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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 12:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it was one of those moments where. just want to go back. two minutes ago, he was laying beside me and he was alive. and now he's gone forever. >> inside this house, an armed intruder hunts for prey. >> i heard angie scream, oh my god, oh my god! i could see blood running down his neck. >> i nudged justin, he didn't respond.
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>> your fiancée had just been killed, but she's calm somehow? >> she seemed very calm. but he was either a but boy front on the side, a love triangle. >> but on the dark highway, the case will take a dramatic turn. >> there was my body, on edge. >> were you nervous? >> extremely nervous. >> a mysterious driver carrying ominous cargo. >> how did he explain that? >> at that time, you don't. >> it suggests that there's a conspiracy? unraveling a mind bending plot reveals the shattering truth. >> inhuman is the only word i can think of, inhuman to do something like that. >> it was a moonless night in iowa, 4:00 in the morning. the quietest of quiet hours. a small town cop went down an
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empty highway, found for the early shift at his rural police department. that's when he saw at the corner of his eye, what's that in the ditch? maybe 30 yards off the highway, a car? in trouble? he swung around, somebody clearly missed a curve on the gravel access road. >> the driver's door hanging opened, the airbags deployed, the lights were on. >> and then suddenly, who was that knocking on his car window? >> the gentleman didn't have a shirt on. >> he seemed agitated, weird. eventually, a second cop appeared. >> he was excited. he seemed like, if you were to talk to somebody right after they did a marathon. out of breath, sweating profusely. the entire time i'm out here is just a very -- it's an uneasy feeling. my stomach was turning -- >> but no law broken, he called the guy a cab, sent him home. no idea what was coming. how could they know?
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>> it makes you question the goodness of humanity, it makes you question your faith, it makes you question your beliefs. >> it's a point where evil outdid good. >> well, even here in the heart of the heartland, it's lovely capital, its famous state fair, all manners of deep fried delicacies, and presidential casting calls here. des moines, a place known for its sweet and gentle nature, for people who are simply nice. like him. >> he was just very good. >> his name was justin michael, these are his parents, will and marie. >> he cared about people, he was kind and considerate. >> just a nice guy? >> just a very nice guy. a very good person. >> the sort of person who
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volunteered for things like helping to build houses for habitat for humanity. >> he really enjoyed it. >> justin was almost 31, the eldest of three. his brother, nathan, idolized him. >> we were very close. we just always played sports and hanging out with justin. >> he was a great older brother, very supportive and caring and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. >> in fact, his sister said, justin had saved her life when, as a teenager, she was caught in a rip tide at the beach. >> it was absolutely terrifying. i felt like i was literally drowning and all of a sudden there was justin and he was pulling me up on our board and telling me that everything was going to be okay, everything's gonna be fine. >> so, you get the idea. just a good person, a nice guy who was about to get as lucky
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as the person can in life. that is, lucky in love, with her. >> i found him very attractive and interesting. he was fun to talk to. >> her name is angie roy ver huel, and one thing that happened to them, they fell in love at first sight. bingo, just like that. >> after our third date i texted my friend and i said, i am pretty sure i'm gonna marry this guy. >> wow. he seemed to feel the same way about you. >> yes. it was very easy from day one. we both knew. >> so they did what people do, they tried out each other's interests and and she discovered the men that she
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loved also love things like skydiving, which of course he wanted her to do to. >> you flew too? >> yes. >> he had to jumping out of an airplane? >> yes! yes. i am terrified of heights so -- >> he took you up there! >> yes it was so exhilarating. i was terrified up until the moment that we got in the plane and then i was calm. and it was so much fun. which was a little like their courtship really, a jump that some people would find terrifying but not them. >> you got engaged very quickly. >> when you know you know. >> was there any doubt? no day you woke up and went, oh no one have i done? >> nope. >> so in august 2013, two months after they met, angie and justin where an engaged couple. in december she moved in with him at his house in the tiny place called grimes, just about 20 minutes out of side of des moines. they planned their wedding.
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which would be, they decided, a family affair and beach on north carolina, where his parents live. they set the date. july 20th, 2014. it was may, the excitement building, when justin's parents came to visit in grimes. >> on mother's day weekend. >> and on wednesday evening before that mother's day. >> we were laughing and talking about halloween costumes for the next year. as it grew dusk we ended up cooking smaller's over there fire pit, which was one of justin's favorite things to do. >> justin's dad weldon was in business in -- >> as far as she knew, always well. across the hall, a couple in love, all good things on their way. dark now. moonless dark. she closed her eyes and slept.
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and then -- >> so i heard the door opening and my first thought was angie was coming in to grab a scarf or a piece of jewelry from the dresser. she kept them some spare things in the bedroom. the person just stood in the doorway -- >> but did you see, a silhouette? >> i saw a dark silhouette. a person dressed in dark clothing and i could see a red laser light shining in my eyes. and as i was lying there, i notice the red light shine across the pillow, and i remember thinking, that's a strange flashlight. and that's when i saw a big person bigger than justin or angie, so i knew it was an intruder. my heart sank, i'm sure it froze. a second or two later the door was shutting and i remember praying just please, take what
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you want and leave us alone. >> but of course, leaving them alone was not what the strange intrusive presence had in mind. not even close. coming up, >> it was something in 100 million years you could not imagine. it was just unfathomable. it was so bizarre. >> a night of terror just beginning. no one was prepared for what would happen only seconds later. >> and i rolled over and saw somebody running out of the bedroom. and i knew that was bad. >> i heard angie scream, oh my god! oh my god! >> marie tells detectives a horrifying story, but they're not sure they believe it. >> to me was very odd -- >> when dateline continues.
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that night in may 2014. when marie and things were so good so full of possibilities for hit her eldest child and his fiancée. >> the same day the wedding cards went out. >> they were perfect together. >> and then that terrifying pinprick of red light woke her up and she saw him, it, whatever, shaking away. and the fear that took over her body. she froze. maybe she prayed for those horrifying seconds, how many seconds, three, five seconds? across the hall, angie. >> i heard the bedroom door open. and i had been so hard to sleep i just assumed it was just in leaving to go to the bathroom.
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then i heard a pop pop pop. >> it sounded very muffled so i thought it could not be a gunshot. >> then, unaware that her world was quite different now, angie opened her eyes. >> and i rolled over and saw somebody running out of the bedroom. and i knew that was bad, and i nudged justin and i said -- justin, justin. >> i heard and you scream, oh my god! oh my god! i knew something terrible had happened. >> i turned on the light and i just went out the bedroom, down the hall -- >> did you see him? >> no i didn't. >> you just knew? >> yeah. >> i looked in the bedroom door
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was and i saw justin laying on his back, on the right side of the bed with his head tilted, and i could see a bullet hole in his head. and i could see blood running down his neck. >> my instinct was to figure out how they got in the house. we had a really big window, we check to see if that was closed and it was. we checked the front door, that was still locked. the back door was unlocked. and i went and opened it a little bit and i thought that's not a -- i closed it. >> did you understand right away that everything was different? that the man you loved was dead? >> it was -- it was one of those moments where you just want to go back two minutes. just two minutes ago, he was
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lying beside me and he was alive. and now he's gone, for forever. >> but in that moment, her brain, her fingers, wouldn't cooperate. >> but they say about not being able to dial 9-1-1 and in emergencies is very true. i tried three different times. >> somebody just came in and shot my fiancée in the head. >> ma'am what's your name? >> angie. >> can you go over and check the status of -- ? >> he's -- he's dead. >> okay. >> i know he is. >> marie called 9-1-1 too. >> somebody come in and shot somebody. >> do you know who was shot? >> my son, justin michael. >> a few moments later, deputies from the sheriff officer came and look around. as a two women sat in the living room and complete silence. >> as we were sitting there across from the tv, we noticed that the dvd player had been pulled out and there was a fluorescent yellow sweatshirt laying there. which -- >> didn't belong? >> it didn't belong. we pointed it out to the officer, it was neither of ours. >> was that what happened?
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some awful mistake? a robber hitting the wrong place, the wrong person? >> deputies told them, get your things, we're taking you out of the house. >> i can go back into the bedroom. i didn't have my glasses on -- >> they were in there? >> so what i said i need my glasses -- >> she asked me if i would grab her glasses from the night stand in the bedroom, so i did go back into their bedroom one more time. i looked at justin and i -- i told him goodbye. you know, how much i loved him. how i couldn't imagine why that happened to him? >> is that even possible to
12:18 am
understand what it does to you, to look through the door and see your eldest son lang with a bullet in his head? >> it was something in 100 million years you could not imagine. who could've done that to my son? he wouldn't hurt a fly. he had never spoken ill of anybody, to my knowledge had any enemies. it was unfathomable. >> the sheriff's deputy took angie and marie outside and put them in separate cars while they watch the activity around them quite stunned. before they took her cell phone, marie called her husband weldon. she begged him to hurry. >> when i heard the news, i thought they'd gotten into the wrong house. it was so bizarre. >> we interrupt normal programming, out of south korea where president biden is going to hold a conference with the president there in the republic of korea. they have just made it to the
12:19 am
stage. let's listen in. >> [speaking foreign language] >> global comprehensive alliance and we discussed relevant actions to that end. moreover, we engaged in a candid conversation, building friendship and trust. today, i also realized that president biden and i see eye to eye on so many fronts. over the past 69 years, the u.s. alliance has involved in to the lynch pinch of
12:20 am
prosperity. in long-standing mission of denuclearizing north korea, shifting trade order, climate change, democracy and numerous new challenges confront our alliance. these challenges can be tackled only when countries sharing the universal values of a liberal democracy and human rights come together. the rock u.s. aligns sets an example of such solidarity. korea and u.s. as global comprehensive allies stand ready to meet these challenges collectively and shape or rules based order in that process. these aspirations that president biden and i share our well reflected in the joint
12:21 am
statement we are adopting today. in the negotiations leading up to the joint statement, our two countries deputies have exhibited trust and partnership which i note with appreciation. in sustainable peace on the korean peninsula is underpinned by a principled and consistent policy towards north korea. it coordination with the biden administration, i commit to resolutely safeguard on the korean peninsula and encourage north korea to come forward for dialogue and engage in practical corporation. i will exert diplomatic endeavors to that end. we, as the leaders of the two countries, reiterate our common goal of the complete denuclearization of the dprk. there is no compromise for security under this shared belief we concurred that strong
12:22 am
deterrence against north korea is paramount. president biden, affirmed the ironclad -- and substantive extended deterrence. at the same time, our two countries hope to see north korea take the path towards genuine denuclearization, together with the community of nations we pledge to spare no diplomatic efforts to that end. un security council resolutions will also be fully implemented together with other countries. the door to dialogue remains open. if north korea genuinely embarks upon denuclearization, in partnership with the international community, i am prepared to present and audacious plan that will vastly strengthen its economy and improve the quality of life for its people. currently, north korea is struggling with the covid-19 crisis. putting aside political and
12:23 am
military considerations, i am more than willing to provide assistance from humanitarian and human rights perspective. i call on north korea to respond to this proposal positively and begin taking practical steps towards denuclearization. >> we live in an era where economy is security and security in turn's economy. supply chain disruption resulting in a changing global security order are directly linked to the lives of our people. to the new reality, the rock u.s. alliance will also evolve further. not just with words but with actions, we should ceaselessly deliver real benefits that can impact the peoples of our two country. president biden and i'm, in the field of a semi-conductors, battery, nuclear powers, space and developments, cyberspace
12:24 am
and other industries agreed to step up by practical cooperation. mark it -- will also be actively addressed through our collective response. and as a first step, offices of the president will launch an economic security dialogue so that in supply chains, advanced science and technology other areas of economic security, our two countries can have timely communication and cooperation. orderly and will function foreign exchange market is crucial to a sustainable growth and financial stability. to that end president biden and i decided to engage in even closer consultations. for advance reactors and small modular reactors, development and export promotions, our two
12:25 am
countries civil nuclear industries are committed to work together. moreover, artesian's with regard to the defense industry now emerging as a future growth engine, concord to initiate discussions on our reciprocal agreement that can be likened to an fda in the defense sector. korea myth the ravages of war achieved a remarkable growth with the help of the united states and the wider international community. the world now recognizes us as an advanced democracy and a cultural powerhouse. we stand ready to proactively fulfill a role expected of us by the international community to honor our responsibility and commitment. the indo-pacific is a region
12:26 am
important to both our countries. our two nations will work in concert to build a world order in the indo-pacific and taking that first step is to participate in the indo-pacific economic framework. with a view to expanding our contributions and roles in the region, we will also work to formulate a strategy. our two countries, in response to immediate global challenges will pursue even closer coordination. a tragedy brought on by russia's invasion of ukraine must be resolved swiftly so that the people can return to their peaceful, normal lives. to that and, korea and the united states have decided to cooperate vigorously with the international community. building on the course global vaccine partnership, korea will actively join the global fight
12:27 am
against covid-19. a global health and security quarter needed office will be established insole as a way to contribute to sustainable health security. in addressing the existential threat to humanity posed by climate change, our two countries will endeavor to achieve our 2030 targets and 2050 net zero emission goals through even greater coordination. the friendship and trust i have forged with president biden today will pave the way for further reinforcing our bilateral partnership, for new era towards the school, i hope our two countries will engage in frequent communication and close consultation with each other. thank you. next, we are going to invite to the president of the united states for his statement.
12:28 am
>> thank you for the time you gave me today. through her private conversations. incredible hospitality and welcome. i'm honored to be able to meet you so early in your tenure. it's a pleasure to get to know you personally. i am delighted to be back in your beautiful country and at a time when the alliance between the republic of korea and the united states is more vibrant, and more vital. i believe this trip is coming out a particularly interesting moment, because we are seeing so many expectations in asia and in the indo-pacific region. i am looking forward to learning more. my administration is pursuing a strategy designed to grower connery from the bottom up in the middle out and it is paying dividends, even on the face of economic challenges, our
12:29 am
condiment is providing for us to be resilient. an analysis project that the american economy is poised to grow at a faster rate than china and the chinese economy for the first time in 45 years, since 1976. our relationship with our allies including a pro to say the republic of korea are closer than they have ever been, our people are growing closer as we speak. our businesses are blazing new trails together and it all goes to my core belief, something i have said for a long time, it is never a good bet to bet against the united states of america. we are a nation that is all about one thing, possibilities, and those possibilities. that optimism is a commitment to innovation, breaking barriers is something that koreans and americans share. yesterday the president and i
12:30 am
visited a factory where korean american innovation is working intending to produce immersed in fenced semiconductors in the world. i welcome the billions of -- samsung are making in the united states, investments will bring our countries even closer together, cooperating even more closely than we already do. help strengthen our supply chains, secure our economies and give them a competitive edge. today, president of korea and i talked about issues, and i apologize for repeating that, the regional and global terms. cooperation between the republic of korea and the united states is vital. we both believe that. from fighting this pandemic to strengthen global health security, health systems so that we can better be prepared for the next major health event
12:31 am
and there will be others. from increasing our climate ambitions to accelerating climate solutions, like development of electric vehicles, standing up to our shared democratic values and defending a rule based international order against threats and stability. our lives is making an important contribution to shape the future for our children. korea is strong and it's dynamic economy is a power of example for the rest of the world. i also want to thank the people of korea for their strong support for the people of ukraine. putin's war against ukraine isn't just a matter for europe, it's an attack on democracy and the core international principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. the republic of korea and the united states are standing together, part of a global
12:32 am
response with our allies and partners around the world to condemn russians flagrant -- and the whole russia accountable into support the people of ukraine. tomorrow, the president and i will be visiting with troops who are still serving side by side even today, decades after troops first fought valiantly together to preserve the freedom of the republic of korea. it's emblematic of our strength and our continuing strength, and the durability of our alliance. and our readiness to take on all threats together. today, president and i feel are strengthening our engagement and working together to take on challenges of security, including addressing the threat posed by the democratic people's republic of korea, by further strengthening our deterrence posture and working
12:33 am
towards a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula as the president has spoken about. promoting stability across the taiwan stretch as well, and ensuring freedom of navigation including in the south china sea and beyond. thank you again mister president for your warm welcome, for your commitment to strengthening our alliance and for expanding our global partnership. i look forward to years to come. >> who has the first question? >> we are going to open the floor for questions and answers. the president of the two countries will designate a person who will be asking the questions. now we will be taking a question from a korean journalist who will be asking a question to the korean president. >> thank you for this
12:34 am
opportunity to ask a question, i am from a news agency. first regarding the cons of economic security, a number of koreans find the concept pretty unfamiliar. what are the benefits the korean economy can gain from the economic security cooperation, whatever the real benefits that can be experienced by the korean people? in addition to that, you talked about universal values, solidarity, and alliance, and you underscored that point. strong exports, regulations or controls that the united states is imposing on other countries, do you think you can take resort to those measures as well? as you are aware, economic security is probably something
12:35 am
that you have already heard and seen through various newspaper channels. let's say for example, this is directly related to the livelihoods of people. important industrial goods as well, for them to be produced, for example, let's say that we are trying to produce a car, a unique system and for example we had water issues recently and so these are materials that are critically needed for our daily lives as well for our industries, and to secure stability. it is directly related to the lives of the people as well as the national economy, this is related to the national security and military security. in the past, we had the wto
12:36 am
system, both countries together to form a free and universal treaty order, but due to the covid-19 pandemic and the formation of the blocks in the market, we see permanent risks when it comes to the supply chain, so it is very important to stabilize the supply chain, especially of the two countries. united states and korea. ensure the values of democracy and human rights, and they should share the values -- we should stabilize the supply chain, that is why we need to deal with the issue of economic security. the office is given that authority to deal with the issue. for example, if there are any
12:37 am
difficult issues to be resolved, the two countries will be engaged in closer cooperation for economic security, and we decided to pursue this goal going forward. in addition, if you look at the financial market, or the foreign exchange market, there could be possible shocks and when that happens, the two countries can step in to help with each other and also related to the military security and also economic security. especially in relation to the export of the fence items, the two countries want to initiate the negotiations in this area so that we can pave the way for promoting our cooperation in the specific field. this is not just cooperation in
12:38 am
terms of of words, or empty words, empty promises, this is going to be an alliance that takes action to get the. we decided to evolve our alliance even further. the united states and korea we advocate democracy, human rights. for the world peace, of course we are not trying to exclude people in the process, but we want countries to be embraced in these universal values. we want to start with solidarity, like-minded countries, we will take a question from the american journalist who will be posing a question to the american president. please raise your hand. >> thank you.
12:39 am
first of all, president yun, your joint statement mentions a number of initiatives that you will be taking on the security front, but it doesn't mention whether you asked the president for nuclear bombers, submarines or aircraft carriers. are those of interest to you and do you expect that the president will be deploying them? and for you president biden, there is no mention in the joint statement about whether there would be any preconditions for you meeting with north korea's president or providing vaccines to north korea and so i wanted to see if there are any pre-conditions for that? and then, ahead of your meetings in tokyo, i understand that they will be asking for you to consider rejoining the tpp that was negotiated by president obama. could you talk a little bit about here thinking, whether this indo-pacific framework could lead to a bigger trade
12:40 am
deal on the region? thank you. >> would you like me to go first? the answer with regard to would i provide vaccines for north korea, or prepare to meet, the answer is yes, we have offered vaccines, to north korean china as well. we are prepared to do that immediately, we had no response. with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea, it depends on whether he is sincere. what was the other question you asked me? >> if there is room for broader trade deal to get out of the tpp, japan and others would like you to reconsider joining? >> what we're talking about in terms of an arrangement we are
12:41 am
discussing now, it is quite significant. what we are talking about, as it was pointed out, an economic strategy that the entire pacific region, it's working on critical errors, supply chain, and a range of other problems as well. semiconductors which we have discussed a little bit, infrastructure and making sure we make available the capacity to provide modern infrastructure to many of the countries in the region who may not have the capacity. three, the digital economy, dealing with cybersecurity standards and sharing major standards of access based on the boundaries interested to us. as well as clean and renewable environment, clean energy technologies, global minimum
12:42 am
tax, the tax side of the equation just like we negotiated, and deal with establishing a practice act, that will take effect internationally. all of that is broad it is separate from and semi reclusive of what the tpp was about. this is the objective that i have in mind, that we have in mind in the front and here. >> [interpreter] a journalist from the u.s. posed me a question regarding extended deterrents, let me address that question. we are seeing north korea advancing its nuclear missile capabilities and president biden and i share the grave concerns and more than anything else we believe that this is something that merits our utmost attention.
12:43 am
president biden also reiterated and really emphasized his commitment, the u.s. commitment, to extend deterrence and at the same time key to our combined defends capabilities is the combined military exercises and we are going to step up our exercises and we will be coordinating between ourselves, regarding the deployment of u.s. military assets. we will take some time in coordinating between ourselves and regarding the cyber threats or the threats emanating from north korea's asymmetrical capabilities, we will continue to consult with one another as to how to counter those threats. at the same time, we will reactivate that and we will continue to advance and step up our high-level consultation
12:44 am
mechanisms. i hope that answers your question. [end of translation] >> we're taking questions from korean journalist and american journalist, we will go back to the korean journalist, please keep your question to one item. >> thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to pose this question, this is an extension of the previous question. we talked about how to respond to the nuclear threat from north korea, you said that you are going to present a plan to strengthen the effective threats. regarding that action plan i wonder what kind of specific discussions you had today? did you see eye to high on this
12:45 am
action plan? >> [interpreter] in the past when it came to extended the turns we just talked about nuclear umbrella, that's what i thought about, but, beyond that there could be many other aspects, including fighters, bombers and missiles. regarding the timely deployment of such a deployment method, we engaged in discussions today and going forward, i believe there will be more concrete discussions between the two sides, that was our agreement, it will be between our sides. and also, as i've already stated in the course of
12:46 am
answering the question from the u.s. journalist, in order to prepare against a possible nuclear attack, our two countries combined military exercises i believe should be stepped up in many aspects. we had that discussion, thank you. >> we are going back to the american journalist posing questions to the american president. this is going to be the last question, keep your question to one item. >> hi mister president, you are here in the region to promote the united states economic cooperation with south korea and japan, but the two countries have been locked in a trade dispute on top of their bilateral relationship deteriorating for number of reasons, what kind of a role with the united states play here in resolving disputes so that your administration can further goal of bolstering your economic alliance with the
12:47 am
region. and then i have a president for president yun. >> you only get one. [laughs] >> i'm protecting him. the answer is we discuss that in generic terms. the fact is that i'll be going from here to tokyo and discussing this as well. it is critically important that we have a very close relationship including economically as well as militarily. i think you will see that there are ways to deal with some of the trade barriers that replace some of which by the way were placed by my predecessor which we are looking at closely right now. i think there is a lot of room to move. in addition to that, if you know, you've covered the fact that i spent a lot of time with the asean nations, there is a whole range --
12:48 am
of things have changed. there is a sense among the democracies in the pacific that there is a need to cooperate much more closely, not just militarily but in terms of beck nominates and politics. we talked about the need for us to make this larger than the united states and korea, but the entire pacific and the south pacific and the indo-pacific. i think you've heard me say 100 times, and i'm sorry to the american press to repeated, but i really do think we are at a point in history, things are changing so rapidly, we will see more of competitions between democracies and autocracies. i've said that sincerely. i have proven to be correct. not just here, but around the world. again, we talked at length that this is not only regional but
12:49 am
it's also global, i don't mean a formal written allow an allowance -- they have both stepped up and supported ukraine, you will find that the quad is supporting ukraine there's a whole range of things that affect whether or not democracies can be sustained in the midst of this incredible change that is taking place. we agree that it could and should be, and together we can play a major part in that. thank you. we appreciate it. >> your cabinet nominees are male, south korea consistently ranks low among developed countries on professional advancements of women, and you yourself during your presidential campaign propose abolishing the ministry of gender equality. what role should a leading
12:50 am
world economy like south korea play in -- beauce's in this country? >> if you look at the public officials secretary, especially the ministers in the cabinet, we really didn't see women advancing to that position so far. probably in various regions, equal opportunities were not fully insured for women and we have a short history and ensuring that, while we are trying to do is actively ensure opportunities for women. this concludes the conference. the presidents of the two countries will leave the room first.
12:51 am
>> thank you. >> this concludes the joint press conference in the interest of time and we have other schedules to attend to later on. >> this concludes the bilateral press conference there in south korea. this was happening at the korean ministry of national defense. this is biden's four-day trip, this is first up in south korea, than he heads on to japan as you've heard one of the questions, it is his first trip since being in office to asia, intended here for various topics. you've heard many of the words that were repeated by both of the presidents, concerns of russia, north korea, china, taiwan, covid. they were discussing issues from the military, the economy, nuclear powers, all included in a new president in the republic of korea, just in the last two weeks, he was inaugurated, and
12:52 am
the first trip for the u.s. president to asia since taking office. this concludes the breaking news coverage of the presidents press briefing there with the president of south korea as well and their bilateral news conference, we will return to normal programming after the short break. short break. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. (geri) i smoked, and i have copd. my children are really worried. my tip is, send your kids a text. it may be the last time that you do. (announcer) you can quit. call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication. >> so finally, and she
12:53 am
remembered the name, the name of the man she dated just before she met justin michael.
12:54 am
david. and who was he? sometimes local accountant for one thing but the sign of all wealthy iowa far farm family. not very memorable said angie, just a guy who liked having fun, though there was a remarkable coincidence, a couple of months after she stops in david and just before she got engaged with justin, david got a job in the same small unit of the same department of the same office building as justin. david left months before the murder but really what where the chances? their desks were feet apart. >> and did he know that justin was dating you? >> he figured out that justin was dating me. >> justin told his parents about it. >> he just said it was an awkward situation, but there was no problem. the alignment of that was astronomical -- >> 10,000 people here in des moines, what are the odds that they would be in the same --
12:55 am
>> the same cubicle, they were. >> but they got on fine, never any bad blood. and david moffitt had no criminal record. so should detectives add him to their list of suspects? >> at this point, i don't know if i have the complete story regarding dave, or not. >> coincidences sometimes come in clusters, don't they? not long after angles -- angie's memory coughed up dave moffitt, there was another coincidence. >> we felt we needed to continue and focus on dave and see where that leads us. the first scene that was done was a background makeup of dave. to include to see if he had a weapons permit. and so, while i check for the weapons with -- another person or heard the name and recognized dave moffitt, and she immediately said that he had a car
12:56 am
impounded this morning. not only was it impounded, it was impounded approximately within 30 minutes of the homicide. approximately at 4:00 in the morning. and was six miles approximate north of where the homicide occurred. and dave mott had resided approximately 28 miles southeast of where the homicide occurred. >> wow, well that would be a red flag, for sure. >> to further investigation we learned that he had had an accident. >> so they put the accident report and read about those two cops and their strange encounter just off highway 141 at 4:00 that morning. a place which, by all rights, we cory rose should never have been the particular morning, but life happens to everybody. and early on the 8th of may 2014, officer rose was adjusting. >> i was back from the hospital in des moines, my fiancée's grandma was ill in the hospital. still in his own clothes, not
12:57 am
in uniform, he was on his way to a 5 am patrol shift with. where officer rose is an investigator with the local police department. and it was very dark on the highway. no moon at all at that hour. so he almost missed it, there, in the ditch, maybe 30 yards. and what did you see? >> as i straight up the road, i saw a car off here, to my right, sitting on top of the ditch just on the other side of this poll. >> just over here where the grass is? >> right. sitting there with the driver's door was opening week. the door was -- >> -- missed a sharp curve on a gravel access road. so cory was pulled up next to the crashed car. >> and as soon as a stopped, i
12:58 am
noticed that nobody was in the car, no one around the car. and i sit in my vehicle. someone, a male approach my vehicle, and he knocked on my door. when he came behind me. the knock on my window kind of startled me a little bit. he was asking if he could get some assistance to get a, ride offered to pay me to get a ride. i told him that i didn't feel do comfortable doing so. >> between that and having to get to work and this not being his jurisdiction, corey called his dispatch. i said hey, i'm out here. one can you see if you can get someone to get out here. they said that they had somebody as soon as possible. they're tied up on a shooting in grimes. >> so cory left for his shift. and then jason tart, responded to the dispatch later. all he knew was that there had been an accident. >> so it hit that ditch at some speed there? >> he was going pretty fast. >> just missed the corner?
12:59 am
>> just unfamiliar with the area and driving too fast for gravel. >> but it was odd because, once again, the driver of that car, david moffitt, was nowhere to be seen. coming up, a road side encounter goes from odd to downright unnerving. >> all of my body was standing on edge. >> when dateline continues. ♪♪ why don't you do cool spins? uh, people need to read it. i can't read it. [ chuckles ] that's 'cause you're like 4. 4 1/2. switch to progressive, and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says. ♪ ( i swear by all-4-one ) ♪ jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. ( buzzer ) you can always spot a first time gain flings user.
1:00 am
(dana) it's very difficult for the family because you too go through everything that they go through. maybe not in the same way. but you're still there. (announcer) you can quit. call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication. >> justin michael had been shot
1:01 am
1:02 am
to death in his own bed. but his fiancée angie had been spared. about half an hour later her ex crashed his car into a ditch about five miles from just at home. when officer jason arrived at the scene, he appeared to be gone. >> so i get out of the corner mediately i'm thinking, maybe they were rejected. so i go and start searching the area to made sure they weren't ejected out of the car, then i
1:03 am
hear a sound. i say is this your car, he says yeah that's my car, when he gets near me, i smell something sweet. >> why do you think sweet smell means a drunk accident? >> it just kind of goes with. it smelled like he had been drinking. >> was he glad to see you? >> i don't if he was glad to see me -- >> i mean, you were potentially going to rescue him from a bad situation. >> he saw someone that could help him, i don't know if she was necessarily happy to see. me >> david told him he was on his way home from visiting his brother that night. >> i basically asked him, there is no way and chance that you are visiting a friend and grimes tonight? >> why would you bring that up? >> there had just been within an hour a homicide taking place in grimes, the suspect was still unaccounted for --
1:04 am
>> and you have a guy sweating and smelling sweet? >> exactly. >> what did he said? >> i don't even know where the town is. >> everything about david made the deputy feel anxious. >> all the hair, not on my head, but on my body was standing on edge. >> that's weird, he is a regular guy, didn't seem to be arm or anything, you are cop, you have a weapon, and you are still nervous. >> i did a path down for weapons, because if you are going to sit in my car, you're not gonna have a weapon on. >> but he still made you nervous? >> extremely nervous. >> turned out david hadn't been drinking, there was no reason to arrest him, still, the deputy's instincts kicked in. >> so i look through his car and i couldn't find insurance why impounded for not having insurance. >> not that it was drivable anyway, he sent david home in a cab. after reading deputies report, the detectives knew they had to
1:05 am
act fast. there could be clues still, on highway 1:41, and surprises to. the media people, and shimmery saw hovering around the house had no idea what had just happen to justin michaels bedroom in the middle of the night, the reporters knew only this, they had been sent here because of a suspicious death and it was related, somehow, to this house. and then, as they waited for somebody to tell them something, they got a tip. local reporters stephanie moore -- >> we heard that the sheriff's deputy was walking the field, so that would be the highway you would take from des moines to go to grimes, they were walking the field and we were asking are you looking for a body? are you looking for someone? no. are you looking for a weapon?
1:06 am
we can say. the public is not in any danger, we think that what's happened in grams is related to this. >> and they're walking up and down. looking for something? >> in a line so they don't miss anything. kind of how they do when there is a missing child. we thought maybe they were looking for a gun, a weapon. >> good guess, in fact the small army of cops was looking for anything that looked like evidence, because hours earlier david moffatt's car went off the road and facts were piling up. he had worked with justin, dated angie, and breakfast car the morning up the murder just six miles away. of course, that peaked our interest very quickly. >> that move david at the top of the list. >> the prosecutor had been involved all along. >> we sent the detectives in the patrol officers to that location, highway 141, to see what else they could find in that area that could be of use or telling in terms of the
1:07 am
investigation. >> that's why the locals saw all these police officers wandering up and down the field as if they were looking for something? they were. >> they were. >> imagine what they found, there in the ditch along the highway. >> probably the most important thing is that they found loaded magazines that had the same type of ammo that was found at the crime scene, the shell casings find at the scene matched that kind of ammunition found in the ditch on highway 141. >> right where the car crashed? >> across the highway, and a little bit further down, but within 500 yards of where the crash occurred. they also located in that ditch some paper targets so you use that for target practice. some shooters earmuffs. a camo neck clot that you could wear as a mask. >> like somebody preparing for a night of terror. or an execution. clearly, david had to be the
1:08 am
killer. and then, you know what they say about assumptions. the cops found something else near the accident scene. sort of thing that could make a person wonder, what's in heaven's name is going on here? it was one little thing in a shoe box. >> the shoes were not in it but there was various paperwork. one of the things that were found was a receipt from a local car dealership and the receipt was for a purchase of three oil changes, it had the name of andrew wagner. >> and true, the boyfriend angie lived with before justin. weird, another guy without a criminal record, another, apparently, ordinary person. the des moines funeral director in his case. and yet, there it was in black and white among all those other pieces of evidence. andrew. how did he explain that? >> at that time, you don't. >> so, did and you kill justin
1:09 am
michael? the man who replaced him in angie's heart? >> we immediately went to andrew's place of business and brought him back to headquarters for questioning, and we asked him about his relationship with angie. >> and more to the point perhaps, his relationship, or the lack of it, with justin. >> have you ever met justin? >> once. >> where was that? at >> it was at joe's pub. >> just random, run in, or was it a gathering -- >> it was a gathering with a group of friends. it was the engagement party. >> was just in the person who wasn't a relationship after you broke up with her was there someone else. >> there might have been someone else -- >> you don't know? >> no. the last time you talk to angie? >> she sent texted me saying happy birthday, and i said okay, thanks. >> i'm asking andy about whether or not he is missing anything, and he never tells me about the receipt for the oil
1:10 am
changes. >> the receipt in the shoe box, the reason for suspicion and all these questions. >> i stay on the receipt because that is where my interest is that, and he believes that he is in possession of the receipt. >> and he said he thought the receipt was in his car or in his house. >> if it turned out somewhere else, how would that happen? if it's somewhere other than your car or home -- >> i threw it away, that would be about it. >> any ideas how it could turn up in this investigation? >> no. >> and then detective harper asked andy about guns. >> do you go shooting at all? >> shooting? >> yes, do you -- >> i have a 12 gauge.
1:11 am
i haven't shot it in six years. >> you have any handguns? >> no. >> okay. >> and what he did the night before. >> yesterday, what time did you get off work? >> yesterday i got off at four. >> okay, can you walk me through what's occurred from four until we showed up at your doorstep this morning? >> and he said he spent the evening and night with his girlfriend. >> you spend the night at your girlfriend? >> yes. >> how long have you been with? her >> three years. >> as our security there? >> no. >> is it a safe area? >> yes. >> is it gated. >> no. >> cameras to get? in >> no. >> he spent the night with his current girlfriend at that time, and we verified that before he left the office, before he had a chance to make a phone call or anything else. >> at least according to his girlfriend? >> according to the girlfriend, yes. >> that would give him an alibi
1:12 am
-- >> that would give him an alibi whether that was preconceived or whether it was legitimate we did not know. >> and he swore detectives would find no evidence against him in grimes. >> when was the last time you were in grimes, for any reason? >> that was a basketball court, that was a while ago -- >> what's a while ago to you? >> three weeks, a month, 3 to 4 weeks, at least. it's been a while. a bunch of guys get together and we pay five bucks and we are able to shoot around this place for a couple of hours. >> let me double check to make sure -- >> the detectives exhausted their questions. we put andy back to work, apparently, in the clear. unaware that andy's name was about to turn up one more time. in a very suspicious place. >> coming up -- investigators up and looking for a single killer.
1:13 am
but a fresh clue may send this investigation in a whole new direction. when dateline continues. en dateline continues. wet dishes? spots? cloudy glasses? when detergent alone isn't enough... ...add finish jet dry 3 in 1. to dry, prevent spots, and protect glasses against cloudiness. the dishes aren't done without finish jet dry 3 in 1. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief the dishes aren't done without from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day.
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feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear. >> justin didn't deserve this.
1:15 am
1:16 am
he always thought of everybody else, always wanted to do for other people. >> as much in love as angie said she was, the detectives had learned over the years, you never know, they needed to search her phone, see who she talked to in the hours and days just before justin was shot to death. they also got a search warrant for david's house, and inside, they didn't find the murder weapon. they did find these strange notes, seem to have been written by someone who had been watching justin and and he's neighborhood. >> the surveillance notes listed addresses in the
1:17 am
immediate area of the crime scene. very specific about when neighbors were turning on and off their lights, the creek behind the house. is it wide enough so i can cross, it look like a way to make an escape once the murder was done. >> but then, they found would look like the mother lode. a bill of sale. >> it was in indies name, but there it is in dave's house. >> the name of the document, bold as brass was indeed andes. how was that remotely possible? it's more evidence to support that there are some sort of conspiracy involved here? >> it's too early to rule anybody out and we wanted to find out if andy was the actual purchaser of that weapon, fortunately that bill of sale gave us the lead to where the weapon came from. >> his name was right there, true ball man. and here he is, he is a small town high school english
1:18 am
teacher. in a little place 90 miles or so from des moines. there is something you can do with a degree in english? >> yes, there is. i love my job. >> an english teacher who likes to tell stories, and this one -- sort of thing that could make an interesting plot for a novel? >> a novel perhaps. >> drew is a self nerd, he also is a target shooter and a metal detective enthusiast, he is digging up old coins and such, loves it. mind you, there's only so much a person can find using equipment that -- to say down market is about cruel. >> the one i wanted was $600? >> are you out of your mind, you would spend that much money on the? >> you could spend up to $900 on a metal detector. >> you are an upper case nerd?
1:19 am
>> you would say. so >> he could solve a gun and buy the new meddled tech -- >> i listed it online, it's like craig's list for gun -- >> what did you ask for? it >> $360 for it. >> about a month later he got a nibble by email. >> i told them that i needed cash and i needed a photo i.d., so i knew he was who he said he was and that he was at least 21. >> what did he say he was? >> he said that his name was anti-, and that was the email address he had contacted me as well. >> where did you meet? >> i work at a gas station, it's public, their cameras in the area and if something bad were to happen i know of at least two or three people that are there and would come to my rescue. >> it's at the kind of thing you have to do when you sell a weapon? >> that's the kind of thing i do when i saw a weapon because i have entirely too much to lose. i have a family, i have a job, i love them both, i did not
1:20 am
want to jeopardize those. we met at the station, i showed him the rifle and that i filled out a bill of sale, i wanted to make sure that this was trackable, i kept a copy, he kept a copy, we reviewed everything to make sure that it was with he wanted and make sure everything was okay. >> you saw his photo i.d. -- >> i saw this photo i.d.. >> how carefully did you, you know, store the information. >> i'm a pack rat by nature, mike teacher nature, you don't throw anything away. so all of the email conversations that he and i had, i kept, all the text messages between can i, i kept. i still had pictures that i had originally posted, those are my home computer, and as he was leaving, again, to cover myself i wrote down his license plate number. you >> are careful guy? >> i am. >> for the very limited interaction that i had with him he was very nice, very normal. he asked me how to load it, i showed him how. >> that was it, off he went. >> off he went. >> and then, a few days later,
1:21 am
the school secretary gave drew a message, a county detective wanted to talk to him right away. >> in my very first thought, i said i interpreted the law wrong when i looked at the close and i'm going to jail. >> you immediately thought about selling that weapon? >> why else would a county be calling me, i was going to jail. >> scary thought? >> very scary, because i had taken so many precautions. i called the detective and he said did you sell a firearm recently, and that was my second thought, yes i am going to jail. i have completely screwed everything up, and i told him yes i did. he asked me to describe what it was, i told him was a 9 mm car beam. he said drew, we have reason to believe that that weapon was used in the commission of a crime. and my heart just sank. what happened? i have no idea, he told me it was used in the murder and i looked it up on my phone. what that does to you, i
1:22 am
willingly took part, i was an accessory in somebody's path -- >> you felt that way, that you were an accessory? >> how would you feel? i sold something to a man, to a person who later use that to take someone's life. >> yeah. >> terrible. >> oh god, and still today, i've rationalize this, i went to a counselor about this, i still feel bad about it. >> what's the expression, guns don't kill people, people kill people. >> and i still believe that. but i provided them that method. >> later that day, detective harper drove out to meet withdrew who turned over all the emails and text messages he had saved. as well as photos of the rifle, three ammo magazines, a scope, and a red laser pointer attached to the weapon, part of the deal. >> i asked him if he had any shell casings from the weapon that he sold, he went and came back shortly after and had 63
1:23 am
casings. >> wow. person who likes to keep things. >> yes, most of those casings were nine millimeters. >> the same one that were found at the murder scene? >> and at the crash that. >> but who bought the gun? >> we still don't know where we're at between dave and andy. >> could drew ideal guy in the photo lineup? >> coming up -- detectives showed drew pictures of dave and andy. >> he said that is very odd, this is strange. >> when dateline continues. hen dateline continues
1:24 am
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1:26 am
hours top story, federal judges -- that expelled migrants seeking asylum during the pandemic. title 42 was set to expire monday, but the judge claims the expected influx of migrants would cause irreparable harm to states fighting to keep the rule in place. the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas urged
1:27 am
lawmakers to overturn biden's victory. in emails first deported by the washington post, thomas pressed arizona lawmakers to choose a quote clean slate of electors. now, back to dateline. ack to dateline. >> i really thought it was a random act, a home invasion. >> during the course of that day, you were completely befooled. >> comp -- correct. >> while the investigation raced forward, the investigators told justin's family nothing. didn't tell them they found the man who stole the murder weapon, nor that they had to figure out who he actually shoulder to. because surely whoever bought the gun must have been the killer. >> i asked him at that point to look at the full lineups, the first set of six photographs i showed him contain the photo of david, he looked at it and he
1:28 am
said i can't be 100% certain, he said, the guy had a hat and sunglasses i wish he took it out, and he pointed at the picture of david and said, i'm 90% sure that's the person i sold the gun to. >> what happened when he looked at the picture involving andy? >> when i showed him the photo liner with andy, he looked at it and he immediately looked at it and pointed at andy and said that is very odd, this is strange. he was confused. he goes, that looks like the idea, that looks like the person i sold the gun to. he picked up both of them. so, we still had more questions. >> it was all very confusing. didn't help that david and andy looked similar. so, one last thing to try. earlier when deputies search david's house they found the bill of sale for that gone, but they also discovered a receipt for lemonade and a candy bar
1:29 am
bought at $1 general store in the very town where the rifle was purchased. >> so i requested the video from that store, the person who walks into the store still wearing that hat and sunglasses that are hanging on their shirt, the video is david, he purchases lemonade and a candy bar. >> which may have settled the question of who picked up the murder weapon. but here was another question, how did david get a hold of andrews i.d.? the detectives had all kinds of reasons for wanting to talk to david. they picked him up about 15 hours after the shooting, took him to headquarters, installed him in an interview room and no dice. >> he requested a lawyer. >> just like that, you're done. >> i sat there for an hour with him, offering him a phone book, a means to reach his attorney, because we still wanted to attempt to talk with him, and even if his attorney was
1:30 am
present, he never reached an attorney. >> david wouldn't talk, but it hardly mattered, the evidence they already had was enough to arrest him and charged him with first degree murder. by now detectives understood that angie had nothing to do with the murder in what's seemed like a lack of emotion, and worries to, was shock. pure shock. in fact the thought that david could be the man who killed the love of her life hit and she while she was still being questioned and finally after her apparent with calm she was overcome. >> when dave came up, we talked about that and the detective came back with a picture of him. >> do you know this person? >> that's dave. >> and i said dogs him, and i immediately started shaking of and was visibly upset. >> what if you had something to
1:31 am
do with it? >> the detective was like what's going on? and i said if he is the one who did it -- it's all my fault. >> what do you mean by that? >> because i was the one who had broken off the relationship, i was the one who ignored him the next day. >> you really think if you hadn't ignored him he would become mr. sweetness alive? >> well, no, but, i felt like i brought this monster into justin's life. >> but the prosecutors needed more evidence if they wanted to prove that david was the man and she saw is a monster. how for example the david get an idea with andrew's name on its, unless andrew was somehow involved. >> one of the discoveries
1:32 am
during that first search warrant was a computer box for a laptop, and that laptop was never found in the first search warrant. >> so they wrote a second search warrant, and voila, they found it, but maybe too late. >> they discovered it in the bottom of a red tub that had a few inches of water in the bottom of it. >> and you know how computers he'd water. but the water logged laptop wasn't all they found. >> the red cup ended up being a gold mine of evidence. >> like what's? >> they found ammunition, it ended up being consistent with the ammunition found at the crime scene. >> and remember that shoe box they found near the car crash? it was a novato's brand shoe box and in david red tub, what do you know. >> in that red tub wore those shoes, size 11. >> it's almost like he was laying the trap for himself. >> absolutely. >> they set the wet lap top off
1:33 am
to the computer lab hoping, maybe, techs could find something on it. and, surprise, surprise, they did. >> and off of that computer, we were able to find the work that david had done to create a fake i.d. in andy's name. >> that's the one he presented to the school teacher drew, he also created a fake and the email address, and stole that oil service received from andes car, all of which made it obvious, said the prosecutor, david planned the getaway by framing a perfectly innocent man, andy. what kind of a mind is behind that sort of behavior? >> very cold, calculating, tremendous amount of planning and premeditation that went into this murder. and he tried to executed so that he would not be blamed, he would get away with it. >> remember that sweatshirt left behind after the shooting,
1:34 am
as of the killer had been sloppy? >> in the sweatshirt was about registration that we could not figure out why it was there and what it's meaning was at the time, ultimately several months later we learned that the boat registration belonged to the father of the registered sex offender that lived with him a few blocks away from the crime scene, once we made that connection it was another attempt to cast the blame on somebody else. >> convicting david of first degree murder should be as easy as a task as a prosecutor could ask for, or maybe not. coming up -- revelations outlive the deed. that's pretty crazy, isn't it? when dateline continues. when dateline continues.
1:35 am
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1:37 am
1:38 am
because you get to hear the whole picture. >> several detectives and law enforcement officials -- >> finally said tv reporter stephanie more, after months of secrecy they gathered in june 2015 in the coat house into mourn for the trial. the prosecutors revealed all of those details behind the murder of justin michael, first time the public heard any of it. first time justin's family and fiancée finally understood what happened. >> the detectives and the prosecutors had shared no information with us other than the fact of who they arrested. >> and the little they learned during the pre trial hearings could be confusing and painful. >> as things started to come out a little bit i texted andy and i said, how did he get your i.d.? and he was like, i don't know, and i just had that feeling of
1:39 am
wood if andy had something to do with this. >> but, prosecutors have good reasons for keeping the details of their cases from the public and even from the family. >> we don't want the publicity of the evidence to taint the jury panel. >> but now is the trial began, they were confident they had all the evidence they needed. even without the still missing murder weapon. what happened to it? i mean, he crashed the car, apparently, right away, he either got rid of a before that -- >> our theory, at least, is that some between him getting home before the murder and officers doing that surge and being arrested that evening, he was able to get back and retrieve the weapon and throw it in the lake. >> and then once it's in the lake, there is no way you're gonna find it? >> not without a lot of work. >> with all the other evidence collected, prosecutors felt they had enough. >> with the physical evidence
1:40 am
that we were able to get, specifically from drew and at the homicide scene and at david's house, from a ballistics perspective we were able to connect all of those dots. >> the stakes -- they should ammunition magazines, targets for practice shooting, davids reconnaissance notes, a map containing justin's neighborhood, a can of pepper spray, even a flash flood that for all of david's careful planning ultimately betrayed him. it was something that caught the attention of justin siblings. >> there are two times he reacted significantly in the whole trial and one was when they found the fingerprint on the battery of the flashlight and he wore gloves when he was wearing the flashlight but not when he was putting the batteries in, and when he said that he went -- >> as of david understood his error. it was at the trial, said justin's mom, where she learned
1:41 am
what the red light in her i was. it was not some kind of strange flatlined that she thought, it was a red laser pointer, most likely attached to the murder weapon. >> pointed at my face, that is a very sobering thought. that's sitting at the trial, a broad back a lot of trauma issues and that being one of them and the other thing that really bothered me was finding out that this guy had the gun six inches from justin's face when he shot him four times. >> because we had thought that he was in the hallway and somehow it makes it more invasive to know that he is that close and -- >> it was an execution, yeah. >> you look at somebody's face and make that choice to kill
1:42 am
them -- to me, that's just beyond troubling. it's just unfathomable, still. like the twilight zone. >> the prosecutor say david's computer searches were last, and then the jury and everybody else heard would david looked up on his laptop the days before the murder. a window into the mind of a killer the only murdering murder guide you will ever need. seriously. convicted crimes of passion, traffic cameras in what's grimes, hell look like? and so on. interesting that he would asked what's hell looks like. >> there is some reference to the confessional time. >> that is times when some local priest would be available, a priest whose oath would sell
1:43 am
him to secrecy. >> he obviously was concerned about what was going to happen to him had he committed this murder. >> that they were the computer stuff came out was a particularly brutal day in court for me, it was hard for me to handle, i had to leave decided i couldn't go back in the afternoon it was overwhelming. >> it was too hard to hear, but what made it so hard? >> just seeing my name justin's name he had gold my name, looked at my facebook page or whatever for months seeing vocation from where he was to our house and to know that he
1:44 am
was that close. >> and here you were, oblivious, living to the happiest days of your life. >> yes. >> in his closing, prosecutor steve told jury what must have happened. >> david was obviously fixated on angie, she broke off with him and that caused him some pain and hurt, and then that wound would reopened when he started working with justin and justin wound of getting engaged and david would be concerned about the fact that it was justin that was with angie and that he couldn't be with her because of him. >> so he gradually formed a plan that somehow he was going to get rid of justin. possibly even get angie back again. i realize that there is a high bar to cross to be considered in the same, by the legal system, but that's pretty crazy, isn't it? >> well, he had a goal and he
1:45 am
worked to achieve that goal. so he is trying to commit this murder, trying to plan and make sure that he got away with it. >> maybe, and maybe something else was going on. maybe david could blame somebody or something else, sure enough, he did. with a legal defense that could defeat the best evidence in the world. david moffatt had no intention of going to prison >> coming up. the verdict. >> almost gave you chills up your spine. >> when dateline continues. line continues ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them.
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1:48 am
replete with a killer's motive, and awful deeds. rarely does that evidence so clearly portray such planning, such devious. a man who knew exactly what he was doing when he murdered justin michael, said the prosecution. then, it was time for the defense -- >> that was the worst day of the trial. >> ladies and gentlemen --
1:49 am
>> defensive tierney keith ray did not dispute the wealth of evidence. all truth, and mystery. big david moffatt did kill just, inside the defense because he was legally insane. therefore, not guilty. >> the facts in this case can be disputed. the fact that this happens because of a mental disease isn't really in dispute because this makes no sense otherwise. what's happens here, for lack of a better term, is crazy. >> why should the jury believe that? this was the star witness, dr. peter brayden, the famous, if controversial, psychiatrist. he condemned the use of
1:50 am
psychotropic drugs. he testified that david had been taken antidepressants on and off for years, and what's david it was the drug's fault. >> i think the whole thing evolves out of a progressive hampering of his brain from the drugs. >> it was drug induced violence, the doctor told the jury. drug induced murder. back in the courtroom, and she listed it and upset would not be quite the right word. >> it was laughable, almost. how much money they had to spend to find this guy who's gonna say exactly with the defense wants him to say. >> were you afraid the jury would buy it? >> of course you're always a little afraid because it's scary to think that he could potentially get off with an
1:51 am
insanity plea. the more he talked, the more it was -- it was frustrating to sit there and listen to him. >> you walk into somebody's bedroom -- >> yes. it's horrible. >> he told you he thought about whether it was right or wrong, right? >> no, he told me in the beginning he thought about whether it was right or wrong, and then it did enter his mind anymore. it was like he was in a video game, or an activity that was outside of the normal reality. he even thought about killing somebody else. toward the end, he's just become -- i believe, a victim of this manic episode driven by the drugs. it just wasn't him. >> it's the jury that does make the decision, right?
1:52 am
>> they do. >> you never know what a jury is going to do. it's always an anxious moment when you're trying to wait for them to return a verdict. >> oh, but it wasn't a moment. hour after hour they waited. and then, almost seven hours later -- >> the judge asks, do we have a verdict? the jury says they do. >> do you find the defendant guilty? -- >> if david moffatt felt anything in that moment, he didn't show it. >> nothing. stone cold reaction. almost gave you chills up your spine. the >> insanity defense clearly did not work. >> the threshold that you have to reach for the insanity defense is not understanding the nature and consequence of your actions, or not understanding right or wrong. you look at the degree of premeditation, the degree of planning that went into that. those are not the actions of an insane person.
1:53 am
>> it does nothing to bring justin back. >> it would've been horrific if he had not been found guilty. it did help. >> can you imagine if that person was still free in our society? who knows who we would've attacked next? and he would've. >> i think he would've. >> i think he enjoyed the planning and seeing if he could it accomplishes task. >> the verdicts are always hard, i think, because nobody ever wins in the situation. this family is obviously still in pain. the moffatt family is in pain as well. there really is no winner here. we want to hold him responsible for what he did, and the jury's verdict did. that >> would have caught him without those lucky breaks? had david moffatt not lost control of his car on that gravel road, how the cop not spotted the wreck off in the
1:54 am
dark -- if you hadn't stopped, if you went on your merry way -- >> my involvement was the citizen's -- >> how the deputies instinct not pushed him to seize david's car, he probably would've been caught, eventually. but, -- what do you think about this now, when you look back on it? >> thankful. very thankful that i trust in my gut because we're trying to do that from day one. it's the only thing that you have to back you up when you're by yourself. >> sure. if somebody seems a little hanky, maybe he is. >> -- it's not prying, it's trying to figure out if there's something more to the story than what you're hearing. a lot of the times, winchester, got its right. >> neither david moffatt or his attorney agreed to be interviewed. he appealed and lost. his sentence was mandatory in iowa.
1:55 am
life without parole. cool comfort for justin's family, only photos of him now. memories of the good person he was. habitat for humanity, his favorite charity, built a house in his honor. his colleagues at wells fargo worked on it. >> it was the perfect memorial for him. >> he would've liked to see something good come out of the terrible thing that happened. >> it was a thing that happens to people when they truly grieve is involuntary, and it takes a long time. >> it's a wave. sometimes it just fills you and it takes you away and i happens less frequently now than it did six months or nine months ago. it's still debilitating. we knew then that physically he
1:56 am
was gone, and in our hearts we still haven't let him go. >> it's still hard to believe that a person could be that evil. evil is only where i could think of. inhuman. to do something like that. >> he just seems like he was a spoiled kid, who didn't get his way and he took justin's life for no reason. >> and the woman at the center of it all, will kind of life which you have with him? i thought, perhaps, best packed away, like a lot of things. >> i had a wedding dress, the house's book, the venue booked, catering booked. we were just a little over two months out. >> boy oh boy, a wedding dress
1:57 am
is such a symbol. would you do with a thing like that? >> i haven't even looked at it. >> where do you put it? >> it's in my mom's basement. she's moved a couple of times and it's in her basement.
1:58 am
1:59 am
2:00 am
i'm craig melvin. >> i'm natalie morales. >> this is dateline. >> the wedding was beautiful. >> i thought it was a love of my life. i wanted them to find the real killer. i want it all of this to be behind us and go on, happily ever after. >> single mom meets single dad, and in a single moment, it was love. >> he was very handsome. >> he was fun. >> all smiles, very outgoing, charming. >> everything he did melted my heart. >> but there was something else about this


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