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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  May 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about how you deal with that and uncovering -- mark follman, thank you for joining us. i appreciate. >> thank you for having me. >> that is all in for this week. msnbc prime starts with matty. good evening chris, thank you and have a great weekend. thanks to at-home for joining us at this hour on january six, last year on capitol hill. the day started with a prayer, and offering praise delivered every day, incentives by the chaplain berry black, he's being the senate chaplain since 2003. and boy, does this guy have a voice. >> let us pray, almighty god. have compassion on us, with our own love, as our lawmakers prepare to formally certify the votes, cast by the electoral college, the president with
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them. guide our legislature with your wisdom and truth, as they seek to meet the requirements of the united states constitution. lord inspire them to seize this opportunity, to demonstrate to the nation, and world how the democratic process can be done properly and in an orderly manner. help them to remember, that history is a faithful stenographer. and so are you. we pray in your sovereign name, amen. >> the fact that we even have a senate chaplain at the house
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chaplain, it's kind of a weird thing, it's a bit of a contradiction in a country in which separation of church and state is a constitutional hallmark, even james madison came to believe it wasn't entirely closure. but a chaplain opened every day of congressional business starting with the continental congress, 1774, and the tradition has continued. the way this contradictions been resolved over the years, is whatever his or her specific termination, personally, and there will be christian, the chaplin praise and leads in a non secretary and -- there are regular guest chaplains, in arms, rabbis, even the dalai lama. rather than imposing a particular religion on the congress, the house and senate chaplain use it to reflect americas multi faith democracy. a couple of miles away from the capitol on january 6th, donald trump's save america rally, also started with upper, but that prayer was a little different. >> let every adversary, against
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democracy, against freedom, against life, against liberty, against justice, against peace, against, righteousness be overturned right now in the name of jesus. let justice be done. let justice be done. let's let justice be done. like we the people have the assurance of a fair and adjust election. i thank you for president trump. i put a hedge of protection around him, i secure's purpose, i secure's destiny, i secure his life god, i thank you that he will walk in a wholly boldness and wisdom got in that you will go before him, you will be's rear guard, you will go in front of him this day and every day god. >> that was paul away, donald
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trump spiritual adviser and white house adviser delivering a very trumpian opening prayer on january six. but -- your wisdom oh lord, more protect donald trump in spite of his enemies. there's a lot of this brand of christian ideology on display that day, before marching to the capitol, members of the far-right violent proud boys melt in the streets and prayed in the name of jesus to restore their quote, value system get them divine protection and what they were about to do. in the crowd, attacking the capitol, crosses insights, saying thing like jeez is 2020, and harbor of god, they told reporters they were there to join a fight of good versus evil. the way the insurrectionists broke into the senate chamber, in addition to rifling through canada's papers and scrawling massive just vice president pence, they prayed. >> jesus christ, we spoke your name, a man. >> a man.
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>> [inaudible] >> to allow us in the building, to allow us to exercise our rights. [inaudible] we will not allow america, to go down, thank you for allowing the united states of america to be reborn. thank you for allowing us to get rid of the communist, global, and traders within our government. we love you and thank you, and cry's holy prayer we play pray. >> the problem isn't the january 6th insurrection and trump's whole democratic movement are imbued with christiane 80, one of the world's great religions, know, merck united states house and senate have chaplains who are christian and deliver praise every day. and the night before january six, reverend raphael warnock, longtime pastor of atlanta's ebenezer baptist church, was elected senator from georgia. warnock and the chaplains are perfectly capable of being very
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kristen and also existing very happily within the multi faith, multiethnic democracy represented by the united states congress. none of them, or storming the capital, now this particular brand of christiana d that's linked up with the trump movement, is a different type of thing, christian nationalism, the belief that the united states should be ruled by christians, and by a certain narrow interpretation of evangelical christian values is not a new thing. the journalist michelle colbert wrote a book about the rise of christian nationals back in 2006, what's new is the fusion of that diet ideology with the political movement of pro trump stop the steal election will -- eventually thundered preaching to their congregations, about stolen elections, praising the january 6th attack as a righteous revolution to restore america. it's also about the fusion of religion and race to, a poll released november by the public religion research institute
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that that 60% of white evangelical respondents believe that the 2020 election was stolen, a far higher share than christian groups of any other race. the journalists sarah pozner has run a book out white christian nationalism power trump's presidency. she put it in this way in an essay this week for talking points memo quote, a movement that elevated trump to meza attic status was able to convince millions that satanic forces that rob gods man in the white house of his anointed purchase the restore america's white christian heritage. their duty, as patriotic spiritual warriors, was to go to buffalo on his behalf. need an example of what that battle looks like, even now, perhaps you've seen this viral clip of tennessee pastor january the 6th attendee, greg locke, this week. >> if you vote democrat, i don't even want you around. you can get out. you can get out you demon. you can get out you baby
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butchering, election they've. you cannot be a question and democratic in this nation, i don't know care how mad that makes you, get pissed off, you cannot be a question and vote democrat in this nation, they are god denying demons, their butcher babies, and hate this nation. a bunch of devils. i'm sick of it. we want to talk about the insurrection, i'll tell you something, you ain't seen anything yet. you keep on pushing our buttons you lowdown sorry compromiser's, you've got hating communists, -- because we ain't playing your garbage, we're not playing, my bible says the charts are of the living god, and institution that the gates of hell, should not go down against it, the bible says they will take it by force. that's what the bible says. >> wow. when the ask you this, if in a
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mosque said that they looked into the camera and said you can see it insurrection yet, i will take it by for us, that's what the quran says, what do you think would happen to that imam, seriously? what would happen to him? i think we all know. that clip of locke speaking at his tax-exempt shirt is the most bonkers, most disturbing, most extreme things i've seen in recent years, i say that someone's that spent the past seven years covering the likes of donald trump and marjorie taylor greene. but here's the thing, thousands of people attend some of greg locke sermons in person, millions online. he's one of 1 million -- participated in this weird stop the steal road show that features general michael flynn, roger stone, eric -- holding events at churches across the country. and when you are calling democrats demons and devils, it's like more and more republicans calling republicans pedophiles, devils, demons,
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pedophiles campaign like to win elections. they are by definition ungodly, illegitimate, and anything you do to stop them is justified. and to the newly elected republican nominee for governor of pennsylvania, doug mastery auto, he kind of uses together the religious and political side of this movement, the trump campaign's number one ally in the pence yet -- and their effort to get joe biden win in pennsylvania overturn. he marched to the capitol on january six, running for governor, he campaigned in events like pennsylvania for christ whose organizers claim is to reestablish the kingdom of god in pennsylvania, and the event called compatriots rise for god family and country were -- david stored for fighting for our religious rights in christ jesus. >> we had the power of god with me, jesus christ that were serving, air he's guiding and directing our steps. in november and take our sea guy, by god will make it so. >> doug mastriano, to fill that
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prophesy after winning the republican nominee for governor on tuesday, listen to how he describes the path adding victory celebration that night. >> it gives us all of, god uses the full to compound the lies that's his story, he uses people like you and me to change history. i would like to say, we make his story our story, we can change history. the future for pennsylvania to josh apparel is an oppressive regime, not unlike east germany, were -- snatched snatched away. let's walk and freedom, let's choose this day, let's choose this day and serve the lord. >> if doug mastriano elected governing appointed secretary's state, will oversee the 2024 presidential election in swing state pennsylvania. a governor mastery ottawa to sign off on 2024 -- if he thinks he's just a tool that they use for god's plan and god's plan is to send from
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an oppressive goodness regime of the democrats what wouldn't he do to make sure the dynamic democrats ever wins pennsylvania. joining us now is sara employees are, an expert on -- a type investigation or most recent pieces entitle how christian nationalism the big lie refused to fuel doug mastriano's candidacy she's also the author of unholy, a white christian nationalism our trump presidency and the devastating legacy they left behind. sarah, thank you so much for coming on the show, first off for our viewers how do you differentiate christian nationalism, more generally in this country, pat robertson as we've seen for decades one of the goals of christian knapp is a legend in this trump maga era? >> well, the earlier iterations of the religious right were also christian nationalists they believed that god intended for america to be a christian nation and that had been subverted by secular and satanic forces.
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they believe that too and they believe that they through their political action, could restore a christian america. but that movement has become more radicalized overtime, in part because of changes that were happening in invent jellico-ism. where the sub movements, eventually the particularly in the charismatic community, became more popular and disseminated to people through televangelism and leaders through social media. and those new religious some movements, focused a lot more on spiritual where four and duty of christians to engage in spiritual warfare in defense of the christian nation. they also emphasize on prophesy, the fact that, the idea that believers could receive direct revelation from god, that can supersede what the visitor of death in the world around them. so, it was very much a belief
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in this kind of spiritual where affair, as well as that they were empowered to engage in a spiritual warfare in order to save the christian nation. >> so, sarah, we're used to the christian mobilizing on issues like opposition to gay marriage and abortion, when and how did election a nihilism come to be so firmly embraced by many on the religious right? >> that was a product of the trump era, and for many years before that, they focused on mobilizing their voters to the polls, to win elections. it was under trump that they began to believe in perpetuate the rigged election, the stolen election lie that trump was perpetuating. and this had a lot to do with the radicalization of the religious right under trump, where he embraced a lot of these charismatic figure is like paula white and others. and made the much part of the religious right coalition with the republican party, and backdk
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the more about social media in the same way that qanon flourished. online ia >> this predated qanon. and i think televangelism played a much bigger role than slushy media. but social media ultimately did play a big role. but the major thing to keep in mind here, is this movement believed and disseminated to his viewers and followers on social media that got had anointed trump to be in the white house. and that he was this messy and nick figure, and unlikely figure that god chose to save america, at a very important juncture in its history. and that played an enormous role in mobilizing people to believe in the stop the steal lie.
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because they believe that they had been told that trump was anointed by god. and therefore any election that he lost could not have been free and fair. it must have been rigged, must of been stolen. >> never ceases to amaze me how millions of conservative christians who read the bible believe that god anointed the thrice married, former casino honor to be his instrument. let me ask you this, sarah, a lot of people including yourself have applied the christian nationalists to doug mastery on. oh you said if he is elected governor, he can threaten -- single-handedly. he says he's on a mission from god. what is it about the mission he believes he's on? nothing's wrong with believing in god. i believe. got a lot of people from home who believing are they don't overturn elections. what is it about his mission in particular that leads to the dissemination of democracy? >> you saw on the clip you saw from his victory speech the other night, that he believes
6:17 pm
that god. that he is acting on guard behalf. that god has chosen people like him to take action at this critical time. and that he is taking action against say in this, or globalists. or secularists. or whoever the bogeyman happens to be. and he believes that the democratic party is evil. and the democratic candidate wins in pennsylvania, he believes he is empowered to change that. >> that's a scary process. sara pros, mary thank you for your analysis. an expert on christian nationalism, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> up next, the reporter who broke the latest story about very, very questionable emails sent by ginni thomas, clarence thomas's wife. joins us live. but first, some bigger news from the january six committee. tonight, in the past hour, we have learned that president trump's personal lawyer, rudy
6:18 pm
giuliani testify today before the 16 committee. nbc news confirms the giuliani testify virtually for approximately ten hours. his appearance followed months of back and forth negotiation with the committee. the former mayor was heavily involved in several efforts by the trump campaign to overturn the results of the 2020 election. there was an and effort that included overseeing the fake electors plot in seven states. as well as attempts to cease seize voting machines. as to why giuliani testified, when many other trump's inner circle have not, we do not know. but we should note, giuliani is currently under federal investigation for potentially breaking foreign lobbying lies when he orchestrated -- and tried to dig up dirt of joe biden ahead the 2020 election. we will be right back. we will be right back. me? i kind of don't like it.
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where black lives matter was put up on main street in the northern virginia town of -- it was a simple, local sign of support from the predominantly white community there. after a summer of unrest that followed george floyd's killing. but one very prominent killer wanted it taken down. she emailed the mayor, writing, black lives matter is a bit of a trojan horse and they are catching well meaning people interchange posturing that can invite mob rule and property looting. let's not be tricked into joining cars with radical
6:24 pm
extremists seeking to form meant a cultural revolution because they hate america. those emails obtained by the washington post were written by none other than ginni thomas, wife of supreme court justice, clarence thomas. the post wrote this all up in july, 2020. a few months later, a large case involving the rights of a prominent black lives matter activists came up in supreme court. the court ruled in his favor. but clarence thomas dissented. should thomas head recuse from this case because of his wife behavior? maybe. but that conflicts seems also shoot compared to jenny's -- with people at the highest level of trump's administration, including trump himself. ginni thomas met routinely with the president, handing him list of people to hire and fire and lobby him on various issues. all while trump had numerous cases before the supreme court. and then of course there is everything after the 2020 election. forget letters to local mayors about street signs, the washington post and cbs news got their hands on text from
6:25 pm
ginni thomas and then white house chief of staff, mark meadows after the 2020 election where the to discuss tragedies to overturn the election results. calling the election a heist. those text indicate that she may have been lobbying the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, to support efforts to overthrow the election. she also sent an email to republicans in congress pressuring them to protest the 2020 election results. she told them she wouldn't help a conservative group until the -- until the members were out in the street. and then of course is the fact that she promoted and personally attended the stop the steal rally that directly proceeded the attack on our capitol on january 6th. she also repeatedly pushed the big lie on an email chain that included all of clarence thomas's former supreme court clerks, over three decades. many of whom are quite powerful now. ginni thomas used every avenue available to try to overturn the 2020 election and keep trump in office. and when the supreme court
6:26 pm
decided in january this year to deny requests from president trump to block the january 6th investigation from getting access to trump's warehouse record, not only did justice thomas not recuse, he was the only dissent. his own wife was one of the people communicating regularly with the white house. about overturning the election. and he voted that those records should not see the light of day. now today, the washington post and law brown got her hands on email from ginni thomas days after the 2020 election, pressuring arizona lawmakers to help the reserve reverse of trump's -- not to strategizing, but actively trying to get them to approve a quote, clean slate of trump electors in place of the electors representing biden's very legitimate win in that state. quote, the email sent by ginni thomas to a pair of lawmakers on november 9th, 2020, argued that legislators needed to intervene because the vote had been -- by fraud. the mother sent to rusty bowers a veteran legislators speaker the arizona house, and shauna
6:27 pm
bullock who was first elected to the chamber in 2018. bullock's husband sits on the supreme court of arizona. he also used to work for clarence thomas. that lawmaker sean bullock is now running to the arizona secretary of state. one email from ginni thomas read, article two of the united states constitution gives you an awesome responsibility to choose our states electors. police take action to ensure that a cleans state of electors is chosen. in another, the day before the members of electoral college reset to cast their both for biden, thomas, wrote before you choose your states electors, consider will happen to the nation we all love if you do not stand up and lead. the next day, as biden elected -- electors in arizona -- shawnna bolick was among a dozen arizona lawmakers who signed a letter to congress calling for the states electoral votes to go to trump, not biden who, remembered actually won that state. ginni thomas and her supporters insisted that her advocacy stood separate from her
6:28 pm
husband's work on the highest court of the land. yeah. some say -- they have called for clarence to recuse himself from electoral it -- but one uncle? further okay fine, you don't impeach. and why not call for him to resign? why not hold hearings? make a big deal of this. what do you think republicans would be doing if the situation was reversed and this was a liberal justice and their spouse? joining us now is washington post investigative reporter emma brown who broke this latest story. emma, thanks for being. here it's a great scoop. we knew previously on jimmy thomas's efforts to -- outreach to the white house chief of staff, mark meadows. tell us about how you're reporting fits into and extends what we already knew about ginni thomas's dubious role in the post-2020 world. >> yeah, as you say we already knew how she felt about the election, we knew she wanted the election results to be overturned for trump to stay in
6:29 pm
office. and she was talking with people including mark meadows about that. but we didn't know, into those emails surface was that she was personally and directly involved in carrying this strategy to pressure state lawmakers in key swing states that biden had won, to actually set aside the popular vote victory, and said and a slate of trump electors to the electoral college. so, her directed personal involvement in that campaign, is what's at stake here. >> justice breyer, rick oozes himself from any case that's being heard by his brother, a federal judge in california justice kavanaugh, recuse himself last from a case practically related to a family member. how does justice thomas and his supporters, how do they justify never recusing over ginni thomas's wife? >> well, i can tell you what i have been hearing from folks today, from supporters of the
6:30 pm
thomas is today in response to our story. which is look, she is a citizen, she has free speech rights, you can't muzzle are just because she's married to a supreme court justice. so, that's one point of view. another point of view is in sort of becoming personally involved in this campaign to overturn the election, and she crossed the line, and became part of an issue that her husband, may in fact end up ruling on in that presents a conflict of interest for ham. it for the fourth of recusal, those are the two competing points of view on this matter. >> so, as you say jeanne enters a borders like to say that her activism is entirely separate -- even though all of her activism involves using his access, his networks, his name. we have this great story in your piece that she's communicating with a lot more karen arizona, the wife of an arizona judge, considers clarence thomas to be his mentor, to the point where the wife says, how can you clarence are doing great. >> yes, one of the lawmakers
6:31 pm
she was communicating, with shawnna bolick, mary to clinch bolick, who is justice on the state supreme court as you said in arizona. they're close to the thomas's, bolick said jim eatonton it communications don't influence, after the election but they are close. >> one last quick question, are you surprised as someone who's read in the story, broken stories on the supreme court, a huge story by the way, we're happy to have you here talking about it. are you surprised the democrats haven't made a bigger issue out of this, year in the media, your breaking the story, but where is the action that follows a? >> i, i, not my job to be surprised or not surprised by this but i think that the democrats, the folks that are running the january six committee in congress, need to
6:32 pm
decide what they're gonna focus on. and whether, how much they're gonna sort of fight off in their efforts to persuade the american public was, you know, about what happened on january six. do we want to take on also this other part of that effort, ginni thomas and clearing times are possible conflict of interest, that's a decision that they're talking about. >> i hope they are. i'm surprised they haven't done more, but i only speak for myself, watching those arrested around emma brown, you've got a great story about ginni thomas, we appreciate you coming on the show tonight to talk to us, thank you. >> pretty, it thank you. >> still ahead here tonight, the american far-right -- home of one of the chief proponents of the vile replacement theory, for their own cpac conference more details ahead. cpac conference more details ahead. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing,
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patterson, he's 12 years old. and they took his father. he will grow up fatherless, he has to live even after this, and i have to pray that god gives me strength to raise him, the best of my ability. his heart is broken, he can't sleep, he half eaten as a
6:38 pm
mother what am i supposed to do? to help him get through this. >> tears of pattinson the ex lifeless people killed last batter in the buffalo tops supermarket will get it about the grief she and her son feel at the loss of hayward patterson, her son's father patterson was a deacon at a church in the supermarket, he was helping someone with their groceries that day when he was shot and killed. the suspect is believed to have posted about his white supremacist believes on line, is set to have targeted that particular community because it was primarily black. he apparently search by zip code for the place with the largest black population, near where you live, that's how we found talk. today almost a week later, deacon hayward patterson was laid to rest in a private service. the first of ten funerals to come from this mass shooting. as the family a nation remember, the lives of those lot stanley mascot last week, families are trying to process would happen to their loved ones, would
6:39 pm
happen to them, would happen to their community. children like jake patterson who may have lost their relatives to, or after watching what happened in buffalo live with the nightmare that this could one day happen to their families to. that this could be them. they are trying to process what happened, but in several states across the country, it's getting increasingly harder for kids to process this grief. because teachers are being told that there is no space for them to lay out the actual events of that day, that it's against the law. this week nbc journalist mike hicks more, -- laws restricting lessons on racism are making it hard for teachers to discuss the massacre in buffalo. when high school ethics teacher in austin said two days after the shooting at the tops grocery store, she had to reminders to dance that the new texas law requires teacher to discuss quote, widely debated and currently controversial issues with a balance perspective on sharing difference --
6:40 pm
that meant that monday, for any of the victims of the shooting were even laid to rest, she had to tellers judas that well, police were investigating the shooting as a racially motivated hate crime committed by a man who believed in white replacement theory quote, i'm also supposed to tell you that that's just one perspective. she continued quote, another perspective is that this young man was out defending the world, or his kind, from being taken over. she followed with this quote, if you guys want to know what i'm thinking about quitting at the end of the year, it's because of these types of policies, the fact that i need to have this conversation with you. that teacher's frustration with the state mandated restriction on teaching the truth about tragedies like this, was palpable. she is not alone, in the past year they've been a rip tide of school but policies restricting classroom discussions about race, sex, and gender. according to high school social studies tinny and colorado
6:41 pm
quote, if a student brings up buffalo, the teacher will simply say sorry, i can't talk about that. or were not allowed to talk about that. he notes that teachers are being buyer for discussing racism, sexuality, and politics with students. so, they're afraid to have these discussions, have these restrictions spread across the country. the primary sponsor of the kentucky law that restricts discussion of racing classroom said this on the matter quote, our educational system i believe should be teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic and factual history, and stay out of politics. but like it or not, would happen on saturday is part of american history, and what sort of lessons you silence or alternate takes -- the sort of lessons you can read on 4chan, discord, as that austin touch a teacher put it quote, if we're not able to have these discussions, how else are students go to envision a better future. an important question. more to come tonight, stay with us. come tonight, stay wit us us ne accounts were hacked!
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6:46 pm
movement, people like frank frankly tucker carlson, throughout these theories, or just fish in the water as a white replacement theory, echoes some of those kind of fear based things. you can't be surprised when some people take that to the level of going in massacring people, you just can't. >> that was republican congressman adam kinzinger, calling out his fellow republicans for feeding into
6:47 pm
white replacement theory, which the buffalo massacre cited as motivation for killing ten people. light replacement theory, is the racist antisemitic conspiracy theory that a cabal of rich jewish people are secretly filling the country with black and brown people, in order to replace white populations. it is a disgusting and dangerous -- and republicans are acting with outrage in the occupant they are feeding into such nonsense, despite considerable evidence to the contrary. congressman elise stefanik, who are facebook is promoting replacement theory, just last fall, released a statement on monday blasting the media for associating her with the killings, and moments later doubled down on why replacement theory in a tweet. now conservatives are taking their support for white replacement theory a step further, perhaps the world's most influential proponent of right replacement theory, hungary's autocratic leader victor or back, just days after the buffalo shooting victor or back indoors white replacement theory in a speech on national
6:48 pm
television, he said in that speech part of the picture of the decade of war facing, is that occurring waves of suicidal policies in the western world. one such suicide attempt that i see is the great european population replacement program, which seeks to replace missing european christian children with migrants, with adults arriving from other civilizations. that was not a one-off comment by victor or back, white replacement theories been at the center by his political barn for years. in 2018, he said that hungarians are an endangered species and said quote i think there are many people who would like to see the end of christian europe. the people that orban think spine of 11 are wealthy jews. joe -- parliamentary election or bans party plastered hungry with these billboards showing jewish, hungarian americans bisson and george soros, the captain and lead not lex or us have the last lap. when victor orban, was asked about those billboards by republican political's european
6:49 pm
bureau, he said the ads were needed to prevent soros from flooding europe with muslim migrants. victor orban, poster child for white replacement there in europe, the american right has been quick to embrace him for it. just this week, the organizers of the influential conservative cpac conference, had their very for cpac hungry in budapest. donald trump addressed the conference in a video where he lavished praise on or ban, the keynote speaker was none other than prime minister orban himself. mind you this is just days after sarah said he was engaging a suicidal european population replacement program. he told the crowd that the conservatives have the power is duo in the media, in shows like temper carlson, should be broadcast 24/7. tucker carlson of course, who regular uses primetime show to promote replacement theory as well, now, in true authoritarian fashion and real generals are not allowed to enter cpac hungry, but cpac
6:50 pm
organizers and all-time donald trump confident match lacked, talk to the author -- outside the conference, where he offered his own thoughts on white replacement theory. tying into the issue of abortion here in the u.s. he said, if you say there is a population problem in a country, but you're killing millions of your own people through legalized abortion every year, if that were to be to reduce, some of that problem is solved. you have millions of people who can take many of these jobs. how come no one brings that up, if you're worried about this quote unquote replacement, when we start there. start with allowing our own people to live. our own people. matt schlapp isn't a far-right true believer, in some ways he's worse, he's the cynical political figure who says whatever he thinks the republican base wants to hear. and what he thinks -- right now is that replacement is a problem, and that the gop's project of forcing american women to give birth, is part of the solution. to that problem. like stefanik, and sadly many
6:51 pm
others he saying the quiet racist part out loud. so, isn't it time for all of us members of the media, members of the democratic party, ordinary americans, to call out the elected members of the republican party much more forcefully, for their ongoing promotion of this deadly white supremacist replacement lie. joining us now is ben -- president of the president for the american way, former president the end of his -- op-ed for usa today this week titled the buffalo shooting should make the gop change its great replacement theory rhetoric. ben, thanks for joining us, i mean, they're not changing erratic they're doubling down on it and now they're turning up in budapest with the guy who is the global leader of this conspiracy theory. >> well, it's true, they're making all the same respect for the democratic party made after the civil war, when it became a party that was at that time to find frankly by it's quiet to vocal support for wright
6:52 pm
supremacists. we're seeing that happen with the republican party, the power of buffalo for the republican party, is that this is most associated with jack kemp as a football player. who went on to be the party's nominee for vice president, and who said quite plainly, he had no problem being an active member of the naacp, an active member of the gop. it's also the city where frederick douglass, the republican leader of the 19 center gives many of his most important speeches, he lived right down the road and rochester. -- so it seems like a perfect place, given that kemp's recent support of the party and frederick douglass historical, for them to go and reflect, and frankly to be on the power of silence, if you think about it first there was charlottesville,
6:53 pm
2017. and then there was this massacre in 2018, christchurch in 2019, el paso in 2019, and tops. and the news is starting to look like -- holocaust. these white supremacist went from one group after the next, after the next, after the next. it's not up for all of us to speak up for the -- special ploy. and quite frankly there are the ones that are gonna be encouraging this. >> let's talk about speaking up, you look at the way the republicans are so successfully demonized, aoc, rashida to lab, often a complete nonsensical fake controversies. why can't the democrats make elise stefanik, and scott perry, and pete session, and matt skates, all who actually endorsed replacement theory, even after the buffalo shooting in the case of gates and stefanik, like what they call them out by name, i haven't seen a democrat calling them out by name this week? >> you know,, it's time.
6:54 pm
it's absolutely time for the people, really for the constituents, there has been a kind of sense in our politics, that we've let politics a tooth party we support do whatever it takes to win. when their rhetoric, starts to encourage massacres of our neighbors, it's time for all of us to look deep in our hearts and say, can i really afford to be silent, is this what i want my grandchildren to remember, that when my party, when the republican party, when a major television network fox, the -- airwaves was pushing this white replacement theory inspiring and encouraging such violence, and massacres that i stood silent. it's that time for all of us quite frankly, and not just the constituents and politicians that you mentioned, viewers of fox, to let their voices be
6:55 pm
heard that they're not having it. -- florida times in recent years. 400. times mr. murdoch has been very clear that tucker could lose as much money as he wants for the network because it's bringing in viewers. the advertisers have backed off, because of his racism, and yet it's their loss -- and this theory seems to be his formula -- >> we very much need to name names in a week like this otherwise just gonna keep happening, then -- president of the people for the american way thank, you for your time tonight appreciate it. >> thank. you >> will be right back, don't go anywhere. you >> will be rightac bk, don't go anywhere. don't go anywhere. pression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight.
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