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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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important conversation. it is important to have you dr. jonathan. thank you for being here today. please stay safe. that does it for me. i am certainly not. you can find me on monday through friday streaming on peacock on the msnbc hub. be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, or, tiktok, and youtube. more news just coming up here on msnbc. >> this is the katie fang show live from a new york city. are we have a lot of news to cover and lots of questions to answer. let's get started. president biden is in asia. he pledges that democracy around the world will stand firm against authoritarian's. my question is, how can he hoped to bring the world democracy when ours at home is so tenuous. i will ask a former official for the state department. plus, a new report claiming that supreme court justices life wife was more involved in overturning the election than
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previously thought. what would it take for them to finally take action in the jimmy thomas scandal? i will discuss. using religion as political ammunition? a san francisco archbishop says that nancy pelosi cannot receive communion in his archdiocese unless she changes her stance on abortion rights. i will speak with the reverend claiming that the archbishop is using communion as a partisan political weapon. later, dozens of republicans voted against the bill that will help ease the broad baby formula crisis. i will introduce you to one texas businessman who says, i am tired of waiting for politicians to solve the problem. he stepped up in a huge way. all of this and more is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ a good saturday morning to you. i am katie fang. we have so much talk about this morning. let's get started. president biden is an
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indictment meeting with allies in the region. hours ago, he spoke in south korea about the importance of uniting the world democracies in the face of authoritarian force threats. >> right now, the white house has a lot to balance abroad. a trip that was originally planned to highlight a foreign policy in asia and to deter china's growing influence disrupted by the invasion of ukraine. then your message, stand up to autocracy and aggression in both the east and the west. as the president talks about the united states as the linchpin of world democracy, there may be no issue more important than the issue of our own democracy. here at home, it is far from assured. voting rights are at risk because of restrictive state laws and republicans are blocking any federal progress. we see contenders across the united states openly running on trump's a big lie about winning the 2020 election. the gop is doing everything it can to still wall
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uninvestigated and -- into a damning insurrection act on the capitol. all of these can be laid it squarely at the feet of republicans. what can democrats in office due to preserve democracy? i'm going to talk to my guest, kirk bardella, and then he's a mellows, in a few militants. first, let's get the latest out of south korea where president biden held a news conference with the president. biden vowed to help deter north korea, which as test launched months missiles in the last month. for more on the asian trip, we turn to carole e. who is in south korea. >> carol, good morning. what more do we know about president biden's a talks with the south korean president? >> when it comes to north korea there are several things. and both leaders spoke at a news conference and called for the denuclearization of the korean pill insulin. this is not new. it is new in terms of the new
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president of south korea coming out and standing side by side with the american president and sending this message. we also heard from president biden that he would be willing to meet with kim jong-un if they felt that he was serious and sincere about negotiations. there have been no signs of that so far. the president and the administration is saying that they are willing to keep the door open to hold some sort of diplomatic talks if that was coming to pass. the other thing that came up in terms of north korea's the covid outbreak there. we heard from a number of new u.s. officials in recent days that there are growing concerns about the outbreak in north korea. president biden said today, he has offered to send vaccines and covid relief to north korea. he also offered to do that through china and give vaccines to trying to give to north korea. a lot of it a little bit of news there.
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they focused on economic ties. they talked about economic security. not just military security but also economically saying that strengthening ties with a trade and dealing with supply chain issues can really help like-minded countries. these are the presidents words. to stand up against autocracy like russia and china. >> carol, in the meeting in tokyo on tuesday, the united states allies are expected to press india to take a firm position against russia's invasion of ukraine. do you have any insight into this? >> that's right! it is a meeting between the u.s., japan, australia, and india. the real headline of this coming out of it will be what happens with india. the u.s. has wanted for sometime, since russia's invasion of ukraine, for india to come out and get off the sidelines and condemn that to work with allies against
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russia's invasion. that has not. happen we are told that the president has made clear that there is going to be pressure there. president biden today said that he thinks that india will alternately come around on ukraine and side with the members of the clock. we have not seen that yet. india has been neutral. this will be something that is pretty significant if that happens. we are not sure if that is the case. >> thanks to carole lee who is in south korea. who could have predicted that we would spend so much time this year talking about the spouse of a supreme court justice. here we are once again with a new reports out of genie thomas's so-called activism. the washington post reports that they press lawmakers to throw out president biden's win and choose a clean slate of electors that would name donald trump as the winner. that is according to emails obtained by the washington post. msnbc has not confirmed the reporting. at this point, it is hard to keep track of all of these
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stories swirling around thomas. remember detectives to mark meadows? they were having conflict -- there were questions about her husband who sat on the highest court on the line and has the power to oversee trials related to the 2020 election and the insurrection. yet, democrats have taken no action at all. meanwhile, january 6th chair, benny thompson, says they are fine with not calling trump to testify before the committee. this brings me to this op-ed from kirk bardella. democrats need to stop behaving as if there is a prize for showing restraint. he argues that the difference between the parties comes down to one thing, republicans can go on the offensive while democrats go on the defensive. kurt right, when republicans have the reins of power, they do not hesitate to go off to the top. from bronco bombers burst diverted to emails and 100 biden's laptop, the gop is unapologetic about pursuing things for political gain. joining me to discuss all of
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this is the author himself who's an adviser to the gic. your onset is my friend, criminal offense attorney and msnbc legal analyst. we will talk to first about that op-ed. let's talk to you about the length -- how would they react if the tables were turned if it was the spouse of the partner of a liberal? do you see the mcnuggets after the latest report? >> katie, if republicans were on power in the sequence of events that happen was for the democrats, they would not hesitate to bring up not just the spouse but the supreme court justice under oath on a public temple advised hearing and get answers about why is it that the spouse of the supreme justices actively participating in what can be considered a treasonous conduct to deliberately undermine democracy, to hijack democracy. why is the supreme court
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justice not out there denouncing this kind of activity? you take an oath in office, just like everyone else, to uphold and defend the constitution. when you let this stuff happen, when your own spouse is participating in an effort to undermine the constitution, you cannot be silent about it. if you are silent about it, katie, you are telling us right there that you believe in it. you are subscribing to it, you can donate. democrats need to get these people under oath. they need to get them in front of the hearing. they need to get them to publicly answer for their malfeasance. i believe this is a point black treasonous conduct. >> i like chris plan but we are lawyers. we are trial lawyers, we have to bring actions to the table. what legal actions can be used to obtain this as the goal. >> short answer, there are none. they have some that apply to federal judges but they do not apply to the supreme court. in a sense, justice roberts has suggested that this is because the judiciary must be independent. in fact, that is why when
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people protest outside the supreme court, i often think, you folks do not get civics. it is the one institution that is designed to be a completely immune to protest, signs, pushing a candle to reap a paper plate and having a vigil. we give life neared -- lifelong tenured. justices are immune from the pressures of outside forces. one thing -- the only option i see, would be impeachment. the last supreme court justice that was impeached was in the 1800s for treason. he was acquitted. that is a really high bargain. >> to act occurred, use the word independent. yes that judiciary spots to be independent. how can anyone say credibly that he is independent if his wife is doing the things that she is doing? >> i would say the exact same thing if we were talking about ruth bader ginsburg's husband. he represented ross perot as a lawyer. as you probably expect, a lot of the spouses of supreme court
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justices are also lawyers. lawyers are advocates. there is going to be some degree, if they are still working in a firm, of advocacy. that is why we have the rules of conflicts of interest. judges are supposed to re-check that. >> recusal. >> if they do not recuse him or herself there is no remedy for that. you cannot say pretty please or can you reconsider. that is the last step on the appeal train. there really isn't much recourse. we trust supreme court justices to do what is right and that is what is the problem in this situation. we trust justice thomas to do what is right. he has no oversight. what is the design of our constitution. >> sounds like a flaw. kurt, i saw you tweeting about how you are surprised that democrats did not immediately start investigations into the and ministration's handling of the pandemic when they got into power. now we see that the january six is fine with not having him testify. at this point, kurt, what is going to take for them to kick things into higher gear and go
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on the offensive? >> i am hoping, katie, that the january six committee is getting ready to have these hearings in a couple of weeks and that they have a plan, that they have a coordinated, deliberately, plan of action that is based on the investigation that they've been having. if they have mountains of evidence, audios, things we do not know about to drive the narrative, i just think about the select committee when they did not blink to bring up hurricane clinton for a test of fighting for more than 11 hours. i don't know how you can have a system that has secretary clinton doing that at that time but you like donald trump and mike pence, a jenny thomas, giuliani, steve bannon, mark meadows, avoid this type of public setting. it is a parody. we are seeing right now, at this very second, republicans campaigned for the midterms on the idea that they are going to do this to the biden administration. they will not hesitate to use
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the reins of power to go after the president's son, to go after the administration, to try to impeach the president and impeach the's press secretary. democrats are about to get a lesson in a real power if you like it or not. they are the last line of defense of stopping republicans from hijacking democracy. it is not about 2024, katie, is about 2022. if republicans are allowed to regain the congressional majority, they will not certified a democrat win in 2024. they are campaigning on the big lie. this check and balance that we are about to see with the january six committee, is the last guardian defends that we have our democracy and our process. if we don't get answers from everyone who is involved, especially at the very top, this might be the last free and fair election that we have. >> let's talk about the subversion of the process. conservative attorney, johnny smith, is a lawyer. >> and conservative, a big time. >> he has been trying to fight
4:14 am
turning over documents the january six committee. last report that just came out, there are two handwritten notes between him and donald trump. they are strategizing in the lawsuit to try to overturn the election. they're calling for private clients hernia privilege. >> when we think about this strategy? >> every time i talk about think about him i think about godfather to. he is testifying and he says, the family had a lot of buffers. john eastman is the classic buffer as this each is going on, he continues to bother people. -- he asks mike pence to continue even though the capital is under siege. at one point, one of mike pence 's people emails him and says, because of your bolt -- we are under siege. he he continues, yet he purses. to me, john eastman is the key to the connection between, if there is any connection to the season and donald trump. he was working with him.
4:15 am
to the extent he claims client privilege it is unusual. >> it is not our type. >> there is no attorney client privilege for a crime or a fraud. that is the crime fraud exception. the court already concluded that these claims of privilege or a no go. in fairness to the court and in fairness to eastman, we have never really been here before where there is a siege being investigated and we are determining whether or not the communications with the president may have been attorney-client privilege. we're doing this for the first time, sadly, because of january six. >> there's a process where the judge will look at it and see if this applies, right? >> we do not get to claim privilege with immunity. there is usually someone who has to oversee that, whether it be a judge. you know in the doj, u.s. attorneys have a filter team that they trust. they are independent lawyers that are going to look through declines document to determine if there is privilege. there are systems for making
4:16 am
sure that there is privilege. normally, this goes to the court as the final arbiter. again, since this is something that they do not normally see, i think is going to be a case for first impressions. >> you got the impression and we have the legal prowess. the two you can get the job done. you definitely did for me this morning. thank you so much, i appreciate you being here. coming up, the latest on the u.s. of formula shortage, could there be relief on the way. plus, later in the hour, chris said that he does not understand how pete davidson gets so many, quote on, hot women. the reason is toxic femininity. look it up. but he is wrong. i thought on. as my message was on cruises coming up. es coming up. this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor
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holding a press conference with the president of south korea. he makes the case you united states can unite the
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democracies of the world and standing up to autocratic much regimes and strongmen. this is designed to underscore the democratic -- the president is pressing the united states should deepen its ties to, counter quote, countries that do not share our values. hanging over biden's trip is another strong leader, vladimir putin. the united states is remaining heavily engaged in what some experts have described as a proxy war against russia and ukraine. the west's efforts to stand up to a volatile leader are now being hampered by two other strongman presidents in turkey and hungary. the former injuring nato expansion with the latter blocking an embargo of russian oil. they are trying to unite to mark certain season but the east and west. some republican lawmakers are working overtime to legitimize 2020 election deniers, and make it harder for some americans to vote. for more on all of this we are joined by vice president of
4:22 am
policy at the national peace corps association, and former deputy assistant secretary of state, joel reuben. joel, a pleasure to have you here this morning. you have all of these strongman leaders. gee, putin, and then in the middle you have president biden. he is trying to promote democracy. we know that it is hanging by a thread. how does the american situation affect biden's credibility abroad. does it affect his ability to accomplish his goals while he is overseas? >> katie, it is great to be with you. you are right. president biden, right now, is jumping right into the middle of a demonstration of american power, once again. the power of our ideas, the power of our democracy, we are seeing the fight for ukraine against russia. it is one of the fights of democracy unifying. it shows the values of people choosing our leaders of people and deciding what our future
4:23 am
will be. it is really being the one that is not being run by dictators. we don't want putin, and other leaders like this. president biden is going to take the next six weeks to demonstrate this kind of vision of america, and the world, on the trip throughout the globe. it could be a very powerful show. he is going to see, and we are going to see, a lot of leaders signing up for this kind of thing. >> joel, does president biden have to come to the table with hard and fast plans? is it just the idea of the promotion of democracy in those areas of the world? >> without plans, without execution, none of that works. basically, democracy is just a flat idea. but, that is not the case. in this instance, or overall. that is because president biden has a coalition that is actually getting results. the coalition to support ukraine that we are talking about. look to asia and look what he is doing right now with south korea in japan.
4:24 am
strengthening longtime allies, and showing the region that you can put your -- with china, with sri lanka, completely collapse, fall apart, beyond by china, or align with the united states. you can feel confident that we have your back. just like we have ukraine's back. these are real actions. we are going to see, time and again, countries wanting to sign up with the american vision of the world. that is one of inclusion and democracy. versus the chinese and russian vision which is militarist stick, and autocratic. >> joel, as part of biden's effort tonight the world's democracies, he vowed to bring finland and sweden into nato. we know the formal admission into the alliance will require the approval of turkey, a nato member. their president is now presenting objections to sweden joining. joel, if you are working with them, how do you convince this president that they should be admitted? >> turkey has been fortunate to
4:25 am
be included in nato despite that it has trended to, and it is now an autocratic regime. their leader has held power for a couple of decades. he is not loosening his grip. he is still in nato, and he should recognize that that is a benefit. he has been afforded it. the united states is going to work with our allies. we will make the clay's through diplomacy with turkey. we will make sure that finland and sweden are included and its inner interest because it protects turkey as well. turkey is supplying military assets to ukraine. those have been important including drones, which are extremely important. turkey is playing ball. for the united states, for finland, for sweden, and frankly hungry, this is where the rubber meets the road. what side are you on? we have just seen this past week, ceased backpack hold a conference in hungary. they had a common cause with victor, and autocrat in that country to, he has destroyed
4:26 am
democracy there. we do not want to see that kind of trend where we are seeing anti-democratic people working with anti-democratic forces abroad, to unite and -- is this a test, it is a critical moment. it is an argument that will when, and we will see pushing diplomacy, vigorous diplomacy, and president biden by being out on the road is demonstrating leadership to get that job done. he is ensuring that nato is strong and finland and sweden get him. >> joel reuben, almost happy to see you. i especially appreciate your time this morning. thank you so much. coming up, nancy pelosi, barred from receiving communion in her hometown. why one archbishop is going after the speaker of the house. coming up next. coming up next it's time to get outdoorsy. it's hot! and wayfair has got just what you need. we need a rug. that's the one. yeah. yeah we're getting outdoorsy. save on outdoorsy furniture, decor, and more.
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4:31 am
coming under fire for banning mansour nancy pelosi for receiving holy commune because of her support for abortion rights. the topic has been a long, simmering a feud between the two. it reached a fevered pitch when pelosi vowed to codify roe v. wade. and a letter to church members, cordial on the road that after numerous attempts to speak with pelosi to explain the evil that she is promoting, the evil she's, causing and the soul crushing that it is causing, she needs to make a public declaration that she's not allowed to public communion. a longtime catholic, is being denied a catholic element of the her worship because she believes that women has the right to make her own decision about their body. it is extraordinary. the reaction to the directive has been swift and strong. scott weiner called the decisions shameful's saying that should be removed.
4:32 am
they say that the archbishop is using communion as a partisan political weapon. joining me now is a reverend dr. chalk curry, minister of the united church of christ. we know that and we see no has reached out to pelosi for comment. wherever, good morning to. you i noticed early where you are. thank you for joining me this morning. the archbishop says that it is not political it is pastoral. i know you disagree. tell us why. >> if it was not political than the archbishop would be barring people from getting communion who are in support of the bat death penalty. or who refused to protect the environment or refused to perform provide baby formula for those who need it. there are a number of issues that the bishop could've picked. he picked this one. the divisive issue that is on the political agenda right now. it is what makes it a political move and not a spiritual move.
4:33 am
it is not the first time that we have seen this. last year when american bishops tried denying president biden because of his support for abortion rights. this is something that the vatican warned against. pope francis preached that could mean is not the reward of saints but the bread of senators. are you watching a growing rift between the opinion of the church and bishops and the vatican? there is definitely a rift. pope francis has been clear on this. he has said that he has never found reasons to deny communion someone. neither have i. i practice an open table. anyone can come up for communion. -- there is a rift between bishops and the pope. i think it is one that goes along a political line. you see some of the bishops in the united states. they talk a lot like spokespeople for the make america great or the america first movement. it is not concerning to me or a lot of people across the united
4:34 am
states. >> so, how much does this blur the lines of the separation between church and state. we talk about the phrase. it gets banned about in legal settings and in religious settings, but has it come to the point in the 21st century for you that it is not a line of demarcation between this differentiation of church and state? >> i believe the separation of church and state is vital to the functioning of a democracy. i do not believe that this particular issue blurs this line. the bishop is talking about a particular sacrament within the church. he has every right to do this, of course. i strongly disagree with what he has done. he has a right to put the position forward. >> reverend, you wrote an op-ed laying out the reasons why you are pro-choice and why you believe christians should be pro-choice. you write, quote, being pro-choice is being consistent
4:35 am
with christian ethics. like jesus, we trust women to make their own decision. archbishop salvatore j. cordileone is guided by his own principles. my question for you would be, is there a distinction between denomination and this would allow for you to have you and get decisions, and perhaps the archbishop who is in the catholic church, would be able to hold a steadfast his issues on abortion? >> i agree with you. we have differences between the united church of christ and the roman catholic church. that is fine. we can live with these differences. where it becomes important to talk about it in the public square, as i have, it is when an archbishop crosses a line in a partisan political activity that we see today. it bolsters one party over another. this is where it becomes concerning. when archbishop does this in an official composite he as a representative of the church. >> finally, reverend, i want to ask about your own
4:36 am
congregation. have you found, as of late, there have been so many things that have been a flexing the american people political or otherwise? has there been a bigger drive or push for more members of people to join the congregation or join to come to seek more solace at the church? >> i think there is that. we are also still dealing with the covid pandemic, of course. the church that i attend is the united church of christ, in portland, is working in hybrid mode. we have people in church but many people who are still online. the issues that people are coming to us with our varied. the shooting in buffalo impacted the church that i attend very deeply. we are a multi racial congregation. people were distraught. this is rightfully so over the white supremacist attack in buffalo. there are other issues to become entwined in this as well. many of the congregation are very upset over the supreme
4:37 am
court's apparent decision to overturn roe v. wade. this is on the table for us as well. >> i mentioned at the beginning of the segment that you were joining us. i know you are on the west coast. it is very early. i express my appreciation doctor reverend. he is from the -- that you are joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, i will introduce you to a restaurant owner who is stepping up to help a frantic parents who are searching for baby formula. >>for baby formula >> nurtec is the only medication that can treat and prevent my migraines. don't take if allergic to nurtec. most common side effects, in less than 3% were nausea, indigestion, stomach pain. as a main street bank, most common side effects, pnc has helped% were over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars to support underserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body.
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for frank parents searching for baby formula. an explanation from switzerland is headed from there to military planes. despite assurance from the fda, the shortage could verge within a few days. maggie vespa has the latest. >> hey katie, good morning. operation fly formula is getting underway as we speak. the first plane, the first plane of several according to biden's administration. it is expected from zürich, switzerland as soon as tomorrow. that is the new expected departure time. it is headed to plainfield indiana. from there, agriculture secretary, is saying that the formula will be put on trucks and be distributed to the areas with the most meat. nationwide, parents listening, they are saying i am nowhere near indiana. don't worry says the biden administration, it will be sent
4:42 am
to the areas hardest hit. 1.5 million bottles worth of nestle formula, three different types according to the feds, will be on this plane. all three types, according to nestle, are made for babies who are allergic to cows milk proteins. this serves a critical medical need. we have been covering the shortage for quite some time now. we know parents are beyond desperate at this point. this comes as the out of stock rate, is at its highest point yet. 45% nationwide with kentucky, rhode island, and virginia as the three hardest hit states. again, the biden administration is launching this with the defense production act, saying that formula from overseas will be coming into the u.s.. that first one x expected to leave zurich switzerland bound for plainfield. no exact etonline the formula can end up on shelves, but the white house is telling us they are trying to do it as quickly as possible.
4:43 am
katie, i will send it back to you. >> maggie, i have a follow-up. we want to know, we are getting the sherman from switzerland. there has to be other places, like canada. we might have available inventory. have you been hearing anything from the white house about implementing and working with the act to get other countries to help us? that's just one shipment that's coming, and there's a demand for much more. >> details typed that as whereas where else, or when, will slowly be released by the white house. it is worth noting that nestle is announcing this partnership with the white house. it is logical to think that it is coming from where it is available right now. 1.5 million bottles worth is not a small shipment coming in at this point. we have been asking for more details on those next shipments and being told that there should be some relief for parents near america within days. the white house is saying they are getting back to normal in this situation, and it could take weeks. no specific announcements as of yet. especially from countries, as you point out, better much closer and easier to get the
4:44 am
formula from into the states. our news partners in affiliates in san diego are noting that people are crossing the border into mexico to buy formula of their. that country is not experiencing a shortage. federal officials are saying they recommend parents only buy formula sold in the u.s. and approved by the fda. >> thanks maggie, for all of that. as we wait for the easing of the shortage there is one man who are taking matters into his own hands. his name is benji austin of ski. the owner of our place restaurant in texas, he has been buying baby formula in bulk. he normally orders his restaurants supplies from their. he is giving the formula away to families in need. he joins me now, it is a pleasure to meet you benji. this is a generous and gracious thing to do. i want you to tell us more about what you are doing, and what made huge side to give it away for free. >> my wife and i have three boys. we had to not deal with this
4:45 am
with their children. the thought of not having formula really bothered us a lot. we decided, i decided, to order it through our food distributor. i use it for work. i need that kind of stop. i was not sure if they had any. i ordered it and have it at the restaurant. i was going to sell it at cost when i ended up giving it away for free. >> benji, my understanding is it is not this onetime deal where you had it and give it away. you are actually still buying it, and still giving it away for free. this is coming out of your pocket, right? are you getting financial assistance to do this for others? >> we have had some customers from local businesses pitch in, recently. yes, out of pocket, it is fine. i am giving back to what people did for me during covid. >> when you mention that people did stuff for you during covid, we noted at the beginning of the segment that you own a restaurant. i am sure you were affected by the pandemic, by covid.
4:46 am
were people in the community giving to you? is this your way of paying it forward? >> exactly. they were dropping money off, ordering extra bulk orders from us, everybody, the fire department, they were great. this is exactly what it is. pay it forward. take care of your neighbors. >> benji, do you have an estimate, at this point, because i know you are so continuing with this generosity, do you have a estimate of how many families you have been able to help thus far? >> mike estimate is around 300 families, so far. that is what's formula. we are at a standstill right now, but i'm looking to get more from other provisions. hopefully, we can get those and continue to sell them until all the stock gets back to normal. >> you just mentioned u.s. food services. i want to make sure that they get a shout out for this experience. my understanding is a used to work with them, or for them. now, when you reach out to them, you are unable to determine if
4:47 am
there is formula villa ball, but they were able to sell it to you and now they are working with you, actively, to make sure you have a heads up as to when there is extra formula available. is that right? >> yes, that is correct. they had instruct in stock for people -- the public does not have access. when i reached out to them they wanted to make sure, first of all, that i was not putting it in a health care or -- now they're looking at seeing wet outs, 64 divisions. they are looking to see what other divisions have it in stock so that i can purchase it. >> do you have an idea, benji, on the farthest distance someone has had to travel to come and get some formula from you? >> we had a gentleman drive an hour away. he did it for his granddaughter. that is probably the farthest. we have had people ask us to mail it. we haven't been able to do it yet because we have such a long list of people wanting it
4:48 am
locally. if we do have extra, we will definitely ship it out. >> quickly, before i let you go, do you guys have an idea of how much longer you can do this? do you feel like when the shortage eases up you will stop doing it, if so maybe you will switch to some sort of thing to do to be so generous? >> i will definitely do something. we do a soup drive every year. it it's a whole other story if we run out of soup at the restaurant, but i am going to keep doing this until supplies stop coming for me. and until they philip. stores >> benji, i want to make sure i pronounce your name right, it is -- >> you were pretty good, you are pretty close. >> benji, we honor you, we think you. thank you for being here this morning and thank you sincerely for your generosity. you are helping so many people. >> thank you for having me on. >> when we come back, it is our man in khakis.
4:49 am
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kicks off with a bang as rich strike was the underdog and kentucky derby history to run for the roses. the madness continues today in baltimore. we turn to a news correspondent, as steve kornacki, for the latest. >> i do not need to tell you. we have a biggie coming up. later today, the running of the -- we do not have the derby winner coming back and running in this race. it was an 80 to 1 shot that pulled off the miracle win two weeks ago and has declined to run in this race. it does not mean that we do not have interesting and compelling stories, starting with this. we have a girl taking on the boys. you do not see that often in a
4:54 am
triple crown race. secret oath, of philly, who won the kentucky oaks two weeks ago, the kentucky derby for female horses, her race was so impressive in the kentucky oaks that her trainer says i'm going to take it shot. i am going to do shot at the colts. my horse might be good enough. we will see what happens. it is a great story with her. the trainer is 86 years old. his name is dean wayne lucas. he was a king of his sports in the 80s and 90s. he is still added. he soda gets up and goes to the barn at 3:30 in the morning. it has been a long time since they had it this good with a shot this big on a stage like this. a great story with the trainer, a great story with the horse. if they are going to win this race or pretty much anyone else going to get the victory, they will all have to be epicenter. epicenter will go off as the clear favorite. epicenter looks like he had the kentucky derby one until it had the strike in the last final
4:55 am
yards. a lot of people think that this could be the best three year old horse in the country. he shows up with something to prove. we will see if he can live up to the billing. you know what else, besides the different possibilities, we have the creepiness back. this is the first time since the pandemic. there will be a massive crowd here when the race goes off. there is going to be a party in the infield. that is what it has been famous for. i was thinking of going myself but i am a little too old for that at this point. i will enjoy the race from. here katie, i hope you enjoy the race, to. maybe you can catch a winning ticket. >> if i have steve kornacki's khakis i can do it! we will be right back. will be right back. they only cover select cities with 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered.
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thanks so. please get out your phones and join the conversation. follow our socials at the katie fang show. we are around a twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, and tiktok. i will be back tomorrow morning at 7 am alive eastern, here, in new york city. for now, velshi starts. a good morning to you. it is saturday, may the 21st. i am a velshi. as the house select committee on january six prepares public hearings to begin in just over three weeks, the panel is
5:00 am
honing in on some of the ex presidents cronies. the former attorney general, barr, is talking about testifying. -- you will talk about the twice impeached ex president who berated the attorney general barr for not getting the justice department to validate his lies about the 2020 presidential election results. axios reports that no from decisions have been made by the committee on whether to invite barr to appear for public hearing next month. the committee has already spoken with one of the most prominent pushes of the 2020 election lies. rudy giuliani, the former disgraced former attorney testified virtually vest in front of the committee yesterday. this was for nine hours, including breaks. -- not all of the ex presidents allies are cooperating with the january 6th investigation. john eastman on attorney in the architect and who fought to have pence overturning the election on this fateful day,


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