is unusual. the american right largely and openly abandoning policy. they refuse to even run on a policy platform in 2020. the first time that happened in over a century. and cpac, well, it's a place that you can see all of this in a very vivid way. because we showed you some of the old policy talk. lately, cpac is a place where you see the movement's obsession with entertainment and trolling on display. >> darling, is the wind blowing
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today? i'd like to watch television, darling. >> i've got to say, orlando is awesome! it's not as nice as cancun. ♪♪ >> i'm a band man in the state of new jersey. >> now, i really believe had florida not led the way, this country could look like canada. >> then they became radicalized and they figured out they could take over the government. >> didn't anybody tell you you're supposed to be canceled? >> should you care about where cpac is and what's going on there? david cornwall will answer all of that when we're back in just 60 seconds. just 60 seconds
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your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit we are back with david corn. happy friday, sir. how are you? >> pretty good. happy friday to you too. >> i hope you have your passport ready in case you need to head
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over to hungary. >> did you know they are not letting press into this conference? a lot have tried to get press passes. and they said you can watch it online. which has never happened before with cpac >> that is an important point you raise. you hold something in hungary and you will run into those kind of rules. years past, cpac is a place on the eastern seaboard where everybody comes in and there's all sorts of things to be discussed. i went out of the way in the setup to you, david, to note people might disagree with what paul ryan and mitt romney had to say. but they were saying proposals about policy, and i think it's great to have those open discussions in an open society. as you mentioned, they have gone to a closed society this year to have a much more narrow discussion about trolling and ethno nationalism. what do you make of it all? >> it is basically a celebration
3:23 pm
of authoritarianism. after the big lie and january 6th, the republican party and the entire conservative movement are not ashamed or even rethinking. they have been emboldened. they want to you pursue the path of having a strongman leader or anti-democratic norms established. look what happened with the republican gubernatorial primary a couple of days ago. a big lie conspiracyist doug mast triano, was a qanon theorist, won. he got half of all republican components want a big lie component running the state. there's always been this affinity for orban and vladimir putin. before the invasion of ukraine, tucker carlson was openly saying
3:24 pm
literally i am rooting for vladimir putin. and the night before the invasion, steve bannon, who is a big orban booster, on his podcast he was saying he was rooting for putin too because he ain't woke. they like orban because he's authoritarian, autocratic, and he opposes equal rights for lbgtq community. he banned same-sex marriages. he is restricting muslim immigration. in the culture wars, that's what he is doing there. it's not about policy. it's about here is an ally and a soul mate. he is their soul mate not just running but winning a lot of the culture wars they want to have here in the united states. >> right. and i know that -- you use the word winning loosely. win anything a society where one
3:25 pm
person controls the rules and the outcome, which is what he is doing or putin is doing, is attractive to people who don't believe in fair rules to begin with. but it's certainly not a way to self-govern. the tucker/orban thing is interesting. people might have missed it because it seemed initially random. there are plenty of places you can go abroad just talking to foreign leaders. here's a little bit of their exchange. >> so in 2015, hundreds of thousands of migrants appear on your southern border, all over europe, streaming into germany. the rest of us says please come, welcome. hungary stands alone in saying no. why? why did you take a different position on migration from other european countries? >> that was the only reasonable behavior. if somebody didn't get permission from the hungarian state across your border, you have to defend your country and to say, guys, stop. and if you would like to cross or come, there is a legal procedure. we have to do it.
3:26 pm
>> david? >> well, you know, orban gave a speech a couple of nights ago before he gave his speech to cpac today in which he decried, the european population replacement program. so he has been out there advocating this great replacement theory, which of course we've seen come from tucker carlson. we have seen it tragically referred to in the buffalo shooting. and so that is another overlap. and that was what they were discussing right there. and also what has orban done, he has made george soros this tremendous beast that he keeps opposing and demonizing and what some argue is anti-semitic fashion. we see it happening here in the united states too. whether it's from trump, matt gates, gaetz, fox news, again and again point to go soros. they are all interesting intersection alitys and points
3:27 pm
of overlap between their enemies and also their goals. >> yeah. >> when you say whether he's winning or not, orban has won four straight elections in hungary. so they're looking. they're looking at him and saying, huh, this is a model that we want to replicate >> right. as you say, it's a model that explicitly appeals to ethno nationalism. there is one beastie boys song, i don't know if that's in your wheel house. >> well, you have to fight for your right to cite a beastie boys song. >> appreciate your right to fight. i was going to go to no sleep till budapest. >> i was thinking of the clash safe european home. perhaps they should rewrite back in the ussr for hungary. >> all decent references. we expect nothing less.
3:28 pm
serious times, a little levity on a friday. i'll take it. good to see you, david. >> good to see you, ari. have a good weekend >> you too. we have a lot more coming up, including a look at what obama has called for on rebuilding american cities and how that applies now as we have the pandemic, we have a bear market in the stocks. we have inflation. we'll show you exactly what obama said. why it is relevant and very special guests. meanwhile, republicans busted over hypocrisy over the oil gouging. >> new revelations about gun violence in america. something i want to share with you. stay with us. g i want to she arh you. stay with us
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go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. a lot of stories in our news and in our political life
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involve guns in america. that brings us to some facts i want to share with you right now. there is a gun-buying boom going on right now. a new report shows gun production in america has tripled in the last 20 years. and it was already high. the gun numbers are quite striking even for a gun-friendly country like america. and i don't have to tell you the context we just lived through in the last weekend, the deadliest mass shooting of the year. ten people gunned down in a racist massacre in one day in buffalo. lawmakers are pushing for action in the wake of the killings. >> we have to refuse to live in a country where black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gunned down by weapons of war. >> does anybody think this is a gun? our laws don't. >> there must be gun control in this country. this is a uniquely american phenomenon. >> fact check, true.
3:34 pm
violence is as old as society and people and the records we have of how people treat each other. but the kind of violence we have in this country, the sheer amount of injuries, of terrible, terrible things that happen, people paralyzed, people injured, and the death rate is uniquely american because of the availability of guns. now, just take homicides. 79 % are gun related. that is a big reason why, when you look at these other places, although they have people who are violent like we do and have unfortunate situations and conflicts, not all of those things are immediately escalated like they are in a country where so many guns are so easily attainable. it is down to 13% in australia, 4% in the uk. "new york times" reports it makes up less than 5% of the world and they own 42% of the world's guns.
3:35 pm
that is an absolutely striking statistic. so there is more gun ownership which creates more opportunities for the use of guns and not just for self-defense, which you know is legal, but for the illegal use of guns like the murder of other people. there are other factors. but studies continuously show gun availability continues to drive things to the situation we're in. cdc data shows gun deaths surged 35% just last year. you see the surge there. it's the highest number ever recorded in american history. if you feel like things are getting worse right now, that's because they are. there's a difference in what makes news, what might get in your social feed. they hear about local news more about stuff that's far away. but the data tells the story. this is disproportion alley affecting communities. it was over 20 times higher for black men than white men.
3:36 pm
the idea that some level of control should be used. some ghost guns are not even categorized as guns, which is an exception most countries don't use. or bullets in certain machinery could be regulated. these are quite widespread policies. many countries go further than that. nine of ten americans are in favor of some type of gun safety rules. this summer there was a supreme court decision that could unraffle the laws that are even currently on the books. debates over whether states like new york can have restrictions on who carries a gun in public. if you have more guns in public, people see guns, people who have guns see other people with guns, it becomes an escalated public data that i just showed you. it was unlikely that such gun control laws would survive. they got a skeptical reception from the high court. so we don't know how the court will rule in that case.
3:37 pm
it has serious implications around the nation at a time when we have ledge shraeuftors looking at that surging data, a gun buying boom and saying let's have more of it. and that would mean statistically, the odds of more and more gun violence. we all have to be aware of. and the facts is a place to start. i want to give you that update. when we come back, as promised, you will hear obama's ideas for rebuilding america at a time when markets are jittery, and inflation and crime is up. but first, republicans trying to protect big oil even amidst price gouging. we have the receipts. amidst price gouging. weav he the receipts big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions.
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they know it's joe biden's policies, anti-american energy policies that have led to this skyrocketing sticker shock at the pump. >> it's biden and the democrat policies against american produced oil and gas. >> president biden should consider his own culpability for higher energy prices. >> fact check, it's complicated. there is a price inflation and gas problem in america. what you are seeing there are republicans saying it's all basically president biden's fault. and that's a fair point of policy debate. there's certainly a lot of different inputs. what you need to know tonight, when there was a chance to do something about this, the same republicans you just saw didn't act. every republican we just showed you on your screen and every republican member of congress just voted against a bill that would limit price gouging by the oil and gas industry. let's be clear, that would not take care of all the pricing
3:43 pm
issues because there's major inflation. but it certainly would, proponents say, do something. as big oil profits are at a seven-year high. there are signs, as we have been showing on the show, some companies are abusing this situation. they think you're stupid or not paying attention, and they are trying to gouge prices. indeed, some of the companies have cash they could use to boost production or cushion prices. instead, they are trying to give money back to investors. that's what they say on the earnings calls we've been reporting on and what they admit when they are trying to sell their business acumen to their shareholders. >> we expect to generate over $10.5 billion of operating cash flow, which will be a record for the company. >> we're not going to change our growth rate. we think it's important to return cash back to the shareholders. >> what's being valued by our investors is a shareholder return program. and no one wants to see that
3:44 pm
shareholder return program, you know, put at risk with volume. now we've got a little bit of sunshine in us where we can return that capital to our investors. >> we see you. this is something that affects every american. it does not have to be about politics. congress is trying to take the companies that are so proud of 24r billions and make sure they don't stick you any harder at the pump. i wanted you to know that update. when we come back, i mentioned it, and you will see it. barack obama on how you rebuild america and two special guests to end the week. nd the week. n ce hurting your stomach. vazalore 325 liquid-filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in a 7 day study to cause fewer ulcers than immediate release aspirin. vazalore. the first liquid-filled aspirin capsules...amazing! you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco.
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and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. it's official. today the stock market entering
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bear territory. it's down 20%. interest rates and inflation continue to affect americans, people paying these rising prices. in many parts of the nation, crime is also up after the disruption of the pandemic and the economy and all kinds of hardship. look, there are a lot of different aspects to these challenges. we know, though, one key driver of improvement is investment opportunity and jobs, especially in cities that are sometimes left behind. it's a point many leaders have made amidst rising inequality. >> we can't afford to lose a generation of tomorrow's doctors and scientists and teachers. >> if we can give tax breaks to billionaires and fight a war, we should never have fought we can rebuild in a city america. >> you have to be stimulated. you have to know there's other options. that's what this program is about. showing that the world is much bigger than the inner-city. >> how do you go from that rhetoric to reality? it brings us to two people
3:50 pm
working on a project in baltimore tied to the preakness horse race. to renew investment in baltimore and restore benefits to a wider grouping of the surrounding community that makes baltimore what it is, which brings us to who you see right to us who you see us right here. club karen teeing deejay d. nice and he has deejayed for the obamas and the former president of def jam, worked with jay-z, def jam and mariah carey, and that's only partial of what you guys are up to. appreciate it. how are you guys doing it? >> thank you, brother. love you, man. thanks for having us here. >> great to have you both here. what are you doing in baltimore and why you're sitting in that beautiful spot but it is friday.
3:51 pm
we're got friday. with fall back, d. noise, anything out there on your mind that you think needs to fall back? >> let me think about that. as much as i thrived during the pandemic, we don't need another pandemic so we need monkeypox to fall back. >> the stories go around and we seriously think are we in for this all over again? >> need that to fall back. don't need another pandemic. >> kevin, you can be an an iconoclast but i can imagine you're anti-pandemic rather than pro pandemic but what's on your list? >> my heart is still heavy with what happened in the shootings in buffalo and i need white supremesy. next week we're celebrating the george floyd aners isry and and we want to make a difference and make a change an come together as a country. i need that top had a. race ump, white supremacy, sexism, genderism, whatever you
3:52 pm
want to call it, need that to to all fall back. >> you've been on this program before and especially with club quarantine, you bring people together. you do joy. you do energy and yet we're in a time where the rising hate is real. tonight's show, kevin brings it up. we've covered violence, access to guns, hate and replacement theory and people in america going abroad saying maybe we should do it like the ethnonationalists which is a long ways from where we want to be, most of us. >> absolutely. the way that i feel about what's going on now. i don't even want to say sometimes. it is heartbreaking, you know, because during the pandemic it felt like we were all surrounding each other with love, you know, we were all supporting and uplifting each other and as the world opens up more, the violence is increasing and racism is and we need that to fall back and share some love. that's why we're here in
3:53 pm
baltimore right now, you know, to show love to the people and, you know, how do you feel about it? >> i think one of the great things i love about my partners at first and the people at the preakness. they say we want the soul of baltimore. you can't have soul without megan the stallion and our girl brittany spencer. we're going to hang out at the preakness. >> hi, ari. >> how are you doing gayle? >> i heard you say something about fall back and kindness because i, too, spent the whole week thinking about buffalo. it doesn't make any sense to me that we can't get baby formula but we can get guns. kindness counts. everybody feels united. the spirit is great. ari, this is your kind of party. this is your kind of pare. it's good music. it's good people i don't know
3:54 pm
how you feel about horses, but the vibe is really great. and i -- when i walked in, i saw these two sitting here i said what are you doing, and they said we're waiting for ari? i want to say i had to ari. send us love. >> can she hear me, or she doesn't have an an ear piece? >> i don't have a piece but i hear you. >> i love you crashing the interview. you can crash the interviews any time. >> ari, don't tell cbs. >> i don't know. kevin, do you think cbs could find out. we are on live tv, i don't know? >> they could fine out but we're talking about gayle king, number one morning show. gayle king is my girl an all the best. >> shout-out. >> if i lose a girls, i'm very, very good and very, very kind. >> i'll see you back home. >> wow, i didn't know that was
3:55 pm
going to happen. >> some things are more important than all of who works where so i love her coming out just as we love the nbc morning show, we love gayle. before i turn to other things, kevin, one more pipt on what you're doing. what does it mean in in community, someone like you, i mentioned your success but i've gotten to know you. your success is not just financial. you've got people who you work with and you keep up those relationship for years. what does it mean that you're trying to do in baltimore so that these things that harpgs right, where there is money being sprinkled around, actually get out of the community for jobs and what former president obama was talking about there? >> this is 147th race and i can tell you the soul of baltimore hasn't been present. this is one of those communities that's in a renaissance right now and what the first group has done putting so much into it for what the community has done at park heights, for what the whole
3:56 pm
city, mayor scott has done, they laid it out and said hey, let's have it one baltimore, and we're giving it back to chirts. 500 kids that don't know anything about horse racing. we're going to break the cycle. we'll have enough that the people in baltimore will participate in the preakness. the other item that's gate are -- be a atlanta prosecutor arrested over 20 people including people on kevin's list, an unusually 56-count indictment. both of these individuals who are quite prominent, you might have seen them, are currently being held uncars rated despite being legally presumed innocent. the case is controversial and
3:57 pm
quit serious. kevin, since you're on the news this week to the case. what can you tell us, whose the reaction cnbc. >> why are we not proit canning black art? any other art for, you can make movies but when it comes to us and lyrics, you want to put us on trial. i think it's unfair. we're working very hard, again, we're not a change. i want to shout out to one of our men who, unfortunately, passed away on friday. thursday trash. we love you. is there a fastball you're working with their lawyers senator what are are is
3:58 pm
things -- >> we're working closely with their teams. i'm actually working closely with the officials also because i clearly think that this is a witch hunt around lyrics and i want to protect black artists. >> d. nice, more broadly again, i'm not suggesting that you have knowledge the way that kevin might and in reporting -- i can tell you this whfrmt a see is indicted for their ninth there are other a 10z differences to music and videos and thereby was a legal overt arc. i'm crashingtic at at an sis pate -- wow.
3:59 pm
are rp you can't use someone's lyrics, you know. if arnold schwarzenegger was on trial, they wouldn't use "the terminator. you've got to protect black lives. >> kevin, it's been a long week. you get the final word here with 20, 30 seconds left on the weekend and the segment. >> listen. it's a blessing. i'm glad we got the chance to fall back. let's end racism and come together in unity. baltimore, we're here. the preakness, the first group. thank you so much for going to this major event. tomorrow we're going to have a race. god bless >> you shout-out to all of you. appreciate the work that you guys are doing and i never thought i'd say this, but it's quite possible the best person in this segment wasn't even booked for it. >> yes. >> well, gayle is always the best person in the segment. >> no shade, just facts.
4:00 pm
good lurks appreciate what our doing out there. ch kevin lyle, yes. that does it for us after a long week and keep it locked right here. "the reidout" with joy reid starts right now. pall-in-the- good evening, everyone. we have a lot to get to in the next hour on a very russy friday, including new reporting that guinea thomas, the wife of supreme court judge thomas calling people urging them to throw out the electors giving the election to trump. of and another would ban speaker of the house nancy pelosi over abortion rights and trump's candidate in georgia is crashing and burning with days to go to the primary to the point that trump himself is trying to back away as fast as he can from t


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